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Welcome To The Grid
(2013-08-07 - 2013-08-07)
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The progress had taken a lot longer then Beck was hoping it would take. Figuring out what was known as 'user tech' wasn't easy for the young mechanic program, but he managed. He also had warned TRON there was a strong chance that things could still go badly once they now started up the finished laser and that he wasn't sure what would be waiting for them on the other side.

After all, last he was in the Grid, he was being chased by CLU's forces.. when that TRON... No. He wouldn't think on that further. It had been several cycles since he had left-- no-- longer then that and he was sure that Mara and Zed probably thought he too had died. With the death of Abel.. that... may be to much for his two friends to even handle.

"Come on.." He said softly as he tried to connect the last two wires in hopes to not get zapped. "..just a bit more.." the two wires flickered and sparked at contact, until he was able to get them to charge together so he then could wrap tape around them. "..There we go.."

Beck then carefully placed the laser up on the pedestal, hooking up the final cables, before giving it a quick check. He then walks over to the computer typing in a few command structures to make sure it was all reading correctly. Yeah. He watched how TRON did a few of the bad tests, so he got this rather memorized. When everything showed green, he then smiled brightly, before running up the steps, "Hey TRON! I got it!!"

That wasn't going to catch anyone's attention at all in the Arcade who hung around...


Probably after some conversation with TRON and most likely those who were hanging around with Deelel and him. Mostly since by this point everyone who was in the Arcade were either friends or people chilling inside the 'closed' Arcade. Beck quickly started to make his way back down the steps in his own excitement, pausing at one step. "I am sure I got it this time. No blowing up fruit or anything." He says holding the apple in his hand. No. It wasn't an orange. Beck doesn't do oranges.

So as he goes down to move to the final step. He pauses there as he picks up an odd sound. He wasn't sure what it was, also there was something funky going on suddenly with the computer. "..oh sparkets!" He quickly turns the corner and suddenly he is staring at a laser. "...TR--" Its all Beck has time to get out till suddenly the laser snags him and does its thing.


The laser now seeks for anyone who comes down the room. One by one or by two. The laser will get you!
Avira In today's case, Avira was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was friends with TRON and...well, sort of friends with Beck but as far as figuring out the computer stuff, Avira was only so-so. She'd used computers, even shopped for some, but hadn't been a programmer. Installing software was also kind of limited so her working on the laser was not a thing that happened.

She did like coming in and playing the arcade games, though, which is why she was here today. Beck grabs her attention with his little announcement. Curious, she follows after him down the stairs into the 'secret' room she was privy to. Not far behind Beck, she is pretty much RIGHT THERE to see him get digitized by the laser. Already aware of it's purpose, Avira's quick to turn around and shout up the stairs. "DON'T COME DOWN HERE! THE LA-"

Her words are cut off as she too disappears.
Deelel Deelel has found out some of what was going on back home from Beck, something else from a dream had stuck with her haunting the back of her minds, yet? It was her home she has no idea truly how messed up it had become but it had been home and from her point of view she'd been gone a very long time. It hadn't taken Beck more than a few words to get her in on it. Going home one way or another was something that was long over due for her.

"We;; this is good news isn't it we got it up and running, you'd managed to get it working. As for fruit I think I tripped over one on the other OS once I wonder where it came... from?! Oh so not good!"

She had invited some of the people he?d known fairly well over her nearly year long time in the world of the users. She hadn't expected this to happen the laser gets Beck and rapidly takes him a part digitizing him. She's trying to run trying to warn some oft he others to get out but Deelel is caught shortly after. She seems to turn to a almost block like pattern of herself. Rapidly bit by bit the digitization laser takes Deelel apart and soon there's nothing there to show the world that Deelel save her voice fading away almost in a wail.

"Look out!!!"

Well she wanted to get home but not quite like this.
Blackbird Blackbird took a deep breath. It's been the first time she's been back in the arcade since she's been IN the machines that were in the arcade. She looked around, touching the cabinates to familiar icons from her childhood. Then more exploring, a droped quarter and a trip past the tron machine later she's staring at an old terminal.

She can tell it's been used. She knew her hardware and had worked on going through a lot of vintage stuff over the years. Touch interface in the glass, impressive uptime. As in impossibly fantastic uptime.

Then suddenly LAZOR!

"OK." She looked around once the sensation ended and she was somewhere else. "This... is not good." She was shaking trying to keep from going bonkers. "This is very not good. Big huge laser under the arcade. Big huge server." Deep breath. "Hello? Am I alone in crazyland?"
Maira Maira wasn't quite as into the video games as Avira was, but she did like to watch and hang out with her friends, TRON and Deelel. She was dressed in street clothes to fit in around Manhattan, not exactly expecting to get LASERED or anything. Manhattan was one of the few places now that she felt pretty darn safe, especially with Avira beside her.

Whech Beck calls from the basement about something or other working, Maira sets down what she was doing (knitting) and scrambles after Avira. "Hey what's going--GAH!" she exclaims, as she is then zapped. Well, she knows what this means!

Then she wonders if there will be cake.
Faruja Senra Faruja is here with friend and fellow Shard Seeker Deelel! He's honestly curious about the Program's world, and wouldn't miss an opportunity to see what it's all about for anything. Besides, a distraction from his recent troubles would do him well! It helps that he has other friends too, some he hasn't seen in a while at that.

Ear-perk. Two voices, one familiar and the other not, has the Templar performing the thing that many people adverse to long term survival doing; running towards the shouting. Spear and all, glowing, the Burmecian calls out. "Ser! Deel!" Leap! Down the stairs!

"By the Lord, what is the...oh bloody he..." Squeak!

Digitizer uses Hyper Beam on Temple Rattatta. It's super effective.
TRON TRON had tested the laser a few days ago in his haste to help deal with the Space Paranoids incident. This was even after Beck had warned him of possible things going wrong--and that was only to the Wise OS in order to jump into Game Central Station through the portal outside of the End of Line Club. Turns out all was well and everyone went in and got back out alright, but Beck had wanted to do more calibrations to make sure of it.

So when Beck emerges from the basement and explains that all is well and the laser is fully operational, TRON doesn't think anything of it. It's when Beck goes back downstairs that things start going wrong. Various cut-off exclaimations pulls his attention back in that direction as people start heading downstairs, and the Security Program moves as well.

"Wait!" He calls as he jumps down the stairs--

--Only to be blinded by a bright flash of light and feeling that gut-wrenching sensation of being digitized, a feeling he knows far too well. But where are they /going/?!
Arthur Drover Forgemaster Drover is into any kind of machinery or technology. He'd met Maira previously, and was generally known to Deelel as well. His capacity for artifice and understanding of what he'd call "systems design" is well enough known. So the arcade has drawn him in the day before, and for the Sugar Rush Race on a prior occasion. Today though, as he perused the frontroom, the synthesist had spotted this back room's door. Less likely to heed a "keep out" sign with the flashy gadgets around, he stole inside. Glowing lights, a panel or two. Interesting enough. His fingers were just running over a likely-looking bit of machinery, instinctual knowledge in the older man sparking first assessments, when light blotted out his world.

He had seen others around, but honestly with a piece of 'tech in the room, Arthur has eyes for little else.

When the smoke - and mirrors - clear, he's running his hands over his torso to check that it is still there. It is not.

Or rather, his satchel, equipment, items - represented but not the same. His clothes are glowing around the sleeves. Gaudy but secondary to the larger problem. "That was quite a thing." He assesses his surroundings with a trapper's trained eye.

Routes of egress and access. In his younger days, he was renowned as a monster hunter, now he's renowned for never running. Arthur leans against the nearest safe thing he can find to lean against, and tries to take it in and get his breathing under control.
Serah Farron Serah Farron heard the commotion going from the arcade. Deelel, which she had found to be around along with recent events in the Game world. She spent some time playing with the machines too, a bit impressed with some of the games. She spent a bit of time on the Sugar Rush racing game too, since she actually inside of it before. She figure that maybe she can train with it where she won't get deleted if she messes up at least.

But then there's shouts coming from the back room. It gets her curious, and a bit worried... and noone actually seems to finish their sentences for some reason. Maybe they are unconcious, and need healing? Well, let's go take a l-



She should have known better. She really doesn't understand much about these digital worlds, even ifs he has the feeling she's been here before. A pink haired girl, that might fit more in the aforementionned candy land game, now part of the digital world. At least she didn't trip her way in like some of the others, fortunatly enough. No rat pancake under her relatively light weight at least, but she does offer him a hand up "You have any idea what's going on here?"
Eric Bartholomew Eric was distracting himself by inspecting the artwork on an arcade machine - /How delightfully colorful!/ he thought secretly to himself - when suddenly a familiar shout rang out.

"Ser Senra???" the Burmecian nobleman said, nervously walking towards the source of the sudden commotion. Yes, he had heard various other shouts, but he'd not thought much of it until Faruja's. He hadn't known the Templar long, but he didn't seem one prone to exclamations without reason (that weren't some religious speech, at least). He started walking at a brisker pace now, as more people sounded like they were disappearing.

"Ser Senra, if this is a practical joke then I must say for a Templar you have rather a rather interesting and tricky group of friends!"

Eric rather liked practical jokes - mostly playing them - but he didn't like being the victim of one involving fright. When he reached the doorway to the room, he gave pause, then inquired, "Ser Senra?"

He hesitated a moment, then went down, looked around, and managed to say, "Ser Senra, this really isn't-" ZAP!

He gave an awkward squawk of alarm as he found himself suddenly elsewhere, but suddenly noticed he had extra digits and no claws and no- "WHERE'S MY TAIL?!!!"

No, Eric was not in the top percentage of rattatas, so to speak
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi has been there during the whole laser. Really that device itself interested him-- as well as having conversations with both Deelel and Beck about technology. Although the sage from a vastly different culture does not understand all of the specifics-- he is gradually understanding the concepts. Frequently he is writing notes in that large book of his. Irony as it is-- he doesn't even notice the laser-ing due to him writting. Even during the entire process he continues to scribble away-- possibly one of the few not to get the immediate shock effect. That comes after his head raises from the book.
Beck is spat out of the laser and goes crashing across the Arcade floor that was a copy of its real life safe. He slides a bit, before rolling to a stop against one of the equipment cases. He places his hand down against the black floor, before slowly lifting himself up. His hazel brown eyes glance around, before he stands up. The he sees the next person get popped out-- then the next-- then the next. They kinda keep coming really.

