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Starfall: The Plan and the Choice
(2013-07-26 - 2013-08-03)
Newcomers to the world of New Ivalice are invited to meet with the infamous Ezel Berbier, who claims to have a plan to help save New Ivalice. The catch is? The powers that be don't like it. What will the heroes decide?
Ezel Berbier After destroying the great Heartless that seemed to be the source of the invasion of New Ivalice, the heroes found a magically-imbued letter inviting them to the city of Cadoan in order to discuss saving the world with a strange and eccentric alchemist named Ezel Berbier.

The trip there is strenuous. The land is being devoured slowly by the Heartless, and even with the destruction of the massive Heartless ship, there are still unknown numbers present on the world itself. They roam the land, seeking Hearts and hastening the destruction of the world. Towns attempt to forify themselves, and little more than land bridges remain surrounded by growing pools of Darkness between each bastion.

The location of Ezel's shop in Cadoan is a mild decret. Those who claim to be with the Judges or the Royal Family tend to find themselves delayed, people demurring and denying knowledge which causes them to be delayed. Others find themselves directed to a door behind a shop which leads down...

Into what looks like the middle of a tree. The area is festooned with magical implements and inscribed cards with strange symbols and pictures.

"Welcome! Welcome! One and all!" Appearing from a back room, Ezel Berbier appears to be a Nu Mou in columinous pueple robes. His massive ears droop down and are pierced with multicolored earrings, which jingle in the air as he walks. He wears a conical hat, also purple, trimmed with a gold brim and emblazoned with an eye. He has a mischevious glint in his eye, and moves much faster than his dumpy physque would indicate.

"I am Ezel Berbier, ladies and gentlemen. And others, I don't discriminate! No not at all." He grins. "Unless you're here to arrest me, in which case I am actually Handel Mendelssohn Gruber Felix von Strudelberg the Fourth and am not a wanted man. Pleased to meet you all."

He claps his hands together. "I am an an alchemist by trade, and quite brilliant even if some don't appreciate it. I'm assuming you all are here for the saving of the world, correct?" He pauses. "If not, I have a new batch of perfumes I've been dying to sell." He waves a hand, and says dramatically, "Berbier: For when you want to smell like a genius."

He pauses. "It's missing something, I think."
Will Sherman " doesn't smell even a little like you've been sleeping in your alchemy lab for a week straight enough!" Will says, suddenly and litterally right next to the Alchemist.

How did he get here?

He took a Gummi ship. Duh.

He came with the hot pilot/Judge.

He stares at the Nu Mou for a long moment, trying to get an understanding for the man who seems to be a guy after his own heart. Then...

"I am Will Sherman, King of the Hobos, and I have taken a certain young land who was sent to get us under my protection, AND have dubed him my retainer." He nods once... and then moves around looking at the tree a bit...and then things around, "This land is constraining!" he complains, "Too many rules, and not enough common sense...and also heartless. We're here to deal with the heartless problem, but the other thing might be taking longer, I think." He ponders...

"So what's the plan?"
Avira Avira's trip here attracts a lot of Heartless attention, which is a bit of a shock to her. Ever since Manhattan's restoration, she hadn't experienced Heartless in these numbers. Surely those creatures here were truly starved for Hearts. Fortunately, quite a bit of time had passed since then and Avira has grown a lot stronger.

The current state of this world does remind her, again, of Manhattan. Of the dark Manhattan they had to all venture through at one point. With each step discomfort rises but the scarred huntress remains emboldened.

"A pleasure to meet you, Ezel Berbier." Avira puts a hand to her heart and bows for the nu mou, already quite familiar with the species. "I am Avira of Ivalice. The Ivalice with the airships. And yes, I-we all are-here to help."

She pauses, "'s missing a confusing and pretentious commercial. Then again perfume commercials always seemed very unecessary."
Serah Farron Serah Farron has been in a few adventures of her own recently, tagging along people into strange world. A racing game made out of candy, or a world with bugs eating everything... So is it all that odd to be in the presence of a talking dog? Well, kinda looks like a dog, she really doesn't know what that race is, but she's not going to ask either. There's been many different kind of people around after all, so it doesn't really bother her either.

She just.. stands there and listens to the presentation of Ezel... and sweatdrops just a bit at the change of name 'just in case'. She really doesn't think anyone could get fooled by that... Let's just hope there is none of those judges in the surroundings, at least for his sake.

She offers him a bow when she enters, and then she moevs to find a place to stand... without getting in the way of the others. She's a small girl, she doesn't take lots of space.
Cirra Constantine Darkness dawns on the door of the alchemist!

As a woman with long silver hair and wearing leather armor descends into the hollow tree wearing leather armor she managed to purchase locally. Funny, that doesn't /look/ like darkness.

She moves into the room in time for the Nu Mou makes his speach about his wears and abilities. Then she looks over at Will.

"What does a Hobo King need with a retainer?" she arches one eyebrow as he then goes on about there being too many rules. She frowns at him. Well it's more like her mouth takes on the form of an even straighter line then normal.

"WE're not here for perfume, though if you have something to remove scents all together, perhaps you can convinced our present prince of poverty to use some."
Will Sherman "KING!" Will says towards her, "KING!" he says again. Frowning, "And I even went out of my way to get you some ice cream! Such disrespect! Such CRUELTY! Also, I need a retainer! All kinds have them! So why not me?" He has no idea what a retainer ACTUALLY does...
Deelel Deelel had been very busy, there's been much going on in the various world and Deelel has been involved in much of it as of late it seemed, There had been much to do and she felt driven to help where ever she could and when she could. So here she is in a world that may be in it's death spiral, yet it is not going quietly that much is certain. It took her a bit to make her way to the shop that has become aware of and she was in a for a bit of a surprise at the Nu. She'd encountered a few in her time but not very many also his style of clothing was still a bit surprising to her. Given her own people's very simple fashions for the most part, still it was always an learning experience that does broaden her view of the world.

