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The Phantom's Rise
(2013-07-29 - 2013-08-04)
Traverse Town is a heavily traffic area. Protected by the Data Point Security and by the many groups who live here. Yet a challenger has come to see if he can awaken the people's eyes that no matter their security. No matter their power. Their light will never be strong enough to defeat the darkness.
Horned King
Traverse Town is a very busy area. There are many people who traverse here, thus probably the name! The Horned King gave a warning to a few. Those few were given the hint of where he would be, though why he would come to such a place was unknown or even what he was after.

Yet he has come to Traverse Town and missing the fact he was here would be a rather hard thing to miss.

Lightning would be the first indication as it strikes through the sky lightning up the Twilight world. Flashing across the growing clouds that start to form. Then as the clouds build, suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes down in the center of District 1, causing people to quickly scatter. The lightning bolt holds in the area, ripping up the ground, before suddenly it flickers away.

There was a moment of peace with only the rumbling thunder. Then suddenly smoke rises from the very point the lightning impacted, before more lightning starts to fire down at that point. Then the smoke starts to become black, as lightning flickers between the points of the smoke until it becomes a portal of darkness which a dark figure steps out from.

A dark figure who's face is hidden by the red hooded robe with a dark brown wolf skin as a cloak. Antler like horns protrude from the hood and what is exposed of his body is his very hands, which don't even look right. Including those black claws on his finger tips.

As the turrets from DPS come on line, he just simply raises his hands and the laser bolts impact some type of magic barrier. Being absorbed by the very magic. He stands like that for a bit, before he rotates his hands and then clamps his hands into a fist, at which the turrets rattle before they explode in a great show of electricity.

Then as several of the Grid guards come. The robed figure raises up his hand as electricity dances between his finger tips. Then blasts out a bolt of lightning at one of the guards before sending them straight back into several others. The sheer force causing windows to explode.

This wasn't looking good...
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't know what's going on. She was out of town, she didn't get the word, honestly, there are tons of reasons here that makes her confused at what is going on. Traverse is not known for bad weather msot of the time, its always night yes, but thunder and rain is rather rare it seems.

So when she comes out of the Cloud Nine, which is right next to the turrets, and as they shoot out its making enough noise to get her attention. She leaves a few people inside, and some more just dive for cover inside of it as she moves out. Well she's not afraid of a few thunderbolts either way...

"What's going on!?" The robed figure making the turrets explode... well, that's not a good sign alright. Definitely not a 'friendly' figure there. She sighs. She's had enough of the shadow lords trying to make Traverse Town the new neiborhood in their world of darkness. Its nothing new, but still annoying. She cracks her knuckles, sliding on her fighting gloves "Either way, not welcomed here, either you leave quietly, or I'm sending you back butt first."
Avira Today's crossing of paths was made possible by sheer fact that VALKYRI had their 'headquarters' here. Ironically, it was recently bought up that they should consider establishing a second, secret base elsewhere since the one in Traverse Town attracted a lot of attention. Not that VALKYRI was the purpose of today's attack, but...

Avira was in town today-their headquarters, no less, studying up on more design books. The hiss and crash of lightning gets her attention since she swore there wasn't supposed to be rain today. A quick check out the window did reveal clouds and she's about to brush it off when the distant hiss and snap of the DPS turrets activating makes her think otherwise. "Hm, trouble." A sinking feeling spawns in her stomach-was this it? Was Garland making good on his threat at last?

Pushing away from the window, she grasps the Spine and is soon out the door.

The view that's presented to her upon arriving doesn't put the scarred huntress at ease. Sure, it's not Garland, but this robed figure still looks fairly menacing. Not recognizing him one bit, Avira slips into a defensive stance, taking a few seconds to evaluate how this guy operations. Beyond blasting things with lightning at least.
Firion Traverse town was in fact a rather busy thoroughfare. And given that it was a town of eternal night..

It was a town that generally knew how to celebrate. That was evidenced by the large number of pubs and taverns about the area. But what was this? The sounds of battle were resounding even before he'd finished his first mug. Laser turrets were pounding down on something magical. There was a flare of light in the distance and the telltale smell of ozone in the air from the electrical magic.

And so the man who looked akin to a walking arsenal just smiled cheerfully to the bartender and stated, "Hey hold for this me, won't you? I'll be back soon." The bartender gave him a puzzled look as he took it.

The man hiked himself up off the stool with a clatter of metal upon metal as several of his weapons within their scabbards struck his armor.

And then he started to walk at an even pace down the way, towards where the commotion started....

Once he arrived, he whistled is an impressed manner, before leaning over one of the fallen DPS guards, checking on them, "Hey hang in there buddy. I'm your relief."

And as one his three-pronged lance and axe rose from their scabbards, and began to float around him as if held by unseen hands. A bow appeared within his own hands, as he advanced on the figure whom he recognized from the magical projection, "Guess you were easier to draw out into the open than my least favorite Sorceror. Care to favor me with with your name?" He smiles at the figure, with an almost eerie sense of affability, "....I mean you look like you're half a step in the grave already. We could use a proper epitaph."

And despite the impressive display of magic from the man, the azure-armored figure doesn't attack, he just waits for him to respond. Instead his floating weapons become limmed with a white aura, before blazing into ghastly looking flames, flickering with the wind. For a moment, his body becomes limmed by the same white aura, before instead it blazes into actual protective flames over his body. He seems entirely unharmed by this.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney stands atop the roof of one of the many, all oddly similar looking buildings, looking down on the streets below him. A dusty, somewhat torn cloak blowing lightly in the winds atop the roof. He watches with light intrigue as the figure makes his entrance, destroying guards and turrets.

"Ugh. I have no time for more petty machinations." He says, a bored, venomous tone to his voice. With a flash of blue, he teleports onto the streets of Traverse Town, narrowing his eyes at the figure as he wreaks havoc. There's a light, malaise feeling in the air surrounding Sydney as a Dark, misty substance begins to bellow forth from his robes. Three inkblots appear in the ground beneath him, whizzing about slightly before something rises forth: Heartless. Three shadows, to be precise. They stare forth hungrily at the man wreaking havoc, as a foul, almost evil smirk forms on the cloaked mans lips. He utters no words, simply raising his hands above his head. A dark aura eminates over his body, flowing like smoke and sparks across his whispy form.
Maira Maira is also in town at headquarters, sitting nearby Avira with a book in her hand. It doesn't have anything to do with airships, but she seems to be enjoying it. It was always nice to have a nice relaxing evening, even if it was pretty much always evening.

When thunder crashes, Maira throws the book at the ceiling in surprise. "EEP! What? Rain, now thunder? I'd be excited but--unnnngg...oh...oh that's a strong darkness--go go, I'll catch up!" she says to Avira, beginning to scramble around to find her boots. She tugs them on then on as swiftly as possible, then runs out the door cursing under her breath.

She arrives in district one, her eyes settling on the horned figure and widening. "W-well th-then..." she says, blinks. Evil guy has evil style, that's for sure.

Next up, she eyes Firion. Because he's on fire. Maira looks suddenly, inappropriately excited by this. "Oh! Hey! I can do that too!" she says, then casts a protective aura of flames around herself and those nearby--first her fellow Valkyrie and best friend.
Paulo Mysidi There has been plenty of research looking into the events leading up to this one, but Paulo was not certain that this would be the place the next attack would occur. In fact, when the omens made themselves present, he was hauling a stack full of books to read over to a cafe. They were dropped in haste-- rushing around to pinpoint the source. He arrives with a sprint-- skidding to a halt right as a turret explodes.

