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(2013-08-09 - Now)
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Evja How long had it been since Evja had any contact with Maira? At least a couple of months now. So it may come as a surprise to Maira that she'd receive a Mogmail letter from none other than said Viera.

'Hey... it has been a while. I thought perhaps we should talk a while, perhaps catch up. My Chocobo is going to be racing again soon in Serendipity. If you care to come along, perhaps we could talk there and you could use my perks to play a while? I have little interest in gambling personally.'

An attempt, at least, at making peace. Or trying to anyways.

Much as he ever had while here, the Viera was wearing a nice-looking business suit and otherwise didn't seem to be wearing anything that could be construed in the least as feminine. In fact, even the ear rings and the likes he normally had in, gaudy brambles and hoops, were gone. Just... him. He was seated on a bench near the front of Serendipity with a glass of alcohol in one hand, sipping from it slightly while tapping the tip of a cane along his she with the other hand, simply enjoying the peace.
Maira While they hadn't exactly been on the best of terms lately, when Maira got a mail asking to talk, she did in fact, go to meet Evja at Serendipity. It wasn't like she hated the Viera or anything, obviously! It was just awkward, considering the level of animosity between Evja and most of Maira's closest friends.

She arrives, yawning despite herself as she walks toward the place where she's suppose to meet him. She waves as she approaches, dressed in her usual pink outfit that is fireproof. She really needs to gather up the funds for another! That'd be nice. The girl smiles, though looks a tad tired. Been a long few days.

"Heeeey," she greats, taking a seat nearby. "So, um, what did you want to talk about?" she asks. "You're doing alright I assume--I could have sworn I saw you in Tappers...that was you, wasn't it?"
Evja When Maira arrived, Evja had just taken a mouth full of the fruity blue beverage he was drinking. Which took him a moment to swallow before he coughed softly and looked towards Maira curiously, perhaps even thoughtfully. "Hello there. And ... yes, that was me. I apologize if I was not more outwards, there were one or two there I felt might not take me being nearby them well. Remnants from the Hades Cup you see. It has since gotten better, though. At least with the woman named Deelel."


He was still pretty sure it was her that had been talking bad about him since the second match of the Hades cup and got others mad at him, but never did find out. "But that is normal, hm, for me?" he laughed softly at that, knowing full well he has a bad habit of pissing people off somehow. Another pause, and he offers the drink to Maira, "Would you like some? And how are you?"
Maira Maira shakes her head at the offer for a sip. "No thank you. Yeah, you kind of...have made a lot of people pretty angry, heh...I hope things will get better. Glad to hear things are better with Deelel at least. I just saw her, we kinda got stuck in the digital world for a bit. Yeesh, that was intersting," she says, shrugging.

"I'm well enough though...lot has happened," she says, looking around. Last she was here, someone had tried to kidnap her! "How about you? What have you been up to?"
Evja "Really? She... gets around, so it seems. She was just with me and some of the Shard Seekers at Macalania the other day." Moving to sit up, Evja winces slightly before grumbling and turning a tiny bit to stretch out his back. "Pardon. Remnants of... a confrontation with a Heartless. Did not have my armor on at the time and got thrown pretty hard." With a relieving pop he leans back again with a comfortable sigh and thinks about how to put it best.

"I have been... well, had been searching for a way to end the contract I had with Hades. It has since been nulled." there was no elaboration on that beyond, "So he cannot force me to attack anyone else at this point." Beyond that? He had not been doing terribly much at all.
Maira Maira winces in sympathy. She feels like she spends half her time dodging Heartless sometimes. "I have a potion if you need it," she offers.

At news of the nullification of the contract with Hades, Maira smiles wide. "That's great news! Really, that's a pretty big relief, heh. Having that hanging over you was--not pleasant, I'm sure. That should improve things some, now that we don't have to worry so much about you trying to kill Mercade. Yes yes, very good news. Oh, and Mao is doing very well. He's been an excellent companion."
Evja Well, she was smiling, so no reason to elaborate on the price he paid for refusing to honor the contract. It'll probably come up at some other point anyways. "No, it is okay. I... have had healing performed on me. It is a lingering stiffness and pain from how hard I was thrown. There is no damage though." and he holds up his drink, "Besides... I should not take such while I am drinking. And I am glad to hear such. Senra is doing well too. He has changed a bit since you last saw him. Which... makes me curious."

