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(2013-08-10 - 2013-08-15)
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Shiki Misaki Shiki's heard... sort of what happened to Faruja. She didn't stick around for the whole explanation, so fine details like 'died and came back to life' are lost on her. In fact she didn't listen to a lot beyond 'bad times in Fluorgis involving Faruja'. Did she need to know anything else? I think not!

Well, maybe she should have asked where he was. She's had to follow her intuition there, along with a vauge memory of somewhere he MIGHT be according to exposition.

She knows the Zodiac Braves and Deelel are elsewhere in the city, and probably much better informed, but she's split off from them to try and find Faruja rather than go after the corrupt Father Barnabus.
Faruja Senra Shiki's search for Faruja will swiftly lead her into the slums of Fluorgis. A tailed and eared wolf-girl as well as a golden armored rat are rather distinctive sightes, particularly when one both insists on giving charity to beggars /and/ looks like he'd been through a week-long bender. The well kept houses swiftly turn to ruin and decay, only the heat and fountains remaining the same. One may not wish to drink from them, however.


CRASH! Faruja stumbles, hand on his head, elbow neatly knocking out a window. Shadowy figures in alleyways run, while others seem to materialize and lurk in the shadows.


A lone figure, draped in heavy robes, steps out of a nearby alleyway. They seem hunched over, yet broad, and move slowly out into the sunlight. Seemingly oblivious to any running girls, he moves almost directly into Shiki's path. A crash comes from a good half-block away from an old boarded up house.
Shiki Misaki Wow, Shiki thinks. Was Fluorgis /always/ this bad? And if it was, how did we manage to afford a base in the not-as-bad-as this part of the city? And, moreover, what can she do about it? She THINKS she's been here hunting Noise when the fire crystal was being sieged, but she never really ... took on board the overall atmosphere of the place.

Note to self: civil rehabilitation program.

Unfortunately one loud noise is not easy to distinguish from another- Shiki's senses are not highly toned enough to go 'that sounds like Faruja breaking a window!' yet. So she's going to pay attention to the person in front of her instead. Hmm, sounds like trouble nearby.

"Hey, uh," she calls out. "Did you hear that? Might not be safe around here... uh, have you seen a Burmecian around here? I'm trying to find him and get him some help..."
Faruja Senra The bulky creature turns, a flick of a tail and a bit of a snout poking from its robes. Breathing heavily, it might pass for a Bangaa given the location. Turning to face Shiki, the being simply stares, yellow eyes peering out of its hood for a long moment.

"You...friends...with the rat?" Starts off the being, his speech jilting and slow. Off in the darkness of the alleyways, little pools of the stuff start to form. More beady, yellow eyes peek out.

A snort, and a long laugh exits the muzzle of the creature. "Lotsa sounds around here, Lady. But glad I ran into ya. Heh heh heh." It starts to step forward, two-clawed hands, razor sharp, start to reach out for Shiki.

"You'll be perfect. Bet if I make you scream, that dirty little rat'll come running!"
Shiki Misaki Well, I mean, that's what Shiki assumed. Bangaa. Poncho.

She's become too multicultural too fast, perhaps.

"Yes, that's right!" Shiki replies, clasping her hands together. "His name is Faruja, is that familiar at all?" she begins to say. "I heard he was in trouble here, and we live somewhere else in the cit-"

But she stops when she notices... if you're used to that kind of thing, you never think 'it must have been my imagination' when you see eyes in the darkness. You /always/ know what they are. "Hey, behind you!"

...but it looks like she's the one who's at risk here. That dude has claws! Big ones. Shiki pulls out her mythril rod, and Mr. Mew appears from under her hat. "Oh... crud. They're on your side, aren't they. OK, bring it!"
Faruja Senra The creature doesn't even look when the woman starts to mention the heartless forming behind him. If anything, there's a flash of teeth. "Huh. At least you're not stupid. GIRL! I SHALL FEAST ON YOUR SOUL, BY THE WILL OF MY MASTER. DIE SCREAMING!" Comes the otherworldly voice of the daemon as it throws off its cloak. The purple creature, all muscles and girth, practically radiates evil. Several Heartless spill out: some with blades and little swords, others being the typical googly eyed, limbed Heartless commonly preying upon commoners everywhere.

The bladed-and-armored Heartless advance forward, taking up flanking positions beside the demon. As his reach proves to be insufficient, this girl clearly not some easily slain being, he backs off and lets the Heartless move forward. RAther than mindlessly attack, they crowd around the Apanda protectively.

