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(2013-08-03 - 2013-08-11)
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Deelel Fix-it Felix jr. Was one of the oldest games in the arcade, it's true yet? There were a handful still here that were just a bit older. One of the oldest of them was Space Paranoids, a game that was very much ahead of it's time back in the day. Yet? The inhabitants of the game were not the most social sort they rarely ventured out into the Station and even when they did? They didn't make too much noise, they generally did their jobs and went about their off hours business in their own game.

Deelel had known the game was there but had always found well? It just a bit too creepy to go into something that seemed to be so connected to her world. It really been the thing keeping her away. It had been so bad that, not she nor TRON had played the game. Well that Deelel had known off but things had gone a bit bad for Deelel today in Game Central.

See one of the rarely seen natives had been out and assumed she was from their game, also glitching a bit. So much as she wasn't hanging about when there might be a quarter alert at any time. Given the Arcade's recent resurrection they didn?t' want to take any risk. Also the cybug issue had them on edge little did they know that well? One had managed to slip by the surge protectors somehow.

"I keep telling you I'm not from here! I'm a Media Program!"

"Look, calm down, this is your game you seem to be damage but we are not going to be throwing you out. We been at this what over thirty years calm down. We won't even make you run next quarter just calm down and clear your heard!"

the green lined tank driver just sighed. It was going to be a long day, but hey? Their game had survived by taking care of each other off the job, this poor girl is just suffering some stress most likely.

The game was ... in many ways like the old ENCOM OS, the natives even looked like they were from it for the most part, they were also old and didn't want to risk anyone going Turbo on them.

Sometime later like right now!

Some time later Deelel hadn't checked in like she normally did. She's gained the habit after her last crazy stunt that put a lot of people who cared about her through he wringer she'd failed to check in so something would be up. Even the last time she got lost in a dancing game she still thought to check in. So something had to be up. Those not directly connected to Deelel would find out that a few of the local gaming programs would have noted they saw something funny happening near the Space Paranoids station stop, one of them would claim he heard chittering.
Blackbird Blackbird hadn't actually left Game Central Station. After a few aborted attempts at explaining where she was from and the locals either thinking she was 'glitched' or just trying to prank them she'd started giving non-specific answers. She just sortof wandered around the hub dressed in her riding leathers staring at her phone. She looked like she could've been from one of the racing games maybe?

"So you hear about Space Paranoids?" Blackbird looked down at the sprite and shrugged.

"Yea some big hoodoo about what I dunno. Me and Lemmy were going ot check it out but-"

"You're afraid you might not make it back in time for opening right?"

"Uh-huh." The sprite continued. "Look you look like your'e from one of them rotaty roster type race games they jsut brought in. You won't be missed."

"Alright alright." She patted the little pixie fairy fantasy critter lightly. "I'll have a look share the gossop down at tapper's."

And with that she spun on her heels and walked towards the car headed to Space Paranoids. There was a lot going through her mind. She'd played this and Wreck-It-Ralph endlessly when she was little. Hey she /STILL/ played the daylights out of these games... just... now they were on her phone in emulation.

And then chittery noises. Frown. Flashlight came out. So did her pistol. Sure Blackbird wasn't gung-ho super-solder material but she'd taken safty courses and kept in decent practice. Plus she could channel her magic through the thing meaning she wouldn't blow her cover as 'just another urban punk'. Well that was the idea. "Hello?" She swivled her light around as she called out. "Anyone there? C'mon stop foolin 'round I got volenteered to come check things out make sure sprites arne't getting lost again. C'mon you know what happened with Road Blaster stop foolin 'round and get back to your game."
Mercade Alexander Mercade's come to Game Central Station in order to look over the situation. He's familiar with video games. He's played a lot of them! However, this is entirely different. He's been poking around ever since Deelel told him about the Cybug issue, and then Deelel vanished for a bit.

Mercade /hates/ it when that happens. So one thing led to another, and here he is in the system. Mercade looks little different than normal. He already /dresses/ in what is basicaly an eternal trope, and there's a lot of detective games.

At least he doesn't look like Detective Gumshoe.

So here he is, looking around for information on cybugs and where Deelel is. Both take him towards SPACE PARANOIDS.

He'll be there soon.
Evja 'Chita' wasn't actually here for any official reason, nor had he been particularly invited here. Instead, it was just a matter of being here at the wrong time. Or the right time, if others had the inclination of thinking such. The Viera had come here on a previous occasion to see what exactly it was and found it a decent enough place to come stretch and enjoy a drink that he hadn't quite found anywhere else, despite not really asking.
Tall ears pick up on sounds easily enough and the familiar voice of Deelel's causes him to stop and turn to look in that general direction. Well, he had no intention of getting involved, but there's no reason not to casually listen from a distance and try to pick out important things.
Setzer Gabbiani Today, Setzer was checking out something new, at least to him.

Videogames. Sure, he wasn't much of a player, at least outside a casino, but he had to admit the cute little sprites could certaintly catch his attention, and probably give him a fun evening.

