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(2013-07-30 - Now)
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Deelel Deelel had been very busy lately, another level of cyberspace had been uncovered in a way she'd never thought would come to pass. A world that was half way between that of the Flynn OS, and the world in which she now stands. It was getting late it was almost time for the arcade to closed, she offered to let Mr. Litwak get home early and she'd close up. There was no one here but the basic as she swept past a number of the arcade units.

The jukebox was just going again and once again one of it's oldest songs was playing, just after a number. She doesn't mind it it's not like her own music, DAFT PUNK, Isaac's or others but hey it's still good she can hear the work that went into it.

She's actually singing along as she sweeps the floor of the arcade as she goes. She doesn't think anyone's listening after all her warble is a bit telling when she's trying to sing like this. It's not like anyone would hear it right? She pauses for a moment as she passes the Fix-it Felix jr game for a moment making sure it's hopefully in working order before she goes along her ways.

She had to wonder as she worked though, there was so much happening the horned king those strange dreams she's had recently. It was quite hard to tell at this point, she was not sure to be honest about what she'd seen and recalled from that dream. Worse was the nature of what was going on in Game Central. The cybugs were so out of control the game programs had been risking their necks to keep them under control and from spreading across the entire system. If those things ever got out? What the heck would happen to the Grid or user space? She went back to her work and her singing of separate ways.
Isaac Hanlon Isaac has been similarly busy, though in a completely different way. Between trying to drink his eidetic memory out on vacation and finding that he can't actually stay on one for more than a few days, things've been hectic. He's got a problem to solve, and he means to do it, hopefully sooner rather than later. Especially given he may or may not have robbed Merlin at some point between 'then' and 'now' and doesn't want him to notice.

Isaac comes in the front door without pomp or ceremony. He's wearing his usual long coat, and a rumpled white tee-shirt with a stencil of an alarm clock reading '0hr' instead of something a little snappier. He holds the door open with his left hand, the flesh and blood one. His right comes out of his pocket once he gets indoors, the almost skeletal mechanical limb still moving a little too stiffly for his tastes.

"Good song," he mutters. Isaac walks into the Arcade, embracing the almost anachronistic array of cabinets all around him. The place is like a neon temple to ancient gods of gaming. He could spend days in here. It's too bad he doesn't have days to waste.

"Hey, anybody home?" he calls. He figures that one of the Programs is hanging around; they usually have a guard here, even if there's no business.
Will Sherman Will Sherman suddenly pops out of a floor board near Isaac!

Jumping up, he closes the hidden passage...because why is there a hidden passage there!?!

The answer is very complicated.

However, he looks up at Isaac. "I need your help." he says, with a aura of seriousness to it. "I need a way to sneak a car onto the grid, and into a video game, to give a little girl in a game a chance to race because it is her one wish...because she has video game cancer."

Will says all of this absolutely seriously, and actually means all of it seriously, "Also I have to do this to spite a giant candy bully and candy bullyette." he says with a nod. "Also, no more bad dreams, so...I guess your thing worked."
Leida As has become distressingly common of late, Leida finds herself unable to sleep tonight. Dark shadows haunt her dreams, vague shapes that linger on the edge of recognition, taunting her with the hint of familiarity. She reaches out for them, trying with all her might to draw them out where she can see them but at the same time an ominous sense of foreboding rises up to engulf her when she does so filling her with a terror so pervasive that she awakens screaming and streaked with perspiration.

She's found a workaround, so to speak, only taking short naps here and there which does little to stop the bizarre dreams but atleast cuts them short before the gut-wrenching terror manages to take hold. The stress has started to take it's toll on the young girl, however.

More than once she's caught herself dozing while standing up in the middle of the small antique shop where she holds down a basic day job to pay for her meager apartment. Worse yet, the shadowy arms of her inner darkness often appear to catch her in their overly protective way, and it is only the virtue of the store's positively glacial flow of customers that has kept her from being seen so far.

