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(2013-08-09 - Now)
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Emi Dennou Emi and Umi Dennou had an altercation near Sprohm with some Baronites. It was a rough fight and frankly, they doubt they would have run had Baron elected to not be tactical about it. The Network isn't interested in hiring Bangaa, nor are they interested in booze, but considering typical water quality they may elect to settle for it.

Emi and Umi are sitting down, a mug between them (economical??) and...not talking at all. The bar is rowdy and it is easier to abuse their mental link than go into chitter chatter. Normally they would be a bit more inconspicuous, but a bar brawl has erupted and aside from the occassional dodge haven't joined in the fight at all...nor shown any sign of alarm.
Haneisuru Haneisuru walks in with a smile on his face. A wide smile on his face. It's a new world. New experiences. New monsters. New /power/.

And then there's a bar brawl in front of him. He closes the door behind him calmly, rubbing his chin as he observes it...nope. There is nothing remotely interesting going on in that fight that is worth getting involved in. No new magics, no crazy sword techniques, who even cares? Why are there even boring fights like that, Haneisuru thinks. He sure has no idea.

That said, now he needs a place to sit. There are two /completely/ silent girls sitting there in the middle of the bar brawl everyone else is completely freaking out about. Alright. That? That's worth it. He sliides onto a nearby seat, slowly adopting a wide grin.
"...So, what's good to order around here?"
Pff, propriety.
Emi Dennou Nope, no magic or anything like that. People are just throwing bottles at one another, smashing chairs into faces, someone has dropped a chandelier onto someone's head, and another is playing the piano singing about how even HE has a dream--to be a concert pianist! A big burly bangaa is playing with unicorns in the corner. It's total anarchy but of the predictable sort.

Maybe that's why The Network looks bored. This doesn't mean they are paying attention though. They don't realize Haneisuru has joined them until he started talking.

Emi looks over, Umi is still staring ahead. She notices the scars and--well a lot of people have scars here. She does seem surprised though by his appearance (him showing up) rather than his appearance (his appearance).

She smiles widely back for 1.2 seconds then lets the smile drop, her face returning to its blank disposition. "Hello." She says (it takes a bit to get used to normal communication). "This is our first time here, The Network explains while suggesting the parmesan crusted chicken and cheese fries."

She thinks for a moment.

"Curly." She gestures with a finger.
Haneisuru Haneisuru clicks his tongue once. "Well, that sounds like a good idea." He raises his arm, waving it a bit to try to flag down a server, but you know. Chaos. Rampant chaos everywhere, little hard to get the server's attention. Ah, well. He shrugs, turning his head this way and that.
"Fancy that, mine too. You from the, uh, this 'New Ivalice' place? I figured it'd be /more/ new, but I've..seen so much of this stuff before."
Emi Dennou "The Network also agrees it is not especially to our taste. We have been to Ivalices before, they are often very similar. The similarity congruent to them seems to be an element of bossiness from unelected authority figures." Though that's not really Ivalice specific, Ivalice has something of a more oomphy presence what with world wars and whatnot going down.

Umi says, "Can this one swing a chair at someone?"
"Only if you get their permission first."

Umi cheers and rushes off to ask someone if she can swing a chair at them. Meanwhile, Emi turns a bit in her chair to get a good look at Hane. "This one is called Emi Dennou. The 'Dennou' means Network. What is your name?"

In the background someone sarcastically agrees to be hit by a chair. The predictable happens.
Haneisuru Haneisuru huhs. Smacks his lips a few times. "The Network, huh? So you guys are, like, working for a television station or something. Alright, that's cool. That's cool." Television was boring, of course, but no matte--wait.

"...Oh! Your..last name is Network. Haha, I'm an idiot sometimes, sorry. Kurikaeshi Haneisuru, professional Mimic and Blue Mage." He holds out a hand to shake, turning his head to the guy getting walloped with a chair.
Emi Dennou Emi's handshake is quick because of what happens in the second half of this pose. "Is Kurikaeshi your family name or is it Haneisuru?" She doesn't actually know much about glorious nippon despite her name, the names were sort of cobbled together gradually. Originally the network had a different name.