Whats that? Exposion scrap is falling? On a puppy? Noooo! The sage reaches out-- one part aero to redirect the debris and one part protect to shield the small metal scraplings from hurting the little white pup. The large scrap hits the ground with a loud thud. The pup quakes from shock-- calming as Paulo pats its head, "Run along. Its not safe here." It lets out a cute little bark and scampers off.

As Paulo slowly stands up from his crouching position he spies what is likely to become a battlefield. "Him," he says as lightning strikes. Coincidence. Totally. The sage walks on over-- the orb that rests over his left shoulder splitting into a white orb and a black orb-- nestling neatly right over his wrists. "Don't let your guard down..." he says as he looks to Tifa-- and to Firion. Some familiar faces. A hand raises and white magic surges-- wrapping over the two he stands near as a protective force.
Angantyr Vespar From VALKYRI another figure emerges behind Avira. He walks, measured paces as he takes time to try and take in the senses given to him by his ability to see Darkness. He isn't going to rush, there were no doubt many people wanting to get a shot at him...he doesn't need to be first, he just needs to be last. As he arrives, he already notices the forces starting to engage, and he walks passed them. "Back off, this isn't a foe you can fight. Allow me." he says, looking at the Horned King. He doesn't know the man...but the darkness reminds him of many shadow lords...Garland comes to was different, sure....but still..

The Horned King in return could sense a great deal of darkness in him...but not from his heart. It is as if the very thing powered this man was darkness itself. He was a litterally font, but...something else. He was tempered...or becoming tempered by something...

"Alright, buddy. You come into my town, wrecking the joing. I don't know your game, but I don't really care." he says, and holds a hand out. Something...happens.

A blade comes to his hand.

The weapon comes to his hand as he points it at the Horned king.

"I would tell you to leave, but I don't think you are. Not unless we make you." he says, with slight grin.

Then darkness overtakes his form, melding into his armor and transforming it into stronger plate, enhancing his body, while shielding him from attacks at the same time.
Deelel Deelel had been very busy, from trying to find Isaac to no success and even thoughts of kicking down Merlin's door for a little talk had born no real luck for the Basic. Also there was the concerns about Beck's project with the laser, then there was the Arcade too. Things were very busy for Deelel, perhaps more than she could even be truly aware of. She has no idea just about what's to befall them tonight.

She'd been going to the Wild Kat to get something to recharge ob but those plans go out the window s the weather changes without warning, then becomes violent, She attempts to keep to some cover as she spots a robed figure? Wait who was that?

She can't get a better look as glass rains down from windows that have been shattered and she dives out of harms way of the moment. It won't be safe for her, for very long.

She also takes note of the DPS turrets rezzing up this was just backing up how bad things were and well? Avira is here thus Deelel is trying to form up with them. Thankfully she's not the only one here with experience there. She catches sight of Firion's action towards one of the DPS troopers and well that just improves what she thinks of him. She take quick stock in things to make sure there's no one else at risk. She doesn't have much wit to give the Horned King. She's learned he's dangerous, very dangerous just from his cauldron born.

"Your a bit glitched there, you shouldn't take this lightly."

She notes to Sydney before reaching for her disk even as Paulo and Maira arrive on the scene. It seems things are about to get very darn crazy, she also boots up a few run time command in preparation of what seems to be likely be a fight that is about to go down.

"We really need to catch up when we're not facing a danger like this. You know maybe I dunno at a bar or even like a Blitzball game..."
Horned King
Tifa and Avira arrive on the scene taking on a defensive measure. The robed figure lowers his arms and seems to look over in their direction. He says nothing, even to Tifa's pending threat. Though when Firion shows up, he looks over in their direction then, raising up his head slightly.

"Ah yes. You. I remember you from the forest and the beach." He says ever so calmly, there was a flicker of red from behind the hood however. Right were the eyes should be, though that shortly fades. "The young man still in his prime and having a great power over the weapons he wields. You have impressive display, dear young sir. I look forward to seeing your handy work in person now."

Sydney goes noted and so does Maira. Then when Paulo shows up the Horned King looks directly in his direction then. Placing out his hand in his direction with his palm up before his fingers extend out. "Ah. Sage. I recall you also from the forest. I was indeed looking forward to meeting you. To bad it is not on a single standing ground. I would have been interested in singling you out for a sorcerers duel, even if a minor in magics. Perhaps in time if you live long enough."

The Horned King wasn't really searching for darkness users or light users. Oh he may sense them, just as he can sense the power of magic, however when Angantyr suddenly summons for a Keyblade, or what seems like one. This indeed gets the Shadow Lord's attention. He stares at the weapon for a moment as those red wisps light up where the eyes are and seem to glow far brighter then earlier. "How. Interesting." He says softly before lowering his head. "..How interesting indeed."

"I am sure your master would be very interested in knowing you have that." The Horned King states with a dark, soft chuckle that doesn't sound very nice at all. Kinda thing that give kids knightmares, if looking at him already didn't. Don't you know? That is why the Black Cauldron got in so much trouble as a Disney movie! "Unless, he already know perhaps. Hm. Hate to break one of his things, but since you are here, not much I can do by such a threat."

Then he peers over at Deelel. Those red wisps still glowing in the darkness. "..and then another joins whom I have met now three times. Excellent."

The Sorcerer Necromancer then steps back a few steps, before he extends out his hands. Then whispers something in an unknown tongue, before raising up his hands and then with a strike of lightning extending directly out of his hands. It slams into the sky before with a flash of bright light. Suddenly several runes of magic could be seen circling before flicker of magic rains down in a dome like fashion around the distract.

More DPS come however they run head long into the field, being knocked right back by it. Cycles de-rezing right on impact, knocking their rides right back. It seems they were now all trapped in with the very unknown figure.

"I am the Horned King. You may either bow before me and take me as your god," He then lowers his arms before then conjuring a ghostly image of blue fire that floats in the air. "Or defy me and pay the price." Those words spoken calmly before he suddenly spins around as he grabs the flame. He flings it outwards at everyone. It spreads out like a massive ghost wave. Though it seems to do nothing but be a magic show. Those who have strengthened themselves, suddenly may find their very essence being ripped out by the sudden wave of magic if it makes impact with them.

"But know. You are being judged now and I will have you serve me. Either in life.. or unlife."
Angantyr Vespar "Yeah. No." Angantyr says as the armor is shattered from his body. This is annoying.

This is /very POSITIVELY/ annoying. The blade moves, he dives in quickly, aiming to first reach out with dark magics to try and sunder the man's barrier against his strength...only to no avail.

"Hm...I should have guessed your affiliation. I would be careful in what you assume what he knows or does not knwo...and former master. I no longer serve him...but I will serve you to him in a <GOOSEHONK>ing pine box!" he says...before the blade moves in a single powerful strike, darkness trailing behind it as he channels the energy through his body in a single powerful strike, aiming to try and blast the Horned King back, aiming to smash the man's body into the wall, before coming back with a darkness filled punch, and then once more slashing with the blade down, aiming to send him splattering on the hard concrete of the city.

"If you think you can make me, freak, then bring it on! We don't fear the dark...not anymore."
Firion Firion brings up a single hand, offering a casual salute in the way of Paulo for his enchantments. And then towards Maira he grins before stating, "Yeah it's a pretty neat trick, once you learn how to control them enough that you don't scorch your armor."