The small girl wanders down the streets of Manhattan, shambling forward in a manner not unlike the zombies she's seen on the television. Her gaze is firmly affixed to the sidewalk below her feet, paying little attention to where she's going or who she bumps into which earns her a few earfulls of colorful language from the local nightowls, but she hardly seems to notice.

It's only when she finds herself before the flashing neon lights and blaring music of the Arcade that she seems to snap out of her trance. Turning her head, Leida peers blearily with glazed baggy eyes and notices a few vague shapes inside. She hesistates for a moment then moves towards the entrance, unsure why even as she does so.
Haneisuru Okay, so, it turned out that the World of Ruin wasn't the only world in this post-world-ending shenanigan.
That is fantastic.

What is somewhat less fantastic is that this new world seems to be incredibly freaking /boring/, Haneisuru decides. For one, his clothes are gone! Wait. No. Not, like, com( on the front, and a pair of jeans. So boring! So unbelievably boring.

Thankfully, after trudging along roads that were like Ramuha except without all the awesome stuff, he found an arcade! Yes! Just like home!

Bright flashy colors and music and games and yes this is maybe the one cool thing thus far. So he's kinda rubbernecking as he makes his way in, bopping to some imaginary beat.
Mercade Alexander Mercade has /also/ been busy, /also/ in an entirely different way. He's been on a magical mystical adventure with Opposite Day Yoda in the bowels of Castle Oblivion. He came back with a souvenier. The TDA knows about it, but Mercade himself carries himself... a little differently. Perhaps a bit more confidently than he used to. He enters behind Isaac, his gaze going down to the mechanical hand before he looks back up at the arcade in general. "I don't think I've been here in ages." Mercade says. "But then, arcade games were never my biggest thing." It's always been books and jazz. Detective novels, of course.

He squints at Haneisuru as he enters as well, thinking for a moment. "You from out of town?" Mercade asks Hane.

He hasn't noticed Leida yet. this is probably for the best.
Deelel Deelel has at this point starting singing with the broom like it was a mic, hey no one's there no one's watching. Well maybe the programs of Game Central, but the point it no one is in the user space portion here but her. So she's just singing along, if she knew about Isaac's issue with memory? She would understand her memory is much the same after all given what she is.

Isaac has just caught Deelel dead to rights singing along with the song using the broom like it's she just stops there a bit mortified and takes a second before she replies.

"Ummm greetings!"

Wait a second it's Isaac she'd been trying to find him for weeks, she'd been hoping to find him. She pauses for another second before her mind gets into gear once more as Will arrives and brings up a problem that she was about to talk to Isaac about.

"Isaac! Will!"

She sets the broom up against one of the machines as she's not going to be sweeping for a bit.

"I had been planning to speak to TRON on the matter, the concern is however valid. She's non viral, I can't help but wonder perhaps we should just give her the option to leave. You have to understand we're born for a purpose hers is ... in error she could also be fixed by someone like TRON potentially too. Still I ... just it doesn't feel right to leave her like that."

There seems to be a slight disconnect she's an basic after all somethings and ways of thinking are alien to her friends as how some of her friends think can be alien to her. Someone else has arrived? Wait no several people from the looks of it. Haneisuru get he notice first just perhaps because he's poked his head in first.

"Welcome to Flynn's Arcade. We're closing soon but till then enjoy yourself. If you need change let me know."

Her voice is a bit odd it's got a slight digital warble to it from the sounds of it. However Leida's arrival gets a surprised look on her face wait was that Leida? Where the heck had she been? She'd been missing from the Shard Seeker's base for some time but even she wondered if the group was coming apart somewhat given recent events. Also the fact she and Shiki had plans to rake Ivo over hot coals for his behaviour.

Then enter the Mercade who is carrying hismelf a bit different as well. She is a bit distracted by Leida to quite speak for a moment longer.

"Mercade! Where have you been? It was like you fell under a rock, I may have a job or two for you actually if you have the time."

