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(2013-07-26 - Now)
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Deelel Wise OS it was an lower bit rate of a system that the one Deelel was native to. Thankfully things had been fixed for her so her mind was in full working order having from her view been dubbed down for several years was a sobering experience to her. After all it just reminded her how a few commands on a keyboard from the users side of thing could alter one of her people entirely. She envied two things about her makers if she was honest with herself, just how hard it was to change them and they that they got to be children. It would be something she would never know first hand.

She was able to shake such thoughts off her thankfully she's got friends with her and they are exploring one of the less regulated parts of this OS there's a few interesting dives around here that might be a good place to hang out given the End of Line has been oddly busy lately she wanted to show them something new. So here they were on the grid again, Deelel was a bit put off about the helmets she liked her hair, lets be honest she was vain about her hair. It was the hair her user gave her and that made it to her the best hair in the grid.

"So thanks for coming along there should be a little place near here that we can duck out and get a better feel for things. Just watch your step huh? This is ... quite the place isn't it?"

She notes as she heads over one of the brides looking down at the data below.

"Even as old as it is, it's nice to be ... somewhere like this. Not to say where we have been is bad, but you know? Home and all that?"
Avira The End of Line reminded Avira of LEXUS. Avira would like to avoid LEXUS while she was in this system, knowing full well that he had the advantage over reality here. Just the thought alone of encountering LEXUS in these parts made Avira very uncomfortable.

Her white-lined form seems to blend in with the locals pretty well. The way Avira carries herself lends to no suspicions. "It feels good to get out and explore new places, you know? Exploration is totally a VALKYRI thing after all."

She falls silent as she hears Deelel speak of her 'home', though this wasn't quite her home. "You miss where you came from, don't you? I don't know that much about..." she lower her voice in case anyone was listening, "...this place. But I do know that it is very different." Leaning forward, she puts a foot up against the bridge railing.
Maira Exploring the grid didn't sound like a bad idea, really. At least here she was wearing more clothing! So when Deelel had invited her, Avira and Perci Maira had happily agreed. Finding somewhere to hang out on the grid? Sure why not! She /probably/ wouldn't end up getting hit over the head then eating sinister cake with a super-villain. Probably.

"Sounds good Deelel! Lead the way," she says, glancing over to Avira for a moment, flashing her a bright smile. "It is a very VALKYRI thing, isn't it? That reminds me, Minerva was asking if maybe we could establish another base somewhere so that we have more than one place to go--considering how often the one in Traverse is targeted. Like, a /secret/ place," she comments. She doesn't think its a bad idea. Probably, a pretty good one. Things could get quite messy and they may need a place to lay low.
Deelel Deelel walked alone for a moment before sh replied to Avira.

"I understand, it's what I been doing since I ended up in the basement at the arcade. I do, it's been so long, I was lost for a very long time. In how we count time it's been years since I been home to my grid. The Flynn OS, as it's known. My home has a lot in common with your city to be honest. Like here there was no sun everyone and thing had to make it's own light.

"That might be a good idea to do so. Given how much trouble we seem to get into in that town. I also have my personal reasons for being wary of the city but rushing in like an idiot got me into some much trouble I was nearly nothing but cubes and none of you would have known I was dead."

She moves along stopping to watch the pillar of light in the distance.

"That's an I/O tower where we'd get commands from our users. That sort of thing didn't exist on Flynn OS. As well it was just Flynn, I was one of the few programs there he didn't create. It's kinda odd when your one who isn't a child of the God who created your world. I ... wonder if my friends back in Argon are all right. Things have ... been grim from what little information I have."

The news of the death of Abel had Deelel nearly break down from grief, he was one of the oldest programs on the Flynn OS and now she understood the term had been like a father to so many. She tries to focus on happier thoughts.

"So the Arcade is strange it's like half way between my world and yours. It has strong elements of both, from what I can tell though there's one game I'm kind of afraid to go near. Given for some reason it focuses on on the two most prominent military craft from this OS and mine. Grid Tanks and Recognizers. "
Avira "You guys are born with your lights." Avira remarks, meaning the statement in a mostly literal way. Lights on their bodies, always glowing, only changing if something really /serious/ happened to their very being. "The sun must be painfully bright to you. Just as it's taking me time to get used to these surroundings. It's so dark and...neon."

She turns from the bridge to gaze at the I/O tower off in the distance. "Tell me more about Argon, Deelel." she murmurs, entranced by the distant light.

Another pause, "...really? What game is that called?" Heck, Avira's probably played it at one point given the age. "I like that idea, Maira. I like it a lot. It'd be useful to have a secondary, back-up base in case ours ever gets destroyed again. That house attracts all kinds of bad attention."
Maira Maira reaches over to place a hand on Deelel's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. "I hope they are alright Deelel, and they you hear some good news soon," she says, giving the program an encouraging smile.