"Hey, good to know that I have a fan. But really I've got a long way to go with my training." He grins at the Horned King, moments before the ghastly blue fire is flung at him. He twists to the side, grasping a dagger from his boot by the blade, and flinging it right at the Horned King's mid-section. It eats away at some of his protective spells, but he doesn't seem all that perturbed. Until the ghost wave begins to weaken him.

"Alright then, you're the Horned King. If you really want 'Defy me and pay the price' on your headstone then that's your prerogative..." Several arrows appear in his bow, already nocked, he pulls it back, and fires Each one bursting into flames midflight, and bathing wherever they strike with scorching heat. "...but personally? That's too much damn irony for my tastes."

The bow vanishes, reappearing on his back, and instead he draws a runed sword, and mythril mace. Dashing into his guard. What follows is a dizzying display of mastery of his weapons as the axe, and lance begin to attempt to beat the man back, before he follows through with his mace and sword, trying to work the dread lich around so that the telekinetically controlled weapons will work to thrust and chop at his flanks, while he works within his guard, battering him with fierce blows.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney frowns irritatedly as the dark essence is pulled away from his form. "My. How irritating." He says blankly. The three shadows simply continue standing there, staring hungrily. They continue staring forth at the Horned King, eyes glowing brightly. Eventually, they decide that he does not have that which they seek. And if Sydney isn't going to order them to attack, they aren't gonna waste their time. They crawl back into his shadow, and simply fade into the ground for now.

Sydneys cloak begins to whip about violently as he summons forth The Dark. Smoke rises from his form as he looks about. Hm...Angantyr is a being of Darkness as well. So he's the least likely to give Sydney a beating if he tries casting Dark Magic on him. if his memory serves him. They could probably put this to better use than he can anyways. With that in mind, Angantyr might find a dark smoke enveloping flowing through him for a few moments as it boosts both the attributes of both the caster and the castee(?)

Deleels remark is met with apathy. "Glitch? Perfection can only be born through errors."
Avira "Who is this guy?" Avira asks to Angantyr as he passes, secure in the knowledge that he definitely isn't telling her or Maira to back off here-likely not Tifa either because they both know the barmaid can fight. That this guy seems to be blowing through the DPS turrets and security programs with ease is rather unsettling as well since Avira /knows/ they are a capable force.

Her feelings of wariness further increase as Avira recognizes some kind of shielding spell going down, trapping them all in with this new figure. At the same time, though, her own nervous excitement increases as well. So this Shadow Lord wanted to test them!? "I CHOOSE DEFIANCE!" Avira calls out, her weapon swiping upward in the air and simply bisecting the ghostly flame heading her way. The spell crashes to either side of her, leaving the huntress untouched.

In a flash, she's running behind Angantyr, timing her movements just so in a way that she comes leaping in from above, just after Angantyr has attempted to splatter him against the wall. A massive, howling blast of ice shoots downward with such fury that it leaves the length of the wall coated in thick sheets.
Maira Maira looks over toward Deelel, cracking a quick smile. "Heheh, agreed!" she replies before turning, hearing a familiar set of footsteps approaching. Oooh boy. Maira's amber eyes lock onto Angantyr as he approaches, watching as he holds out his hand and the weapon appears.


It is the second time she's seen it now, and boy does it look different from Sora's or King Mickey's. Then again, Angantyr sure doesn't look like Sora or Mickey either. The wicked looking blade suits him. She says into her radio that she has his back. True, as she generally tries to stay behind him anyway--wall of a man that he is, squishy mage that she is.

Maira looks around then to find more familiar faces. Tifa is expected and always a welcome sight in an altercation such as this. There's that Sydney guy who has helped her a few times before yet she's never really talked to. Maira waves to him. Then there is Paulo from Mysidia. "Oh, hey! Mr. Mysidi!" she calls. Always good to have a mage of Mysidia on your side!

The Horned King speaks in a voice like the grave, a shiver tickling its way quickly up her spine. Had she been in a fight since....since Uist...? No. No she doesn't think so. But her friends are here, she reminds herself. They stand together.

The magic of the sorcerer clashes against her own, the protective flame she had summoned around herself disappearing to be replaced by a cold, gripping feeling of her heart. "Stop....that," she says to the Horned King. "Garland isn't his master any more! And you won't be ours!" she shouts back, bringing her flames up once more, her whole body lighting up like a torch. She reaches into her pouch to pull out a green vial, tossing it at the Horned King's feet to let out a gaseous cloud of poison, followed by a concentrated blast of fire the blooms like a rose upon impact.

Then Maira looks to Firion, and shows him a smile, indicating her clothes. "Fire proof! Real handy!"
Deelel Deelel is surprised at Angantyr's arrival not that it isn't welcome, having Ang at your back is a hell of a good thing. Then he does something she isn't expecting. He's a powerful warrior, a solid person to have at your back. Not to mention a Keyblade? Wait what in the name of her user? A Keyblade? Some memories surface for a moment she shakes off the memories of the graveyard. It does not matter how or why, it simply mattes that Ang has one and things might not be as grim as she thought it was going to be.

The Horned King speaks to them all and seems to have been trying to scout heroes from using his earlier attacks. It seems to be the case she doesn't voice this at all as it's pretty obvious at this point, she has to wonder just what is his plan? Well why was he sizing people up, threats? Hoping to kill and raise them? Perhaps both? She has no idea and she really does not wish to find out.

"You are not my user, you are not Flynn. I'll tell you what I told LEXUS."

Okay it seems he's planning to make them serve in life or undead? Can she even serve as undead she'd just be cubes nothing to reanimate right? Then again it's magic so all bets are off and she really does not want to find out if necromancy of that level works on her.

As they come under attack he moves into action her disc launches once it misses, but bounces bk to her hand. She then moves in again shifting to the side throwing the disc and trying to bounce it off several of the building before it might hit the Horned king, not once but several times.

"I will not server him, I will not serve you. So you were scouting us, no mater let's see how much Game you have!"

"Underestimate someone and your dead, your suffering won't end with the likes of this guy!"

Avira's answer is about the same as her Deelel's own in a much simpler form.
Paulo Mysidi The sage clenches a fist and shakes it at the Horned creature of evil evilness. "I have no plans on falling here or in a duel with you, Horned King," Paulo shouts out at the man with a broad grin on his face. "We'll have to decline your offer. I've seen how you treat your existing minions and, well, I can't see it looking good in robes," the hazel-eyed magic caster says.

The young sage asides to Deelel, "Yes, we have to catch up. I have tons I need to talk to you about when-- you know-- looming doom isn't asking us to dance."

Speaking of dancing, the robed sage of Mysidia takes a step back to get good positioning for those nearby. A squishy caster might go to the far back-- but he perfers the middle ground. The black orb on his right hand glows a series of primal colors-- sparking a focus to which the elements themselves are summoned. First it is lightning, arching from his fingertips to be drawn down from the sky above, followed by a biting gust of shard-like hail. The storm seems aimless until a trio of light 'darts' erupt from his other hand-- seeking out a target where the elements converge on.
Horned King
Once the attack unleashes the Horned King suddenly uses his own magic to rise himself into the air slightly, as the air around him becomes electrically charged and flickers of darkness whiff around him like dark motes.

Angantyr's attack comes swinging in and suddenly several of the dark motes fly forward to deflect the attack away. However there was something to be said about the man who one served a powerful master. It had to be a very powerful warrior. The blade breaks the dark barrier shield and slams into the Horned King knocking him back and he stops himself right before he hits the body. Those wisps flicker for a moment before they settle down once again.

