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(2013-08-02 - 2013-08-02)
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Shiki Misaki I'll take you back to a time when E-Mail was king!

No I won't. I will take you back to a time, but nothing involving E-Mail. In fact, I don't even know what I mentioned this.

It is the 14th of May! It suuuuure is. It's a sunny Fluorgis day, because it's the desert, ha ha! And Shiki and her fabulous friends just got back from their trek to Daguerreo.

Having spotted something new and big being made she wanders over, having just met up with Reize and Violet. What's goin' on
Faruja Senra The Cathedral is on its way to being built, and an impressive structure it'll surely be! Tents of workers, Templar playing security, and dozens of Church officials swarm the area to motivate, and generally keep everything somewhere north of utter chaos. The sounds of construction fill the area!

Faruja Senra, doing his rounds, grins as he spies a behatted figure amongst those near. "Shiki!" Calls out the Burmecian, walking over. He very nearly pulls the girl into an ecstatic hug of greetings, before he realizes himself. He's on duty. Stopping mid arm-outstretch, he bows, winking.

"You look well my dear! Back from thy little excursion?"
Shiki Misaki Hugs! hugs?
OK, no hugs.

Shiki wasn't quite sure what was going on for a second there, but it seems as if hugs aren't going to happen. She settles for what she gets. Does she look a little older? Little by little, she feels a bit older.

"Yeah. We just got back earlier today. Dropped by the HQ for a break. Reize wants to head out on another adventure excursion /already/!"

She makes a little hoot of exhaustion, but she doesn't really seem like it. She eyes the construction with an air of interest but mostly confusion. "What's going on?"
Faruja Senra Just imagine a little IOU. Only hugs. They'll happen eventually!

The rat raises a brow, reaching into his robes. Pulling out a flask of water, it's offered over. "...My, my, my. That boy is an endless font of energy!" His voice is affectionate, and more than a little amused. "Do tell me more about thy trip, hmm?"

Faruja stands up a bit more straight, thumping his chest. "A Cathedral, my dear! These lands hath gone far too long without the Lord's own touch upon it! Indeed, we shall raise a place of worship for all to see, all to come within its walls and seek safety and comfort from the pain and drudgery of everyday life! To give those whom have naught else to go, a place where they may show their love of the Lord, and be known as brothers and sisters in Faith!"
Shiki Misaki Is it just Shiki, or is Faruja treadin' a little harder on those honorifics?

Shiki is happy to take it. You know what they say about water in the desert. "Thanks. I don't really know what we're doing yet! We were just back, and Reize is like... oh, we're going out, we're going to... I don't know where we're going or what we're doing, but we're gonna find an adventure and get in up to our necks in it, /you know how he is/."

"We'll probably end up in a cave fighting big spiders."

She gives this 'what're you gonna do' gesture. "It'll take my mind off certain things, anyway."

She looks at the construction, hand on chin, the other on her hip. "Is that so? That sounds pretty good! Especially since we have the airship port here and the adventurers and guilds and stuff. Now that you put it that way I'm surprised nobody did it sooner. We don't have anything like this back where I come from."
Faruja Senra The rat may as well be stomping all over them. He has to represent the best and brightest of the Church, after all, here in Fluorgis!

He may be failing at this, as he's forced to stifle a laugh under a 'cough'. He can't help a grin. "The life of an adventurer! Frought with danger, excitement, and animals far larger than one may wish! No doubt our good leader shall have thee half way 'round the world while seeking somewhere nearby. Yet, he always /does/ manage to keep things interesting." The Chinese kind of interesting, but interesting nonetheless.

Faruja lightly frowns. "...My ears are ever thy own, Shiki." Comes the offer as she mentions 'certain things'.

The knight nods, tail swaying behind him. Finding a pair of barrels, he drags them together, hopping up on the top. It's the best seat they'll get right now.

"Th...thy home is bereft of houses of worship!?!?" Comes the Templar's (perhaps predictable) outcry. He looks honestly concerned, and more than a little scandalized.

