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(2013-08-08 - 2013-08-09)
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With the state of war, SYellow Powerz have been by and large recruited to bolster defenses in more highly-contested areas. The Judges have all been called away, at least for now, to attend emergency Councils held by the Judgemaster in this state of emergency, and really, Sprohm consists of but a few grizzled defenders, those Judges obstinate and experienced enough to care nothing for Cid's yelping, and civilians. So many civilians.

"Keep apace, unless you wish me to divest you of your will to whine. Twould do us all a favor, I am certain." Kain Highwind walks up the mountain pathway leading to Sprohm - he feels the conduits here, and knows that beyond lies his escape, the salvation of a dangerous mission well-accomplished. The scale-coated man is flanked by a business of Heartless of a martial variety - shadowy shapes and figures cloaked in murky black plate! The stockier of the Heartless bear eyes of scarlet, and obsidian greatswords, while the taller, slender-er of this hellish consort bear draconian helms in a fashion similar to Kain's own, and spears of purest black. In their midst is a bed-headed, sallow-faced youth with his hands tied, his head ducked. A spear pushes into his back if his pace happens to slack - the Heartless ensure that he keeps pace with Highwind, for speed is of the essence here!

Highwind finally makes contact with the first of Sprohm's defenders - he spreads his arms wide, spear held out to the left, fingers splayed to the right.

"Well met, Sprohm! I admire your city for its tulmultuous environs, for the spires and ghylls so redolent of the very mountains it claims. Alas, I carry with me a youth precious to your Judgemaster Cid, and cannot promise to foreswear violence to him if my way is barred. Stand free of my caravan, and I will see to it that your Mewt finds his way free of concern!" Kain doesn't stop while he's talking. He doesn't plan on stopping. He has places to be.

Mewt has people to mewt.

To meet. Meet.
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou isn't really so keen on getting too involved in New Ivalice's troubles. At least, she wasn't with the two choices provided to her. Neither seemed especially all that great to her and frankly even if one did sound good enough she hardly felt confident in her understanding of New Ivalice to dictate its fate. And even if she was confident enough to dictate its fate, it was hardly her place to make the decision for the denizens of New Ivalice which seemed rather at odds on the matter.

That said, that doesn't mean she's not going to pay a visit and try to gain greater understanding. Or eat its food. Or get part time jobs there. And it certainly doesn't mean she's not going to get in Baron's way when it tries to cause trouble either because Baigan.

News about the Heartless making its way to the Mountain City is what has drawn Emi's attention. She has brought Umi along but otherwise it's just them and--well, oky, there's a third Dennou too but it's really the worst Dennou of all. Besides Shida that is.

As is typical for Emi, she doesn't charge right on in, electing instead to keep behind some rocks as she observes Kain Highwind who, notably, seems a lot less comic relief than Baigan.

"This one doesn't recall that one." Emi admits to her companions.
Alma Hyral Gummispace was all sorts of fascinating to her.

She hadn't tried piloting a Gummiship on her own yet, she'd merely hitched a ride from Montressor spaceport by travelling through the Lanes of Light. Iridescent motes danced within her view through the viewport. And while she should have been taking notes, perhaps even filming it.. she just couldn't enjoy it. Even as they travelled through the barrier of light into the world.

The trip to New Ivalice was an escape for her. A new world, a new method of travel, a way to get away from things for a while. Mostly to run away from herself. Thinking about how she might have handled everything in regards to someone just a little better.. So after landing at the Void point, she checked a tourist brochure that'd been hastily slapped together at the spaceport prior to her leaving, and started to make her way towards the trail for the mountains.

She knew very little of the world and what one should wear, simply that it was another version of Ivalice. So she was dressed in a pair of denim jeans, simple leather boots, and a T-Shirt with a sleeping moogle on it. At her side was a leather satchel and on her back was a small backpack. She really needed little else other than the contents within each to see a world. The rest she'd figure out along the way.

It had to be easier than trying to figure out her mess of a life at least...

The redolent scents in the air about the mountain trail were at least pleasing to the senses even if it was rough going. And at certain points she cheated, just to give her legs a rest. And what a magnificent cheater she was, as she arrived close to Sprohm in short order. She passed overhead Kain and his entourage of Heartless, just as a yellow streak across the sky, before coming to a landing close to the Mountain City.

