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(2013-08-06 - 2013-08-06)
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Hades Hades has burned this guy's how down, set Negaduck on his people, but the Detective still is not dead. It's only one gumshoe, this shouldn't be too hard...or Evja was just THAT bad. Still, he can only work with what he has...and he's used to worthless minions.

Hades snaps his finger, shifting on his throne as Pain and Panic show up, they look at him, "What's up your horribleness?"

"What's up!? We're still without a dead Gumshoe! That's what's up! I have half a mind to complain to the judges bout this bunnies''s time to have a MEETING."

Hades snaps his fingers, invoking the ability to summon people to him who have made bargins with him.

So Evja would find himself infront of him, in the Underworld.

"Oh hey, how're doing? Relaxing? Getting your Judge on? Good good...but I think we're gona need to discuss something that I think I have a contract for you to do..."

"Something about a certain dashing hero detective? Yeah..."
Evja The sudden change in location was jarring. Evja was just leaving New Ivalice at this point, heading back towards the outside worlds atop his Chocobo, when fire enveloped him and suddenly he was standing somewhere entirely different. Entirely... alien.

And there was Hades.

"..." Silence was all that came from Evja for the time being past a look of surprise, armor on except the helm, veil wrapped around the face at the nose and down. The look of surprise slowly faded in exchange for a more impassive expression, eyes closing towards the end. "When we made our bargain, Lord Hades..." an attempt at formalities, Evja was fine being formal. What else would one call a god? "I specified something within the laws of where we stood, an attempt to make clear I had no intention of following through with something immoral or illegal. Apparently the encounter took place upon a place that had no laws, or otherwise surely killing another outside of self defense or defense of another would be illegal - yes?"

They had been over that then, though. Divinely-mandated killing, as Hades had put it in slightly other words, wasn't murder.
Hades "Don't even try that." Hades says, "I made the rules in that place, as I make them here. If you even try to try and out legaleese me here, I'll make your suffering something that will give Malificent nightmares." Hades says, unamused, "You failed in your side of the bargin, where as /I/ upheld mine. Besides, if my actions were not legal, you wouldn't have been bound by them."

"So Stop trying to give me escuses, and TELL ME WHY HE IS NOT DEAD!" the fire turns red, as he stands up, litterally flaming to the ceiling.

You know one thing. In this place, he is the absolute authority. None can challenge him here.
Evja "..."

Evja doesn't step back, but not so much out of a lack of fear so much as resignation. They knew this was likely the situation, and him stating it now made it all the more clear. When Hades yells and flares, Evja bows his head and closes his eyes once more before saying after a moments thought and looking back up to Hades, "That is why, until recently, I felt compelled to try and kill Mercade when given the opportunity. On those occasions others stopped me. The magic upon me, the laws of the Judges, kept me to that word."

A pause.

"They no longer bind me. And as such, I am reneging on killing Mercade. I am still willing to do something for you if you so desire it, within my morals and possibly some things out, but I will not kill anyone. Mercade included."

The Judge was one who had seemingly come to grip with his likely fate. He says as such. "I will not follow through with the contract." in plain words again as if to make it clear. His hands were held together behind him, no weapons, no attempts to escape or run, he was facing up to his own willing choice to disobey.
Hades Hades' flare dies down and he returns to his normal blue Flame...he doesn't look very happy to hear that...the little rabbit is renigging...which means his usefulness to him is nil.

Hades sits down, considering the rabbit for a moment, he has a few ideas...but he IS being respectful...that does go a long way in tempering him a little. Mercade's death was little in the wasn't like he was actually important...he could get anyone to do that job...but Avira's importance lately fell under someone else' problem... was the principle of the thing.

"Well, there was no refusal clause in my give me one good reason why I shouldn't make you..."

"A permanent resident."
Evja "I make no excuses, nor do I have any witty statements or preconceived thoughts." Evja finally says after a while. When Hades didn't seem to immediately desire to kill him and instead seemed almost calm, Evja took that as a chance to breathe again, fully expecting it may be his last. "I am fully aware of what I am doing, Lord Hades, and for that I apologize. I had every intention of honoring the contract when I made it. I am also well aware that you have not yet ended my life is something I should be appreciative of."

The Viera paused just a few moments, silent as he thought of what to say, then said simply, "I am appreciative you had given me this long to live up to my word, especially considering that I just betrayed my word to you. I had intended to come before you myself, soon, when I discovered where to go to do such. I had not intended to call upon you as I had when we first met given it was I who was failing to live up to my end of the bargain."
Hades "Answer the question. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take what you owe me out of your life?" Hades says, annoyed...the flickering of annoyance coming back into his features as he considers the rabbit. "If I am unconvinced, I am going to take something..."
Evja Evja took several long moments to consider this, maybe thirty seconds, before finally having decided to what to say. "I have no reason, good or bad, why you should not. I never expected to leave our next meeting whole, let alone alive. Whatever punishment you... see fit, I will not fight."
Hades That...insufferable dignity he has suddenly.

However, Hades smiles once...oh no...he wasn't going to kill him. That would be too easy. Only people who haven't ticked Hades off get to progress..

He walks over to Evja...and then...

REACHES into his chest. He grabs at something metaphysical there for a moment, and then RIPS it out...throwing it into the River Styx without a second thought. It was something...something important.

"If you won't uphold your end of the bargin...then I'll take something of equal value to your skills in combat. You will never, ever, ...lie, be decieteful, or live in a life of trickery again. The life you live now is a lie, and I refuse you it. For now on, you'll live in the sun like everyone else...and when you are allowed to won't find salvation here. You will wonder the worlds forever...without peace."

"Enjoy this last look at the underworld, it'll be your last."
Evja Hades was... smiling?

Surely there was no reason for the God of Death to be smiling at the moment. As Hades walked up, Evja watched, only to feel an arm rip straight through the armor he had on and grab at something. He gasped softly, slowly gasping in a heavier manner as if searching for breath as the color fled him just a bit, seeming slightly less lively. And when that bit of him was ripped free and thrown away, and the arm of the god was out of his chest, he fell to his knees and wound up kneeling on the floor with both hands used to hold himself up, completely disoriented.

It took a bit for the Viera to even orient himself as to what had happened, trying to make sense of it. Had he taken his soul away? Something else? What was even going on?

The armor Evja had on, as well as the veil and decorations that led to a more feminine appearance slowly began to fall off before simply collapsing to the floor entirely around him, leaving the Viera bare except the tunic and trousers he had on beneath it. The armor was custom-formed to give a more feminine appearance after all, to try and make it less obvious it was a male beneath.


The silence was finally broken when Evja said softly, "Yes... Lord Hades." He had resolved to whatever fate was left to him some time ago, but this... was he shaking? Evja was, indeed, shivering a bit. To him, a fate worse than death, was the fear of living a life openly where he could be forced back into the Vieran Society and never be able to leave again.
Hades "Contract...OVER! Thank you for playing." he says, grabbing a nine iron out of nowhere...

"Lets see..." A few portals to the Viera forest, one to Traverse Town...specifically the TDA building, and one to a certain familar desert town..

He squints at the choices...brings the nine iron down for a moment and makes a perfect golf stance...

"A one...a two... a three!" And he swings, the force transmitted from a invisible ball, to Evja, who will be propelled right through...

The portal to the familar desert town.

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