"What color was he last you recall?" Evja slowly pushes himself to a stand and leans heavily on the cane he had a moment before straightening up fully, seemingly mostly using it to stand and sit easier.
Maira No, she didn't ask. She wasn't sure she wanted to know. All she can assume is that it was a hefty price, but what is done is done after all.

"Really? Um...I don't remember what color Senra was, honestly," she admits sheepishly. "Have you been racing him a lot?
Evja "He's red now, like Mao." Evja says simply as he goes to turn and make his way towards the racing area, but not before offering Maira a hand up if she wished to accept it. "I found this book while I was at Duagerreo that details a story of a Chocobo. I had thought it simply a childrens book, but I realized the maps within were of this world. I thought it would be something relaxing and maybe Senra would enjoy the Chocobo Sweet recipes within if I could find the ingredients, but to my surprise... they seem to be changing his colors somehow, one by one. He was yellow... then a light blue, and seemed to be able to walk around on shallow water. And now..." he paused, and said again, "Red. I do wonder what he can do now. The next recipe calls for something on a mountain known as Gagazet, some form of plant that grows on a steep slope in a snowy area."
Maira Maira blinks, listening, obviously befuddled by this story. Recipes that change a chocobo's color? And what they can do? Crazy! "Wow, that's pretty you're going to go looking for this plant then? And see what it does? I have no idea where Gagazet is, but I bet if you asked around enough someone ought to know."
Evja He nods at that, "Yes, I do plan on it. And I do know where Gagazet is, I have simply not had the opportunity to plan on going there yet. And... I do think there is something else to it than just the ingredients. I offered a bit of the Watercress, what I first got at Duagerreo, to another Chocobo and nothing changed." Shrug. Either way, he adds, "Do you care to see his race? It should be coming up pretty soon."
Maira "Huh..." Maira replies, perplexed. "There's a lot about chocobos we don't know, I think. You should ask someone here maybe--or at the chocobo stables. They know tons about them," she offers with a shrug.

"Oh, the race? Sure! I won't be betting though, that didn't go well last time," she says, shifty eyed. She'd been broke for weeks! Maira stands and prepares to relocate though, wondering... "So, do you, you know, have any intention of trying to, uh, patch anything up with certain people? Like Mercade and Avira? And Angan?"
Evja "..."


"I have never had issue with Mercade. And... not with Avira either, until she sided with that barbarous bastard. As far as him, no, I want nothing to do with him. He has on multiple instances tried to kill me, one because I was a Judge and he wanted to believe I was trying to steal a weapon from a boy named Sora, and the second because he thought he could get away with leaving me to die in a cave in after he tried to kill me himself. If I had my way, I would drag the bastard straight to Archades and let him rot in a jail for his crimes."

Indeed, harsh words from Evja on the subject, but it was brought up. "I do not know why you associate with him to begin with Maira, you are a sweet person and he..." he trails off at that, not caring to elaborate further.
Maira Maira stops, frowning deeply. She listens, sighing heavily as the harsh words about Angantyr come out. "I....understand. He has his own side of the story, as well. I associate with him because I see that there is more to him than the anger and violence you knew--and he has come a long way himself. We're all changing," she replies. "He is one of my best friends however, that still stands. If you go after him, I would stand in your way."
Evja "No side of any story excuses attempting to kill someone, especially not someone like me."

It was a soft grumble of a sound as he stopped and turned to look towards Maira. "I am a Judge of Ivalice, a Lawkeeper. I protect others for a living. On a daily basis I am prepared to give my life to protect others. Since I have come to this world, since the heartless have appeared, I have done everything in my power to find a way to stop them. I am a good person, Maira, whose life is devoted to keeping others safe. There is the truth, and anything else is simply a story. I am telling you the Truth Maira... I cannot tell you anything else. When I broke the contract with Hades, he tore something from me. I am not sure what, but... I can never deceive anyone again for the remainder of my life, in any form. I can never try to hide, to pretend to be something I am not. I cannot lie... and I will seemingly be damned to wander eternally after I die thanks to refusing to kill Mercade."