The Apanda raises its claw, pointing at Shiki. Violet sparkles appear in the air, little balls of energy, and race towards Mr. Mew and the girl. Should they strike, their evil magicks will try to steal the very sight from Shiki, as well as inflict poison into her veins! So too do they burn horribly, though seem to leave no scarrs.
Shiki Misaki Well.

Nothing's ever said that to her before. Shock crosses Shiki's features momentarily, before she ...

Does exactly what she's trained to do, and falls right into a reactionary stance. The Heartless are moving around to surround her, so she-

Sweeps her mythril staff in a perfect circle just as soon as the first group leap right towards her, knocking Shadows back one after another. And from there, the fight is on!

Shiki thrusts to the left, then to the right, holding her staff perendicular. Then the first wave of energy balls come towards her, and she narrows her eyes--

And digs the staff into the ground, polevaulting past some of the shots and blocking the remainder with a barrel. Now with her back against a wall, she does her best to get some breathing room as the Heartless try to press onto her!
Faruja Senra The demon grins, watching as the Shadows are pelted away by the girl's staff. Even his magic seems to be useless against that girl and her staff! A snarl, and he lumbers forward, his armored Heartless flanking him as the girl drives herself against the wall.

"Fool! You cannot defeat us! Your friend shall be consumed, and made to lament after your fallen corpse before he dies!"

Thrust! In go the armored shadows, looking far more sturdy than their smaller cousins, who seem to pour out of the woodwork. No guards come to help; the area's far too run down for any thing like that. The demon stands back for now. Will Shiki, Mr. Mew, and her barrel prevail?
Shiki Misaki CAT ATTACK

Mr. Mew slashes a Shadow, dissolving it into mist- and it's just the one Shiki needed to squeeze out into some breathing room.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire... this huge hulk is moving right towards her, and he's still talking.

"What?! Where'd you learn lines like that, beef cake? You sound like you came out of a cheap fantasy novel!"

The wit of Peter Parker, yes. Shiki has picked up a bad 'taunting people too much' habit. She hasn't learned from Priel and she won't learn today. It could be a calculated act to piss people off, though.

Shiki isn't going to be able to squirm past all that many Heartless thrust attacks, but she doesn't get stabbed outright. She slips her staff under an arm or two and flips it into the air, then kicks a Heartless off.

Mr. Mew leaps over her shoulder- psychokinetic claws can rip into armor better than a staff can. Hopefully they can thin out the Heartless. If not...
Faruja Senra Taunting a demon may be a bad thing. It grits its teeth, as the creatures are battered and dissolve beneath the onslaught of a feline /doll/ of all things. "BY LOOKING INTO THE VERY SOULS OF MY VICTIMS!"

The Heartless go down under the dual-onslaught of Mew's claws and that battering end of Shiki's staff. Soon enough, it's all down the Apanda. Roaring, the creature points.

"I have had ENOUGH of you! Shine down on the pure and infest with dark wickedness! Dark Holy!"

Light shines above Shiki and Mr. Mew. Unlike the radiance of Holy, it's of utter darkness, seeming to suck in the light around it. Then, it explodes, a ball of pure dark energy radiating out to damage building and ground alike.
Shiki Misaki Shiki drives her staff into a wooden board. Then, swings her staff like a hockey stick, sweeping one of the fallen shadow heartless up and slapshotting it into another. She spins it end over end, whirling and stepping artfully to deflect swinging swords- the sound of clashing metal fills the street. She looks like she's in control, but this isn't as pro as she makes it look. She has to stop eventually, arms aching- but Mr. Mew can take up the slack when she's tired, slashing apart the off-balance knights.

"Woah. This ain't a joke, is it?" Shiki asks, when the field is cleared. "You're, like, a /real/ demon."

The next attack answers the question for her- the darklit sphere explodes into a shockwave which sends wave after wave onto the street and rattles through Shiki. She tries to guard her face with one hand- As soon as she can, she tries to throw up a Piercing Pillar to protect herself- but without a Pact it begins to erode quickly.

.oO(If this guy beats me, then he's going to go straight for Faruja and the others. I can't let them be taken in!)

Shiki grits her teeth as the attack ends, her pillar shattering. "I can't let that happen."

She grabs her pin 'The Eyes Have It', forcing herself to Imagine a castle of ice- and summoning up any source of water around her to crush around the monster's limbs. Ribbons of ice coalesce and form into frozen bonds to pin it in place!
Faruja Senra The pair manage to make short work of the many Heartless knights, the creatures proving little able to defend themselves against skilled fighters. Clearly this demon should have brought better help!

The demon grins, watching as her pillar falls, the creature starting to stalk forward. "You're stronger than you look, girl! But you'll fall just the same! Time to devour you...ahhhh!"

