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(2013-08-10 - Now)
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Deidra Deidra had been hired by Zia to help find several lost summoning temples related to the form of summoning style that Skoll uses. She'd understood the seriousness nature of this task. She has no desire to go alone so she has hired Zeke to lend her a hand as two people are better than one. Zeke may be surprised that see's aiming for a meet up time during he day as she's waiting on a beach on one of the less populated islands in the Hawaiian island chain.

She's just up against the tree line on her hatches watching the beach for Zeke to arrive so they get get going, it should be just the two of them. She didn't want to bring to many people as it might get unwelcome notice. To protect herself a bit from the sun she has her wings are kept about her self as she sits there waiting, it was strange to be this alert and awake at this hour yet? She didn't mind t one little bit.
Zeke Zeke tilted his head this way then that as he looked at the gargoyless. "Hm. Some strange magic at work keeping you from turning to stone lass?" She'd notice that he was, in spite of the heat, dressed with his overly heavy wool coat. No sweat. Nevermind the fact he isn't sweating. "So. Ye be needin transport? Name th'place lass and we do be settin sail."
Deidra Deidra rises up looking at Zeke for a moment she's been awake sometimes during the day in certain locations but that may because she's tide to the sun on her native world and world don't always line up in time of day after all. Still Zeke has a point that she's very much alert like it's the middle of the night for her after all.

"I have my ways and it is not transport, that I need. I require a good sword arm and someone whose wise enough in magic to know what to not touch you fit the bill perfectly. I'm looking for a temple that may have been merged into this word and we're going to have to make for the Volcano. Given that's the likely location of where it is I'm afraid. Still it could be far worse all things considered."

She pauses to pass a map of the island to Zeke, it's a print out but she does get it would likely be more comfortable for him to have it in such a fashion as she grins at him a little bit.

"Yes you will be paid for your time, more if we successfully find it."
Zeke Zeke nodded as he took the map. "Well." Then he sat, pulled a brass compass from one of his coat's many pockets and frowned at it. "Do ye know where on the island we be now lass?"

There's a brief pause as he hmmed at this and that before folding the page away. "I can navigate us through this but I be afraid yer wings will be a liability in the overgrowth."
Deidra Deidra nods to Zeke she's had the forethought to make the map ahead of time for him and she looks at Zeke for a moment.

"We can take that path I can keep them close like this or I could carry you. Your light enough I should be able to mention it, the winds seem fine for flying today but really we may need to travel by ground to find what we are looking for in the first place. Also it would be wise to not enter the temple if we find it. The job's just to find it, non summoners? May not be able to enter. Also I suspect it may be warded against such intrusions and any one who can conduct proper summoning magic isn't something I want to tangle with lightly. I'm too in experienced to do so I have to admit."

She grins wishes her tail a little bit an gestures for Zeke to go firth she also tilts her head for a moment.

"I can also cut my way through if needed it's not like my talons can't make short work of the undergrowth as well."
Zeke Zeke grumbled at the idea of flight. "Nay lass I rather keep boots on th'ground." Then his sword was out and he was hacking through the brush. "

This scene contained 6 poses. The players who were present were: Zeke, Deidra