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Prelude 3: No Greater Power
(2013-07-25 - 2013-08-04)
City Isle has come under attack by skeletal warriors from beyond. There is no peace in the city as the undead march upon it. Will their god save them or will another one try to take the place of?
Horned King
The City Isle has had people take shelter mostly within the Cathedral as darkness is starting to befall their home. They are praying before the statues and to their god for help. Even going to the ministry to aid them in this very trouble time.

Yet no matter how much they pray, it doesn't seem their god is listening to them. The low covering green mist at last starts to move into the very city, killing off any vegetation it touches and causing rats even flee for their lives. From its evil are undead skeletal warriors that walk across the bridges and into the streets of City Isle. The call for help has gone out, but so far their own forces have not been enough.

Some guards who even escape are coughing and some even fall to the ground, dieing from an unknown cause by the very green mist. Before soon, their own bodies rise up from the mist, with their flesh seeming to have vanished from their bodies by the time they rise and join the undead whom march. Others who are strong enough are those who escape; which are at least most of the people.

All of them running for the Cathedral still.
Helena Celba Helena had been in the city to see the historical. Why? She loved old buildings, old buildings had SUCH tales to tell...they just required some...conditioning to get them to tell their secrets. However, halfway through her tour of the city the green mist started to seep in, panic came with it...worse, the undead started to rise...

Well, not for her, she looks oddly at the sight, people subcoming to the green mist, and in turn turning into deathless monsters.

However, such effects were not a concern for Helena, the Dark Lady of the Murasame Zaibatsu...She walks, a protection spell already from her lips as she steps towards the undead starting to walk...

And in her arrogance, she punches out at the nearest skeleton warrior, dark magics being worked, aiming to...

Take it's control and put it into her, rightful, control. "Minion, tell me what is going on." She demands.
Arkham Fisher Arkham is on a pilgrimage, of sorts, but if this is what's going to greet her at Notre Dame's great cathedral, perhaps she'd better turn around.


Yeah, that'd be nice, wouldn't it? Grim-faced as any, she joins the tide of panicked townsfolk towards the church, not to seek refuge herself, but to look for anyone going the other way. Nobody wants a siege, especially not against the undead; they don't starve.

She calls out, futilely in the general din, for some sort of an explanation, as though one were necessary. Zombies, coming up the hill, this ain't a cutscene. Borne to the gates of the Cathedral itself, she finally fetches up, and clears herself out of the flow of peasants, taking station beside the massive doors and ransacking her bag for the shortsword she couldn't bring herself to leave.

Whatever /precisely/ is going on here, it doesn't make much difference to Arkham. She'll stand it down here, God willing.
Oriane Guado Oriane Guado found her home away from home within this place called France. The people were cultured, they dressed fabulously, and they actually had -manners- here. This primarily concerns the upper-crust of Paris society as if Oriane would willingly mingle with any other class. The Guado wears a long-sleeved, high-necked dress that reaches down to the floor and appears to be assisted by a crinolette to give the dress its form. The colors of her dress are dominantly crimson red with black playing second fiddle to her outfit. She has even found herself a parasol somewhere and is flanked by two shiny-armored warrior monks.

The Guado seems to be having the time of her life. There was just so much to see! The marching skeletons, the green miasma, decomposing zombies, and the various diseased guards and townspeople. It was a genuine cornucopia of death and destruction. How exciting! Oriane twirls her parasol cheerfully as she continues her stroll down the road towards the Cathedral at a much more lesiurely pace then those around her.

Tsk. Tsk. It seems that these heathens backed the wrong god. But so did Oriane. Good thing that the priestess was something of an agnostic when it came to omnipresent being worship.
Deelel Deelel had become used to her skin changing when she went from world to world. This time in France was it? She looked almost like a thief out of some table top RPG, leather clothing, with blue stitching in the same lines as her light suit, long leather gloves a hood which she has pulled up at the moment. Let us not forget lots of pouches she really just looked like a never do well or wandering sort of the world she was in.

She hadn't been here for for trouble or even looking for the undead. She'd been here to poke into just the way they'd built part of the city it was fascinating to her and she'd been taking thing in. The fog gets Deelel's attention pretty quickly and she'd been making for the Cathedral as well. It was a good potion to defend but with how the undead could move they could be over run pretty quickly. There isn't much time for her to waste. She did her best as always to hide what she was the only give away to her nature was the fact there was still a mount for her light disc on her back.. She wasn't the only one who seemed to be arriving and well the undead are clearly here.

