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(2013-08-07 - 2013-08-12)
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Deelel Deelel she notices the Siren, Beck has found, this is stroke of luck, they get hopefully get legit discs from this. She knows it may cost a good bit but she's willing to pay. Given you can't put a price tag on helpng to keep your friends heads intact, right? Faruja's comments get a grin behind her faceplate as she's leaned into by Faruja nad he makes her compliment. She seems in a good mood as she shuffles after the groups. The Siren gets a look over for a short moment.

"I am in your debt Aurora."

She's relaxing now and just looking about the place and the others a she tilts her head.

"Even before I got lost? This was not a spot that security liked to go if it didn't have to. It's the bad part of town more or less."

her helmet snaps back from where it came as did her cloak, she just kinda flops down.

"As for energy I'll see about getting us some tanks of it, it should be easy enough."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi classes up! Down? He changes classes either way. Surprisingly he gets to keep robes. When he looks at his disc he starts to read it off, "Index Program. Chronical of... oh, thats pretty easy. I do that already." Really-- this kiddo is a scribe? Hard to believe. He shrugs-- checking out the new duds, "So this is your 'native' world, Deelel?"
Blackbird Blackbird took a deep breath and exhaled. "Miss Deelel. Can you help me test a hypothosis? I need something you would use to gather energy in." Soft voice, Quiet. The only explaination or clue she gave on What she wanted to try was an upraised hand with small smparks playing between her fingers.
Arthur Drover Then Arthur realises there is no where to go. "Oh, alright."

he reaches into his satchels and pulls out a few more lengths of cord, and what looks like a flute. Aloud, he says: "In the world we came from, I can tune a magical core to go off for the right note. Here, I don't know how it will work."

He blows on the pipe, and what comes out is a high skinny chiptune wail. "Damn it."
The Siren gives those a smile, before she passes by Beck and makes her way down the steps easily. The Renegade however remains in his suit and his helm up. He doesn't seem to be swapping from the TRON look and he is content to just lean against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

He doesn't have much to say, but he is glad everyone made it here in one piece.
Deelel Deelel looks at Paulo as she seems to relax a little bit as she seems rather amused and she nods at Paulo's question.

"Native world and city actually. I'm from Argon, it's been a very long time since I been home. As for what It think your up to I can process what you fuel on so I assume the latter is possible. Just give me a bit. Even if this is the underbelly of Argon? It's still good to be back."

She leans back and seems relaxed, she's home she's in a world where she understands how everything works the endless night of it is oddly comforting to her not that she hates the sun.

"Also there is no sun in this world, why do you think we glow? So let me properly introduce myself I'm Deelel I'm a multi media program. I was made to make art and music more or less."

She taps the wall near her and smiles it sounded right, the User's world was not a terrible place but there's always be that underlay of alien to her. Even if she's come to love it and still be very wondered eyed at the whole place, she mutters doesn't have any musical tools on her.

"I also need to pick up so much replacement hardware. But here look at me you must all have questions."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi wonders-- rather thoughtfully, "Hey Arthur-- are your wife and kids alright with this? I mean-- won't they be worried?" Yes, Paulo has a sensitive side. A deep, caring-- probably about to be ruined by his next statement-- side to him. "Magic," explains Paulo to Deelel, "Magic is... more than just an unexplainable phenomenom. I saw that in one of your texts, by the way. I find it so odd that a place like this, which is insistent on the enforcement of order, can't accept the 'will of many and of one' into its heart." Does it even have a heart?
Arthur Drover The older man, now somewhat satisfied with the "safing out" of the area, moves next to Beck and slumps, elbows-first forward. "You're going to be old before your time, lad."

The flute is laid across his lap, and Arthur is counting entrances and exits to the square - eyes out for a sign of red. Deelel offers to answer questions, and as Beck seems to have more to ask than answer: "Where can a man get a stiff drink."

He holds up his own canteen, which sloshes. "Finest liquor, once, now it glows unpleasantly." The older warrior pauses a moment to inspect the "programs", with his business eye rather than his lazy eye. "A burden on both of ye, yes. I don't mind seeing it through. Neither of ye are seasoned warriors, nor even survivalists, I think. But you're not lazy and you know your home turf, fair."

He offers the flask to Beck, figuring whatever digital mixture sloshes within would fit the Renegade's system better than the forgemaster's.

"Paulo lad, we're all worried about each other just now. Would I be doing right by her if I ran home? She'd ask who I was with and give me a right hiding if I left you pups alone. Besides, do you really think we're that far away?" Arthur pauses as Paulo gives an explanation of how he feels about magic, and the glance Arthur returns is somewhat pointed.