Which is about the same time she spotted a distinctive trio of green-haired girls. While this /should/ be surprising, it wasn't. The eyes of the Dennous were /everywhere/, which is why Feige had used them to such great effect. Coming up behind them, she listened to the illustrious Dragoon's speech before stating, "Neither do I. I didn't think the Heartless would already be invading this world..." She gives Kain a baleful look from her position, at least this was something she could understand. She pushed up her glasses onto the bridge of her nose before looking to one of the girls in particular. " what's the plan, action hero Umi?"
Shadow War is a great thing for soldiers of fortune. Ninjas of fortune enjoy it too. After a not-so-successful mission earlier, he has wandered towards his next place of employment. Getting into some simple soldier work felt appropriate. Interceptor already has a nice helmet that makes him fit in.

Then things start to go and decide to actually get aggressive. The ninja and his mutt keep their distance from the others-- despite knowing quite a few of them. He stands quietly-- waiting for the caravan to pass on through. It is none of his concern. None. Never. Well, sometimes.
Saitei Dennou "Perhaps a field guide or something would help you, this one suggests sarcastically," the worst Dennou suggests sarcastically to her sister, as she crouches with considerably less effectiveness behind the same stone at the roadside. "What more does the Network need to know about them?"

The lack of shock that she reads from Emi is unnerving her; Kain and his entourage look like seven kinds of bad news, and even just their immediate mistreatment of That Poor Kid is bad enough, in her estimation, to warrant an intervention. "We need to st-- oh, Alma."

The plan is now to tackle Alm-- "/The plan is now/," she overrules herself vehemently, if still quietly, "that we extract that, er, boy? from those dragoons. This one thinks so, anyways." She polls her companions for agreement with a glance.
Myla Mason Myla Mason had had her nose in working on her ship project for so long she just had to get out, and Gummiships had her interest as well. So there she went taking a flight in Gummispace it was a interesting learning experience to be sure. She'd made quite a few notes but it was onwards to a new world, she'd have to catch up with a few people after this trip.

She'd been checking things out a bit her own. Myla herself as she often did? Stood out just a tiny but but unless she was going into extremely cold climates it would be hard to get her to wear anything else. Perhaps it was her way to not letting her people be forgotten a way to always remind herself.

the tattooed lady was just taking in the new world she did have a backpack she had has is packed with supplies for a longer trip just if she ended up staying here longer than she originally had planned. She's spots someone a bit away form her and she is surprised to see them. It's some of the Dennous and Alma is with them. The group as a whole gets a wave from her.

"Hey Alma! Umi!"

She seems chipper enough as she makes for the people she knows. It beats being alone in a strange world and she'd not talked to Alma in some time, same went for the network.
Golbez On the topic of Baigan, Kain Highwind will spew an arcane litany of curses so long, so archaic, that listeners will fast lose the endurance to keep looking up words before he finishes his spiel. It ultimately boils down to something about 'Self-Serving Bootlicker'. It is also, ultimately, a tangent. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Apparently nobody has time for introductions, either! Highwind pauses in his step, glances skyward, and *inhales*. Perhaps his nose is attuned to the smell of noble intentions. In any case, it certainly appears to help - while the Heartless lumber onwards, the Dragoon remains behind, ensuring that he remains well within the sight of all onlookers. While mortified townsmen and local militia watch Highwind's Heartless pass through with their precious cargo, Kain's focus inexorably rolls towards that rocky hideaway occupied by Alma and the Dennous. Shadow is ignored, because as a ninja, his Sneak rolls are way higher.

Highwind spins - his arm is a blur! The man's blackwood spear, so previously a *part* of him, rapidly splits off from his whole; it lances through the air over the course of a fraction of a second! The gossipers and surveyors will find their cover not quite blown -- but there *IS* that butt-clenching sensation of having a spear *SLAM* into the other side of the rock you're crouched behind.

"Scouts, perhaps? Or are you vigilantes? Come now - I know that the defenders have marshalled their champions just as my Lord has gathered his own. This is hardly a time for subterfuge and consideration - even as we speak, my men sally forth. Is your mettle strong enough to risk everything in the name of good intention?" The spear in the stone dematerializes - as Highwind finishes speaking, he holds the weapon once more.

