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VALKYRI Beach Party!
(2013-08-10 - 2013-08-11)
VALKYRI works hard. They also play hard!

A premier clan that has, over the past few months, gained quite a bit of noteriety to their name. The single deeds of members and group commitment to various goals has earned the Traverse Town-based mercenary group quite a bit of reputation. Not all of it is good, of course, as the maid rumor still persists and misfortune brought upon Traverse Town by way of Shadow Lords occasionally is blamed on the Very Adventurous Ladies. The later springing forth from the frequency of attacks their headquarters endures.

Fortunately, DataPoint Security seems to have lead to a reduction in those attacks!

Between the gummi ship research, efforts to save New Ivalice, and certain members questing for lost summons, everyone has been quite busy! Too busy, really, so the obvious solution to evade crashing and facing burnout was some FUN! A small section of Costa del Sol's lovely beach has been carved out for this purpose. Several small tents have been set up and Avira has gone through the trouble of lugging a fire ring all the way out onto the sand. Said fire ring has a grill placed over top of it. The tiki bar is within walking distance for those that want to brace the hot sand and shun the canned alternatives in the official VALKYRI community cooler.

Avira is manning the grill. She has absolutely /insisted/ that she do so for this little beach party. The dark-skinned woman can be found next to it, flipping delicious-smelling burgers. True to the beach location, she's opted for a bikini-style bathing suit and a sunhat. Her hair is completely down, the white streak in it mingling with her normal brown locks.
Vespa It has turned out to be a sunny day as Vepsa walks into the area that has been reserved for VALKYRI she dressed in a binki style bathing suit and she carrying Al her axe over her shoulder!

She put her axe down digging the blade into the sand so it standing up. "You stay her and guard our stuff Al. Don't get a sunburn now!", she takes in a deep breath enjoying the smell of the ocean water and those tatsy burgers Avira is cooking! She makes her way over the to grill. "Those smell realy good Avira."
Hati The idea of getting away from recent troubles seems almost impossible, but that doesn't mean that Hati isn't up for trying. She's been avoiding any trips back to Fluorgis, just to avoid the inevitable confrontation with her possibly ex-boyfriend. Instead, she's somehow gotten word of this particular shindig. Maybe her brother let her know, or maybe she's been secretly tuning in to the linkpearl frequency that he'd given her, or maybe she's just pulling another of those mysterious moments of knowing exactly what VALKYRI is up to. Sometimes, the wolf's uncanny sense of showing up when they're doing something is... errie.

Still, Hati is there on the beach as if she belonged there, even if she's not an official member of VALKYRI. The werewolf is dressed in a bikini top and a pair of board-shorts, both which seem to be pawprint patterned in black and metallic blue. At her side, trotting along, is an adult doberman with oversized, floppy ears and a comically spiked collar. From a backpack slung over one shoulder, the wolf-girl tosses out a frisbee, and the doberman goes chasing after it, racing down the beach.

The smell of meat is music to the Hati's senses, and she's soon edging closer, looking like a lone wolf on the edge of a pack, trying to see if she can get in on someone else's kill.
Minerva Minerva is still quite surprised at how well known that Valkyrie has become known and was still kicking herself over such a botch on the job the other day. Thankfully she'd only had pay docked from the whole affair and hadn't alienated Arthur entirely at the very least. So here was was now just trying to cool off a bit and enjoy the beach.

She liked the climate but Avira had spoken to her of these things called swim suits they were not quite what Minerva expected, when the word suit was applied. She's wearing a silver bikini that match her hair and she looks a bit unsure for once about it. However she's got an vital task to distract her.

If Avira is the grill master of the group? Minerva is the brew master and has several Kegs of drink not all of them actually booze set up however she's making use of her powers to keep them cold as a thin layer of ice is being maintained over them save for the spouts, also there's a cooler with more modern drink within and she looks over to Avira smelling the food at the mention of sunburn from Vespa? She somewhat grimaces, given how pale she is? She might end up extra crispy but she'll worry about that later she's going to try to relax.

"So why are these called swimsuit they barely cover as much as a rag, Avira!"
Skoll Ulfang Skoll is where the meat goes. To be more precise, he decided to join the VALKYRI on their little trip because he just felt like it. Besides, he is good friends with Avira and Maira and the like. That, or his secret werewolf senses told him Hati was near. Who knows? It doesn't really matter.