A hand dips into his pocket, the other on the flute that could detonate this whole square with the right note. He yanks out the picture, and opens it up. It has been much folded, washed, sat upon, creased. He unfolds it further to reveal the boy and the girl grasping their mother's skirts. Red hair, a nimble litheness, her mane dishevelled and falling far down her back. "Distance is an illusion lovers use to make themselves feel tragic and misunderstood. Worrying is for people who believe in the illusion of temporal separation." The picture rests on his lap, and he looks down quietly. "How about you all, any family?"
Paulo Mysidi "I'll be worried for them then," offers Paulo. Quite noble. Its at least sincere. He did leave recipes for cookies for the misses and the kids. But in a mature stance, the new-index program nods his head. "You're likely right. Thats why you are old." Broad grin on his face now.

The young sage paces about-- still getting used to the new environment. No sun. Thats going to irk on Paulo for too long. "Hmm? Me? Yes. Kind of." He /is/ proud of his family. Its rare he doesnt announce himself as 'Paulo Mysidi, of the family Mysidi'. "Im not sure where they are right now."
The Forgemaster then hands the flask to the Renegade and he places his hand up. Shaking his head gently. He still as that visor up. "No thanks. I am alright for now." He then crosses his arms over his chest. "Besides, you guys may be here for a day or two." Yes, he learned user terms. ".. though you will need to probably be taught a few terms from our world. But don't worry. I plan to talk with some people and see if I can get a network line out here from the Arcade so most people can avoid trouble."

"At least with you guys having discs now, you may be less likely picked on by CLU's forces."
Blackbird Blackbird looked over at Beck, then Aurora, and finally Deelel. "I don't know what i can learn while we're holed up here but I don't want to have to rely on magifc to be useful. What I need other than a corner to sit down at, is study material. Basics." She shrugged helplessly. "If nothing else I'd love to know how to do a teardown and rebuild on those cycles." She hefted the baton she'd used earlier. "Seems like a useful job skill. I figure I did code for ENCOM for awhile. Maybe some of that would be useful here if i can get a good frame of referrence."
Deelel Deelel says "That is the nature of this world, we are born for a purpose, as I said. We know our role and are generally happy with it, still things did used to be more free it's become quite clamped down. Even then we are ruled by our creator, but my information's out of date. TRON would know more."

She smirks at the mentioning of old and she laughs, she can?t help but do so so.

"Energy, that's the only food here, well it can be mixed in various ways sure but what's what it is when you get down to it. We don't hunt grid bugs for power. As for fighting I had to learn to fight to survive honestly, SARK threw me in the gaming pits when he goons caught me. We don't have ... family in the same sense that you might think of it. I still understand the concept well enough, though. Yes, your going to need the learn the local slang. Now if you excuse me I'm going to get you something."

Deelel gets up to what looks like a kitchen and she'll comes back with a platter with glasses full of a glowing liquid of some sort.

"It's just straight but hey it will do." She hands out the glasses and keeps one for her self, she looks at it like someone whose not seen proper food and is trying to not just inhale it.

the drinks are harmless they will taste really good quite enjoyable really and perhaps feel a bit thicker than water.

She looks right at Blackbird and says flat out at her almost sounding slightly hostile.

"You want to do what to /us/ Basics?!"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi takes the drink and downs it slowly at first-- then quickly. Yum! "Relax, Deelel. We've been through a lot today. Im pretty sure she just wants to get the 'basics' of something down. You know, fundamentals." Looking to Blackbird the charismatic (self-proclaimed, of course) sage looks to validate that, "Right?"
The Renegade watches Deelel for a bit, before he scuffs his heel across the ground as he just stood there. He then tilted his head as Blackbird speaks up. He doesn't really say much instead just seeming to look at her.

Blackbird's own face seeming reflected in his dark visor as he just stares. "..I-- have to agree with Paulo. I doubt Blackbird meant trying to find out how to do what Kevin does. Not that someone could do what Kevin did.." He says softly to himself. "..besides for anyone to do that beyond Kevin would take proper permission sets, which no one has."
Blackbird Blackbird took a deep breath. She had no knowledge of the history and bad juju going on. "I want to Learn how to do things here. Fix Things, objects, or if my skills go more towards fixing people.. That. I know basic first aid back home but i've seen you get hurt. You getting hurt and me getting hurt do two different things andi want options that anr'et 'hope i can magic up a solution." Her tone never raised and was quite calm. "You people are risking quite a bit to help us. I want to try, in return, being more useful. Outside I could use my magic to heat things, Charge things. I was thinking maybe i could use that to create Energy or... whatever this stuff is. " She swirled the liquid in her glass around. "I'm not talking sudo make me a sandwich jedi voodoo. i"m tlking basic error correction and streamlining. Surely it foesn't take advanced permissions for that. Otherwise hell any system would get bogged down from instructions transposing wrong."
Arthur Drover "Lass, my curiosity also burns aflame, but I had the good sense not to turn to people of artifice - who by their nature must feel vulnerable to forces outside their control, considerin' the world they're in - and reveal my curiosity and fervent intellectual desire. Have some tact." He sips from his own flask, and coughs. Apparently the liquid maintained its ability to fuel a combustion engine, through the transit. He breathes out deeply.