"I had a small part in the fleet action against the Heartless Armada as did some of the others here."

Deelel seems to be a Hume or human but her voice is a bit off, those who know her likely don't even think about it much. To someone who may have just met her for the first time it's fairly noticeable.

"Also I apologize my name is Deelel it's good to meet you, though I'm afraid I'm not interested in perfumes. I however may know some people who are."

Speaking of smells hey there's Will and she can't help but grin a little bit, but Will's words do ring true, she came from a lawful and very ridged world but it functioned. The laws here seemed to trip over each other and prevent efficient productivity half the time.

"Will, Avira hey and yes just what is your plan sir?"

she looks back to Avira seemingly in quite the good mood still from the looks of her as Cirra gets a nod from the basic as she arrives as well.
Ezel Berbier Ezel points in the air when Avira points out the unnecessariness of commercials. "That's what makes things so fun! So many unnecessary things. You don't /need/ that cake, but you want it! Everyone loves cake!" Ezel asides then to the suddenly appearing Will. "Unless you prefer pie. Pie is equally unecesserily delicious, isn't it?" He seems irrepressably cheerful, exuding an energetic mania as he speaks almost faster than his mouth can keep up. "And you say there's another Ivalice out there? Excellent! I love multiple Ivalices, it fits right in the model."

The King of the Hobos causes him to laugh. "Indeed! Do you think I should add some lavender? Maybe a little ochu extract. How /did/ you know my bed was eaten last week? Wait, don't answer that!" He hops to one side past Serah, grabbing a jar from a shelf next to her that contains a thick liquid, holding it out to Cirra. "Here you are! This is guaranteed to either purify all vile scents or turn him into a chicken." He squints at the label, which appears to be a messy scrawl. "I don't remember which one this is. Oh well, that's what keeps things interesting, right?" He tosses it over to Cirra without apparently caring if she's going to catch it or not.

"You!" He says, drawing suddenly close to Deelel. "You're very interesting." He pauses for a moment. "You smell like..." He snuffles. "Cherries. And blue. That's new! I like new. But don't worry my dear, all will be explained in a moment!"

He turns and then gives Will a flourishing bow. "And all hail to the King of the Hobos! I tried to be the Hobo King once but the chocobo decided to rebel." He rubs his chin. "See? You know exactly what I mean. But one problem at a time, my boy! Sit down (or not!) and I'll spin you a tale.

He then flicks a hand, tossing him a a fluffy Chocobo's tailfeather arrangement. "See? A tale. Hah! I kill me. Or don't!" He quickly moves to the back of the shop, and pulls a lever. With a clacking noise, the back of the shop opens up with a clanging and shrieking noise, like someone attempted to make a fanfare out of rubber balls, broken trumpets, and a cat. A cloth drops, with the words 'EZEL BERBIER'S TOTALLY GENIUS PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD'.

He poses in fron ot if. "ALL RIGHT! So you guys see the Heartless problem. They're trying to stop the Heartless but as you can all see, we're fighting a losing battle. So my plan is to simply run the hell away."

He pauses. "I mean, /everyone/ running away. We start evacuating people, which you guys seem to be able to do since you can get around the dimensional barriers around the world. But there's a lot of people. So we have a better plan."

He holds up his hands. "There are five points in the world that are being used to defend against the Heartless. IF we gather people up there, and then what happens is we trigger a controlled collapse of the area. It's like demolitions to save the world! According to my calculations, if we collapse them properly we can convert the area into a small, genlike object that will naturally be drawn to another world. We then can collect the object at our lesiure, unpack it in that world so everyone can have their own room again, and the Heartless are left wondering where the world went! We totally just /stole/ the world away from them! It'll be great."

He pauses. "I have a chart, it explains everything in detail!" He pulls a lever, and a board drops down, titled 'CHART FOR SAVING THE WORLD.' It shows stick figures, fighting five big stick figures, world pointing at a small shiny dot, stick figure picking up dot, then dots connecting to dots. And then a happy face.

"So, who's in?"
Cid Randell "Are you, in fact, all here to help?"

The invitation was open - and that means that it's open to those who would see Ezel Berbier put in his proper place. Chief among those folk is Cid Randell, Judgemaster of Ivalice, the arbiter of law and order, the invoker and incarnation of the Law System. It is by Cid's hand that laws are passed; it is by Cid's hand that laws are revoked. If anyone can be said to have absolute power in the world besides Queen Remedi, it would be the Judgemaster.

He is not alone. Outside, the sound of troops moving into position - heavily armored Combat Judges, each specially trained in the arts of war for the sake of keeping the peace, each a paradox unto themselves - can easily be heard. Cid himself advances, his helmet tucked under his arm, a disapproving frown cast across his face.

