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(2013-08-06 - Now)
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Evja The rumored Viera who had fled the portal that had opened up in the Fluorgian Airport jumped straight to the rooftops and ran like a bat, or bunny as it were, out of hell. Where they went none could be sure given how fast they fled. If one were skilled enough in tracking trails, though, or perhaps had someone or thing who could track scents... they could track the fled Viera simply enough to the Housing Distract in Fluorgis. But of all places to track them to, it was to an abandoned lot that appears to have been lit aflame and burnt to the ground. All that's left of what was once a house is ashes and rubble, as well as the burnt husks of belongings that haven't yet been picked through by those around who cared enough to do such.

A lone form sits back to the street in the midst of the rubble, face buried in their hands and making no real sound. They were wearing a simple tunic and trousers and not much else, form slight and hair long, unbound, easily mistaken for a female from the back or any angle that didn't directly show their face or lack of breasts. And hell, even then, they did LOOK quite feminine.
Shadow Enter one Shadow. No last name, just Shadow. The rumors spread like wildfire about the Viera in the streets. Chance had it that he was in Fluogis at the time-- but around these parts there is more the strings of fate versus pure luck. A possible "male" Viera. It is unheard of. The employer talking to Shadow about it goes on and on about how it is as if they just found a way to turn lead to gold. Shadow doesn't seem to care. He just wants the job-- something to take the mind off of the nightmares he has been having. Some... purpose. So he takes the job.

And now he is here-- standing outside of an abandoned lot in the Housing District. Interceptor has had his nose to the ground for some time now-- finally barking at the front door to a burned down house. There s very little presence of a man of silence-- though he denies that by stepping into the rubble and approaching the lone form. A hand reaches out to her(?) shoulder. Not grabby-- just a 'Hey. You need to get up.' gesture. Interceptor stands by his shady friend's side-- panting after all that sleuth work.
Ulharisk tends to visit Fluorgis rather often. It was the place he felt most at home at really and perhaps this had to do with the fact it was really also the first place he obtained work, learned about money, and spent a great deal of time here getting to know Maira and Percival.

This place was like, a home-- away-- from well.. yeah.

The man was someone who stood out really. With his bare feet that had toe-nail claws. To even the claws on his finger tips. He had elvish like ears, but they were slightly off. To even his serpent like eyes of violet color. The oddest part was his skin. Though a nice deep tan, they had a slight scale pattern to them in curtain places.

He walked easily in the night, with a bag under his arm. Munching on a piece of bread he bought. He knew of the rumors, but he didn't understand them. There was so much of these worlds he just-- didn't understand. Then again, the fact he started to understand how to read a clock or even a calender was rather remarkable!

So Ulharisk walked the streets heading for the airport and decided to go down an alley way, unaware of what he may find or who really.
Evja A dog? That was fairly common in this city, so the nearby barking didn't even make the Judge think twice about things. However, the sudden presence of someone else and the hand on the shoulder caused him to flinch and suddenly dart forward, turning around and starting to reach up to try and cover his face before the arm slipped away from the lower half of it. He tried again and it somehow failed once more, slipping off like it couldn't cover him in any fashion.

"Damnit!" Came a soft curse out of him before saying, "What do you want?! I wish to be left alone, I know you not and want nothing to do with you, please leave."
Minerva Minerva is just out and about really really looking for brawls, looking for booze, new ways to make booze or generally snooping about. The latter was more for VALKYRI being any sort of information she might pickup. Booze made people talk even minions of certain troublesome forces on occasion after all. Either way she was a bit more distracted than normal as she moves to catch up with Ulharisk, she was unaware of the affair with the talk of a male Viera being about. Also she is totally not aware of a Ninja being about either at this point.

It shouldn't take long for Ulharisk to spot the human woman, she kinda stands out with her hair even in a place like this also the mithril legging and gauntlets she wears likewise stand out on a crowd as she calls out once more

"Oi! Ulharisk? Where are you?"
Shadow There is a long, awkward pause between the ninja and the Judge. Shadow's eyes seem vacant-- as if considering the situation. Interceptor slips over to the cursing (wo)man and gives a bark. He is no fairy, but that definately said 'Hey! Listen!' in dogese.

