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(2013-08-01 - Now)
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Maira It was decided. Maira and Avira needed some best friend time. Its easy to get completely bogged down in work and other concerns, but it is important to make time for one's friends. Especially best friends. From what Maira understands, they have a /lot/ to talk about.

Might as well see some of the world while they are at it, since they could use the excuse of looking for a suitable location for a 'secret HQ' for VALKYRI. Sad, that it has become necessary!

Maira had lead them to Vector, oddly comfortable in what look like a dangerous city--must remind her of where she grew up. She doesn't really know her way around, but most cities are arranged generally the same, after all. "Well, think I've looked at enough old buildings for the day," Maira states, placing her hands on her hips as she looks up at a dilapidated warehouse. "Lets get something to eat!"

Thus they go searching until they find a small Inn that offers a secluded corner where they could chat. Said corner is most likely used more often for rather more clandestine affairs than girl talk, but it would suit them just fine! Besides, the food smelled good. Always go where the food smells good.

Once some food and drinks have been brought, Maira looks up to Avira. "So--how about them keyblades."
Avira This is a GREAT excuse to be out and about with Maira! Not only does she get to spend time with her BEST FRIEND, but they get to scope out places for a secret back-up base! What more could she ask for?

Pleased with this trip, no matter where it takes them, she happily chats along with Maira the whole way. The big subject of the day happens to be gummi blocks and gummi ships and airships. Avira also tells Maira of strange dreams she's been having for quite a while featuring all sorts of odd adventures. One such dream involved a gigantic gummi ship the size of one of the airships in Archadia's fleet. Somehow, she just knew it was named the Dagda.

Vector reminds Avira slightly of Manhattan, yet somehow a lot more dangerous and a lot more toltaritarian. In fact, she'd place it more towards Rabanastre which was under Archadian rule.

"Tell me about it! What a surprise-I never, ever expected to see /Angantyr/ with one. He seems like such a different person these days."
Maira Maira grins along as Avira goes on about the gummi ships, happy to see her so excited about something. She'd really thrown herself headlong into the research. They'd be sailing through the worlds on an arguably edible ship in no time, she was sure! If they crashed, the ship itself could double as rations!

Maira shoves a bite of potato into her mouth, chews quickly, then nods. "I know right!? He has changed a lot...but at the same time, not really? I feel like--I don't know. Like he was always there all along but he really just didn't know it yet," she comments. "Still, a really does fit him though. It seems every blade is wildly different in appearance--I can't believe Mercade has one two! Avira, you attract powerful men!" she laughs.
Avira The excitement is palpable. She'd have to introduce Maira to Arthur in the future, especially since they'd be working together soon! FOR SCIENCE. And Synthesis. Besides, as a super awesome mercenary force they needed their own AWESOME SHIP. Especially if Avira ever wanted to be an official air pirate.

"Maybe. But he had to learn a lot of lessons to get there." A look of sadness is upon her face-although Angantyr has started to turn it around, in the process he's made quite a few enemies. Powerful enemies like Garland and the Archadian Empire. "And-"

She pauses, looking surprised, "How did you-oh, he told you during the shooting lessons didn't he." She looks around carefully. Warily. What if someone was listening here?! "He told the TDA but also told the rest of us to keep it under wraps. Seems like he's getting a reputation in Manhattan though."

She turns a little red before lifting her head up proudly. "Then I clearly must be becoming a powerful person!"
Maira Actually, Maira has already met Arthur! She finds him delightful and quite interesting--after all they share some in common. Well, more with his wife really, she makes the potions so he says--still.

Maira nods, chewing her lip with obvious worry as they speak of the enemies Angantyr has made. "Well--he, yeah....but he's also really powerful himself and I bet he's only going to get better. With both him and Mercade, I feel a lot better about...well, everything," she says, flashing a bright smile. "Maybe we'll restore another world soon!"

"I can see why he'd want to keep it kinda hush hush...I won't go shouting it from the rooftops," you know, like she'd shouted it in the shooting range. Oops.

Maira giggles then, eyeing Avira. "Well of COURSE you are becoming a powerful person. Hehehe...I don't think you even know the beginning of it," she says with a knowing smile.
Avira "Oh! I hope so! Though..." A troubled look is upon Avira's face, "I...can't exactly see Angantyr and Mercade working together. The two actually don't like each other terribly much for a /lot/ of reasons." The way she phrases that last particular sentence easily suggests in subtext: 'other reasons /besides/ me.' "But maybe they will surprise us and work those reasons out. Keyblade wielders working /that/ would be an awesome sight."