That is, if that other machine stopped whining. Approaching the offending piece of technology, the gambler peered cautiously towards the screen, trying to make heads or tails of the game.
TRON Deelel has fallen off the Grid again. TRON has come to reason that such is not a good thing, and leads to worse things. With the hidden laser in Flynn's Arcade finally fixed, TRON has decided to use it to re-enter his home-Grid and, thus, explore the portal from where Wreck-It Ralph had appeared (and subseqently disappeared) a few weeks prior. One thing leads to another, and TRON eventually finds himself in Grand Central Station.

TRON looks quite different than one of his many appearances in Userspace, and seems to be substantially more at ease with it. Here, he has taken the classic Program appearance--completely silver, intricate whitish-blue circuitry lines on his form, and wearing a helmet.

Of course, being a Program who looks like he belongs in the TRON arcade game has major drawbacks, usually with the actual Game Programs (he prefers the term 'Sprite') mistaking him for a TRON from the actual arcade game. He's starting to expect such cases of mistaken identity as of late, even if he hates it. This is how he gets information about the Space Paranoids game and how people have already started to investigate the situation.

It will take him a moment to get there, weaving through the usual foot-traffic of various Sprites going to-and-fro.
Sergeant Calhoun If Setzer was the observant type, he would take notice of something else odd in the arcade today.

The Hero's Duty game is definitely on and running, but it is mysteriously silent. The image on the screen looks like the start of the first level on single player mode with the camera pointed at the path ahead...but...

...there's nobody in there. No space marines. No cybugs. A tumbleweed made out of barbed wire and lasers rolls by.
Deelel There is no respond to the chittering noise it goes silent the sleek light tram sits there waiting for passenger to head to the game it should be easy enough to get there with no muss nor fuss. Anyone coming through would find another tram would rez up even if there was others on the track heading into the game. It should take no real time for anyone to get through.

Blackbird would get no reply still and nothing is here whatever it was? It was gone perhaps into the game. If someone was going Turbo? They don't seem to care. Whatever it is it awaits within? Will be down insider the game itself as people enter.

The party would fins nothing wrong as they went into the depths of the old arcade game. What terrors could await the party within there? It shouldn't take long for people to make their way in.

What they would find when they arrive is something very much like the grid TRON would know, but a bit on the simple side. Not to mention walls and some open area the entire battle zone of game known as space Paranoids but almost no one is around.

Elsewhere in game

Meanwhile inside Deelel is in a Recognizer still seeming sighting she can't convincing them she doesn't want to die but she also doesn't want to hurt these guys either. This is just also an whole other level of creepy, all the while the cybugs are moving about in the hanger ares where the inactive game vehicles are kept when the game is not active, nothing bad could be?

Bad beyond the wildest dreams of anyone. A somewhat tired Recognizer pilot was wandering into check up on his ride when without warning a cybug drops from the rafters. It grabs him by the face and he lets out a cry as he barely manages to throw it off him. The cybug skrees at him and makes another lunge. He turns tail and is running for everything yelling out as he does so. The cybug is intent on chasing him down until something else distracts it. The red lined pilot does not /stop/ running.


there's noises coming form he hangers which is an off area of the game the players normally never sees. Another thing that might not be seen is well? A group of cybugs chasing after the game sprite have excited the bay.


Where Deelel is

"Look I'm telling you I'm not from this game, I'm really not from this game. I'm not even part of a game I was exploring when my system was linked here!"

"Look your not from the other game related to us you can only be from here. I tell you calm down, you can ride with ....what is going on down there?"

the pilot peers down at the display to see his buddy running for his life and perhaps some strangers arriving.

"...Are those things going turbo?!"

Meanwhile from the hanger there's even more noise almost was that a roar? Or was that breaking metal?
Blackbird Blackbird spotted the pack... or is it a swarm? No Swarms are little bugs. This is definately a pack of bugs going after someone. Her flashlight was promptly put away and her gun now held in both hands as she squared her stance. "Oi!" On seeing absolutely no response or reaction from the bugs she tried again. "Stop that!" Drek this was like when the heartless showed up.

Wait. Could the heartless even get here? She frowned and tossed the thought away before opening fire on the bugs. "SIT DOWN! CLASS IS IN SESSION!" BANG BANG BANG BANG. Things observant would possibly realize the 'bullets' weren't traditional metal slugs thrown around but instead tiny balls of flame. Slower than usual bulets, meaning thigns could dodge, but they should make what they hit burn nicely. "BILLY THAT MEANS YOU TOO!"

Several bugs were knocked around by the unexpected gunfire. It was actually pretty lucky that Blackburd didn't accidentilly hit the pilot she was trying to save. Yet where one bug was there had to be more... or did she get them all? She got them right? RIGHT?


Nope!. Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope.
Mercade Alexander Things are looking bad for the pilot as he tries to run. It's almost like he's an extra in a horror movie as he tries to escape, to be sure. Unless something happens, he's bug food.

Blackbird happens, which helps. There's also something else.

"Looks like you can use some help." There is a sudden detonation as blazing white buckshot smashes into the bug mass from past Blackbird, and there is a blur of leather and light as a figure rams into the swarm, cutting with a motion with a burnished Keyblade in the opposite hand. Light burns from it as he twists, carving into the incoming mass.