By this point Beck is just kinda standing there with his mouth slightly open before he clamps it shut. Once he believes everyone is out, he reaches back behind him and looks at his disc. Then-- all the people here who don't even /have/ discs. How does that work?

Along with the fact a few seemed like they were probably freaking out. While others seemed rather calm. This-- was going to be a fun cycle.

"..Great.. I guess.. that means will have to go to Purgos.." He then glances out the frosty window for a moment. "..and we are in TRON city.." He voice holds some concern. This could be a problem with this many people. He then takes his disc and flips it around before he connects a white site with his own.

"Ok. Everyone. Listen up. First off, you guys OK?" Beck asks before he twirls his own disc for a moment. "Secondly, whatever you do. If you see anyone in red, you may as well classify yourself as dead." He then connects the disc to his backside. His light suit which was black starts to voxel up to white before it covers his entire body. White lines flash against the suit, before a blue T suddenly forms on his chest.

He looks like he is wearing the exact same suit as another program here. Then a helm slides up, before a black visor then slides down covering his face completely. "Third.. don't call me Beck here." He looks over at TRON. "..Its TRON." He almost said that with some sadness in his voice really before he turned away from everyone. "..or as CLU's forces like to put it. The Renegade. If you try to call me by my name. I will ignore you, I will only acknowledge you if you call me TRON."

The Renegade then lowers his head as he sees a light suddenly move through the frost windows. "..and about that see red your dead. You may be seeing allot of red soon." He then reaches for his disc, before it flicks on. "..because you see... to them.. most of you are what we called Strays. Strays get put into the games. You /don't/ want to be in the games."

"Now ready yourselves!"
Blackbird Blackbird looked over at Serah and quirked an eyebrow at the suit. She herself was wearing hrer motercycle leathers thankyouverymuch! "Welcome to..." She gestured expansivly at the inside of the recieving area where lazored things go, "Wherever this place is!" Then a helpless shrug and look around. Curious guy with one eye, Other people.

"Hm." More loking around. "Uh huh I don't see a terminal or laser on this end so I kinda don't think standing around will get us back." Calm voice, or at least attempt at calm voice. Somewhere in the back of her mind she noted the teal glow line along her pant legs and more faint lines along her outer sleeves.

Then she spotted TRON and blinked. Blink. Blinkblinkblink. STARE. "I... thought you were one of the game sprites. Sorry?" She shuffled about. Then coughed. "Uh... anyone know where we are?" Lame question, unsure voice.

Then Beck er... Tron. She looked from Tron to... uh... Tron and frowned. "Games? Strays?" This is mah clueless face.

She shrugged and looked to Beck. "Well you're the tour guide. Lead on."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi doesnt realize he is even digitized until he raises his head. "What the..." Fill in the blank. Well at least he looks about the same. Roughly. The gold on his robes are now a nice hue of blue-- otherwise he is still a robey sort of fellah. "Never a dull moment," replies the young man-- closing his book. He smiles-- putting it away. Being seconds from 'dead' seems fairly common lately. It loses its sting until it happens!

"So... can't we just leave?" wonders the sage as he tilts his head. Mostly this question goes to Deelel.
Faruja Senra Ow. Faruja grumbles, clanking and making several distressed noises. Which only redoubles as Sarah lands on him. Luckily, she's rather light. "...Good 'eve Lady Sarah." Seems he's acted as a cushion for the woman before.

And our dear noble friend Ser Eric is freaking out. Admittedly, the place is a bit odd, but not /too/ bad. His armor and clothes are mostly the same, though amidst the green of his robes there's lines of green. A bit hard to see, if it weren't for the glowing.

Then, Faruja Senra tries to stand. Up!

"Dear Lord, Ser Bartholomew! Will you very kindly cease making a rack...OH DEAR FARAM WHERE IS MY TAIL!?!?"

Tumble, thud! The rat is no longer a rat, but a human. He's still missing his eye, and the bandages are there as well as the burn marks beneath. From the way things look, he's having more than a little trouble balancing, as he quite literally tumbles head-over-missing-tail. That cry of dismay does still sound a bit rattish.

"...Oh Faram preserve me, it turned me into a human." Faruja sounds positively /miserable/. At least an ear is perked towards Beck. Seems like he's listening. Hopefully Deel will fill them all in!
TRON TRON digitizes in a spare space and drops to a crouch as soon as it's complete, the circuitry lines on his white bodysuit flaring to life. Immediately, a rush of data hits his processor--data from the Other, the original TRON. A memory of a beacon of light piercing the dark skies, heralding the arrival of--

He rises to his feet, voxels darkening to black as his pure black opaque helmet fully obscures his hair and face. Faint dots and dashes of bluish-white light are the only indication of his identity, and only if someone knows this certain form.

<"There iz no time to try getting back to Uzerzpace."> His voice is completely modulated, not even a hint of his usual tones audible. <"They already know we are here. We need to go."> He nods over to the Renegade and unlocks his Silver Disc from his back--strange how that didn't change over as well. He still has a Black Disc on his back, though.
Maira Maira likely bumps right into Avira after they are both digitalized and sent into Flynn OS. She is not freaking out because she has done this before. Sort of. Not this OS, but she figures it must be a similar situation at least. Why did those lasers seem to have minds of their own? Furthermore, why did every single one of them run down into the basement to get zapped!? Bunch of lemmings.

Maira steadies herself and looks around, frowning softly. Beck addresses them, and she listens. She'll go ahead and still assume water is lava, but hopefully fire is alright? "Guys in red? H-hey, we can defend ourselves you know..." she replies, looking around. She knows a great many people here and they are /tough/ <goosehonk>s.

Upon looking around, she then almost falls over in shock. "FARUJA!?" she asks, running over to help support him. He must have come in behind her, for she didn't see how injured he was. But first--"Faruja you're--you are--oh my goodness!" she says, then hugs him gently. "--And what /happened/ to you!?" she asks.

Maira then looks over to TRON, eyes widening. "What do you mean? Are we in trouble? Ugh..."
Avira Avira falls backwards as she reforms from the laser's blast, landing on her rear. Her heart falls as she sees person after person arrive after her. So much for following instructions.

She pushes herself up to her feet, her usual clothing retaining the same shape but now a matte black, overshadowed by the white lines that seem to outline the various edges. "I'm fine."

She looks to Beck, now TRON, tilting her head with confusion. The Renegade...ah yes, their first encounter.

"What do you mean by Strays?" Avira questions sharply, arming herself with her weapon, the Spine. The Spine is just as glowy as the rest of her clothing here.
Deelel Wise OS had been close to home as was Game Central? Yet neither were quite right for the basic. She'd dreamed of home some times when her memory had been restored. Home came to her, she'd given her nature? Was able to look at her own memories in perfect detail yet? It was a memory it was not experiencing home once again. It was not fully logical, yet it well it was true in a way. She'd wanted to go home so badly for so long, yet this wasn't quite the way she'd planned on it. She feels the world shift and everything goes back. She's not even opened her eyes yet but things feel right as reality comes back to her fully it felt right, the temperature, the air, everything felt right she pushed herself up off the floor and looks over at everyone for a moment.

"Purgos? ... Right."

She shakes her self a little bit as she looks about for a moment and looks rather sheepish as she addresses everyone here.

"Welcome to the grid. Listen to what he has to say."

She checks to see her batons are still on each hip and she's got her disc, also Deelel outfit has changed it's now lacking any pretense are being human made as she looks to black birds.

"Strays are programs who have lost their discs and their minds. The are rounded up even still now to be repaired or ... worse."

"No, I didn't leave the grid conventionally I'm still not sure how it happened."

Faruja wait that's Faruja? By her user, it is him and he's looking human.

" seems this world has an effect on outsiders like several others. You don't look too bad as a human Faruja. He's correct its time go move."

Deelel pauses as suddenly a hamlet much like the other programs appears over her head masking her identity as well as a half cloak forms about her. Her voice now is likewise distorted.

"Numbers it's as TRON said, things have got bad we need to get moving. We can talk more once we are somewhere safe. This isn't how I wanted to show you my home but it looks like we're going to get a crash course."

She only had two cycles it wouldn't be enough they might need to get a better transport.

"TRON, we're going to need some form of transport as it's going to be a ways to Purgos."
Beck will let Deelel expain stuff, his focus apparently was on the door and his disc was lit up. He seemed pretty tense and with the other light going through the window.. he was getting very tense.
Blackbird Blackbird Headshook and looked around and lingering at Faruja and the concern and apparent change. "So hm. You going to be alright?" She waited for an answer then saw Deelel pop up. A RECOGNIZEABLE FACE!

"Alright Deelel you say we need to move we move. Just... we're a huge group. Do we split up try not getting noticed or rounded up all in one clump?" Curious voice. She had questions. LOTS of questions, but they werne't safe. iNstead she closed her eyes and focused, holding her hand out flat til a small flame appeared in her palm before fading out. "Yep. Magic still works. Anyone need healing before we get going?"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi has no idea what is going on and nothing so far has helped clarify the situation. He looks around for someone to test the waters out with. "Nope," says the man as he holds his hand out. Flame to Ice to Lightning to Holy to Flame and POOF! Well at least some of the basics work. That is a strange relief. Noticing Maira, he makes light of the situation-- creeping over, "Oooooh. We are in a strange placceee. Fire war?" Yes. Paulo is not taking this seriously. Lets play a game of fire war-- where we burn each other up until one of them needs BURN HEAL.
Arthur Drover The older man has taken his moment. "Oi, lass." This at Avira. "Lad, head outta the clouds." At Paulo. The two hadn't parted on the best terms, but this doesn't seem to be a huge problem. He digs around in his satchel and finds that his emergency supplies are still there, perhaps digitized but present nonetheless. "Likewise on the healing, I've tinctures that can mend at least. Let's heed the warnings of our kind hosts and not risk a fight in another's territory."