"Heh, yeah. Good for business for everyone to know where they can find us, but we should totally have a secret spot that is known only to us. I'll be on the lookout. Imagine it is going to need to be big enough to fit an airship," she says, winking to Avira.
Percival So Wise OS. Perci barely even knew what an OS was. His clan really didn't allow for computers. So it was only recently playing MMO's with Zia that he'd come to learn anything about computers whatsoever. Computer worlds even moreso. Thus, the Grid. He'd only come here once, and it was just a quick stopover before going to the video game world.

The worst part of it was the wardrobe change, as it put him in a skintight suit which felt mightily uncomfortable, at least to him, lined with blues and whites, covering almost everything except his wings, even his tail. The scanning laser always took longer with him, as it didn't quite know what to do with his kind, right before he began to walk towards the group. "Good..."

He had to look up at that, doing a double take, before deciding upon it being evening, "...evening ladies. Everything is well I trust?" He kept his hands clasped behind his back as he continued to approach. "...this is really such a strange land, even knowing that it's based on computer programs."
Deelel Deelel says "I thought it was an explosion at first, then it was just confusing. It really was Avira, it really was. Just so much things to take in, or just how chaotic the world is. True, but it feels normal for me. Argon was a port city one of the remote parts of OS. It was a lot more like a human city in many ways there was a games part, we had an arena. As I said I'm a multi media program I worked in a club there with my music for the most part did some works of art. It also had a heck of a public transit system with the train system there. We were also pretty close to the wastelands as well, nothing but mountains, snow and desert out that far. I wish I could show you it, I really do, it's a sight to be hold."

She looks back to Maira "I hope so but I have a bad feeling some of my friends were security programs."

Given what Beck had said she didn't hold out much hope. Still so long as there's not a disc there's hope right?

"Airship? Seems VALKYRI has been pretty busy if you have one of those. I did oddly find some grid tech for sale at a pawn shop which I picked up. Not complaining though given the functions it had. Having a small jet is nice."

Percy gets a notice from Deelel and she's grinning a bit.

"Strange is an relative world but yes it's quite the sight isn't it. It's been going well so far, we're almost to where I wanted to take you though for all I know SARK and his goon squad have closed it down. We'll see soon won't we."

Deelel really does over all seem to be more chipper than she normally is being here. She had come to love the world out side but it would always be alien to her on some level. It isn?t' long before she's off the bridge and heading for what looks like it could be the entrance to something.
Avira "And for emergencies. Maybe we can find a nice mountain to park in. /When/ we get out airship. All my money and brainpower is being put towards airship at the moment." Avira slowly smiles.

Percival arrives and, naturally, Avira gawks at his new appearance. Gargoyles were already impressive to look at-seeing him like /this/ though, "Wow! Yes, Percy, we're doing fine. How're you faring in this place? Hmm?"

Listening to Deelel earns an eyebrow raise from the not-Program, "You have stuff like wastelands and mountains out here? I thought it was all developed city." She starts to wonder how exactly those geographical features translated to program or computer features. "So are security Programs the strongest Programs on the grid?"

She follows along after Deelel. "Oh, anything we should be warned about here? Like for talking to other programs and all. I don't want to cause an...incident."
Maira Maira begins to turn as she hears Percival's voice, a ready smile appearing. "There you are! Was starting to think you weren't going to come with us," she says, then takes in his outfit change. clothing! Maira can't help the blush that rises to her cheeks. Not that...well...never mind!

"Eheh...yeah, it is strange isn't it? Cool though! I like it," she informs. "So where are you taking us Deelel? Is it like, a bar or something?" A quick glance to Avira as she asks if they should know anything important. "Oh, right, is water still lava or what?"
Percival "I really don't know what to think about it. This place is going to mess with my internal clock so much, just like Traverse Town. And what's a Sark?" The russet-skinned Gargoyle looks Deelel's way, smiling politely. He chortles to himself, before looking towards Avira. "Hey Avira. What's the scoop? And not too badly. It's just a little dizzying, the scope of this place. I almost wonder if I'd be able to even glide here."

And then he grinned pointedly at Maira, "That blasted laser just doesn't know what to do with Gargoyle anatomy yet, it didn't take quite as long as last time."

Percival gives Maira a somber look, then states, "Well, the /very/ extensive PSA movie at the start indicated it was like /molten lava/ so... I'm going to wager that yes, it's just like the poem 'Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink.' Except you can add a stanza in the next verse that '...and burning like fire discorporates your very being.'" Another soft chuckle, "So what's the plan?"
Deelel Deelel says "Oh I see well that's a good idea but you should invest in gummi ships as well. The ones they are selling at the port at not bad but their performance could be better honestly."

