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(2013-07-27 - 2013-07-28)
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Aeschere Childs It's a boon that Souji's business has held him in Luca so long; it saved Aeschere another interminable boat ride with her stony companion. No, it'd just be a short walk along the wharf, to the Torifune, to report aboard, finally. With, ah, just a bit of baggage, do you know.

She can only but imagine that Akari's spirits are high, after their latest desert excursion. As for herself, she's about ready to call in dead, but! That'll wait.

The pier sentry has the audacity to request documents, boredly unimpressed with this newest set of gawkers. and Aeschere doesn't seem to be sure that she has any. Oh, dear. "I'll find it in a moment," she sighs. No, she won't. Someone who knows better might get here by then, though.
Akari Seran It's fortunate that Aeschere has been around long enough to start learning the quirks to her strange companion's personality. No matter how upbeat she might be, atleast compared to her perpetual state of irritation, putting Akari on a boat at any point in time is a quick road to disaster.

The one-armed delinquent trails along at a leisurely pace beside the small lancer, forced to check her usual tireless strides and match that of her friend since she doesn't know her way around this place. Unlike Aeschere, she carries no luggage, save for the small freshly replaced pack of mint-flavored cigarettes in her pocket. One of them hangs from her mouth, leaving a wispy trail of grey smoke in their wake from its half-used glowing tip.

Akari comes to a halt at the insistence of the port authorities, her good cheer vanishing in a flash and a frown creases her expression.

"What the hell is this <goosehonk>? I thought you've been here before?"
Haneisuru It is a fine day. It is a fine day full of opportunity, and danger, and dangerous monsters, and /man/ this has been the best apocalypse ever.
Haneisuru bops along to some unknown beat as he heads back to the port. Gotta report back to the airship, file a few reports on the dangers of particular flora and fauna, and kick back. He is, in fact, so chill and relaxed that he barely notices Aeschere and Akari ahead of him, stuck because of something the port authority's going on about.

"Hey, ah." He lets out, after a soft moment. "What's the holdup, eh?"
Aeschere Childs The pier guard is well-used to every part of this scene, to be honest, and as Akari doesn't seem to be getting violent at her specifically, she discards her. On her head be that, we suppose.

"I come here regularly, yes, Akari," Aeschere answers her uncouth companion, "but perhaps they don't expect this birdwatcher to know that." Her search turns up nothing, of course; she hasn't been issued a badge, yet, and her paperwork is still in a pile on a table across the channel.

"None for you," the sentry answers Haneisuru. "Couple of kids sightseeing, I guess." She would wave him past, but there's still a bit of a roadblock.

"Look," asks Chera, presenting nothing but her phone, "Call up and have someone escort m... us?"
Akari Seran Akari spits on the ground with obvious distaste, managing to do so without removing her cigarette in the process. "<GOOSEHONK>ing bean-counters, always tangling <GOOSEHONK> up with their damned paperwork."

She's about to let the issue slide until a rather poorly-worded comment draws her attention back to the guard. Her hand flies out in a flash, digging into the woman's shirt and she drags her over until their faces are an inch apart. Akari narrows her milky white and completely blind eyes into a dangerous glare.

"You, <GOOSEHONK>! Think that's funny?!"
Haneisuru Haneisuru puts his hand out. "Hey. Hey. It's cool, guys." He waves his hand to the guard. "I think they just dropped their papers. Lemme handle this, alright? Put the man down,'re the new girl, right? You work in.." He looks to Akari. "...Ooh, yeah, I think we've got her on the Berserker project. Comes with a few rage issues, I am /really/ sorry."
Aeschere Childs Aeschere is already between Akari and the guard, not that this will help any of them; wedging a bony elbow into... one of the two, she makes a futile attempt to force them apart, but tosses a bit more kindling on the coals with "Sightseers, you said?"

The guard, hauled eye to blind eye with Akari, swallows, despite her still stern expression. "Hilarious," she assures Akari, deciding to play hard while backup rolls in from the next berth. "If you /do/ have business on the ship it'd best be good," she winds to tell the brawler off, though her voice is slightly strained, "assaulting a sentry over it."