She did make a gesture for Leida to come in if she wish so far as she's aware there's no remaining bad blood since Reize did his thing?"
Isaac Hanlon Will pops out of the floor. Isaac doesn't even bat an eyelash at the insanity of it. He's pretty sure that's just how Will works. Maybe he installed a hole under the level just for this kind of occasion.

He folds his arms, real and false. He just kind of looks at Will for a long moment.

"Of course it worked. It's a guaranteed nightmare-be-gone and general supernatural head-cleaner. You washed yourself afterwards, right?" He wouldn't have to ask normally, given that if you dump paint thinner on your head, you generally take a shower, but it's... it's Will.

Mercade speaks up. Isaac glances back. He shifts his stance a little self-consciously when Mercade's eyes flick to the arm. He smiles, shrugging helplessly. "Practically my home turf. Maybe not this one..." Isaac looks further back, spotting Haneisuru and nodding to him. He turns back to Will, and to Deelel. He hasn't noticed Leida yet.

/Now/ he gets to the other stuff. "I was going to go hit the Grid up anyway. I've got some work to do, and seeing if the stuff I found renders as something on it might help. Maybe we can work something out." He glances at Deelel, frowning. "A bugged Program? Well, it's not like I'm some kind of weird technomancer or somethi -- oh, wait." His frown immediately turns into a smile. "Of course I'll see if I can do something. I doubt anyone was born to be bugged, at least on the Grid."
Will Sherman "...Well, it IS on the grid...but in a special place on the grid.." he points at the video games. "...IN their world." Will says with a sage nod. He looks at new people. Haneisuru is some sort of yuppie looking guy, probably from a different world, but without him telling him what his strings look like, Will assumes he is basically normal. This is how it works.

Leida also gets his attention, and there is a aura of disapproval that forms.

His eyes say that they need to talk. Now.

He turns back to Isaac... and he grins, "Oh wow, I wonder where we can find a technomancer.." he grins again.

And then.. "Uh...I forget." he says to the question.
Mercade Alexander Mercade laughs as he sees Deelel. Well, she hasn't changed that much. He waves to the Program and he shrugs. "I've been out and about on business. Sorry I haven't been about, but I'll be happy to help you with whatever you need, Deelel."

He glances to Will and Isaac. "So... You guys are trying to help a program with an error in it?" He winces. "Uh..." He flashes back to that COMPUTERS FOR DUMMIES book, still sitting on his bookshelf. It has dust on it.

"This is definately your guys' thing. I don't want to break anything."
Leida Still in somewhat of a daze, Leida steps into the Arcade and makes her way to the first row of game cabinets, stepping past the assembled group without so much as a nod or wave. She stops short of actually interacting with any of the boxy machine and stares up at the flashing lights as they cycle through their demonstration modes.

For a moment the neon glow of the electric lights is joined by a subtle scintilating aura of purple and black that wafts up around the small girl like a haze of mist but it fades almost just as quickly.

Leida blinks suddenly, giving a start as if snapped back to reality by something. Her head tilts lazily to the side, taking in her surroundings as if just noticing for the first time and her gaze eventually comes to rest on the small gaggle of people, one of which is staring at her rather intently.

"Will-san...? Where... where am I?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru stretches out a bit, looking to Mercade. "Uh, yeah! I'm just a tourist. Just, uh, seeing the sights and all." He nods a little to himself, and...oh, hey, that girl looks infinitely more interesting than this talk about technology or whatever's going on. He steps towards Leida, and--yep. There it is. She just totally flared up in a weird aura thing.

His gaze now moves between Will and Leida. This may be the first cool thing to happen since he got to this world, and he's not going to miss a second of it.
Deelel Deelel does not question Will she's accepted he just does this thing, she really just accepted it really. IT keeps her saner that way she'll get curious about things that won't cause her to suffer mental errors.

"It's not even quite like my home to be honest.

"A very strange part that not even my ... people knew existed it was isolated till recently. There's some things about it you all need to be aware of honest."

She looks sadly Isaac for a moment.

