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Zack Fair Walks Into A Door
(2013-07-23 - 2013-07-23)
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Arthur Drover Since the World fell under darkness, and was re-formed later, this synthesis shop has taken on importance in the reconstruction efforts. Arthur always knew how to build careful monster nests, devices that could get the shell fragments or magic cores out of their nests without hurting the creatures. Now, with so many nests gone, a lot of monsters are nearly extinct. Only the strongest, most beloved homes of their races are often fully intact. So the ones that were teetering on the edge of oblivion had to be relocated. They had to be bred and cared for. The old Synthesist is in charge of these efforts because he nominated himself to do them, and he makes enough money from customers coming from abroad. Having the best materials is how you do that, even if it means the waitlist is sometimes crushing. Recent business reorganization has given him more capital, and more time.

Not a week passes that a different notice doesn't show up outside the shop, but this gives rise to clerical matters and just tonight he'd been arranging plans for a mass gummiship trip with mercenaries and friends. The goal? Scouting and retrieval, with possible angles on Munny and fun alongside the danger. And that's JUST had the finishing touches laid down.

Presently the older man sits at his counter, tending the shop. The forge is quiet, the water carafe sits by the door for a summer day's weary hangers-on, and he sips good stewed coffee with a little sugar, awaiting anyone who might inquire about monster hunting, gummi ships, local emergencies, or the duties of the Synthesis Shop. Or just want a cup of what is on the hob.

Presently his wife slides in from the garden. A red-haired woman taller than the smithcrafter, she plants a brief peck on his head before moving with eerie grace into the potion lab beyond and shutting the door. She used to be a dancer, now she's the chief supplier for the region, and does a trade in more private mixtures than you'll find over the counter, by way of the back door. And so it goes this afternoon at the shop. Upstairs, children are arguing.
Margaux Fleury The Death Corps influence in Alexandria was not what it should be. As was their influence everywhere, their presence here was waning to the point of practical obscurity. This anonymity would normally be enjoyed by Marguerite, but the revolutionary found it somewhat disconcerting. Her allegiance to the Grand Heretic Ramza seems to cause her more trouble now than her ties to the Corpse Brigade.

Despite all of this, Margaux took certain precautions and decided to travel in her coat of plates, striped trousers, high leather boots, and a bright blue, double-sided travelling cloak. The once dancer enters the shop in this very outfit and looks quite frankly at a loss to what she just stepped into. The young woman only wanted to get off the street for a moment, but it seems that she entered into quite the curious establishment. The somewhat bewildered look on her face is only compounded when she sees a just as graceful, yet older version of herself make a brief appearance into the shop proper. For a moment, Margaux looks as if she has seen a ghost, but she soon displays a stage smile on her face as she casually strides up towards the counter of the shop.

"Pardon me, but w'at exactly -is- this place?" asks the red-haired Margaux simply with a peculiar emphasis being placed on certain vowels. Sometimes, the direct route proves to be the easiest one.
Arthur Drover The resemblance to his wife is not entirely lost on Arthur, maybe. At least it is nice to see a redhead bustle in in metal plate. That screams business. "Purveyors of Synthesis, lass. Arms, armor, potions, accessories, gems. The distilled essences of monsters and magic forged into weapons to spec." Arthur stands up and gestures to the display cases, which do carry enchanted weapons - staves, a Mage Masher dagger, some double sided Butterfly Swords alongside Chain Cuirass and Yellow Scarves. "We are learnin' new things every day, importing the finest techniques we can from the Worlds. And of course I organize local jobs for folks who're between."

He moves closer to the counter. "We make things that channel power, too. Draw out skills you didn't know you had. And I can prepare bombs, powders, charges, traps. Mariel han'les the tinctures." He gestures to the door to the potion lab. "Elixirs, or something stronger if you've the time to wait. We'll mend armor or swords in a trice too. Not a thing I can't make, with metal and a hammer and the right mood. Also folks tend to stop a while."

