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(2013-07-25 - Now)
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Angantyr Vespar VALKYRI HQ.

You are here, or not here, or coming in here...but whatever is going on with you, the place is little changed. The day was a rainy one in Traverse Town, dark as always in the town that always sleeps. However, the door to the main entrance opens, as Angantyr steps through the door pulling a cloak off and shakes it once. Wet. he wishes for drier weather...He hangs it up, pulling his helmet off of his head and moves towards someplace warm to sit, taking a moment to reflect the last day...or so? The last couple of weeks have been...something.

Reguardless, he is wet and cold, and the fire is warm and dry.

But enough about me, how are you?
Avira Avira is totally here! What HAS Avira been up to...?

The main table inside VALKYRI has been covered with books and papers. Big poster-sized scrolls sit rolled up, piled, where some are spread out. Titles of the books stacked haphazardly have phrases suggesting engineering, design, and aerodynamics. There might even be one or two on rocket science in there.

Avira circles around the table, a pencil tucked behind one of her ears. The door and windows have been left open since inside it is actually kind of hot-the running stove might be to blame on this. Whatever is occupying her time with the papers and books right now is sharing it with the dinner she's currently making.

As she pours over a large, spread poster displaying blueprints before her, she sees movement out of the corner of her eye. Right away, she looks up towards the door, tensing just slightly. Mentally, she pats herself on the back for not locking the door since that meant whoever it was probably /wasn't/ going to break it down.

"Angantyr!" she says with some surprise. "You're back!" He went away, she knew that much, at least to gather his thoughts over what he had done.
Maira Maira arrives a few minutes after Angantyr astride Mao, both herself and the chocobo considerably soggy. The bird's feathers are meant to protect it from the elements, but the clothing Maira wears isn't exactly made for for rain. Oh sure, wear a nice dress and it rains in Traverse Town. It almost never rains in Traverse Town! She is fairly sure Merlin must be behind this somehow--though imagining the wizened old man stomping around puddles in golashes does bring a smile to her face.

Maira dismounts and ties Mao up outside in a small stall that would keep him warm and out of the rain, then gets him some food before running to the door and inside HQ. She closes the door behind her with a "Yeesh!" of complaint, a puddle already beginning to form beneath her. She was wearing a long, purple dress that appeared to be made of silk. Hopefully, it wasn't ruined. It was molded to her skin, completely soaked. Her hair hangs in heavy curls, it too sopping wet.

Maira looks around then, spotting Avira first. A smile curves her lips, though she'll resist the customary glomp of greeting, considering. "Avira! I'm glad you're here--ouu working on the airship? Oh what are you cooking!?" she inquires, then turns to see that Angantyr is also here. Maira stiffens slightly, but eventually smiles. "Hey Angantyr, how are you?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pauses for a moment...hearing that voice as it was supposed to be...

He looks at her for a moment, he doesn't answer, but he takes a small step towards the table...

And then Maira happens. Angantyr can't help but look, he's not a robot, and he shakes his head...

"Proper weather gear." he mutters, "I know I have said something about it." he says, hand on his hip, but a grin was on his face. At both of them, it was a genuine smile, not a forced on...not a snarky one, not a horribly mean one.

"...And we need to talk." he says, suddenly, looking at the table and makes a face. Like 'Oh god books' kinda face. He pulls a chair out and sits down, setting the helmet down.

He pauses, decides that the armor was too wet, and starts sliding it off.

He does ware clothing underneath it, it is form fitting and does a great job of showing the very hard body of the Dark Knight.

"...So I went to a place called Castle Oblivion...stop me if you heard of the place."
Avira Books! Angantyr will remember Avira's voracious apetite for books. When she wasn't training or sleeping, it always seemed like she was reading. Though the dark knight might realize now that Avira-Rosalie-was actually /studying/ Ivalice so as to make herself seem like a convincing native. Still, the passion for reading was there.

Then Maira comes in and Avira pauses, her mind turning over the question of 'oh no is this going to be awkward.' She plays it cool, intent keeping an eye on the two and intervening if things got heated. "Oh Maira, you wore that lovely thing in this rain? Quick, get it off as soon as possible and let it dry." she steps over to her friend and starts to guide her to the back of the room where the VALKYRI communal bathroom area is. If anything, this could delay the awkward.