"It can happen as I have learned humans are not perfect...or all knowing. Errors can happen it seems, still could be something just damaged her. I know I been messed up pretty badly to the point I didn't remember where I was from."

Will admitting he'd got cleaned up would be something she wouldn't expect she does recall Felix's hammer did do something, perhaps she could bother him some time to bonk will until he was factory fresh once more.

"Good we can talk later on it Mercade."

Haneisuru just seems to be a dude, but in Manhattan everyone knows about the darkness etc now after what happens so she doesn't think much about talking on certain topics but other she'd still be wary on Leida however asking where she is she's a bit surprised honestly just what happened she's not sure what happened to Leida but this will be reported to the Shard Seekers sooner or later. This doesn?t sound too good, something clearly is up. Still she's got to worry about that other program too.

"Either way this other program needs help, being glitched is a ... type of hell that's rather hard to describe to people who have had to find their own purpose and not born for one. I don't want to leave her like this or if we can't fix her find her some place she can find a life for herself that's not being kicked around like that."
Mercade Alexander "Oh really?" Mercade says. "We've been getting a lot of visitors ever since that portal opened in Central Park." He smiles, and flicks a hand, producing a business card with some basic sleight of hand. He offers it to the man. The card declares him as being Mercade Alexander, of the Twilight Detective Agency. Mysteries Solved! People Found! And there's also contact information.

He wasn't looking at Leida, but when that dark aura flares up, Mercade suddenly looks straight in Leida's direction. "... You..." He says quietly. He pauses. "Leida?" He arches an eyebrow. "What's going on?" He seems a bit wary.
Will Sherman Will decides to table his OVERWHELMING DISAPPROVAL, because Leida was having an episode...or something close to one. He walks over...squashing it, but speaking more normally to Leida...

"Leida, how's the job..? You sleeping alright?" he asks, holding his hands behind his back. "You're in an arcade, you know, you come here to have fun and play games...relax kinda thing." he says, "You really should sleep more, I think...what's keeping you up? Not the old man, I hope. That man doesn't need to be driving off MORE help.." He looks to mercade and Isaac, "Told old guy that runs the chinese collectable shop, the one who lost his daughter." he clarifies.
Isaac Hanlon Isaac just sighs at Will. "Right." That's about the answer he expected, when he asks if he washed /potentially toxic substances/ off.

"I think I know a little bit about that. Don't worry, Dee; we'll figure something out. I can't really do anything about it right now, though. I've got a bigger fish to fry, so to speak. Not that this isn't important," Isaac adds hastily, "but, well... it's..." He makes a vague little gesture with his left hand near his head. "...a little bigger."

The sudden aura flare gets Isaac's attention as well as a spotlight turning on might've. There's a similar effect around him, though it's much more brief; he suddenly inhales sharply, and there's a very faint flicker of cyan behind him, as if one of the arcade cabinets he's standing in front of just got brighter for a fraction of a second.

He steps away from Leida with a slight frown, giving her and Will some space. Isaac turns to the arcade's front windows and goes and walks past them, apparently idly. He mutters a nearly inaudible syllable or two here and there, and the lights in and around the windows get a similar, if more subtle, tint of the same bluish color. The interior of the building feels a touch... safer, after that.
Leida Being suddenly at the center of attention cuts through the fog clouding the small princess' mind, at least enough for her to show embarrassment. Her arms tuck protectively against her chest and she hides the lower part of her face behind her hands, glancing around again with a look of worry.

"An... arcade?" She's seen establishments like this before but only in passing. Places crammed with excitable youngsters who might ask uncomfortable questions about her appearance aren't exactly high on her list of leisure sites. "How...?"

Leida sags slightly under the weight of confusion a hand going to her temple. The gesture shoves the loose hood of her jacket away, revealing the lower most of the short knife-like horns protruding from her dark hair.

"I... I am sorry. I do not remember coming here. I saw shapes and..."
Mercade Alexander On the recommendation of Will. Mercade steps back, though he does keep an eye on the unusual Hane. He doesn't know about Hane's proclivities yet. "Everything's all right, Leida." Mercade says quietly. No need to set her off, especially in here. "I didn't know you've been..." In Manhattan. Where he didn't know. Where she could have been... Doing anything. "Here."