"I do not look for you to fear the darkness, just the knowledge of what you face. For having no fear is foolish." He listens to what Firion has to say before he then finishes. "..even one who has transcended such concepts as death."

The opening was there from Angantyr's attacks as the weapons from Firion moved in at a dazzling display. It did in fact knocked the Horn King back, but for Firion getting in close, a black bolt of lightning flares outward, nearly scathing by the young man, only noting that his corruption was able to snag the youth to try and void him of his life.

The opening was still there even for Avira, however he suddenly moves his arm a barrier between himself and her is formed. Her ice attacks against the field, melting away, before it suddenly blasts upward and seeming to engulf the very spell before causing it to just-- cease. "Hm."

Then Maira throws her container as the Horned King goes to shift positions. The gas from it did seem to effect him. Making one wonder how such things could work on what he was. Then the flames impacted, knocking him back a bit which each strike, yet it did not ignite him on fire. However it did do one thing. With the flames light it reveals the King's face. A skeleton like face of what was perhaps once a man. The wisps in his eyes glowing over the entire socket before those facial bones seem to narrow before his face seems to fall back into darkness once more with those eyes still lit.

This may not be because of Maira herself, but by the very Sage who was here. The other potential for powerful magic. Though the next attack doesn't come from him, but from the Program. It was enough of a distraction. That magic from both Maira and Paulo. Enough that Deelel's disc flew in and slammed him against the face. He nearly twirled with the impact before he slowly started to turn back around once more.

Paulo's own spell came in, it was enough to freeze up the concentration of the Horned King before he had a full chance to fire off his own. This did bring up the Horned King's moment of ire. "I see." He says calmly. "Then very well, if this is what you truly desire."

The Horned King suddenly flies upward into the sky before his hands stretch out by his sides. Those clawed fingers stretching out as Lightning flickers between his finger tips. Then his arms pull back before he suddenly rises his arms to the very sky. A dark lightning bolt flies into the sky, before a loud rumble shakes the area. Suddenly massive lightning strikes come down from the sky. Raining down and threatening to impact everything.

It even blasts some off the rooftops right off buildings, yet oddly, no fires are caused by this display. Even the very things that should catch on fire.
Firion He twists around the Horned King while grabbing his lance out of mid air as the spell barely glances him. A sizzle of smoke rises from his armor and there's a spot where it turns Matte black as the corruption bubbles up. At the same time the mace and sword that were in his hands surge forward to continue the assault upon the Horned King, as the telekinetically controlled Axe returns to its scabbard.

Dark lightning flashes down from the sky, and suddenly he's scoured, as his weapons rise in an attempt to intercept the worst of it. Failing to defend him in time. At first he spasms, his expression for a moment wavering, but then.. he starts to smile, as he twists his lance about in a fluorish. "You don't hold back. That's good...." His sword flattens itself, hovering in mid-air as he takes a step on it, using it as a springboard to flip over the Horned King's head, as he does, he extracts a throwing knife to throw down towards the skeletal lich's neck. "....neither do I" The man then lands behind him, turning to thrust his blazing lance inside of his back, while his burning sword thrusts from the other side, and his mace that's ablaze batters down upon his skull. " let's test whether you really have transcended death..."

As one, all three weapons explode into a column of holy white flame that extends upwards from the Horned King unto the heavens.
Avira Avira tries to capitalize on that opening. She really does! Except...

...her magic is /dispelled/. It could easily be because her magic experience could be measured in months but it was still disheartening to see. She swore that her ability had increased lately too. Descending, Avira actually stands on the barrier that the Horned King has made for a few seconds before hopping off, landing on the rooftop of the nearby building the king had been forced against, if only for a few moments.

The magic that had been surrounding the Spine winks out, extinguished so Avira can conserve her energy. Though as she's considering her next move, lightning explodes the rooftop she's perched upon, hurling her to the ground painfully.

Avira lies there, face-down, lifting a hand to press into her stomach as she triggers what meager healing abilities she has. "Urgh. Someone cover me for a second, please!"
Sydney Losstarot The bolt of lightning strikes Sydney, searing his flesh painfully. He lets out no cry of pain, having honed his body to near numbness through a mixture of forbidden magic and debilitating disease. Still, the damage done is visible as he spasms lightly from the voltage dancing through his body. Finally, he collects himself, his Blood-Sin glowing lightly beneath his cloak as it works its magic.

The foul, malignant feeling of Sydneys special brand of darkness grows heavy in the air for a few moments. His cloak begins to flop about violently as Sydney summons forth more darkness. Those who are well aquainted with darkness will be able to notice something strange about this feeling: Darkness itself is by no means evil. But whatever spin Sydney is putting on it is /very/ evil. Like, a throne made out of the skulls of puppies evil. Its hard to describe how one would know this, but it can be simply felt by most.

His eyes wander over to Avira, smirking indignantly. He raises a palm towards her, Darkness dancing across his fingertips. It flows forth, like a black fog as it finally floats to her. It may feel maligned, and evil, but its affects are clear. Raised senses, and light, but steady healing.
Paulo Mysidi Lightning crashes. Paulo sees the destruction it is starting to cause the town itself. So much magical destruction. He raises his hands up to the sky-- redirecting a bolt that would otherwise crack down on a battered building-- or worse-- a citizen. Redirected to-- himself of course. BOOM! It fries him-- X-ray skeleton and all. Sizzle. The sage huffs out a puff of burnt smoke, "Yep, thats the way it is," he replies in a snarky fashion.

The sage staggers a moment-- raising holding the air gently with his left hand. A healing breeze sweeps the battlefield-- refreshing only a spare few of the fighters-- but sending hope. Hope and kite flying magic for this thunderstorm.
Maira The fire she throws lights up the frightful visage of the Horned King, his face almost skeletal. Maira's eyes widen, but she has no time to be afraid. The Horned King is rising after being assaulted by the combined might of the defends, summoning a lightning storm to crash down around them.

Maira screams and tries to dodge, only to find a larger form shielding her from the lightning with his body. Angantyr.

When they have a moment to breath, Maira looks up to Angan, gasping. Oh no! Only a glance tells her how badly hurt he is. "Oh no can't fall. You have to be a hero today," she says, trying to flash him an encouraging smile. "Trust yourself...and keep fighting!" she says, placing her hands on his shoulders as her healing energy washes over him, the now familiar heat surging through his body to jolt him back to health and keep him going.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't like getting ignored, but that's alright. She's just not used to it, given she's the center of attention as a barmaid most of the time.

Not that she really wants the attention of that guy either, but being flat out ignored is rude.

She nods to Paulo's enhancing techniques gratefully, as she moves in. Although she doesn't get alot of time to step into the fight that the dark wave of energies sends her flying back. She acks, being thrown right into the door of her bar, where all you can hear is wooden cracking, dishes breaking, and some 'eeeeks' from the various tenants of the bar surprised by the unexpected re-entry.

It takes a moment for the barmaid to move back out, turning her arm as if she was cranking up the next move "Alright, I don't know who you are, what you're doing here, but I don't care, I'll just offer you my best barmaid hospitality with a knuckle sandwhich, its on the house!" Nope, she's not appreciating it at all.