The smith has been walking as he spoke. He stares down whatever streets he can find, the digital glow discomfiting, but this is not so terrifying as it is strange and new. He's checking for any sign of encroaching forces. He's ALSO peering into bins for discarded data he can understand, or signs of aid. He's more vulnerable than most. Someone who fights using the environment is off his footing when put in unfamiliar space. "And here I was two days away from retirement." he intones, deadpan, taking a dagger out of his pocket and trying to score the ground beneath his feet in order to see what effect this might have. The dagger is mythril - or it was. Who knows what it is now?
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "I've lived a lot, lad. That's why I'm scared for my blessed life right now, but it's a good fear, gets the muscles pumping. An' if ye don't show some respect I'll reach into your claudication and turn it insie' out. Don't think I can't." But there's mirth in his eyes as he lets out a "thbbbbt" in return."
Faruja Senra Glorious, glorious hugs. And there's no fire involved to boot! By Faram, Faruja Senra has needed hugs these last few days. Cue hugs without shame, and even a little Reize-esque crying. "My wonderful, wonderful friend, hardly could I say. And...bah, no time!" The now ex-Burmecian glances, about, slowly getting to his feet. TRON. Avira. Maira. Deelel. He feels safe already. He's not sure about some of the others, but the group in general seems tied through various associations. It's a good indicator. Even if there's a noble along.

"Red enemies, and they yet know of our arrival. Simple enough. And quite the response time, I must say. Impressive."

Smile! He gets steady on his feet, for some amount of steady. "Dear Lord how do you humans move without a proper tail..." grumble grumble. His spear is out, and already he's in front of Maira. Tank go!

"Lady Deel, thy bar tab is mine own when next we go out! Er...thank thee..." Blush! Dang compliments.

He tilts his head slightly, already vexed at not being able to move them to hear. A wave of the hand to Blackbird. "I...shall manage. The sooner we are gone, the better methinks."
Serah Farron Serah Farron has been in some of those digital worlds before, but she doesn't know what's giong on this time. Last time she entered through a similar 'laser', but it feems a bit different this time. She blinks at Tron's announcement "Strays? Are they considered... as bad things?" She knows all about being an outcast. She has the reflex of rubbing her upper arm, where there's a bandange covering. "... I rather not stay around to see what happens in person."

Not to mention that 'Purgos' kinda sounds like Purge, which is something that happened, and she pretty much caused because of the events there..." She decides to stick close to Mr Rat Knight too.
Blackbird Blackbird glowers at Paulo. "Too flashy and wastes resources we don't have to spare." Hard voice and snappish lady as she checked her pockets, pulled phone out and frowned at the inert black rectangle. "Also my phone is dead." She closed her eyes. Nothing. "Still dead.... but Magic works and we're fugitives on the lamb... or something. I'm with that guy there." She points to Arthur. "It's alright to be scared. I'm scared. I'm not much good in a fight, but i can keep you meatheads going. Anyone else know healing magic?" She's speaking fast now, panic creeping in. "What do you think, magi in the middle, ring of tanks?" Shifty eyes looking 'round. Good idea yes yes?
Maira Maira looks over and flashes a smile to Paulo, fellow mage and mischief maker it would seem. Maira laughs lightly, shaking her head. "I'd win," she says with a wink.

Maira then looks to Arthur, nodding. "Well obviously, I don't want us to get caught in a fight if we don't need to, if we need to move lets move--and I have healing too. Phew, that's really nice. A lot of people with healing magics and potions. I've gotten so use to usually being the only one," she admits. She is sort of the resident medic for VALKYRI, after all.

Back to Faruja, Maira leans in to press a quick kiss to his forehead. He has obviously been through quite an ordeal. "Later, we'll talk my friend!" she comments.

To Blackbird, Maira smiles gently. "We'll be alright, we just stick together. Someone will guard you if you don't fight well, don't worry miss." Maira has her trusty not-currently-a-rat tank, even injured as he is. She gives Faruja a look, but just shakes her head. She's not going to make an issue of it in front of all these people. A man needs his pride. Sometimes.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi shakes a glorious fist at Arthur, but all the while he is grinning broad. He turns to Blackbird and raises an eyebrow, "Wait-- what? Speak for yourself! I have plenty of resources." Its true, he does. Most of them in sugar form. Of course to the 'who can heal', Paulo shrugs, "I'd answer but I dont want to 'show off', your highness."

Finally, some kindred spirits. Paulo goes to nudge Maira, "When we get out of here-- you are so on."
Deelel Deelel knew trouble was coming but if she could settle her friends it would hell their odd of surviving.

"Any magic may be seen as viral possibly keep that in mind."

She looks over to Arthur for a moment nodding a little but her face hidden and wonders if Arthur is temping fate with that comment. There's little she can do about it.

"We have to be prepared also please don't use my name. I have not been flagged for anything except perhaps being missing. Just keep that mind mind as well. I have faith in you, agreed. This could be bad, the grid is far more militant now then when. We only have two people who know the region at all, even then we'll still be in a huge group. Better to keep together unless TRON calls otherwise."
Arthur Drover "Alright." Arthur reaches into his pockets. "I don't trust my potions, my bow no longer remotely resembles a weapon..." he gestures the the old horn bow, now a blocky pixellated monster with no string, "and I'm no mage - but there's one thing that should be the same on all worlds."

What shimmer in the smith's hands are like jewels as they pour form the pouch, red, blue, green, white, orange, all glowing from within. "Maira. These are a result of our experimentation in Gummitech. I managed to bind a spell into the material. Consider them your payment. Each is different, I don't have time to explain. Throw and run."

A pouch, glistening with a silvery shimmer unlike the burlap which birthed it, is tossed to the woman. "Share with those as need."

The items were a new discovery, made of the stuff from the space between worlds. It's probably as alien as it gets, and in response to Deelel's warning, he adds: "Best save them for emergencies. They're about two thirds the power of a spell cast by a journeyman, but you can use a bunch of them or lay traps if you see the delay catch on the side."
Eric Bartholomew Eric had tumbled to the floor upon entry, and had noticed the distinct lack of claws on his hands when he'd tried to push himself up, also noting the strange light-blue lines on the sleeves of his black tuxedo. His top hat was likewise bedecked with a line on each side forming a ring on the top of his hat, and his glossy black cane had digi-lines all down it. Now he kept trying to stand and faceplanting, because Nezumi typically stand with ankles raised off of the ground, and human legs just didn't have the musculature to keep that up for long.

"Strays?!! We are not animals on the street!" Eric exclaimed in indignation, huffing and crossing his arms irritably - he'd rather given up on the rather ungraceful business of standing for now and was sitting cross-legged on the floor. At least that was still doable.

Eric was a little jealous of all the coddles Faru was getting, but then these were his friends, so Eric settled for stating with a smirk, "Methinks your girlfriend is a touch doting of thee for such mixed company."

He was joking, really, and what a wonderful first impression he was giving everyone.

His head perked at the mention of fire wars - he was likewise irked at the lack of ears to twitch about - but he kept his face neutral. It sounded fun, aside from actually burning anyone. He spared a glance at Ser Senra

"W-wait, you mean we can't use magic?!!!" Eric squeaked. This was a touch problematic for all the mages here, which he was one.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi shakes his head to Eric, "No. It means if you use magic you'll be treated as a virus. A virus being a bad thing." Lets be honest here, a royal sage from Mysidia doesnt really know what a virus is outside of the Bio spells. He continues on, "Though if what Be-- er TRON-- was saying is true-- being a virus seems the least of our worries. We are already 'Eradicate on Site' to the locals. So breathe. Breathe in... breathe out..."

The young blonde sage looks to Deelel, "We are breathing right. This world-- air goes in us, ya? Or is this psuedo not-really-air air? Or can we not call it air, for fear it has been classified as another 'Nono' word and will amplify our potential for destruction from the locals?" Yes. Rules. Blerg.
Blackbird Blackbird nods. Healing and or Magic might seem Viral. Wait.... Viral? She looked from Deelel to Tron to Beck and shook her head."OK. Dumb question. Where did hte laser spit us out at?" Thoughts and ideas bumped around and collided in her head. "This place is giving a very space paranoids vibe. I don't want to be the person to ask stupid but knowing the enviroment might be helpful to us newbies.."
It wasn't to long until those lights out side suddenly blazed right onto the building. It came right through the door. The sound of marching feet could be heard not to long after Beck had tenses up fully. And soon the door was suddenly kicked right down. Two by two they marched in. Massive wide shoulders and no real faces to see. Their circuit lines were red and staves in their hands that had glowing red tips.

Beside them were much thinner units, with disc in their hands. CLU's forces were here.

One of them spoke up. "All Programs," Their voices were deep and slightly distorted, almost robotic. "You are to stand down and be.." Suddenly they stared at Beck. "Its the Regenade! Then these are.."

Another one speaks up. "Get him and those programs!"

And thus the sudden charge of at least ten different guys came rushing in fully.
The Renegade however was ready for this, so when they marched in. His hand was already tense. He leaped into the air and fired off his disc with a spin. Before catching it, sending it at another guard. Then at another. "If you can fight, FIGHT! If you can't, stay at the rear!"

Then the Renegade ran up a wall before he flipped off and just tossed his disc once again for good measures. He wasn't sure what to do to get them out of here. TRON city was a big city. They could take the back ways and underground tunnel, but they have to get their first.
Blackbird Blackbird eyenaarrowed when the lights went out. No more questions. time to move but... but but... Well when in doubt BUFF. She looked over to TRON, the one in black, the one she sorta knew. and started layering on magic.
Faruja Senra "Yes...let's, my dear." Responds Faruja to the good, reliable, lovable Fire Lady. Really, who could ask for a better friend?