"There is a wholistic, human aspect to machines-as-a-living-thing which I think is lost on ye."

He's smiling, but the rebuke has forge-tones of brass and iron amid the smile. He adds: "Paulo, I know you're young, but keep the magic to a minimum. Tonight, you should scout around for a spot to bolt down, unless our hosts can suggest one."

Apologetically, Arthur adds to Deelel: "I had the designs for a better weapon for you miss, honestly. It just seems we'll have to wait a bit. I got the harpy wings last week. It bounces, like yours do." He indicates the identity discs, passively soaking in the environment for the moment.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi points defiantly-- almost comically to Arthur. Challenge accepted! He exclaims proudly, "I can do more than magic, you crazy old man." He can.
The Renegade goes back to his silence, before he at last kicks off the wall and then decides to stretch his arms above his head. He then starts to walk around the room a bit. Stretching his legs perhaps.
Deelel Deelel takes a deep breath and then says "We are easily altered compared to you, and our kind are known as basics. We're people is that not enough my friend? I'm not lying put it this way a few strokes on a keyboard and ... everything could change. "

she seems to have calmed a fair bit down at this point, she slumps again cradling her drink just sipping at it, trying to enjoy this first glass of what she sees as proper food.

"I am sorry, it's just traveling your world has made me understand just how ... malleable I am."

She accepts it but the fear is there she can just over come it right?


she says the name with about the same level of reverence Faruja might speak of his god, or Deelel speaks of her own user.

"Oh so figure out how to make things, is see. I know mechanics but I have no idea if they are alive or the state of the garage right now. That will be scouting for later. Oh you did Arthur? That's good news and perfect it will work well when using my disc isn't the wisest of options."

Hell no cybugs eating half her soul, seriously that would be so darn bad.
Blackbird Blackbird frowned at Deelel explaining things. "I don't want to make you or anyone else here Do Things. I just... You've seen medics, mechanics. Hell i gotta have a job here." She jerked a thumb in Aurora's general direction. "She seems to have been busy and it seems 'strays' are an issue, and if she's taking time out of her day... cycle... whatever then it'd be better if she had at least some part-time help ya?"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi looks between Deelel and Blackbird. Blackbird and Deelel. "You know what would fix this? Cotton candy. Is there cotton candy in digitalville?"
Arthur Drover "A certain amount of institutional distrust of us is a given. Had we a kernel that could be modified, we would distrust anyone who wanted to, no matter how benevolent. Think of all the evil mind control and sorcerers of our legends, the fear of othering, of being made other than. Might be wisest to let them do their own help." But Arthur's words of caution are somewhat distracted. In his hands, he is weaving the silvery string together. The resulting braid is a many-layered cross. He sets it down in front of him.

A few notes and it sparks to life. "Artifice always has a mind of its own, machines are always alive."

Like feathers, wisps of flame and spark rise up from the grid "floor" radiating a hearty warmth as if those standing near enough had imbibed warm soup. "Paulo, give me a little wind here."

Arthur takes some digital scrap - offloaded bits of programs, shards of something metallic. He pours it into an energy shake container he'd found. It seems enough like metal. Nearby, he has something a bit squishier - a piece of digital ground? A scrap of clothing? He's woven together a crude mold.

"Did you know you can make hot tea in a paper bag without spilling any?"
Blackbird Blackbird headshake. "I kinda don't think so." She reached into her coat and pulled out a couple power bars and frowned. "Damn. All out of payday."