"Just pretend I'm saying something exceptionally witty here!" Mercade calls as he levels the shotgun again. The pump-action racks itself, ejecting the shell as he begins firing more blasts of light and fury into the digital enemies.
TRON TRON resists the urge to shudder as he arrives in the Space Paranoids game proper and gets a good look around. The surroundings remind him too much of his home-Grid's Games, even if he logically /knows/ this isn't the same thing. Not at all.

He hears the sound of... gunfire? There are no weapons on a Grid... which means...

He picks up his pace heading towards the source of the disturbance, undocking his Silver Disc from his back. The white Chakram Disc, somehow unaffected by his current appearance, remains in place for the time being. "By the Users!" He curses abruptly upon seeing the sight of the larger-than-normal Grid Bugs--if that's what they even are.

Somewhere he subconsciously notes Mercede wielding a Keyblade and that Blackbird is shooting a gun of some kind, hence the noise, but he doesn't distract them. Instead, he spins in place and joins their attack by throwing his Disc into the swarm, ping-ponging amongst their numbers if it doesn't punch through them.
Setzer Gabbiani While this happens, Setzer is... watching. And being thorougly puzzled. Why did he feel like he is missing something very important here? And what are those small things?

Slowly, almost hesitantly, he reaches for a button on the controllers, giving it a quick tap.

What could go wrong, after all? It was not like he would be sucked into the game, right?
Evja While Chita was listening into the ordeal, it was only after someone nearby came shouting of a problem that he stopped and turned towards them fully, listening quite intently. Great, trouble. Of course, trouble was one thing, but those attempting to solve it instantly?
That was quite unexpected to him.
Chita stood there watching a moment, then when he saw Mercade with... a Keyblade of all things, the Viera simply stood there in shock. Staring. Was that real? Was it fake like the one he had tried to get fashioned? ... could he even find out without causing a stir? The things they were fighting didn't seem to be Heartless so much as something else, so it remains to be seen.

Right hand twitching slightly as he considered pulling out a weapon, once again he fell back on the same issue he's had before. Pull out a spear and associate himself as Evja, possibly, or pull out the false key-shaped weapon he had and not be as effective. Well...

Everyone else was doing a good enough job already, supporting just a bit wouldn't hurt. Not like he had to try and kill all of these monsters himself after all. So out comes the rather simple-looking mockery of Sora's weapon that he had crafted before the Viera dove forward to knock a bug away that was coming down from above. "Is there a nest? Antlions tend to have them, I am unsure of these..." 'Chita's voice was slightly deeper and definitively male, not the questionable female voice he puts on when in the guise of Evja.
Deelel The cybugs chasing the pilot pause at the new threats, they seem differnet tey might make good good. The swarm hungers, yes they hunger for much more than they once did. they hiss and head for Blackbird she gets hit and others explode in burst of goop and cubes from the assault they come under. Still more are coming thankfully there's a gumshoe here with a Keyblade?

Something odd happens the cybugs all snap their heads right at Mercade. They let out a powerful skree and all start charging for him as he fires the shotgun blast taking out a number of them. The remaining ones are coming right for Mercade that Keyblade has their attention, this might be worrisome what if they /ate/ it?

The sounds continue from the hanger and it's not sounding good. One thing is clear though about the sound That is not the sound of tortured metal breaking no something is changing and going on in the hanger, something very bad is going on in there. The old saying you are what you eat? Is true in every sense and meaning of the expression, in regards to these now viral and perhaps something worse game sprites. For something terrible has been birthed within the hanger, a thing that should not be.

There is a bellowing roar for something nightmarish has been birthed that first cybug? It found one of the tanks and devoured the entire thing it has been changing growing becoming stronger more dangerous and packing as much firepower as a FPS character.

The hulking form is a new type of Cybug. It's an unholy fusion of one of the viral games spite and a grid tank. t has four legs now that end in hover pad like the old tank, it's got massive light wall wings replacing its old one and not one canon on it's back but two of the huge thing and smaller ones mounted on either side of it's head with a long neck The creature that has been birthed lets out a bellowing roar as it charges out of the hanger. One would see a Recognizer flying after it and tyring to shoot at it but it's swiftly shot down. It seems the pilot is fast enough that his craft is only clipped but it loses the leg and it's going down.

Sadly for Deelel she's on board. She and the normal pilot managed to bring the wounded Recognizer down but it's crashed pretty had into the ground of the game and they may be in trouble. Worse off? There's that thing to deal with.




Mercade Alexander 0<0================================> - <X3 - <=================================0>




0<0================================> - <X3 - <=================================0>
Blackbird Blackbird glanced back ad Mercade then to the bugs. "I dunno if those are heartless or just things that don't belong here but unless someone modded the cab they arne't native.".

The ID disc caught her off guard. She looked over and blinked. "Tron?" Blink. She stared at this Icon she took for just another sprite. After all Flynn made a small mint off of the tron games. She's PLAYED them. She didn't know this was the program the games were based off of.

And then more chittery noises snaps her back to what's going on. Namely not getting eaten. She tried raising her voice, using magic to make herself heard. "You people have magnets in your boots? Get the lead out and get to shooting!" She tried dong her best to project 'confident person that knows what they're doing.' Nevermind she's a low-grade repair tech from Encom with only a passing interest in pistols that'd ended up saving her hide when the everything went weird.