She stops her pushing as Angantyr announces that they 'need to talk.' She did remember Angantyr mentioning such late last night-but with Maira here? Oh god Angantyr is removing armor.

Being an adult with hormones, Avira looks too.

But she freezes, "You went /there/!?" Avira gasps, "That place is awful! You should never go there. It...shows you things. Horrible...things." There's a look of pain on the scarred woman's face. "Things you can't unsee."
Maira Maira grumbles, crossing her arms beneath her chest. "Really now, how often does it actually rain here? You can't blame me for not being prepared for that!" she says, looking as though she'd like to stick out her tongue.

Maira sighs. Oh goody, a talk! "Sure, um, let me get changed first though since I'm just kind of dripping all over the floor," she comments, kicking off her shoes before gathering up the skirt of her dress, wringing it out a little. It appears Avira shares her opinion. "Yeah, I didn't know it would rain, I just got back from--well never mind," she says, letting herself be lead toward the bathroom.

She looks up to find Angantyr stripping out of his wet armor and blinks, shaking her head. "Castle Oblivion...yeah I've heard of it of course--" she says, glancing toward Avira, her eyes softening. She'd heard about the horrors Avira had seen there.

"Alright, be riiiiight back. I'll hear you, don't stop talking on my account," she says, scampering off across the floor toward the bathroom, leaving dainty wet footprints in her wake.

Maira returns in a few minutes in pink pajama shorts with a print of adorable, smiling white whales and a mint green hooded sweatshirt, her hair brushed and dried some. It wouldn't be wet long with Maira's body temperature. Little air, little fire, blow drier wherever you go! Maira flunks down onto the coach then and pulls her knees up, looking over to Avira and Angatyr, waiting for TALKING to happen.
Angantyr Vespar "Yeah." Angantyr says after a few moments...

"It does. I got a strange dream, and was asked to come there for some..reasons. It seems someone does not like wizards, and wanted me to hear them out. They, I think, are working with someone named Xemnas.." He shrugs, the name means little to him. "Reguardless...the point was to test me for something."

Angantyr holds his hand out.

Anyone who's seen the gesture before knows what this means.

A keyblade materializes out of light in his hands. It is crimson and light grey, the blade curves slightly, and is jagged in is a mean weapon, it is a weapon made to destroy heartless.

"Apparently, I was being tested for this. The...the place showed something horrible, something I can not forget...something I refuse to forget." he says, bringing the large weapon down on the table to set it down, "And...reminded me how much you two mean to me."
Avira "You hung up your dress, right?" Avira dotes. She might not like wearing dresses herself but Maira really liked that purple one. She'd be quite sad if it was ruined so Avira does what she can to look out for her best friend.

In the meantime, Avira has returned to what's cooking on the stove, which appears to be some kind of stew. It smells FANTASTIC. It smells like nothing Avira has ever cooked before. She stirs the contents and tastes it carefully, looking thoughtful before grabbing ahold of a salt shaker and tipping it just once into the pot.

Her eyes narrow and she looks back at Angantyr, "Xemnas?" Her frown deepens. That name...

No, it must be nothing. "They who? What were their goals? Anyone who messes around with Castle Oblivion is definitely bad news. Feige did. Now some Blot thing is release-"

Her words suddenly die when Angantyr makes that gesture. She's been around Sora enough to know what happens when the kid holds his hand out like that. To see Angantyr mimic that and get similar results-

Avira drops her tasting spoon in shock. "For...for a keyblade?" Stunned, she walks over to the table where it lies then reaches out to touch the weapon as if to confirm that it was really there and not some illusion. "What did it-mm, you know, I probably don't want to know what alternate reality it might have showed you." Or echo of the past?
Maira Maira tilts her head slightly, her brow furrowing in curiosity as Angantyr begins to speak. Someone doesn't like wizards? Xemnas? Tested? Huh? "Yeah, I hung it up! I think it should be okay...oh--what are you making Avira? It smells AMAZING. Did you lure Alma here again or something?"

Then Angantyr holds his arm out. She's seen the gesture before, and it seems familiar to her, but she doesn't immediately no what it means.


When a keyblade appears in his hands, Maira comically falls off the couch in surprise. "OH MY GOD YOU ARE KIDDING ME!" she exclaims, scrambling to her feet to move back over toward the table, her eyes about as wide as they can possibly get. "Is that...Is that really...OH MY GOD!" she says, raising a hand to cover her mouth and look up at Angantyr. She is absolutely floored--apparently literally.