"Remember that I cannot gainsay my vow. Attack at peril of his death."
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou says, "This one doubts there is a field guide--"


"Oh man!" Item shop owner #4 says. "We finally got our field guide to Baron's famous personalities! Today's issue is Kain Highwind! Oh man! How does he like his ladies? Gossip on the street is: Tied up!"


"But his armor is fancy." Probably a dragoon but come on obviously. She doesn't even need to say that. What also doesn't need to be said is that, really, is that Emi is about as akin to showing surprise and shock as you'd expect to see a talking duc--pigs fl--elephants fly? No wait. Hmm. Well okay it does happen occassionally, but not often.

"Huh?" Umi asks as someone actually asks HER for a plan. Emi looks towards Umi expectantly a moment later because, well, Emi has a strange set of values. Umi scratches at her head awkwardly, looking to Saitei for a moment, and opens her mouth when--

CHOONK. A spear slams into the other side of the rock. Kain says a lot of stuff, Umi has frozen in something not quite terror--Umi doesn't quite get terror--but she does get awe. And Kain is being kind of awesome, in the sense of inspiring awe. She works her mouth uselessly for a few moments before adding, quietly, to Emi. "What did he say?"

Emi says, "He is challenging us. And he may kill someone if we fight him."

Umi thinks over this. The Network generally believes that consideration and subterfuge is an always on sort of deal though Umi is really the least at this. So she only thinks for about half a second.

"He can't hurt anybody if we stop him!" Umi throws herself out from behind cover like an idiot (but like an action hero) and starts shooting bullets at Kain. She assumes these won't hurt him too much, they're ONLY bullets after all...?
Saitei Dennou CHOONK. Yes. The sound of a metal implement embedding itself in a piece of sandstone. Saitei barely fits behind the boulder as things are, so surely if this Highwind fellow meant to take her head off he would have.

Oh well.

His loss.

Umi leads the charge, with an appealingly simple plan: 'kill them all'. Saitei rises behind her, a second verse worse than the first, filling her hands with some sampling of scrap iron from that purseful she carries. Since killeng them /all/ is on the menu, she selects her targets from the nearest rank, unleashing her own volley in a squall of actinic flashes and sonic cracks.
Alma Hyral Ain't nobody got time for that. Alma also has no idea how close she was to being tackled but such was life around the Dennous, especially Saitei.

And as the spear strikes against the stone they're behind, she realizes they did have time for one thing. Butt-kickin' for justice. But first, they would have to rescue that youth because really, holding hostages is just uncalled for. It made the whole butt-kicking part mighty uncomfortable. So she slides off her backpack behind the stone, then sets her satchel down.

And then she takes off her glasses, folding them up, and leaving them inside of her pack. She shouldn't be so gung-ho about this, after all... being gung-ho about another stalemate had cost someone she cared about very dearly, and it was entirely her fault. So it gave her some pause as she quietly assessed how the boy was being held at spearpoint by Kain Highwind. She gave the others in the group a highwayman smile. "Hey Myla, Saitei...think you can manage a distraction?" A quick glance in Kain's direction, "A distraction known as unleashing all sorts of Chaos upon the guy with the spear and his merry men?"

And then Umi implements plan LEEROOOYYYYYYY! And she can't help but marvel at it. "Oh well. That works too."

Rising into the air, with a yellow Corona surrounding her, she moves overhead the Dragoon, putting down a trap c.. I mean, Sigil, overhead. It begins to glow brightly, until a moment later it bursts forth into a column of scathing luminescence, striking downward and attempting to rake at the Dragoon, while carefully avoiding his hostage.
Myla Mason Myla Mason had planned to just catch up with friend but well everything has hit the fan form the looks of things. She grins at the mention of Alma asking her for a distraction.

"I can manage that my friend, I totally can mange that!"

