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(2013-08-08 - 2013-08-12)
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Deelel It was a world without a sun, but the natives had no problem with that, and those used to Traverse Town should be able to handle themselves well enough. Now Deelel wasn't the first one to wake up some some of her friend may have found her 'sleeping' hanging from several cables which seemed to be plugged right into her. It might have been creepy to see her hanging limp like that. She was up soon enough and very chipper, oh so very chipper from the sounds of her.

Once everyone had had some time to recover? Deelel had noted she had to head into the town town to go get certain supplies that she's badly needed. Some personal some which might relate to thing also he wanted to show off the town.

So here the group was in the downtown the sky scrapers reached into the endless night giving off their own light, programs were everywhere but one noticeable thing was the patrols of red lined blackguard and heavy sentries about the city from time to time. Also of note Renegade wanted posters were /everywhere/

"So here we are sorry things are so ? flat lately but what can you do with the state of affairs I found a few places dealing the supplies we're looking for."
Blackbird Blackbird nodded once to Deelel and spn about on her heels whileloking around. "I'd been trying to findsomesort of excuse i might not be up to speed, act odd or what. These... Strays Aurora spoke of, Lacking an ID Disc. Would that explain things or no?" A moment later she reached over to touse Deelel's hair, "And don't feel bad. I'd show you LA but it's kindof got a bad case of nobody can find it. Here's a nice little place." She sounds happy, upbeat and why not she's free to explore, learn, nobody died or even got seriously hurt last night. "In spite of it's lack of pizza and chineese it's looking pretty awesome so far."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi seems fairly disconnected as he walks. His mind is more on his book-- taking note of things and jotting things down. Not very talkative right now-- which is like hell freezing over. He is in his lightsuit-- notably a blueish color.
Arthur Drover Arthur follows along, contemplative, hands loosely by his side. His identity disc hangs loosely from his hip, lashed in with some silvery digital "material". He's moving slowly and guardedly. The old man is the most cautious of them - always alert and armed with an escape plan or three. He has managed, barely, to knock together some supplies from scrapped bits of data. His understanding of how to synthesize is second to none. But Drover is worried. He is only as good as his tools, and his bow - most reliable mainstay- is strange and different. Its inherent magic has fled. He will be uncomfortable until he is once more armed to the teeth. "Do ye have any books about this place -hmm, data? Things I can peruse. I'm at home with manuals. Flying without a net is not my style."

He glances sheepishly toward Paulo at that moment, "Not all of us are a thunderstorm in a little jar."

He articulates his fingers, one resting on the "dagger" he managed to make last evening.

"Ere the blade cools in the sheath~..." he singsongs under his breath, following the ladies conversing ahead. He's out of his element, and that is a disturbing thought.
MAIRA Stifling a yawn, Maira catches up to Deelel and crew, having just woke up from a nap. She's still a little bleary eyed, but she doesn't want to miss the chance to explore now that they have discs and can kind of pass for programs. Maira's skintight suit (uh, are most circuitry is teal, the secondary color a vibrant pink.

She's finger combing her hair as she come to walk between Paulo and Arthur, looking between them. "Thunderstorm in a little jar?" she inquires, her round eyes blinking curiously. "Flying without a net is totally my style though, I never have a net," she says, almost cheerfully. "Do our radios work, do you know? I haven't tried mine yet."

Maira picks up the pace slightly to get in front of Paulo to lean down and try to catch the title of his book. "How can you walk and read at the same time?"
Paulo Mysidi A sneak peak at Paulo's book shows all sorts of interesting things-- though the title just says 'Argon' at the top. There are sketches of Deelel in her normal stance and a step-by-step action of the lightcycle. There are footnotes on the food they 'drank' last night, and even a little chibi of poor Faru's mishaps as it shows them on bikes. Part artists doodle pad. Part field journal. Somehow Paulo does manage to keep writing while walking. "Its an acquired skill," says the sage-gone-indexer as he looks up to Maira. In his second trick, he manages to keep writing while walking and not looking! Wow! Super nerd powah!

"Much like being a thunderstorm in a jar," amuses Paulo as he cracks a grin to Arthur.
Deelel Deelel says "I heard mention of LA, but it's likely lost to the darkness. I do not know if it's swallowed or become shards I'm afraid."

She has accepted they may never see it but the officer i appreciated she pauses for a moment.

"You won't get fat of energy."

She smirks seemingly amused at her counter point Paulo seems to be fitting in well enough as she looks at Arthur and nods a little bit. "Yes, I think we can get some public data for you later right now I'm hunting for hardware. Civilian hardware. No offense but using what I had to was like using what's the term? Stone knives and bear skins, to produce art."

Her poor abused lightcycle is so overdue for a overhaul with how she's been driving it.

"You might want to go for a baton that's a little obvious."

she pats the ones on her right leg for a moment.