A sharp intake of breath. That isthe sound of a Templar trying to not strangle a noble. "Oh, she is most tolerant and kind!" Breathe out. Save the violence for the guys in red. If he still had a tail, it'd be lashing right now.

There are good questions being bandied about, though, and the rat listens.

There are people rushing in, however, before he gets any good answers. Kicking down the door, in fact. Faruja frowns.

"Fah! While thy response time is most admirable, Sers, thy lack of an intimidating presence as a whole as well as thy emotionless delivery deducts three points. Seven out of ten points. BACK TO TRAINING WITH YE, KNAVES!" Cue Faruja sweeping in with his spear, stabbing and swatting at anyone who dares get close to Maira.
Paulo Mysidi "Yeah yeah yeah," Paulo says-- despite the obvious danger he has difficulty taking it seriously. Digital Paulo holds his hand out-- chanting wordlessly as his lips part. When the hand closes-- a hexagon-like barrier appears towards Faru, Deelel, and Maira. "Running or staying?" he asks the fearless leaderships.
Serah Farron Well, there goes the plan of leaving as quietly as possible... They are spotted. And they aren't happy either. She heard about not using magic, but... there's not much choice here either. She pats Faruja's shoulder encouragingly as she takes a step back, and takes a sweeping look at everyone around her "I have your back, you can count on my healing!" She announces to them confidently.

She brings her hands together, looking as if offering a prayer, as she chants up her magic, two shimmering shields for magical and physical protection surrounding Faruja and Deelel. She's the White Mage of this party.
Arthur Drover Arthur moves quicksilver fast. Whipcord muscles tug something from his pocket. A weapon?

Arthur has produced a much-loved and dogged picture of his wife.

Yeah, a weapon. He takes a delicate moment to fold it up and place it in his pocket. Arthur doesn't run, he doesn't rush. He famously doesn't rush. The forces encroach and there's a moment's grunting assay. Their posture, their yell, this is hostility both open and malicious.

"Group together. " He hurls a dagger - or the digital representation of a dagger. It flies with surprising accuracy. There is a string tied to it. It has a group of violent orange gummis tied to the handle. A moment later, it explodes into a line of flame intended to bisect the battlefield, cutting some of the enemy forced aside and giving Tron his opening.

But the fire doesn't stop there. This time he hurls a spheroid object overhand, and it lands in a gust of wind that fans the flames higher still and rains purple-green data down on the opposing force. Once this is done, the smith begins to hum.

"Ding, dong didero~ Black coal yellows..."

Whatever the black, faintly shimmering, poorly voxelated object is, it was once a Dwarven catalytic stone. Now it might as well be hellfire. "We all go home, kids."

The flames leap like a living thing, the violent orange probably offensive. No point hiding it now. Once the mirror's broken, it doesn't matter how ugly you were.
Avira No magic? No problem for Avira. She's trained for this! Some brief words are exchanged with Faruja before things really get bad and she marvels over the whole 'Faruja is a HUMAN' thing for a few seconds. With a few quick steps, she's over by Maira, standing close to her, shoulders hunched.

"Stay close to me." she warns her, idlily wondering if Maira was carrying a gun on her now that Mercade gave her lessons. She...really should. Especially for situations like these. But at least Arthur has her back! With /Gummi Grenades/.

The nearest...blackguard is it? that ventures too close is suddenly assaulted with the spine, which is just as sharp and dangerous as it is in the real world. Even without magic, Avira proves herself to be extremely capable with her unusual weapon.
TRON TRON twirls his Silver Disc between his fingers as his attention temporarily disconnects from the conversations around himself. Perusing the data Flynn gave him, evaluating the images, trying to... remember...? Just /why/ is it so terribly easy to access this data when it is a distraction at best even in Userspace?

There is no more time.

The doors derez in a shower of voxels, admitting a new group of Programs--red lines, armor--so terribly familiar, but reskinned from what he truly /knows/. His Silver Disc activates with an ominous hum, illuminating the black glassy surface of his full-face visor without revealing the face underneath, and takes a defensive stance.

<"You heard the Renegade!"> He finds it far too easy to let Beck take the lead considering the circumstances. <"And whatever you do--ztay together!">

He lunges forwards a step as he throws his Disc, aiming to have the frisbee-like object ping-pong amongst as many of the 'security forces' as possible. He grabs a pike from another, attempting to wrench it out of the Program's hands and use it against he and his fellows, before catching-and-throwing his Disc once more into their midst.
Deelel Deelel sees the red lined programs oh this was going to get crazy, this was so going to get crazy as more and more guys come in he disc comes out. She says nothing she's not going to talk she hears The Renegade call out orders and her disc is already armed at this point, she's gong to fight where she has to but she's aiming to not kill just disable them, it's faster anyway.

She runs several command lines boosting her combat abilities. However her friends were going to get so much notice. They are her friends but she just sees how chaotic they can really be. A thought strikes her about them but that's something best saved for later, she's not even sure how Beck would take the comparison. She' now closes as her friends are forming up into combat with the local Blackguard. This was going to be a heck of a welcome back. She twists she shifts she moves to disable as she planned. IF anyone notices her efforts who knows? She's not about to let a friend get killed but ...doesn't feel right to kill if she doesn't have to.
Maira Maira nudges Paulo back, laughing quietly. "Alright, if you're sure!" she replies. That should be fun and interesting! Better make sure to, you know, live. That is of rather paramount importance, actually.

Maira looks then to Arthur, her eyes growing round as he passes her the bag filled with gummi--infused with spells. "Ohhh...." she says, a world of possibilities entering her mind. Oh, they're gonna need to talk after this! "Ehehe...alright, I'll be careful with them! And I will try to keep my magic to a minimum but its...really all I can do," she says, biting her lip gently. She's no Avira, who has some spells but is also a badass warrior. Maira is squishy. Like, really squishy.

Thinking about that, is of course the moment that the big scary dudes break the door down, assume they are all the enemy, and start attacking. Maira's eyes widen and she reaches for Blackbird to move her behind her--hey, maybe she's even squishier, or at least less used to people trying to kill/kidnap her. Blackbird has the right idea though, its buffing time. She can fight, but its probably best if she stays toward the back, which she does.

The mage smile and nods to Paulo as she recognizes his protection spell being applied to her, and waves her hand to do likewise--though her protection is different. Maira takes a breath then reaches up to press a hand against her chest roughly over where her heart is, letting out a few soft notes that ring pure through the otherwise discordant din of battle. A warmth is carried by her brief song, settling over Paulo, Avira, and Faruja.

She took a level in bard, okay?
Maira Maira then takes a moment to look toward Eric, his comment finally registering. "I'm not Faruja's girlfriend, silly. He's just a dear friend," she replies with a smile. She's not embarrassed. Amaaaazing.
Eric Bartholomew Well Eric was already breathing, but he was finding himself following Paulo's instructions for some odd reason, upon which he said, "Hey!"

But that was when /things/ suddenly came through the door - human-looking things with red lines army-marching through the door! And Eric started following Paulo's instructions anew - he didn't have the courage of Faruja and certainly didn't have the battle experience. He was just a spoiled, rich little merchant who does magic tricks for kids, that's all! Although even magic tricks can be deadly, and with panic mounting into rage, Eric summoned a ball of fire into his hand, lobbing it overhead to strike at whatever red-lined enemies weren't being cut apart by the blades of the warriors.

To Maira's comment, he simply smirked and said in mock-disbelief, "Certainly, my dear."

Eric, stop yanking your allies' chains mid-battle.
Beck's own disc comes slashing through the troops. Knocking a few of them back and derezing one of them. Then Faruja's spear slams through one of the thinner guards, and when the spear was pulled out, his whole body crumbles down to voxel of cubes onto the ground.

The Flames impact the others, causing them to stagger back as their bodies nearly catch on fire. They knew what fire was. They had explosion here on the Grid, just like they had weather. A few of them end up getting burned alive and they too, become voxels.

Yet more continue to storm in. The news of the Regenade was here was passing quick and one of them even yells to kill the Regenade and capture the others for the games.

Avira' sword comes in and one with a disc quickly counters the weapon, as one of the larger ones with a staff ends up slamming it right into Avira's hammer. The red end of it which makes contact may send a bit of a jolt through her body.

Though the Dwarf attack was most effective, many of the guards quickly moves away after the first group got put onto fire. This means now that several of them are on the move and heading right for everyone. Disc being thrown, staffs being swung Though one a few get targeted. As it seem the numbers were indeed thinning out.
Blackbird Blackbird growls low as she looked at the guards before running at one of the thinner ones. Suicide? Madness? Nope! As she ran she pulled her pistol out, an old 1911 colt. She didn't know if it would work here, but it dind't matter since it was empty. She just used it as a convenient focus. Instead she leveled it at her target and opened fire; channling fire and lightning through the weapon and sending each in small orange and blue-white blobs out. And then if she wasn't already cut to ribbons she'd try pistol whipping the poor guard with the butt of her pistol.

It's only in mid-run that she noticed Thing had hit her. Oh well Thing hadn't actually HURT her yet. So KEEP GOING.
Faruja Senra Faruja at once is Protect'd, Shell'd, and Song'd thanks to the combined efforts of Serah, Paulo, and Maira. A nod to the trio, Faruja already feeling better, makes for another attack. It's wobbly, and his newness on his feet shows. He glances to Avira, muttering prayers for her inclusion. He can certainly trust her to protect Maira should his new problems cause him to falter!

Then, there's fire. Faruja gasps, old fears welling up inside of him. He grips his spear tighter, breathing hard. The smell of burning bodies fills his nose...

No. He grits his teeth, and moves that much closer to Maira. Think of /her/. The warm, friendly flames. Not the ones being thrown by his fellow ex-Burmecian.

Frown. "My, my, my. Back to training indeed." Mutters the rat. But, of course, the weaklings have numbers. They must not get paid much.

Spear-thrust! "Shining light, spill down with divine retribution! Holy Explosion!" The heavenly light of Holy Explosion slams down, seeking to reduce more security to voxels. They're not playing nice, and neither is the rat. Not when his friends are in danger. Then, up goes his spear, parrying and generally keeping the heat off of Maira like a good PalaDragoon.
Beck somehow manages to go ignored. Maybe because of what TRON did. Either way he slides through some of the guards, "Excuse me." Before snatching up a few batons that have fallen to the ground.