"Its those undead again! Where's Paulo and Firion when you need them?"

It was too late to complain further, she pulled the disc from her back and activated it's killing edge.

"Come you mindless junk data. It's about time you were deleted for good!"
Horned King
The Undead continue to move through the city. They didn't seem to be out to attack anyone just yet, but their general movements were right for the Cathedral. Lightning strikes across the sky, before a lightning bolt strikes across the sky blasting one of the angel statues, before blasting it apart.

As for Helena, she would find the undead only looked over at her, before several of them came to stop. They drew out their weapons and starts to surround her slowly, as several other marched on. Then a dark voice broke the silence. Speaking with a very calm tone; but it didn't come from the undead. "They will not respond to you. Only to I. Now pay the price for your foolishness by my children of the Cauldron!" Then undead that had surrounded her start to move closer upon her. It would seem they have officially are out to get her.

Deelel calls out to the undead ahead of the main mass of them, but the undead do not respond to her either. They just continue to march on. They seem to really be having one thing in mind and that is an attempt to storm upon what is seen as holy ground. Yet could they?
Helena Celba Helena's fist strikes true...

The spell, does not fizzle...

The spell is overpowered, there is a look of surprise...she was an elite, this was her field...and the spell was rebuked as if she were a moogle ranked student. Her eyes widen, in momentary surprise as she flings herself back. They move to surround, but while she might be a spell caster...

She moves like a trained martial artist. She moves left and right, aiming to back away from the weapons, before simply LEAPING over the slower undead and hits the ground on her feet...

"The Cauldron you say? takes someone very strong to resist my spell out of hand like that.." she purrs...she is not mad, she is /interested/. "Come now, what is your goal here, surly to run story book rampages through small time cities is beneath someone of such...power." She address the undead...but she flips end over end towards Deelel.

"Don't just stand there like a bump on a log! Kill!" she commands the program. Her hands move to strike her back and arms, aiming to release her energy...and turn it towards the power of destruction.
Oriane Guado Oriane reaches back and gives a patronizing pat on the cheek to one of her guards. "Hasten now to the cathedral. I am loathe to have to find replacements for you two so soon." Her guards know when someting is out of their league and they leave their lady to deal with the undead apocalypse that continues to approach. Unnatural green eyes survey her surroundings and she founds a familiar face of the walking machina in the crowd. Hmmm. At least she will be able to see how powerful that machina was first hand. Helena and her 'efforts' to subdue the undead are also noted with a smirking grin on the Guado's face. Ooh. Now things have taken a turn for the interesting. She lackadaisically walks over to join Deelel and Helena, her parasol twirling as she strolls on over.

"Attempting to force control over someone else's creation? An ambitious attempt if not a particularly well-thought out one." The priestess begins as she extends her left hand out towards the undead horde. She then curls her hand into a closed fist which causes a black aura to erupt around the Guado. "I would very much like to examine an -intact- carcass, but please use whatever force you deem necessary. I would never dare to presume to interfere with an expert in the middle of their work. That would be quite unprofessional on my part."
Arkham Fisher The undead continue to move through the city, towards the church. Because, well, that's what undead hate, isn't it? Arkham sees clearly, for the first time, the creation of one of these abominations, and goes grey herself.

But, this /is/ Mist, isn't it? Surely it smells as bad, anyways. And it's the mist that strikes the townsmen down, and the mist that raises them up again. She needs to clear the air.

"Vetrovi dobri, obdajte!" She marks out a rough semi-circle in the dust before her, and a chill sea-salt breeze whirls up, and around, and out, engaging the choking mist on its own turf, striving to force it back from the Cathedral doors.

As near as she is to it, she can catch only confused glimpses of the situation in the streets, but it's enough to show her that she isn't alone to stand against this horde. Heartening.
Deelel Deelel wouldn't be surprised that a sufficiently powerful dark power could over power holy sights if the protection had weakened over time and had not been refreshed often. Deelel had just been trying to get their attention to make them attack her but then comes a voice. She knows that voice however it seems the undead hare not coming on them. Helena is not someone she has met before however before she's even barked at Deelel is launching the disc into the undead's ranks.