It's a bad scene indeed when Haneisuru is the voice of reason, isn't it? Luckily (hopefully) he draws attention enough to defuse the situation. "You're sorry? Get her off me, then."
Akari Seran Akari's teeth grind audibly, a sound not unlike several boulders rubbing into each other in a tumbler. She doesn't break her death glare with the guard, especially not after the foolish attempt to leverage authority over someone who's spent their entire life punching it in the face.

The delinquent opens her mouth to say something when she gets the elbow to her ribs. Her stony glare is shifted to Aeschere for a few moments and then to Haneisuru, whom she doesn't recognize at all, but can assume works for the Zaibatsu as well.

For a moment, she entertains the thought of simply causing trouble in the hopes that Aeschere will get thrown out as well by association. That would provide a quick enough solution to this mess and prevent her from having to deal with being around Souji and his cronies. Aeschere would see right through her, however, and she's not looking to drive off the only friend she's got by making her upset.

Letting out a hiss of annoyance through her exposed teeth, Akari drops the guard and shoves her away. "Not even worth my time."
Haneisuru Haneisuru gets between the guard and Akari, grinning widely like an idiot. "See? Told you I had this /under control/," He says. "Haneisuru Kurikaeshi, by the way, I'm R&D. You know how it goes, friend. Anyway. Tell you what. They're officially with me, R&D business, here's my paperwork." He pulls a hand inside the opposite arm's sleeve, pulling out a set of papers.

"Saves you the trouble of having to worry about it."
Aeschere Childs Galling, yes, but blast it all she's a professional, and they don't pay the pier watch here to start fights; the sentry collects herself, and releases the grip on her truncheon that no party seems to have noticed her taking. She straightens her collar, and examines Haneisuru's documents. The name's on her list, anyways-- and with a name like that she can't be mistaken, bleeding Ramuha-- and she waves him through.

Visions of a comment about a leash dance in her head, briefly, but she thinks better of it. Aeschere is freed, and glares at the lot of them. "They keep me around for that?" Now, now, let's not undermine his efforts. "Thank you, sir," she nods to their escort, and to the sentry. "We should get aboard and I can sort this badge issue out perhaps."
Akari Seran Akari refuses to budge an inch as the other people around her frantically try to sort the situation out, merely staring down the official in a quiet rage. The threat of a weapon means little to her, infact if anything, she'd have welcomed a brawl. Even if it would have ended very quickly.

"Tch. Do whatever you like."

The school uniform jacket hanging from her shoulder, which she has brought out of its storage for the first time in ages, is lifted and snapped in the air, freeing it from a small cloud of dust and air-borne particles that have accumulated. Despite the ragged and dirty appearance of most of her attire, the jacket seems almost immaculately cared for. The fact that she doesn't wear it into battle probably helps.
Haneisuru Haneisuru leads the two past the guard, and up towards the ramp for the airship, before stretching out a little. "So, who /are/ you guys, again?" He asks quietly. "I figure either you're with us, or trying something /really/ stupid, and in the latter case, I mean, that sounds fun." ..Since at least one of them actually works with Murasame Zaibatsu, either he's just being intentionally obtuse, or he's actually that forgetful. Let's not ask terrifying questions.
Aeschere Childs Well, at least one of them is a (notionally) paid intern in accounting, on paper anyways, so it wouldn't surprise her much if he had no idea who she was. Certainly Aeschere doesn't recall Haneisuru, by name or face. "Aeschere Childs," she introduces herself once the guard is back to glaring at the harbor. "With Minette," which should be explanation enough.

For the little knight, anyways. Her companion remains an unknown, although the jacket should flag her well enough; it's too big for Aeschere, anyways, so it must be hers. "I report aboard, finally. And this one won't let me go alone."
Akari Seran The taller of the two girls doesn't bother to offer her name, merely following behind them in ominous silence. Her sudden flare of anger seems to have vanished just as quickly as it came. Now she sports a look of sheer boredom, her half-closed eyes tilted towards nothing in particular.

"Damn straight, I won't."
Haneisuru Haneisuru looks between the two, considering something a moment, before he slouches a little, looking a bit more relaxed. His eyes lid a bit, and he yawns. "Ahh..ah. Well. Minette's entertaining. In fact, she's the reason I'm legally undead. Trip and a half, that girl, you know?" He stares off into space a moment, looking just a bit uninterested in the situation.

