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(2013-07-24 - 2013-07-25)
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Arthur Drover The shop at Heart's Desire is a kind of clearing house for local contracts and gossip. The small crafters tend to look to Arthur for occasional work when ends don't meet. The master synthesist is sitting at his counter. There is a gummi block on it, undergoing strict scrutiny. Attempts to cut it fail at first, then he finds other ways. They've been put through the forge, and a few "used" experimental subjects are shoved in a bin in the corner.

The shop stays open late, since someone is always in. Either there's a potion that needs brewing at midnight, or a sword that can only be forged as dawn breaks so it will know what it is for.

Pushing his spectacles up higher, he reaches for the next Gummi Block, to bind them together with a mere touch. Fascinating.
Oriane Guado Guados are blessed (or cursed) with a heightened sense of smell that allows members of the long-eared race to detect even the most peculiar smells in the air. The Heart's Desire with its combination of alchemy and smithing produces a most unique odor compared to that of Alexandria at large. And so, Oriane Guado simply 'followed her nose' to this shop. The wisp of a Guado was stalked through the streets by a pair of warrior-monks in their perfectly shined armor. Her lackies are left at the door as Oriane decides to enter the establishment alone and without her loyal hounds.

Oriane steps forth into the shop and only takes a few steps into it before turning her jade green eyes upon those assembled. Common aritsans seem to have taken up residence in the shop. This particular Guado has no interest or care for anything less than the best so these laymen workers are promptly ignored by the green haired Guado. She soon purses her lips together so that her mouth makes a a near straight line across as she looks for who just might be in charge.

Eventually, Oriane finds who she supposes is the lead artisan. His effortless binding of Gummi blocks together and his apparent experience age marks him the prime candidate. The Guado carefully straightens her Yevon robes and advances further into the shop to where Arthur was working. "You there, Master Binder. I wish to speak with you." The Priestess states in a calm if not somewhat quiet voice to the bespectacled human.
Haneisuru Haneisuru has no clue how these gummiships work. As far as he is concerned, Gummiships are some kind of /miracles/ and he is okay not knowing how the miracle works. He just wants to see them.
Well, that's not true, he thinks to himself as he pushes the door open. Arthur Drover made a really, /really/ good offer the other day, and Haneisuru has come to collect on that promise. He follows the Guado in, lips tightened as he looks for the owner. He stands a few feet behind Oriane, sorting his sleeves and skirt a bit as he waits.
"Hey, uh, Master Binder. I'd like to speak with you too."
Paulo Mysidi "Arthur!" bursts a Paulo as he heads through the door. Its the type of energy that tends to knock people on their butts-- like a bull. He gets a few steps in and then realizes that not one, but two people call for him.

"Dang dude, you sure are the popular one," he smiles broadly. Yes Paulo-- it happens to be his shop. With a chuckle, the blonde robed man walks in an exaggerated fashion over towards the alchemical shelves, "I can wait. It had to do with that rapier-thing. Oh, and the gummi stuff." And before you know it the tall young sage is poking a small vial of red liquid. One of these days he is going to break something.
Arthur Drover Arthur rolls the phrase around in his head. Binder. Well, that's a valid description of what he does. He rises from his chair, both due to the presence of a lady and the courtesy to a customer.
He addresses Oriane first: "Yes, m'lady." Erring on the side of caution in titling, nobs can get a bit hot about that. "I'll be with you in just a moment, Mister." is thrown out toward Haneisuru, though the clothes get a second look before the Guado is subject to the artisan's piercing gaze from beneath his glasses. "Welcome to the Heart's Desire. I'm at yer service of course."

The Gummi Blocks are pushed aside, into a small earthenware bowl. He'll try to grind them up later, the next test. Then Paulo bursts in. "Feel free to browse, Paulo. There are some new acquisitions on the shelves, but do not touch as they are spoken for unless abandoned."

Attention once more on Oriane. "Pardon, the obligation of hospitality, not disinterest in your presence. May I ask if you are here for information, a job, or the aforementioned Binding?"

His hands rest on the counter. Arthur doesn't know about the muscle outside, but this might be for the best. A greatsword under the counter is there for shoplifters, but few people shoplift where the merchandise might bite back.
Oriane Guado Of course 'Master Binder' is a valid description for what Oriane just witnessed him do. It was a waste of time to call something what it was not or what it did not deserve to be called. "Master Binder, I am a sanctioned researcher and thus very interested in what work you peform here at the 'Heart's Desire'. " Her voice remains mostly on the level, but there is a touch of smirking emphasis placed on the shop's name. "Is it or is it not true that you can bind ordinary mundane constructions of common metals with 'magic' through the application of abnormal thermatology?" The priestess asks while physically providing the air quotes around the word 'magic'. She then gracefully uses her right hand to gesture towards the forge in the room to emphasis her question.

The Guadi priestess now turns and levels her attention to those who entered into the shop behind her. A frown forms across her delicate features. Her guards will have to be reprimended for letting such rough individuals into the store behind her. Almost as if on cue, the two guards casually step into the store and attempt to merge with the far wall as if their armor and arms would not cause notice. Regardless, this actions has postponed their punishment. Oriane herself only offers a slight nod of her to Paulo and Haneisuru.

Orinane quickly turns back around when Arthur addresses her once more. "The nature of my visit will be determined upon your answer to my previous question. In ideal circumstances, I will become one of your patrons." A slight distracted look is given back towards P and H. "But please, ensure that these...gentlemen...are seen to as well."
Haneisuru Haneisuru watches Oriane a little, arms waving before he lets himself kinda drift a bit. The corner of his lip turns upwards as Oriane acts all super-professional and upper-crust over the affair. "...Well, if it isn't, you sure went a long way for your 'Heart's Desire', didn't you?" He answers for Oriane, carefully making air quotes around the word Heart's Desire, before waving his arm dramatically with a flap of sleeve towards the forge.

"I'm pretty sure that's what this is for, you know?"
With that, his expression darkens a little, the Mimic frowning as he looks to the guards in the back. A quick suss later, though, and Oriane gets a pleasant nod.
"Take your time, take your time, you know?"
Deelel Deelel had been intending to contact Arthur about a weapon commission a Chakram one that could attache to the under side of her ID disc, so she could carry both on the mount. Her experiences in the Arcade against the cybugs has made her plainly understand just how much of a danger it is using her normal disc against them. She wanted an alliterative, one if they ate it? It wouldn?t destroy her in a fate perhaps worse than death.

So here she is to find possible alternate means to fight them. Should she be lucky? Arthur can give it some treatments it might make is more useful in general she's not quite sure of everything he can do after all, she might look a bit odd from the almost form fitting outfit she's wearing, the exposed arm with faintly glowing blue circuit line like tattoos on her exposed arm. She seems chipper enough though a she enters the shop.