While the Dennous do their thing she mean while is pulling out several small items from her jacket's pocket, just what is it? Why they are noise blaster grenades which would play the most annoying corporate boy band music that had eve come off of Myla's world. She lobs them for the Dragoons and then breaks into a bit of a run to the side, then again plan Leroy is in action as well so who knows where this is going to go. Thankfully these things are annoying and wouldn't hurt the hostage.
Shadow It is true that Shadow's stealth skill have kept him well out of the eye of the oncoming chaos. As the energized bunch head off after the dragoon and company he-- holds back. It is interesting to watch the rush unfold. More so it is nice to obseve the enemy's patterns for future concerns. Usually these things tend to resolve themselves quickly enough-- though his dog starts to bark at him to go in there and slash something. Bark bark bark. The ninja just stares at the dog. Really, puppy, thats not what the ninja is being paid for.
Golbez Kain seems to have succeeded in his attempt to draw *ALL THE ATTENTION* of those who might otherwise stymie his attempts at relocating his current hostage! While the Heartless plod onwards through the mountain city, those erstwhile, eager defenders lunge towards Highwind like he was a pinata! This is actually not a bad idea.

Because they are stupid, the Heartless have paused in their evacuation of Ivalice, to turn and watch their commander be besieged. A second Dragoon has started making its way back to Kain's side. It *WOULD* arrive in time, but unfortunately...! Unfortunately there is Myla, and her GOSH DANGED BOY BAND GRENADES. The Dragoon lands amidst their clamor, and is rendered momentarily insensate by the nonsense! Ugh!

Kain is meanwhile dealing with those forces so singularly bent on attacking him. The stern man's jaw sets the moment he sees either Dennou launch out from behind that boulder, and oh, the miraculous display of technique he delivers! The way his spear flashes and spins in its interception of each bullet and enchanted shard! Highwind's disregard for those around him is evident in his actions - more than one Heartless takes a bullet or shard to the face - but his is not to worry about his lieutenants. Alma receives a much more direct response; so soon as her corona surrounds her, Highwind's scowl lifts into a smirk.

"You would seek to challenge me in my very demesne? Your efforts are laudable, if misguided. WITNESS MY ADVENT!" It is one *hell* of an advent. The black-garbed Dragoon shrieks into the sky, spear spinning before him; the screaming auras of Alma's attack shear hateful gouges into his armor and leave the man rather smoking even as he passes her, but this was his goal entire. For as soon as he moves up -- he comes down. Like a *meteor*. Alma will feel the Dragoon's feet upon her shoulders with the force of a hammer, his spear's butt slamming into the column of her spine like a piledriver, and this is but the first of Highwind's response.

He finishes his landing amidst the Dennous and the woebegone Hyral, amidst a brilliant explosion of dust and dirt! His spear flashes through the explosion, a series of thrilling strikes that leave no defender untouched! Before the dust fades, Highwind is back into the air, springing off of Emi's back to assert his position in the sky!

"You are lucky your efforts amuse me more than vex me. Continue to be so entertaining and I may keep the babe alive for a few moments more."
Saitei Dennou If something's coing down, something else must be going up. In this case, it's Saitei Dennou, with flagrant disregard for trifles like 'gravity' and 'the safety of her friends/sisters'; it's not like she can tank a Kain for them, after all.

She bursts free of the dustcloud, laughing, but not with joy. There's an edge to it, terror or mania or something, they're all the same now anyways. From her new vantage point, some yards above the carnage, she meets the eyes of the Dragoon entourage, and gathers her resolve and some energy.

If her sisters are watching, undoubtedly they appreciate what a wonderful target she's made herself, but they might also appreciate the ionization potential building in the air and ground, there on the road to Sprohm.
Alma Hyral Kain's speed surprises even her. She had to admit that was one hell of an advent. As his feet slam into her shoulders, she's driven to the ground, only avoiding likely death or gruesome injury by the fact she hadn't risen so very high yet. Even so, it definitely hurt. She shrieked initially as his spearbutt is driven into her spine with an audible crack, right before she lands hard upon the ground. Between that and the flurry of spear strikes, she doesn't appear to be moving.

But then a radiant glow spreads over her, as she begins to move to her knees, giving Kain a pained look of consternation. She mutters mostly to herself, "What would Riku say if he were here right now? Probably 'Brilliant move, Alma 'Ninja-Slayer' Hyral.' or 'Great Job on being a doormat Sparkle.'"