The serious look returns and she peers at Maira, "How are you holding up with Angantyr around?" Yes, she knows it's a pretty sensitive issue but she's not going to dance around it.
Maira Maira nods, smile persisting. "Yes, I can see how that would be. Angan, well, he can be pretty tough to get along with. He's very...well, you know. Angan," she says with a shrug. "Even if they can't work together, there is still Sora and King Mickey. They are out there somewhere."

Maira tilts her head then, unsure what Avira was asking for a second. Then her mouth forms a small o of understanding before she waves a hand dismissively. "Oh. Fine. It was awkward at first--but we're friends I guess? He hasn't like, acted like he doesn't want to see me at all or anything. We haven't really talked about what happened or anything...but maybe we don't need to? I think--maybe it just never would have worked out," she says with a small shrug, her eyes somewhat distant as she ponders the past.

"Really," she continues then, "I want the best for him, and I think he's starting down a path that will make him happy. If he wants me there, I'll be there--as a friend."
Avira "There are! I haven't seen them in a while though, have you, Maira?" Avira slips a potato piece in her mouth, trying to recall the last time she heard from Sora. She's pretty sure it was over the radio and not in person.

Avira's pretty curious as to how the 'air' is between Angantyr and Maira. Usually she can sense the palpable awkwardness. "Knowing Angantyr, he might still be taking the time to think over all that's happened with that. So I wouldn't be too surprised if he did want to talk about it someday. Me, I'd just be happy if you two were at least on friendly terms."

Neither of them seemed bitter over what had happen, Avira had noticed. It was a testament to both of their maturity. " are you holding up, period, Maira? I've noticed that Ivo has fortunately not been around to make a pest of himself."
Maira Maira looks thoughtful. "The last time I saw King Mickey was...hmm, well, it was a little while back I'll admit. But I imagine he's pretty busy doing--you know, king things. Sora? I don't know," she admits with a shrug, concern resting in the momentary furrow of her brow.

"I don't know what there would be to think over...I had a tough time, made a choice, had a stupid idea and nearly ruined everything. He broke up with me. I...I mean, it hurts, some of the things he said, but I know he's prone to say things when he's angry--all the same, there was probably some truth in it. I've been trying to do better. To be better," she replies.

Maira leans forward to rest her chin in her hand. "Besides...I'm happy," she says, a genuine smile appearing, filled with warmth and affection.

"Huh? Ivo? Oh last I saw him was at a party. I pushed him and Raiya at each other," she admits with a giggle. "I hope that turned out well. They were just going to dance around each other forever it seemed!"
Maira Maira sits back then, reaching for another bit of food. "What about you Avira? Mercade said things have been...good? Crazy, though. He seemed kind He mentioned he was worried about Isaac."
Avira "I can imagine. And with the way things are, there's no shortage of reasons for a keyblade wielder to be needed." Avira offers on the subject of Mickey (and sora too, really).

Concern forms upon Avira's face as she speaks. On one hand, at least Maira was growing in some way. But on the other, this was certainly a painful way to do so. Part of this even felt like her fault for reasons Angantyr has shared with her. "Hey..." she reaches over with one hand to pull Maira in and give her a one-armed hug, "If you say you're happy, then I am satisfied. I want you to be happy!"

With the topic of Mercade, Avira smirks, "I say things have been good~ Well, between us. Isaac's been having a hard time lately since...well, most of the TDA is made of alternate universe versions of people he knew. People that...died when his world fell." She had to wonder, though.
Maira Maira can only assume that Avira played a part in what happened between her and Angantyr--not purposefully, but how could that not leave something of a shadow hanging over the whole thing? Yes, Maira has grown--events have made her, just as they have the rest of them. The young mage has been through a great deal of pain, her life turned upside-down.

But really, whose hasn't?

Maira leans into the hug and returns it, smiling softly as she rests her head on Avira's shoulder. "I hope he'll be happy too, you know? It was...a hard choice and I--well, I've made the right one. I'll always love Angan in some way, as I bet you always will too," she says with a slight smile. "Perci has been there for me in my worst times--he was there for me when Uist--" she pauses, choking down the lump in her throat that suddenly rises. It's still difficult to talk about that. "Anyway..."