"Caution." She adds and pushes away suddenly. Since Haneisuru is actually looking he'll get a good glimpse of Umi being lifted in the air and being thrown at the table. Emi juuust salvaged her mug but either way Umi is crashing down on that table and sliding along it, laughing like a moron--but a moron who is having the time of her life.

Emi continues as if nothing had happened. "What distinguishes a professional mimic from a..." She squints in concentration. "Hobbyist mimic?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru ohs. "...Kurikaeshi. You know, what wit---" And boom, there's Umi, smashed onto the table. He raises a brow, before nodding appreciatively. "See, there we go! That's a mindset I can appreciate. I like your sister, Ms. Dennou." He grins widely, teeth showing.

"Anyway, the /difference/ is, I'm really good at it, and I get paid to do it."
Emi Dennou "A pleasure to meet you, Haneisuru." Emi's willing to go to first name. This isn't entirely because Haneisuru's last name isn't on his object. "This one appreciates anyone willing to work for a living." She sets her mug back down on the table. Umi seizes it up, takes a long swig, smashes it against her own face for no apparent reason, and then looks towards Haneisuru.

"Don't be blue, you--"

"The Network is aware you are intentionally pretending to not know what he means by Blue Mage for the purposes of wordplay." Emi says as Umi bounces back off the table to rejoin the fight. She is quiet for a moment before adding, "Thank you."

She smiles, more naturally this time. "She is important to me." Another brief pause, and then, "So if someone strikes you with a new kind of attack, do they get royalties per reuse of its application or some other credit?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru probably has too long of a name for the MU--I mean naming screen--to put it on his dialogue boxes. Yes. That...yes.

Haneisuru huhs at the sudden self-mugging, but hey. She's having a good time.
"Heh, that joke never gets old," He says, giving his sleeves a tug or two to straighten them out. Then the question of royalties comes up.

"Well, I /would/, except what generally hits me are either hostile entities or plain monsters, at which point there's either an implicit waiver or an ineligibility for compensation," He explains.
He strangely gets along with Minette Odam just fine.
Emi Dennou Umi doesn't immediately go flying back into the table again though she does knee some guy wearing headphones in the crotch. Hosuke Yanamura will one day form the Ring Grog Cartel Cartel in vengeance but that is a tale for another day.

"So a contractual agreement seems like it would be neccesary." Emi says. "Along with a promise that the physical (or magical (or...elemental??)) abuse is purely professional with no ill intent behind it."

Emi isn't too interested in supporting weapon manufacturing, or... Blue Mage powered batteries for that matter, so she doesn't offer to electrocute him, but she can't help but be impressed by the business model here. She's not quite sure how Haneisuru learning a spell equates to money unless he can somehow use his knowhow to duplicate it for the use of others, but that might be heading into trade secret territory.

"We're detectives." She says, offering a business card. "In other words, we provide assistance to those that can get assistance from nowhere else, The Network provides the definition given by their mentor."
Haneisuru Haneisuru's job is, frankly, weapon manufacturing R&D, so that's probably for the best that Umi doesn't offer to electrocute him.

"Detectives, huh? That's pretty cool. Uncovering the mysteries of the world is what makes living in it worth it, you know?" He waves a hand and yeah okay there are a lot of scars on the arm underneath the sleeve.

"Like these Heartless. That's exciting, right there."
Emi Dennou Emi has noticed these scars, and has noticed there's a lot of them. She wonders how often Haneisuru has to get injured to use his magic. It must be quite frequent. She has met other blue mages--they clearly haven't made a habit of stepping in front of lasers. Maybe this fellow does. And that's what makes him a professional?

"Our initial occupation was guinea pig." She says simply enough. "But we have changed jobs. We like this one more." She ducks under a thrown bar stool before adding, "Still in our experience, living in the world makes living in the world worth living. It is far more exciting than a lab. Of course, The Network only has approximately a year of experience in it." She frowns a bit. "...Mm...actually in a couple months..."