She calls out hoping to catch Arthur with a free moment or two. It seems however there are others in the shop Haneisuru has got her attentions he's never seen him before but then again it is a pretty bid world. She gives him a bit of a grin and the Guado that kinda of gets her attention Deelel pays attention to the Priestess's questions. After all she was from a world that dominate religion would see her kind as some sort of demon to be killed. It was a very troubling thought to the basic but so far she'd managed to be careful in her dealings with Spirans so far.

"Greetings it seems things are more busy than I expected."

The only real issue Deelel might even have is the slight digital warble to her voice.
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Both are known to me, and their visit may be social, while yours seems more serious and should be given most attention of course." Arthur can do plain-speaking, when he gets out of shopkeeper gear. He has decided his usual sales pitches should be thrown to the wind. "Yes, I do magical synthesis. The creation of enchanted weapons, armors, accessories. My wife handles potion making and healing, though she's out, her lab is open for an inspection if it'd benefit your research. I can respect that kind of thing."

Arthur steps away and brings one foot down on the bellows, eyes still on the woman. A complex mechanism pushes air past a gearbox and brings the flames to life. He holds one hand nearer to the coals to feel for the right temperature, and stops when it gets there. A sluice is adjusted to keep the air level constant for about ten minutes with reserve pressure.

"Heat, pressure and magic. The way magic can be drawn doesn't require me to be a mage, I am not one, and have not been. The parts of monsters can be harvested for their natural magic, as can some stones. Rather than make a blade and try to lay an enchantment later, I will drum the magic into the steel while it lays in the mold, then rune up the blank and rub it with the right essences. Do it wrong and what you get is worthless, or yet more dangerous."

Recognizing one of his hire-ees from the night before, Arthur calls "Not a problem, Miss. Browse as you wish. There is a Chakram in the case to the left. You expressed a desire for one, and I can make you one like it which matches your style."

His eyes meet Oriane's, the guards aren't dismissed or complained about - he hopes they see something they like, but nobles DO visit fairly frequently from Treno or elsewhere. Don't ask questions, Arthur, besides, there is explaining to do.

"More than metals. I am a tailor and can imbue cloth as well. Bags which render their contents lighter, satchels that protect the contents, scarves which imbue the wielder with strength. But this is jobbing work, done to detail. I won't say I am the best at the art in question, but I can think of no one better for some ways. There is always something new to learn."

By way of demonstration, he reaches out to the gummi blocks and pulls them apart, setting them before him.

"Our current project is plumbing the nature of these things. If you've any interest, I can impart that they come from inside those ships out there. I haven't the faintest clue beyond that though."

A glance at Haniesuru when he speaks, followed with: "We can go ourselves after this, if you've the fortitude to stare them down, I'd appreciate it.""
Paulo Mysidi New stuff? Paulo naturally drifts towards it on mention. He is careful not to touch any of the comissioned work-- admiring it from several inches away. He may breathe on it, though.

There may have been people outside that he burst past on his way in. Paulo wasn't paying too much attention to it. The young sage snaps his head over when Oriane starts to talk to Arthur and mention 'magic' in the way she does. "Minus the attitude and disrespect for magic, you sound a lot like most of my old professors. Generally the ones that never leave the workshops," Paulo shoots back. He straightens up-- looking over to Deelel when she swings in. He decides to focus his attention on a friend instead. "Hey. Yeah. I'll say."
Arthur Drover Some of it glows when breathed on, honestly. There are indeed some chakrams, plain steel with no sight of magic. A bladed glove. A staff or two. A pink scarf. A pair of earrings with diamond stones. A dagger with a crow worked crudely into the pommel.

"Paulo." Arthur's tone is scolding, carrying the tenor of the workshop master when the boy comments on Oriane's "attitude". But his face reforms itself into a calmer demeanor an instant later, with an ahem.

There is a creak on the stairs, and then the sound of someone shutting a door on the upstairs landing. "One of the children is curious, no doubt." He says it louder than need be, and scuttling down a hallway can be heard.
Haneisuru Haneisuru cracks his knuckles a bit. "Oh, yeah. I'm on it. Don't worry, I'm not gonna get all /crazy/ over this?" He says, waving a hand. "Long as you save me /one/ Tonberry, I don't care what happens to the rest. I'll get my pay outta this when we're done the rest of the work, and all." He stands over by some of the finished works, face mere inches from some of it before snapping his head around to look at Daleel. ...Huh. Okay, that's a pretty trippy look she's got going there, the Mimic decides, grinning back and offering a light wave.
Oriane Guado Oriane turns on her heels to face Haneisuru when he addresses her in an unsurprisingly brusque manner. It seems that sometimes snap judgements on a person could prove correct. The priestess clicks her tongue distastefully once before answering Haneisuru, "There is no distance I would not travel nor nothing that I would not sacrifice to obtain my 'heart's desire.' But I assure you, mister barbarian, that my heart's desire is not a building made of stone and wood." The priestess is in prime position to notice the walking machina enter behind Haneisuru. A well groomed eyebrow is raised in response and Oriane's two guards shuffle uneasily at Deelel's appearance. Perhaps they are aware of what Deelel was afterall. Despite this, no hostile move or words are directed towards the program.

The green-haired, green-eyed Guado simply turns once more towards Arthur, her robes swishing softly as she does so. The explanation that Arthur provides draws a simple nod from the Priestess. "Understood Master Binder, but what of an untethered magical essence of a monster? Would you be able to bind such an anomaly to an artificial construct of my choosing?" If Oriane was to say anything more, it is now forgotten thanks to Paulo.

Withou turning towards the blonde mage yet, Oriane narrows her green eyes slightly before opening them once more. She then turns towards Paulo and raises her head ever so slightly to quite literally look down at Paulo despite him being taller than her. "Nothing I said was out of line with nature of the Master Binder and his work. There was no need to elaborate on the complex of nature without need. And as he promptly explained, he does not use 'magic' in the way that both you and I presumably do." A pause. "That is if you were able to actually learn anything from the professors you so easily slander."
Paulo Mysidi As for Paulo, the usually chipper young man has an atypical deadpan look in eyes and a fierce, level voice to match. "Lady..." Fire fire burning bright in his eyes can you see that light? Then those hazel gems slide over to Arthur-- the artisan's tone-- and the sage composes himself. The orb that hovers over his shoulder does no such thing. It glows a deep, radiant red color even when Paulo returns to his more personable self.

"Is it cool if I head in the back and make a cup of tea, Arthur?" he changes the topic with a candid smile on his face. Paulo already starts heading there-- likely wanting to chat with the wifey or curious kids while he waits.
Arthur Drover A smirk falls on Arthur's face, and he does clear his throat then, in response to the apparently rising fight between the sage and the Priestess. "Boy, being irreverent isn't cool and trendy. You want to impress, be surprisingly polite for a man your age. We old folks won't know what to do with you, and you'll get one over on us. Trust me. Now come on over!".