He started to say something else, but stopped short of it and closed his eyes, shaking a little. Anger? Fear? It is hard to say, as he never quite elaborates from that point beyond simply stopping speaking and doing anything, beyond saying softly, "I am sorry... I just... spoke to you like that."
Maira Maira stands against the verbal lashing, holding herself erect, confident but not arrogant. Determined to listen and take what is said in, think it over. "I'm not saying Angantyr was right to try to kill you. But Judges are not all like you--and no you should not suffer for another's crime, but I hope you can at least see, a little bit, why he feels the way he does about the Judges. They destroyed his home. Everything he knew, fallen in the face of conquest. It marked him deeply. But...I'm not going to try to change your mind about him, or him about you. I can hope that when it comes down to it, you can both just...let each other keep living their lives. You can't make up for anything if you're dead," she replies.

Well, most of the time, anyway.

"Don't apologize for your perspective Evja, its important. And...if I can help with the Hades thing, I will. There are a lot of things we're just discovering, things that could change everything as we know it. So...have hope, okay?" she continues, eyes softening.
Evja For nearly a minute Evja was quiet, as if trying to think of what to say, then finally says, "It has always amazed me... how everyone will only judge him by his reasons and ignore whatever he does, be it attempted murder, murder or brutality and excuse it, yet the moment I get angry or have to defend myself, or in my case... being an idiot for trusting a God... that I am a depraved bastard. Maybe it is hume logic, I do not know. My reasons seem to matter little beyond what I do, and his reasons are all that matters, no matter what he does. He is a wanted criminal, and that is not even considering him trying to kill me. Reasons or not, he should have to pay for what he has done. ... just like I shall have to face punishment for what I have done, even though I had no control in what happened."

Leaning a bit more heavily on the walking cane he had with him, the Viera looks around then back towards Maira before saying, "In the end... I am jealous of him. Horribly envious... that no matter what he does, someone will defend him to the death, no matter how wrong of a thing he did." And with that he turns to walk towards the Chocobo Arena. "I have no one like that. For a time... I had hoped you might be one such, but when you got angry at me months back, I realized then it would not be the case."
Maira Maira sighs. "I never said that I don't think he is accountable for his actions...and I was as angry with him when I heard. But I try...try not to judge. Suppose for you, its in the title..." Maira shakes her head then. "I'm sorry Evja. I would defend you. But to the death? No. Not for anyone. I can't. My life isn't just mine," she explains, though she does not give more detail.

"I think...maybe I should just go."
Evja "..."

The Judge stops walking for a moment as she speaks and states that she should just go. Turning to look over his shoulder at her, he says softly, "It is a touchy subject and I am not blaming you. It had to be stated one day, at some point, what we both thought on the matter. We had always gotten along just fine, Maira... until that happened. And I appreciate you giving me another chance. But you do not have to go. I invited you along so you could have fun... we could try to have fun, rather. I... ... would be willing to forgive him harming me, Maira... if he is willing to admit he wrongfully attacked me to those he has likely already claimed otherwise to. I do not have much left, and I want to try and... get along with those I can who likewise aim to keep the worlds safe. I cannot do that if he maintains he was justified in trying to kill me on two different occasions. Is that acceptable, Maira? That I am willing to try? Besides, in any event, this place /is/ fun. Maybe you could teach me how to play some of these games here."
Maira Maira nods, considering. "That might be possible. Maybe. I can't exactly make it happen, but...I can tell you that it might be possible, if compromises can be reached...understanding reached," she replies.

"I guess I could stay for a bit, to see the race...I have a lot of things I need to do though, heh. Busy busy," she adds with a small smile and a shrug. She stalks walking again, off toward the races. "The games are pretty easy..." she trails off as she goes.

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