What does matter is that Skoll just stole a hamburger directly off of the grill with his bare fingers, and is quick to drop it onto a plate. "Ooff, hot." He notes. No, he's not so stupid as not to know that something on a /grill/ is going to be /hot/. He's just being a bit silly, and a general lover of meat.

He glances sideways at Avira and grins at her, having snuck up on her. The mullen sand makes it easy to hide one's footsteps. "Yo." Skoll comments towards Avira. Probably with the burger already in his mouth now. Om nom nom. "Hope you don't mind me dropping by." He plates the piece of meat again and then waves over Hati.

"Hey Hati! They got burger!"

It might be noted that Skoll isn't really wearing much more than a towel over his shoulders that covers up part of his chest on both sides; black with white bones on it. And he's wearing a set of loose black boxers that are decorated by a single wolf howling at the right side on his hips. Wolftail sticks out above it.

One might note that Skoll has a small birthmark (or scar) on his lower back, shaped in the form of an eight.
Avira "Thanks, Vespa~" Avira says cheerfully, flipping one of the burgers with a long metal spatula. She turns around to grin at her fellow VALKYRI. "Should be done in a few minutes. The cooler's over there under the tent. In the shade. It's got soda and water and stuff like that in it. Minerva's also brought some of /her/ brews too!"

The meat smells delicious. For the likes of Skoll or Hati, they can smell it from a mile away, no doubt. It smells...medium-rare.

She turns away from the grill for a few moments to look over at Minerva, wearing a suit she picked out and looking a little embarassed to do so! It's funny-a year ago, Avira would have been far too embarassed to wear a bikini herself. Now here she is encouraging it onto other people. "It's called a swimsuit because you go swimming in it." she says, gesturing towards the ocean with a thumb.

Without looking at Skoll, she swats at him with her spatula. "I don't mind! But you might want wait until someone takes it off the grill for you."

Turning, she takes notice of Hati and her doberman. "Oh hey!" cheerfully, she waves the werewolf over, "Haven't seen you since that cave in Agrabah. How are you doing?"
Hati The black dog comes racing back over across the sands, sitting right down in front of Hati, looking up with his tail wagging a billion miles an hour. She takes the frisbee back, "Good boy, Garm. Go on, fetch." She tosses it again, this time towards the water, sending the canine off into the waves to fetch it, launching himself in as if this were the best game /ever/. At least he's getting some exercise though.

Too many wolfish instincts tell her to be wary within someone else's pack, and she hesitates for a moment until her brother walks up and snatches a burger. "I know, they smell delicious." She murmurs, smirking slightly at her older brother, although the jovial nature of that one statement falters shortly after that.

Ahh Avira, she couldn't know half of what was going through the poor Wolf's mind just now. "I've been better. My brother tells me I should try to get out more, spend some time with VALKYRI. That it might get my mind off things. That is, if your pack is interested risking having an ex-Shadow Lord in their midsts." It's as close as she's going to get to /asking/ to join the adventuring group, and she leaves the rest in Avira's hands.

She does make her way over, though, licking her lips in obvious lupine fashion. "Mind passing me a burger, I'm starved." A soaking wet Garm comes bounding over, dripping water, holding the frisbee. "Make that two burgers." She points at the dog, who proceeds to shake off, luckily far enough away from the others to not risk getting them too wet in the process.

The prospect of drowning her thoughts in alcoholic beverages sounds like a good one, so the wolf offers a glance at Minerva, only to remember... damnit. That's the one she'd attacked as Pyre. Ugh. "So, what sort of stuff do you brew up? Oh, and sorry about trying to rip your face off in Manhattan." She murmurs off-handedly, "I wasn't myself." Would Minerva even remember the red-marked wolf that attacked her? Maybe, maybe not.
Vespa "So why do they call them Ham-bugers? I don't see any Ham..I'll take one when they are done Avira. ", she chuckles light at the spautla swat. She makes her way over to coooler taking out of one Minevra's alcholic drinks. . "You want on too Al? Okay!", she takes another out out for her Axe.
Skoll Ulfang "Oof. You're getting better at that." Skoll barks at Avira with amusement in his voice, before he continues on with the burger. He just continues grinning with that stupid wolfish grin of his. "What kind of sodas did you bring?" He follows this up with. "Though I might treat you to some from the store back at the hotel - seeing as I am stealing your meat here." His tail is a-waggin', clearly already enjoying his time.

Skoll at least doesn't steal any burgers from the grill in order to give to Hati. He just leaves that part to Avira.