Arthur sizes Oriane up in more detail. The phrase 'Haughty but intelligent' pops through his head, and he classes her as just an unusually smart noble. "Now miss, yes - it's funny you say that - the stuff of which you speak is the binding of a spirit. I have never had one in a fit state to examine, but we do something like it when we take their remnants. I've never bound one live, but I wouldn't mind the chance to try. Given time and resource, I suspect I could. If nothing else, maybe I should tell you about my other work so you will understand how truly coincidental it is you would pick my shop."

The smith drops to one knee and roots under his counter. He chooses one from among many scrolls. he pulls up a weathered one and spreads it.

"This is a map, updated to the state of our continent after the worlds fell under the Dark. You'll see small sketches here and there."

Bombs in a cavern, Tonberries in the nearby mountains, a drawing of a ravenous-looking Mu in the forests.

"Each of these marked is a Nest that I have personally, with some aid and a few tricks, subdued. Maybe I put magical binding around it, maybe I made a sluice gate that releases chilly powder to keep bombs away. A man can walk into those nests, if he has the key and he gets by my traps, and come out with eggs, cores, dusts, anything the monster drops or that can be extracted from them. And the key is that I don't kill them, I know how to subvert their tricks and work around them rather than against them. If there is a trick for subduing, restraining, or making a monster safe, I've learned it. And so if you hand me a puzzle of that sort, I'd be happy to try."

Arthur leaves the map spread out, gesturing the others over. "I've had my share of cuts and lashes, accidents and dangers, but this is how I became successful. I have the most reliable supply, the understanding of their anatomy. I can get the most out of the fewest creatures, so I saved them from extinction. When the world fell I began subduing nests in a new way. Building cave structures with the help of local builders and migrating the beasts, putting up warning signs. If you need someone who can study such things, I suppose it is I, you see?"

"If ye've any more specific questions, I am happy to answer 'em. And I ask you forgive the untutored child." Here Paulo gets another gesture, a wave of Arthur's hand authorizing him to proceed up the stairs- "But if you can keep your cool, lad, you can look at this. It might teach you something." though the indulgent smile maybe takes some sting out of the remark. "Deelel over there..." he noticed the guards scoping out the program. "Is an attache' of mine. You could consider her not unakin to your guards, though more transitory.

Arthur tosses the gummi bricks into the forge's flame. They sit there, unharmed. "Always new mysteries. I relish the opportunity."

He gestures the Mimic to him and indicates the mountains where the Tonberry nest is. "Two dozen of them, when you include the large ones. They occupy a big looped space inside a mountain. I fled when they turned as one body with those glowing eyes and began their approach."
Haneisuru Haneisuru's expression is a little smug, but as he's stared down, there's a little grumbling in his throat. "Hey. Hey. Does a guy dressed like this strike you as someone trying to be cool or trendy? --oh. Oh! You were talking to--oh. ." He clicks his tongue, stretching his arms behind his head. Besides, it's totally time to talk to this Oriane girl instead.

"Well, good, ma'am. A building sounds like a pretty low-tier heart's desire anyway. Y'know?" He brushes a hand through his hair, before looking over to the mountains. "A couple dozen of 'em. Well. Alright, and what's it you need out of there again? I /kinda/ glazed over thinking about what that knife's gonna be like."
Deelel Deelel is totally listening in as Arthur speaks about magic and the like. While she has a street understanding of magic, it's mostly she knows when a spell might be coming or when not to touch something. So any bits and pieces she can pick up here and there would be considered very useful to her.

"Interesting so like salvaging parts from a broken machine...? That's kind of creepy."

Then again she found how people ate in this world to be kinda creepy to her honestly. Paulo is now noticed by Deelel and she waves to him.

"Greetings Paulo, didn't think I would see you here."

The talk of clothing does remind Deelel she's got to meet up with Shiki, for this shopping thing. She wondered what her friend had in mind? Well she'll find out sooner or later. Haneisuru seems to be friendly enough so she seems to be a bit more relaxed.

She does not comment on Oriane calling someone a barbarian she's just not going to try to pick trouble with this lady, oh heck no not today.

"The blocks are pretty strange but we can't argue with how well they work. We finally have a way to match the mobility of the Shadow Lords.".
Oriane Guado Oriane's eyes betray a look of amusement as she watches Paulo (or at least Paulo's orb) struggle with his emotions. Slowly her face follows suite and she smiles coyly towards the blonde mage as he promptly attempts to dismiss himself. The firebrand nature of youth was a wonder to witness firsthand. Her warrior monks were quite boring in comparison with their dutiful obedience to her authority. With him withdrawing, the master binder is focused upon once more. "Yevon's blessing be upon us for such a fine display of temperance." Despite her pious words in this forgiveness, one would not be wrong to question the veracity of her statement.

"Live spirits are something that I do not have any difficulty in obtaining." Guados do not have to look far to find pyreflies afterall. "It is the subsequent step that I require assistance with for I have yet to find a permanent way to bind a live spirit into an artficial host. My previous attempts thus far have been unsubstantial." She goes on to explain quite cooly. "But please Master Binder, indulge me on the depths of your talents. Prove to me that your skill in your craft is worth investment and investment you shall have."

Haneisuru receives Oriane's attention now. "That was a reasonably intelligent thing to deduce. I am most pleased to see that barbric demeanor can hide a more subtle wit." She says quite calmly with a wisp of a smile on her face. Deelel, the machina, is now turned towards to. "A way has been found to match the use of the dark corridors by the Shadow Lords? How intriguing. What breakthrough has allowed for such a miraculous advantage to be gained?"
Paulo Mysidi "Hey Dee," Paulo replies with a fabricated smile over towards his warbly friend there. "Yeah I had some business with Arthur from earlier. Glad I ran into you-- though-- I wanted to talk to you about a couple things." Orb is still red. The young blonde man consider the offer as he adds to Deelel, "Later, though, at your place." And as far as he knows, that place is the Arcade. And as far as he knows, he meant that in the innocent sort of way.

The robed figure walks slowly over towards Arthur as he begins to unfurl the map. Sketches. Locations. His eyes scan it over quickly as the smith talks. "Oh you sure know how to rope me in," Paulo says with a swashbuckling swish of his arm across his chest like 'oh golly gee, capn', "how can I say no to learning your secrets? I'll have to just buckle down and put on my listening hat." He smirk mischeviously. Orb still red.

Twitch. Do not immolate. Do not immolate. Do not immolate. Red orb is red as he ignores Oriane to the best of his ability. Those sensitive to magic can practically feel the rage radiating off of him, though. Funny, physically he seems a fair actor to it all-- minus the orb messing up the aesthetic.
Haneisuru Haneisuru's smile is muted as he watches Oriane. "Heh, you're a laugh a minute, aren't you?" He cracks his neck a little, swishing his lips a bit. "Oh, yeah, didn't you hear about that? We're fighting the Heartless in the blackness between worlds by sitting in tiny ships made out of candy. I /hear/ that there's a couple of tiny rodents who are /really/ good with 'em." With that, he grins widely, imparting each word with as much sarcasm as he can muster.