Blackbird glanced from the bugs to Mercade then shook his head. "Alright you're special we get that. Now be a dear and get away from me please so they don't gnaw my face off." She draw on her magic to leave what she hoped was a little good juju to help Mercade Not Die.
Mercade Alexander One of the problems with wielding a true Keyblade is that a /lot/ of things pay attention to you. Like Heartless. And things that are basically Heartless. Like Cybugs. He begins getting swarmed, and Mercade falls back, using the laserlike buckshot to try to ward them off... until he hits a black and neon wall. "Uh oh." Mercade says...

The Keyblade itself is forged of burnished brass, the handle connected in a large square around a worn leather-wrapped core. The key 'handle' continues the theme with a flared, ornate look with curled flourishes. The central shaft is mostly plain, ending in a balled sphere on the tip. The keyhead is flared, looking much like a stylized north star. An etching upon the center of it looks much like an eye, resembling the TDA insignia. The center of the eye is a crystalline star lens.

Mercade raises the Keyblade, and a hexagonal field surrounds him, a low whine growing as they slam into the barrier.

A moment later, there is a detonation of light, blasting the bugs away from him. "That's... different." Mercade says, spinning the Twilight Seeker Keyblade and his shotgun in his hands.

A moment later, the tank arrives. "Oh /hell/." Mercade says, his eyes widening. "That's... Big. That's a problem." He looks over to Blackbird and salutes with the Keyblade. "RIGHT!" He says, getting spurred to action with her call. You don't need to be special to get people to move. You just need to look like what you're doing. He grimaces at Blackbird's commentary as he drives forward, launching himself past Chita.

Cut to slow motion as he looks at Chita, his eyes squinting slightly. Does he notices who it is?

Speed up. Nope. Mercade just drives past Chita, not commenting as he levels the Keyblade at the Tank. "All right. Let's get this started!"

There is a flash as a lasso of light whips out, seeking out and snagging onto the Tank. And then Mercade tries to pull. It doesn't move.

Mercade then is sent flying in towards the hulking monster. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Mercade yells, unleashing a series of burning strikes against the giant tank, before backflipping, releasing a salvo of holy buckshot upon the massive bugtank.
Setzer Gabbiani "So... 'Insert Coin'." the gambler hums, digging around his pockets just as an abomination of a tank appears on screen, eliciting a raised eyebrow from the albino. "... I don't really thing that's good." Some more pocket digging. "All right, here's the coin, now... let's see... one player... okay."

Ingame, something else seems to be moving. It's another tank, who slowly advances forward as Setzer checks the control, the turret spinning around before firing a single shot towards the Buggy tank, strafing it right after that with smaller, yellow pixels that seem to be machinegun rounds.

Outside, Setzer winces. "Oops. Sorry about that."
TRON TRON inclines his head briefly to Blackbird as he catches his rebounding Disc. "Affirmative."

He grimaces at the sound of tearing metal and shattering glass, turning his attention to the bellowing roar and the subsequent appearance of the Tank Cybug. He's never seen such a thing before, and somehow he suspects it's not supposed to be here!

Of course, neither are they--yet here they are.

"When Grid Bugs go viral," he comments to himself with a shake of his helmed head. He doesn't know what Cybugs /really/ are, not yet anyways. "Very well." His feet slide on the wire-framed ground, sinking to his usual stance as he undocks his White Disc as well. He brings his Discs up in preparation for throwing as his eyes begin to glow as bluish-white as his circuitry lines, his arms crossed in front of him and almost blocking his face from view.

As Mercede charges in for the melee approach and a nearby Grid tank activates, TRON tenses then snaps his arm out to send his Silver Disc flying. The glowing 'frisbee' soars close to the ground before it suddenly arcs up at the last moment towards the Cybug's underside. The Security Program then flings the White Disc at a high arc, bouncing it off of what remains of the hangar's surface towards the Cybug. He suddenly snaps his arms back as if pulling strings attached to his fingers, and both Discs arc once before screeching towards the Cybug at the exact same time.
Evja And his question regarding the nest goes unanswered in favor of the big one rolling out. "Huh. Well damn." came a soft mutter out of Chita before he jumped backwards away from the giant cybug tank to give some distance. He couldn't fight full out without risking identifying who he was, but... some things were more important than keeping suspicions about himself away. "Let's disable this thing while we can! Go for the joints, if we can stop it from moving, it shouldn't be able to do much, right?!"

Cue the Viera leaping forwards and into the air before pouncing down towards a possible joint on the right side of it, spear appearing in his hand as he does while the false keyblade he had was thrown into the air to keep it temporarily out of the way. Strike made, he leaps up, grabs the false weapon, then slams back down while attempting to connect the blade of the weapon against the hilt of the spear to drive it as deep as he could manage.
Deelel The hulking creature looks at Mercade, the thing vision is red and it locks on to the keyblade that Mercade handles. It's objective is clear, get the one with that Keyblade, it must be destroyed or consumed.

The beast roars again even as Blackbird moves to help Mercade and then the comes the Keyblader's attacks. It counter strikes firing off a blast from one of it's head guns, all the while it's thick hid taking what Mercade is able to dish out for the moment. The Holy Buckshot while doing no damage does anger the beast it doesn't like the feel of it at all.