She didn't take the time to acknowledge msot of the people present, she just 'flies' in, fist raised, going straight for the robe figure's chest. She hides some rather exceptional strenght in that lithe-looking body of hers.
Deelel Deelel is hit bad is hit very bad by the lighting she h lets out a scream that sounds like a modem being tortured it's just that bad. She hits the ground hard smouldering from the hit her boxy cracked at the point where it struck her, she fights to get back up. Deelel is stubborn if anything, which might be a bit strange for older generations of her kind then again? They have become far more like the humans who unknowingly made their entire world.

She's back on her feet now and has her disc back in hand again even as her allies are bringing all the pain they can upon the Horned King. From Maira, Ang, Avira, Paulo and Furion are just doing everything they can. Ang was hit worse then Deelel was and she notices this as he's being healed quite a bit by the more magical adept of the group.

Firion is right they shouldn't hold back, they can't hold back. Not against someone like this or someone like this, holding back would mean death. Sydney seems to have survive so far this time and Deelel is moving to follow Paulo up as she launches her disc again trying to catch the Horned king off balance to better help her friends and allies of the moment.

"Do not back down, to not give up and boot him so hard he spits kittens!"

Okay so she's still flubs up on user speak sometimes. It could be a lot worse right? A whole lot worse, she catches her disc upon catching she launches it again for the Horned King's legs trying to just distract him and set him up for one of the others.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr stands over Maira suddenly...

His large powerful body aiming to shield her from the electrical attacks, diving down and away from the melee fight to shield her. His body eats the attack, and he blindly throws more darkness...the darkness aiming to try and DRAG him to the ground... However, it is just enough.

Another bolt comes, hammering him again, causing him to smell ozone and his own burnt flesh...he grits his teeth in pain, but he does not fall.

He turns, growling in anger and faces down the Horned king...

His eyes narrow...but he hears Maira, Trust in her... "I do. I always will." he says back to her...her and Avira, he will never back down again, even as the green cure spells wash over him, and from the friend in need. He looks up at the sage, and nods once...Even the Lestat character is helping him...and he'll take it.

The blade comes up, leveling it at Him as once more DARKNESS surges out from his hand, aiming to DRIVE the King down to the ground, and he dives at him...slashing ONCE...TWICE...and aiming to try and smack him upwards... He pulls the weapon back as SOMETHING courses through it...the ground shakes. "I don't fear YOU. I might fear something but it is nothing you could even get from me...I have seen more than you think...and because of that..."

He thrusts the blade forward, "TYRANT BREAKER!" he booms, as a large surge of something that wasn't quite darkness...nor quite light fires from the blade, sending a stream of massive power through the blade, and through the area...aiming to completely destroy the Horned King...

"I do not fear Tyrants...I break them."
Horned King
The Horned King was shoved to the very ground, yet he did not bow down. He did not kneel down either. He managed to hold his ground as his fingers flexed a bit. Then he suddenly saw the blazing weapons.

0Holy Magic...

The Horned King eyes suddenly flared red, before the massive holy light blasted down on him. Smoke was seen rising off his very form as his body nearly shuddered, when the light pulled away, the Shadow Lord nearly staggered back. His form still hissing as dark smoke rose from his body and he rose up his hand slightly toward his face. The very undead-like skin seemed to have been torn away showing the skeletal structure. Yet slowly the skin starts to repair itself. Pulling itself back together. "..curse you.." He whispers softly. "..curse you boy.."

"..I will make you pay dearly for that." Those red eyes peer directly at Firion. However he will need to hold on that thought. This was reminded as Tifa comes charging in and slams her fist into him. Knocking him back as his feet slide across the ground. There was an annoyed, soft huff from the undead Shadow Lord.

It always the same. It never changes. The living deny servitude. Never realizing in the end their souls will belong to one and their bodies. Well. Those would be his soon enough. They just didn't understand that yet.

As he tries to recover, Deelel's own disc knocks him nearly off balance and causes him to nearly stagger over. The Holy magics own effect still seeming to hold its effect over him. That smoke still rising off his form. It seem to be also screwing with his concentration as well as not yet since that attack from Firion has any of his defenses returned to him.

And at last, comes Angantyr. The Horned King only shakes his head simply at his words. "You do not need fear me either. Fear is not what I desire from mortal men, but it always comes in time." He does note how he protected Maira however. "I do believe you though. You fear something and that something will one day be your undoing."

Then a massive force comes from the very weapon Angantyr wields. The Horned King crosses his arms before throwing them out. A massive magic seals forms in the air itself and the sheer force impacts the seal. The power of something between light and dark impacts the magical wall. The Shadow Lord is leaning against the attack. The sheer power slowly pushing back the undead king. The seal slowly cracking.

Yet his form is weak from the holy attack. It hasn't had the time to full recover. It may not so long as he is on this battlefield.

The seal then starts to crack under the strain. The Horned King's own clothing bellowing out slightly from the wind of the power starting to bend the seal, slowly breaking it. Before what is left shoves the Horned King back.

The Shadow Lord impacts onto the ground before he rolls a few feet back where he lays on the very ground after the impressive display. His hand however slowly extends out, before he slowly pushes himself up. The Horned King moving to stand up once more as his clawed hand digs into the stone floor.

Slowly the Horned King rises up, and then places out both of his hands, creating dark wisps of black magic once more. The blue flames engulfing his arms as he suddenly circles his arms around and then rises up from the ground as he gathers the flaming ball further. Then with a spin in the air. He launches the massive blue flame, which separates and goes to to slam down upon everyone like raining hail, attempting to engulf their very essence once more.
Angantyr Vespar "Or so you think. You have no idea what I have seen, Tyrant." he says, and reaches out as his dark magics fly against his body again. Angatyr tries to drag him down, keeping him down with the mortals...but he is a tricky little bastard.

Angantyr, however is a persistant man...he reaches out again, aiming to once more DRAG him to the earth so he can be made to be hit by lots of people who have fists, swords, and other various things..he used a bit too much energy in that last attack...he needs more time.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney sighs as his essence is pulled from him, rather painlessly. He sighs boredly as he watches the darkness that eminated from his form be pulled away. He half-heartedly throws a small beam of darkness towards the enemy, but that seems to go wide. "This battle drags on. I grow bored with these games, fiend." He says, as he begins chanting lowly under his breath. His robes begin to whip about violently once more.


There's an audible pound in the air as the evil, impure feeling associated with Sydneys magic begins to spread. The air in Sydneys immediate area becomes foggy, as if one were looking at that small patch of land through glasses that don't fit them. Small motes of blackness begin to gently float down from the sky, like snow.

"Darkness does not enjoy being used by the likes of you. Taste its retribution, and enjoy what few moments you have left as you plummet into oblivion."

There's a blinding flash of white light, followed by a massive, magical explosion at the Horned Kings position. It has some grounding in a mixture of chemical reaction and powerful dark magic, somewhat like a Dark aligned Flare spell, combined with an Ultima. Immediately afterwards, one can hear a low, dark laugh eminating from Sydney.
Tifa Lockhart Hey, she got his attention for a moment, which is good. She's NOT completly ignored, and it got the focus off Firion if only for a moment, enough for him to sneak an attack in at least. Tifa is known for close-quarter combat skills, and even while the robed figure tries to pinpoint her, his attacks only manage to glance the barmaid, moving under his attack, and then over the dark waves of energies, coming back down unto him with an outstretched leg "Ha!"