The most fun thing to do with the truth is expose how absurd it is. This is true in pretty much every case."
Arthur Drover Arthur addresses Haneisuru first: "They drop an essence of magical darkness we can distill, and for some reason they naturally excrete substances usable in the manufacture of both Ethers and the synthetic material we CALL "Phoenix Down". Interestingly enough, most of the phoenix down in use today is not down of the true Phoenix, but a magical mixture of similar properties painstakingly devised. The real thing would no doubt be too amazing to risk using in anything but dire emergency. I would love to get my hands on such a thing."

He shrugs expansively, an expressive gesture on his gangly frame. "I think we need to learn a tad more to make ourselves their equals, miss. Forgive her, m'lady. She is excitable. An admirable quality in its own right, of course. We simply understand gummi ships, their use and navigation, more than we did before. I hope to one day match the Corridors but for now I will have to produce faster safer mundane travel, thus the use of this."

The gummi blocks are plucked out with tongs and set on a block.

And Arthur pauses. That red orb IS somewhat worrying, and the kid might just have some hidden potential. Well.

Then she issues a challenge. Arthur smiles then. "The spirits of the dead and gone, bound once more to physical form - a dream or a nightmare? But you do not aim small. Maybe I see the shape of your "Heart's Desire" after all. Fine. A demonstration of my skill and ingenuity it is then."

The normally sedate man behind the counter, keen to explain, a little clumsy, vanishes under only one circumstance. Time for a challenge.

He takes off his glasses, and sets them aside. Arthur strides to a case next to Paulo's former position and yanks a staff from it. He pulls a rod from a nearby shelf.

Arthur's hand shoots into a satchel by the force, and he pumps the bellows with a few mighty stomps on a foot pedal. People usually don't issue him a challenge which manages to so deftly be an implication of lacking talent and a desire to beproven wrong.

"I do not know that this demonstrates my capacity for the binding of spirits, you have that. I anticipate your question falls to making a frame which is both receptive and rigorous. Armed with defense and outfitted for motion. Then hark here."

He smashes the two rods onto the stone by the fire, sending the red rock from the Rod, and the yellow stone from the Thunder Staff clattering into the coals. These are moved with tongs and pushed closer to the flames, growing red hot.

There is a nearby crucible. He peeks inside and tosses a small lump of squarish metal from a wall bin into it.

"Paulo, melt that metal. Apply as much heat as you want, the crucible will stand." Sweat is already running down his brow as he grabs a casting mold from under the counter and hurls it into a slot beneath the crucible's spout.

Then he grabs up his hammer and a narrow ring of metal. The stones are taken from the fire, red hot, still in the tongs, and laid on the anvil with speed and precision. He throws a flat beneath them and takes up his hammer.

It seems an imprecise tool for so fine a job.

"Up with the hammers~
Down with the sledges.
Hark to the clamours~
Pound now the edges~

Shape it and catch it,
Sing loud and clear-o~
Spade, hook, or hatchet
Sword for a hero~

The beat of the song matches the hammer's movement, which is a kind of musical slam. Not one bang of the hammer, but two as it collides with one side, bends on the impact, and hits the other, curving the flat by force of impact so it sits AROUND the gems and protects them from outer impact while part of them still pokes through.

"When it's melted boy, pull the chain and learn something!"

His voice sounds like the steel does.
Oriane Guado "Statistically, I am not." Oriane deadpans to Haneisuru before listening him give his version of the gummi events. The priestess pauses to wait for more details and then simply blinks when she realizes that the cultured barbarian was finished. She casually reaches up and brushes a hand past her carefully maintained eyelashes and reopens her unnaturally green eyes. "Thank you for the...succinct...explanation." The priestess makes a few mental notes to herself before looking over at Arthur as he talks and works at the same time.

Oriane bobs her head towards the Master Binder. "If I aimed small, then I would still be tending a Shrine of the Fayth in blissful ignorance to the mysteries that the larger, now combined world presents and demands to be investigated by inquisitve minds." She elaborates conversationally with the presumptiously older human. "And yes, the corridors are simply fascinating in how easily one could travel from one place to another. Even the most forbidden machina did not possess that calibur of power." The priestess continues to examine Arthur's work, hoping to possibly gleam something from it for her own uses.

The green-haired priestess does pay attention when Arthur asks Paulo for assistance. She is quite interested in seeing what magic this young upstart can summon. And should he mess this up, all the better for Oriane's enjoyment. "The manifestation of spirits into a physical form is not an unusual or rare thing. The cases in which this has happened are quite well catalogued and therr are even those who hunt 'fiends', as they are so brutishly defined as, to earn their living. My research, my interest is in performing this union artificially instead of merely waiting for such an occurence to happen in the wilds." There is certainly more to Oriane's desires than that, but she has no intention on divulging all her secrets so readily.
Deelel Deelel is polite if nothing else at this point she looks at her for a moment blinking for a moment at what Oriane seems to be planning. She wonders for a moment but thinks it's best to not poke too hard into it. So she'll leave them be and she nods to Oraine for a moment

"Gummi Ships, basically can do so. Bricks have been found all over the place as of late, also are for sale in various spots go to the space port in Traverse town if your interested."

"Ah I see, I was hoping to get into some business dealings with him."

One blue eyebrow goes up at Paulos question and she wonders about just what's going on she'll find out soon enough one way or another.

"They really are actually are good at it."

She may or may not be having fun with this she may be having a whole lot of enjoyment from it then comes the singing she blinks in surprise she may or may not be recording it for later use.

"Not bad, not bad at all."
Haneisuru Haneisuru rubs a hand up the side of his head, brushing past his brows as he opens his eyes a little wider. "Then there are people missing out. You are great. Do priestesses get paid by the syllable or something?" He seems to almost be asking legitimately, but that grin is kinda...yeah, he's being a jackass.

With that, he watches Arthur work the forge intently, his gaze narrowing a bit. Then he starts wringing his hands together a little, somewhat nervously and impatiently. "Hey, uh, you want--" He looks to Arthur. "You want some help with that?" He asks slash almost pleads.
Paulo Mysidi It is almost as if Arthur knows an outlet for all of this pent up anger is exactly what the kid needs. Like hitting a punching bag or mowing the lawn. "With pleasure," Paulo is saying between his teeth by now. The glowing red orb that hovers over his shoulder moves down his arm. It rests inches from his right wrist as he stands over the crucible.

There is barely any delay in the casting of the fire-based spell at times it seems like it is going to go to Firaja-- but it is throttled back. That one must have been just waiting to come out and play.