A hand is pointed at the benches by the door. "Waiting on their orders, or just watching people go by. Most people pass by when they come in from the wilds. A good place to shape the rust off your weapon, hone the edge, polish your boots, and I'll lend you stone and wire if you need to do so. More business when folk can see how worn they're gettin'!" A warm smile accompanies the idea of a new customer, but for all Arthur's feigned absentminded sales pitch, he's sizing her up with a hunter's eye just in case.
Paulo Mysidi You know who has two thumbs and just walked into the shop? This guy. This guy being Paulo. Paulo being the guy with two thumbs... Paulo enters the shop! What is a Paulo, you ask? A tall, blonde man in such heavy robes you'd think he entered the Robe Association of Ivalice as president. He's not only present, but he is also a member.

"Sounds elaborate," chimes in the young man as he looks over a shelf. Yes he was listening in-- but his eyes were focused on a staff. He pokes it. The little blue orb that hovers over his shoulder glows from blue to white and back to blue again. His head turns to the store owner, smiling sincerely, "You must keep very busy to keep all of this in stock!"
Margaux Fleury Margaux's blue eyes casually wander towards the rack that was full of magical weapons. "Such a practice seems familiar to me." The Death Corps member purses her lips together in concentration before trading this for a warm smile. "But, I did not pay attention to such matters back in Ordalia." She decides after a moment before leaning forward against the counter to get a better look at the weaponry. "What fearsome looking weaponry!" Her gloved left hand casually holds back her cloak enough to reveal the sheathed rapier with a phoenix on its hilt. "My own blade could use the touch of an expert." Another grin now. "So that the Phoenix can rise again."

The further explanation of the syergist's work and the use of the shop as a roadside stop draws a pair of nods from Margaux. "I must admit, I came in 'ere on a whim. But what luck I seem to 'ave to find such a place, no?" The blue-cloaked woman then gestures towards herself faintly. "Nobility I am not. So I am loathe to find out just 'ow much your services might cost. But, we all must do things we do not like. What is the price of raising a phoenix from the dead?" She finally does ask with pat being afforded to her rapier.

The tall, robed one gets a cursory look from Margaux. She flourishes a casual smile and nod towards him after her brief inspection concludes. "There are some who find it distasteful to let their 'ands be idle for too long. Like this man 'ere, I think."
Arthur Drover "I don't work alone, lad. My wife, even my daughter and my son know different areas. And you can hardly call it a stock. But it is true I like something to fill my evenings. Going to bed tired is the best feeling in the world, and changing it in the process is the first thing we learn when we start out. What you see in those cases are objects people ordered and never picked up, orphans. Most people come get their things. If you wanted something not on display, it might take a whole week before we'd find time, depending on the nature of the thing. But usually I let people pay me in trade." He points at a notice on the front wall which advertises for brave gummiship pilots. "If they're adventurers. I make ten times as much that way and can afford to hire helping hands from other parts of the city. All in all, we employ twenty people. My wife, my son on weekends, my daughter twice a week to help the accountants log the books and keep an eye out for funny business. One carter for each leg of a journey from Lindblum and from Treno, then people who keep small farms and supply herbs we can't fit in the garden. There are folks out on the plains who stop by with dried mushrooms or rare tree wood from nooks only they know. This is how you have to work when your ingredients are specialized.." He surveys Paulo. Mentally, "wizard?" moves through his head, and seems confirmed when the staff is examined. "Mostly people tell us what they want and we try to make them happen. "Can't" has no place in this workshop."

Then Margaux makes her request. "But "difficult" does.

"Let me see." A calloused hand, the fingers nimble and much-worn, extends. Perhaps it is rude to Paulo, but weapons tend to demand all the world's attention.
Maira It just so happens that Maira is in Alexandria, following a lead for BUSINESS! VALKYRI is always looking for jobs, and she'd heard there was a shop in the city that was looking for adventurers, of which she just so happened to be.