"Do you, in fact, understand what it is you intend to do?" Randell's voice is strong and cold; the warm man who offered them truce is gone, replaced by the iron-cold blade of Justice that this world knows him to be. Even the worst criminals would admit it - Randell is a fair man, and everything in his stance, in his voice, in his eyes, shows nothing else. the same time, there's a coldness there, an anger - or a desperation. "You intend nothing less than the obliteration of my world on the word of an anarchist who legitimately believes that the world would be better off dead than bound by the rule of law. You intend to pass judgement on the lives of thousands on the word of a criminal, a lunatic, and a subversive, one with no proof that his plan could possibly succeed - let alone proof that it could succeed without casualties. When I tell you that I would enact this plan - nay, I would support this plan, aid this plan with all the resources of Ivalice if I truly believed it capable of saving every single person under my protection - understand that it is the absolute truth. But Ezel Berbier has no proof. Ezel Berbier has nothing but his word - a word based fundamentally on decrying law and order, on spitting in my eye and the eye of the Crown. Ezel Berbier is not a trustworthy individual."

Cid's hand swings to the side, slicing through the air. His cape flows around him imperiously as he walks forward, and everyone in the room can see that he's brandished the deadliest weapon the Judgemaster has ever possessed - a Law Card. "You would take thousands of lives into your own hands, gambling on a selfish risk by such a selfish individual. You would put upon the line the safety of every person - and when your plan fails, it will be I who must take responsibility upon my shoulders. It will be I who failed them, who failed to protect them from your madness, who failed to defend them from your mistake. You will walk away, back to your worlds, and leave the guilt upon my shoulders and mine alone."

"Look at him!" Cid demands, "Look at what he holds! A chart, a child's joke! You risk my people upon *this*!"

"I will ask you once, and only once. Stand aside, and let me take Ezel Berbier into custody. If you need a list of his crimes, I am happy to provide. You have my word that no matter what happens, Berbier - and any of you who align yourselves with him - will be given a fair and just trial and sentence. I will not compromise my principles even for the likes of him." Cid swings the card up in front of himself; it glows, then transforms, extending into the iconic and magnificent Judgemaster's sword.

"Ezel Berbier, I hereby place you under arrest. You are charged with sedition, the study of forbidden magic, double-parking chocobos in a no-parking zone, rebellion against the Crown, High Treason, willful endangerment of the entire planet, and attempted destruction of the Law System. How do you plead?"
Ezel Berbier Ezel screams like a little girl and dives behind Will. "IT'S THE CHEESE! FUZZ IT!"
Cirra Constantine Cirra catches the jar one handed and looks at almost impassively before turning ot look at Will, "A chicken, is it?" she seems to have no reservations about this possible outcome.

Then Cid. Cirra immediatly puts the jar down on the nearest table and back up a step as she feels, rather then see the man step through the door. One hand rests at her hip, which puts it closer to the weapon on the small of her back. She looks at Cid, a Judge. Her mouth draws tighter.

"There is merit to his plan. We've seen how the worlds function under these circumstances before. The only difference is his plan depends on an intentional, rather then incidental collapse." she glances up the steps where she can hear the troops.

"Guilt is a terrible thing to bare. Especially alone. If all you wish is to be the one guilty of your world's slow decline, then stopping someone with the outragous plan to save it would certainly get you what you want."

"Or is hope outlawed in New Ivalice?"
Cid Randell "This is not a case of hope. This is a case of a known madman interested in nothing less than the complete collapse of all that holds our world in order offering up a plan to save people heedless of how many it might endanger." Cid sweeps the Judgemaster's Sword to the side. "If I came to your world and implored you to allow it to be destroyed, would you accept? Or would you think me mad?"
Will Sherman Will is hidden behind.

He looks up at Cid, just staring at him and narrows his eyes.

"He's not incorrect, a bit extreme, but there might be a better way to do it...with a Keyblade." Will says, staring at Cid, "Right now there is little we can do to save this world...and with EVERY SINGLE PERSON those heartless kill, a new heartless forms. Your barrier of light is cracked something fierce. I have no idea what caused it or why, BUT..." Will says, with a frown, "But it's happening. Look.." he says taking a step forward towards Cid, "It happened to my world, it fell too, for a long time only a small part of it was left...litterally only a small...and then too it fell because of people called Shadow Lords. They brought it into darkness...but we did just like this man proposes...we found the shards of the world, and restored it."

Will puts a hand on the man's shoulder, trying to be comforting, "I know what it is to lose a world, I know what will happen if you don't do something...ANYTHING. You might think this a foolish plan...but really it's not only nearly spot on...but it's the only choice you have."

"Because at this stage I am sure nothing can go back to normal. Maybe with time New Ivalice can be restored to it's full glory...I'd like my world to be restored too, fully...but.." he shrugs, "We both have duties to our to the citizens of Manhattan...and you to yours." Will shrugs, "It is also your duty to make sure they GET that chance..."
Serah Farron Serah Farron shakes her head "I don't want to see another world destroyed either... But he is right Mr Ezel, it seems like a big gamble for something we have no idea if it will really work. I don't want to sound pessimist, but this isn't even a 'chance to take' here..." She's with the Judge on that side, she's seen enough of the Heartless to know they wouldn't disapear that easily either. Not to mention the Shadow Lords, they wouldn't just vanish in smoke either. "Is there even a way to test it before it puts an entire world at risk?"
Will Sherman Will stares at Serah. "Noooo we totally haven't seen this happen even a little bit." Will says.
Avira Patiently, Avira listens to Ezel ramble, amused by the energetic nu mou's shifting of topic to topic. "I wouldn't mind some pie or cake right now." Avira supplies before he launches right into an explanation of what he plans to do to save the world. On many occasions she had heard snatches of arguing between the likes of Marche and Mewt, the Prince of Ivalice. Something about destroying a world to save it?