Intense white-hot flames erupt from his hand akin to a Firaga level of fire magic. The crucible might be standing just fine-- but several of the flames desperately desire to backlash towards the sage as he gets his frustration out on the poor piece of metal. Interestingly enough it is the orb on his right hand that burns as bright as the magic itself-- and finally tones down as the hadouken of deathfire subsides. The metal, persumably, is left as a puddle of liquid by the end. Unless it was some supah metal, then it would at least be glowing red hot.

Wiping the sweat off of his brow, the sage feels much better now. The orb snakes up along his arm and rests over his shoulder. The color is still red, but not glowing with the intensity of a neon sign any more. Paulo reaches over and pulls the chain. "Alright old man, lets see what the mystery chain does," he asides back to Arthur with a grin. What is behind door number 1?!
Arthur Drover "Still thinking about the knife?" Arthur asks, figuring Haneisuru wants to speed things the hell up. "It'll only be a minute." He speaks while the clangor fills the room, and then the tongs grasp a large circle with only a bit of each gem facing outward. He tosses this into the mold just in time, the whole process taking only as long as the song.

He can hear the flow and beat of his workshop, moving to the time and watching the metal fall when the chain is pulled.

It is red hot, and steam flies up a vent, pluming out of the cast. But it cools when it hits the mold - red to yellow to blue to gray. It almost seems confused. Lightning oozes from one gem, and healing energy from the other. The two comingle. The synthesist watches as if this were a very interesting thing. He holds his hand out over the ring, counts to three, and yanks it out by hand.

"There." He slides the ring on his finger -red and yellow stones standing out, but the protective magic keeping him from being scorched. Arthur spends a moment appraising the boy. "Strike me with the strongest lightning attack you can muster. Hard. Intend to kill me."

The glasses are re-donned, and he sits on one of the stools near the fire. "This might be an interesting thing to see, miss." This is directed at Deelel. The challenged artisan momentarily turning his eye away from Oriane. He does however consider her more than worth the time from the interactions with other customers alone, and his smile is gentle and fixed.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi takes a deep breath and asides to the haughty Guado, "Get her to wear it-- and gladly." Hey, you want it to be authentic, right? He'll be able to pull the punch a lot less with some motivation.
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Haha, my faith in my craft is unmatched, so of course I would let you batter against it. Do you expect a stranger to dare risk her life on my craft? What say you, Lady, do you find a life without danger not worth living?" This is an interesting turn, but Arthur is a lot less composed and mannerly fresh from the forge, and the ring thrums with new life. He draws it from his finger and extends it on the palm of his hand toward Oriane. "And don't volunteer, Haneisuru. I know you'd do it even without the ring.""
Haneisuru "Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait. Wait! Wait. Wait." Haneisuru holds out his hand.
"If anybody's gonna be doing /crazy lightning attacks/, I--" ...He looks to Arthur, then looks down at the ground. "../maaan/."
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "I am sure the boy can be convinced via scathing sarcasm to blow you into next week. It is a pity you are of course unskilled in that art.""
Oriane Guado Oriane rolls her eyes gently back into her head while at the same time raising a hand to somewhat cover this action from the others. "No." She answers quite firmly and legitimately to the barbarian as she watches Paulo perform his part in this ritual. That was a textbook example of black magic. So Paulo -did- learn something from his teachers. The priestess merely waits for the demonstration to be done with. She has yet to see her proof and she also has not been directed any inquiries her way. That being so, Oriane takes this idle moment to ensure her appearance is as orderly as possible and that her guards were not daydreaming at their posts by the door.

Paulo's request causes Oriane to legitimately frown. She brushes some imagined dust off one of her warrior-monk's chest plate before walking across the floor and straight towards Paulo. Her hand goes up to the right and then to the left -hard- towards Paulo's face. "How dare you even presume to risk bodily harm to a High Priestess of Yevon?!" She demands of him before adding back towards Arthur. "And -you-, 'Master Binder'! Is this the sort of uncivilized practices that you condone in your establishment? I thought that a -professional- would have the good sense to condemn such wanton hostility and one such as you should also realize that I would not have asked for a demonstration in the first place if I had such, unwarranted confidence in your craft. "
Haneisuru Haneisuru is still a /little/ downtrodden at the missing out on precious chance to be zapped by lightning, idly scrubbing the floor a bit with the toe of his shoe, before Oriane addresses him.
"See? You miss out on all /kinds/ of opportunities," He says, index fingers of both hands pointing, three fingers curled and thumbs straight up. He waggles one hand, then the other, winking as he clucks his tongue once last time. Then,he considers, rubbing his chin. "That...wasn't, like, a come-on or anything. That was more just..uh. In case that wasn't clear, that wasn't, like, me hitting on you or anything. Huh. I hadn't really thought about that before." Of course, by the point he's saying that, Oriane's laying into Arthur, but who cares.
Paulo Mysidi Big smile on Paulo's face gets slapped right off, it does. There is a small twitch in Paulo's arm prior to, as if he was considering blocking it but either decided against or simply wasn't quick enough to do it. One of his gloved hands rubs his face where it ker-cracked. "Of course-- all that air superiority in you-- but in the end you are just a coward who would let others fall on swords for you before even considering any risk to yourself. Right," he laughs-- unable to take Arthur's advice now.

"Tch," the sage lowers his hand from his face, "I guess it can't be helped. Its who you are-- and if you are going to start throwing a fit, direct it to me, Paulo Mysidi, and not Arthur who is just trying to give you what you want. He suggested himself, I suggested you." Finally he goes back to smiling-- feeling much better now that he got that off of his chest-- even though his face kinda hurts.
Deelel Deelel isn't sure if Haneisuru is serious or just trying to mess with the other woman. She really can?t tell she has no idea and she's doesn't think it will be wise to ask. She however goes to watch the work Paulos and Arthur are up to she's clearly very curious about they are working on. she watches the magic with more than a bit of surprise and awe as Paulo does his thing.

She however keeps her distance from the magic and whatnot she's just doesn't know the process of making things like this. She's only starting to grasp how the users of Manhattan and other like worlds. This was a different way of doing that just well had her staring with almost a bit of wonder.

"I never seen anything made like this before."

Deelel just kind stares now as Oriane jus goes off on Arthur but should she get into this shie ain't heer place she's juyst a customer after all right?
Arthur Drover Arthur seems nonplussed. "Precisely. I didn't think you'd accept, but it would be rude not to offer with the notion on the table. You must pardon this simple country buffoon, miss. The workshop does not teach us graces, only bluntness. Though perhaps not so blunt as the boy. She's right not to trust unproven work, lad. Your faith in me is not hers, ha! And I risk my skin only because of my faith in self. Now come on and help out or I'll have Deelel do it." He isn't smiling, but doesn't look abashed as he explains.

The ring is re-donned and Arthur braces his hand, showing it in the light.