"When we reclaim they home," WHEN, not 'If'. "'Tis an oversight that shall be corrected! None should go without the word of Faram and the Holy Prophet! 'Tis...unacceptable!"
Shiki Misaki The stress of the job must be getting to him, clearly.

"Yeah, wow. I uh huh... hmm."

"Be calm, yo! I just said we don't have anything this big, or this shape! You know? It's a different asthetic."
There /is/ technically the Meiji Shrine, but as Shiki recalls, she never really visited it all that much. Come to think of it, she never... really...


"Thank you, though," she says, giving another genuine smile when Faruja displays his resolve to go after lost Shibuya. "Stuff like that means a lot to me."

"I don't really know if all of it's... well, no, actually, I figure I should tell you /one/ thing up front, because it's pretty much, like, a need-to-know for everyone... but, uh, crud, I'd need to explain a few other things... well."

"Is there anywhere we can sit down? I can tell you what I did on my spring vacation. Even got photos."
Faruja Senra For a moment, the rat looks embarrassed at his outburst. For just a moment, then he's trying to look as knightly as possible. Glacing about, he takes Shiki's arm, gently leading her towards a tent.

"An aesthetic we shall both admire." Responds the rat as he pulls her into an empty tent. There's a table, two chairs, and what looks like tea along with cups. Clearly this is the officer's tent. Pulling out a chair for her, he then all but collapses into his own. A long sigh escapes him, the 'strong and noble' Templar now just looking exhausted. Wearing robes and armor in this heat can do that to you!

"Please, explain everything that you desire, Shiki." He starts to pour her some tea. Luckily, it's cold.

He smiles. "'Twas no doubt interesting. Come, come, do not keep this nezumi in suspense!" Despite himself, he seems a bit excited.
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki would noogie Faruja if he wasn't taller than her.

They head inside, and Shiki is surprised when Faruja pretty much seems to deflate like a balloon when they're out of sight. She's surprised, and actually a little confused- being as she is someone who dresses quite lightly, and one who's been trekking around a lot recently- although she supposes you do have to wear a poncho quite often when you're desert trekking- she's used to the heat, and as such doesn't really consider it any more. Then she realises Faruja's been wearing a whole bunch of stuff! Feels bad, man.

She scooches her chair over next to him, because her phone has a small screen, before bringing up the photo album. A lot of these pictures are quite nice! They're of a small, mountainous island trail with tiny waterfalls and rivers running down almost everything.

"OK! This is us going exploring. We got there on a boat we rented, and everything looked really nice! There were lots of these little waterfalls running everywhere and they all looked really cool. You'll be surprised where they all came from! We climbed up these hills and stuff, it was pretty steep."

"Here's a picture of Leida falling in a river..."

For some reason, the next picture is not of pristine beauty at all, but a severely blasted and scarred smoking crater or two. "I didn't get to take many pictures because /guess who/ we ran into? /Only/ the Gamemaster Sho. He was there with his Taboo Noise. But you'll /never/ guess what he said while we were fighting him."
Faruja Senra Slurp. Down the rathatch goes some cold tea, and the Burmecian leans over to look at those pictures. Slowly, he smiles again, eye widening. "How majestic! Color my fur pink with jealousy! Oh, to swim in such a beautiful river 'twould be a joy!" The rat may be a bit fixated on cool waters right now. Chuckling as the picture of Leida comes up, he shakes his head.

"Poor girl, truly we must teach her a sense of balance." Grin! Poor demon-hime!

Faruja's face becomes a line, the Burmecian snarling. "Faram curse the knave! Hmph! Too cowardly to strike while you are in the city I see." His claws scratch the table, his tail lashing in that violent manner Shiki's probably seen before. It usually means very angry rats. "...Tell me the wretch desires to repent and change his ways?" Not a chance.
Shiki Misaki "Well, if he did, we couldn't hear him over the sound of all the mayhem," Shiki says. "No, get this."