"Didn't catch the other one's name, so I'mma just call you 'Hey You' till you do, alright?" He tells Akari, clicking his tongue once before turning to Childs.
"So you got your own bodyguard here, basically. You know? That's pretty cool. I gotta give you that. Now, me, I do all my own stunts, as it were, but I get that's not everybody's bag."

With that, as he leads the two through the halls of the Torifune, he pauses. "Ha /hah/, it occurs to me, ah, I have no idea where we're going."
Aeschere Childs "Akari Seran." Was that in reply to their guide? No, Aeschere was talking to her sleeve again. It seems to have been sufficient, at least. Discussions with her wrist complete, she works out a lingering kink in that shoulder, and folds her hands behind herself again like a good girl. "Well, you would think that, I guess, sure."

She seems mildly dismayed by something otherwise inaudible, but shakes it off after a moment, with a strange look at Haneisuru. "We just go to quarters for now I think. I'll have to sort something for her, probably, but you don't worry about that."
Akari Seran Akari just makes a dismissive noise at their impromptu rescuer's attempt at humor. She's been called far worse on plenty of occasions. There is also no further attempts to explain her presence here beyond his wild guesses. She /is/ here to guard Aeschere anyways.

Being seperated from the ground isn't quite so bad with the solid decks beneath her bare feet so Akari doesn't seem to be too distraught or disoriented. Metal comes from the ground and it's a close enough approximation to serve for her earth-sight. She examines their surroundings without much outwards enthusiasm.

"Can't wait to see what kind of a hovel they have set aside for the employees," she mutters.
Haneisuru Haneisuru has just been quietly coughing or something into his hand for a short time, but he cracks his neck a little once it seems to die down. He rotates his shoulder a couple times, stretching his arms behind him.

"Anyway, uh...lemme think, lemme think. Quarters, huh? Yeah, we can get you hooked up. They're nothing fancy, but..." His gaze looks over to Akari, then just past her. "You know, I don't really care too much. It /really/ beats an existence in an endless, Heartless, all-consuming darkness, so I just really try to be grateful for how /amazing/ the world is, you know?" If there was any sarcasm in there, it is layered deeply beneath a chipper, happy-go-lucky tone. "Besides, why would I wanna spend all day in my quarters? They're for sleeping. Whole world out there full of monsters that haven't tried to eat me yet. Come on."
Aeschere Childs Ash and rain, another one. It /definitely/ looks like Aeschere's shoulder is bugging her; she shifts her pack to her right arm, and considers dumping it off on one or the other of the masochists in front of her. "This way, at any rate." The same way Haneisuru is leading them, right.

"Research, you say? Mina" warned "told me the company had its main interests there." Hers being a developmental internship, perhaps she worries she'll be stuck working for him at some point.
Akari Seran Akari quirks an eyebrow at her friend's fidgetting but doesn't offer to help her out. She's a tough girl, surely she can handle a little luggage. That or she'll learn to travel lighter.

The berserker offers a faint smirk to Haneisuru, giving him an appraising glance for the first time. "Oh? Someone who isn't a craven bookworm or some privelaged powderpuff? What the <GOOSEHONK> are you doing in Souji's employ?"
Haneisuru With that, Kurikaeshi grins. Research. His /favorite/ topic.
"Oh man. Yeah. Research is a huge part of what happens here in Zaibatsu." He waves his arm a bit. "...Now, if you wanna know what I do personally..huh." The room they're in now /is/ a little larger, so
"Well...I'm a Mimic, right? Minor in blue magic. So I just go out and find crazy things monsters do, and then I bring it back here and we try to work it into something useful," He explains. "...Heck, I was still inside the Malboro when the Heartless ate Galianda."
Aeschere Childs Aeschere Childs, mildly astonished. She's heard of such things, of course, in the same way that one hears of, well, Chaos, and world-ending, and pie golems. That's the class of thing Haneisuru is in, apparently. That and 'lunatic who gets mauled by monsters for fun', but she's familiar with that sort, as a pointed glance at Akari reveals.