Deelel brings up a digital window of some sort as she moves along and is reading it.

"They can but to careful is all I ask. I'm going to be sending Mercade a little something."

Several light cycles zoom by and other programs move about on their business as they near what might be a shop of some sort.
Blackbird Blackbird is still busy looking around trying to mke sense of traffic patterns, idly wondering what process or program is being represented as running. "Hm." She took a breath. Then another. Then before she realized it she was looking cluelessly at the shop's contents.
Arthur Drover Arthur smiles, but as he walks he is throwing something small and blue-green into each alleyway and doorway they pass. The "pebbles" land in unobstrusive spots. He pre-emptively answers any inquiring looks: "I'm seeding the area. If I need to provide a distraction, I want the method. Fortunately, Avira has the only truly destructive object I had with me. So we will not hurt the scenery." Arthur nods confirmation to Deelel's aside. "I agree, but a weapon _I_ make will likely outperform the native armaments. At least in my hands. I'll tuck it away more if you like." And it gets shoved into a belt satchel instead. "We don't want to stay longer than we have to. I need some tools."

He doesn't know about computers or programs, but in this world, what looks like a weapon can still be shaped. It'll have to do.
MAIRA Maira smiles bright to Paulo. "I guess so! So you learned magic then? You weren't just...sort of born with it? Or is it kind of both?" she asks. She's rather curious how magic works for other types of people.

Maira looks back to Arthur, watching as he tosses little things around to prepare for any other trouble. This too, makes her smile. "You know Mr. Arthur, you remind me of someone. You really need to meet my friend Isaac. I think you'd have a lot to talk about. He does magic--but he does it with technology? I don't know, it's pretty crazy!"

To Deelel, Maira nods. "Alright," she answers, then starts chatting on her radio.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi summons a spotlight on himself as he speaks dramatically to Maira, "Oh dear Maira-- you ask of such a dark tale filled with conflict, adventure, and the will to overcome all odds. Somewhere in the middle-- I'll have a comical sidekick called Fred-- and in the end I own a floating castle-- that I also call Fred in honor of his sacrifice to the kingdom of spiderbats that swooped him away from me in the final moments of my tale." Ok, Paulo. O... Kay.

The sage-gone-indexer grins, "But its a pretty long story, to be honest-- and its stuffy. The magic part that is. If we are going to fill our heads with tales-- it should be of this place's history and how to better adapt til we get home!" Clearly.
Blackbird Blackbird looked over at Paulo's dramatic action and facepalmed. Loudly. "Stop being such arunaway process." Sigh. Headshake. "At least stop acting weird."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi frowns defiantly at Blackbird, "This is me being normal." It really is.
Blackbird Blackbird stares at Paulo and calmly restates the question. "Can you pretend you are someone else and act as normal as they would then?"
Arthur Drover Arthur stares at a point over Paulo's shoulder as if staring at something no other could see. He makes a motion for which the only appropriate description is "grabbyhands".
MAIRA Maira just facepalms. "Ugh...fine, avoid my questions," she says, crossing her arms, dejected. She might pout slightly.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi hears Blackbird talking-- well scolding him-- but finds an innate interest in Arthur's gesture. His head cocks to the side and he engages in manly sign language... aka not sign language at all, and just gestures. He makes a grabby hands motion-- and then points to Blackbird. Questionmarkface. Then he comes to, "Wait, say again?I got the words 'pretend' and... well mostly pretend." He frowns to Maira and tells her, "Would a sketch of you cheer you up? I have much better ones. Like supernovamagicalgirl Maira."
Blackbird Blackbird scowled and wandered off (NEVER SPLIT THE GROUP!) to look see what interesting was going on. "Uh Deelel... how does Money and Commerse work around here?" Pat pat... Patpatpatpat these suits were gret and all except for one thing. NO POCKETS! WHERE DOES THE WALLET GO?!
MAIRA Maira glances to one side, then the other. "Maaaybe..." she sings, then leans over to take a peek at his book. "Oh my goodness, is my hair really that fluffy? Yeesh!"
Deelel Deelel enters into the shop as she looks about shop going after various supplies she's collecting quite a few things n her arms from the looks of it and she looks to him for a moment and she nods slightly.

"I know, now lets just talk shop hum we don't want to bother the operator of the store."

The Implied lets not be too strange and attract trouble for them as she wanders over the various supplies. She pauses picking up several small access devices. They small computers if you will and don't think too hard on that in a world like this.

"Just some basic supplies we should be done if you see anything that has your interest I'll cover it if it's not too much."

she sighs for a moment at Blackbird.

"I'll handle it pay me back later."

