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(2013-08-11 - Now)
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Emi Dennou Emi Dennou spent most of her time over the past couple weeks getting over feige being killed(?) and working hard (with sisters) to save up money. Why are they saving up money? IT IS A MYSTERY, but recently their schedule has roughly turned back to normal and she is, at present, hanging out around Cloud Nine with one of her sisters--this sister seems to be the Omi Dennou who usually tends to keep to herself. The latter is sitting over at the bar, not drinking, but rather reading a bible. She is not, notably, religious.

Emi glances over to her every so often but is otherwise preoccupied with watching food come and go from the kitchen.
Maximilien On some level, Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne is aware that he never really felt bad about killing Feige Abramson. Besides his assumption that, because she was mechanical, she probably won't /stay dead/ (he's not even sure if he killed the *real* Feige Abramson or just some kind of doll with her face, or even if a real Feige Abramson exists), Max just...didn't care. He didn't even struggle to care. He didn't think about it; he just did it.

t He'd be lying if he said it didn't scare him. He'd said it before; that he was capable of such an action is more frightening than anything Feige ever did. It meant that for a moment he had given over to the shadows in his heart, and in that moment they had grown stronger - even if he had justified it to himself. That's how it starts. Justifying.

He stands in the door, his arms crossed; he's as silent as he ever is, unmoving, as he watches the two sisters. He watches the food swing from place to place; mentally, he critiques it, silent. He's not sure what to say yet.

It's an odd feeling, for someone who lives on his feet, who charms judges and colonels and others besides with little more than sharp wits and a silver spoon in his mouth - to be utterly unsure of what to say. To be utterly...uncertain.

Finally, Max pushes off the door, making his presence known by allowing his footsteps to make noise. Just a little shift in his stance is all it takes.

"Petite," Max notes cheerfully, "Are you hungry? You seem rather fixated on the food tonight."
Emi Dennou All good questions. Not good questions about how Emi feels about it, but good questions otherwise. Truth be told, she feels responsible for Max breaking his pacifistic belief structure. It's not easy for her to just think of Feige as someone who wasn't human and probably is better off dead. OBjectively speaking, she probably is better off dead. Maybe even Feige is better off dead. But even so, she feels guilty. And she was (is?) upset.

But even so, she's happy to see Max again, looking up and smiling at him as he speaks up. She was rather focused on what she was watching so she didn't notice Max drop in until he spoke up. She knew SOMEONE was coming but didn't memorize Max's feet from other feet (because she rarely hears his feet anyway).

"Max--" She begins. "Ah, well, this one was thinking, actually. There are a large variety of meals, aren't there?, that are available to be made."

Omi glances over and swivels in her seat, looking forward at Maximilien. Omi steeples her fingers together and gestures forward with a hand--then swings it back closer to her face. She frowns a bit, then lets her hands drop. "It's been a while, Max." She says eventually. "Monopolizing Emi much, The Network accuses (jokingly?)."
Maximilien "There are as many types of food as there are people in the world; as many recipes as there are humans to imagine them," Max replies cheerfully. "I have often wondered if every person has a meal just for them, a recipe buried in their hearts, waiting to come out. If I had not gone down this path, perhaps I would be collecting those meals even now. Who knows what might have been?"

Max scoops up Emi in a big hug a moment later. Then he sets her down and repeats it with Omi. "It has been too long, indeed. You are all my adorable little sisters; clearly I need to start monopolizing all your time, mais non? A brother should not be playing favorites, after all."

Max sets Omi down and moves for the kitchen. "If you are thinking about food, petites, you must have something on your minds besides the Good Book. Is there some recipe you would like me to make for you?"
Emi Dennou Emi returns the hug, tightly. Omi doesn't return it, in fact she kinda 'urks' which is a different kind of adorable entirely, she must be tsunhug. Or maybe hugdere. Nevertheless, she laughs a little bit after and looks back to the book. "We are considering faith. We do not really understand it. This one has not cared overmuch for the deities they have met, and considering the prospects of an Ur-Deity, that is a deity from high on of ultimate wisdom and presence...." She frowns before adding, "Well, while The Network is considering rejecting those philisophical-theological lines from their belief structures."

Omi doesn't do much hugging. But she does smile as she says, "You're always welcome. What were you thinking about, regarding the taxes?"

Emi glances to Omi for a moment before adding, to Max, "Do you know how to make crepes? This one has heard there are a lot of versatility in crepes."
Maximilien Emi and Omi are both adorable. If Max has a weakness, it's adorable little sisters. It's a side-effect of having Sylvie as a sister; he's used to that sort of thing. The adorables is too much for him.