"The ring is called "Coral". If I truly made it for a client, I would have put a pattern on there to support this motif. It can eat for force of lightning, rendering it harmless, even in proportions so great as this boy may dole. Demonstrate when ready, lad. I am in no danger. To survive the forces, it must keep defensive energy in tune with the lightning power from that staff. The staff in question was a purely offensive implement. To totally lock out one source of harm. Similar principles allow me to make an object timeless. Free or rust or darkness. To make a body free of poison by tying that power in to a garment or other physical medium. I don't expect you to take mere words for it, but in the narrow time we spoke and I focused, I have made something that is of this caliber, and now we shall test it."

He waits for the strike, adding: "When you leave a problem with me, it will end up solved. If there's a solution in this world I will find it, and that's why people come around. I have a network of contacts among the kind of hard-working people who wouldn't give the time of day to a woman so refined as yerself. For fear of offending you as each of us has managed to do in our own way since you came in - for which, the apologies of the house. But sometimes results are worth putting up with the unusual ways of people in this world."

Arthur raps his hammer on the anvil. "Boy, now!" overtones of bronze and fire in the shout, but a faint grin on the face as he stares at the ring. Truth is, Arthur's already planning the little pattern of lightning bolts and towers he is going to scribble onto the metal.
Arthur Drover "There's a synthesis shop in every town, just about, Deelel." Arthur imparts it kindly, the ring held up in front of him on his finger still. "They also magically resize to fit anyone, a handy convenience. It's hard to learn but I have books, and I can recommend someone who can teach you better than I. I am a poor teacher just now, manners especially." A sheepish grin at Oriane, but in his own shop Arthur is proud enough to not scrape and beg with additional apologies. He does gesture Deelel closer. The way she hangs at the back reminds him a bit of a skittish kitten - and he likes to make customers feel welcome when they aren't being threatened with lightning.
Oriane Guado In the realm of nobility, Oriane is acting very restrained indeed. Threatening a person of noble birth when one is not of noble blood used to be grounds for punishment if not execution. Was this fair? Of course not, but neither were most things in life. Oriane's pointed ears are not just for show as she manages to catch most of what Haneisuru has to say to her. And she is left quite perplexed by what he has to say. Did she inadvertantly partake in a barbarian courting ritual? Was it the act of violence she just inflicting on that foolish mage? Perhaps she should restrain from such activities in the future. In the end, all she can do is give Haneisuru an icy look before returning her attention on the insultive Paulo.

"You know nothing of the sacrifices I have underwent to achieve my goals. Nothing." Oriane Guado reiterates quite grimly to Paulo. She did tell Haneisuru that there was nothing that she would not sacrifice to achieve her heart's desire earlier. "You should be lucky that my hand graced that moronic face of yours for there was more magic in that brief touch of mine than your entire body." She says quite chillily to the disrespectful mage.

Arthur now gets to become the object of Oriane's ire. "I am confident that you understand why I would direct any anger towards you. I believe you realize that I expect more from an Master Binder than an Unproven youth and because of that; I accept your apology and your admission that you find yourself lacking in manners." The priestess says to Arthur with a firm nod of her head. Oriane then gestures towards her guards who have since drawn their strange weaponry during this ordeal. Those with a head for machina might be able to figure out what they were wielding, but others would not have the slightest idea other then that they carry strange elongated tupe weapons with grips in their hands.
Haneisuru Haneisuru tries to replicate the icy look Oriane gives him. It's kinda hard. With that, he turns around, noticing that the guards have gone and drawn their weapons. Those are--
Haneisuru stops. His lips press together a moment, and he fidgets uncomfortably. Those are weapons he has never seen before. Those...are weapons. That he has never seen before. The mimic's eyes widen a little, as he completely ignores everyone else in the room to take one step, then another, towards the guards.

The boy's mouth opens, but no sound comes out. He bites on a finger, awkwardly, hesitantly. There is a sharp breath inward. He isn't sure how to /address/ this situation, because he doesn't actually want to cause a scene, but /this is a weapon he has not seen before/.

Alright. He can do this. He turns to Oriane, taking a breath. Yeah. Okay. He can goad the guards to action but make it look like the priestess's fault for ordering them to hit him. Yeah! Then he can /totally/ get hit with the /weird crazy tube thing/, which ispretty much going to be the highlight of this evening since the chatterbox is delaying his appointment with the Tonberries. Now, how to annoy a pries--ooh.

"So, who's this Yevan guy, anyway?"
Paulo Mysidi Not for a single moment does Paulo let his eyes leave Oriane. Tense tense stare stare. The stupid smile on his face and big red mark makes it all the less serious. He hears Arthur talking-- but it is muffled through some of the thoughts racing through his sagey little head. The kid still has a temper on him-- and some big red buttons that are easy to hit. Ah, such is the greatness of youth.

The orb on Paulo's shoulder is no longer a bright red, but it is still red. It seems aggitated too-- not hovering casually but being very twitchy or glitchy. It practically teleports over to his right hand as it sparks with electricity when Arthur barks the order. The display is nowhere near as impressive as the fire show earlier-- perhaps a Thundara at best-- but it jolts out with great accuracy towards the shielded Arthur. When it finally stops, Paulo dusts off his hands, "Whatever you have to tell yourself, lady. I'm an aristocrat too and I don't lord my station over other people or bring goons to fight my battles for me." He headcocks to the side for the guards. He scratches the side of his head-- no longer seeming that upset by it. In fact, he realizes something and laughs. "Minwu was right to regulate magic because of people like you. Its a shame not all worlds received such guidance." Be as it may-- that would have prevented Sin and all that pain. Maybe.

The sage walks away-- offering to Han there with a face-slapped smile, "I'll zap you later if you really want." He is over it.
Deelel Deelel looks at Arthur and shakes her head a little bit.

"Not in my world of most of the worlds I tend to travel upon. Magic tends to not be a thing there. My world doesn't even have the concept of it even just as stories."

She does however accept the invitation and comes closer as she was asked to do so. She's is however is looking at Oriane as things are staring to get to her for a moment. She almost says something but it would just make things worse. User culture is just so confusing sometimes. At least with the security programs back on Flynn OS they were pretty direct at least in the way Deelel sees the world.

There is just this stare dong going on between him and the priestess.

"I believe the deity that the religions worships. I mean no disrespect I have not ... been to what remains of Spiral before and only know little of it in passing."

Deelel does get the whole class based society her kind are created for their jobs. She's just a bit of a maverick going off on her own to do something other than make art or music.

"Wait you'll what?"

She's just kinda staring at Paulo and Han now. Things are just getting stranger and she's used to expecting strange things to happen around non programs. Still wait he wants to get zapped?!
Arthur Drover The synthesist does not stir, face carefully impassive. The ring eats the lightning. It sucks it out of the atmosphere and absorbs it, glistening. There is the acrid smell of smoke, then the searing absorption, a magical flare as the twin stones seem to switch places. The thing looks more refined, finer than it did when fresh forged. "The thunder recharges the ring, which after all uses inverted offensive magic to make a defensive field. A tool which repairs itself. After that demonstration it is hardened."