Shadow explains in a reserved voice, "There is a contract on you. They would prefer you be taken in without injury." There is a soft nod as he allows for a vacant pause to linger between statements. "If you refuse, then I will make it quick, but I have a job to fulfill," he tells the Viera-- and anyone overhearing that could take it allll the wrong way. Ninja with a dog acosting a refuge. How could that possibly be seen negatively.
Ulharisk picks up some conversation, somewhere near by, however his attention is pulled away as Minerva shouts in the crowd. "Over here Minerva!" he calls over, waving his hand in the air. Oh wait-- wasn't she blind? Crap. He couldn't remember...

He stepped out a bit from the alley so when she got in close he take her wrist gently and lead her into the alley. Even at night the streets were kinda busy, so the alley was just easier to traverse.

Though once he gets her into the alley, he places his index and middle finger to his lips gently going, 'shh'. Before he moves once more a bit further in the alley and listens again carefully. If only he could transform to his dragon form. It may be easier to pick up on what was going on...
Evja "... a contract you say? I care not. I have no intention of going anywhere with anyone at the moment, I am not in the mood and..." and Evja was also not feeling the best, partially due to having what may have been a part of his soul ripped out by Hades. Or something, anyways. It was something. And he still felt quite weak because of it. "Please. Just leave me be. I will fight you if I have to, but I don't wish to hurt anyone over something as silly as wishing to be left alone!"

The dog is looked at only occasionally, more focused on Shadow if only because the Viera gave a person more credit than an animal.
Minerva Minerva is able to spot Ulharisk with him calling back. She makes for him easily enough, and no Minerva isn't blind at all she can see well enough. She weaves in and out of of the other people as she makes it into the alley. She does get the idea something is up as he makes a shh motion. She raises one silver eyebrow for a moment before nodding silently.

She now is also likewise trying to listen in this could be useful to VALKYRI or is Ulharisk a gossiper and has not told anyone about it? Well she'll find out soon enough from the sounds of it and wait what is going on as she hears two voices but she can't quite hear what they are saying at least not yet.
Shadow There is a look to Evja's retort. No, Shadow did not expect that the Viera would agree to this. She-- or He-- seems quite in bad shape already-- physically and emotionally. The ninja has a dull heartbeat-- so such a state is reduced to its basics. In this case-- he has a job to do. Drawing from one of his pouches-- he produces a fist full of herbs. In a single, graceful motion, he spreads them in Evja's direction. The wind carries them like an autumn breeze over towards the form of the resistant persona. He did say he would make it quick.
Ulharisk then whispers gently to Minerva, "..I heard something about a contract.. and someone wanting to be left alone.." His violet eyes look at her, then back toward the wall. "..someone could be in trouble."

No. The Dragon was not a gossiper. He was however a guardian and a guardian was to protect the people. Ulharisk then crouched down low, before he leaped straight up into the air, using his own magic arts to soften his steps on the roof top. He then carefully started to move across the roof. Attempting to look down upon where Shadow and Evja may be, or at least where he was sure they were.

As for Minerva, she have to find her own way up or-- just go around.
Evja Why was the man in black throwing what seemed to be dust at him? Before Evja had much chance to think about it, an inadvertant breath caused the Viera to suddenly feel wobbly and by the time he could think to say, "Please... don't..." the strength left his body rather suddenly and he slumped to the ground unconscious. Must have been some type of sleeping drug.
Shadow The ninja watches as the life starts to fade from Evja's eyes. The drugs work swiftly-- but the amber eyes watch the weakened one's eyes as they begin to slip. He either wishes to retain honor in the attack or is sadistic. Maybe both. When the judge is out, the shrouded man kneels down to check for vitals. Pulse. Breathing. Check. Then he finally scoops the figure up and drapes the sleeping figure over his shoulder.

Shadow adjusts for weight. At least Evja is fairly light. If the armor was on HOOOO BOY, broken ninja back. It may look strange, but the assassin and his dog make their way back towards the tavern with 'catch' in tow.
Ulharisk went to suddenly leap off the building and tries to land right on Shadow. However he was very off and instead landed right into a trashcan. Which-- then tipped over. Ok. Not the best way to start a rescue mission...
Mercade Alexander "Well now. That's not something you see every day." The voice drawls from the entrance to the tavern, where a man in a trenchcoat has appeared leaning in the doorway. He flicks his gaze over from under his fedora, tapping the brim in greeting to the ninja as he straightens himself. "Look, this just looks bad. So how about you explain what's going on here. I know there's some rumors going around about a male Viera, but is this supposed to be the one?"