Maira reaches over and just....punches Angantyr in the chest. It obviously doesn't hurt. She has no idea how to react. "OH MY <GOOSEHONK>ING GOD ANGANTYR! YOU HAVE A KEYBLADE!"

Maira falls back then, thankfully into a chair. Reminded what they meant to him? Uhhh derp? Stunned Maira is stunned.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is punched and suddenly surrounded...he expected this, he grins a little, Maira's girly hands don't do anything to Ang but cause him to smile a bit.

"It does smell amazing," He breaks the conversation up, "Which means Avira is stuck on cooking duty forever." he says, and leans back to avoid the well timed attempt to box his ears that he knows is coming from the woman. He grins at her, there is a light hearted tone to it.

"Future possibility.." he says, "Worse than I imagined...I would have figured it would been me becoming Garland or something...and in a way it was about it...but somethings hit too close to home.." he frowns.

"I've realized I have to cut the chains of the past...I have to walk forward...but I don't have to walk it alone." He says, finally, "So...yeah. You said you needed help Stopping Garland...and now I am ready to join...perminately. I know I've.." he pauses, "I know I've caused you both trouble...and I'm sorry."
Avira "I haven't heard from Alma in a few weeks now." Avira remarks, "Not since she showed up at the TDA office in Manhattan and attacked everyone with cake. Most delicious war ever!" she trails off for a moment as if remembering something before continuing in a distant voice, "...had some...lessons."

The dropped spoon is picked up but quickly discarded in the sink. Avira obtains a fresh spoon, tastes the stew again, then turns off the heat to the range. Turning, she reaches over to smack Angantyr upside the head but he leans out of the way just in time, earning a /look/ from Avira.

Her hands draw back from the keyblade but she remains staring at the weapon and its ominous-looking design. This would be the third she's seen and Sora and Mickey's have not been this severe-looking. She had to wonder what Mercade's looked like at this point...he had yet to show her.

Angantyr speaks. "Become like...Garland?" Avira sounds like she has a hard time buying that but Castle Oblivion can make some pretty convincing cases. "No, you can't. You don't have to walk it alone." she agrees, turning around to face him, taking in his apology and his sincere promise to help them take down Garland. Elation spreads across the scarred huntress's face and she steps forward, hugging the still-damp dark knight. "I'm glad that you see all of that."
Maira Maira blinks several times. Alright. Get a hold of yourself Maira. Deep breaths. "I can't believe," she says, shaking her head as she looks at the keyblade. Angantyr to do the things Sora could do. Well, good, he can help keep the Heartless in check! Oh...oh he could unlock world hearts! If she could find all the shards to her world, maybe she could restore it as Avira had done in Manhattan! She'd been working on that anyway, though she has no leads whatsovever.

Maira straightens as Angantyr says he's ready to fight Garland. Together with them. She jumps to her feet again, raising a fist to the air. "YEAH! We'll totally take him down!" she exclaims. Slowly, she lowers her fist, glancing to one side then the other sheepishly. Caused them both trouble? Well sure he'd broken her heart a little bit, a couple of times... Maira bites her lip gently as she looks up (way up) to meet his eye. "Not like I've never caused you trouble. We're friends, aren't we?" she asks, smiling hopefully. Maybe it would all be alright. Some possibilities were off the table, but...

Maira watches as Avira goes to hug Angantyr, pursing her lips in thought.

Aw, <GOOSEHONK> it. BWEE! Maira glomps on as well.

"WAIT. You have a cake fight WITHOUT ME!?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr returns the hugs of both ladies, wrapping a very large arm around each. It was probably one of the warmest things he had ever done, and he holds them both there for a moment before Maira's cake words.

Angantyr backs up a little. "I was left out of cake fight too." he muses, "...Though I am not really on the know about this Alma person." he shrugs, and lets Maira and Avira handle the...cake issue. Instead he stands up and walks over to look at the stew..and gets himself a bite.

Delicious. "Cooking duty forever."
Avira "Sorry Maira, it was really spontaneous! Alma and Riku basically came and ambushed us with cake." Avira says disarmingly, waving her hands at Maira. Ideally she should have brought some cake back afterwards, though she didn't leave the city for at least a day after that.

At any moment she seems ready to spring into action. She's still half expecting some awkward confrontation over lovers and the like. So far so good.