Only now do the rammifications of this plan truly dawn upon her. This would could very well be lost, crumbling as it was, slowly being devoured by Heartless. If they broke it apart....

"Your theory is pretty correct, actually. Parts of worlds that fall to the Heartless become what we call world sha-"

Cid interrupts her and she startles, whipping around to stare at the Judgemaster Cid. Instinctively, her stomach twists as it usually does at the appearance of a judge. The clank of metal registers in her ears, the sound of movement outside apparent. They were being surrounded. They were being outnumbered.

Despite this, she faces the Judgemaster. "I understand exactly what he intends to do." she tells him bluntly, "While I have known him for mere minutes and can speak little of his character, I have seen what happens to worlds that fall. Unless you can locate the world heart of your New Ivalice and seal it with a Keyblade, ensuring that these places, filled with what people you have left in this crumbling world, /will/ have the life-saving effect you yourself seek, Judgemaster."

She takes a step towards Cid, her hands held up in a disarming fashion. She doesn't seem to be drawing her weapon. "I will not stand aside. The World Shards that this plan will create can be restored."
Will Sherman "Oh wait, there is another part.." Will says, "Their Princess of Heart!"
Deelel Deelel is happy there are friends and allies with her, it's always good not to be alone in her mind. She spent far too much time fighting alone and that got her in a very bad place. She's not alone now however and she tilts her head at Ezel for a moment as he goes on about things like cake. She can understand that but when he says pie? The first thing she thinks of is math and it takes a moment for her to click there is also food known such.

"I do?"

She seems honestly surprised about her having a sent she didn't think she had one given her nature, oh well it seems she actually doe and perhaps that's something sh finds to be quite interesting but there isn't much time to get distracted there is much to talk about. IF the man has a plan to save the world she's going to hear him out. She won't discount anything right now, at least not so much as she wouldn't listen to an idea.

Also in the back of her mind she smells like two type of berries? Wait Cherries are not a berry are they?

"So like cutting out lost data and rebuilding what's left I take it?"

Okay this is quite a bit to take in but just how crazy is it? She's just in the debating phase at this point. Then suddenly Captain America, I mean Cid, kicks the door down at this time she has come to help honestly. She intend to try to save what's left of this world but this isn't something to run into.

She's listening to Cid at this point for a moment she's taking in his words sizing them up. She is a creature of order for all her rabble rousing after all. She says nothing but she does not go for her disc she's not going to fire the first shot here if a fight breaks out.

Will's words set the stage for what she's got to say next. "I am a child of his world indirectly and my world fell with that fragment. There may be ways to do it but you must be willing to listen to other ideas. The world is coming apart at the seems it is a miracle it's not gone into the night just yet. Avira is also from the same world as Will, and technically I. If it comes down it we can restore the shard but? It might be best to seek out the world heart if we can find it."

She's however sticking with her friends who have stood by her, she will not step aside either.
Cid Randell "This is NOT your world!" Cid roars, "You are subversives, outsiders who walk into my home and exert your strength upon it as though you understand a whit of what is going on, as though you have the right to tell me how wrong I am for daring to question the worth of your plan! You expect me to take the word of a lunatic at face value!"

The Judgemaster Sword blazes to life, lighting the room. "For you, this is meaningless. For you, these people are targets for the Heartless; they are future foes for you to deal with. For me..." Cid's sword shakes, just a little bit. The resolve etched into his face is stronger than steel. "For me, you are asking me to put faith that my family will survive in the hands of someone who has at every turn attempted to tear apart my planet. For me, if it fails, I lose everything. Everything and everyone. My son, my wife, all of my friends; you ask me to put faith in things like 'one day' and 'tomorrow' and 'the future'."

"When you are represented by people like /that/," Cid points darkly at Will, "What else can you expect me to believe but that your only goal is to use my world as an experiment? You callously toss around words like 'we've seen this before', but I have only your word to go on - your word, when you side with a liar. Your word, when you are willing to do the unthinkable. You tell me that I have no choice but to accept - I tell you that you have no right to insist. You tell me that his plan may be 'a bit extreme', and I hear the touches of insanity. I hear something that chills me to the bone."

"I cannot risk my people on such a plan. If you are willing to hunt down this World Heart and seal it with this 'Keyblade', then fine. If you can find such a thing, if you can bring such a person, then I will not stand in your way." Cid's blade hangs in the air, glowing with power, invested with the very might of the Law itself. "I will not absolve Ezel Berbier for his crime. But I will aid you, however it may be necessary, should your alternative plan be the course you choose to take. Including..."

Cid bites his tongue.

"Including a stay of sentencing for Ezel Berbier, should such be necessary...and a chance to exonerate himself of his crimes through honorable service." Cid closes his eyes, and it's obvious exactly how much that sentence hurts him - and how much he's willing to give up to ensure his world's protection. "Or at least a chance to reduce his sentence substantially."
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks at Will's interjections. Looks like its part of the story she never heard of there. Princess of Heart? And losing worlds? She heard about getting worlds back to the darkness, which is what she was looking into in her search for Cocoon, but she hadn't actually looked into the losing of those worlds either, she just thought it was something that happened when Heartless took over a world, not that it was the result of some other process.