The white suited program then quickly uses one of the guards to jump onto and spring board off, before he yells over to a few. "Catch!" He then tosses out for batons to four people. He then flips one of them over. Before he then spins his disc around the area. Allowing it to ping pong off the walls, before jumping up into the air to recatch it and then, tossing another one through some of the guards.

Before tossing out a few more batons.
Arthur Drover The Synthesist notices the approaching forces. "We should be thinking about retreat, now." He calls it aloud. No point worrying about being overheard. "We've all got a reason to leave and no one plays the martyr. Play the man instead. Savin' yer presences."

This is directed generally at those of a female or feminine persuasion, and followed by a genteel smile. His voice turns more gruff as he adds: "And if any of you die, remember that a forgemaster rules hell, and he might owe me a favor. Now come on!"

The movement is languid, almost practiced. He pulls the bow from his shoulder.

Arthur is leery. A consummate artisan, now armed with a blocky mess. His bracers didn't manifest. A string of energy springs to life on the weapon, as if it remembers what it is and what it is for. He nocks an arrow, which looks blocky and not at all pleasing - but it holds.

The "string" is ephemera - light and air and little more. When he fires the arrow, he doesn't fire at the forces of Oblivion, he fires straight up instead.

Where the shot hits the ceiling, it turns into a starburst, bright as a second sun - assuming there is a first sun, he hadn't checked and doubted it could be called a sun.

But the light doesn't blind, it's a warming thing. Not magical, just pyrotechnics and a vaporous distribution of regenerative chemicals. Or so it would have been in the real world.

Here it might as well be hope.

At that moment, he kicks backward, momentarily not under attack. Another practiced move as Drover tries desperately to find an alleyway not clogged with the red tide. Above, the sun blazes like a beacon, unafraid for all it probably sends ripples of awe or notice through the system.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi looks back and over to the beneficial spells. A thumbs up goes back to Serah, "I'll leave the defensive magic to you!" He paces forwards-- towards the hordes as he finds a spot nearby Faru. Yes-- right in the thick of combat. His hands start glowing where an orb barely shimmers. "So, you getting used to your new form? I haven't seem you fall yet," he engages in candid commentary to Faru-- flashing a grin back to Maira who he ends up nearby through proximity to her protector.

"Whoa," the sage deflects a blow-- returning what looks like small laser beams from his fingers-- held like pistols as he goes, "Pew Pew." Western-Paulo. Take that, programs.
Serah Farron Serah Farron watches as the first troups are easily taken down by the front row attacks. She looks over to Paulo and Faruja, nodding to them "... Was that all of them you think?" She hopes it won't get any worse than that at least. She has a mind to check on the downed soliders too, not wanting anyone to die either, wether they are programs or users. Although she doesn't know what a 'user' is either. "... We probably should leave before more arrive, we probably made alot of noise and that will attract more of them."
Avira Avira made a promise that Maira wouldn't get hurt by these! That means, of course, getting in the way of the guys that come to fight her, even if her weapon doesn't seem to do much on first pass. She grunts angrily at the jolt and sidesteps around Maira, keeping her back to the fire mage. Avira makes sure she remains as a tiny wall against the incoming guards.

Programs exploding into voxels...well, it's not something Avira's seen before like this. She's seen damage done to Deelel, but it's always been very little. Not complete destruction! She doesn't let this bother her at the moment and remains focused.

"This is bad, we need to get out of this warehouse or we're going to stay trapped here." A battle of attrition did not look good. She continues her close quarters combat with that one guard, stepping forward and jabbing multiple times.
TRON TRON rips the staff out of a heavy Blackguard's hands and twirls it, blocking a Disc or two that flies his way. He sweeps the staff low, twisting to face the incoming reinforcements--

A Disc clips the side of one knee, barely scratching the black surface but a noticeable blue voxelization appearing in its wake. It's not much, but it does hobble him.

He drops the staff for the moment and removes his Black Disc, tensing noticeably as Arthur's light washes over him. He can feel the effects strengthening him, and wastes no time in throwing both Discs at the incoming enemy in a constant rhythm of throw-bounce-return-repeat. In-between Disc throws, he catches spare batons from Beck and tosses them further back to the others. <"Grab one, get ready to uze it!"> He doesn't keep one for himself, as he already has one at his hip.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi grabs one of those baton-- things. You know who is a BA sage? This guy right here. He throw it on the ground and says, "Superbot, Activate!" Just kidding. Not cool, Paulo. Not cool. Nothing happens. He picks it back up admist the action, "Some assembly required, boss." Over his shoulder he points the hand-lasers and pew pews three more guards that come in.
Maira Swiping red-gold hair hastily away from her face, Maira's eyes dart from friend to friend, making sure they were all alright before she settles on a course of aggressive action. She catches Paulo's look and nods, smiling. Yup, time for the mages to do some damage!

Though Arthur catches her attention next, and she remembers the pouch he'd tosses her. Aha! "If anyone finds an exit, I can help cover our escape!" she says then, stuffing the bag of gummies into her pocket for the time being, wanting to save them for when they will be most useful (as much as she wants to see what they do NOW).

Maira watches Faruja and Avira closely, shouting a quick "Down! Incoming!" to warn them that she is going to start slinging spells. Maira raises her hands, which quickly ignite, sheathed in bright flame that is very real, heating the air around her for several feet. She throws one hand outward to direct her energy, closing her fist as a fire ball flies from her hand to sail toward the enemy forces.
Deelel Deelel even with her experience in user space she's still surprised as she's been able too disable two of the black guards with east, she's grinning behind her faceplate it seems she truly has grown past her original purpose and that's just the final proof of it to her. She quickly snags the two downed guards batons and will toss them out to anyone who still has needed of them.

"Catch these are out tickets out of here. They form lightcycles, that we can get out of here on. I don't want to remain before they start being the really heavy firepower here. Just watch me."

Deelel is now effected by more magic an other powers sending her combat abilities much higher much to her surprise.

Deelel pulls the baton off of her leg and holds out she makes sure it's easy to see how she's activating the bite from the baton which forms in a wire frame about her fleshing out a fully forms current gen lightcycle. Most noticeable thing about the cycle is it almost seems Deelel is a part of the bike herself from how she's now formed almost into it.

"If you used a cycle in user space same basic set up the controls are the same. If you haven't?"

Deelel takes a moment to explain the basics of their operation and prays to her User they are enough for her friends. Her own machine revs it's engine.

"We shouldn't waste time, tanks and worse will be on the way at this rate."
Beck's own attacks came racing in. One of them got knocked right over, while several more were voxeled away. A few that attempted to defend themselves from the Renegade's attacks suddenly get blasted through by the backside by Blackbird.

A few them started to stagger back now. The programs they were facing (unaware that most of these were not programs at all!), were putting a hurt on their numbers. Faruja's own attack came in and several of them were able to defend themselves. Including also when Avira moved in as well. Then the laser beams from the Sage collide into several of them who were not ready for it and they get turned into voxels as well.

TRON then performed some nice feats of fancy getting a good deal of them corned and causing a few of them to actually head for the door as they try to defend themselves. Actually retreating! Which may be a good thing-- or a bad thing.

Maira's fire then clears out several more into nice voxels, while Deelel is able to knock out some guards and take their batons. As for the rest. They are running away.
Faruja Senra Faruja nods towards the others, frowning. "Agreed. So much as I appreciate a proper martrydom, time and place, Sers and Dames!" His head tilts. Paulo speaks. Wobble.

"'Tis not as hard as it initially seemed! One merely shifts their center of gravity just a touch..." Oh, wait, spells. FIRE!

Luckily, Faruja doesn't have to be told twice, that familiar non-friendly Maira heat on his back. Duck!

"Now, about that method of transportation? Oh dear /Faram/ why did I not bring Arista along?" Somehow he doubts summoning her would work well here. Nor does he seem to get the use of the batons!

Until Deel explains. Faruja turns to the group at large. "Human...or program in this is not my forte." Explains the rat quickly. Nope, he'll not be the driver tonight, Sers and Dames.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi watches Deelel-- taking note of the 'how' and 'why'. If nothing else, Paulo is a very quick study. "Got it," he says with a cocky grin-- looking over his shoulder to see more baddies coming. With a quick motion of his hand, digital wind kicks the baton to his hands. He runs forward-- leaping and kicking into a bike. There we go, there is the BA transformation he was looking for. It revs up right in front of Serah as he tells her, "Come with me, if you want to live," in his most masculine voice possible. Note: Still not very masculine. He is only 19. The engine revs.
Some people already called it right. They need to get out of here and Deelel was already going over some of the cycle basics. "If you don't know how to ride a bike. You can catch a ride with me." The Renegade says calmly as he then hooks his disc to his back and pulls out his own.

"Stay close to me and follow my lead. These guys have cycles as well and some far worse things." The Regenade then activates the cycle inside the arcade. He revs it a bit as he keeps his foot down on the ground. "..and is everyone alright?"

Now the question was.. tunnel.. or Outlands..
Eric Bartholomew Completely missing Faruja's reaction to his pyrotechnics, Eric grinned as he did a small mental dance of victory at seeing some of the things flee his fire... until he realized they were coming for the rest of them. He squeaked, about to cast a spell, but they were fleeing again as everyone else drove them off. He felt rather impotent, but at least they were all alive!

He caught the baton and looked at it in open confusion, wondering why anyone thought it was a good idea to give a melee weapon to a Black Mage. And then Deelel said something about them being their ticket out of here and... woah! He gaped at the lightcycle, not entirely certain he could pilot something like that, as nothing like it existed in Gaia. He looked down at the batons.

"Exactly how fast can these go?" he asked, rather unable to mask the boyish hopefulness in his voice. One of his favorite things he'd ever managed with his magic was zipping around in a kid's wagon on an aero when he was eight.
Serah Farron Serah Farron picks up the 'baton', wondering what to do with it when its tossed her way.