He frowns at the appearance of Leida, and looks over to Isaac. This kind of thing is his specialty. One of many, anyway.
Will Sherman Will frowns a bit, "Well..." He says, at first trying to think of something...

"Well, you're here now, how about a game maybe? Maybe you can start talkin' about what's been going on with the airheadedness suddenly, or the fact that you look like a total zombie." he says pokin' her head. "Don't worry about it, I know I've had a few horribly sleepless nights before." Like with the BLOT.

"Need some caffine?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru /almost/ looks freaked out when Leida suddenly has horns, in addition to her trippy eye-thing she's got going on, but then he considers a moment. Light chinrub, before he nods a couple times. No, the thing Leida has going on right now is, in his mind, pretty cool. Even if he has no idea why, right now.

On the other hand...he looks to Will. "Hey. Hey. /Whoa/. Whoa. I know zombies. I know me some zombies. And this girl here ain't a zombie." He seems to completely miss the point. "...Now, I dunno what she is, it is -pretty cool-, whatever she is, but it's not a zombie."
Will Sherman "...You are technically undead." Will says, "I can see it. The man who is declared undead through a clerical error." Will nods once.
Mercade Alexander "Is this a thing?" Mercade asks. He looks over Haneisuru. "You don't look undead." He pauses, and then shrugs. "But uh, as far as this thing is concerned, you're right. She's not a zombie. She's possessed, I think. Like. By a ghost... demon... zombie ghoul wraith thing." He's super totally exact! Not.

"Though I'd let the professional handle it." He indicates Isaac.
Will Sherman "She's not possessed anymore." Will points out, "Like that stopped being a thing because of Reize." he says.
Leida The girl closes her eyes and flinches a little as Will pokes her in the head, still not quite sure that she's on good terms with him after their previous dealings. But since he isn't yelling or telling her to leave, she just looks at the floor and smiles weakly.

"Um... well, I have just... been having bad dreams. It is nothing to worry about... but thank you for your concern, Will-san."

She glances up at Mercade and the others, still hiding bashfully behind her fists. "O-oh... I am sorry, Mercade-san, I did not mean to hide it from you. I moved here to be closer to... to a friend."

The casual discussion about her former possession makes the tiny girl seem to shrink even more, her hood sliding down to obscure her face with shadows that seem a little too deep.

"You... you think these horrible changes are... entertaining?"
Deelel Deelel has to agree that Manhattan has been getting a lot of strange traffic as of late, a lot of i really, still she's not one to ahem call much on that. After all she is one of the strangers to this land after all right? Will seems to be taking lead on things with Leida and he knows things better right? She's unaware of who the old man at the Chinese collectable shop is, though she wonders would people here pay money for items from the Land of Dragons? Perhaps if the Arcade ever needs to fund raise, she might have to look into such things.

"Thank you it means a lot that your willing to help to and yes. There's some things we need to talk about in private later Isaac. I been trying to find you for weeks honestly."

Something is up and Deelel's face is pretty serious, its the same look and tone that tends to come up on things like the Shadowlords and LEXUS.

"There is also there's a new virus the new sub grid. A type of game program has gone's pretty bad."

She looks back to Leida frowning not certain but at the talk of coffee? That she can do, that she totally can do. She goes to get some coffee that has escaped Beck's new found hunger for the stuff.

"Technically undead? He doesn't look like a cauldron born to me."

She calls out from the back.
Mercade Alexander "Really? So is whole horns thing natural?" Mercade asks. "I mean, I have no idea where she's from. I'm not judging."

He pauses, and looks over to Leida. "No, I think it's horrible, actually. I get sassy when I'm trying to not be frightenened out of my mind, it's a thing, sorry. Pardon me for being a little skittish, I still remember you trying to devour my soul a while ago. I'd like to give you a hand, because really, this is putting a serious damper on our interactions."

