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(2013-07-26 - Now)
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Deelel Wise OS it was an lower bit rate of a system that the one Deelel was native to. Thankfully things had been fixed for her so her mind was in full working order having from her view been dubbed down for several years was a sobering experience to her. After all it just reminded her how a few commands on a keyboard from the users side of thing could alter one of her people entirely. She envied two things about her makers if she was honest with herself, just how hard it was to change them and they that they got to be children. It would be something she would never know first hand.

She was able to shake such thoughts off her thankfully she's got friends with her and they are exploring one of the less regulated parts of this OS there's a few interesting dives around here that might be a good place to hang out given the End of Line has been oddly busy lately she wanted to show them something new. So here they were on the grid again, Deelel was a bit put off about the helmets she liked her hair, lets be honest she was vain about her hair. It was the hair her user gave her and that made it to her the best hair in the grid.

"So thanks for coming along there should be a little place near here that we can duck out and get a better feel for things. Just watch your step huh? This is ... quite the place isn't it?"

She notes as she heads over one of the brides looking down at the data below.

"Even as old as it is, it's nice to be ... somewhere like this. Not to say where we have been is bad, but you know? Home and all that?"

This scene contained 1 poses. The players who were present were: Deelel.