"On Flynn OS? It's creator did a lot of simulation work, I think that might have been part of it to be honest. I don't know him I only met him briefly when he imported me and sent me on my merry little way. Generally yes they are I'm not exactly normal given how I learned to fight. I mean most programs play with scoops or the discs but not at the level one would expect someone made for combat. They are but they also answer to the system admin. You have to understand my people are born for a purpose, a job. From the moment we, hello world. As we put it? We know why we were created. I just got ideas of my own...which could be dangerous."

She grins a little bit, clearly not too worried.

"I guess trying to stay alive and meeting all of you has had an effect on me but things are honestly not good. I was away for a long time. Beck the mechanic who was dumped out of the laser the first time we powered it up? Said things have got bad, heartless and ... the system admin program CLU2 has had an uprising against Flynn. Some things are ... pretty bad from what he told me. He'd know more but he's buried himself in fixing the laser."

She now spots the entrance and makes for it.

"Well what we're people you know just watch out for ones with red lines, they are working for SARK and MCP."
Avira "Sounds like a good opportunity to experiment." Avira points out to Percival, always up for an excuse to have someone fly. She herself loved it and actually found herself pining for the wings of her stronger mutate form every now and then. "Provided there was someplace private enough. We're still not sure how they react to outsiders yet. I don't think I've really been recognized as one. You might, on the other hand, have a bit of a problem, Percival."

Thinking outside the box. For a Program, their life is predetermined from the start, isn't it? "Just how much deviation from the routine is tolerated?" Avira asks cautiously. She seems worried, though, especially as Beck, the mysterious "second TRON" is brought up. "And we don't know how to get back to this OS, do we?"

She follows Deelel into the club (?), noting the warning about red-lined people.
Maira Villains, color coded for your convenience! How thoughtful!

Maira grins to Percival, laughing lightly. "Yes, you most certainly do not fit in. Nothing wrong with that though," she replies, smile warming. "I'll let Avira have first dibs on flying I guess," she says with a giggle, taking her best friend by the arm and giving her a swing before she detaches and moves to take Perci's hand comfortably. She heads inside, eyes roaming curiously.
Percival He rolls his arms, his wings sort of flaring briefly before returning to their normal span. "Well it does feel like there's air here. I'm just not sure if there are air currents. I'll have to experiment rather close to the ground, see if I can glide a short distance....Maybe if we find some place secluded." He closes his eyes briefly, chuckling at Avira, "My goodness, and I was becoming used to /not/ causing a problem so long as I didn't visit Manhatten, the Old Country, or the Land of Dragons. Are you certain I shouldn't stay out of sight then?"

Another pause as he considers Deelel's words. "Hrm. And I remember that LEXUS had purple lines..does that have any meaning?"

He arches an bony eyeridge at Maira, before teasing, "Truly? How magnanimous of you, given that flying ranks pretty highly on the things you like to do...."
Maira Maira's eyes move back to Perci at his reply, her mouth opening to reply before she apparently reads more into the statement than was said. Wether or not he meant it that way, Maira blushes hotly and gives him quite a look. "Yes, well, I have you practically all the time, and I know Avira must miss flying...."
Deelel Deelel says "It would be a good chance to start working on custom ones."

She enters it it's a dive from the looks of it, it's not well maintained but it's not dirty like one would expect. Nothing is ever really /dirty/ on an OS world, that might almost be unsettling to people not from there. A few programs are milling about, data pushers and the like while Deelel smirks at the barkeep.

The program looks up at the group who enters.

"...damn girl your alive? Your lucky I put some energy on you being alive. Or I?d throw your little bit map out."

"Sure defrag, sure."

Deelel makes a face and moves for a both. "I'll let you know if you need anything."

she moves to slide in making sure they are being listened to before she continues.

"We do know."

She says in a hushed voice.

"He's fixing the way back."

She tilts her head at Maira for a moment and grins a little bit.

"Flying is fun, it really is but it seems some people get it from creation rather than needing some sot of tool."

She's clearly teasing Percy a little but it's pretty easy to tell it's meant good naturedly.

"Yes, he's viral. Purple or sickly green means viral, it means /run/. Leave it to people made to deal with those things. They infect just like heartless. LEXUS nearly consumed me once. I had to cut off part of my forearm to get the tendril out."
Avira Avira winces, "No, it wouldn't be nice to send you away like that. Stay with us, we'll get your back if there are questions, Percival." She, at least, certainly doesn't want Percival to feel excluded, especially since he seems to be good at making Maira squirm today. So cute!

Avira will not confirm missing flying out loud right now.

The disconnect between what passes as a dive on the grid and what is one in Userspace is pretty stark. A non-dirty bar made things pretty upscale. The only real hint they can cull here on the bar's real standing are the other patrons. She carefully watches the exchange between Deelel and the bartender (Defrag?), not offering any words of her own.

Deelel's quiet words are met with a nod. ...followed by a shudder as Deelel reveals what LEXUS nearly did to her. "Ugh." she slides into the booth. "Well, I'll keep my eyes open."

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