"... So there's a world heart around here you think? Then if I understand, we'd need to find it before the heartless does, right?" She thinks that's a pretty vital part of information there. She looks back to Cid "Are you meaning to say that you have no faith in tomorrow? Putting hope and faith is what keeps us alive, you can't lose sigh tof what things are today, but you can't close your eyes to what might be tomorrow."
Cid Randell "I mean to say that I do not believe I have the right to risk thousands of tomorrows on an untested plan," Cid replies quietly, his eyes sinking shut.
Ezel Berbier Ezel pops his head out from around Will. Never mind he's wider than Will is and hobos make a terrible shield in most cases. "Huh? Really?" They're not going to just hand him over?


This seems to embolden the eccentric a bit. Ezel steps back and waves his hands. "Look, I want the world to keep existing too! Doing alchemy all alone is /really boring/. Also, you start drinking the purple and next thing you know it's next Mogsday." He coughs, edging away from the imposing Judgemaster. "Why should you guys get all the fun? You guys hold all the lives in your hands too. You think you have all the answers?! Look how far it's gotten us so far! If it wasn't for these guys that giant Heartless would probably be eating Ambervale right now." He pauses. "It could use a redecoration anyway. Have you ever considered teak paneling?"

He snaps back to attention, however. "So you guys have empirical evidence! Great! Look, a few people might get lost but we don't have a choice. You can't save everyone, Judgemaster!"

He pauses, and asides, "Wow, that's really dramatic." He then looks back. "But uh, yes! I've got a plan! And a chart! And these people I've only met for five minutes! You guys are great, I will totally give you a shop discount." He turns to Sarah. "Well, we can test it! Let's start with the Sprohm prison. It's all dingy anyway. No sense of excitement! Just 'STOP FIDGETING BERBIER! YOU ARE UNDER DOUBLE ARREST! STOP TRYING TO GNAW ON YOUR CHAINS!'" He humphs. "So I broke a few laws! Whatever! What's the point of a law if everyone follows it? What's the point of order if there is no chaos? Everything needs to be tested! That is the truth of the world! At least, until I change my mind and find a better one!"

He leaps backwards, and opens a case labeled 'IN CASE OF JUDGES'. It's got a lot of cards in it. He pulls them out, and holds one up, the strange writing on it crackling with an inversion of Law. A power that rends and shatters. "Look, Judgemaster! I have a plan, these guys are interested in it. If you want to do your own thing, go for it. Hey, it might even be educational, but I, uh..."

He pauses.

"What /are/ you guys going to do? I can't do this alone, everyone knows the adventurers get hired by the genius alchemist, not leads it himself!"
Cid Randell "Put down those Anti-Laws," Cid snaps, his voice growing cold, "That you go for a weapon when I offer a stay of sentence is insulting enough; that you wave such blasphemies in my face only serves to remind me what I am allowing to walk free for the sake of my world."
Ezel Berbier "Put down your weapon and I'll put down mine!" Ezel retorts.
Cid Randell Cid exhales, raising the sword. The blade breaks apart, falling into its Law Card form. He gives Ezel a very, very cold look, then places two fingers in his mouth and blows; the whistle rips out of the hidey-hole, and the sound of the Judgemaster's Guard backing off echoes through the tree.
Deelel Deelel is one of the few lucky souls whose entire world is entirely intact for the most part. Even if she can't access a way home right now, this weighs heavily upon her. She's come to hear out this man's plan and was not expecting Cid to kick down the door like he had. The idea of breaking a world even in a controlled fashion would be a last resort to her. It really would be attempt it if there was no other option left to them.

"If you think we do not care about saving the people of this world you are mistaken."

However given there's also more history going on here she does not get snarky her tone remains polite she does know she's an outsider however the plan of finding a key blade wielder and looking for the world heart is the most sound one she could think of she is aware of at least three wielders at the moment her plan continues seeking out the world heart seems like the best objective to her. Still everything may hit the fan either way.

" Judgemaster Randell, we had just been summoned here and had only seen his plan a moment before you ... arrived. The plan would be a last resort in my view if it was attempted at all. Seeking out the world heart is the best plan at this time. If it can be sealed it would keep the world and it's people safe from falling into the night."

Shes' going to have to play it diplomatically here. This is not an easy thing for the basic but is doing what she can to keep this situation from exploding like a bomb.

"I mean no offence sir, you have a plan that's more than most worlds get a chance to prepare but there is a far better alternative on the table. I know of at least three people who could seal the world heart once it is located."

There are major things going on in this world very major things aside from the heartless and she's painfully aware of it.
Cirra Constantine "You're right of course. It /is/ madness." Cirra agrees with the other Judge. "But what we're saying is that it isn't quiet as mad as it seems." Cirra turns to walk across the shop, keeping her eyes on that flaming sword.

When Ezel reaches for the anti-law cards, Cirra head looks him, eyes narrowing dangerously. "Put those away if you want to talk in good faith, or I'll /make/ you put them away."

She looks back at Cid. "We can try to seal the world heart with a keyblade weilder. But this world is in the most advanced stage of decay I have ever seen. The time it takes to seal the heart will devour more of your citizens as they are attacked by, and become heartless."

"Your options in this case, Judge, are equally weighty. There is no one outcome that is more prevelant then the other. So let me propose this."

Cirra turns again and brazenly walks right up to the Judge. "We search for the world heart and we attempt to seal it. But at the same time, preperations for the last act of the madly desperate must be orchestrated. If we fail to find the world heart in time, and all of your world is ready to fall."

"You /must/ instigate the only other plan, and rescue whom ever is left."
Will Sherman Will throws his hands up and walks away from this.