Bones knit back together from the furious assault the Dragoon sent her way, as a soft white glow spreads over her, before she gives Kain another baleful, albeit pained look, "Well... I'm admittedly quite good at charades, what sort of entertainment are you looking for?" She looks towards her companions, "Saitei, Umi, I think this guy is asking for a little electrical vexation! A second advent sounds like it would /really/ hurt."
Emi Dennou Umi is blankfaced as Kain uses at least two words she doesn't know. Emi tries to explain them to her but it just goes through one ear and out the other. Except since it's a mental explanation, it actually goes through one lobe and out the other. Just because she's part of a hivemind doesn't seem to make her smarter. Maybe because she chooses to hang out with Will she willingly lowers her intellect so she can take lessons on how to eat shoes without realizing that she is about to eat a shoe and that there's reasons most people don't normally go around eating shoes.

Choosing to not eat shoes anymore (she doesn't like having to walk around with one shoe) and being willing to bathe are perhaps the two weaknesses in Umi's hoboducation.

Umi and Emi are both swiped about by spears, Emi bends over just so that Kain has a very nice perch to bounce off of.

"The Network is willing to be entertaining to keep a baby alive." Emi says before nodding over to Umi who, obviously, starts juggling with knives.

"Hoi! Ha!" Umi says. "Ouch my chest wound! This one means...haha!" She catches the three knives in one hand. "And now...shadow puppets!"

She does an ultros shadow puppet against the rock. "Eh? Eh?"

Emi gives Umi a brief sour look before noticing--Saitei is ionizing the area--

Emi has a bit more finesse than Saitei, but making use of that power filling the area is Emi's providence--pain slows her down, but she attempts to send those electric ripples into Kain's armoring--the first batch won't even hurt, but the next two blasts might sting--and are a bit more obvious as they are erupting from Emi's hand.

She looks up and gives SAitei a big thumbs up after. "We understand that being stabbed hurts." She tells Alma, without any irritation.
Myla Mason Myla Mason has let slip a horror that she is going to regret at this point. Maybe the sonic grenades were a bit of over kill at this point. She knows how much Dragons Can move yet these Dragoons? It's like they fallen, she can only wonder how Dragoon Man would take to this bunch. Likely not very well when she thought about it. She's now going for hr pistols as she looks at the Dragoons for a moment as she brings up both of the magitech pistols and opens fire with bursts of elemental energy, some times fire, but normally the rounds seems to be based on water.

"I guess I should face you boys up front shouldn't I? Let's see what you pale copies of Dragoon Man can do!"
Shadow And that seems like a good time to enter the fray. You know, right when the enemy is being shot at and you need to engage in melee. Interceptor stares at Shadow-- Shadow stares at the battle. The opening he wants is there, believe it or not. The dark clad quiet man jumps up to intercept (no pun intented) a dragoon that Myla is engaged with-- to tie him up to the point where evading projectiles becomes difficult. Why does this mysterious ally(?) help? One may never know... ooh, look at the fireworks of the fight with Kain over there. What? Ninja. Right.

The attack itself is a series of assaults. Shadow's blade rips free of its sheath in a distracting metallic blurr. The ninja himself has to bend out of the way of one of Myla's shots-- using the motion to chain a quick elbow that pushes the ninja back from the next salvo. There is a short distance created between them-- enough to dart out a pair of shuriken as he finishes the combo as the pistol rounds die down. True to ninja everywhere, he dashes from one side of the dragoon (not Kain, the other dragoon) to the other side of him making nary a noticible motion. But in reality-- quicksliceofdoom! It places him square next to Myla-- just looking at her. Oh no, maybe he is not an ally after all-- send to assassinate Myla. It is all an elaborate trick! "I assume you have a plan," he notes solemnly-- motioning to the dragoon(s) as Interceptor joins up. Nope. Shadow is an ally... this time. This time.
Golbez Highwind hovers in the air above the Dennous and Hyral, watching them scatter after his latest barrage. There's no mirth or self-entitlement in his expression; this is his job, and he has simply prepared himself for such. It is what service to his Lord calls for. So when Saitei leaps into the air and becomes a LIGHTNING ROD, he merely watches! She can do as she wishes. The Heartless ahead are continuing his wishes as wants. Alma is crippled, on the ground, knitting. Emi is--

Hm. He can't dodge this.

