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(2013-08-06 - Now)
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Faruja Senra Faruja Senra has had a very bad week. Being nearly possessed, and the revelation that the organization he's put his trust into is indeed corrupt at least on some level has tested his faith. Drained, and tired, the Burmecian needs a damn vacation. Finding his way to a place that's the exact opposite of the source of his troubles, Faruja is sipping a beer amidst tapping at one of the game station. After a while, he's proven not half bad at Galaxa, watching his tiny ship dodge missile and shoot down two-frame-animated alien ships. Siip.

Perfect game for beer. He can forget his problems, at least.
Deelel Deelel often helped to care for the Arcade when she could it had been a home to her, the refuge she'd had when she first found the world of the users. So she was often here and mister Litwak has proven to be a very interesting man to hang out, his experience with video games and a seeming level of empathy for the mechanical had endeared him to Deelel.

However he's off managing the arcade while Deelel is just keeping watch on the floor however she's a bit surprised to find Faruja here of all people she knew he needed time to well clear his head after what had happened.

She just didn't expect to see him here she waits until he's done playing his current round of the game before she speaks up.

"Greetings, didn't think I would see you here Faruja. Still it's good to see your up and about already rather than wallowing."

The Drink is eyed she really should throw him out however if he doesn't cause problems she will ignore this one beer he does have. She looks at the game peering given she knows about what goes on there it's brought a whole level of responsibility to running the arcades. Perhaps it was for the best most users were unaware of her kind.
Faruja Senra Blip bloop! A voice taps on his consciousness. His little ships gets hit. Sigh. Tail flick. He's already sipping on his beer as he turns, finally noticing Deel. Faruja very nearly jumps out of his skin.

"L...Lady Deel?" Surprise turns to pleasure, and the Burmecian wraps his arms around her in a hug. Then, his brain starts working again. Blushing through his fur, he lets her go. Yup, the Program has more than made her impression on him since last night.

"One cannot wallow in their problems." Responds the rat, smoothly ignoring the issue at hand, at least directly. "But the Lord tests us, and at times, we must adapt. And so I shall." He glances her over. "How fare thee, my friend? You work here, my dear?"
Deelel Deelel smirks for half a moment as she sees Faruja's brain is processing once more properly she tilts her head a little bit as she lets him recover from the shock that he was in mostly working order fo the moment.

"Adaption quickly is sometimes is harder than one might think it to be. I'm alive, and work here well you know this is where I arrived first right?"

She looks at the game for a moment and then glances back to to Space Paranoids in the back for a moment longer.

"I have been involved with Alan and Beck getting things up and running again. We need a source of income for one and lets just say it does our sanity good to have a function a task to carry out."

More odd Deelel speak from the sounds of it as she looks over at the game for a moment.
Faruja Senra A fuzzy brow rises when Deel mentions 'having a function'. "One would imagine 'twould be liberating, to no longer carry out the functions others hath imposed upon thee. The difference between we 'organics' and Programs, I suppose. We must seem so very chaotic and unbound, willing to kill for freedom from impositions." Faruja frowns lightly, clearly in a philisophical mindset today.

A small sigh escapes him. "It suits thee, though, Deel. Hardly do ye seem an intrusive person, though mayhaps an art gallery would fit thee more closely." A grin comes to his muzzle, remembering well her mural.

"I am just glad you are unharmed."
Deelel Replica Deelel looks back at Faruja for a moment and shrugs a little bit.

"Perhaps but it is an alien thing to us we ... need function a purpose of some sort. It's part of how we are my people are Faruja. We do desire freedom to be able to carry out our functions without fear. As for ... yes this world is very chaotic I think some basics might go mad at such a world. Perhaps, but I had my work on display before both here and back on the grid itself. You should have seen the ones near the Shard Seeker's HQ and in Traverse Town."
Faruja Senra A small nod, and after a few more blips, Faruja's last ship goes down! Then, he's trying to input initials. Third place!

"A common want, that, Program or nay. Particularly after hearing of thy people's plight...indeed, 'twould be curious to see thy home. And its master."