Quarter Alert!

Somewhere the natives are having a bit of a freak out moment. but the player? Is already going after the cybug tank unknowingly lending support fire to the battle at hand, maybe they will think it's a bonus level? Either way the tank?s gun do rip into the beast and it howls in anger.

Viral isn't the half of it with these thing as TRON comes after the beast his discs, there is a danger after all the Cybugs are what they eat, yet given the power this one has gained? It isn't hungry right now not for anything but which has got it's attention. The disc strikes true and hit the thing sending it back slightly doing quite a bit of damage to it leaving it noticeably damaged in one location which looks well? Like voxels if one peers into the glowing wound but they are inky black rather than the normal teal.

Evja joins the battle as they get a bright idea to go for the joints? It might not stop it entirely but it will slow the thing down a good bit, which would mean time to beat it down, perhaps even enough times for the locals to get some combat craft here to support them? Maybe so.

Deelel's terrible bad day continues she and the pilot are bad off as she moves to try and help him from the wreck he's alive just dazed from the impact. Deelel is a bit rattled and he finds that she can not get out of the .

"Of all the glitched out...oh hey they are here!"

She can see out of the wreck enough that she's pretty sure she saw TRON and Mercade. Also from the sounds of it they have brought some friends with them. She gets the disc off her back and starts working to cut her way out of the downed machine.

The Cybug Tank however lets out a roar as its guns star firing wily at the heroes that have dared to confront it.
Blackbird Sometimes it's good to not be the main focus of attention and be 'ignored' in the background. This gave Blackbird a chanc to see what was going on both with her mundane senses and with arcane barely understood feelers she was still trying ot get a handle on. Evven if it was perfict her body, fit as it was, is still human and so far from perfict. So she got pestered by automatic bug fire. Or mabye it was the little bugs. She was trying to focus on too much maybe that was making her head feel like something tried setting it on fire.

Or maybe that was just the tank trying to kill her.

Well two can play at guns. So she pulled her olt out and started shooting back. Yea. Tank vs Handgun. Even with magical bullets it was somewhat laughable.
TRON TRON is caught without his Discs to defend himself with, and he finds himself tossed into the air with more firepower on the way. He twists at the last moment, most of the damage being restricted to his torso and arms and saving his legs in the process, and catches his Discs as they return to him.

He bounces off of a piece of debris, throwing his Discs once more while he's still airborne. The silver one goes to the Cybug's face and seemingly explodes in a burst of light, while the white one arcs around to blindside the Cybug. They immediately rebound and return to TRON, who lands back down on the ground at a defensive stance--just in case.
Mercade Alexander Guns don't kill people.

Cybugs kill people. And then eat them. And then gain PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER. Oh snap. Mercade notices that the tank /also/ really wants to kill him. "For the <GOOSEHONK>ing love of <GOOSEHONK>! Did getting this thing paint a giant target on me?" He yells in frustration.

A moment later, the massive guns open fire. Mercade yells as he disappears in digital derezzing blasts. When the smoke clears, he's smouldering, plowed into one of the walls a voxels drop around him. "Ugh..." He groans, before he peels himself out of the hole and launches forward. "COME ON! WE CAN DO THIS!" Mercade yells. "Let's focus fire!" He spins, abruptly stopping in midair as he drives downwards with an explosive blast. He looks to Tron and the Viera, nodding as he turns and begins to cleave repeatedly into the side of the tank, trying to force it down by attacking the area that Chita was targeting. He spins, and smiles as he levels the shotgun. "HAH!" He yells, as the gamespace thunders with the sound of gunfire.
Evja Without his armor on, Chita was actually quite mobile and almost amazingly nimble. The viera jumps back from the tank and when it takes aim at him and begins to fire, his body was already twisting in the air to try and avoid it. The incoming fire grazes past him but not before he uses the shot itself to somehow kick off of it and bounce to a skidding landing a ways off.
Chita stayed low at this point and waited for another charged shot to come his way before leaping up and behind it just as it passed him before spinning around with another spear and sending a large gust of wind towards the tank to try and unbalance it. Even if they couldn't damage the mobility, perhaps it was deceptively light(?) and could be flipped. Hell, Tifa had flipped that Hydra, who was to deny the attempt?

Once the wave of air was sent he darted away and put some distance between them to try and rest a moment and see what had been done to the tank, trying to access the situation before charging back in.
Setzer Gabbiani Setzer isn't too familiar with the tank. Which might explain the fact that his tank ate everything the enemy had to give him, being jerked around by the return fire. Still, he was getting the hang of it. "Hey, this isn't too different from the Blackjack... so... if I do this..."

In the system, the tank started... going sideways, its turret now keeping track of the Cybug unit, while the player behind the screen tapped his fingers in a rhythm, preparing for something.

And then the tank belched... well, a lot of things. Little circles first, who would fly against a target and stick to it before exploding, being followed by a volley of rockets. All fired from the cannon, somehow.
Deelel BlackBird has gone from healing to attacking and the guns work surprising well all things can considered as the rounds slam into the Cybug Tank. The damage is is there but it might be a bit hard to notice. Tron Meanwhile joins the assault again going at it with the discs and once more they eat into the tank bug's hull's very noticeable from the looks of it.