She even uses it to scratch the back of her head for a moment... but then Deelel does that little demonstration "... That's neat. I wonder if that'd work in our world too..." Well, if she can even bring the stick back with her, might be fnu to try. But for now...

She holds the stick with her two hands, leaning forward slightly. The cycle materializes under her, forcing her into an even more prone position, and surrounding her with that sort of bubble protecting the driver, as she ends up sitting on top of it.

"... Wow, that's incredible!" She exclaims from inside that bubble, looking around. She wobbles the stick a bit, and suddenly it rides off.

She only has time to go ACK before she slams into a nearby post. She groans, the cycle disapearing and leaving her on the ground, on her knees. "Maybe I'm not good with driving..." She sighs, but puts the baton away in a pocket, as she looks up to Paulo's offer. She has a giggle, shaking her head "Cute, but let's go quickly." She slides up and behind Paulo quickly, ready to drive off.
Blackbird Blackbird twisted around, still firing one handed while snagging a baton from mid-air. These guards were down and so she holdered her weapon and concentrated on the baton. "How does this work?" She shook it holding the thing like a sword handle.

"HOW?!" Blackbird's mind spooled back to Deelel summining a bike. "Just throw it? Are there commands? Thought pattern? What?" She was shouting so she could be heard. In the middle of a battle and running for your lives was NOT the best time to suddenly be expected to know how to use New Thing.

While she waited for a response she cast about with her healing magic focusing on TRON and Deelel. They were apparently natives here. Priority: Keep those two alive.

And then Deelel gives a demonstration of how to USE the light cycle. Oohkay press button and throw. She remembered seeing Deelel do this before but now... Throw. She caught the handle bars right as the cycle formed around her. It felt like a full body glove actually. Shes ridden many bikes but this felt almost like she was laying down and gliding along the road. Pity she always wante a recumbant like off that one anime. oh well.

All thought of being chased was momentarily cleared from her mind as she let out a joyous noise. "WOOHOOOHOOOO! YEEAA!" And away she went off to wherever Deelel was headed.
Avira Avira gladly snags a baton. She's familiar with the light cycles-and by that she means she's had to fight Deelel while she was riding one in the arena a while ago. Carefully, she watches Deelel hold the baton so a light cycle is summoned in front of her.

"I know how to ride a motorcycle. Mercade taught me." she announces, leaning over so the bike appears beneath her. "Maira, get on my bike and get those gummi grenades ready. If they chase us, I want you to bomb the crap out of them."
Arthur Drover Arthur takes hold of one of the batons. He waves the incomprehensible rod, taking time to inspect it before anyoner flies off. "Avira, this is highly experimental." He doffs his satchel and passes it over to the inventor. "Throw it and make sure you are far away. It was an early failure, I don't have two. A thing should be elegant and beautiful, even if it is a tool and even if it will die in its use."

This cryptic explanation passed, the synthesist waits to see if anyone is tagging along with him, and should they do so, he will take off. In any other circumstance, the old hunter rides alone - keeping to the rear with the surprises still in his last remaining pair of satchels.
Maira Maira looks up as a baton comes flying in her general direction. Reactively she catches it in a hand still wreathed in flame, though she quickly extinguishes it before it can do any damage. She then looks to Deelel, watching the light cycle appear, her eyes widening in proportion to her grin, which becomes downright maniacal as she realizes what she holds in her hand. Girl has a serious need for speed. GLEE!

She has no real idea how to drive one of these things, but there is absolutely zero chance she isn't going to give it a try. Zero.

Maira mimics Deelel's motions and summons the light cycle around herself, accompanied with a slightly unnerving girlish giggle of utter excitement. "Avira! No way! I'm driving! Someone has to take Faruja Faruja, hop on and come with me!" she calls, reaching into her pocket then to pass Faruja the pouch Arthur had given her. "Okay, we're going last and we're gonna cover our escape, got it? Throw these behind us as we go! Trust me! Go go!" she calls to the others.

Assuming Faruja does indeed hop on, the two of them will wait for the others to all clear out before Maira peels out on the lightcycle.

There are only two modes Maira knows; Stop, and Hold-Onto-Your-Everything-Break-Neck-Speed.

She does the second one, bwee'ing in wild abandon! "BWEEEEE!!!"
Avira Avira loops the sachel over her shoulder immediately. Only once she has it secured to her does she peek inside. There is a moment of pause as her eyes widen, "Oho, this will be /fun/ to deploy." she doesn't want to pass this object off to anyone else.

Maira refuses her ride and Avira frowns. Oh well, if she was with Faruja, she'll be in good (human!) hands.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi revs one last time for effect. Have to have effect. Paulo promptly speeds off with the bike group with Serah in tow. It is kind of like that one game with a hero wielding a sword and princess wielding a bow. Only Paulo has a beard-- and cant use a sword very well. Its nothing like that, actually. Either way, the sage revs around-- banking left and right to test this things manueverability. "Yaaaaahhhooooo," he yells to the digital wind as he drives.
Deelel Deelel still kinda shudders at all the voxels everywhere it's just well a mess in her point of view she's reving the engines and she smirks at the question.

"Fast enough, damn fast actually compared to say what your used to for a mount."

Deelel's machine revs she's ready to ride. Sure it's not as fast as her classic first gen bike but it's a heck of a lot harder to ID than that would be. Given there were a handful of them around on the grid when she was last here, now there might not be any of them left.

She revs her engines.

"The cycles do, lets chatter lets get going just follow us and have a little faith."

Deelel intends to ride guard given her better experience with lightcycles over her life. She's also mentally checking her friends. Everyone is okay more or less she does look over to Faruja for a moment. "Well my dear Dragoon lets see how you handle this if you want flight maybe we can provide for that later, but that will need lessons."

Maira, and Avira are all set up it's time to get rolling but she's not so up to date on the grid's layout. A lot could have changed while she was away. So she calls out to Beck.

"TRON, lead the way, boss."
Eric Bartholomew Alright, Eric, don't be a showoff. You don't have to prove your nez- manliness by pretending you know what you're doing when you clearly don't. You don't have to try the super-cool-awesome-looking-thing while being chased down by a pack of hunters. You don't have to- Maira was doing it. And Faru was riding.

With a grin, Eric pushed the button, tossed the baton into the air... and squeaked in minor alarm as the lightcycle formed around him. Even more stupidly, once over the initial surprise of what happened to everyone else happening to him, he revs the engine to full throttle and goes peeling off in glee, "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

..... Dead man driving...
Faruja Senra Faruja takes the pack of gummi grenades, holding on. The ex-rat peers at the light cycle suspiciously. "Oh Faram, this is one of those contraptions Lady Deel rides." Squint! A foot pokes the cycle. He turns to Maira. He watches that grin spread on her face.

Faruja hops on, distinctly silent for a moment.

Then, he speaks, the slightest nervous tremble to his voice. "...Now, Maira, please let us ride at a reasonable spe...EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

Off into the sunset, Faruja holds onto bike and Maira for dear life.

Blink. Something catches his mind as he tries to distract himself from BREAK NECK MAIRA RIDE. He pulls out a voxel. Deel's voxel. Blink. He remembers those guards. "...D...Dear Faram this could be Deel's spleen." Yup, he's now thoroughly disturbed. He puts Deel Spleen Voxel back in his inventory.
TRON The black form of TRON seems to glance over at the others if the helm-cant is of any indication, many of whom are getting the hang of using the Light Cycles. These particular designs look strange to him, but he's far more used to... well, /his/ Grid's Light Cycle. Pity it can't take passengers. Then again, as fast as it can get?

<"Take whichever route you feel iz better for our group,"> he replies to Beck. He unclips his own baton--oddly just a plain glowing-blue cylinder compared to the more intricate batons of the others--and grasps it in both hands. He snaps forwards as the wire-frame of a completely-canopied Light Cycle forms around him, solidifying into a blue Light Cycle of much different (and older) make than the ones the others use.

<"Once we get moving, I will zcout around and enzure we are not followed."> His voice is further distorted, as if speaking through a subpar speaker with a modulator. <"Renegade, lead on.">
Maira Faruja is holding on for dear life alright!

"Uh, Faru!? Could you not hold onto to THOSE?" she calls back in mild alarm.
Aaand users are driving around. Beck glances over to TRON. There was a bit of a deadpan look behind the black full face visor. Man. Did they need to get a lasso? However TRON suggest to roll with it. So the Renegade TRON only nods his head.

He is thankful Deelel also called him by what his title is here and he gave a nod to TRON when he told him to lead on. Maybe some of these users will get it, or the first TRON will have to play rodeo with his much faster light bike. "..You know," He says to TRON as he revs his light cycle again. "..when we get to Argon-- you are going to snag a ton of attention with that thing." He almost sounds playful. "..I know someone who be jealous of it too."

and then The Renegade is off, to lead the charge to the Tunnel! It should be a nice one way shot into the backside of Argon and much closer to Purgos and hopefully Tesler isn't-- waiting or.. something.

Fraggin' Tesler.
Eric Bartholomew At Maira's shout, Eric shouted above the digital wind, "Dear Lord Faru, is now really the time to be groping your girlfriend???" before breaking off into peals of squeaky laughter as he zoomed on ahead.
The tunnel was long and forces were indeed waiting. Thankfully TRON and the others had methods of handling the troops and they kept on moving through. However the tunnel had collapsed in one section and Beck had to find another way through the old tunnel system. They eventually did make it into outlining every of Purgos and right into the old city sector.

Most everyone got ignored, at least at first. Though some started to scatter when they saw the Renegade. Others wondered why there was so many, till they saw the Renegade as well. By the end, the street was nearly vacant, beyond a few who still remained and those few only watched on.

Up high on buildings were billboards and those billboards explained it all.

The Renegade.
Wanted dead or alive.
Assassin program.
Approach with Caution.