He looks over and squints at the Viera. "Doesn't look all that male to me." He frowns. "Is this going to get creepy? I hope not." Guess he doesn't have a good look on the bunnyperson yet.
Shadow Sky diving assault! CRASH! Shadow's eyes alone slide to the side-- looking towards the trashcan that just got knocked over from Ulh's entrance. Interceptor does the dog act, standing high on his hindlegs and barking fiercely. For the most part, Shadow ignores it-- though has a good idea that this won't be the end of it. Fortunately he subscribes to the rule of stealth that if no one survives... wait, or was that another ninja?

The shady one headcocks to the dog in response to Mercade, "Men and women have a different scent." That neither confirms or denies that Shadow believes Evja is a man. As for the explaination, Shadow is still walking. He wouldn't stop Mercade from walking with him. "The rumor became a paying job," he says with his raspy 'I dont speak often' brief choice of words.
Minerva Minerva says "A contact? Sounds like sell swords and a bounty."

She's from a fairly grim world but she was kinda soft in some ways on certain things. She'll at least try find out what's up as surprisingly swift as she leaps after Ulharisk she's no dragoon but she can jump pretty well and scrambles after him. She follows him all the way down but it doesn't end well for her splort she ends up not landing in a trash can but no she lands in a freaking garbage bag that explodes from the impact.

There goes Minerva's pride all in one shot. She rises up trying to ahem not think about it a she says.

"What seems to be the problem here?"
Ulharisk gently pulls himself out and grumbles, as he picks up a banana peel off his head. He gives it a squint eye look, before tossing it aside and trying to brush himself off. He then points his clawed finger at Shadow who..

..Is still walking. Right.

So Ulharisk marches after him. "You! Put that-- bunny person down!" He then pauses in thought, his steps slowing down for a moment, before he picks them back up again. "Or else you will faith our wraith for your wrong doing!"
Mercade Alexander Mercade just facepalms at the sight of the man crashing into the trash cans. Well, that's one thing down. He looks back up at Shadow, sighing, and then gets an incredulous look on his face. "So you're going around sniffing people now?" Mercade shakes his head. "This is ridiculous."

He steps out and holds up a hand. "Now hang on a minute here. Is this a bounty, and if so, is it legit? Is this Viera a criminal? Or are you just hustling someone for cash? Let's hear the details."
Shadow "Yes," is all Shadow says to Mercade's barrage of questions. His sign sign a waiver of apathy to the approval of the issue in the detective. All seems well in good with being 'disapproved' of until both Mercade intervenes in front of him and Ulh marches after him and declares for great justice to put her down.

The ninja's eyes close-- taking a breath and exhaling. He kneels down-- appearing to let go of the bunny-- only to give the sleeping Viera to Interceptor. The large dog, notably, barks. When his eyes open-- a blade comes out in a flash. It is off to the side and towards Ulharisk. His eyes are just as pointed, and look to the man in a fedora in front of him, "This is not personal. I will complete my job." His eyes continue to say that he will not suffer interefence. Silly. Great silliness.
Mercade Alexander "Yeah, but forgive me if I don't take your word for it." Mercade says. "Look, I have no reason to trust you, and by all appearances you just drugged a Viera and are walking off with them. Seriously, man." Mercade folds his arms. "Hand over the bunny." He looks down at Interceptor, who appears to be guarding the Viera. He grimaces. Dobermans are mean.
Shadow Shadow just stares at Mercade for a time. A man dressed completely in black has little concern for appearances. Would a writ of work convince him? No, it wouldnt. It would just be considered forged or questioned as to why. Pause. "Stand aside." His voice intones 'Final Warning'.
Ulharisk tsks at the knife, but then watches Mercade get involved. He goes to make a move. Until suddenly a random stray dog jumps out of no where and starts to try and pounce on the Draconian.

Needless to say. Isk has to now deal with a puppy-- before he can deal with a ninja. Next time Ninja man. NEXT TIIIIME!!
Minerva Minerva sees Mercade is involved now and suddenly puppy attack upon Ulharisk. She's pulled into and is trying to help him deal with it the smell is also attracting cats which just make things even more chaotic as now there are cats!
Mercade Alexander Mercade is still standing there. His arms are folded. "No." Mercade replies. "If I'm wrong, I'll apologize later. For now... The truth needs to be revealed." He sets himself, putting himself on his guard.
Shadow Shadow nods ever so faintly. This would not be a difference solved with wordds. He redirects his blade towards Mercade as the other two scamper off. Likewise-- his dog moves away from the two of them. His blade rips out at the man-- starting one way and going another. The attack appears to dance to and fro-- actually a combination of disorienting blade strikes. Two men fighting over Evja's Viera honor. Indeed.

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