Mercade one of the newest Keyblade wielders in the world perhaps the first chosen since Sora. He's also got a Gun, he's totally got a freaking gun too. The creature hisses and skrees at Mercade and isn't very happy the advice to focus fire seems to be working very well. The blast gets an angry roar, not a skreee it's freaking roaring.

The player meanwhile is back in the game once more . One of the shots catches it in the side and leaves glowing wound in the beasts side. Okay it's pissed now. It is also worth noting, that there is that a glow coming from it's mouth? Yes, yes it it rakes the beam across everyone combating it, the beast just keeps shooting aiming to rip up everyone who has come before it and claim the prize it so desires. Also worse the glow in it's mouth is still building! It's not even yet got started.
Blackbird Blackbird made a mental note to give whoever was driving that tank either a free set of repairs or maybe a fre round of drinks if everyone lived. Surprisingly getting smacked around by a TANK had hurt less than she thought it would. Then again she had layered her coat in magic. Just as she was starting to get back to her feet she got hit again sending her back.

"Owe... Flaffit that don't feel good." She exhaled sharply focusing her healing magics on Tron. She wasn't doing too great but he looked like he took an even worse hit.

"C'mon Big Blue. Get up..."
Setzer Gabbiani This time, he is ready. "Nope!" he exclaims happily, as he pulls the joystick to move away from the deadly beam. However, there was something else that cought his attention.

"What is this 'Special' that keeps blaring around? Is it what that button does?" he askes, pressing a surprisingly cliché big red button.

His tank's barrel grows to twice its size, sparking with electricity before unleashing a huge shot towards the Cybug. But that was not all, as Setzer decided to use the tried and true strategy of 'Button Mashing', with the predictable result of having all of the tank's weaponry being unloaded as well.

And that's when the cannon got stuck into a light vehicle, and Setzer... well, let's say the end result was a certain light vehicle flying towards a certain infested tank.
Mercade Alexander Mercade hammers into the Cybug tank, unloading attack after attack into it. The bug appears to be taking damage now that he's found a good spot to shoot. That's how it works, right? Mercade, however, looks back up to see the massive beam. "HOW MANY LASERS DO YOU EVEN /HAVE/?" Mercade yells just as the maw cannon explodes over him. A moment later, he is sent flying again with a "WAAAAAGH!" As he is once again tossed to the ground, smouldering. "I think... I see why people don't like these Cybug things." Mercade mutters.

"Now come on, I need to focus." He holds up the Keyblade before him, leveling it at the Cybug, and closes his eyes. There is a hum of energy, a luminous spherical aura building around him, spiraling gentle lights winking into existence as he seems to begin building towards... something.
Evja "Do you really think you'll hit me with th--wha?!" Chita looks down towards his foot where one of the Cybugs he had swatted earlier, simply swatted aside rather than destroyed, was now clinging to his leg. "Hey, get off!" came a quick exclamation and just as the Viera went to try and kick the thing towards the tank, the blast of energy caught him directly and sent him flying backwards, bouncing off the ground and landing in a heap, clothing looking rather worse for wear.

"Mmmph... damn..." mumble mumble. It took a moment for Chita to stand before he finally did and tried to right himself, tried to stop being dizzy, as well as figure out what was going on. That attack hit him dead on and seems to have really done a number on him. "Back away for a moment!" he called out, knowing full well he wasn't quite focused enough to aim properly, before charging the remainder of the energy he had into a lance he brought to hand with full intent of throwing it straight into the tank. The lance, once it left his hand, was glowing bright white and would explode upon impact, followed closely by another, then a series of six more ghostlike images of the spears for a rather elaborate explosion. Well, if it wasn't obvious before - it may certainly be now. That was the same technique the Vieran Judge used in the Hades Cup in various moments, not to mention pretty much whenever fights broke out. If...
If not a bit less showy.
TRON The Cybug shoots a massive beam from its maw and TRON tightens his defensive stance in preparation for the hit--but it is a lot more powerful than he was anticipating. Voxels shatter as he's bodily thrown back from the impact forces, a deep hole in his chest where his symbol /should/ be. Any more powerful, and it could have punched straight through.

He tumbles and rolls, still maintaining a death-grip on his Discs, and manages to somehow end up at a crouch just this side of falling flat on his face. Blackbird's magic takes effect at about that point, not quite undoing what has been done but certainly stitching together the hole in his chest to look substantially less deep, as well as getting rid of any sign of injury to his arms. Still looks like a mess, though.

"'Big Blue'?" TRON offers a faint smile to Blackbird and a nod in thanks. "Never heard that one before..." He snaps his arms out to the side, perfectly at shoulder-level, as both of his Discs hum ominously. He notices Mercede focusing, the keyblade held at the ready with some kind of energy field building around him, and the Security Program nods to himself. "Let's go."