Now it was the question if they could get the discs they needed...
Faruja Senra Faruja's nose bleeds, and his entire face is beat red. Hands go on the /waist/ now. " deepest apologies! Merely...grasped for the most, ahem, convenient and graspab...shutting up now, my dear!" Poor thing sounds honestly embarrassed. Then Eric speaks.

"SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND, MERELY A DEAR FRIEND! BESIDES, HATI'S ARE..." Pause. He clams up. Noope, not finishing that one. No need to dig his hole further!

As they pass by those troops? Cue the occasional gummi grenade. Faruja grins. "My, my, my, I shall have to acquire a few of these..." Someone is impressed.

Then, they're in Purgos. Faruja peers about. "My, my, my. 'Tis...beautiful, in its own right." Mutters the rat upon seeing so many large, tall buildings, somewhat reminding him of manhattan. Only glowy!
Paulo Mysidi Riding alongside Faru and Maira-- a rogue Paulo head turns to witness Faru's blight, "Suuuuuuuuuuuuurrr," he goes on-- which should end with a 'rrreeee' but his engine revs at that moment. Despite not being a real tech guy-- Paulo handles the bike very well. Reading the wind and adjusting quickly suits this method of transport. It is a lot like flying or floating at fast speeds. The bike sways with Serah on it as he makes it a fun ride. Sure, they might get obliterated at any moment, but at least he will have had a good time.

"Man. He wasn't kidding about being wanted," serious-Paulo notes seriously about the sign. Just who is this Beck? Why is he wanted? What did he eat for dinner?
Maira Despite having never driven a light cycle before, she manages not only not to crash and kill them both, but to actually maneuver around obstacles. AND she finds the breaks. She hits them as the others ahead of her do, though she didn't slow down much first, thus turning the bike to the side to drift it sideways until it comes to a stop, as if she were an action movie star.

Maira dismisses the bike and begins bouncing around like a crazy person. "THAT WAS AWESOME!"

She spots the billboard then and quiets down, looking around sheepishly as she winces an apology. "Ehe....sorry..."

Maira then looks to Faruja, blinking. "Hati's are /what/?" she asks. The end of that better not have been 'better!'
The Renegade pulled in and grunted a little at the craziness that was the tunnel and in some ways, thankful for the others help. As the people started to scatter, it was a harsh reminder of the truth. The truth of what lies were created about him. Either by CLU-- or by someone who left a mark on him.

"..This may be trickier then.." he mutters to himself, but doesn't continue. Looking back at the others. The Renegade then responds to Faruja, "..Purgos is one of the older cities. It use to be Argon proper.. really, until Argon became larger and sprawled out from it. Now it is a sector of Argon city that-- lower, more.. unable programs come too.. Because of that. There is a rather large black market here.. and not the best of people."

Then to Maira, "..Its ok. There is a long story behind it.. but no real time to explain right now."

The Renegade looked then over to Paulo, "..and no. I wasn't kidding." Then Beck dismounted from the bike, allowing it to return into the baton, before attaching it to his hip. "Just trying and keep a low profile for a bit. I need to go find someone who may be able to help us out."

Renegade then looks at TRON, "..You think you can keep an eye on them while I go see what I can do." He then does a quick head count. "It shouldn't take me to long. They are not far from here." He places out his hand to TRON. "..and thanks.. by the way.."

The white suited program then backs away from the others before he then takes off into the allies.
Deelel Deelel was thinking this was one of those cycles and she totally agrees with the idea of getting a lasso a user roundup may be needed. She's going to have a mental image of Tron and Beck with cowboy hats for a while at this point. She speaks up at the mention of Argon.

"I'm not going to like the state of Argon ... am I?"

Even distorted one can hear the sadness in her voice, it's her home and she has no idea what's happened. She ignores the comments between Eric and Faruja, oh she so totally does. Also they are heading to the tunnel thankfully they are able to get through with no fatalities and it takes a while for them to get through but she can't help but look, damn Beck really has made an impression here. She also thinks Faruja is digging himself so darn deep today at this point.

"It's ... home. This is the world I spoke to you of Faruja. Do you see now why only seeing it would do it any justice. It's the same for your world really. They don't like TRON, what can I say they are pulling a grand old SARK and MCP to be sure. As for where we're going we should be able to get what we need to help with our little problem. Her bike returns to the baton from which it came. It snaps back on to her leg as she gets moving with the group.

"Insert foot A into Mouth Port B, Faruja?"

She can't help but take this chance to poke at him. She meanwhile looks about doing head count, to make sure no one got lost.
Blackbird Blackbird has spent years around bikes. She is familiar with their operation and how to Not Die while riding one. Yet eventually the trip ends and she manages, somehow, to cause her bike to collapse back into a baton... which she hides in an inside pocket of her coat.. Then... Deelel spoke. TRON... SARK MCP. These names are Strange... yet hold a ring of familiarness to her. TRON was also Bradly's nickname when Flynn was around. Sark... Sark was't that from one of the games Flynn made? MCP.


She... wait. "This... We're in..." She tried speaking, articulate hat had jolted through her brain. "Master Control Program, as in what was running the Encom mainframe and primary network right before Flynn took over?"
TRON TRON drives the Light Cycle expertly, lagging more towards the back to assist Maira and Faruja with keeping the enemy at bay. Usually by using his bike's Jet Walls to herd the enemy into the Gummi Grenades. Turned out to be relatively effective, all things considered, but TRON feels a strange wobble in the front end that has only gotten worse since they've left the Arcade. It seems the damage suffered from past usage is affecting such things as handling.

When they arrive in Purgos, he notices the billboards alright, the sheer number of them reflecting off of the canopy of his Light Cycle. But there is always a story, a matter of perception and perspective... and he feels like he's /missing/ something. Like he should know but simply... doesn't.

Right. The Other. Must be some strange feedback or something.

The blue old-style Light Cycle, predating anything on /this/ Grid if the assortment of modern-day Light Cycles in their convoy is of any indication, grabs a lot of attention by itself. Most don't even know what it is, but if the rider is with the convoy, they don't want to get anywhere close. It just proves that they're way too conspicuous out in the open like this.

His Light Cycle dissipates and he lands on the ground with practiced ease, looking around with neither his stance nor his visor giving any indication of his thoughts nor identity. He only gives Beck a quick handshake before the Renegade runs off, then he motions to everyone else. <"Let'z ztick together and get out of the ztreet.">

To Blackbird, he simply shakes his head. <"Negative. That iz..."> His voice trails off for a moment, then back as if nothing had happened. <"That iz another matter entirely. But there iz no time to explain now.">
Arthur Drover Arthur angles the bike well. He's ridden a bucking chocobo. This is much smoother. He doesn't have any way to communicate with the other pairs - instead beaming along solo. Then they are coming to a stop. He manages, by sheer accident, a bootlegger's turn. Appropriate for a man who spent some of his younger days selling snake oil out of a caravan. The smith's feet find the ground and he immediately stows the rod in the band of his belt, where a sword would go. But he carries no sword.

The forgemaster takes small chips of light out of his pocket. Once this was a powder, now it seems to have digitally congealed. As the others come to a stop, presumably to reconnoiter, Mr. Drover begins planting the chips in a wide circle, like a druid's ritual of warding or a magician's conjuring trick. He does not appear to be attentive. He is counting under his breath, measuring his steps. Something like string is drawn from his pack, once it was a loop of fire imp hair, now it is something else- shimmering like fresh-laid solder. His archer's gloves, made glowing by the reality of this place, handle it well. He loops it around a few of the little pips. The entire thing does not take long. It is much like a hunter setting snares - because it is.

"Miss, my sympathies. Ye'll have to come to the forge for a drink when this is over. You know this world. You give me an order and I'll follow it, and I know that goes double for my young charges." Here he points at Paulo, Avira, Maira, voice somewhat harsher.

"No time for big questions - but perhaps a little one, what is our route of escape? For that matter, how'd we get in here?"

He's peeking into bins, behind buildings in bad repair, never going an inch out of view of the group, but he speaks amid constant movement. This is a habit his "forge buddies" would be familiar with.

When Tron says no time to explain, the older man's ears perk, and he turns, all attention and keenness.

But a few gold colored chips are thrown down one corridor, where they stick to the ground and erect sharp points. No civilians around, time to use the nasty tools.
Eric Bartholomew Admittedly, Eric never found the brakes, but a good wind spell would do whenever he needed it! Or whenever he needed to blast some red-lines away! He shared Paulo's reaction of 'suuuuuuuuuuuure!' to Faruja's embarassment, the sage and black mage practically in-sync. Yup, totally liking this kid. As Eric rolled to a stop, a gale abated, whipping up what little might be whipped up in this strange world. As the light cycle vanished, he darted up to Maira squealing, "I KNOW, RIGHT?!!!"

As his fellow ex-nezu dug his hole deeper, he couldn't help but chuckle, "Ohohoho, so Ser Senra has 'hotties' on the side?"

Okay, yeah, he totally didn't get that that was a name, but he was still pulling the Templar's leg. Faru made it too easy!

As Eric looked around at the billboards, however, his mood changed entirely.

"Oh my..." he squeaked. He'd rather depleted his magic with all the saves he had to pull on himself to prevent a crash - he wasn't sure how much use he would be now.
Serah Farron Serah Farron held on to Paulo throughout the ride, also marvelling at the speed and sights of the virtual city around them. Its quite beautiful. Her arms are tightly linked around Paulo's sides, not wanting to be knocked out or slip out by accident. At this speed, it'd be dangerous. "Its remarkably stable at this speed." She notes to him or noone in particular really.

She hops off the cycle on arrival, smoothing her skirt down a bit after the ride "Is the exit here, or did we just go even deeper into danger?" She wonders. She thrusts TRON knowing more than she does at least, but it doesn't make it any less worrisome when you end up in the middle of 'enemy territory' like that...
Avira Looks like Avira never got the chance to use the toy Arthur gave her moments before. Avira's actually alright with that meaning she gets to save it for later. She'll save that bike for later too, even if she can't use it in the real world.

Assuming they all get back to the real world at some point. Right now, though, it seems like they're a little stuck.