She looks at her hands thoughtfully. "What makes the Heartless exciting? This one admits that in a certain way of looking, we have much to thank them for."
Haneisuru "Oh, man, /you get it/," Haneisuru says. "Yeah, I mean...I don't want the worlds to be all gone, but people finally have to care about what they have, now that it can be taken away. People have to fight for what they believe in, it's just..this is what the world needed. An enemy. A reason to band together, a reason to do more than just be complacent..ugh. Anyway, I won't bore you with all of that."

He grins. "Yeah, 'guinea pig' isn't so bad to describe my job either, except I basically choose what I'm gonna subject myself to. ...Come to think of it I might not have made it here if I wasn't inside that Marlboro."
Emi Dennou Emi's reasons aren't the same as Haneisuru's, but she can't really judge him for that. The Network is not especially judgemental--at least in terms of ethics. Propriety on the otherhand...

"This one's reasons aren't as altruistic as that. The Network would have never been free but for the fall of our world, that is all. In fact it is rather selfish." She smiles again. "But even so, this one can be grateful for the circumstance while acknowledging they are a force that must still be opposed." She could go on this all day but Haneisuru brings up something else that draws her attention.

"You were inside a Marlboro? For how long?" She is a bit shocked for other reasons too. Haneisuru is the first non-dennou who has been happy and referred to themselves as guinea pig.
Haneisuru Haneisuru hehs. "Well, I /thought/ it was a week, and I'm not sure how time flies in the darkness of a broken world, but apparently it was five months? Anyway, the point is, I can do a /wicked/ Bad Breath now. It's the best."
Emi Dennou Emi's eyes widen at the mention of surviving in a Malboro for five months. And mistaking it for a week? Actually, that seems very unlikely. Just from hunger you'd have to be a little closer to the mark than that. Count potty breaks. After all, the smell inside a Malboro can't be any better than the smell of your urine so you might as well....?? Okay, so perhaps time behaves strangely when a world falls. That's not too bizarre an idea. Perhaps that's why the Cronus project really continued post-fall. Doesn't matter overmuch.

"What did you eat? And drink? And where did you relieve yourself?, The Network asks while apparently not too easy to 'gross out'."

"Gotcha!" Umi shouts elsewhere and throws a big burly man onto the table.
Haneisuru Haneisuru swishes his mouth. "It's sorta complex. I have a spell which is normally kinda useless, but it's how plants derive nourishment, and the Malboro is /basically/ a plant, so I just kept draining its magic and then using the spell to keep myself alive. I don't think I'd have gotten away with it for more than a week, but I think that's when the world fell anyway, so."
Haneisuru Haneisuru meanwhile, cracks his knuckles a bit. Man, that was the second worst week of his life.
Emi Dennou "That is a wonderful spell," Emi says, eyes sparkling. She looks towards Umi. Umi looks back. There is a small pause between the two. The latter then approaches the bar, gets a glass of water, and approaches Haneisuru, holding the glass above his head.

Emi shakes her head and then tilts it just slightly.

Umi thinks, bobs her head excitedly, and then slowly starts watering Haneisuru if he doesn't do something otherwise. If this all goes without a hitch, E Dennou will be looking at Haneisuru expectantly. Maybe she's wondering if he'll sprout leaves, or if he'll grow, or absorb ... the water? It's hard to say, she's not saying.
Haneisuru Haneisuru suddenly has a glass of water dripped on his head. He's so baffled by this it takes him a minute to actually do anything. About half the glass is poured out when he suddenly puts what Umi is doing together. "...I, uh."
He pauses.
"...I'm not actually...casting it...right now?" He tries to explain, water just casually splattering down his face and onto his chest piece. He's being pretty calm about this, really, just letting Umi finish.

"..But, even if I was, it'd just...I dunno, be like drinking water. It's kinda inefficient, and I'm not very good at it because it's hard to get a plant to cast 'heal self' at /you/, you see...