Then comes Helena's power it's strange she feels strange she's not sure what to think she's never felt something like this before. She is certain it is some sort of magic at the very least. She also has no idea that her code is going to repair itself when damage but the effect? Well she and the TRON of her native OS might have something in common in terms of look should it be needed. The disc meanwhile is trying to bounce through the undead ranks. She knows you can't really kill these things but you can render them unable to move and that's nearly good enough, right?

She will find out sooner or later at this point as she's in for another likely brutal fight with the minions of the Horned King!

"There's someone controlling them. He showed him self once before but he didn't stay long. So as mindless as these things are on their own there's someone or something directing them!"
Evja Evja herself had mostly been doing what any sane person in non-normal clothing would do in Los Cite Des Cloches - get up high and out of sight. Having been walking around on the ground in what was her normal traveling attir, that being her rather fancy robe and veil, the accusations of being a 'Gypsy' whatever that was that she got from some guards didn't settle well.

Of course, it didn't help either that once she had gotten high enough, she got to witness the fog rolling in. "Why did I come here again?" 'she' mumbled to herself softly while sitting atop one of the gargoyles before yelping and jumping out of the way when lightning suddenly hit it. "Well then." came a soft chuff of rebuttal against it, hands clamped over her nearly-deafened ears and wincing in pain from the loudness.

Through tear-filled eyes Evja spotted the undead masses coming into the city and frowned. Well, they didn't seem to have any sentience towards them so much as were animated skeletons. Evja had at least encountered /those/ before and knew well enough that it wasn't anything other than dark magic, seemingly, keeping them around. Looking up quickly to make sure she wasn't going to get blasted out of the sky, Evja leapt off the building and dove straight down from the height towards the ones that were surrounding a young woman down below, lances appearing and diving into them to start trying to bat them away. "If you cannot fight them, stay behind me." she offered as a word of warning.
Horned King
The dark priestess and the young dark user cast their spells of protection, while another spell caster attempted to 'clear' away the mist. Best they got was cause the mist to halt, but the undead where knocked back by the heavy wind.

As they moved back; so did the mist.

Then Evja joins the fray. They go to lance their spear down and the Undead quickly leap back. Yet a unseen force can be felt trying to pin the agile Viera to not escape in a Dragoon fashion as the Undead look directly at her.

As Deelel's disc suddenly flies out several of them raise up their shield. The Chakram digital disc bounces off, leaving though a rather nice cut in the very metal. Another flicker of lightning crackles as a shadowy figure is illuminated for a moment before it suddenly the vanishes. Those with a good sense of magic may indeed feel the dark presence in the very area. A pure, dark evil was watching over this very battlefield.

The Undead then charge in at last. Several of them swing their axes and blades for the heroes, while others start to move down other paths. Moving in trying to 'pincher' from the sides. If the adventurers didn't act fast, they may be quickly surrounded.
Helena Celba Helena sighs..

"I would judge a little less and cast a little more.." she says towards the Guado, "I happen to be a master at taking control of the undead.." she frowns though.. "The force behind these is formitable." She admits however.

Axes come, she tries to step back and out of the way, but the find their marks in her, causing some painful looking gashes...however, as flesh healed, it started to look dead, instead of being restored. Her eyes narrow at the undead... "You overstep your bounds, undead.." She says, and looks towards Evja. Well...if she's willing to play the hero...

She stands behind her placing a hand firmly against her back. Evja could feel something flow through her, aiming to UNLOCK strength and power...and then flow back through her as something more...

Moving back away from melee combat, she also moves towards the Guado.

"Recieve my gifts as well." She says, and does the same to her, "And what, prey tell, who are you to order me around, hmmm?"
Arkham Fisher That was more effect than Arkham had hoped for, honestly. Enough to get a few more people through the doors safely, and that's all she really asked for.

Not enough to stall the horde for long, though. Their master is near. The young Sister casts a pleading eye toward the steeple, wreathed in bruise-green fog; a-any port in a storm, right? Faram is forgiving.

The rush catches her mid-prayer. She has blade in hand, but that's all she has; that's all the zombies have, too, though. She intercepts the axe of the first demon to address her, and is born back with crushing force into the stone of the Cathedral wall, the wind knocked from her.

She'll be tipping her hand early, then; she doesn't need breath to call up her power. A thicket of stony thorns erupt from the cobbles around her, and it's suddenly quite an unpleasant place indeed to stand.