Arthur signs when Paulo storms out. He'd have to talk to the boy later, but at least the point was made. "I design not tools, but systems. From the self-perpetuating to the intentionally redundant. And yes, I trust in my work, since at my meager physical talent that boy's bolt would have fried me insensate absent some protection."

He places the ring on the counter for examination. "Deelel, there's more to magic than the flash and the thunder. I seem to remember you overcoming animosity to heal a woman you railed against at my shop a short time after. I doubt you're devoid of any magic. Still, I would not want to learn to use it."

The smith's eyes, behind light-flashing spectacles, home on Oriane's guards and the interaction with Haneisuru. Carefully, his smile brittle, Arthur notes: "I would of course enact any other demonstration you request, but that was the one which came to mind as most immediate and comprehensive." His hands are folded in front of him, and he is as unarmed as he always is when tending shop.

"We are not usually so hectic, and were we alone I dare say your impression might be different." An apologetic gesture maybe, or maybe he's pointing at Hanei to draw attention to his guard goading.
Oriane Guado Oriane regards Paulo impassively. Her visage of being a high priestess of Yevon restricted what she can and cannot do in public like this. "I believe you condemn your own family's name by such an admission. I, in their stead, will be properly embarassed by your complete lack of manners and respect." The priestess remarks evenly. The little parting blow by Paulo is promptly ignored. Her church was entirely corrupt, full of overwrought imbeciles, and woefully inept in the public's eye and in actuality. Thankfully, they also employ individuals such as Oriane and use forbidden machina behind closed doors. Individuals who one day might assume power and change the church for the better.

Han gets another look and a shake of the head from the Guado. "As you were wondering before, we Priestesses do not get paid by the syllable. Attend the next sermon and you too can learn of the 'grandeur' of Yevon." The Warrior monks guards seem to be eye-balling him intently still. But they are suspiciously quiet and intrinsically obedient to the wishes of the priestess.

The Priestess turns back towards Arthur finally. "That display was illuminating of your prowess, but I feel any future business should be discussed where there would be fewer infuriating children who deem it necessary to interrupt the business of adults."

And so, Oriane offers a departing nod towards Arthur, a slight bob of the head to Deelel, and an empty glare at Han. The Priestess would then exit the shop, turn the corner, and mysteriously vanish down a nearby 'corridor' with her guard in tow..
Haneisuru Haneisuru, having missed out on his valuable chance to be hit by something new and exotic, just throws Paulo a double thumbsup and a wide, wide grin.
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "The synthesist polishes his glasses in her wake. "She's not wrong. I need to build an office." Arthur murmurs to himself as the Priestess passes out of the shop, drawing a slight bow and a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry, Haneisuru. I know you wanted them to fire upon you, but it would risk the merchandise."

Having completed the strangest apology of his career, Arthur waves the others nearer. "Now maybe we can't go today, that took a while, but I can at least offer you all a job. And show you the plan. You see the Tonberries populate these caverns in droves. We're going to break in, lead them on a merry chase, and then dig some pits on the way out while someone - that will be you, Haneisuru - runs from them. I doubt you will be able to AVOID being slashed a few times. You seem keen for that. They don't climb well and it would take them so long to cut out of a deep pit or think of doing so, that we can have recycling methods like a spiralling ramp back up that they need to walk on. They don't build bridges that I know of, so that way we protect the countryside and I can then attempt to drop some hutches or collection points in the middle of the cave. We then team up with local builders to dig access hatches and we lower food into the area I mark, to encourage them to congregate nearby. We can now address any of your business."

He has a questioning look, and he's still sweating. The ring sits on the counter, glowing in the firelight. "Boy, I should inspect that orb sometime." This is thrown toward Paulo. "You should demonstrate further."

With a sigh and a hand across his face, Arthur points at Hanei. "Deelel, you should watch too.""
Arthur Drover The synthesist polishes his glasses in her wake. "She's not wrong. I need to build an office." Arthur murmurs to himself as the Priestess passes out of the shop, drawing a slight bow and a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry, Haneisuru. I know you wanted them to fire upon you, but it would risk the merchandise."

Having completed the strangest apology of his career, Arthur waves the others nearer. "Now maybe we can't go today, that took a while, but I can at least offer you all a job. And show you the plan. You see the Tonberries populate these caverns in droves. We're going to break in, lead them on a merry chase, and then dig some pits on the way out while someone - that will be you, Haneisuru - runs from them. I doubt you will be able to AVOID being slashed a few times. You seem keen for that. They don't climb well and it would take them so long to cut out of a deep pit or think of doing so, that we can have recycling methods like a spiralling ramp back up that they need to walk on. They don't build bridges that I know of, so that way we protect the countryside and I can then attempt to drop some hutches or collection points in the middle of the cave. We then team up with local builders to dig access hatches and we lower food into the area I mark, to encourage them to congregate nearby. We can now address any of your business."

He has a questioning look, and he's still sweating. The ring sits on the counter, glowing in the firelight. "Boy, I should inspect that orb sometime." This is thrown toward Paulo. "You should demonstrate further."

With a sigh and a hand across his face, Arthur points at Hanei. "Deelel, you should watch too."
Paulo Mysidi Would it be childish to stick his tongue out at Ori after she leaves? Yes. Does Paulo still do it? Yes. Honestly, he is 19 and looks in his twenties but it is things like that which put him on par with a kid.

Paulo is otherwise innocently looking at the commissions once more when Arthur goes back to his plan. The sage pays attention to the plan-- gravitating forward and listening in with a nod. He blinks-- realizing it might not have been 'wise' to demonstrate his magic in front of someone who is knowledgable like Arthur.

"Erm. So... you want me to zap him?" Paulo :| faces and points to Han.
Haneisuru Haneisuru rubs the back of his head. "I'm /pretty/ knowledgable on lightning, but maybe it's /different/ from Ramuha lightning?"
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Oh let me be more precise. The more unique what you do is, the more he wants to see it. It'll still hurt him though. So no sending him to another dimension."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi :|

One of Paulo's hands raises up and, without looking, moves over towards Hane. The orb, which is a comfortable pink-white color now, slips down to Paulo's right wrist. Then-- ZAP! A basic thunder spell arches from his fingertips right towards the poor man.
Haneisuru Haneisuru braces himself. Feet shoulder-width apart, arms held out, slightly bent. Honestly, he looks like he's prepared to catch a baseball, and then he is /enveloped by lightning/.
"J-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-gjgj" He lets out, before kneeling to the ground as the effect dissipates. He surmises the situation a bit, standing up and then brushing himself off.

