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(2013-07-26 - 2013-07-29)
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Elysiana Glyphanos Fulgorius. The city of the Desert, the city of the Air... Inhaling deeply, and her hood lowered, her white hair spilling freely from its confine, Elysianna is working through one of the mid level markets, browsing the goods, perhaps looking for things to eat or just pretty trinkets to buy. "Come and buy, come and buy.." she sings to herself as works her way along the stalls.
Hati Hati has other reasons for being in the market. Things that had little to do with buying or selling wares. She's in 'stealth mode', wearing an outfit that makes her blend in more with those around her, looking the part of some young girl perusing wares, even if she's anything but. The girl, complete with a headscarf covering most of her features, actually steps up close to Elysiana, peering at a nearby shop selling necklaces and earrings. These so-called 'jewels of the desert' are laid out in neatly ordered lines.

One with a swirling black and red stone draws her eye, but her hand actually reaches for one in a different row. "Excuse me, sir? Do you happen to have one like this, but in green?" The man, sensing a sale, smiles charmingly, "Just a moment, m'lady. I'll see what we have in stock."

As soon as his back is turned, the red necklace is snatched without a sound, the one at the bottom of the same line put in its place so that it's nearly impossible to notice the thievery. Of course, Elysiana might notice, and Hati looks towards her with mismatched eyes, raising a hand to her lips in a 'shh' motion.

When the man turns back around, he offers out two green-colored necklaces, which Hati leans forward to appraise as she sets the other one back down. The shop owner seems none the wiser.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos takes a step back as the other person comes up to the stall. "Green?" she asks softly. She almost misses the snatch. Almost, but she wasn't quiet sure she'd seen it as she'd been distracted by a rather unusually colored stone. She shrugs a bit at the 'shh' from the other buyer, turning behind her, unsure if someone was behind her and going to... attempt to grab her.
Hati The store owner smiles broadly at the interest from both girls, holding up the two necklaces with their swirly green stones. "These are quite precious stones. It's dangerous to mine out in the desert, and these stones come from near the old ruins. My miners have to face the undead to get such fine pieces." He seems quite proud of this fact, or at the very least, he's giving a sales pitch meant to impress them.

Hati waits, casting a glance at Elysiana, as if trying to read which one she might be eyeing, and then points at whichever one the other woman's attention settles on for too long. "I'll take that, please." A bit of munny is exchanged for the trinket, and the man wraps it up for her in a box.

No one seems to come out of the shadows after Elysiana, but Hati does turn and offer her a smile that doesn't reach her eyes. It's the sort of gesture from someone who faked smiling more often than they actually showed that expression. "I'm going to go get a coffee. Would you like to come?" All of this is said with a familiarity that would lead anyone else to think that these two were friends, even if that's the furthest thing from the truth.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos smles. "Thanks." she spoke quickly , taking up a random person on their offer for Cofee wasn't too unusual, she nodded to the merchant and purchased a pair of necklaces from him, one with a white stone and one with a black stone. She carefully filed them away after being handed the boxes. " Which coffee place, and should we get snacks to go with it?" she asked easily. She'd played with game before.
Hati As Hati leads the way down the street, looking all too familiar with this place, she actually seems to be heading in the direction of the Cathedral that the Church of Glabados only recently erected in this place. Of course, there are various places to get refreshments along the way, so it doesn't seem entirely unusual at first. Then, out of nowhere, she holds out the box with the green necklace. "Consider it your share." The thief offers, amusement lighting in her mismatched eyes. "I got what I wanted, anyways." She flashes the red-stoned necklace for a split second before it's gone again.

"He was lying about the green stones anyways. They're mined locally, and common enough, but pretty." She makes no sort of comment on the others that Elysiana had purchased, her demeanor having shifted to something more relaxed as she walks. "You have to watch yourself in the markets around here. Too many people willing to take advantage." She chuckles darkly, as if she hadn't just taken advantage of the shop-keeper. Then again, maybe turn-about is fair-play.

She motions towards a nearby, grungy looking place, which doesn't seem all that frequented this time of day. In fact, the little outside porch looks like it was added on as an afterthought. The door is open to the inside, where a few drunk patrons seem to be worshiping their bar-stools. It's awfully early for drinking. "Hey. Jonas, coffee, the hard stuff." There's a quick glance at the other girl, "And one regular." The man seems to look at her with a puzzled expression for a moment, then recognizes her and waves a hand.