Then mention of tea is made causing her to visibly perk. "Well they had to make tea somehow before self contained filters. God bless the chineese for figuring out that wonderful drink. Pity the british were so.... lopsided in trade agreements. Ah well History." Shrug. She offered Paulo an energy bar. "Usually I'm like a walking candy store but a week fighting cy-bugs has kinda left me running on empty. Sorry dood."
Paulo Mysidi "Oh now you want my magic," Paulo smirks-- motioning his hand and generating just enough wind to fit the bill. "Don't you have to line it with oil or some such?" he asks. He takes the candy bar and bites into it without warning. Then as he munches, he opens up some of his robes (no Paulo! dont do it) to show one of his inner vests that are lined with sweet snacks, "No worries. More interested on getting you and D to hug it out."
Blackbird Blackbird chuckled. "Let's just say foot in mouth and be well with that. I want to help. I'm accidentilly stomping over a bunch of sore history and revelations that suck." She shrugged. "If Miss ?Aurora would like to have me on as an assistant I wouldn't mind. I've a feeling things will pick up here and if she's this sympathetic to everyone I don't want her geting so overworked she's wound down to flat nothing." She offered Paulo a hand. "Elixabeth Crowly, but call me Blackbird, please. Everyone does and has since dad had me scootching through the last of the BBS's way back when."
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "I'm not making tea, miss, I'm illustrating a principle. If you use care you can coax more out of your materials. If you love something, anyway. And what serves a momentary, fleeting purpose, can yet be beautiful."

It perhaps should not be possible, but the data /pours/. It is faintly teal, the color adopted by Arthur since getting his data disk, and it glows. It pours into what seems at first glance to be a random assortment of trash pushed together, but it forms the shape of a blade. "No one around here uses cutting weapons, I can say as I see why. But as I understand it... "

Arthur pauses, the digital "heat" radiating over his hands. "I am not doing this, not really. We are not able to understand your world, we're just seeing things. But our actions "make sense" to the overriding logic of this place. It knows what we intend and translates our actions." He plunges his hand downward, grabs the "molten" handle of the data construct.

"This is not true, but it is a very good lie. It makes sense. And that means that what I was elsewhere, I still am here..."

He pushes the material into the energy shake cup, and through the other side. The metal crackles under his fingers as he applies intention and a bit of understanding - and heat and air like blades.

"And there we have it."

What he holds up is crude. Its edge has artifacts and digital grist, its handle is a metal drinks cup bent down, and it sheds a look of unsubtle wrongness.

"The uncultured blade, laid bare in the dusklight of our glowing hosts." He grabs what looks like a whetstone from his pack. It has odd angles, glows from within, and has a digital readout. "Everyone thinks you sharpen a weapon edge like a kitchen knife, but for the sword or dagger, you whet away the edge first. Shape matters. Contour matters. Context matters. He's this sword, you know."

Arthur points a foot at Beck then, but goes on sharpening. He's never comfortable without something in his hand. The fire dies down, and the smith sharpens a metaphor."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi takes Blackbird's hand with a healthy shake, "Paulo Mysidi, of the family Mysidi, sage. A pleasure to get to know you, Blackbird." With it all said and done, he even does a formal bow. Then the man stretches upwards. Yawn. "I think I'm going to go draw for a while." With that he finds a nice spot-- drawing out his book and starts to-- draw. He isnt sure if the tome even works in this place but there is only one way to find out.
Deelel Deelel smirkss "Mechanic it is but I'm not one whose is whats' the term a gear head?"

She does however start generating some music that's fairly popular from the Grid at least when she awas around last, ah there we go. Program club music away more ot less.

"Well there are junkyards, that can be poked later. Might be the best place to get parts or machines we need, they are not watched normally. Candy? Faird not, and I never had this cotton candy, I thought cotton was for clothing."

She just can't help but not a bit at Arthur, she thinks she gets what he's saying. At least she hopes so, and now she watches his work for a moments taring.

"No I do not I'm afraid."

She just sits back and she tilts her head a bit more as the users just talk. We use energy blades here, powered weapons."
Renegade glances over at the Forgemaster and cants his head slightly. Unsure why he was being pointed at. He had been walking around and not really-- well-- paying attention up until this point. There was allot on his mind right now.

The Renegade then walks up to Deelel and tilts his head to the side, before he motions for her to follow him for a moment. He then walks into one of the side rooms, including picking up one of the cups off the table.
Blackbird Blackbird pulled her pistol out and a few tools to start taking it apart after sitting down crosslegged. "Is my jacket going to be too much of a standout here?" She never looked up from taking the gun apart. "I don't want to ditch it since it's sentimental. Plus I've had it for awhile and it's comfortable. Know what i mean?" She whistled a little as she worked, tested this and that, and frowned. "Pure mechanics here til you get to ignighting the primer in the cartridge. Probably that's where this thing doens't work without me channling through it."
Arthur Drover "Good, then I will have a model once I see one. But if you're like us, there are all sorts of ways to make a blade. The edge of a sword is infinitely long." He begins working the dagger. "It's traditional on the eve of battle to forge a sword, and to finish it by daylight, if you're not to be among the fighters. A sword finished at dawn and handed to another will know what it is for. This is a poor sword, but I am away from home, so I hope you will not judge me. I'd like to see the blades you mention." He doesn't look up, the edge sends out sparks.