"Hmmm. Yeah, that was nothing special."
Deelel Deelel says "I know that, I mean the concept didn't exist. That wasn't me that was the systems on the Gummi ship. an interesting person to put it mildly. I'm not sure what to make of her honestly."

She seems in decent of enough spirits but it looks like that they are edging away from any sort of major social disaster, well more of one anyway. She needs to think about what Arthur has said but she's pretty sure she's about as magical as a spork. When it came to matters of faith? Deelel has met her gods more or less, she doesn't hate them but she ... didn't get what she expected to put it mildly. Still she's become fond of them and their chaotic world even though it can scare her, she's learning chaos can lead to growth but well too much disorder still is a subject of horror for her.

"Tonberries? I heard of such creatures they are said to be very dangerous."

Double so for adventuring sorts, given how the small monsters seem to be the revenge for the fallen given waddling form.

"As for magic I doubt I would be able to use it even if I had any. Trust me on this if you will, I'm still surprised but very thankful the healing sort can heal me. It would make recovering from injuries ... dangerous."

Given there's one doctor outside the grid who could treat an injured program without potions or magic.

"Wait are you sure that's a good idea?!
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi asides quickly to Deelel, "Its alright-- I can heal him. There is just the whole... pain... issue." Though he is quickly amazed at how well Han took it.
Haneisuru Haneisuru pats his hair back down, a fair chunk having stood on edge during the shock. "Ah--it /hurts/, don't get me wrong, but it takes more than a little...hahaha, hold on. I got this." He swallows a moment, then raises his arms to the air, tilting his head back. ...

Nothing happens.

"...right. Gotta be under sunlight for that to work."
Arthur Drover "You mystify me, sir." Arthur shakes his head. "And sadly I doubt you'd need any of my weapons if you can do that. Now, Paulo, Deelel, since we won't make a raid on the nest tonight, we can discuss your weapons or any matters of the Art. Nothing against that woman, fine lady by the look of it, but I don't know where I stand with folk like that. I've got a few contractors coming in to look at the Gummi blocks, too. Shego is professional and skilled. In this dangerous world, Deelel, we can't look a gift chocobo in the beak."
Paulo Mysidi "Oh no," Paulo holds his hands up and waves them. "No no. Actually I do." He has to focus for this one. The orbs split-- one being a solid white and going to his left wrist. The other is a solid black and goes to his right. After focusing the black seems to fade and the white one forms into a wooden staff. It shimmers-- as if partially here and partially not. It takes some concentration for Paulo to keep it like this. Arthur would notice that the essence of it is in the white orb-- nestled at the top of the staff as a gem.

The sage holds the weapon, showing it to Arthur but unable to give it to him, "Unfortunately I would have to go pretty far to get it to present it to you. To even use them I need to have a personal attachment to it-- and having something designed and handcrafted by a friend is pretty much the only way I can expand it." It is a very UNUSUAL method of magic, but hey, its Paulo. He might have a space dimensional pocket in his head where his brain should be sometimes.
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Well lad, don't let the ease with which I pulled together a simple ring fool you. Those staves were works of art, and unless I'm doing a flash demonstration nothingleaves this workshop that is less than perfect. I'd need to know where the gaps are in your arsenal."

Arthur inspects the staff closely, one hand reaching out and hanging just above it. But the experience is too alien. "With a little time, I could see how you do that, but I think for now we will let it be a mystery. What would you be lookin' to have made? Realizing the materials will either be expensive or difficult to get, of course."

He points to Haneisuru, then to the split orbs, then back. "This is what you should be learning. Deelel, ever see anything like this before?" He's at a loss, so he consults the surrounding figures, still wowed by Paulo's methods. Arthur never wanted to learn magic, but that doesn't fully stop the envy."
Haneisuru Haneisuru's watching the orbs intently, rubbing his chin. "Ah...that, hm. It kinda just makes a weapon, I don't...I think I could /do/ it, but it wouldn't last long. Not really something I can use." He shrugs a little. "Equipment's not really something I can do in the long-term, you know?" He looks to Paulo thoughtfully.
Paulo Mysidi Unfortunately Paulo can't hold it in this form for very long. The process is already exotic enough-- it was not meant to be done this way. After a strained sigh-- Paulo loses it. The orb goes back to his shoulder-- combined once more. "Like holding your breath," mutters the sage, "still can't do that very long." He then looks to Han. "Aroo? Well I just made a jerk out of myself in front of all of you. If you need a hand getting ingrediants, I'd feel a lot better if I could help. Oh, speaking of which-- my original reason for coming here." He reaches into his heavy robe for a pouch-- producing it for Arthur. "Its not much, but it would make a good demo for the red-headed dancer. Her name-- escapes me."
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover laughs and takes the bag, shuffling it away onto the counter after peeking at the contents. "I will determine what to do about her blade, next I see her. I think we may need to dig a little deeper. Now, I grow weary. If there is nothing more, we will determine the Tonberry rustling at a later date."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi thumbs up to that, "You're the expert. I just wander a lot. Come across things. Catalogue them. That came to mind from last time." He looks back to the door and says, "I'll letcha grab some rest."
Haneisuru Haneisuru ...sighs, the disappointment pretty obvious on his face. "Ah. ...Huh. Well." He swishes his mouth. "What's a little rescheduling, right? Whole world still left to see." He tries to sound as happy about this as he can, but it's pretty clearly failing.
"Ah...I'll just..get back to the Academy then."
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Sorry, Hanei. I will make it up to you.""
Deelel Deelel has been just taking her time to browse the various things in the shop now that thing's have settled down before. "I seen magic in use, but not in this fashion."

She's grinning a little bit now. While she takes the strange disc off her back for a moment and flops it about in her hand. It could very well be a chakram but after a second it hums to life as the edge glows briefly, and then seemingly powers down.

"Can you make an underpowered weapon like this?"

She asks not expecting an actual killing edge to be energize before she puts it back on the mounting on the back of her clothing.

"I'm always good for work, I can make use of the money however I do have some personal matters as of late keeping my busy."

Paulo should know what this likely is given Deelel's time in the arcade, ya that's kinda got Deelel's attention pretty hard.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi offers to Hane, "I... can always zap you again?" He didn't realize his little drama delayed a fun adventure. Now he feels bad. Frowny face on a sage.

He knows about Deelel's project. To which the frownysage turns to Deelel, "Part of what I want to talk to you about later."
Arthur Drover "I - yes. I can make a throwing discus like that. I'll need to take measurements of your swing and motion, make it comfortable for you to throw. If you can give me the measurement and weight on your current weapon, I can craft to spec. It might take me a few weeks to do some research. Maybe lightning element would be best, since you commune with machines so well..." The weapon has been taken in visually, and he considers: "Maybe we could go get some ultralight metal, and a lightning core or two."
Haneisuru Haneisuru casually starts spinning an identical disc in his hands for a moment, before it vanishes. "...Hn." He says to himself quietly, before shrugging.

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