Flopping herself down at a table without asking to be seated, the girl pulls back her head-scarf, revealing a set of fluffy canine ears that seem thankful to be released. "You'd make a good partner. You look too innocent to be a thief."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos pulls ing herself up on a stool she took the box. "Normally i'd report you, but the lack and white stones.. felt.. magically altered." she murmurs. I am not saying the stone-merchant was crooked.. but the stones feel... off. Perhaps I am jut not familar with the magical signatures.." She snorts. "I won't steal. its kind of hard when you've lived a priestess and the third in line to a throne.. to actually steal unless your dying or desperate.. which I've been both.. but not worth 'stealing. Honest work... and honest pay is how we did things at home.."
Hati The werewolf chuckles to herself, reaching up to take off the remainder of her 'costume'. Beneath, she looks little more than a teenager wearing ratty jeans and a trenchcoat. The bundle of cloth is shoved onto another chair nearby, She seems utterly unconcerned about the threat of being reported. "Wouldn't have done any good if you had. I can go places that the guards here can't follow. Besides..." She smiles ever so sweetly, but it's got that hardness behind it. "I'm dating the 'miracle' Templar, and I'm sure no one would think that his girlfriend could do any such thing."

She shrugs, relaxed, stretching her arms out over her head, revealing the lines of a holster that must hold some sort of weapons along her back, which the jacket neatly covers. "Survival of the fittest is how we did things back home. The strong survive." The wolf smirks, "But I don't live by my old world's rules. Too much has changed. I'm not one to prey on the weak, anyways. Just on those who would prey on others. People who think themselves predators don't understand what real predators are."

The bar-tender comes over then with two cups of coffee, one of which obviously has been liberally 'seasoned' with alcohol. "Still no sign of the mouse, then?" He asks of Hati, who shrugs. "Apparently, his god has plans for him that don't include drinking at bars or spending time with his girlfriend." The bar-tender laughs, clapping her once on the shoulder. "He'll be back."

Hati rolls her eyes, then takes her cup and downs some without sugar or milk.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos doesn't roll her eyes. "Your dating someone of good standing and you..." she doesn't throw up her hands but she beraths slowly. trying to comprehend it. She begins to add more sugar and a bit of milk to the cofee "I don't know if I could spend time with osmone who couldn't make time for me. I mean... even as a Priestess..."
Hati Hati can't help but chuckle, "... and I still steal?" She completes the thought, and then shrugs. "I'll admit, he's a good influence on me, and I'm a bad influence on him. Together, it balances out somehow." After a moment of staring down at her coffee, a bit of the bravado leaves her voice, though. "To be honest, I couldn't tell you why he feels as he does, or why I do. Life and love doesn't always make sense."

She plucks out the red necklace, tapping a claw-tipped finger ontop of the stone. "But someone needed to see this. If I would have told the authorities, it would have disappeared before they had a chance to search his shop. This way, it ends up in their hands, rather than squirreled away somewhere. He ends up in jail for knowingly selling cursed goods, and I get the reward money. Win-win." Alas, her actions aren't completely selfless, but old habits die hard. "Yours are fine by the way. Mostly harmless." The key word is 'mostly', of course.

After that, the wolf raises an eyebrow, glancing across towards the Priestess. "You should take care not to judge things by first appearances. Things are often a lot more than what they seem. Would you be so harsh to judge if I were to tell you that a darker power is at work, and that it keeps him from being himself? Besides, my feelings for him don't stop just because he isn't around." Hrmph.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos smiles. "Its called.. well in my homeland we call a feeling that that, Oble... its essentially unbidden.. but you just have to follow it... No... reason... just is." She nods at the part about the necklace. "You know its cursed?"
Hati The wolf seems to consider the fact that there might be other words for it. Figuring out her feelings had been difficult enough in the begining, when it ran somewhere in a gray area somewhere between lust, possession, and jealousy. These were instincts that a wolf understood, it had taken time for it to become something more than that. "I think love just is what it is. I don't know that it needs to follow anyone's reason or logic."

Inside the bar, a few patrons begin to speak heatedly, which looks as if it might shift into some sort of all-out fight shortly, but Hati is mostly ignoring it, her tail swaying slightly behind her.