"As for why they call them 'ham'burgers... I have /no clue/." Skoll declares. "I used to refer to them as meat-patties. Because who knows what kind of 'meat' goes in them. It's generally pretty bad for you - but what the hey, ya 'know?"
Avira "Considering that Katyna is working her way back into our graces, it wouldn't be unusual." Avira remarks casually, placing a hand on her hip and gesturing with her spatula at Hati. "Frankly, I think you should just go ahead and join us. You've tagged along on several of our missions before and you know our purpose so I doubt there's gonna be any surprises."

Turning slightly, she slips a spatula under a burger and dumps it onto a paper plate. A second one is retrieved and dumped next to it before Avira passes the plate to Hati.

Vespa asks a very, very important question.

"Actually hamburgers are named after the city of Hamburg, which was famous for their Hamburg sandwiches. Which were these. Supposedly. Kind of funny, right? Hamburgers contain beef but no ham. Unless you throw a strip of bacon on them."
Minerva Minerva says "That actually makes sense strange as it is."

She seems placated about the topic of the bikini she's now wearing as she goes about tending to the drinks and she'll pass them out as best they can. She looks over at Hati for a moment she has to wonder how long it's before Garland or Maleficent comes for Hati? It may very well happen some day and they best be ready, but such thoughts fade out of her mind as she watches Hati for a moment longer, and says "So you coming to join us and I have no idea, they are not pork so I just chalk it up to earth being a strange place."

She looks over to Hati for a moment and calls out to her good-naturedly

":Any sort of drink you'd like?"

"If Al can drink he may indeed."

she eyes the axe a bit it is fairly creepy to her after all.
Hati One of the graces of being a relative unknown, even among the Shadow Lords, means that no one actually misses a minion that they didn't know they had in the first place. Then again, the wolf does work hard to play the middle ground, which keeps her from being a true enemy. With her apology thrown out there, and Avira seeming accepting enough, the wolf-girl shrugs. "Think of it this way, you can get all the credit for reforming us terrible people into good, law abiding citizens." Hati smirks. As if she's ever going to be law-abiding. Even Faruja hasn't managed that.

Taking the two burgers, Hati starts breaking one into pieces with her fingers. "Sit." She's talking to the dog, obviously, who dutifully sits, tail making an 'angel' in the sand behind him before Hati tosses the burger piece, which Garm noms in less than a second. "I appreciate it. If nothing else, it'll give me something to do. Idle hands are the devil's plaything." Her old tendencies were still there, but luckily some of that could be vented into other persuits.

With a ghost of a smile towards Minerva, Hati calls out, "What's the strongest you've got? I'm in a mood to get rightly sloshed." The wolf glances over with mismatched eyes, walking towards the impromptu bar-keep, the doberman trailing at her heels, waiting for a chance at more hamburger.
Avira "Well if you want to grab some real steaks to grill instead, I wouldn't mind that at all, Skoll~" The werewolf would know first hand that Avira definitely enjoys eating meat and this was even before she became a mutate with a digestive system best adapted to a carnivore. "It's mostly Coke products in the cooler. A few local sodas too. There's supposed to be a potion-flavored soda in there."

Her face reddens, "Aww, shucks Hati, I don't think I can take credit for that." Especially since the law abiding part isn't actually a thing! "But join up. You'll see some action right away. We have a few projects going on right now."

She doesn't seem inclined to elaborate, maybe because they're all in public right now. But mostly because she'd rather be having /fun/ right now.

Speaking of fun, Avira gets /herself/ a burger, setting her spatula aside so she can eat it.
Minerva Minerva gets her question answered swiftly by Avira and it cleared up any confusion about the name of the food. she now goes to get Hati a mug of the strongest stuff she brought with her.

"This brew isn't named yet but is strong enough to work on a Ronso so it should be enough for that." She moves over hands her the mug over to Hati, the other noticeable thing is a thin layer of frost forms over the mug to help chill the drink, it seems some of Minerva's martial powers have applications outside of combat it seems. Once the drink is handed off she's heading over to get some of these hamburgers herself.

"No offence my friend but I have found these sodas to be vile concoctions. I take it that it is an acquired taste?"