"Miss Blackbird, come sit by the fire and warm my old bones with tales of how this place works from your perspective. Maybe you can illuminate things for me."

He sighs as Paulo goes off to rest. At least the youngsters can keep watch. "Miss Program, you will understand before long. Take care of yourself."

He does beckon Blackbird over, and make room for her as he works. The only sound is the rasp of something like steel on the edge of something like energy. A kind of hiss. He burnt his dagger in the fight, and Arthur is only as good as his tools. Without them, he can just about throw a punch.

"Are you like me, thinking of all the things you would have brought if you'd known this would happen? And I may have seemed well armed, even. I was not."

A pause. "Renegade. See if you can get me a map. And rest well, when you rest, if you rest." A knowing smile as Beck moves to depart, but it seems kindly enough amid the man's constant movement.
Beck The Renegade pauses at the door. "..A map?" He turns to look at the Forgewielder. There was probably a hook to this he missed. Happens sometimes.

"..what do you need a map for?"
Arthur Drover "Because the difference between they and I is they know this place, and I do not. All planning begins with terrain level scouting. I survived a catoblepas attack once because I had a map."

A pause. "I hid under it and he walked by me."
Deelel Deelel says "I shall be right back."

She catches Beck's nod as she steps out after him, she knows it's likely imporant, so she gets up anf follow him to see what he's needed. She will answer questions upon her return. She enters off into the room giving Beck a curious look.
Blackbird Blackbird took a deep breath before picking up and moving to sit by Arthur. "How this place works." Deep breath. Deeeeep breath. "We're getting into a thing i"m trying to avoid since thinking too hard is going to make my brain melt. In my World this place is apparently all housed inside a box that you type things into that does things because people..." Frown. "This is not an accurate analogy but it's close. Think of it like this. People came in and wrote spells to run in a box so other people could do things with the box to make thier lives easier. We did not know that inside the box was another world full of people all it's own and now i"m wondering if that makes me a mass murderur for formatting my laptop's harddrive because I got aggrivated at how the system broke and it'd be faster to wipe and reinstall instead of debug."
Arthur Drover The sharpening motion is rhythmic and continual, but it somehow conspires to be reflective. "Yes, I can see how you would try to dodge that until you have time to cope with it. Unfortunately, none of us can ever go back. Now we've made friends, and you probably can't use those boxes anymore. That said, I do understand this as some kind of machine. Just one that is in the late birth pangs of a changing world." Scrape, scrape.

"We should try to get some sleep, if we can. Under a sunless sky." Scrape. "Arthur Drover, pleasure to meet you." The dagger is dropped into a satchel, and the smith extends a hand. "I run the Heart's Desire synthesis shop in Alexandria."
"I'll get you that map, once I get done talking to Deelel then." The Renegade tells Arthur as he goes back into the room and shuts the door.

Once the door is closed, the helm retracts back and he brushes his hands through his hair. Before taking the glass in his hand and gulping some of it down. He almost coughs a bit cause of how quickly he was drinking it and then gives Deelel and sheepish smile.

"..Look.. can you do me a favor, Deelel?" He then gets a bit more of a serious look on his face. "Try to keep an eye on them, ok? I am going to see if I can get a network setup that leads from here to the Arcade underground. That way people can move freely."

He then rolls one of his shoulders and winces a little, before he takes another sip from the glass. "You-- you do really well with them and like this-- I can't really, you know, keep an eye on them or really get to know them." He frowns a little then. "So I need someone to watch over them until the network tunnel is finished."
Deelel Deelel enters into the room waits for Beck to pull back his helmet once the door is closed and she nods a little bit at him as he makes his request to her.

"I was hoping to do so several of them kept me out of trouble when I was blundering about their world. Sounds like that's actually a really good idea we can bypass a lot of trouble that way."

She hangs back for a moment at Beck's words about how well she does with them she's looking kinda sheepish at what he's saying.

"I understand you have your part to play and I will do my best, you know they will want to explore though any sort of updates on the state of the city would be useful. I'll do what I can, they are also pretty wonder eyed at things too from the looks of it. I may need some rope though, as seriously it was like herding cats for a bit."

she's almost laughing from the sounds of it.

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