He wistfully thinks back to a very, very confused plant monster. ..Y'know, come to think about it, he was pretty high himself at the time...
Emi Dennou Even after Haneisuru explains that he has to cast a thing before a thing happens, Umi continues to pour water on him because she has found, after the first half of the glass, that pouring water on someone triggers 'enjoyment' within her for reasons she doesn't quite understand because really what's the point of pouring water on someone? But it's still there, so she does it.

"Do not sell yourself short. It is not efficiency but the wonder of it that intrigues us." Emi says. "The Network was wondering if you could still cast it."

There is a pause as Umi asks the network if she should get more water. Not now, Emi thinks back, and watch out for the bottle. Umi ducks.

Haneisuru Haneisuru ehs. It's a thing. He's not gonna get all uppity over some water, just letting it cascade down his hair. I mean, he's walked in rain, no big deal. He does brush some out of his eyes, though.

"Uhh..." Hm. So, like, these two girls seem to be the same girl. Which is cool, he knows of monsters that can do that. It's probably not something he could mimic, though, which also makes it kinda useless and pointless. It's a conundrum.

Meanwhile, a glass bottle whizzes behind his head. How strange.

" know. Some plant monsters have...mind-altering spells and abilities and it's not /really/ important."
Emi Dennou Probably not. Eve nif it was a spell, it's not as if it's one that The Network can cast. And it's not a spell. It's SCIENCE! The phrase all for one and one for all would probably be appreciated by these two, but their current one for themselves is 'we are one, one are we'.

"Mind altering abilities and spells would be rather important, however, though perhaps not for this conversation." She is on about 40, maybe 50 percent agreement there. Umi is worn out from wild and crazy battling now and sits herself back down. "This one is Umi Dennou." She tells Haneisuru. "We're sisters."

"We are sorry for the inconvenience." Emi says, though really she seems more disappointed she couldn't see some sort of weird-ass plant magic. "On reflection, it may have been a bit rude to pour water on you before securing permission, but we got excited."

"Well Emi got excited. She's weird."

"This one isn't weird." Emi says confidently before looking back towards Haneisuru. "Conflicting thoughts and emotions occur, at times."
Haneisuru Haneisuru tries not to use the plant magic too much, for reasons.

He considers that briefly. "Eh, no big deal. I mean, I get worse thrown at me /all the time/, y'know?" He grins again. Then pauses. "...I should seriously get some food in me, though."
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou says, "We were taught to appreciate the sciences." She looks towards the brawl which is really only tapering off a bit because some people can only be clobbered for some time before they get worn out. "This one is not a chef, if that is what you are suggesting. We do likely owe you a meal at least, however..."
Haneisuru Haneisuru huhs? "We...we're in a tavern. I was just know, order food?" He waves his arm towards the bar and the such. "I didn't really..expect you to make any?"
Emi Dennou "You tried before and couldn't get the attention of a waiter, The Network presumed such troubles could continue." Emi says. At the very least he's probably going to have to STAND if he goes to the bar. MAny innocent chairs lost their legs in the prior battle.
Haneisuru Haneisuru nods. "Yeah, that..that was the idea..." He rubs his head a little. Man, these girls are nuts in any significant dosage. Even by his standards. He gets up, wandering over to the bar to make his order. It's a couple minutes before he sits back down.

"..So, are you guys from Galianda then, or?"
Emi Dennou Emi and Umi are, naturally, looking at Haneisuru as if /he's/ the one who is being weird and bizarre but that's neither here nor there. Maybe some miscommunication is going on.

"This one is from a world called Earth, specifically a city within it called Vespertine City. It was there that the eighteen of us were grown originally to hijack angelic structures through network hacking but were ultimately regulated to being target practice." Normally she'd be a little less eager to share those details but Haneisuru is a guinea pig too so he should understand that these things happen.