Meanwhile she's now aiming to ninja off with a burger for herself.
Vespa "I see. I see", Vespa says nodding to Skoll. "Well you got to live a somewhat I really doupt I'm going to live to a ripe old age.. Some shadow lord will proably kill me at some point. Hopefully later and sooner..", she smiles as she says this. "If i'm lucky I'll take them out with me.", she walks over to Al and pours some of the alcholic drink over the axe putting the rest next to him. She walks back over to the group starting to eat her burger. "This burger is very good Avira!"
Skoll Ulfang "Well, I think I can do Steak!" Skoll declares proudly, putting his hands at his hips and showing his body off for the world to see. "After all, I am the Grillmaster." He probably owns an Apron that declares /just that/. "As for the sodas. Potion flavored? Seriously? You sure they didn't just fill it with a potion? And why would you want to?" And what does Potion taste like? Irn Bru!?

Skoll soon wanders off towards the shop further back in order to buy himself some good steak. Knowing how picky he is, he'll take a bit to get back though! "I'll see if I can't find you some booze!" Skoll waves at Hati while wandering off. "And don't be so in the dumps about your life expectancy, Vespa!"

Probably not the best words to come from someone like him. But then, him being Immortal isn't exactly /public/ knowledge.
Hati The smaller werewolf accepts the drink from Minerva, relishing in the chill of the mug, her nose already working to take in the various scents. For those who happen to have a super-human sense of smell, it makes certain foods and drinks an adventure all their own. "So, Druken Ronso Ale." Hati smirks to herself, "You'll sell a fortune to the big blue cats just because they'll try to prove you wrong. Cheers." With that, Hati takes a drink, savoring the taste.

Then, the wolf flops herself down onto the sand, burgers on one side, hungry doberman on the other. Garm, at least, is well behaved, and waits until his master actually offers the food out, but that doesn't stop him from giving her the most sad puppy-dog eyes you can imagine. "Oh yes, you're starving, because, you know, I only fed you this morning. Poor dog." Hati mutters, and then tosses him a piece of hamburger.

"Hope you don't mind the dog. He probably won't destroy anything in your headquarters." Hati points at the doberman, who looks right at Avira and gives one of the dopiest dog looks you can imagine. The whole tongue-lolling thing, complete with the head tilted and the tail thumping away. You can almost imagine the dopey voice if Garm ever got one of those talking-dog collars from 'Up'.

As Skoll says something about booze, Hati raises her glass, "Sure thing, but make the meat the priority!" Somehow, she's pretty sure that Minerva can get her mind-numbingly drunk and that's enough to forget about her own troubles.
Minerva Minerva looks at Vespa for a moment and she seems sad at Vespa's words.

"A grim way to see your live Vespa."

She tries to get her mind off the fact Vespa may very well be right. Still a death on the field of battle against things that are pretty much of pure evil isn't a bad way to go out. If she's got to go in such a manner she prays that she will take the one who did it with her.

"Aye, that it is."

Minerva gets a wide grin on her face, perhaps that was her plan after all. She best such customers would enjoy themselves in the attempt. The more the she thinks about the matter the more she thinks she is going to have to do it.

"Reminds me of some hunting dogs I have known."

She takes one last look at the dog before she moves on for a little bit. She's also got to make sure everyone has all the booze they could want from the looks of it, and she goes to get one of her own which she starts to drink. All of VALKYRI getting drunk? This possibly can not go wrong, or lead to videos on the net in the worlds that have such, right?
Vespa "At least I'll go down fighting for what I belive in.. I don't want to be one of those people that sits around a does nothing.. ", she says to Minvera taking a long swig of her drink. "It just means other people can go with there lives without worrying about that sort of thing.. Ahh this converstaion is getting depressing! Let's talk about something happier! like.. umm.. I have no ideas", all Vespa can think about is work.. She need a better soical life... She take another drink of her beverage.
Hati "Drink more, it'll give you lots of good ideas, they just won't seem so good in the morning when you realize what you've done." Hati muses, leaning back on the sand, propping her head on one arm while eating her burger with the other. With the plate left unattended, Garm decides that it means whatever is left is his, and that makes him the happiest dog in the world.

"Speaking of that, someone tell my brother to make sure I don't do anything too stupid." This is said as she takes another long drink from the strong brew that Minerva had given her. Then, she starts to laugh at nothing in particular. Yep, it seems to be working.