"Hn!" Highwind spins into a backflip, lightning coruscating between his spear's tip and the very soles of his boots - by sheer luck alone the attack misses his delicate face and Ken-doll hair. Most of it. Emi will find, to her extreme joy, that she has *singed off Kain's bangs*. She will pay for this.

"You will pay for such an insult," vows the Dragoon. And just because he's serious, he thrusts his weapon into the sky! Just straight into the air! It isn't coming down anytime soon, but that's not what should worry you.

Red, hateful energies begin to suffuse the air around the Dragoon. "Allow me to educate you on Baron's drive!"


MEANWHILE, THIRTY FEET AWAY - Myla and Shadow make an *excellent* team. Kain's far less intimidating doppleganger is barely getting his thoughts back re: The Biebergeddon when Myla slaps him in the face with two or three enchanted bullets. He staggers back, dropping to a kneeling position on the ground -- this is *not* how Dragoons were intended to fight.

Ditto to the sword that shears halfway through the dark plating at the back of his head. Blood would seep freely were Shadow's target flesh - instead, mere darkness sifts from the opened wound, and the Heartless leaps into the air. Once there, though --!

A landing, similar to Kain's own from earlier! Shadow and Myla will find themselves fending off a *furious* thrust from that Shadow-imbued weapon! Look out, heroes!
Alma Hyral She replies to Emi with only the slightest bit of humor in her tone. "Oh I know for a fact that it does Emi. Trust me, I'm the closest thing to a doctor on my world." Rubbing her palms together, she spreads a soft white luminescent glow over herself, Emi, and Umi. Initially it serves just to ease the pain by partially blocking painful impulses at a neurochemical level, acting as an anesthetic, but then it begins to actively work at knitting everything back together.

She watches Emi singe off the Dragoon's bangs and Kain start to infuse himself with red, hateful energies. "Oh he's from Baron is he? Explains a lot. And what kind of a name for a country is Baron anyhow? Did Duke or Earl get crossed off the list during the founding? Why couldn't we be attacked by Vector? At least they have sort of a cool name for the seat of an evil empire."
Saitei Dennou Was it Flame?

A spear whizzes past Saitei Dennou, close enough to part her hair, and draws a few stray sparks on its way to the stratosphere, but it's still not what should worry you. The charge in the air is palpable, now, crackling from armor plate and standing hairs on end, even as Golbez's right-hand boy gathers his own energies.

Somewhere up there in the greying skies, there's a spear, but it still isn't what should worry you. That first *snap* of lightning, that's what should worry you. That bolt came from above, bright as a strobe, passing through Saitei like a mains line, and earthing itself somewhere in the middle of the enemy formation, but it's all sound and fury.

It signifies, plenty, though. In answer to that tentative feeler, the great answering bolt rises-- maybe from a stone, maybe from someone's spearhead, maybe from a castle spire. The crack deafens, and the flash blinds, and the concussion raises a choking wave of dust and gravel.

Over it all, you could swear you hear a girl laughing.
Emi Dennou Umi is glad Saitei is having fun. She is also having fun despite only barely grazing Kain for the bulk of the fight. She enjoys getting punched almost as much as she enjoys punching. That said, Emi is probably not especially thrilled she managed to anger Kain. THat wasn't really her goal, she just wanted to grievously injure him, not be /mean/ about it.

She doesn't apologize though because Kain is summoning evil energy into his being to no doubt do something horribly painful to her or maybe Alma. Probably herself, she was the 'insulter' right? Then again, ALma is being a medic so that's like painting a big red cross on her body.

Still she's not going to be upset for the aid. The wounds seem a little less debilitating, though she still feels a bit woozy. She unleashes a few quick blasts, playing a bit more defensively now--since Kain obviously has something big planned up his sleeves. The last blast, though, attempts to disrupt the energy flow entering Kain's body somewhat.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is now locked in dealing with the Dragoons thankfully she's got a ninja at her side in this. this is rather unexpected for her./ It is however very welcome top her as she's now got well Shadow on her side. he magic shots do seem to work and she's got him on the ground. She's attempting to disable for the most part not flat out kill if she can help it. She will if she has to but it's not something she enjoys that much whens he gets down to it. She's someways more like her father than her mother in that regard. She does however move to engage them she's force to holster her pistols to try and dodge the attack. She's not so lucky as the terrible shadow powered weapon.