"Yeah, another guy with a badge looking down on the Hobo when he is trying to help. It's like you didn't even listen to me, you just went on and on when I just said /I lost my world/ in the same way, and that /I don't care about your people/ when I mentioned I do...but sure." Will continues to rant walking off in frustraition. "Did it ever occur to you that I do? That I care for these people more than you think, because /they are people/? Gosh, it's like someone who isn't from here can do something other than swing a sword or something. I'm not here to argue this crap, I'm here trying to save this world, not hold a 'who's got the bigger sword' competition." Will finally says, completely at a loss for any other words.

"Yeah, if you CAN find the keyhole, we can seal it from the heartless, IF we can find it. They are well hidden, for good reason. We found ours in some god forsaken maze that purposely tried to turn us around on our heads and then had a large thing protecting it. Do you even know where your keyhole is?"
Ezel Berbier Ezel nods at this, and puts down the card. It stops crackling as he puts it back in a binder and sets it aside. "Wow, that actually worked. that never works!"
Avira Doubt pours forth from the Judgemaster, their words of reassurance crashing against his unyielding person. It's clear that he does not trust anyone, perhaps based on the mere crime of hearing Ezel out. On a level, he was right as they didn't know for sure that world shards would be made from the highly populated cities and scattered with the people within held in their strange sleep.

Swiftly, she steps in front of Will when the Judgemaster gestures at him, a nonplussed look on her face as her friend is insulted.

Her alternatae solution was actually never meant to be an option-but with the likes of Mercade and Angantyr in possession of Keyblades, it was one that was a lot more possible and likely more palatible.

"I was hoping we'd get more of a chance to discuss this in full. A world can break into world shards, gems or objects containing the essence of a world. However, when this happens, those pieces are scattered. They must be restored using a Keyblade as well. A Keyblade is a part of both plans, really. Finding the shards can take time." If any shards are formed.

Slowly she nods to Cirra, "For the alternative, we would need to find the World Heart. That can be difficult too, because like Will says, they are well hidden. Right now, we would be racing the Heartless to find it. It will be difficult but well worth pursuing."

At least Cid and Ezel aren't waving weapons around anymore. Avira finds herself releasing tenseness in her shoulder she didn't realize she had.
Serah Farron Serah Farron looks like she's considering everything as well. Well that makes more sense to her now. That means the world is at risk wether or not they follow Ezel's idea. "Then there is no choice isn't there? The only choice you have is trying to find it before them, or wait with your arms cross until the heartless find it and send the world to darkness."

She crosses her arms at that, looking quite resolute there "And I rather run until I'm out of breath and can barely move anymore than just sitting back until it happens."
Cid Randell "If you are willing to aid in the discovery of my world's 'World Heart', then I will put everything the Crown has behind it to the task, and ensure that it is found." Cid waves his hand to the side, looking Cirra in the eye. "And...should that fail...then, I..."

Cid struggles. It's clear that this is incredibly painful for him, not just as a lawmaker but as a proud man. He's buckling under not just to these outsiders, but to a man who represents everything that he hates - everything that he struggles against. But...

But Cirra is correct. To do nothing is to damn his world.

"...then I will...personally begin aiding...Ezel...Berbier..." His teeth grit together, "In the event...that it becomes...our only choice."

Cid exhales. "....I accept that you have nothing but my world's best interests at heart. You must understand that Ezel Berbier is far from what we consider a reliable, caring individual. But...I cannot in good conscience stand by and do nothing, and if this alternative plan fails, then...well, what else can I possibly lose, beyond my station, my family, and all those I hold dear?" There's heavy sarcasm in his voice, and it's obvious.

"Unfortunately, you hold all the power. Even if I wanted to deny you, you would simply wield it like a cudgel and push me away. I would rather put my faith in you that work against you - but know this."

Cid raises a finger. "If either of these plans fail - if all that I love, all that I care for, all that I hold dear, is stripped away from me because I trusted your word rather than opposed your schemes - then I swear here and now that I will abandon the law for the sake of vengeance, and come after all those responsible until the day that I die."
Deelel Deelel is not the best spoken of this group but she's been doing what she can. That's all she can do her mind is raving even for one such as her. The plan to look for the keyhole while an evacuation is the best bet she can think of. The other plan would be their last resort from the looks of things. She listens to the others worlds to the Judgemaster and has to wonder where this will go.

It all comes down to how Cid takes what they are telling it and thus it's out of her hands. She can see he's a proud man one who is part of a system. A user who has found purpose in order but as she's learning some times one can over do such. Still his desire to protect his people seems to be an honest one.

"Yes I will admit there is much we do not know, about your world Judgemaster Randell. Still we will try to do what we can."

She pauses she sees how much he's swallowed his pride somewhat at lest with his comment upon their holding most of the cards in this situation. It is a bit unsettling to understand they have such power. here. The threat however makes it crystal clear how strong his convictions are. This could end badly, they could walk away but it would leave the people of this world to die.
Cirra Constantine Cirra closes her eyes, "I understand this is a tense time for you. But you shouldn't waste your passion on threatening revenge when you can spend it better on doing what you actually want to achieve." The woman reaches up to the neck line of her armor and pulls out a medalion on a chain, letting it swing between her fingers as she looks at it. The symbol of the Judges of archades is carved into it, a badge of office. She doesn't bother explaining it. She just waits to see if Cid recognizes it.

"I'm not here to sacrifice New Ivalice." she narrows her eyes. "I'm here to make sure it survives, because I would very much like to know more about it. Because if we can save it, it may in turn save other worlds like it."

