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(2013-08-04 - Now)
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Gilgamesh Arabian niiiights, like Arabian daaaaays, are hotter than hot, in a lot of great ways! Among those great ways is the camel ride that Gilgamesh spontaneously decided to take Faris on while her ship was getting repaired.

The camel was going to be Enkidu. Enkidu convinced Gilgamesh that this was a bad plan.

The camel is actually a car. It's a convertible, nice, flat, and wide; it's going over the dunes with no problem at all. Enkidu is driving, a scarf wrapped around his neck, driving goggles and driving gloves on; that leaves Faris and Gilgamesh the back seat to do who knows what! It could be anything. /Anything/.

"...something that starts with C!" Gilgamesh decides.

...Eye, Spy, is included in anything!
Faris Scherwiz "Is it the car?" Faris asks, tilting her head to the side as she enjoys the ride. It is not very much like a ship, a car is; and Faris feels a bit strange riding around in one - for much of who she was, a ship, in the sea, or a sky ship, or even a sky bird or water creature.

She tilts her head to watch the sky, her green eyes glittering.
Gilgamesh "No! It's a cactus. Take off your shirt!" Gilgamesh encourages.

Enkidu looks back at Gilgamesh and raises an eyebrow, barking out a question.

"What? No, it's not Strip Eye, Spy, that'd be stupid." Gilgamesh blinks at his best friend. Enkidu shrugs and looks back at the nonexistant road as Gilgamesh moves over in the car.

"You know, this is nice. We haven't had time for this in a while! I enjoy this. I also enjoy seeing you not dressed like a man, though."
Faris Scherwiz Faris raises an eyebrow at Gilgamesh for a long moment as he encourages her to take off her shirt. She has the /exact/ same question as Enkidu, and she shrugs at the rock hound briefly while he's still looking back at the pair.

She has no idea what is going on through GIls' head.

She gives him a fond smile, her lips curled up in amusement. "You're just silly." She says, still in her extravagent pirate gear for this trip.
Gilgamesh "I am not silly! I have never been more serious about anything in my life!" Gilgamesh leans forward, staring at Faris with his big white eyes. He blinks. Blink. Blink. "No, really, I have never been more serious about anything in my life. Also, it /is/ about to get really really hot, the sun is going to hit noon soon and if you're wearing that many layers you're going to fry."

"I won't, but that's because I'm a superior life form." Gilgamesh crosses his arms. "Or something like that."
Faris Scherwiz "Oh."

"Enkidu, will you pull over, please?" She requests, not that there is a proper road here for them to pull over. She really means 'just stop the dang car.' Faris waits til the car is stopped, then steps out and sinuously starts stripping down.

The first thing to go is the overcoat - then the vest, then the long white over-shirt, leaving her in a white tank top. She rolls her eyes, then, wrapping her light fabric of her 'scarf' around her hips more properly to form a makeshift, appropriate skirt.

Behind the car, she ducks down, then pops back up, pantless, but now in a much more comfortable and cooler outfit.

"You are not a superior lifeform." She says coolly, before sliding her way back into the car.
Gilgamesh "I am too a superior life form! I outwitted you into a position I desired with my superior intellect."

Enkidu starts laughing wildly for no reason.

Gilgamesh doesn't notice, or doesn't care. His arms reach outwards, picking up Faris a moment later as the car starts up; he puts her in his lap, staring at her. Staring down at her. Because Gilgamesh is very, very tall. The car starts up, and Enkidu drives them further towards Agrabah.

"I hear that Agrabah is very exotic! With belly-dancers and curved swords and things. I'm excited to see them. I mean, it." Gilgamesh corrects helpfully.

"Hey, how's your sister and all that stuff? Uh, you know,"

Faris Scherwiz Faris is promptly scooped up. The look on the womans' face is one of almost amused annoyance, before she gives in and rests against him, even as they continue on towards Agrabah. If, indeed, Enkidu actually decides to get them there.

The dog /is/ the one driving, after all.

At his question, she tenses, her green eyes blazing as she turns a carefully poker-faced look at him, before her eyes narrow and she says, in a soft voice, "Do you /really/ want me to answer that?" She asks. There is a carefully barbed edge to the question she asks back.

(She may still be slightly upset at Gil.)
Gilgamesh "Yes?" Gilgamesh hazards after a very long moment of just sitting there under the sun. The car drives over a dune and bounces; Enkidu falls back into the driver's seat as if nothing happened. He just doesn't care.

"Should...should I /not/ ask?"
Faris Scherwiz Faris lets out a huff more than a sigh, bracing herself as the car bounces; she gives the dune a thoughtful look before she glances back at Gilgamesh, raising one eyebrow at him.

"It's fine."

This isn't entirely truthful, but Faris would rather not discuss the current subject at hand.
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh is not good at detecting when Fine doesn't mean Fine. His social awareness is somewhere between a guppy and a...a thing with less awareness than a guppy. So he shrugs.

"Oh, okay." Gilgamesh replies. Another bump; there's a lot of dunes in the desert.

" then! What to talk about?"
Faris Scherwiz There isn't anything else after the guppy. It's just Guppy ---> Gilgamesh.

"Why are we even out here?" Faris asks in quiet amusement. "I don't mind the heat, but I'm a sea girl at heart, you know." the car bounces again. She latches onto the side of the car.
Gilgamesh "I...well, I was..." Gilgamesh frowns, his facecloak crumpling up as he does so. Why /were/ they out here? What was the point of this drive?

"That is..." The King Of Heroes offers., nothing. "I mean..."

Gilgamesh crosses his arms, his head tilting downwards as he goes into serious thought about this. Enkidu barks something out; Gilgamesh looks up, then holds up a finger. "Right! That!"

"We're going to the famous Agrabah Marketplace, centerpiece of culture in the desert!"
Faris Scherwiz "Oh, okay." Faris says.

Not that she ever does the 'marketplace' stuff, she typically let Bartz and Lenna buy everything while she got very tipsy in the local inn/bar. Shopping: Not really her forte. Not that anyone can ever blame her for that.
Gilgamesh "It's supposedly a place where adventure and excitement abound! And I hear that if the locals don't like your face, they'll cut off your ear. I heard it from a very reliable source before it was retconned." Gilgamesh nods authoritatively, as though he knew what he was talking about.

Another bump. Over the dune, however, lies the city - the bright white-and-gold of Agrabah. Gilgamesh practically stands up in the car. "There it is! The city of Agrabah! Wellspring of excitement and wonder! Known throughout the worlds for its beauty and splendooo-ohh-woah-woaaaaaaaaah!"

He teeters.

He stumbles.

Gilgamesh falls forward, flat on his face, his head smashing into the passenger's seat. Enkidu shakes his head and raises his paw onto the convertible's door.
Faris Scherwiz Faris epically facepalms.

"Gilgamesh, there's a reason you should always sit down in a moving vehicle." Faris points out, muchly amused as she gently lifts his face up off of the passenger seat.

"Are you okay?"
Gilgamesh Gil is fine. He's immortal. When he finally rights himself, he flips around in the passenger's seat, dangling his far-too-large arms (they reach the floor of the car) over the back as he stares at her. "Yes. I didn't even lose any health! No damage."

Enkidu shakes his head and stops the car.
Faris Scherwiz Faris and Gil stare at each other. Finally, she blinks when she realizes the car has stopped, looking up to see if they're there yet, or if Enkidu just randomly stopped somewhere. (Which she wouldn't put it past him.)

"If you say so." She says, shrugging.

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