The store owner is peering at the party slightly but well they get some strange folks here and this isn't a military supply shop or anything that could be used as such so he's not too worried just hoping to get through his day without trouble.
Blackbird Blackbird hmmed at Deelel's generosity. "What i need is Information. Too many holes in my knowledge and too long sitting idle. I build things. I don't like sitting idle." What? It's true. She doesn't even have her PHONE to occupy her. Plus she's pestered poor Aurora to whit's end no doubt.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi flips through the book with Maira. There are all sorts of pictures. Everyone he has met is in there. Notably Maira's include what she might look like as an angel... of fiery justice! Bwahaha *cough* there is also one with her if she had an afro. Paulo does have an imagination on him. "Only on frizzy days," Paulo observes notably to the fire mage. Otherwise the index program follows Deelel around-- attempting to not bother the operator-- but there is a chance that'll happen anyway.
Arthur Drover "Some commerce is at home everywhere. I'll handle it." Arthur, who has a liberal definition of "weapon" and is fully capable of skinning an entire chocobo with a kitchen knife, sees this as a weapon shop as much as anything else. A few small programs intended to open doors or fire off local program triggers are actually deadly weapons for the trapmaster. He waves the proprietor over, pulling a small band from inside his backpack. Deelel and Paulo had watched him forge this. Once it was a Coral Ring. Now it is some kind of surge protector, probably ludicrously valuable to a Program. He attempts to offer it to the shopkeep in exchange for some extra supplies on the sly. An access device of his own, a basic tutorial in how to use it, his friends' purchases. Capitalism, Ho!
MAIRA Maira's eyes widen at the angel of fiery justice picture. It might actually look sort of familiar to Faruja and Avira...or anyone who had been there the day Angantyr had attacked VALKYRI--to save them from Garland attacking VALKYRI. "Heh...I like that one," she says.

She reaches up to smooth down her hair, but its pretty useless. "Heh, every day is frizzy day," she says with a shrug.

She enters the shop, poking around a little bit, but nothing in particular piques her interest. She's got a lightcycle--what can top that? Besides, she's still tired--and trying to cover up her worry about getting out of here.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi chuckles to Maira's hair comment. The young sage-gone-indexer finds a nice spot to sit while the others shop around. He finishes up the shading on one of his pictures before resting the book in his lap.
Arthur Drover The program doesn't seem to fully understand what Arthur is asking about, but eventually the smith ends up making some kind of exchange. Maybe he feels drained afterward as the system detects his intention and runs a program in his name, draining his personal reserves.

"Paulo, you can draw decently then?"

Arthur reaches into his backpack, where he finds the designs Avira had handed him. "Would you like to learn the practical skill of mechanical drafting and blueprint design then? I could use a second pair of hands for a big project. We're building a ship."

He sounds keen, but this is said relatively quietly. Arthur doesn't want to make a scene, but he also isn't exactly subtle even at the best of times.
MAIRA Maira is realizing she is still pretty sleepy. She finds a place to sit, watching the others. She does perk at mention of ship building, a smile appearing. Avira's ship! Must be!
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi takes his book and turns it around to show off some of his drawings. Some of them are of people-- most are of people actually-- but a couple of them are objects like the light cycle. "I wouldn't mind helping out with drafting," the young man says as he tilts his head, "so long as I can still travel and whatnot while drafting. Mostly I draw because its easier to show than describe in words. That would make sense for mechanical stuff, too. Why a ship?"
Arthur Drover "Gummi travel. The boundaries between worlds are harsh and unforgiving, but life needs to resume. We're part of a broader community. Bigger, safer, faster gummiships. We have a few designs we think might work. Your job will be to help make the ships look nice on paper, based on our lists of parts and measurements. That way you'll be able to see them, you'll get paid a bit, and we get some drawings back. It is time-consuming but you can send them in by courier as you finish them. Mostly I'm asking you because I know you and you're not sneaky enough to put one over on me and steal my partner's designs or anything."

The smith, satchel now heavier, moves back toward the door. "Come on, we can walk back and bed down at the house, unless you need anything else?"
Deelel Deelel finishes up with the shop owners stuff and is heading for the door and she tilts her head a little bit at Arthur for a moment. "You'll find it more in Purgos than anywhere else but the wise don't go there." She's playing the honest citizen after all right?

"Honestly we just do our function and get the energy we need to live off of, honestly."

Well it kinda makes sense in a society where everyone is made for a job, it hasn't put a hamper on personal pursuits, hobbies and such.

"Also Arthur? here."

She hands him what might be almost some sort of book like construct which is basically a padd which some basic public history for him. However, most of what Deelel picked up? Was personal supplies for herself, which she'd need but she picked up a few goodies and such for some of the others. She's also picked up some drafting tsools for a moment.

"Your talent for it is impressive Paulo, I should show you some of my work some time."

After all he wasn't made to do this but has figured out how to do so on his own and she was curious about his other work.