He curls in on himself like a spring, then whirls into action as he throws his Discs at impossible speeds. The Discs ping-pong off of surfaces at high speed, screaming past the Cybug while hopefully leaving behind more damage. He closes the distance somewhat, catching one Disc in midair and throwing it straight upwards directly at the Cybug. The other seems to change target to already-existing damage, trying to make the injuries worse, before returning to TRON.
Deelel The beast is well? Ranging about shooting at the tank, the heroes and it's starting to eye the downed recognizer which Deelel is trying to cut her way out of at this point.

"... Oh this is so NOT GOOD!"

The beast needs more material more option perhaps it will eat this thing and whatever is inside? It was yummy from the looks of it, almost like a digital twinky!

It's moving over the machine and looming down on the thing it's almost forgetting it's building up an attack in it's mouth.

Then comes the Player opening up with all the Tank's firepower and it rips into the bug. It's staggard from all the damage it has taken. If it could reply to Mercade? It would totally tell him I have all of the lasers. Seriously it's got a lot thanks to the Cybug's nature.

Evja gets no reply but has pulled it off of the downed Recognizer. It's armour is however heavy and even as the blast from the clears? It's standing there roaring defiantly at the world as it breaks into a run, recall Mercades's comment? All the guns rez into position all over it's body. It's getting ready to fire.

Tron manages to do some noticeable damage with his own attack again it the disc again biting deeply into its existing wounds it roars in pain and it actually is glaring one might actually see a sense of hate in the monster's optics at it looks at the food that dares defy it.

The things maw opens all the while on it's HUD? It locks on to everyone before it and opens fire, all the lasers shoot there's over a dozen of them backing up the two big guns on it's shoulder and it's not letting up on it's furious barrage.

Deelel has at this point manage to cut her way out and is dragging the pilot hopefully to safety. However she can only stare in horror at the thing.

" Flynn's name is that?!"
Blackbird Blackbird smirked at Tron. The program might not know she already respected him and she might not know he is so much more than just something Flynn had cooked up as the player character for a game.

And then the pain. WHo knew light could hurt so much? It's like a sunburn only everywhere and going bone deep. Deelel called on the magic again, pulling from that well deep within to pull herself together, rebuild herself. All anyone else saw was her standing there a blackened charred mess screaming first from the bug-tank and then from her body's rapid rebuilding from nth degree burns.
Evja What's that? Something's about to attack?! Evja was way too out of it from the earlier blast to do anything but fall backwards from his dizziness and somehow avoid getting hit, just barely. No attack from him at the moment, though, as he was still seeing little floaty stars.
Mercade Alexander The Cybug turns towards the fallen Recognizer, and Mercade looks in that direction to see.. "DEELEL!" Mercade yells. Oh god, can she even handle something like that? Her hands are full with the pilot! Mercade launches himself across the battleground, difving between lasers that streek through the area. With a flick of the Keyblade, he deflects several in other directions, sending them harmlessly into walls.

As the guns rez into position, Mercade leaps in front of Deelel, brandishing the Keyblade. "BARRIER!" Mercade yells.

The guns fire a moment later, hammering into the area in an unending roar of laser death. The hexagonal field creates a backwarsh upon impact, the power streaming around them as Mercade pours what he's got into stopping the blast.

IT's not enough. The barrier explodes, and Mercade vanishes in light and pain with a scream.

As the lights fade, there is a burned mess on the ground.

"I'm... not dead yet." comes a hissing voice as it stirs. The black ash crackles, and Mercade's eyes glint from under the brim of his hat as he slams the Keyblade into the ground to lever himself up. He stands, gravely wounded but not down, as he faces the huge beast, the stars and moon shining brightly as the Cybug wails in rage and hunger.

"You're as much a victim as anyone else, I think." Mercade says. "You were created to be hungry. You don't have anything else. You exist to devour." He closes his eyes. "I'm sorry."

With a blurred motion, Mercade explodes into a fury of light as he hammers into the Cybug, slashing savagely with the Keyblade as it trails spectral light, while rotating to level salvos of close-range blasts of magically-enhanced firepower from the shotgun. He launches himself into the air, raising the Keyblade as he throws it downwards, sending it spinning to strike at the Cybug Tank. There is an explosion of light, a column forming to spear downwards as the energy that surrounds Mercade expands.

Magic doesn't require years of training. It requires self-awareness, an acceptance of some of the illogic of the world. This was always a problem for the Detective, who lived for logic.

But the truth is that sometimes things don'e make sense. It doesn't have to. It just is... Which leads into the most important thing.

To believe.

The Keyblade fires back up into the air, a pure and unending light. The weapon that draws its power from the heart of its wielder becomes an instrument to convey that wielder's desire.

"You don't have to be hungry anymore. Be at peace." And then with another burst of light, the power cascades, attempting to shatter the Cybug and free it from its hellish existence.
TRON TRON hears the Cybug roar, sees the guns and maw power up, and braces himself for impact. There's no use running or hiding, not with that kind of firepower--and the barrage proves him right. The concussive force of the large blasts knock him high into the air, and the smaller blasts ping against his form as if trying to make him into digital swiss cheese.