Her personal assailant, well, she's well inside his guard, if indeed he has one; her blade shimmers briefly with an icy mist as it slides up ax-haft towards fingers and gut, and as Arkham herself slides aside and stalks into the chaos.
Oriane Guado Oriane Guado soon realizes the disadvantage of her Victorian-styled dress. It made evading undead axe blows that much more difficult. One particular axe blow may have causes substantial damage if it was not for her Oriane's bustle acting as a layer of armor against the axe swing. "Unholy spawn, I intend to make you pay severely for that insult given to my person." The Dark Priestess says as he she places two hands in front of the undead that struck her. Dark energy gathers in her hands for a brief moment until it explodes out from her in wide beam that seeks to engulf the undead warrior that attacked her and some of his allies as well. "Cease from existenance!" She instructs simply before lowering her hands to her side and reclaiming her dropped parasol.

The necromanceress which rebuffed her suggestion and then offered a 'gift' to her draws a look from Oriane now. "Many claim to be masters of such powers, but few actually embody the power they claim to have. However, if you present a convincing case, then I shall be forced to take your word for the truth." Oriane explains simply before curtseying before Helena as if this was an ice-cream social and not a terrible stuggle against the undead. "I am Lady Oriane. I intend to put the boon you granted to me to most delicously destructive uses that I can imagine. And for that, I must offer my thanks." She goes on to say with a sliver of a smile being displayed on her face.

The Yevon Priestess glances back at some of her other allies. My, my. Fighting alongide heathens? How delightfully absurd and heretical!
Deelel Deelel is getting to killing all right, well setting up to the strikes were not aimed to do much damage from the start and well she has no luck those <goosehonk> shields /again/. She really is seeing why the darn things were used by Users for so long until high powered ranged weapons rendered them down to only useful in riot control situations for the most part. Then again perhaps they'd make a comeback given the nature of the confused and twisted mess the worlds are now.

She's already feeling chills not from Helena, not even from the magic here. No it's from just seeing what should not be, such a break of the natural order of things as far as she understands the world. She's catches her disc on the rebound and again is moving back into the thick of the fight.

"Here they come!"

Evja's arrival is unexpected, she'd not encountered them much in some time. Still another able arm in a fight like this is a very welcome thing. She throws her self into the enemy forces disc in hand and then it is not for she's already launching disc even as Arkham joins the huge free for all with the forces that should not live.

"He's got to be here for more than just a mindless rampaging or collecting more bodies."

There were easier sources of bodies, graveyards old battle sites, right? So what was this evil force actually up to? It vexed Deelel quite a bit and no answers were easily coming to her.
Horned King
The undead get knocked back by the suddenly thrones that spike out from the cobblestone road, the others stroke back by the very ice strike, which seems to shatter them and they disappear into ash, falling back into the very sickly green mist.

Then those of the undead got knocked up, suddenly come crashing down right in front of Oriane, clashing their blades hard on the ground and perhaps on her. They open their jaws and let out a hissing like sound, before her magic smashes them right back. Which they slowly get up and one of them actually corrects their jaw.

Deelel's disc spins out once more and again the disc is ineffective against shield block. The Undead once more raise those shields and suddenly the ones without shields fall back as the ones with shields start to march forward taking the main front line.

As they moved in closer they swung their axes, attempting to not only rend their defenses, but also trying to to hack them up. Even those trying to hide are not free from their assault from all directions.
Helena Celba That was...that was enough.

Her eyes flash even as more of the undead came down on her. She dances, left and right, trying to avoid, but they use pack tactics...effectively. She takes a few well placed blows, but she manages to be just out of reach of clean blows. Her body harder than her soft curves might suggest.

"Hmm....well, it is nice to meet you then, Ms. Guado...excuse me." she says, and then, raises both hands above her head...and brings them down...

Dark energy courses through her body, through her hands and then her eyes SNAP open. from her back CHAINS rip out, but they don't explode in is as if they litterally came from her body. She moves forward, as the chains tear through the ground, aiming through the undead minions and try to launch them back. Repeatedly she strikes, frenzied for a moment before she leaps into the air...

"CHAOS HAMMER!" she booms, and comes down in a flying heel kick, aiming to crash into the middle of a large group of undead...chaotic dark energy rips out in all directions, the technique made to kill the second gods, rips oout in all directions...aiming to tear through the undead minions and send the mist back.

She walks slowly from the small crater she forms, eyes blazing. For a moment all that could see her saw the wastelander walker...the scared girl who survived on the corpses of the weak...
Arkham Fisher She got what she wanted, didn't she? She's near enough to spot the Viera, and perhaps one or another of the necromancers, and the corpses are coming for her now, while the clerics bar the great Cathedral doors behind her. Oh, there are some /powerfully/ dark things walking the streets today.