"I Could try I was made for more abstract art but I could help at the very lest I cold set up what you need to do such."
Arthur Drover "Alright, thanks Miss." Arthur begins paging through the device, eyes flicking across it, grabbing the important information where possible. There is too much to take in, but he tries to understand. "Now that I fully understand more of what you are, I should change that weapon design. I imagine if you accidentally shocked yourself it might cause trouble." Arthur might end up having to carry Maira back. Damn kids and their sugar highs.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi oooooooooooooooooohs. Yes, that many ohs. "Oh a GUMMI ship. For a moment I thought you meant a naval ship or an airship," he says-- mind still defaulting to the ships of his era. There is a nod, "Its true, Im not sneaky. Tis the duty of a sage to uphold virtue, wisdom, and knowledge-- though I want to be there on the maiden voyage." Stars in his eyes-- thinking of sailing.

Deelel's comment pulled him back, "Oh yeah. Since we will be here for a while, I do need to talk to you about this and that. We can share artist stories-- have a cup of tea and watch the rain." Pause. "Does it rain here?"
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Alright kid, we'll get you a seat up front." Arthur smiles faintly and prepares to leave with their "hostess" as she moves out."
Blackbird Blackbird seemed distracted from the doings and instead had wandered into the street to give her light cycle a spin. What? It looked the same, at least to her, as the thicket of vehicles she'd seen, or at least she didn't see anything about it that screamed 'OUT OF PLACE.'. Just a couple slow laps around the block to get a feel for things. Done this a thousand times with new rides. No biggie.
Deelel Deelel looks ove to black bird and passes her a another unit like Arhut. "Sorry just basic history but I'm not an mechanic or nothing. Anyway I know where there's a games park. Come on it will be fun."

She head for the strert anf gets on to her lightycle gesturing for hte others to follow it would be a simple trip but as they near this location Deelel starts to slow down.

"This can't be fight why is there...a statue a head?"

She looks up at the starue of Clu2 that has replaced the park and comes to a halt staring.

"What in the name of Flynn did they do here?!"
Arthur Drover The Smith stares up at it. "That's garish construction." He splays a few of the remaining gummi charges in his fingers. "Bit of a waste of space." He doesn't have a comment besides that, standing next to Deelel. The significance of this is likely lost on Arthur, the park space replaced with a self aggrandizing statue of a megalomaniac. But he's supportive in his own way.

"If you say the word, I'd bet I could tear it down." He nods at the gummi charges between his fingers. He'd only need one, but poor art irks the man. It is his one button. "I mean just the head? They couldn't sculpt him on a horse?"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi looks on the statue that is up there. He tilts his head to the side, "Needs more 'stache'." Clearly.
Blackbird Blackbird stopped a tthe decapitated statue, derezzed her cycle, and walked over to where the head lay. After looking from head to statue then back she frowned. "Deel... how long does it usually take to tear things down?"

She reached over to poke the giant statue face's nose. "Gotta say at least it looks right." Shrug. It DID look like Flynn. Then again... hm. Wait. HURK. "Deelel. You said this was a statue of what... the local adminstrator?" Tap tap. "Happens to look exactly like Kevin FLynn?"
Deelel Deelel says "Let's not cause trouble I can see some guards about the plaza in front of it. Still I think I could have done better, look we don't have animals here. Everything on the grid but grid bugs have a purpose and the bugs were the result of system errors."

She turns back to Blackbrid for a moment

"We'd have the local guard on us for doing that and that's not Flynn that's CLU. I seen CLU more often than I have seen Flynn and honestly you people. Hew as always obsessed with one thing or another."

She shrugs she'd only seen him a tiny handful of times in her life to be honest she never thorough much about him. The stashe comment gets her giggling though.

"Lets go before the guards get uppity about loitering, we'll have to find somewhere else to play. Maybe hum mm now there is an idea."

a game park outside the grid could be a long term project for Deelel but she's need someone with the mechanical know how for such.

"They ? leveled my park...."
Blackbird Blackbird headshook at Deelel's warning about removing the eyesore. "I didn't mean US remove it. I'm just wondering why it's been left like this. Either repair the damage or revert to earlier whole edition. Serves no purpose like this except remind everyone this..." Hmph, "This Renegadje is still out there." Then in a quietrer voice. "Though did they have to put it HERE? Why not put it at the edge of the field? Would still be imposing and not pretty well." She stopped talking and just kinda went with what was going on. "Moving would probably be a good idea."
Arthur Drover Arthur nods, moving onward and not casting aside any of his bombs here - for fear of a littering complaint. "Let's find somewhere else to play, and when all of this is over, somewhere safer to do it..."
Deelel Deelel looks at her companions as they get reayd to head out for a moment.

"Likely to make a statement. Lets get back home, I got some things that should make your lives a bit more enjoyable."

With that she takes off for home...

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