He sighs. "So what's the deal now?" Deelel calls from the side. "What the crap is a Cauldron Born? Is this another new thing we have to deal with?" He asks Deelel.
Haneisuru Haneisuru shrugs at Mercade. "This fine man here is correct. For all /legal/ intents and purposes, I am in fact...undead!" He laughs at this as well, tapping his chest with a few of his fingers.
"Anyway, hey. Hey. You are /still alive/, girl. You got some trippy horns, killer eyes, I mean, what is not to like? It makes you more interesting than--whoa, whoa, she can devour souls?"
Will Sherman Will sighs...

"Well, to be fair, the horns aren't so bad." Will says, "I mean, I know Gargoyles pretty well. Hell, two work for's a bit dull, the other is a FREEKIN' mary-sorry, I am digressing." Will says, scratching the side of his head, "Look, who cares about things like apperance?"

Yes, take a moment to reflect on the words of the KING OF THE HOBOS. PS, he looks like a hobo right now.

"ANYWAY..." Will says, "Bad dreams? What kinda dreams? Come on, no hiding this stuff, if they are keeping you up all night, then they have to be bad, and as such we must rush head first into them."

"Because this is how bad dreams become good dreams."
Isaac Hanlon Isaac is pretty sure Haneisuru is either new at this or from a place where the insane is totally normal. He's not sure which worries him more.

"Yeah, sure. I'll hang around here a little later and we can chat." Isaac asides, waving his robot-hand at Deelel as he wanders the front interior of the building. He's scoping the place out, making sure that some stuck-up virus isn't going to crash the party again. Maybe making sure they're warded against random Heartless attacks. "If something new is out there, I'll want to hear about it," he adds.

Isaac looks over at the others. He frowns slightly at the exchange between Mercade and Leida, largely because Mercade stole the words right out of his mouth, the jerk. He has a sudden sense of deja vu, and that alone is /incredibly/ depressing for totally unrelated reasons. He sighs to himself and starts walking back along the circuit. "I have reasonable consulting rates," he calls, while inspecting the windows again.
Leida "There is nothing wrong with me!" She practically shouts, which for Leida means her voice raises above a soft delicate tone to being clearly audible over the background noise for once. Her momentary outburst quickly recedes back into her usual cocoon of shyness. "I... I mean nothing... new..."

The princess nods at Will, pointedly ignoring Haneisuru's strange obesession with her dark powers. "I... do not remember them very well. I see... silhouettes. They are people I think. I... feel like I know them but when I try to draw closer to see their faces..."

Leida shivers and clutches at her chest as if suddenly beset by a chill wind. Her expression becomes pained though with her eyes hidden in the shadows of her hood it's difficult to tell. After a moment she shakes her head. "I do not know why but they fill me with such terror...!"
Will Sherman Will frowns for a moment...

He looks at Isaac...he looks back at Leida.

"Then the answer is clear. I have to go into your dreams and help you overcome your fears." Will says suddenly.
Mercade Alexander "How does that even work!?" Mercade yells from the background.
Will Sherman "Magic, duh." Will says, looking at Mercade with a 'do you even lift' expression.
Haneisuru Haneisuru rubs his hands together a little, thoughtfully. But--people are getting all /starey/ at him because it's -so- weird that oh man, things don't suck all the time forever, and...

"...Who cares /how/ it works. It /works/. And that's--okay. You know what? I'm eating crow. New worlds are -awesome- oh man oh man oh man" With that, he excitedly rushes out of the arcade for some reason.

This /cannot/ possibly end poorly.
Isaac Hanlon Isaac watches Haneisuru up and run out the front door.

He looks to Will and Mercade. Then, he points at the fleeing guy's back, and makes a circular gesture with one finger pointed at the side of his head. He's got a quizzical expression on his face.
Mercade Alexander Mercade Alexander shrugs. "He seems like a cool enough guy." Mercade says. "At least he's not doing anything horrible? I mean hell, we don't even know where he-"

Mercade pauses. "Oh hell. I never even asked where he was from!" He turns to ask, but Hane is totally long gone.