The young woman with the wild mane of red-gold hair also so happens to be wearing the lovely purple dress Margaux had secured for her for their dance performance--because it makes her feel pretty.

Also, its laundry day.

Having asked a few locals about the location of the shop, Maira finally finds it after wandering around in circles for a while, entering right behind the man in the robes. "Helloooo..." she calls, then straightens as she looks toward Margaux, recognizing her. A bright smile appears as Maira springs forward and hugs Margaux from behind. "Margaurite! What a coincidence!" she exclaims.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo puts his hands up and waves them in a guarded 'Oh no, Im not going to break anything, promise' and a disarmingly bright smile on his face for Margaux. "Hah hah... bit of a habit. Don't worry-- if I break it, I bought it." His hands go back down to his sides as his tall body sways back and forth-- head turning to glance at another staff-- then as it rocks he looks at another. The orb above his shoulder shifts colors as he looks at them-- in the form of bright primary colors.

"Oh yes, I did see the sign. Gummi parts, right?" considers the sage as he switches from looking at a wooden healing staff to a more metallic wand for destructive magic. A hand waves to Maria, though he doesnt really know her, when she 'Hellloooss' out to the store.
Margaux Fleury Margaux is hesitant at first to relinquish her prized weapon. As with most people who use such things, she has grown quite attached to her weapon. Finally, she decides to trust the artisan and unsheathes the blade deftly. The weapon is now offered hilt first to the man. Under scrutiny, the blade seems to be amateurishly cared for and completely unremarkable besides the phoenix on the hilt of the blade.

The dancer surrenders her weapon over just as she gets attacked from behind. Fate sure can have quite the sense of dark humor. Thankfully, her attacker is Maira whose weapon of choice is a hug. "Maira!" greets Margaux warmly now that the initial shock was over with. The dancer still notices what Maira was wearing even from this position. "Ah, you give that dress more justice than I could ever 'ave hoped to give it." She compliments freely and easily. "So nice to see you again. What brings you 'ere? Business or..." She trails off and nods downwards towards Maira's dress. "...are you meeting someone special 'ere today?" Margaux half-teases, half-inquires.

The sparkily orb that floats above Paulo gets a distracted look from the dancer. "Messire, your orb changed colors. What does that mean?" She asks of man of many staffs and wands. Not the most eloquent question, but ever changing orb was quite the curiosity.
Arthur Drover "Hello, welcome to the Heart's Desire!" the smith declares in Maira's direction almost automatically. Arthur grins downward at the girl when she comes in, moving back enough to give her room to hug Margaux on the other side of the counter and momentarily withdrawing his hand. It grasps around the hilt. First, he looks toward Paulo: "Yes, I need a stupendous number of them. So I and many others are going to go out in gummi ships and do a simple circuit, destroying Heartless, making the Lanes safer for a short time, and bringing back any spoils. I will then be assembling a team to plumb their nature. Now, be right with you, this bears examination."

He treats the blade gently. It is moved through the air with a fencer's lightness, but he plainly has little familiarity with wielding it.

Then he balances the sword around its point of balance, on his forefinger, and watches it teeter.

"Ye need a better whetstone."

He tucks blade under one arm and fiddles with something in his breast pocket. "Tell me what you know of phoenixes, miss. And you may ask the audience."

There's a wry smile as the older man plays instructor, but then he grabs something silvery from under the counter. It sparkles in the forgelight and is the shape of a small rectangle. One side looks rough, the other fine. He sits on the stool by the forge, beckoning them after toward the benches alongside.

Then he waves the crowd over and kicks his foot gently against a ceramic jug. "Water cut with wine in there. Drink if you need it. Someone pump the bellows, if you'd be so good?" The contraption is less "bellows" and moreso some hellish amalgamation" of brass arms and winches which may in fact be made partly from monsters, but it has a large pedal for a person to press. This motion is then augmented via a gearbox to press more air into the banked coals of the forge through a series of air bladders.