The Security Program doesn't have a single surface that isn't damaged, cracks and holes spiderwebbing over his form like broken glass, but his eyes widen as the glowing intensifies to pure white. Still in midair, he directs all the power he can into his Discs before throwing them as hard as he can at the Cybug. One goes low, ping-pong'ing amongst the treads under the Cybug's body, while the other drills towards the Cybug's insectoid face before finding a surface to rebound back to TRON. He catches that Disc--his White Disc--clutching it in one hand as one would hold a set of brass knuckles. As Mercade unleashes his Keyblade and attacks with bursts of light, the Program kicks off of a destroyed wall, launching himself towards the Cybug--aiming to punch a hole clear through center-mass if he can!
Setzer Gabbiani Setzer just... drifts around, waiting for a chance to strike again. Right now, he still needs to reload a lot of stuff, but his reaction is a heartfelt 'What the Hell'.

So he fires the only thing he has available right now. And that's the machinegun.
Deelel Deelel is quite in a fix here, she can fight very well but that's not when she's dragging someone else. This is not a healthy situation for her or the pilot of the now downed machine.

"Oh ... frag me."

She's pulling away trying to get away but there isn't much time. She could ditch the guy and save herself? That's just not a thing that's in her character. Deelel is quite frantic as she attempts to get him to safety even if it means he might get jostled a bit. It's better than becoming Cubes. She's not sure if he'll re spawn after all given the nature of the invaders not being native there.

AS this happens? Evja is left wide open this could be bad id not for the others as they give it everything they have against the Cybug Tank. The Player's shots just happen to catch it in the optics blinding it for a moment. It doesn't seem like much until the follow ups from TRON and Mercade come to bear against it. The beast flails raging at the injury it has just taken. It has not time to react to tron as his discs just teat through the thing heck they cut the treads out from under it and the other? It goes right through the freaking thing at one point in a shower of cubes, still it's not enough to kill it out right. It's terrible hurt though it's also very angry now.

Deelel is not surprised that Mercade is coming to help her, she knows the man well enough he's a friend. This is what he does, how he does it is a shock there's a barrier up in front of her also the keyblade she now sees. Her eyes go wide in surprise the barrier not only holds against the impact for not that long.


Her fear vanishes quickly as Mercade rises Keyblade in hand still looking at the bug. His words ring true, these things were made by humans, unknowingly so. Made to eat, consume it had no choice in it's creation, but while Mercade has smyapthy for it? While it never had a choice. He knows ht can not let the Cybug go on. The act that Mercade has started to understand something fundamental about this digital world? Is not lost on Deelel but for now? The Keyblade wielder does his thing the force of the magic that is brought to beat against it cores the Cybug. The light cores it and for less than a second the beast? It feels no hunger and then it explodes in a shower of cubes, not to mention mummy all over the place. Though there is a heck of a lot of voxels with how huge it was.

Deelel moves to help the pilot up whose come too somewhat though he seems a bit out of it.

"Thank my user you came...this has been one very big mess. Seems the Sargent was right these things are getting everywhere...and thank you. I all all of you one."
Blackbird Blackbird is... too busy mentally putting her body back together to even notice what else is going on. Seriously. You take a tank round to the Everything and survive. . Still. When it was all over and done she took a deep breath and started laying of hands on anyone and everyone she could get her mitts on. Pay no mind your healer for the evening looks like she a small sun to the face. Nevermind small things like that. She's stubborn like that.
Setzer Gabbiani The gambler shakes his head as the menas is finally gone. Nodding to himself, he quickly leaves the room. Suddenly, the last thing he wants to see is arcade machines.
Evja And then mostly silence. The fighting seemed done and 'Chita' was left to be rather confused as to what was going on. Slowly sitting up he tries to figure out just what is going on before realizing the fight really /was/ over, and instead programs, or people or whatever they were, were doing their thing. To an extent anyways. "Hm. I... hope no one was hurt." Now that he thought about it, 'Chita' wasn't even certain if that all out attack of his hit anything. He was way too dizzy. "Is... is everyone okay?" he finally asked, one hand plastered against the side of his head as he pulled out a spear to lean on, less dizzy than before but not quite as on-kilter.
Blackbird Blackbird pulled a quarter out of her pocket and flipped it. OK She was limping and hurt and then she finally sat down. "Anyone else need anything I'm going to take a nap."
Mercade Alexander Mercade drops to the ground after the Cybug explodes, and the Detective looks to the others, despite his wounds. "Everyone all right?" He tips his at at the others. "I'm... going to sit down for a bit."

That's when the Keyblade vanishes, and Mercade simply falls flat on his face as his wounds and exhaustion catch up to him.
Deelel Deelel says "I'm all right and I think so is eveyrone else here. Also where were the rest, I think someone was keeping them at bay."

The world may never know what just happened there but she's pretty happy to be all right herself.

"It seems everyone made it...still the Cybugs are getting worse...I think I could use a break too. Once we find you a healer..."
Blackbird Blackbird took a deep breath and levered herself back to a standing position. "Give me ten minutes and an energy drink and i"ll get going with heals. Right now just..." THUD. Blackbird's sitting again. "Just gimme a bit. Whoever was out there I"ll pay you so much money, or beer, or Anything for having kept us from dying."

This scene contained 46 poses. The players who were present were: Mercade Alexander, Deelel, TRON, Setzer Gabbiani, Evja, Blackbird, Sergeant Calhoun