Cirra turns sharply and walks back across the shop to look at the chart, then at Ezel. "I trust you at least have a map of these places? If the Heartless are still searching for the world heart then they are closing on it by sheer numbers. They search instinctively unless someone directs them. Do they appear at random, or do they seem organized?"
Ezel Berbier "Well then, this is very interesting. I thought I had a plan! It was a great plan, too." Ezel doesn't sound /that/ put out. "So, uh..." He looks around. "So we're all getting along now. This is also new! I like new! It results in less beatings and running and screaming."

He looks over the group. "So you guys are going to need to make a choice! Do you want to do with my awesome plan? Or do you want to go with that other one you've come up with? I /guess/ I can help look for the World Heart thing if you want, but it looks like you guys know my plan will work too. Whatever you guys want to do!"

He suddenly holds up a teapot. "Anyone want some tea? I'm /sure/ I brewed this one today. And with actual tea leaves. I think."

He's asked for a map! Ezel drops the teapot, which hits the floor and somehow doesn't shatter. He rummages in a pile, throwing papers and other stuff all over the place until he pulls out a big roll. "AH HA!"
Ezel Berbier Ezel then plasters the roll on top of the EZEL'S AWESOME PLAN' display, pinning it up. The roll is revealed to be a now outdated map of New Ivalice. It's got a lot of scribbles, arcane markings, and... Ezel pokes at a purple glob. "Oooh, grape jelly."
Cid Randell Cid's head sloooowly sinks into his hands. It's going to be a very, very, very long cooperation.
Cirra Constantine Cirra's mouth twists to the side. She looks back at Cid, "If you can do can provide better intel, feel free to do so." she looks at the map again and finds something in the chaotic mess, a piece of charcoal. She pulls over a chair and steps up, and begins scribbling out areas along the Giza plains along the roat to Cadoan. "These are the areas lost to darkness I saw on the way here." SO much like her Ivalice.

"What are the oldest places between these areas of darkness?"
Avira Avira sidles up to Cirra as she looks at the map. "Well, with areas completely eaten away, it at least helps narrow down the places that must be searched." She offers no explanation as to why she herself wants to help. If they ask what's in it for her, Avira might tell them, but right now her mind is too busy spinning away at solutions. Thinking.

"By the way, you might want this-" she says, leaning to murmur a few numbers in Cirra's ear.

They are the numbers to the TDA frequency.
Serah Farron Serah Farron nods at Cirra's words as well "We should all be fighting together, not against each other. Heartless are not giving anyone a chance, we don't need mroe strife among ourselves. We all want to see the worlds safe from Heartless." She sighs. Clearly she isn't fond of the heartless herself, with them nearly ripping away her own heart before, not a pleasant feeling. She can only guess how it would feel for a world heart to get stolen away and broken into pieces. Its probably incomparable.

She looks toward Ezel at the offer "No, but thank you, I am fine right now." Not that she doesn't like tea, but right now, she doesn't feel like it.
Will Sherman Will smiles a little...the mad alchemist was...something.

He looks at the Judge...and he shrugs... "Fair, I guess.." and increadibly sad. VERY sad...but well...Will wasn't very different in the same situation...

But that's all he has to say here, letting Ezel, Ezel...cuz Ezel's gona Ezel.
Deelel Deelel says "People not of our world stuck their necks out for our world when they had nothing to gain from it. I wish to repay in kind."

She hasn't forgot what Cirra did for Manhattan along with many other people.

"I can make us a copy of any such maps if it's needed to."

Cirra is just a bit ahead of her as she asks for Intel on the actions of the Heartless, given they would be and now another thought crosses her mind.

"Did any outsiders appear before the world started to break?"

The Shadow Lords may have been up to something an the basic is trying to cover her bases there, Ezel's comment get her thinking again and she sees Cid face palming. She almost wants to do the same at Ezel but she sighs a little bit as somehow by a small miracle keeps control for the moment.

"I'm of the mind we look for the world heart and try to seal it. While others try to get people off of this world in the meantime until we can secure it."

She seems to have made up her mind, also she does not say the unspoken part of if we fail then we will have been able to save some of the people. She'd prefer to save them all but life is never that way, yet she always keep shooting for such.
Cid Randell Cid nods. "I'll have someone bring a more...updated and from the palace. Alternatively, we can adjourn, and I can show you the palace directly; you have my word that neither harm nor arrest will come to you in my company." Cid gestures at them.

"Though my wife may not approve, I do not feel that it is in my best interests to struggle when you are willing to take the more difficult path to save my world." Cid runs his fingers through his hair, setting his helmet on the table. "My son likely will not agree, is for his sake that I am willing to trust in you."

Cid closes his eyes. "...I apologize for my willfulness. I do not wish to stand in your way when you truly do have my world's best interests at heart, and I do not wish you to believe me to be such a man. It is the duty of the Law to protect the people."
Ezel Berbier Ezel stops pokking the glob to looks over the map. "There are in fact five locations that meet your specifications. Just as well, I was going to send you there anyway!"

Ezel begins scribbling on the map. "The Sprohm prison, Roda volcano, this very town, the Materiwoods, and Ambervale itself. Each of them have been very resistant to Heartless assault for various reasons. It might be all the swords and magic, but there's also signs of something else helping out here."