"Faith is a beautiful thing, if you can find it," Max observes quietly. "Some people never do, and that is alright as well. You should not feel bad if you choose not to believe...but, well, it is hard to know what to believe amongst the worlds, non? Sometimes they are so kind; sometimes they are so cruel."

"I do indeed know how to make crepes. What sort of crepes do you want, Petite?"
Emi Dennou Omi says, "We have faith, just not in any deity." Omi says. "The Network has faith in Will, yourself, Mercade, Isaac, and Avira." There are others they might have faith in but if she had to narrow it to the top five, it'd be those. "Faruja has--or perhaps had--a lot of faith. It led to him becoming possessed. Abramson had--" She frowns for a moment, thinking about that. "...No, she wouldn't have. Nevermind that."

Abramson may have servered her 'god' but sbe probably only did that because he provided what she considered empirical evidence.

"Do you have faith?" She asks.

Emi is more practical. "Hm... Perhaps...a ratatouille crepe? This one read about something like that on the internet."
Maximilien Max smiles. "I appreciate that, Petite," he replies to Omi. Then he pauses, the door to the kitchen half-open, silent. He closes his eyes.

"Oui. And yet, at the same time...non. I have seen many terrible things, and many beautiful things. I have seen triumphs and terrors. I do not know that I still have faith to give to the worlds, Petite, but I know that I have believed once, and I know that I believe in myself. I have no choice but to believe in myself."

Max disappears into the kitchen for a bit. When he comes back out, he sets two crepes down on the bar - one for Emi, and one for Omi. "There you are, Petites. Authentic French crepes."
Emi Dennou "A lot of people believe in you, Max." Omi says after a moment. "You might be surprised at how many. Heh."

Emi nods along slowly but then waits along outside as Max ducks into the kitchen. TIME PASSES. In the meanwhile, nothing much has happened. Omi has turned a few pages. Other than that, Emi seemed content to hang around and sit for the bulk of this time, but when Max returns she perks up. "You did not endanger yourself cooking, yes? That is just training for cooking?" She was a bit worried about that really. If the training is life-threatening the actual act might be dangerous too.

"--Oh, not having one yourself?" She adds, heading to the bar. "How are the girlfriends?"
Maximilien "Non, I have eaten already today, while I was working on the taxes. I make certain to eat something when I disappear into work, and I feel that I ought to do something around the Agency beyond take up space and cook the occasional meal for people who need it." Max slides the crepes forward, a smile on his face. "And, non, Petite; I am in no danger. Training for cooking does not put *me* in any danger, either, only my students. I am perfectly safe."

"But I appreciate your concern."

Max sits down. "They are both well. Cirra being on the radio is very strange for me, but it makes me happy to hear her so frequently. It is a simple pleasure, but it is pleasant nonetheless."

"And yourself? Have you yet found someone, or someones, special enough to you that you are willing to pursue them with all your hearts and souls?"
Emi Dennou The taxes. For the buildings (both). The question of purpose is always disquieting to the Network who used to have a very firm purpose but now, really, have latched onto the TDA as a new 'purpose'--detectiving in general is a purpose, but it hasn't gone much farther than that. Is there more to life than detectiving? Certainly.

Omi chokes on her crepe as Maximilien asks that question. Emi slows down on her munching, all thoughtful like that. They have met people whom they crushed on, but she's fairly certain the crushing wasn't on that level.

"That did seem new." Emi admits, on the subject of Cirra. Perhaps it happened while they were busy trying to fenagle a proper gift for Saitei. But then after further thought adds, "No, come to think of it. Put that way, there has been nobody we have felt the need to pursue on such a level as that. There are those that we cared about with all our hearts and souls, but the way you say pursue..." She hmms faintly. "That is telling, to think of it. That the act of pursuing had not occured to us. This one wonders..."

She leans back in her chair. "What is known as ... casual encounters? No this one isn't sure that's the right..." Emi frowns and then looks towards Omi.

Omi shakes her head vehemently, she's not explaining this one.

Emi glances back to Max and then says, "We seem to have a habit of seducing women. The Network has yet to do the same for a man which we believe we would prefer at about--lets see...fractionally speaking..."

She reaches forward, picks up a napkin, and starts writing numbers on it. It's not really neccessary but she finds the effect calming.
Maximilien "It is nice," Max observes distantly. "I enjoy having her around, even if she does not necessarily approve of my work. I love her dearly. I love them both dearly."