Cue the ice, moisture from the nearby fountain drawn up to utterly encase limbs, body, and head. The apanda struggles against its bonds, growling and roaring in frustration as it tries to free itself.

The glare he gives Shiki is hateful. "FOOL GIRL! How...HOW DARE YOU!" Roar! Rage! Every muscle strives for freedom, all of that demonic hatred and hunger focused on Shiki.
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki isn't sure she can pull this off in one shot, but she can definitely put herself in a commanding position. She strums her fingers- she's actually got a bit of a problem, as covering the monster in such a thick sheet of ice, while stopping it 'cold', makes hitting it a problem- she can't shatter it with her rod, piling more ice on top of ice might not perform, and she's not sure what she's got that she can levitate.

She gives it the ol' college try, and starts grabbing things. A horde of loose items raise up behind her, big and small- and she points a conductor's baton made of mythril forward.

The items barrage her enemy, hammering it, shattering its icy straitjacket!
Faruja Senra The slums are quite dirty, at least compared to the rest of the city. Broken bottles, rocks, busted crates, as well as other odds and ends batter against the demon's bound form. Bruises form on the fell being's body, as well as bits of loose trash, an unfortunate stuffed animal (/not/ Mr. Mew) and a few pillows soon give the creature a tar'd and feathered look.

ROARRRRR! Free of its bondage, the winded demon tries to shake off the feathers and trash, breathing heavily. Too angry to speak properly, it charges forward, the being's muscled form far slower than before thanks to the pounding it's taken. Sharp claws reach out, slashing at the air, as they seek out the smaller form of our brave protagonist!
Shiki Misaki Wild swing! High damage, low accuracy. Shiki has a bit of space to dodge the initial swings, but what she's not counting on is the secondary effects of this wild flail attack. When one of those claws takes a big chunk out of a wall, a particularly big chunk of stone is smashed towards her, very fast!

Throw stone. It's not just for Ramza any more.

Shiki is knocked spinning, and has to use her rod to slam into the wall and stop herself. One hand goes to her side to steady herself... and brushes against one of her pins. It's Go 2 Heaven...

The tattooed lance merges with, or overlays, her mythril rod, to Shiki's surprise. Pulling it out of the wall, she grins, and rockets forward with the combined weapon. Lance Lunge pierces forward!
Faruja Senra The demon grins, watching part of the wall shatter, knocking back the girl. Laughing, he looks like a cat facing down a fallen mouse just before Shiki recovers. In a thrust that would make Faruja proud, her mithral-rod slash lance meets the edges of demonic claws. The two clash for a moment, sparks fly, and the demon is pushed back, one of it's clawed hands shattering! Piercing through flesh and bone, the Lance Lunge pierces a hole in the creature's chest. Staggering backwards, it falls ot its knees. Glaring at Shiki, the demonic being spits and sputters on the ground.

"!? A...mere girl! My....we are not strong enough! M...MASTER FORGIVE ME!" Laments the demon. Staggering forward, the creature starts to incant a spell, more dark holy energy gathering in its remaining claw! Holding out its hand towards Shiki, it releases a dark beam of anti-light!
Shiki Misaki KABOOM

There's a terrific brown and black explosion of weird, disturbing fire in colours that should not exist. When it's done, the only thing left on the ground are pieces of wood and rocks sizzling and half-melted. The wood is melted, the rocks are sizzling.

I said ON THE GROUND, though.

Shiki is in the air. With Mr. Mew clinging to her hair and holding her hat, she comes down like a dragoon, ice forming into a huge spike made of tattoos.

And that's what Shiki stands on when tons of magically created and reformed ice slams down into the ground.
Faruja Senra As the dust clears, the demon laughs out in agonized triumph, showing all of his now bloody pointed teeth. "Hah! No mere girl can slay a demon of the great and powerful"

Up tilts the creature's head as shadows fall. An avalanche of ice falls as Shiki tumbles down upon him, the pointed edge spearing straight through his chest. Looking on in shock, the creature shivers. "" With a last dying scream, and a poof of white, the demon turns into a tiny little big-headed statue. Aside from the carnage wrought, all is still.
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki is going to have to clear up that ice later.

She drives the end of her mythril rod into the statue just in case. Yeah, screw YOU. No unpleasant surprises for the guys going to help at the cathedral.

Ugh, she LIKED the idea of that cathedral. Man, Faruja's gonna be unhappy...

The adrenaline begins to wear off, and she is feeling pretty ill from the dark holy. She'd better make sure she goes and like... gets a blessing, or uses some Holy Water, or something.

Just to be sure.

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