"I don't know how, or when, or like, anything about how it happened, but according to him, I'm alive again! I didn't even know! I don't even know when it happened!"

"It's like a total mystery, I don't know if it's just like... I mean, it's... it's kinda weird..."

Shiki looks at Faruja. "You'd think I'd be happy, wouldn't you?"
Faruja Senra Faruja stands suddenly, looking at Shiki. He takes a step closer. Down he reaches with both arms.

Heft! Squeeeeze! Faruja picks up the shorter girl, hugging her tight with a squeak of joy. He even spins her, like some overly-excited uncle. After a good twenty seconds of this, he lets her go.

The knight doesn't at all seem embarrassed about it, either. "Lord be praised!" Calls out the Templar, his former anger forgotten. A digit reaches out, poking her nose. "And well you should be! 'Tis a gift from the Lord! I know naught how, but surely 'tis Faram's will! No longer are you merely a pawn to these wretches!"

His face grows serious. "Promise me something, Shiki. You will do all in thy power to remain this way. Understand?"
Shiki Misaki "But..."

Shiki looks up at Faruja. Rather than what he might have expected, what he's said has only seemed to worsen her mood- and even though she's trying to smile for him when he seems happy, there's definitely something there.

Shiki beeps out of the picture sideshow for a minute, and goes over to something else. She shows Faruja another picture, flipping the phone around so it's pointing right at him. The picture has one familiar pink-haired girl in a big hat, and she's posing with a second- a gawkish, plain girl with short black hair and thick glasses.

"One of these girls is Shiki Misaki. The other is my friend, whose name was Eri."

"When I entered the Game, the fee I had to pay to enter was my appearence. While I was in the game... I borrowed hers, instead... except, when it was interrupted by the Heartless, I stayed looking this way, while she got eaten. And now... now I'm alive, and I still look like her."

Her shoulders sag. The implications should be obvious.
Faruja Senra Flump. Faruja sits back down, his elation dimming. A single red eye peers at the picture of the two girls. Slowly, realization dawns as Shiki speaks. He's silent for a good minute, before a weary sigh escapes him. The male practically burns the picture into his mind, particularly the not-Shiki.

Another lost soul to the Heartless, and those that would use them. He can't even come up with some reassurance. If her words are true, then what hope is there for Eri?

He reaches out, gently pulling the girl to his shoulder. A hand rubs her head, just like his big sister would do to him.

"...If 'tis the case, then all one can do is move forward, Shiki. This 'Reaper's Game' must be stopped. So that there shall be no more Eri's. 'Tis the most one can do for a fallen friend, is act in their honor upon their passing."
Shiki Misaki ...OK, maybe the wrong implications were picked up on, but nonetheless. Shiki's happy she has Faruja there to be kind to her.

"I guess you're right," Shiki says. "I'd still be glad to see the back of it, even if... you know, in a weird way, it was some sort of... weird... is the word 'purgatory'? I think? Where I was only mostly dead, but now I'm alive again? I don't really know much about religion."

"Hey, maybe when this place is built I can find out more. Anyway, want me to keep going?"
Faruja Senra "A purgatory at the hands of false deities, Shiki. However...mayhaps 'twas part of the Lord's plan." To push her towards the Cathedral, and the Church. Faruja's smile is a bit wide, and perhaps salesman like. The way his tail flicks, he's ecstatic.

"Its doors shall always be open to thee, my friend! I shall tutor thee in scripture, as you desire!" That grin widens. It may be slightly creepy by now. He's getting that 'zealot' look again.

Ahem! "The Lord is capable of many things, and gives us gifts. Life, love, emotion...of all of them, free will. You have chosen to fight the Reapers, chosen to continue on despite all that hath befallen thee. Faram loves most those whom fight against such evil, and in defense of those they love. Do not lose hope, ever; for even if you know him naught, the Lord cherishes and knows thee well, Shiki."