"That... must be profitable, actually. I majored in, ah, life magics." This is a true statement, technically. "Minor in close combat." She smiles. "A shoo-in for finance, really." It's a common degree path, after all.

She hasn't really objected to Akari's outbursts, mind. Akari gets to run her mouth that way, it won't damage /her/ reputation any.
Akari Seran Akari tilts her head curiously. She vaguely remembers hearing about mimics and blue mages, though if it was from one of the rare occasions where she actually attended class or simply a tidbit she picked up in her travels, she cannot recall.

Haneisuru is slowly inspected, the geomancer using her powers over air to get a more detailed image of the young man by reading the displacement his body leaves in the wind. It's a painstaking and time-consuming process but a little mental focus isn't something that holds Akari back from finding out what she wants to know.

Eventually, when she's got the entire picture of his features in mind, she shrugs dismissively. "Not quite what I expected a chew toy to look like."
Haneisuru Haneisuru thumps his chest once, that dirt-eating grin not leaving his face. "It's not about the money. It's about...well. Heh. Lemme tell you, learning magic this way makes a heck of a lot more sense then spending all day reading a bunch of musty old tomes, you know?" He chuckles. "Anyway, life magic is great! I am all for the life magic. I mean, in /my/ profession, that's the difference between, well. You get the idea." With that, he gives kinda an offhand shrug.

"Yeah, noone ever gets the joke with the chestpiece, but I've come to accept that. No biggie, though."
Aeschere Childs Chera did not acknowledge the joke with the chest piece. She herself appears today, as has become usual, without arms or armor, and could easily be taken for one of those priveleged powderpuff Akari was on about a moment ago. "Good to meet someone else who works for a living," she agrees, sounding more like her companion than she meant to.

"If I had your ability I'd have a head full of sand spells now, though. You can keep it." She selects a passageway leading out of the lounge room they're taking up, with the intent of heading up it. "This leads there, right?"
Akari Seran A broad grin splits Akari's face at both her friend's comments, particularly amused by the comment about sand.

"You'll get used to it."

The more Haneisuru speaks, the more she starts to like him. Or atleast the unmasked hostility she feels for him due to his association with Murasame begins to wane. Anyone willing to stand in a monster's way and capable of surviving to tell about it on a regular basis gets a little gold star in her book.

"Perhaps I can teach you a thing or two."
Haneisuru The Mimic points with both hands at Akari, making little gunshot motions as he winks. "Sold! Anyway, sand spells sound pretty cool, but then again, I like pretty much every spell, you know? We live in a world--" He stops. Right, they were going somewhere. He ahems, ceasing from launching into a long /thing/ about how amazing every single bit of magic is and how he loves every kind of spell, but he wants to hug all of them but he can't. Can't hug every spell.

"Uh, yeah! Right up there. Suppose I should, ah, let you two get some rest, then?"
Aeschere Childs It would please Aeschere not to sit through another lecture on how wonderful all the magic that she'll never use is, but Kurikaeshi's enthusiasm is hard to hate. "I would appreciate that, at least, sir." She did just Sir him; she's just an intern, after all. "Akari, maybe you could at that. It'd give you a thing to do."

Turning the stone-god girl loose on them is a heck of a thing to do to someone Chera said she was beginning to like, but it seems to be his idea of a good time, too. And maybe if he takes over chew-toy duties it'd get her a break. "We'll see you again, certainly."
Akari Seran "Perhaps it might."

Despite the surprise of finding someone she could potentially get along with so quickly, Akari focuses on the main reason she's allowing herself to be couped up in a flying boat she'd rather be kicking holes into, which is making sure that Chera doesn't get herself tangled up in anything too dangerous.

"She needs somewhere to relieve herself of her luggage, at the very least."

How much sleep they would get is debatable. With her super-human endurance, Akari can go for days on end without the need to rest and she fully intends to keep an eye out for anything untowards during their first few nights here. It's not paranoia, it's caution.
Haneisuru Haneisuru nods, waving the two up the stairs. "Well, uh, decent place to crash," He says, "Just don't cause too much trouble. I like my beauty sleep, y'know, and a guy like me, well, they say something about when you spend a lot of time staring into monsters or abysses or something. Anyway, g'night!" With that, he waves again, wandering off in another direction.

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