Landing down in front of him, she lifts herself up with a wide flip kick, bringing her foot under his chin as she lfits herself up in the air, and hopefully him with it, arms wrapping around the figure while airborn, flipping around, and coming back crashing down with his head first into the ground. That is, if she can get a good catch on him, which shouldn't be too hard with those robes. Its part of why she's wearing leather, lard to get a good grip on those most of the time.
Avira As Avira starts to pick herself up, she feels something...strange mixing with her own healing magic. In a second she realizes that it's darkness and she starts to panic a little. Had the Horned King done something to her!? No, it couldn't be that, she realizes. This was familiar. This was...

Her eyes slide over to Sydney and his smirking. Avira stares back, unable to tell if this was help or some form of corruption. Her own body resists it, just as she had resisted the darkness for days when Garland trapped her in the corridors between worlds. Though at the same time, feeling the spell creeping over her brings back unpleasant memories of that very event. Avira shudders and forces herself to her feet. No. She couldn't fall apart now. She had to keep going!

Maira, Angantyr, Deelel, Tifa-they wouldn't forgive her if she gave up! With this burst of determination, a silvery sheen suddenly clings to the short woman's form. Just as Angantyr tries to drag him down, Avira springs forward, leading with a lunge of the spine pointed at the Horned King. She drives the weapon in, then pulls back, dancing to his flank to jab the serrated sword in once more, then spinning to follow up with a slash. Blow after blow follows, growing quicker and quicker with each passing second, each one smooth and practiced.

Without warning, she is behind him, not to stab, but to suddenly slam a foot at the back of one of his knees, buckling a leg. As his balance is lost, she seizes him by the armor and manages to haul him up over a shoulder, slamming him to the ground behind him. The Spine spins in the air as Avira inverts her grip upon the strange weapon, now holding it with both hands as she makes her final strike, aiming to pin him to the ground like a bug.

She steps back, perhaps giving someone else the opportunity to follow up with something more devistating.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi has a second wind thanks to the little bit of healing that went through the area. But more importantly than that, he listens to what Dee and Firion have to say. His eyes look around a moment-- such destruction. More people are going to get hurt in a second wave of that sort of attack. What he considers is made all more a prelude as the dark energies wash over. Both robed arms brace across him-- draining at him but knowing this is the valley of such dark power. The peak is coming.

"Alright," says the sage with steadfast determination to Deelel. His head turns to Firion next, "We end this!"

The sage's hands extend out to either side of him as a powerful breeze whips up around him. Paulo's usual light chanting is barely audible, but old words carry around on the wind around him as his robes billow. His orbs pulse with a powerful energy as a rod and staff are made manifest in his hands-- transluscent in nature. His eyes remain close. Focus. Focus. You only get one shot at this-- and he knows very well how adept this man is at deflecting magic. No room for doubt now.

"Your terror ends today, fiend. DiaFlare!" For a moment the orbs around his wrist disappear-- and in the air are two huge balls of fire. They circle around the Horned King like a binary sun-- wrapping quickly as they converge-- burning clean. Finally when they fuse-- they burn to an intense white color-- filled with holy wrath as Paulo gives it the final push. And then? BOOM! Impact.
Maira Maira watches Angan go. He's healed some, but they need to end this quickly. She faces a difficult decision. Continue trying to heal them, or go on the offensive and try to blast the dark sorcerer out of existence? The Horned King seems to defend himself from Angantyr's onslaught, though he is most certainly taking damage. would seem that the one who lit himself on fire also wields Holy and it happens to have pissed off the Horned King a great deal.

Decision made. She hopes she doesn't regret it.

No more time to think, as a blaze of blue fire comes roaring toward her. She extends her own wave of flame while also using a burst of air to rocket herself away from the blast, narrowly avoiding it. Sure, she's resistant to normal fire and her own magical, but she's no longer willing to take her chances with big evil scary dudes with fire.

Maira watches Avira move in and try to take him down, sensing an opening. She warned Avira to get back then lets loose the flood gates of her power, her form lighting up the night like a bonfire that burns with the light of Holy.

A giant hammer made of flame surges from her and slams down toward the Horned King; "YOU!"

The Hammer swings again; "WILL NOT!"

A globe of pure light sails toward him, burning with brilliant purity, expanding to engulf him with the full power of Holy; "WIN!"
Firion The man looks at the Horned King as he knits himself back together, raising an eyebrow, "You really are a sore loser, aren't you? I hope you accept an I.O.U., mercenary work doesn't pay as well as it used..." But then dark magic engulfs him again like raining hail. And his shield rises over his head to attempt to intercept it. Still even as the flames wreath his shield, he begins to burst once more into white flames, as they push back against the ghastly blue flames. From his boot once again, he snatches a dagger, which he throws upwards at

Firion rises to his feet. And as one all of his weapons begin to rise out of their sheathes, floating around him in a panoply of death. As he begins to concentrate on what is to come. "...fine then. No more japes. No more playing around. If you want me to go all out..."

As one all of his weapons explode into white flames as well, as his bow is taken up in his hands. Seeing that the Horned King has risen into the air, he decides to answer in kind. From within his armor, a dagger is gripped into his hand, attached to long, thick rope. He tosses it at the Horned King, attempting to catch him around the boot before tugging him down harshly, in an attempt to slam him against the ground. The rope trails white fire, before yet another explosion of fire that occurs at the point where the dagger joins his bones. And then he jumps up onto his floating lance which was waiting for him horizontally and parallel to the ground, using it to telekinetically lift him upwards. "....then I'll show you why that man isn't the only tyrant breaker around here...."

A moment later he rises up, while his weapons circle around him in a blur of white fire, moving faster and faster into a wheel. Five arrows appears in his bow, their tips already alight, right before he fires them as one. "....Paulo is right, this ends..." And then as one all of his weapons surge forward in a circling, radiant wheel of white flame, all striking forth at the Horned King's current position on the ground. "....NOW!"

And yet another explosion of white flame occurs, in an attempt to make it the Horned King's funeral pyre.
Deelel Deelel has seen that holy magic seem to work well against the Horned King. She'll have to keep that in mind if she's able to survive the battle. Given how brutal this Lich can hit? That might be a problem, she nearly does manage to knock the Horned King on his bitmap. It doesn't hot hold for long however. Perhaps the Horned King is right about fear, no he is she knows what she fears most. She's tried to come to terms with it as best she can but that's all she can do.

The Horned King is quite powerful the strange magic effects Deelel painfully but it does something else rather then badly wound her physically. It's worse it's actually pulling at what makes her? Her? Her code? Her soul? She's not sure how it works for her kind, she tries to not think about that much. Ang is still in the right as he launches himself at the Horned King Sydney seems to have got his act together in terms of combat at least, she's not sure about the man's attitude but she's never met him before. So who can truly say?"

Tifa once more breaks into the brutal martial arts which could leave quite the mark as Avira continues to attack, after perhaps dealing with something else. The Manhattan woman also likewise assaults the Horned king as Paulo brings forth his own magics and Maira now

At this point Deelel is already making her run at The Horned king disk armed, she's always played disc wars back in Argon for fun, then to stay alive in SARK's gaming pits. Still? What SARK put her through likely has kept her alive here.

"Time to finish the game."

Deelel lunges at the King her own disc striking out twice, she catches it once more then attempts to leap upon him slamming the blade through the kings chest if she can.
Horned King
The Horned King eyes seem to dim a bit as the steam off his body start to vanish slowly. He doesn't reply to Angantyr. There was no reason to anymore. As the Knight attempts to pull him back down. The Horned King creates a mystical electric whip, which he uses to not only strike Angantyr, but conjures another one to pull himself up into the skies once more where he uses his focus then to create the dark electric wisps once more.