"Our world fell." She adds.
Haneisuru Haneisuru is used to being looked at like he's the weird and bizarre one. It doesn't bother him. "...Huh. I don't know much about hacking, but I'm /pretty/ sure you shouldn't be able to hack a structure." He's never been the computer guy, unless there's another computer guy RIGHT THERE but that's different and still usually doesn't work anyway for various stupid reasons like 'you can't just type what a computer person types in at a different computer with the same result'. Bah. Computers are stupid.

"...Yeah, I just kinda went to a school to get better at blue magic and mimicking, then I basically got a job doing research and development. ...Huh. So why make you guys target practice, if you can't mimic?"
Emi Dennou Emi opens her mouth to clarify but then thinks better of it. It really doesn't matter. Haneisuru provides some magic words that tell her exactly where he's from and who he works for, which until now Emi was not quite sure on, and that provides further incentive to not clarify. Decent odds he could just talk to Abramson if he wanted that clarity.

"To train someone more relevant to their interests at the time." Emi says. "The Network recalls that 'Time Magic' seems to be a bit taboo on your world, though we are uncertain if our source is accurate on that front--she has been infected by religion." A strange thing perhaps to say from someone who claims to have been expressly created to interact with religion but then again, maybe that's why she is starting to lean towards a belief structure denying their existence.
Haneisuru Haneisuru huhs. "Well, that's kinda..huh. That's no good." He sounds legitimately concerned. "But, uh. Well...Time Magic's a..." ..his school is gone. Wait a minute. "So you guys are saying that you have /access/ to Time Magic?" His gaze darts side to side. "You know, I've never been that religious myself..."
Emi Dennou "It's over now." Emi says. "It is something of a story." She smiles again though suddenly. "Well, not us persay, but the one who was killing us--Cronus--is basically what is known in some worlds as a time mage. He was a bit more unique in our world than in others, hench their interest." She doesn't speak Cronus's name with any malice or anything but, then again, she hasn't spoken much of anything with malice as of yet.

She does add, after a moment. "Would you like to meet him?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru browquirks. "Well, uh, I mean, I get that the guy seems murderous towards you and all, but, I mean. /Time magic/. That's..uh. Wow. I mean. Huh." It's hard to balance the desire to not be an awful person against MAGIC YOU DON'T HAVE TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT.
Emi Dennou "He's our friend now." Emi says, having apparently forgotten that this was an important detail to mention and probably should have been mentioned earlier but really, sometimes talking to people is hard because they speak with their mouths so slowly and it's like 'uggh we have six replies to you by now and oh ok'. "We wouldn't mind introducing you. He is a bit surly, however, even now."
Haneisuru Haneisuru ...smiles, nodding slowly. "I..I can deal with a little surly, heh. You always gotta reach in and grab it when the rewards outweigh the risks, you know."
Emi Dennou "He might not actually use it on you, though." Emi feels compelled to warn. "Especially if he knows you could copy it." Of course, he probably would know, because she's probably going to tell him. It's a bad life choice decision to set someone up who has a good deal of experience killing you. Also, Emi is not a jerk.
Haneisuru Haneisuru hmms. "Well, you gotta /try/, though, don't you?" He says. "Besides, maybe he knows other magics that're worth learning.
Emi Dennou "We won't stop you. He's usually in Archades as of late." Emi says. "This one isn't sure why, but that's where he is. You do not mind going there?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru taps his chin. "Well, since I haven't been there, /absolutely./"
Emi Dennou Emi nods slowly. "Okay then."


"What would be a good gift for a 'receiver' sister?" SHe asks with no explanation of what that means. "She is a few years older than us."
Haneisuru Haneisuru ...considers this briefly. "Well, what kinda gifts do you usually get her?" He asks. "Like, big expensive ones?"
Emi Dennou "We haven't." Emi says. "We have saved up money by working hard the past couple of weeks." She thinks for a moment. "Well she raided one of our closets before, so perhaps that could be considered a gift. We cannot do too expensive." They are not independently wealthy.
Haneisuru Haneisuru leans back in his chair, hands behind his head. "Alright. If you don't have much money...lemme think. I guess now that we've got all these worlds, you might wanna try finding some crazy souvenirs from a few places she might like to viist."
Emi Dennou "Hm..." Emi considers, and then snaps her fingers. "This one has a...but no with the ribbon..." She frowns a bit. A hat would be a bad idea. She wouldn't be able to ribbon it up. Maybe... gloves? She does like grabbing things...? Maybe there's a souvenir that ISN'T clothes too. Like a bag. She could get her a nice bag?