"... Crap."
Deelel Deelel says "A type of animated undead controlled by a I think the term is lich? Called the Horned King, he's been behind the random undead attacks over the last few weeks. He was scouting for new recruits, namely those who could tangle with his horde and survive it for the most part. I think we put him down for a little bit..."

She returns with some coffee in hand and will offer it up as needed.

"I seen so many different species here I'm not sure if there is such a thing as normal anymore."

Horns, tails, wings, talons all sorts of interesting builds that users have.

Deelel pauses for a moment at the mention of bad dreams.

"Dreams seem to be ... important. Most of my people just see them are ram dumps but I don't know, not after some of the ones I have had."

She's now turning her attention back to Isaac.

"On top of the lich as I said the virus they are called or were Cybugs. They been hitting other games pretty hard that the marines from their native game are sticking out their necks in other systems to fight them. Note in that world if your part of a game you re spawn when you die. Only in your native game if your not native, that's it. They become whatever they eat, and I mean anything. Weapons, spells, even... people I'll wager."

What happens if they eat heartless? Perhaps they already have it may be hard to tell. Given how rabid they are becoming. %R
"We have to keep them from destroying there people there and if they get into the portal back to the Wise OS, I don't want to think what will happen other than likely we could count on SARK and MCP to at least not back stab us while a virus is eating the system there. If we are lucky.

"Several other shard seekers have been concerned about you Leida I'm glad your all right."

Dream diving? She has no idea how that works for users, I mean her people were easy to tamper with, to the point she was concerned about it for her own well being. But humans and their kin? She has no real idea there. Also she pauses as Hanisuru runs out of the arcade, he certainly seemed excited.
Leida Leida looks just as surprised as Mercade. "Y-you... what?!"

Haneisuru's quick exit causes the girl to sigh in relief slightly but the mention of someone going inside her head puts her on edge. Deelel's comment gets a curt nod in response but for the moment she's focused on Will.

"I... I am not certain that is wise. You have no... you cannot..." She flounders for a moment. "You will not be safe there..."
Will Sherman Will grins at Leida. "I can handle it..." he says, "Look, you got inside my head, I think you at least owe me the reverse." he says, "Besides I'm actually helping so."
Mercade Alexander Looks like Will is focused on being the hero despite what happened last time the friend in Will's head came into contact with Leida.

Mercade sighs.

However, something gets Mercade's attention. "These things are eating everything they get their hands on?" He pauses. "That's a bad situation. If they can't contain it themselves, we should do what we have to in order to keep them from getting out of hand. Imagine if they breached into the real world..." He pauses. "It'd be just like the Heartless or worse."
Leida Ofcourse the last time she got in his head a world got devoured by the Heartless. What happens if the same thing occurs in reverse? The demon is only sealed inside of her, not destroyed. And the seal...

Leida shakes her head vehemently, taking a step back. "It... it is too risky! I... I do not want /that/ to happen again!"
Will Sherman "Well, right now, me and the thing in my head have...and understanding. We're obstensively on the same team." Will says, "Look, if Isaac is there, he can pull me out of anything bad happens, I am sure of it. Come on, I can't just let you sit here and suffer while you're in need..." he pauses, "That way I'll feel better later when I have to talk to you about relationships."
Mercade Alexander "And so the Hobo King did come from on high to give dating advice to the afflicted woman." Mercade intones with only light sarcasm.
Deelel Deelel is just not sure what to do on the Leida thing as for the Cybugs? That's something she can dos something upon now.

"Yes, say id they ate a gun, they'd get the ability to use such weapons. Think worse they operate like LEXUS but without any sort of real plan or control other than consume, and spawn more of them."

"I best get to closing up. Isaac we need to talk later, and Mercade I'll get to you about the work."

This scene contained 44 poses. The players who were present were: Will Sherman, Mercade Alexander, Deelel, Leida, Isaac Hanlon, Haneisuru