After the ANGANTYR GROUP HUG, Avira breaks away to retrieve some bowls from a nearby cabinet. Dinner was nearly ready after all, "Heeeey-"

Avira reaches over and swats at Angantyr again. "You'll get a bowl in a second, keep your pants on."
Maira Maira smiles at the group hug. It is perhaps, slightly awkward, but Maira feels good about it none the less. She lets go and returns to her seat. "Hehe, I agree! I'll do the baking.I managed to make a cake you know--very exciting," she replies. She does not say that she ate half of it. Ulharisk ate the other half.

At Avira telling Angantyr to keeps his pants on, Maira then chokes on her own saliva.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr laughs, walking back to the table and sits down...

"Alright, alright. I'll keep them on...JUST THIS ONCE, but after eleven I can't make any promises." he kids, knowing Maira's already flustered a bit. Sitting down...the name Riku makes him a bit solem, "Oh she's a friend of the boy's huh.." he frowns. Yeah...oh man, that was...that was a thing.
Avira Avira hears choking noises. She nearly drops the bowls as she turns to Maira, wide-eyed and innocently watching her best rfiend, afraid for her! "Maira! Breath! Don't die!"

Ang doesn't help, bringing promises to shed those pants for real. Avira reddens a little and continues serving the stew, portioning some out for everyone in their own bowl before sitting down herself.

"Looks like it. I didn't know about it until the cake war." she remarks, picking up a spoon to enjoy the fruits of her (and Max's) labor.
Maira Maira manages to recover after coughing for a while. "I'm fine! Just...I'm fine," she assures, setting to her bowl of stew. It is quickly and enthusiastically consumed. So you know its real Maira.

" Riku dating Alma?" she asks. "How is Mercade, Avira? Tell him I still want to learn to shoot!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr takes a thing of stew...

The kid had a girl huh? Well, that was progress, he guessed. Taking a bite, and then which begins a chain reaction of Ang devouring the stew he is silent as he eats. God this stuff is absolutely delicious.

"Oh god." He thinks, the thought of Maira with a gun crosses his mind, "I dunno, aren't you good at magic? I don't think you can spell people and shoot them.."
Maira Maira shrugs her shoulders some, smiling widely. "It can't hurt, right? Its good to learn new things. Maybe I can think of some way to like....shoot spells with bullets or something," she says, her eyes widening. "That's be awesooooome...."
Avira Later Avira's going to have to sit down with Maira and go over questions that should not be asked in front of prospective boyfriends or significant others in someone's life. 'How is (insert man's name here) doing?' is one of thse. Fortunately, Maria keeps her composure.

"If Riku is, well, good for him. I didn't think he had the demeanor for dating. He strikes me as a guy that had a lot of problems he had to work out about himself before he turns to other people, y'know? Anyway.."

She sips her own stew, pleased with the results.

"Magic guns are a thing, I've heard of it before. Sometimes you can enchant bullets to have elemental properties. I've seen it in Ivalice, actually. I'll pass on the word to Mercade. He's doing fine." He also has a keyblade but that has been agreed to be kept as the TDA secret for now.
Maira If Maira said something she shouldn't have, she's apparently oblivious about it! Things were a little uncomfortable at first, but Maira appears to have reverted back easily to comfort in the presence of friends for the time being.

"Ooh...guess I wasn't the first to think of it," she says with a small pout. Thought she'd been onto something there! If the keyblade is still on the table, she stares at it for a while. "You know....I think it suits you Angan."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is equally ambivilant on Mercade. He did willingly step asside...maybe he wa stupid about that, but eh...

He picks the weapon up after a moment to look it over. "It's a powerful thing...just remember that gals. Never...EVER underestimate someone holding this thing. Because they are not just given to people of good hearts." he says, evenly. "And in the wrong hands...they can be scary."

He'd experienced this for himself. "I also have...questions that need answering. I am going to talk to Merlin as soon as I can."
Maira Yeah, its a funny think. Angantyr keeps stepping aside. Huh. What's up with that.

"Of course...yeah, you should talk to Merlin. Or maybe Mickey if he comes around again. I'd like to see him again for sure. Tell him what I've learned..."

Maira sighs then, sitting back to place a hand over her tummy. She ate until she was stuffed. Now she had a food baby. Pat pat. "I've been trying to locate world shards...for my world. But I haven't had any luck."

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