"Not all of them, but some. He's not good enough to get it right all of the time." The necklace is tucked back away in a pocket, "He works with a shaman down in low-town, who will break the curse, for a price. Once the curse is in place, there's no way of telling where it came from, so they haven't had any leads. Until now."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos nods her head listening. "It makes sense, I mean the necklace will need to be varified, but what if its not a 'curese' but a natural magic, worked into the stone through time, or if it is something else?" she took a long draught of coffee. "Elysiana Glyphanos."
Hati The wolf leans back, downing the entirity of her cup of coffee before glancing towards the bar. The bar-tender has one of the patrons in a head-lock, and it doens't seem like she'll get a re-fill any time soon. Sigh. "I'm not an expert on artifacts and curses, I'm afraid. I just know enough to stay well clear of them when I'm off delving into tombs and catacombs and other places hunting for treasure." Which worked as a far greater test of her skills than snatching necklaces from would-be enchanters.

The sudden name catches her off-guard though, and the wolf's ears perk, looking in her direction, "What?" It doesn't register at first as an introduction. Then, after a quick blink, she seems to put the pieces together. "Hati." She doesn't offer any sort of surname, just that. "I assume you're not one of the Glabadosian Priestesses, not from how you dress or talk. You'd probably have called me a heretic by now if you were." She muses.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos tilts her head, and then shakes it no. "I am not, I don't even know what the church of Glbados is like. I am Priestess of the Sky Mothers, and of Yantig..." she explains. "why would they have called you.. a heretic?"
Hati "They're... an interesting lot. I'm not sure I could explain it. Something about a prophet..." Religion has never been Hati's strong point, as her people tend to be more about worshiping of the 'spirits' (Espers) and the ancestors. Leaning back again, the wolf points up the street towards the Cathedral, which looks quite impressive compared to the rest of the buildings around it. "That's one of their temples. I never really understood the idea of bunching people together under one roof to prey to something you can't see."

That said, she seems to consider the other woman's spirituality, offering a small smirk, "I'm afraid I don't know much about yours either. It's all the same to me, though. Blah blah - worship, humility, sacrifice." The wolf claps her hands together as if she were immitating someone talking on, and on, and on...

"As for why they'd consider it heresy... well." She hesitates, uncertain how to describe things. "Faruja, that's the boyfriend, by the way... he was shot trying to save this priest. He was bleeding out, and I thought I was going to have to watch him die, but this chalice they have saved him. Just like that." She snaps her fingers. "One minute, a fatal wound, the next, gone. A miracle. So they say. But he hasn't been the same since. Something is very wrong, and I'm afraid that he's in grave danger."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos nods. "Yes.." she smiles. "Admitedly our Gods are closer to use. they're guardian spirits and I was going to be eaten by one as a small child." she admits. "So I understand why you'd be a bit... skeptical At times." she pauses. "I'd say the Chalice probably pulls on the magic of the body, healing what might not be healable. But magic of that nature.. does change people. Mother..." she swallowed another sip of coffee.. "As the shadow's crept closer... she changed as her prayers hold up our world, as she's the Queen... who's guardian spirit is our diety.."
Hati "Doesn't sound like much of a guardian to me if it tries to eat you." Hati hesitates, and then considers what little she saw of her brother earning the respect of the Espers. "Then again, our 'Spirits' aren't always nice, either. My brother can call on them, so they're real enough. It's just not a gift I happen to be blessed with." It doesn't sound as if she particularly wants that 'gift' either. Such things always tend to come with a price attached.

With a shake of her head, the girl peers through the fringes of her hair, "It's something darker than that. I wish I could explain, but not here." For all she knew, one of the brawling bar patrons was an informant, and the last thing she needs is to be put in front of an inquisitor when she should be making sure Faruja doesn't get himself killed and turned into a demon. "I wish it were as simple as just a blessing. That's something I could be thankful for, but I know enough about darkness to know it when I see it."

Hearing about the end of a world has her ears tucking slightly, but whatever she was about to say on the matter gets cut off as the brawl from inside starts to head outdoors. The bar-tender tosses a rowdy man down onto the curb. "Come back when you're sober!" He shouts, "We'll have no more of that in here. Get back to your drinks!" He shouts at the others, obviously used to such behavior. Then, meeting Hati's raised eyebrow, he asks, "Another round?"
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos says, "The land I was born in, Kelm...their guardian spirit wanted to devour my natural magic. Mother took the family and we traveled to where she was born Cael... and that... is wher she became Queen and host to our garudian Deities- the Sky Mothers." she nods to Hati at the mentoin of another round, but also acknowledges magic and other such things may not be the woman's speciality. "Each world.. is.. different. So it maybe something special.""
Hati Every now and again, there's a moment when it's clear that someone is listening to someone, but what they are saying just doesn't make sense. It happens a lot in worlds where conflicting logic makes it hard to even fathom the way things work. Rubbing at her temples, Hati doesn't try to make light of the situation, but just shakes her head slowly from side to side. "Remind me that if your world ever returns, to stay well clear of it. It doesn't sound like a nice place."