Then a dark waves slams into the Sorcerer Necromancer as the wisps however deflect a good deal of it. He only peers over to Sydney as the dark waves sheers over him, attempting to smoother him, and yet he fights it. Though he does at last speak to the nuisance. "It shows how little you truly understand your own art, boy. If you did. You would already know which that one has perhaps already sense." His finger motioning to Angantyr.

However it was enough of a distraction at least or in truth. That holy magic truly had drained him. Something else knows this. Something else is coming. Though that something is going to hide until it knows its safe to come out.

Tifa slams into the Horned King and attempts to slam him into the ground. The Horned King once again uses a whip like he did on Angantyr that he uses on her as well, before ripping himself back above the ground once more.

Then as Avira comes in with her impressive display. Her blade cuts in deep, impaling him really. It should hold on a normal man. However the Horned King was no normal man as he actually rips himself free from the very sword before it can hold him down. No blood comes though, but what blood is there on Avira's very sword is sickly black, that attempts to bubble at times.

Maira, Firion, and Paulo time their magics together. The Horned King can sense what is coming and quickly starts chanting words as he places his hands together. His hood going completely dark as he chants those dark words of origins of sorcery itself. The very words though seeming to echo by whispers in the dark itself.

The massive holy fire ball comes rushing down and the Horned Knight suddenly flares up his arms and a massive rune forms that blasts out lightning all around it. The very seal attempting to act like a net. However as the Horned King pushes down against it. The very force pushes back down. The air itself flashing out holy rings of light which go so far out to blast into his outer wall barrier, causing it to spark in display.

The two magics pulse against one another and holy flames leak past, rushing over the Horned King by what escapes. Burning his very form once again that escapes. Causing his body to smoke once again. He was struggling, he was holding it.. and he was slowly loosing. However just as the flames nearly start to engulf him.

He starts to clamp his hands around. His clawed hands seeming to strain as he starts smoother the holy fireball with his own magic. Then he collapses his own magic upon it. Causing it to explode and knocking him clear back and slamming him right into a body, before he nearly crashes to the very ground itself.

Yet the magic was enough. It was enough to weaken him even further. The holy taking its toll on his very body that lacked a soul to speak of. In this moment of weakness. Deelel's own disc came racing in. It slammed into his form, knocking him back and again. He tried to strike back with his own dark magic. He unleashed it at her in a wave. Dark electricity dancing from his finger tip at her as she raced right for him. Yet her disc slams into him and goes right through him. That same sickly black 'blood' falls over her arm. Bubbling, sticking to her as she pulls back her disc out.

The Shadow Lord staggers back a few steps, before he looks down at the hole. He then raises up his hands and his mouth opens up as if to roar, over his body sheers with electricity and sickly green smoke found with the undead that a few of them have fought before. Soon his very body is surged by the electricity and then sickly green mist swirls around him. Before suddenly his whole form collapses to the ground. The very magical barrier explodes in a blast of lighting and then blue wisps that starts to fall from the sky like snow flakes.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart bounecs away as soon as her attack lands, making sure to get out of the other's path... something that seems to be wisse considering the amount of pain infliected on the Shadow Lord, and the way he seems to be litreally fried on the spot like this. SHe shields her eyes from the brightness of it, and not wanting to be anywhere close to that green mist emanating from the slumped body "... Well geez... it goes against my better wishes as a barmaid, but here's one customer I hope will never show up again." She shakes her head. For once she get out of the fight with only a few scratches at least, but she takes out the potions from her barmaid's attire front pockets for those that seem more moer, distributing them around "Here you are..." She offers good naturedly as always.

She glances to the slumped robes again, shaking her head "... So what was this all about you think? Taking over Traverse for the sake of the darkness again or something?
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi's body slowly comes back down from the conjuring and sorcery of intense magical power that will forever be known as the holy-trinity-explosion-attack, or H-TEA for short. The dramatic winds around him die down-- and he finally breathes normally. "No," Paulo says as his voice is shaky from adrenaline still, "I... don't think so. Not in that sense, at least." The young sage walks in a small circle-- taking a look over both the fighters for injury and if any citizens got caught in the crossfire. "Everyone alright?"
Avira Avira was going to retrieve her "sword" after Maira's follow-up but it seems the Horned King opted to simply ripping himself off of the Spine. Avira cringes as she watches this and even looks away a little so she doesn't have to witness the full extent of the pain the undead wizard inflicts upon himself.

Once there is room, she snatches the Spine back and takes a few steps backwards. What finally cinches their fight appears to be a well-placed disc thrown by Deelel that punches a hole clean through him. As the King seems to unravel magically, Avira keeps back, watching carefully. Then, he disappears and the barrier trapping them all shatters.

A long sigh of relief escapes her. "I think he was trying to forcefully recruit some minions." Avira says, refusing to near the slumped robes.
Maira The combined light is blinding. It seems her, Paulo and Firion managed to time their attacks together, serendipitous indeed. She is rather surprised to find that he is still in one piece after all that was done to him, and dismayed to see him still willing to fight--

Until Deelel happened. The disc rips through him and the necromancer's undead body can't take anymore it would seem. Maira shields herself with her arms as he disappears in sparks of lightning.

The young mage groans then, looking around. Tifa has potions, as does she. She moves to start passing them out, though she has healing energy left for a few cure spells for those who are most injured. "It's always something like have to think, this place must be important. They just keep coming," she sighs, moving to Avira, placing a hand on her shoulder as she casts her cure spell. That was quite a blast of energy. She's tired.

Maira looks to Paulo and smiles warmly to him. "Thanks to Angan I am," she says, flashing him a smile. "That was some nice work there Mr. Mysidi--and you other guy who lights himself on fire. We got the timing down on that perfectly! ...and we weren't even trying," she adds with a small laugh. "I can still heal more people...step on up if you need a cure spell. Have potions too, but I'm running kind of low..." she trails off.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney simply lets out an egotistical laugh as the king falls. "How pitiful. Mere acolytes should know there place." He says, a cruel tone dancing on the end of his tongue. He raises his hand, giving his clawed fingers a light flick upwards as a Dark Corridor bursts forth from the ground in front of him. Tendrils of darkness swarm about across the black hole through worlds. He'll stick around for a minute or two before he goes back to murdering churchies, though!

"Hmph. We have not seen the last of him. These fools never learn." He says, an irritated sigh to his voice as he watches the corpse warily. "Go. Check the bones." He says, as his Shadows rise forth from his shadows. They approach the corpse, poke around a little, and ultimately return.

Firion The Horned King dissolves, into a sickly puff of green mist, and the sky is filled with blue wisps of fading dark magic like snowflakes. For a time, Firion stays on the ground, catching his breath, his weapons arrayed all around him. Then one by one, they begin to pull themselves back into their sheathes and scabbards.

And while he looks tired, perhaps even somewhat diminished, he rises with an expression of cheer with seems to belie what he has to say. "Well the chances of that actually finishing him off were probably.. next to nothing.."

He chuckles, the pauldrons of his shoulders rising and falling, "...but it's not a loss. We learned something of him. We're more knowledgeable about what tactics he'll use the next time he fights.. and hey, the night is still young, anyone want to join me for a round of drinks, on me?"