"Yes..." She thinks. "...Yes you have a good idea. This one can think of some places." She bobs her head. "Thank you."

"...What did you order?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru pauses. "...Well, I had the..." And he stops, suddenly interrupted by incredibly late chicken and cheese fries.

"...Huh. fancy that timing." With that, he shrugs, digging into it."

"...I usually try to go for whatever looks more..exotic, but."
Emi Dennou "Exotic?" Emi asks.
"Exotic?" Umi asks. And then adds, "Tell us more about...your exotic tastes."

Emi peers at Umi then back to Haneisuru. "You are an...experience junkie, aren't you? That is what it is called, The Network refers to the class of individual fascinated by the 'new'."
Haneisuru Haneisuru slaps his knee a bit, before chomping on a fry. "The only way you improve in life is new experiences. Why wouldn't you want as many as you can get?"
Emi Dennou "This one would suggest hedonism if you did not also enjoy pain. So perhaps hedomasochism would be the appropriate philisophical summary." Emi scratches at her cheek. "...Do you consider new experiences to be an infinite resource or, at least, a resource that cannot be consumed by a singular individual? This one supposes that the many worlds provide additional options than if one simply had one world to choose from."

"Did you pick that," Umi gestures to the chicken. "Because we suggested it? We did not know you at the time, it may have been better to go by your own instinct."
Haneisuru Haneisuru ehs. "I don't enjoy pain for the sake /of/ pain. I'm totally down with it when it means that I'm gonna be getting stronger for it, but I'm not just gonna stab myself for the heck of it." He grins. "Now, will I stand in front of a Tonberry someday until it /gives me its secrets/? Oh yeah. You'd better believe it."

The second question gives him pause. "Well, people tend to naturally spring for what's familiar. So if I get someone else to pick for me the first time, I can avoid that bias.
Emi Dennou "I see." Emi says, though she doesn't actually see. She's not sure she gets the logic there. She does get the tonberry thing--it's the food stuff she doesn't understand. Maybe, she thinks, he's just being nice about it. Which is good, she supposes, even if it's not logical. Which is fine. You don't have to be logical. Even the Network is a far cry from vulcans. Frankly, vulcans are a far cry from vulcans.

"You mentioned school. This one presumes Alexander Academy. What is school like?" Emi asks.
Haneisuru Haneisuru ...huh. "Wow, that place is more famous than I thought! Haha. Yeah, I'm from the Alexander Academy. It's, uh. Huh. What is school like? wake up, you go to classes where you're educated on how to do things--for me, it was kinda hands on training with the black and white mages. Kinda got used as a practice dummy for a few of their classes--...then I guess you eat your meals, you go to bed..."
Emi Dennou "We would like to go to school." Emi says. "But it seems we would simply have to go to have a good understanding." The explanations she got so far have generally been pretty inadequate. She stands herself up and adds, "We would like to meet you again, but it is getting late for us. We in fact should have left earlier, but you are interesting. We got distracted."

She smiles and offers her hand for shaking purposes.
Haneisuru Haneisuru shakes the hand. "It's kinda hard to explain it to someone when I don't really know what their life was like for comparison, you know?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru shakes the hand. "It's kinda hard to explain it to someone when I don't really know what their life was like for comparison, you know?"

He coughs. "Anyway, I'll, uh. Maybe I'll see you later."
Emi Dennou "That seems logical. Take care of yourself."

She lightly takes Umi's ear and guides her out. Umi also waves :D.

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