The bar-tender returns with an entire pot of coffee, and what looks like a bottle of licouer for the werewolf to add to hers, as well as a bowl of pretzels. Hati claims a few as soon as they're set down. "My people were mostly tribal. Wolves who followed their alpha. I was pretty young when I was rescued by the Shadow Lords, so I don't remember much." It's easier to use that excuse than to explain that her adoptive-father had wiped those memories and some still remained fuzzy and indestinct.

"Darkness is darkness, I've never really seen it take a different form in other worlds, though. I'm sure it existed in yours, and with great strength, otherwise the Heartless wouldn't have been able to break through."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos ponders. "Kelm, is really the only.. 'bad' place. And its not evil.. its only that its guardian spirit is the... embodiment of... protective wrath. It feeds on others because it feeds on its host, but the drain from its host is o great that it needs to suppliment. "Parto f it was.. I now believe.. they used Kelm. or perhaps Kelm's deity was a point of weakeness.. and they feed on it, it feed on their Queen.. and mother as the Queen of Cael.. needed to stop it. and t drained her.. to my siblings... I can't say that for sure."

The last is admited sadly, and there is almost a metaphorical ear-droop.
Hati Though Hati certainly tries to listen, there's a certain amount that just goes over her head, and a certain other amount that gets washed away by alcohol. It leaves her generally just nodding. Some of it made sense, but it was better not to think too much about other worlds. People wasted away their entire lives worrying about that, and she wasn't about to. "Listen, I'm sorry to hear about your world, but it's the same story time and again with different players. If it hadn't been your mom, it would have been someone else. The Shadow Lords and the Heartless are pretty... relentless."

Though her words might sound callous in some ways, the wolf clearly doesn't mean to be, her ears tucked a bit. "You're alive, that's all that matters. Do something with it." And then Hati freezes. Her body goes stiff, eyes moving up along the street they'd come from, her fur on end.

"Speaking of Heartless. We've got trouble." She drains another cup, then grabs the bottle before dumping some munny on the table. "Jonas, you might want to close up shop." She calls behind her, causing the bar-tender to peek out, just in time to swear.

People are running, and the sight of a handful of Shadows seems to be the reason. "Can you fight?" She doesn't assume anything about this Priestess, but her own hand slides back, pulling a wicked looking dagger from the holster behind her.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos says, "I keep telling myself that." she admits., She's aware of Hati's tenseness and raises her own head. She sets the cup down. "I suppose I should clean them up.. they're not wrecking another world." she whisperes. "They're wrecked too many." she fingers the necklace at her throat lightly a small flare-nothing brighter than perhaps candle flame of blue and red and then it dssolves. "Not another world...""
Hati The heartless up the road seem to be oblivious to these two at first, although the street quickly clears. There are alarm bells, probably to notify the Templar or the city guard to come take care of this minor invasion. Hati, on the other hand, is already on her feet. If there were a few less of them, she might be able to just dissuade them from attacking, but not this many at once. "Take the left. I'll take the right." She suggests. There's quite a few, even if they are relatively weak as far as the realm of Heartless go. Yet, there are a few Desert Raiders among the Shadows. Perhaps these are the 'leaders'.

The wolf moves out into the street, and as she does, the dagger in her hand is extended, tracing a glyph in the air. The darkness spills from where her dagger touches, pooling beneath her, extending a dark aura of flames around the wolf's body. It's an eerie look - one that makes her seem like she belongs among the Heartless rather than standing against them.

The Heartless, on the other hand, come rushing down the street. Sand and steel lash out towards the two would-be heroes, who seem like easy prey to the thoughtless dark beings.
Elysiana Glyphanos She'd forgotten how hard those things hit. If anything she was more concerned about the people around her, she could dimly see the vauge shapes of people running here and there. Hearing the vauge terrified screams. It gouhht back a ruse of memories. Things she'dtried not think about the darkness closing in on her. On everything.