He tilts his head at Cid Randell, and grins. "Man, you're a really great guy when you're not trying to arrest me!" He shuffles over and claps him on the back. "Don't worry! We'll make everything work out! We should only have a few pieces left over once we're done putting it back together. They're the best ones!"
Cid Randell "Please stop reminding me that I am allowing you to walk free for the sake of my world," Cid asks Ezel politely.
Ezel Berbier "Eeeeee!" Ezel cringes back and scuttles away again, putting Will between himself and Cid. The Hobo King should be safe. And dependable. And totally won't engage in shenanigans.
Will Sherman "I don't think you're doing a good job and making a safe work enviornment for my client." Will says, pushing his hat forward, "Maybe you should reconsider your words and appologize for threatening him?"
Ezel Berbier "Are you a hobo lawyer now?" Ezel says, squinting. "He sounds kind of like a lwyer."
Cid Randell "We don't have lawyers here," Cid warns Will. "My word *is* the Law."
Will Sherman "I took a few classes in Lawyer." he says and looks at Cid, "Well, no wonder I don't like you very much. With a arrogant attitude like that."
Cid Randell "A mirror might do you well," Cid notes as he resumes surveying the map. "Regardless, I gave you my word, Berbier. No harm will come to you."
Will Sherman "I am not being arrogant. Being arrogant would be me going around going: I AM THE LAW." Will says, and looks back at Berbier, "Well, there you go. If he says anything out of line scream 'Sue sue'.'
Ezel Berbier "What's a lawsuit?" Ezel asks, his eyes wide and curious. "Can you wear it?"
Cirra Constantine Hmn. Cirra marks each spot on the map, only needing a little while to locate some of them. As if the layout were already familiar, but different.

"Then we start here." She steps off the chair but leaves one foot on top as she looks at the others. She picks out Serah and Deelel first of all. "I need someone thats willing to go to this city's depths. If thats you two, I'd like for you to investigate the presence of any catacombs and deep tunnels. When you find something beyond the mundane, report to us." She then turns to Will and Cid. "IF you two can stop bantering for a moment. Were going to need a better headquarters then the inside of a tree. Is the palace a reasonable place Judgemaster?" Then to Will. "I need you to stop provoking people." she pauses, "Until someone needs provoking." she then looks to Avira. "We're going to need more help to cover this much ground in a short time. Can you get the other members of the TDA to come here?"
Deelel Deelel looks to Cid and tries to smile a little bit.

"You wish to protect your world and the people are you are responsible fore. We're strangers your outburst is understandable."

Deelel isn't mad she could only guess how she'd have taken stranger bouncing through Argon like this. She's pretty certain Clu2 would have flipped his lid and then some over the whole affair. She is just happy it didn't end in combat so very happy at this affair.

"Then we are going to have to check the regions out to see what we can find at these locations. We may wish to ahem focus on the task at hand. "

She looks ti Cirra for a moment thinking "I can attempt to get what I can of the Shard Seekers to help with this I also know some people who may be able to help with the second part of your plan Cirra. Do you wish me to get into contact with them? Also Cirra what do you need me to do if anything. We may also wish for VAKLKYRI's help as well."
Will Sherman "Oh alright." He says, putting his hands into his pockets and frowning. He assides to Ezel, "It's a thing you do when some jerk is hurting you or breaking your stuff through the law. It involves lawyers and money and getting lots of it. Also a blind lady with scales."
Cid Randell Cid's fingers go to his face. "You don't seem to understand. My word is, quite literally, the Law. It is not arrogance; it is a fact."

Cid nods at Cirra. "Yes. The Palace is a reasonable place to base your operations, and I can offer if nothing else my parts of it; it is also a solid place hunt for catacombs, though I do not believe any exist; I know it very well. You might perhaps ask my son if such things exist; he plays often in the castle, along with Babus. It's entirely possible that there is some hidden places that I have missed."
Will Sherman Will, rolls his eyes again, because seriously. SERIOUSLY. This is a thing? Will can't believe it despite being a litteral god.
Ezel Berbier "To be fair." Ezel points out. "He really does make the laws here. IT's his job. He makes them, they enforce them, there's all these neat fiddly magical things, it's kind of crazy. If I didn't have my cards, I'd be in the deepest pit in Sprohm by now."
Cid Randell "There is a cell in the palace specially prepared for you," Cid notes to Ezel. "You are far too dangerous to put anywhere else."
Serah Farron Serah Farron hmms "Hidden places within the castle town? Do you think it could be some secret room in the castle? I remember reading those in novels. Like you pull on a book in the library, or you push a wall in the fireplace..." She's logical, but not that connected with reality either, she has much to learn about the world 'outside'.
Cirra Constantine Cirra finds a measuring stick and thwacks it against the map like a school teacher. "/Focus/." She says sternly.

"We'll relocate to the palace." she shakes her head to Deelel. "Just help locate any catacombs or tunnels. Ply the streets, talk to people, unless you think someone is better suited to that then you."
Ezel Berbier "Really?" Ezel's eyes light up. "My own cell in the Palace? That's great! Does it have cut-AAAAAH!" Ezel yells, cringing from Cirra's flash of anger. "Okay, well, the palace..." He pauses. "I'll kind of stay quiet. The Queen and I sort of don't get along." He stops again. "At all. She kind of scares me." He looks over at Cid and takes another couple steps away. "But she's very nice! Yes!" He waves his hands, qualifying it to Cid before he inevitably gets angry.
Cid Randell Cid waves his hand at Ezel. He doesn't appear angered. "So long as you are with me, she may argue, but I have no intent of allowing the Queen's wrath to fall upon you. Even she must agree that this is a strong alternative to the destruction of our world, or its subsumation by the Heartless."

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