She's caught several times she cut up and the darkness doesn't do here much good. She actually screams, she's also bleeding as well.

She reaches for the cutlass on her back and lighting starts to dance about it's blade as she throws herself at the her attacker trying to force him back.
Shadow Okay-- now that one hurt a bit. Shadow turns a little too late for the dark dragoon attack-- having only enough time to back away from being critically skewered. This is what he gets for saying words. It is like jinxing it. The shady man presses a hand over his wound-- making sure nothing vital was struck. Still all here.

He tosses a projectile from his hand. As Myla advances-- he tosses a smokey orb towards the dragoon-- one that would explode and obscure vision. Taking the assault as a good time to get a few blows in, the ninja adds into the flurry assault against the dragoon. Blade metal and lightning everywhere. Everywhere!
Golbez Unfortunately for Kain and his immediate goals, and unfortunately for those interested in continuing their attack on the Dragoon, his acceptance of the power of his Lord and the very twisted nature of Baron's Dragoon Corps comes as a double-sided blessing. There is *communication* in that link - and with communication comes a revising of orders.

It becomes enough of a debate that Kain practically pauses where he hovers, eyes skyward, expression slowly darkening. Something about the worth of dalliance when other objectives were being completed. It is, in fact, -insulting- after a fashion; Highwind seems to have practically forgotten about his foes.

Emi Dennou reminds him of who he faces. The Dennou girl's blasts hit the Dragoon squarely in the stomach - he spirals backwards a bit, shakes his head as though attempting to clear it, and is disoriented enough that Saitei's screaming, lightning-infused barrage clips his entire right side during an attempted tuck-and-roll! It leaves Kain tumbling halfway to the ground, streaming smoke from his side, but there's no sign of... *tremendous* damage -- no. He's still very able to continue his battle. If anything, he appears more fearsome than before. Red eyes gleam from beneath that dragon-themed helm.

"You have proven your mettle, warriors. I leave you to your prize - in the midst of the village you will find a youth in bondage, one of the children of your land's Judges. Run to him, treat him well, and settle your gazes once more on Baguba! Even now, my Lord masses his forces for a dire assault!" Kain doesn't laugh, it'd be too cliche.

Golbez *loves* cliche, though - as a dark portal opens behind the Dragoon, eerie organ music streams through it, portentful, gloomy. It fades - as does Kain - as that portal closes.


MEANWHILE MYLA AND SHADOW are absolutely *slaying* the hapless Dragoon Heartless facing them; it's true, these things are hardly more than a nuisance compared to the real thing. Especially once Golbez' command has been stolen from them - mutely, the Heartless stares out at Shadow and Myla as a cutlass brutally slices through its midsection. Dusky entrails spill everywhere, while Shadow's own addition make a disembowelment *entirely* paltry compared to the rest of the damage.

Simply put, by the time the two are done, there *is* no more Heartless. For that matter, those Heartless in the middle of the village have vanished as well.

There is only the boy, and several bemused villagers.

And a tavern. There's always a tavern.

Alma Hyral Alma is hurting a little too much to reply with any more half-hearted snark. After all it isn't every day that one knits back together their own shattered spinal column. /Ow/.

She rolls her head around, just making sure nothing was permanently damaged. /Ow/ her shoulders probably had a couple of hairline fractures too. Luckily her healing magic had a built in anesthetic.

She returns over behind the stone where they originally were at, retrieving her backpack, and satchel. Then she puts a little more healing into those shoulders of hers because sweet Cosma did the weight of them suddenly hurt. She retrieves her glasses and puts them back on. "Well. I think I'm going to need to let Dragoon Man know about that one if I can. He won't take kindly to the thought of a dark Dragoon."

She looks to the rest of the group as she starts to walk into the town to see to the /youth in bondage/ which caused her mind to sproing a few gears when she thought about it. Did the Dragoon even listen to himself talk? "Anyone else in need of medical assistance out there? Because that was...fairly painful."

This scene contained 26 poses. The players who were present were: Emi Dennou, Myla Mason, Shadow, Alma Hyral, Saitei Dennou, Golbez