Right along with the undead, Arkham reels away from Helena's climactic attack, but she stuns at the sight in exactly the way that a zombie doesn't, and collects the blunt edge of a machete across the back of her head while she stands gaping. Sits gaping, now.

No, that's a horrible place to be, she'll be overrun. Blood seeps lazily into her blood-red hair, and she hauls herself upright on a reeling revenant, gathering her wits and powers for her next chance to land a decisive blow. A fresh breeze circles her, drifting perhaps as far as the crater Celba's dug herself.
Deelel Deelel is just having no luck hes undead are powerful and they also have someone very skilled controlling them. Her disc is doing her no good against them for now, she's going to fall back, but she's not quick enough in doing so. She's caught by their axes and she's hut her outfit is damage and there is no blood there's a faint glow of teal from the wound but it's hard to tell with how Deelel is moving about at the moment still it might be possible to notice.

Helena's magic does it's thing knitting up the wound quickly but the area? Looks warped distorted like junk data. Not that Deelel has time to notice this heck no no not with the legion of the unknown Necromancer being in full swing here today.

Arkham is leaning himself to the fight quite well but for Deelel at the moment she falls back running several command lines to help boost her performance hopefully it will make a difference even as the others continue to fight she calls out once more.

"IF anyone has a way to deal with the shields it could be useful!"
Oriane Guado These undead creatures were proving to be a much bigger hassle then Oriane had anticipated. They continue to gnaw and swipe at her and the priestess continue to have troubles with escaping their blows. She does let the undead escape her wrath untouched however. Gathering dark energy around her, she forms a large claw which she uses to cut a path through the undead. It seems the others are of similar mind as they perform their own attacks against the undead horde. At this rate, obtaining an intact specimen would prove increasingly difficult. "Remember! We should take one of these defil....-unfortunate turned guards- intact, so that a...." More advanced control method. Er. "....cure can be researched!" She goes on to say to her intrepid allies.

Oriane smiles broadly when Helena displays proper manners to her before going up into the air and back down again in attempt to destroy all the undead at once. The smile soon disappears as it seems that the priestess' request is doomed to fall upon deaf ears. Helena might be overrun, but it seems that holy roller is rushing to her aid. Very well. The decimation of the undead will continue. The priestess takes a moment to summon more and more energy towards herself, but she does not remain purely on defense. Wisps appear above Oriane which will shoot out towards whatever undead that nears the priestess.
Horned King
Helena suddenly unleashes chains, the chains go to wrap around the undead yet suddenly something arcane scrolls between the chains, something blocking the darkness from taking hold. An outside force interrupting. Then when she comes crashing down. The force that explodes outward does knock back the undead, yet the very darkness can be seen sliding right up as it crackles against the unknown magic energy.

It slides upward before it explodes out in the sky, blackening the very sky for a moment in a very display. A display meant for the undead hoard below. It does take a bit for the undead to recover however staring at Helena with a silent of interest; perhaps because of their masters own.

Then a wisp suddenly is fired out by Oriane. It slams right into one of the skulls of the undead and clean out the other side. The undead warrior staggers back a bit, before shaking its skulled head and then moving forward once more, giving a hiss right at the Priestess.

However a force from outside takes great acceptation to her words. His voice echoes on the very wind that suddenly rushes in, that seems to ride straight up the cathedral as it hits it and the lightning with thunder echoes across the sky. "You believe you can cure my Cauldron Born? How little you know." Yet there was a hint of amusement in the void before suddenly the winds start to swirl in the air, causing the clouds to take on the shape of perhaps the face of the very being that so commands these creatures.

The hood can be easily seen, but what little detail as seen in the face looks like even someone who maybe also undead! "However, please amuse me, young lady. Try to take one of my Cauldron Born. If you so dare." Then suddenly lightly flickers through the clouds as the face starts to vanish with his final words. "My Cauldron Born! Rend them to pieces!"

Suddenly the Cauldron born with their two handed weapons charge out swinging their swords and axes for the group. Jumping over the shield barrier and using them to even get some air time to come crashing down on the adventurers. Seeming unconcerned of what a bad idea this may just be.
Helena Celba Helena is not amused by this turn of events.

The HORDE OF ZOMBIES somehow EVADE ATTACKS, that are AREA SATURATION. That's like dinasours.