She pushed herself up and eheard the wall crumble, or perhaps it was wood from stalls. All she knew was that she hurt. Elysiana exhaled. " A cage of nature's fury, of the storms at sea during the Storm Season.." she breathed the words, feeling her fingers pull the different magical 'threads' around her. "A cage of flame, the rage of volcanos and the fury of burning hearts to stop your destruction..." she pulled with her left hand now as a apoosed to her right. "And a cage of aether to steall your vital force..." she smiled allowing herself to remember how to toy with the last. It felt good to be able to pull magic from this world though she watched as eat manfested itself.

Stormy lightening danced around the heartless striking as she directed, the fire rose up from beneath it and the air shimmmered... as Dia took its effect.
Hati The throng of Heartless break suddenly, looking a bit startled as they face towards the darkness-wielding wolf. It's this distraction that makes them all too easy prey for Elysiana's magic, blasting some backwards, all-out obliterating others. Some manage to avoid it, though, the wave of Heartless pressing back against each other, jittering eerily as their yellow eyes look between the two that remain. The purity of the priestess draws them, while the darkness of the wolf keeps them at bay. They seem like they're waiting for something.

"Watch out!" Hati calls, just in time to give a few seconds warning to the ambush of Heartless who come racing from one of the sidestreets, intent on separating the two would-be heroes. Maybe their numbers alone could overwhelm these two where sheer force could not?
Elysiana Glyphanos the Sound of the Heartless. that rushing roar. She'd practicaly seen it as the magic of Fulgoris rippled and sang to her like a melody of wind chimes and flutes. She danced from it, the rush of heartless and Hati's warning keeping her aware of which direction and perhaps the intensity. "Holy Sky Mothers:Caer ,Embria,Daljin, grant your protection." She breathed She thought only about Hati, in that moment. The power and flow of heartless a thought too but much less urgent for the other person who was now her partner in this fight.
Hati The onslaught is something that Hati had only felt distantly. Her connection to the Heartless is not nearly as strong as it had once been as a Shadow Lord. Perhaps she's gone soft. In either case, her concern for Elysiana means that the wolf is left flat-footed and unable to get out of the way, swept up and slamed down against the ground hard, buried under a mass of Heartless who seem intent on pummeling her into oblivion.

With them piled in ontop of her, there is a stiffling feeling of too many bodies. The darkness within wells up, pressing outwards, exploding in a burst of purple flame that lashes up around the Heartless, blasting them back. This leaves the wolf crouching, trying to catch her breath. "Don't let them dog-pile you!" She warns, snarling at a few that have gotten far, far too close for comfort.
Hati The Heartless pop back up, their numbers seeming a bit smaller now. although there are still many of them lurking. The residents of town have all but evacuated, and in the distance, the sounds of guards signal some reinforcements on the way. Still, it will be a bit of time before they arrive to help.

In the mean time, the horde of Shadows seem to pull together, drawing with them a fine whirl of sand from the streets. It whips about, lashing heartless towards the two defenders, spinning dust into their faces. The power of it threatens to toss both of them skyward, along with a horde of Heartless still trying to fight them in sky-born melee.
Hati The flow of defensive magic seems to interact oddly with the wolf's own dark aura, causing the spell cast upon her to turn into a shadow of it's former self. Even so, Hati lifts her head, nodding slightly in thanks to the mage, reaching for her dagger just in time to see the next wave of Heartless come towards her.

It's sometimes a bane to be small, because it makes it all too easy for the Heartless to whip her around, and by the time Hati is forced back to the ground, landing hard in a crouch, she's certainly a bit worse for wear. Her dagger sweeps along the ground, making symbols that lash up with tendrils of dark energy, ensaring nearby Heartless, making it difficult for them to move, sapping their strength, and generally adding more insanity to the chaos going on around them.

"You aren't getting any hearts here today, so why don't you just buzz off." The wolf growls.
Elysiana Glyphanos The Whirling heartless and the sand from the streets. She'd forgotten the how a desert city could rise up and become a devil of a place. She shakes her head at Hati. "They really do seem to think, they're going to be getting hearts to day. I suppose we could remind them that this world isn't their's for the taking?"
Hati To any logical person, it would be clear that the Heartless are losing this fight, but they don't seem to realize that. Instead, the fact that they are being tossed about and destroyed only seems to bring that much more /anger/ from them.

"Crap." Hati backs off a step, as if she recognised something from the Heartless.