For now, she'll just sprawl out in the shade, content with her drink, her canine companion, and the company of others. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad without the mouse. Afterall, she had booze, and treasure to hunt, and people to beat the crap out of. That's a good life, right? "Here's to stupid ideas." She cheers no one in particular, then closes her eyes and begins to hum to herself. ... Maybe this batch was a bit stronger than Ronso-grade.
Skoll Ulfang Soon enough, Skoll indeed comes back. More amusingly however, he comes back with a little rabbit in tow, who is comedically holding up a little paper bag with booze in it. It looks adorable! Little red gem on its forehead and everything. Skoll just carries on holding a small case of meat himself. "Bough 'the good stuff'. Or at least, that's what they said it was. 'Top shelf' they kept calling it. But I looked - and those bottles aren't called 'top shelf', and neither are they shelves. So... I just hope I didn't get ripped off." Soon enough he plants his thing of meat down, while the little Carbuncle gently sets down the booze right next to Hati. It looks up at the little wolf and then suddenly crawls into her lap and raises one little paw. "Chuuuuuu!" It declares, and takes a bottle to its chest before offering it up to Hati.

Seconds later, Skoll is making steaks!
Avira "Hey, hey, we are officially in our fun-having phase!" Avira interjects. "So no talk about getting killed to shadow lords. Save your pragmatism for a little later, Vespa." Avira says around mouthfulls of burgers as she sits in a beach chair she brought along. There are enough beach chairs for everyone-yes, including Skoll and Hati. Perhaps Avira was...


As they talk, Avira fetches herself some of Minerva's lager. "As long as the dog's been trained to not poop all over the floor indoors and doesn't get into our food stores, I don't mind having Garm around." She must've caught the hound's name previously.

Now that Skoll's returned with the steaks, she passes over the spatula to Skoll and leans back in her chair to relax, gladly abdictating grillmaster position to him. "Now THOSE look delicious."
Avira Avira's also a little too distracted to continue grilling. The object of distraction is the green bunny creature perching on Hati that seems terribly familiar. "Now I know I'm just a few sips into my beer, but am I really seeing Carbunkle over there?"
Vespa Vespa blinks at the bunny creature on Hati. "What is that? Did someone spike my drink.. Not that I'm complaining mind you.."
Skoll Ulfang "Ah yes, that'd be Carbuncle." Skoll answers Avira. "I needed some extra hands to carry stuff, so I summoned him and then promised him some of the booze in return." Skoll declares. "Also, she loves playing with balls. If you grab one and roll it to Carbuncle, he'll roll it back." Skoll declares, before getting back to making steak as if the fact that there's a friggin' Esper right there... is just no big dealio.
Avira Promptly, Avira decides that this ball thing needs to be tested. FOR SCIENCE. Once she finishes up her burger, she sneaks over to their tented area and obtains herself a nice shiny beach ball. It's a beach ball easily as big as her own head and likely the size of Carbuncle himself. She seats herself back in her chair after adjusting it to face the esper.

Leaning forward, she rolls the beach ball at Carbuncle.
Skoll Ulfang Carbuncle, after having a little sip from the bottle, jumps down out of Hati's lap, stops the ball, and then 'kicks' it back towards Avira. The very kick takes a lot of effort it seems, and the little rabit comedically falls over backwards. But it's up quick again, and there was enough force in the kick to make the ball roll back to Avira.

It looks so proud of itself.
Vespa "So cute!!!", Vespa says squeeing as the Carblucle kicks the ball back to Avira.
Minerva Minerva pauses a moment given the summoned esper and is a bit shocked even as she sits down. She can't stay sitting for long, there were callers in her world but none could keep what they summoned upon the material plane for more than a few moments. Yet? Here is one with Skoll at this point staying around now playing with Avira.

She's just kinda starting at, it's so cute the monk can not contain herself as she sees this thing she tries to not squee and then she does. She regains control but it's too late she totally squeed.
Avira Avira's not all that shocked-she knows that Skoll is a summoner already. But she also knows something /else/ about his summoning powers. After the ball is rolled back to her, she pauses to look up at the grilling werewolf. "You summons have come back to you?" she asks, pretty sure nobody else here summoned Carbuncle.

She rolls the beach ball over to Minerva, "Here, you roll it to him."
Skoll Ulfang "Only Carbuncle, I am afraid." Skoll answers her. "Found an abandoned Cloister out far in the jungle in the pridelands. You have /no/ idea how annoying and hard those stupid spheres are to carry around when you are in the form of a /wolf/. Or, in Zia's case, a Lion." Skoll waggles the spatula around threateningly. "Imagine Faruja doing it. Little pygmy mouse. Running around with a giant sphere in his little mouse hands. I don't think he could do it. Also - those things were old and dusty and... bleh." He sticks his tongue out. "Could only carry one at a time." For SOME REASON. BECAUSE FFX PUZZLES!

Skoll then returns to making steak, while Carbuncle continues to play and roll the ball at who-ever rolls it towards it.

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