However, they come swinging back on her, she stands ready even as healing magic washes over her, she does not have time to thank the woman protecting her, instead she reacts to the axes storming for her. She moves, fluidly, as she uses the calcium chains to protect her body from the axes and the undead...but even they are a bit much.

Then, without warning, leaps out of the group only to jump along their corpse faces and land next to Arkham.

She presses her hands against the priests back, unleashing her Energy to destroy too, before another hand moves to try and reseal wounds. Wounds sealed in this way do heal...but they become corpse-like for a day or so, as normal healing works to combat the strange new flesh.

"Thank you." She says, calmly, "It is not every day a pretty lady comes to my aid." She says, with a slightly playful tone.
Oriane Guado Oriane Guado is continued to be bruised and battered by the undead or 'Cauldron Born' assaults. The Dark Priestess remains standing though as she was not about to let some upstart's creations undo her. The green-haired Guado brushes herself up and stands as tall as she can muster. "I find your Cauldron Born to be curious creations. If I cannot take one of them intact, then I shall be forced to take you, their summoner, instead." Oriane declares as she smiles sweetly towards the hooded figure before tossing away the destroyed remains of her parasol. So, he didn't want to play anymore? That was fine with Oriane as that last attack from him really, really hurt. It was a good thing that she was no stranger to pain.

"Now, let us discuss your surrender to my custody face-to-face. First, I shall clear your minions out of my way for they have become quite bothersome." The Dark Priestess keeps up her haughy attitude despite her looking the worse for wear. It was important to keep up apperances. She then turns towards the skeletal creature who had the wisp burst upon him. She gathers two hands together and gathers dark energy around herself. Black tendrils gather around Oriane until they nearly surround her person completely. She was now ready to strike!

At first nothing happens out of the ordinary besides Oriane firing another beam of dark energy towards her foes. It seemed like a rather lackluster attack with how much she had talked it up. Oriane retrieves her half-broken parasol and opens it back up calmly. The reason why becomes evident enough. Sizeable black meteors begin falling from the sky towards her undead foes. It seems that she truly cares not for intact carcasses at this rate. This seems like a purely destructive attack by the priestess.
Arkham Fisher Normally, see, when she does this, she's got an infantry squad with her, and she doesn't have to /concern/ herself with arrows and pikes and broadaxes, but today Arkham has herself, and a couple of fell sorceresses of the sort the Inquisitors should probably be hunting. And, just speaking for herself, there isn't so much she can do against one strong man with a halberd, to say nothing of a streetfull.

What she does is what she can, then; staying close, inside their swings, claiming strike for strike when she can. These dead men, though, they don't care for their own integrity, and surely they don't scruple at friendly fire. The advantage is not hers. The horde batters her back, away from the safety of the church, into the press.

Into the press, where one of those fell sorceresses repays this sister of battle, measure for measure. There's none of the light in what washes over her, but it mends and bolsters her just the same. The intent, surely, is good. If you count such things.

There'll be time enough for thanks afterwards, though. A contribution to the fight would be far better. With Celba's power still steaming from her, she stands tall in the midst of the melee, and just the faintest breeze blows in from the north. Following on it, as sometimes they do, comes a dark, rolling cloud.

"Take warning!" A crack of thunder splits the day, and the cloud flares red, before unleashing a solid wave of hail and driven rain, pelting the streets like a strafing run.
Deelel Deelel looks at Oriane for a moment she just stares you can't cure being dead, so far as she knows for users. Some rare occasions you can kinda cure it for her kind but it's not something the basics themselves can really do. Either way she's a bit what the at the comment. She just chalks it up to the woman not being the same species as the users who made her system for now. She may think on this later but for now she's got to worry about becoming a pile of cubes on the ground.

She wonders though, at the term Cauldron Born? That's a hint to just what type of undead they are facing in all likely hood but with the number of worlds out there? Who the heck even knows if information might be found.

Deelel does not comply she gets the heck out of the way making use of the very undead as stepping stones to get out of their reach. She flips high into the air flipping several time before she comes into a landing.

She has noticed whatever has been done to her is repairing damage and she's thankful. She lets Helena know this.

"Not sure what you did but the help is appreciated."