He smiles, listening to Emi wonder. She starts writing, and then he reaches over and puts his hand on hers. "Petite. Love is not something you can just write calculations for. Love is something wonderful, something magical; it is something that comes only from the heart. If you do not find men you love, then find women you love. If you do not find women you love, will. I promise. I did not ever think that I would, either; I looked at the world as numbers and angles, calculations to solve and problems to unravel. Love is not something you can reduce to such an idea."

"Do not worry. I will never, ever judge you, Petite; no matter what happens, no matter who breaks your heart or who makes it soar, I will never judge you, and I will be here as long as I am alive to give you a shoulder to lean on and an ear to talk to."

"That is, after all, the duty of a brother - and in that respect I know that I am both experienced and capable." He winks at her, then pours himself a drink of wine.
Emi Dennou Emi raises both eyebrows at Max. She sets down the pencil before adding, "Um." Which isn't very intellectual. She has found plenty she 'loved', but really she hasn't found any who loved-loved, she doesn't think. "And we'll know when we know, hm?" She leans back in her chair before adding, "It may be that we shouldn't worry about it. We're trying not to. It is difficult, as we see many happy relationships. This one will admit we would appreciate something not unlike what Avira and Mercade have, but The Network doubts we have the capacity for something just like that."

She smiles. "But we appreciate you willing to stand by us irregardless. I think the best word to describe it would be 'Confused'. This one hopes we find someone to pursue, someday, who is willing to be caught--so to speak."

She takes another bite of crepe. "Thank you. If you need anything--with either of yours--we will aid you, of course. We can make faces at them, they'll melt. It is within our skillset."
Maximilien "No," Max replies seriously, "You will not know when you know. That is a fairy tale, made up by people who have never been in love. It will be difficult, painful, and it will hurt a great deal. You will have to make hard decisions constantly, both about the person you love and your feelings towards them. You will be tested over and over and over, and it is only when you find someone - or someones - with whom you are capable of facing those challenges that you will understand."

"It is not something you approach intellectually, but it is not something you will simply know. It is something you will come to understand when you have it."

"You should ask Cirra if she simply /knew/ that she loved me from the moment we met. I imagine it will give you at least a few minutes' entertainment." He smirks.

"I have no doubt that your ability to make them melt is most fearsome," Max adds seriously.
Emi Dennou Emi says, "Is ..." She hesitates a lot on this one, even though she usually does the hesitation prior to speaking and then says it quickly--she likes to have consensus before communication, but this topic tends to be rather more complex and frustrating than other topics. "--Is that a trap?, If this one should ask her that." Sure, it didn't precisely seem like she did, but what does she know? She is a bit concerned Cirra might get glowery and Emi rarely derives entertainment from glowers.

"It is a dangerous power, to be used only for good." She adds, and then smirks a bit herself. "But we'll make an exception for your case."
Maximilien "It is not a trap per se; I imagine she will, in fact, have very interesting insight. If you want, I can do it for you," Max replies cheerfuly. He has no fear.

"I am not good?" Max asks, poking her in the stomach.
Emi Dennou Emi is not fearless on all topics. "That may be best." She probably says this before Max does it anyway.

She snrks a bit before adding, "No no, you're wonderful, of course!" She nearly drops the crepe. It's almost terrible. But it is saved at the last moment by a quick nomp.
Maximilien "There, you see? Full of interesting insights, courtesy of the wonderful detectives," Max replies cheerfully, moving around the bar to sit next to Emi and Omi and draping his arms around both of them in a nice, quiet hug.

"I am not wonderful. I am not good. But I do love you all very much, and I am, right now, very happy, or as happy as I can be given the circumstances. My life has not been the best of them, but the time I spend with those I love is wonderful."
Emi Dennou "There are a lot of opinions on the subject." Emi pauses and then says, "No. We can quibble over 'goodness', ethics, but you are certainly wonderful. There are few as full of wonder as you, this one thinks. Even if, well." She trails off for a moment and then adds, "...We forgive you, in other words, Max."

She raises a hand and rests a hand on his shoulder. "Even we imagine how we are viewed and what we are are often different." She nods slowly. "Even if you are not perfect, you can still be wonderful, yes? We wouldn't like you this much, we're certain, if you weren't at least that."
Maximilien "Thank you," Max replies, setting his hand on hers. "I appreciate it more than you will ever know, Petites."

"I will, however, take your word for it - if only to keep my ego managable," Max teases, poking Emi in the stomach again - and then repeating it with Omi. He stands up after another tight hug. "I had best go monopolize the time of my beautiful Judge; she seems upset, and I do not want to let such a thing linger. I will, of course, call you immediately should I require you to make her melt."

He says it so /seriously/, too. "I love you, my adorable sisters. Please do not worry too much; romantic love will find you one day."

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