A small smile comes to his muzzle. "All the more reason to try painting, my dear. YOu are an excellent artist, and deserve to earn a bit of coin for it. Heh. Should I ever be married, I do believe I shall have thee do the wedding portrait! If 'twould be alright with thyself, Deel."
Deelel Replica Deelel sayss "We are what we are and it would be. I have to wonder what Flynn has been /doing/. Then again I heard some rumours and there ... was a dream I had."

A Dream of an armada of red lined combat craft closing in on Argon City. She had to wonder about that and she tilts her head at Faruja for a moment.

"I admit I have a bit of a bigger love for music but I should when I could I... am honoured to do such for you."
Blackbird Blackbird could be seen leaning forward playing... well whatever at this point. Then apparently she died since she started to walk away from the machine, but not until she gave it a small pat. "You guys did good. Take it easy now." Anyone watching might be stranged out by this, or the look she gave the Fixit Felix Jr. machine. On seeing Deelel she smiled. "Oh hey again." The Rat Templar gave her a bit of a pause but she shrugged and offered a hand. "Business been going good miss Deelel?"
Faruja Senra Reach! Faruja takes Deel's hand, bowing, and plants a kiss upon the back of her palm. "'Twould be my greatest honor, my dear! You are truly a kind soul!" Pause. His ears fold slightly. Sigh.

"...Should let her know that..." Starts off the rat, before Blackbird comes on in. He shuts up quickly. A nudge to Deel.

"A dream is oft Faram's way of pointing out what may come."

Another small bow!

"Hail, M'Lady! Temple Knight Faruja Senra, at thy service." Pause. Grin. "And third place winner amongst the halls of Galaxa!" He pats the arcade machine beside him.
Blackbird Blackbird grinned widely to faruja, "Huh well I'm glad youv'e adapted to modern conveniences and entertainemnt Sir Knight." She giggled lightly and bowed to Faruja. "So you managed to beat my score. Guess I'm going to have to put a few hours in to get it back." Beat. "It'll be fun, winner buys drinks." She winked and sat a quarter down on the control surface for the galaxia cabinate. "Not now, you're a bit busy but later. Later sounds like fun."
Deelel Replica Deelel replies back to Blackbird for a moment as she seems surprised to see he here today from the look on her face.

"She is correct you need to recover from the viral infection you suffered. It's a near thing you survived it with your mind intact."

She's a bit surprised as her hand is taken and kissed she seems more than a bit surprised and is looking a bit sheepish from the looks of her.

"Dreams are a bit different for us..."

It tens to go with data the basic has in their mind it is a bit more orderly than a human dream really.

"However the nature of this ... dream was strange there are things I can still recall."

There were things many strange things she needed to talk to Isaac about in that dream.
Faruja Senra Faruja puffs out his chest a bit, smiling, tail giving a swish. "Well, after enough time, even a luddite such as myself learns a thing or two. Mostly through the influence of certain technologically adept Shard Seekers." Deel gets a smirk at this. If it weren't for Shiki and Deel, he'd still be working out how to use a Ma Belle.

Smirk! "Challenge accepted, my dear!" Wobble wobble. Someone's clearly started the party early.

The rat certainly looks bushed, and not just from drinking! Deel points it out quite nicely. "...How odd. My friend, this dream would be well remembered." How mysterious! A shake of the head. "Luck and divine providence both..."

A light squeak, and he rubs his forehead. Bowing to the two women, he starts off to the door. "If you both would excuse me, 'tis far past time for me to sleep off my evening. Good day! Deel, let us try this dancing game some time, hmm?"
Blackbird Blackbird quirked an eyebrow at Faruja and gave a small laugh. "Interesting fellow there."
Deelel Replica Deelel Looks over at Faruja still amused at Faruja's comments about himself but he has learned. Deelel has also leaned about a state of existence she didn't think was really possible.

She's not drinking however she just doesn't consume much fuel here for lack of a term.

"Can't forget I have what's the term? A Perfect memory i think as you would put it. Take care my friend and rest well."

She turns to BlackBird for a moment "Anyway feel free to enjoy yourself I have some work to tend to."

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