"I'm going to find Isaac. I know he must be really...struggling. Maybe it would help to see a friend he's never had to watch die," she replies, her body stiffening. "....yeah that's...really horrible..."
Avira "Yeah, I..." Avira trails off, both listening and both unsure about her own continuing 'feelings' for Angantyr. What exactly was acceptable to feel about him now that she was in love with Mercade? This thought evaporates when Maira mentions Percival.

She almost asks about it but stops when she hears that lumpy sound in Maira's throat. She knows that noise pretty well.

"He could use the help I think. He...seems to really hold it in though I think that's because of of the TDA. I think he doesn't want to get close to them because they're not the friends he knew." Was there something Avira herself could offer? She didn't really know.
Maira Maira does not seem to think it wrong to continue to love someone if that way was different, as her feelings for Angan now were. If Avira still has any of /those/ feeling for Angan, Maira is unaware of it!

A sigh as she reached to take a sip of her drink--beer. Always safer than the water. "Yeah, I can understand that. How...strange. I never thought I'd hear of anything like that. Poor Isaac..." she says, shaking her head. "Ah, but he wouldn't want us sitting her pitying him, I'm quite sure! Um..." Maira trails off then, and begins to fidget, which ought to tell Avira that Maira has something at least slightly awkward on the brain. "Since this is, technically, girl talk and all...can I ask um...have you and Mercade know?" she asks.
Avira Avira's not sure she wants to admit any such feelings for Angantyr. Wouldn't it be a betrayal of Mercade if she did? It is this thought that keeps her quiet on the matter and one that contributes to a tiny bit of guilt in the huntress's mind.

"No he wouldn't!" Avira exclaims, moving her arm so it is no longer a hug, but to link arms with Maira instead. Then the conversation switches gears to something a bit more awkward.

"...have we...?" she studies the look on Maira's face carefully. "...made love?" she fills in experimentally. "Oh, well, no, we haven't. I've...never actually..." Avira looks slightly embarassed. "...done that before."
Maira Maira looks pretty surprised. Then anxious. Then confused. Then surprised again. Then...well...kind of mischievous but also embarrassed? "R-really? I would have thought, since you guys have been together for a while..."

Maira blushes brightly, aware that she can hide absolutely nothing when it comes to her thoughts and emotions. She chews her bottom lip, eyes moving slowly toward the ceiling.
Avira Avira looks pretty confused and embarased by all of this too. It doesn't help that on her world there are these expectations in certain relationships. She'd be thoroughly mocked if she revealed her virginity to anyone from Manhattan.

"...are we supposed to?" Avira asks, looking a little squirrely now. "I mean, well, it would be nice."
Maira Maira waves her hands, backpeddling. "Oh! No no no I didn't mean--I'm not judging! You should do that when the moment is right and you're both--well. I don't know. Ready. Or something. I just--" she blushes further. "I thought...maybe you had and we it Compare," she finishes, reaching for her drink, taking a few glugs before she sets it down. Mmm beer.

The belch that follows is less than ladylike.

"Perci and Did. Do you...think that's bad?" she asks anxiously.
Avira If not getting that intimate, Avira realizes, she certainly wouldn't mind a little more making out with Mercade. "/Compare/?" If Avira had a drink right now, she'd be spitting it out. That very thought, of talking about it so openly, never occured to Avira. "Y..yeah, well, it's not like I'm in any rush or anything. And I really don't want to get pregnant right now." Family members were targets. Last thing she needed was to have to chase after Shadow Lords for possession of a baby.

Avira's jaw drops, "You and Percival..." Her mind kind of stops for a moment as she tries to process this, "You can..? With him? That can work?"
Maira Well, that part wasn't really a concern to Maira and Perci--not now. At some point, it may well be a concern but in the other direction. She might want children. He'd pointed this out to her. They'd cross the bridge when they came to it.

The air around Maira heats with her embarrassment as she nods, confirming. "I wanted to. U-um...yes? It works perfectly well--at least I think it did! I don't really know much obviously as it was my first time but--" Maira coughs, reaching again for her beer. She downs the rest. "Y-yes. It was..." she can't help but grin now, eyes shining. "It was /awesome/."

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