"Low profile. Right. Got it." Avira's steps are swift and every now and then she looks over at Maira who was no doubt acting a little crazy right now.

"So I'm hoping you can answer now that a little of the heat is off." Avira speaks up, directing her words to Beck. "What do you mean by 'Strays'?"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi observes to Serah, "My sage-like senses tell me-- deeper into rabbit hole." Or is it chocobo's nest? There is a nod that is given to Beck-- he didn't doubt the program it is just that this all seems too surreal. So surreal that he might as well take everything literal. He adds in with the informational pow wow as he tries to keep a low profile in his extravagent robes-- "I am also curious. Just the name itself-- an unwanted creature. In a place this structured... I get it things won't end well if we get captured. So-- another thought. Where is 'out' exactly? I'll defer to friends as to where we are going, but I'd like to know a bit about our escape plans here. Even mountains fade to enough wind."
Faruja Senra Faruja opens his muzzle, and it just hangs there. The Templar's head just /hangs/ as that question sits in the air. He feels about five inches tall. Eric and Deel don't help. Make that two inches.

"...Hati has the form of a sleek dancer, slim and lithe, and powerful! Wild and strong! /You/, my dear, have the form of an actress: fetching, lovely, and with a natural warmth and comfort that makes thy hugs pleasant and enjoyable! Both of you are utterly beautiful, and frankly 'tis a wonder these male Programs are not bowing down before thy beauty!" Save!

Faruja nods to TRON. "Mmm, the poor quarter then." Ex-rat tank go? He stays in front of Maira protectively, single eye peering about as he listens to the others.
Blackbird Blackbird frowned and scuffed a toe at the not-ground. The supposition FIT. THey looked in a very VERY space-paranoids like world. The Laser looked a lot like the SHIVA ENCOM was experimenting with way back about the sametime. And now The three initials of a thing ENCOM didn't really speak about much given at the time there were accusations of unauthorized networking into SAC and other even worse things. She didn't believe half of it but she knew a Master Program that was sortof a super traffic cop DID exist at one point right before... Her brow furrowed and she wans't quite sure where she was. After all she had to dig deep for all this old obscure info she only lerned about from refurbishing a bunch of the old mainframes kept in the boneyard. Funny. Flynn's desk had gone missing awhile back. Well mroe desk sized minicomp similar to the one that was back at the arcade. No that wans't this it just happened to be a popular formfactor..

"Low Profile. Nothing ofrigins." Blackbird was a sortof distracted monotone at this point. "No magic, or at least nothing flashy." Slow nod. "I hear you." No she didn't. She was trying to make sure two plus two didn't end up equelling Fish.
Maira Maira has always wanted to ride a light cycle. Well, for as long as she's known about them. So...well, months. STILL! It was really awesome.

Maira grins to Eric, even though he's being kind of a butthead, then grows more sober. She walks over to Deelel and places a hand on her shoulder comfortingly, watching Beck as he moves off to try to help them out. Yes, they are terribly conspicuous.

Maira then looks to Faruja, and facepalms, turning red. "Okay okay Faruja, I get it I get it..." she grumbles, punching him quite lightly in the arm before she wanders over toward Arthur, watching him curiously. "Whatcha doing?" she asks, head canted to the side slightly in question, hands clasping behind her back.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi heard 'No flashy magic' somewhere in there. Did it register? Maybe. Maayyyybeeee.

The young man looks back to Faru and gives him a hearty slap on the square of his back, "Relax. Low profile. Like... ninja. Or a treasure hunter. Moreso a ninja." Ninja.
Deelel Deelel thinks the idea of getting off the street is a good one, and Faruja's suffering continues to suffer eternally from the rest of the party she can't help but be amused with it. She tilts her head to Serah for a moment.

"Not really we got a chance to make our lives easier..."

The mention of Strays by AVIRA get her looking at her. She's going to let someone else field that, who know the subject better. It's not a present thing to think about really, also an old nightmare comes up. The faded memory of seeing friends here being experimented upon by a mad version of herself was something hard to forget.

"You are correct Paulo."

She looks back to Faruja for a moment and she laughs at Faruja's attempt to get himself out of trouble.

"So what does that make me hummmm?"

She looks to Blackbird for a moment and nods. She's sizing up the situation things go through her mind like her home is it still there? Or has it been idled out and re-purposed for something else? She'll have to go check later there could be supplies there, failing that it be a place to hide out. Also she'd have to check the grimmest thing on her mind. Is anyone she cares about still alive or did they all get cubed? No first focus on the living if Cel and the others are all right currently they should be able to wait a few cycles longer. She keeps an watchful eye on on the rest of the group and hopefully they can find what they seek. A way to either get them light suits and hopefully find fake or if they are lucky real discs for them.
TRON TRON leans back against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest and resting the flat of one foot against the surface. He watches Arthur secure their location with traps and such, but doesn't relax despite that, still keenly looking around just in case.

<"I believe, Avira..."> He hestitates, relying on the data he has. <"CHIEF once told me that Programz advanced to the point where they muzt have a Dizc in order to hold all their data."> He motions towards assorted Purgos Programs hanging around. <"Thuz, if zuch a Program iz zeperated from their Dizc, they zoon forget who they are and what their function iz. Thuz, they become a 'Ztray' until they are reprogrammed with a new purpoze.">

He takes his Silver Disc off of his back and idly twirls it between his fingers again. The lines on it are glowing and it hums ominously. <"Doez that make zenze?">

He cants his helm briefly to the others. <"Az for an ezcape route... I do believe that iz what the Renegade iz looking into. It zeemz we are zafe for the time being.">
Beck had a rough road to hoe. Most of the Sirens here didn't even want to deal with him. Most of his connections had dried up thanks to CLU's forces and Tesler's actives while he had been gone. Some even went as far to tell him that he abandoned them.

However, Beck would get his chance at last, including bring the Siren slowly to the group.

As for the others. They got a rather quiet, uneventful time. Beyond a few people who lurked and watched. It seemed none of the guards were coming and the people were to frightened to get near the group who was associated with the Renegade.

Yet. Slowly Beck would return with a female in high heels, silver short hair, blue glowing eyes, and a white skin tight suit, that was almost silver in color with bright white lines over her body. She glances at the ground, before looking to the Renegade, then to them. "...there is so many of you.. you poor things.." She then steps forward before placing out her hand. "My name is Aurora. Please come with me." Her hand then returns to her side, before she walks past the Renegade and back into the shadows of the alley with only her light lines giving away her location.
Faruja Senra Faruja taps his chin after rubbing his arm, now quite satisfied at /not/ getting slapped. See, he's not Ivo! Paulo speaks, and the rat wobbles.

"...Stealth hath never been my forte. I prefer charging into the battle of love and beauty!"

He leans into Deel. Whisper whisper. "Athletic, stalwart, and a most determined figure!" Pause. Peer. "Graceful, yet warm...Mmm. A Cleyran dancer, were thee a nezumi!"

Then, they're off, and Beck comes back with a Lady. All the techno-talk goes over his head. He bows. "M'Lady." Follow the Lady in white!
Blackbird Blackbird bowed to Aurora but said nothing. She hand't really been paying attention to what was going on, but this lady seemed friendly enough and this is wehre they were headed. Plus if it was a trap assumptions of her harmlessness would be vastly innacurate.. "Uh Deelel, Tron... Miss Aurora, Is there like a data cube or book or something i can sift through?" She smiled softly, "Memory's a bit fuzzy and always good to keep a copy of what's what on hand. Don't want to go blank when something important gets brought up."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi follows Beck but shares Faru's love of dramatics. "When we get out of here-- we need to train together and come up with a combo. Like-- fiery lancer stab of love and justice. Or something smaller-- like Holy Prism Lance." Chin rub. Then he motions to Maira, "We improv'd one once. That was hot." Literally, hot. Like a supernova. Poor Horned King.
Beck does return with a Siren, but the Renegade remains quiet. He waits for everyone to go ahead, before he checks their backs to make sure they wont be followed. He already warned her this would become a normal ordeal. People coming in probably now.

So the Siren would need to stay clean and help those who would come to her. She seemed ok with this and he was thankful that she still believed in what he was trying to do.

So once everyone goes. Beck will follow.


You all obtain a identity disc and new light suit cloths!

Now you can look like a program and walk around with your identity discs! It even comes with fancy program handles if you so want one. Huzzah!
Maira Maira laughs softly at Faruja and Paulo, nodding. "Yes, we did. That was pretty great!" she agrees before turning her attention to the approaching program. She curtsies. In jeans. Whatever. "Nice to meet you Aurora, I'm, okay," she says, then would follow, shrugging lightly
Serah Farron Serah Farron notices that the new program, Aurora, is a girl. Well, its not surprising in itself, she knows about Deelel after all. But seeing TRON and Aurora like that makes her wonder if genders really matter in this world, like in her world...

Not that she wants to ask... That'd be rude.

She sighs at her own curiosity, but follows in stride "Are we really safe here though... I'm worried..."
Deelel Deelel she notices the Siren, Beck has found, this is stroke of luck, they get hopefully get legit discs from this. She knows it may cost a good bit but she's willing to pay. Given you can't put a price tag on helpng to keep your friends heads intact, right? Faruja's comments get a grin behind her faceplate as she's leaned into by Faruja nad he makes her compliment. She seems in a good mood as she shuffles after the groups. The Siren gets a look over for a short moment.

"I am in your debt Aurora."

She's relaxing now and just looking about the place and the others a she tilts her head.

"Even before I got lost? This was not a spot that security liked to go if it didn't have to. It's the bad part of town more or less."

her helmet snaps back from where it came as did her cloak, she just kinda flops down.

"As for energy I'll see about getting us some tanks of it, it should be easy enough."
Arthur Drover Arthur spends some time receiving explanations, but sleep and family are calling him away, so with brief parting, and an explanation to the others about the traps laid out - he meanders homeward - there's much to be done tomorrow.

This scene contained 106 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Avira, Deelel, Maira, TRON, Blackbird, Oblivion, Serah Farron, Beck, Paulo Mysidi, Eric Bartholomew, Arthur Drover