Arkham is putting up quite the fight himself and it's time she got back into it the commands seem to be doing their thing. She now dives back at the undead and uses her disc as a close combat weapon attacking them up close, also throwing it on and of as she weaves through the undead masses. She knows she has to press the attack as who knows how much longer they can all hold out against the horde.
Horned King
The Dark Meteors fall from the sky, crashing upon the buildings, the undead, and even the bridges. Sadly the man Oriane wants to 'experiment' on is gone now. Sad face, however his undead are unloaded upon by her punishment.

The explode and get knocked back. Many of them turning into dust and being scattered by the wind. The dark sickly green mist is also starting to roll back with the now lack of Undead. Then hail falls from the sky smashing down more of the Undead. Thanks to both of these crippling attacks, Deelel's disc is at last able to get one of the undead and slashes them across their neck, taking the head right off. Which it then crumbles down to dust.

Suddenly the Undead starts to turn away. The massive dark green mist starts to grow and engulfs them. It pulls back further and further, until it seems to swirl and then suddenly vanishes into the very wind. However a shadowy figure stands where the swirl of the green mist was.

It was a silhouette of the man himself standing around six foot three. His hand extends out and red wisps seem to glow where the eyes should be in the shadow. "Bravo on your excellent performance. You have protected the holy site for now and I have gathered what I wanted." His hand the lowers. "If you seek me, you will have your chance to meet me. For I am interested to see what you will all do, after all, no world is alike."

Then with a crash of lightning at that very location, he seems to be engulfed by its light, before the lightning strike vanishes and dark smoke swirls into the air before it too vanishes. His words whisper in the wind. "Come in two days time to the place where the moon and sun never meet. You will find me there..."
Helena Celba The chains wrap back into Helena, she jerks at the motion after a was a very interesting technique, but it takes some focus...

Where the Moon and the sun never meet...hmm...this might take a bit of research...

But they won, so she leans on her heroine! "Oh, were so brave~!" She bats her eyes at her, with a devlish smile playing on her lips.

Inwardly, she thinks...this man was a powerful one...she will have to get to know him..
Arkham Fisher That's not the sort of villainy Arkham has practiced to fight; she deals more usually in the pedestrian 'bad guy with a sword/army' flavor. Still, she must suppose that she knows there are demons of the Horned King's like around. At least, now she does. She watches the spot where the lord of the cauldron had been, as if perhaps he was coming back, but of course he's not.

She turns, to limp off to the Church, where someone is certain to need her aid, but Celba gets hold of her. That, too, is not the sort of villainy Arkham is equipped for, but at least she has some training to fall back on in cases like these. She supports Helena-- obviously she needs support or she wouldn't be leaning on her-- and gives her a cursory inspection. "Not, not me, I was all the way at the Church. I saw you mixing it, it, it up bare/handed/. Nice work, that."
Oriane Guado Oriane Guado finally lets her arms fall with an exasperated sigh. Pulling meteors from the sky to crush potential test subjects was both demanding and depressing to the priestess. So much valuable research was just lost because of the necessity of vaporizing the threatening undead. She delicately sits down as easily as the bustle of her dress allows for as she needs to regain both her breath and her wits after that exhausting battle.

That machina has considerable combat prowess and Helena was quite clearly a very similar individual to her. Her newly found Church friend seemed to be a skilled fighter as well. A shame she did not follow the tenets of Yevon. She would have made a fine Guardian. And the extent in which Helena was a student of the same dark masters as Oriane was would have to remain a mystery for now. Her green eyes close for a moment as she enjoys the post-battle bliss that now runs through her veins. That hooded figure was a very intiguing one and his power was extraordinary. The priestess soon decides on her next course of action. Green eyes soon open again.

She -will- have to meet with him one way or another.

As for now, Oriane will rest. The injured Guado now simply awaits her escort as her two warrior monk companions slowly make their way to meet with their lady.
Deelel Deelel is being pressed hard and he ponders what he wanted of her? She has no idea to be honest at least until now wait was he after goons or was he trying to test them? She doesn't know for sure but his fall out to them gets her attention.

Was he here for them? Well far as she could tell he was here for them, recruits or seeing the effect of holy ground on this world upon his minions. She just doesn't say anything and she looks over to Helena and the 'churchlady'.

"I best get going I'm going to see if I can help somewhere with the clean up or anyone in need of help."

She looks to Arkham, Helena and Oriane.

"Thank you for your help in this matter but it seems this necromancer has been probing many worlds..."

With that Deelel departs, at a fairly high speed and then starts bounding about off buildings like some sort of Parkour enthusiast.

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