His gaze sweeps the crowd of adventurers with a wry grin. "Figure now that we've fought together that's the best way to introduce ourselves. Maybe spin a tale or two of our battles, with truth being optional."
Maira Maira perks up at the sound of drinks. She looks back to Firion, her smile growing. She raises her arms into the air and suddenly does a twirl. "Drinks! and ice cream!" Alright he hadn't offered that, but its worth a shot, right?

Maira knows everyone else, mostly, so she moves over to extend her hand to Firion. "I'm Maira," she introduces.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney narrows his eyes at Firion beneath his cloak for a few moments, before giving a reluctant sigh. Perhaps it would be an opportunity to gain some info. He could grit his teeth and bare it until then. There's a light flash of blue, and he reappears near Maira and Firion. All but his mouth is concealed beneath his hood, but there's about this guy that might make Maira remember who he is. Is it the aura of darkness? The lightly accented voice? Or the BLATANTLY OBVIOUS CLAWS.

"...I could use some refreshment as well."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart sighs, sliding a hand through her hair, offering one of the potions to Sydney with a smile "Here's for a pick me up, but if you want an actual drink, the Cloud Nine is right here. I should probably go back to my customers now that the problem is dealt with... People were a bit panicking back there, especially when I flew back in like that. I got a few chairs and table to replace now." She shakes her head. As long as noone's seriously hurt at least.

"You're all invited for a a drink over if you want to."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi raises a hand to the group and waves it, "Paulo Mysidi, of the family Mysidi." After a while it seems to sound a touch rehersed-- though it alway /appears/ authentic. "I could go for a drink," he says as he looks around. Shaking his head, he notes, "But I feel that helping clean up would be more appropriate. It seems like this happens often here."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr makes the blade vanish again, and he nods once.

"...I could use both," He says to nobody in particular, "Drink and ice cream...maybe spiked milkshakes." Angantyr finally says, he looks at Tifa ackwardly...their last meeting was uh...him attacking VALKYRI HQ... he assides to Avira, "...Did you smooth over the thing with them?"
Horned King
While the heroes talk to themselves. Something lurks in the shadows. Then suddenly whatever it is darts across the roadway and snatches one of the bones right out of the robe pile.

It looked like a goblin and was extremely short. About up to a man's knee really. It also had one eye half closed while the other was wide open. As it suddenly went into another alley only thing that can be heard echoing was something about sire.
Firion Firion actually seems passingly bashful as he takes Maira's hand. The other hand moving behind his neck, to rub it idly. "Hey nice to meet you, and yeah Icecream sounds like a good idea. Can't go wrong with that."

Firion then releases Maira's hand, and gestures noncomittally Sydney's way, seeming oblivious to the man's aura of darkness, "Sure, come along then. Just don't poke anyone in the eye on the way. Bet those things are great at parties though."

He seems even more oblivious to Angantyr's aura of darkness, "Ha! Both it is. You're a damn good warrior by the way, it was great fighting at your side."

And he jerks a thumb towards Avira, giving her the thumbs up. "You too, by the way. You're going to have to show me that... well I'm not even sure what you're wielding but if I hadn't seen you draw it, I'd have thought you'd taken the Horned King's spine as a trophy."

And without another word he starts to walk back towards the closest tavern.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney turns his eye towards Avira, and his eyes glow lightly beneath his hood for just a moment. "Hm? I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. I am Joshua, Scholar of the Dark Arts." He says in a calm tone. He lowers his hood to reveal...A guy who /definitely/ isn't Sydney. Short black hair, a heavily scarred face and an entirely different eye color, before raising his hood once more. Tifas remark is met with a smirk. "If he is buying, I guess it matters not where we go."
Maira Oh what, he's not going to give her a name now!? Maira purses her lips slightly. Very well. Some people are apparently very guarded with their names!

Maira looks to 'Joshua' and nods, smiling. "Nice to meet you! You know, officially. You've kind of showed up to help save my butt a few times before, haven't you?" she says with a laugh. Last time, she believed it was when Pete decided to show up with a fire hose. That jerk.

Maira whirls then, and starts heading over toward the bar for drinks and ice cream and boozy ice cream!
Avira "Oh by the way." Avira turns to Sydney, "...Sydney, right? Thank you for your, erm, /help/." There's an awkwardness in her tone. Like she wants to tell him to leave his evil darkness out of the equation next time. But at the same time, she's worried about looking weak if she says that kind of thing.

"A drink. That sounds like a good idea right now." Avira concurs, slipping the Spine back into its sheath.

'Sydney' claims to not be Sydney. Avira's eyes narrow. "Well in the future. Do not do whatever you did to me with the darkness or I may take it as an attack."

Another man, one that the Horned King had singled out a little earlier as someone else he'd fought before (Firion) makes a comment about her unusual weapon. "Oh, thank you. Well uh. Consider it a sword. A very...special sword. Made from something from a world that no longer exists."
Sydney Losstarot 'Joshua' gives an empathic nod. "I'm...sorry. Dark Magic can feel very...uncomfortable. But you looked hurt, and I was unsure if we had a healer. You have my humble apologies, it was inconsiderate of me." Sydney! Master of a billion disguises! He turns his head over to Maira, looking at her curiously. "...I'm afraid I know not which you talk about, Maiden. I have left the lanes between worlds only recently. Now, shall make haste?" He says, gesturing towards the bar.
Deelel Deelel knows they can't go easy on the Horned King, they can not hold back, fort if they do it may be their remains thrown into the cauldron. She is just giving it everything she can she pulls back with the disc in hand staking several steps back from the Horned King. She has no desire to get caught in whatever is coming out of him. It doesn't help much she feels something dark something unsettling as the pulls back. It's not like taking down a program no, they just become cubes this is something else.

She looks back at the Horned King as he seems to just fall apart she shields her eyes from the blast and lowers her arm once he's down. Is he dead? Was he alive? She's not sure they could even kill him for good, she has no idea. She also needs to clean off, and she still shudders.

she shakes her head a little bit finally snapping out of it as she hears Paulo ask if everyone is all right. She takes a deep breath and finally replies.

"I am alive, yes. We slowed him down, we should inform those we work with about him. This isn't something to take lightly. I also need what's the term? I need a drink."

She looks at Tifa's offer of a drink which seems to be very welcome to her.

"How do such things work the dead still moving, I know people native to this world do not fade away after death but, that's just insane."
Firion He directs Avira an almost bahsful look, "Seems like a pretty special sword yeah. We're going to have to spar sometime. I always like to see an exotic weapon in action." It would seem almost like he was being flirtatious if not for the fact that the man was at least carrying nine weapons at a glance, all of different types, like he was a one man arsenal.

As for Joshua(?) he just gives him an odd look, before he takes on an almost bored tone, "Right, dark magic. Spooky. Think we'll be alright so long as you don't get in into the ice cream."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles, and simply walks back to the Cloud Nine, whoever tagging with her for the drinks being quite the welcome of course. She made sure everyone was healed up. Friends always are important to her. She gives herself a stretch to cool down her muscles after that fight too "I don't dab in dark magic, no need to fear for that in your ice cream. I have the Sea Salt Ice Cream too.
Avira Avira slowly grins at Firion for it isn't very often her strange weapon receives compliments/ Flirting? It doesn't cross her mind-especially since it hadn't gone unnoticed that Firion had a small arsenal with him. "Hey, I'd definitely be up for a spar. Name's Avira, from VALKYRI. Our base is pretty easy to find in Traverse Town. Look me up sometime!"

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