They seem to bunch together, jittering like mad, and then launch outward, looking like a dark storm of swords and clawing fingers, trying to push through the line made by Hati and Elysiana and escape further into town where there might be more 'easy' prey.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos moves she's unsure of a lot of things, but moving heartless isn't one of them. They're moving away from the pair and towards other innocent people. "Hati.. can we catch them?" she murmurs, trying to finger the right strings to tug on as the mass of swirling heartless seperate and some attempt to-kill her. She dnaces away from them easily, as if this were something she'd be doing much of her life.. She smiles. And her hand rises to eye level. " Frozen Thorns..." she exhales from her nose and for amoment the air seems to cool not intense but enough. "Firey heart, turn this sand to smooth glasss..." she started to pull anothe string fixating on the small particles of sand still in the air. "Lightening be their downfall."
Hati This time, Hati is ready for the attack when it comes, and the wolf is quick to draw herself back, launching off of a nearby building and landing atop a cart that someone must have left behind in the rush to get out of the street. It's only a brief reprieve before the enemy starts to draw in close again. "Unfortunately, these things aren't known for logical thought, and since a Shadow Lord hasn't shown their face, I'm guessing they were just released to cause trouble."

As a few try to slip up the street beyond them, Hati turns, raising her dagger and then stabbing it down into the cart. It seems like a silly display, but then the ground beneath the cart explodes in darkness, tendrils of it lashing up to create a barrier that the Heartless can't seem to pass through. It's too close to the power of their masters. "We can keep them at bay. They aren't particularly smart."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos thinks for a moment. "If they're just relased just to cause trouble does that mean.. that a Shadow Lord is nearby ..." she questions taking a moment to catch her breath. Her fingers flicker across the necklace breifly.
Hati Once again, the Heartless are set to the mercy of darkness and the elements. What was once a huge group of them now has dwindled to a smaller mob. Trapped between two seemingly immoveable forces, the Heartless back up, silent forms darting here and there, moving once more towards the two defenders who seem to be the core of the problem. They haven't even noticed the guards moving in. For now, they seem to be trying only to eliminate these two targets, with every ounce of strength they have left.
Hati "Unlikely." Hati huffs, hopping down from the cart, using her dagger to draw more symbols in the air. It's strange to have such wicked looking weapons, but she doesn't seem to use them for melee, at least not directly. "If there was a Shadow Lord here, they'd have shown themselves by now." A smirk plays on her lips, "And I would have sensed them." Usually, Hati didn't face off against the Shadow Lords. She 'played nice' as much as was possible, to avoid earning their particular ire as a traitor.

When the last line of the glyph is drawn, it flashes into darkness, a pack of dark wolves taking form as if they were walking out of nothingness and onto the street. It's hard to imagine that this is a power being used against the Heartless, and yet the wolves launch towards the remaining Shadows and Raiders, latching on to some, clawing at others.
Elysiana Glyphanos Watching the weapons as the wolf draws the symbols she follows suit as hse began to draw as well though the symbols are fluid, and melting into one another.
Hati The last of the Heartless seem to be torn apart by wolves of blasted by the strange combination of darkness and holy magics. It leaves only a few for the guards to wrap-up. One particularly smug looking guard dispatches a Heartless, then looks around, impressed with the clear streets. The man glances at the two women and smirks, "You ladies should get to shelter. We've got this under control, but these streets aren't safe."

It's like they hadn't even noticed that the vast majority of the Heartless had been taken out by the two 'ladies'. Hati rolls her eyes. The wolves she had summoned have disappeared, vanishing once more as she sheathes her daggers back in their holster beneath her jacket. "So much for greatful townsfolk." Her tail flicks once. "At the very least, a beer would be nice, or a hot meal, or some rogueish lap dancers... something?" But, of course, the soldiers are too busy playing the part of heroes.

"I don't get how you people tolerate this. It seems like a thankless job." Apparently, she thinks Elysiana is some kind of hero, or at least on their side, anyways.
Elysiana Glyphanos Tries to keep her eye brow from arching. "So wait.. we clean up.. most of them, they step in and mop up the few stragglers and... we... are told to go home like good children..." she blinked almost ingredulously. "Lets go get something to eat, my treat?"
Hati The wolf chuckles to herself, shaking her head. "Sometimes, I don't think they realize how much work other people put in when it comes to keeping their city safe." Once, she had been responsible for the fall of an entire world, at least in part, and this only seems to serve as a small bit of penance. Still, it would be nice to get a 'thank you' at least.

"Sure. Dinner sounds like a plan. Then, I need to track down my wayward Templar before he goes and gets himself killed."

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