A small nod. "Go on, please, Shiki."
Shiki Misaki Hey, if Faram's half as good as Faruja is, then what does Shiki have to worry about? She listens, this being one of the few times she's heard Faruja speak so passionately about this sort of thing. All she can do once he's done is nod, quite at a loss for words, and pretty impressed.

So it's on to the next. She begins to scroll through many different pictures of Daguerreo, including its various candlelit passages, its weird water-driven mechanisms and so on.

"We found the place! It was called Daguerreo. While we were there, we learned the basics of using new weapons from a Legendary Smith. And Lily met a-" She clicks onto the picture of the dragon god's statue, and clicks past it quickly, adding in an 'oops, finger slipped' under her breath. "Dragon, who created the water I think? and she came out of it better for the experience, I think." Mentioning that it was a 'dragon god' under the circumstances might be a little awkward, she thinks.

Shiki continues- and stops at a picture which happens to have Priel in it. "Someone who didn't come out of the trip better for the experience..."
Faruja Senra Faruja, now on a slightly happier note, peers at the picture of Daguerreo. His eye goes wide. "The...the Legendary Library? It exists!?"

Then there's talk of a Legendary Smith. He leans back, taking it all in. "...'Vacation', my dear, is hardly the name for thy trip." Grin.

"I think, Shiki, I shall be testing thy improvement soon." Faruja looks a bit eager to see what Shiki has learned first hand.

"What happened?" Asks the rat bluntly, already glaring at the picture of the dragoness.
Shiki Misaki "Oh, huh, you've heard about it before? Wow! I didn't know how well-known it was." Shiki, master of understatement.

"Priel came with us just to be her usual self, but during the first fight we had with Sho she didn't lift a finger to help us. Just stood on the outside gawkin' as usual. That's when Sho gave /her/ an offer to join the Reapers."

"And then, later, she took up that offer."

Shiki considers for a moment. "Someone named Hades- wearing a black robe, nasty grey skin, head on blue fire... he gave her the signing-on package. She tried to torch the books and go, then a few days later she was cramming Noise down our necks. She almost pulverised Lily."

"So yeah, SHE'S not welcome in Fluorgis no more."

Shiki's tone is clipped, bitter- she's being flippant but it's obvious that a few days has not made this any easier.
Faruja Senra "'Twas a legend upon my world! A place where every work of literature ever written resided! Untold, infinite shelves of lore, all for the browsing! Stories of hidden history and deeds lost to time!" The legends may be a bit exaggerated.

It takes a supreme act of will to not run off, find Priel, and choke her to death. Especially considering he doesn't know where she is. For a full minute, Faruja is a ball of barely contained seething fury.

Eventually, he can speak. "That DAMN TRAITOR!" Explodes the Burmecian, no longer able to contain himself. Holy light surrounds him, the ratling truly in vengeful fury mode.

"We take her in, give her a place to live, and THIS is how she repays us!? Nay. She shan't step foot in Fluorgis against, lest she truly know the Lord's wrath!"
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki grumbles in equal measure! "Maybe if we tie her up and drag her into this cathedral, we'll see if she catches on fire spontaneously," she says bitterly. "There's an incentive to get it put together, huh?"

She leans on Faruja, grumping. "Thanks, Faruja. It's good to know when I come back here I've got so many people that can pick me up when I'm dragging myself along. You're always there for me when I need you."

"But I guess if we go gallavanting off right now, you've got to stay here to help put this place together, right? I mean, you can totally come along, but- well, don't feel bad if you..."
Faruja Senra "I shall be certain to bring the marshmallows and tea." Comments the rat, giving the girl a comforting squeeze to the shoulder.

"'Tis what I am here for, and what the Seekers are here for, my dear. We are /friends/. By the Lord, you, and Reize, and yes, even Ivo are the only family I have left. Merely speak, and I shall be at thy side."

Faruja groans lightly. He wants to, badly. He smiles apologetically. "'Twould be dereliction of duty, I am afraid, and thus I must trust thyself and the rest to handle things. Forgive me. My oath is firm to the Church. But completing this shall do wonders for Fluorgis. Of that, I assure you."

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