"Don't expect miracles, but I can see what I can see. If nothing else, we can find new power buried. But tell me what you know of the Phoenix. I'm going to take this stone to your blade, watch close, gel."

Unable to stand a weapon at less than its best, Arthur rasps the steel. The motion is no different from a normal sharpening, save he holds the blade between his knees pointing away from him, and rasps the stone in long strokes without a pause. "Lad, how's your magic?" It's not a sharp interrogatory. His eyes have gone soft as if with reverie, and he's focused on the length of steel.
Zack Fair It's been something of an odd week for Zack Fair. A long walk of being attacked by those weird Heartless things, spending some time in the desert with his guide Gerad, being attacked by a strange man in the desert alongside his guide Gerad....yeah, it's been a bit. He hasn't checked in with Ramza yet, either, but that can wait - Ramza hasn't called him for help, and he hasn't needed to call the Braves for help. They could all mutually take care of themselves! Everybody in the Braves was a soldier, after all, including Zack himself; soldiers didn't need to look after each other all the time.

Although he might've appreciated some help with his map.

Zack's found himself in Alexandria after hopping an airship outside the Figaro Desert; at least he knows of Alexandria, sort of. He knows of them as the people responsible for what's happening to Archades; he knows of them as the people responsible for what happened to Faruja's people; he knows of them as allies of Baron. He knows that this city is not the best place for the likes of him...but he also knows that the Church's influence doesn't stretch quite this far, given the Church's allegiances and alliances in the mounting global war. So...that's good, then.

Doesn't help him with this map, but it's good! Overall.

Zack's been wandering the streets of Alexandria for a bit, taking in the sights as he always does when he shows up in somewhere new; his map is rolled up under his arm as he walks, the ungodly huge Materia Blade slung over his shoulder, a broad grin on his face. After all - he's not /lost/. He just doesn't know exactly where he is.

Those are two totally different things!

Zack pushes open the door to the Heart's Desire. He peeks his head in, looking around at the people inside; one cute girl, two cute girls, three cute girls, two guys - woah, what's on those shelves? This warranted some investigating! The spikey-haired man makes his way inside, the Materia Blade's hilt bumping itself on the frame. Zack holds up his hands (the map is still tucked under his elbow). "Sorry! Sorry about that."
Maira Maira giggles, letting Margaux go before clasping her hands behind her back. She blushes slightly at the compliment, then shakes her head, bright smile never leaving her face. "Nope! It's just laundry day, hehe. Plus, I like it! I should get to wear pretty dresses now and then, shouldn't I?" she asks. "I heard that the shop owner was looking for adventurers to help with some things, so I'm hear on behalf of VALKYRI of course!" she then explains, straightening to stand a little taller as she mentions VALKYRI, aiming to represent their group well.

Maira is easily distracted though, and follows Margaux's lead to watching the color changing orb. Ooou....shiny....

"Thank you! Heart's Desire huh? I like that name! Oh and you have potions! Heheh, guess you won't be wanting to buy any of mine then," she says with a small laugh. She's something of an alchemist herself! Maira wanders over to watch Arthur examine Margaux's sword. "Phoenixes--oh I know about phoenixes! They are said to die and be reborn from flame. The down of their feathers can be used to bring someone back from the brink of death--the bellows? Oh, I got that," she says, suddenly grinning as she looks toward the coals. They flare as she turns her gaze to them, just a glance as she demonstrates her extreme affinity with fire. "Just let me know how hot you need them!"

Maira turns her eyes to the door then, blinking as a dark haired man with a GIGANTIC sword enters. "W-wow, that's a big sword! What is with people and gigantic weapons. I bet I couldn't even lift that! It probably weight more than I do! Also, hello!"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo holds a big smile on his face as he naturally gravitates towards the blade. Inch inch. Inch inch. Before long his face is not far away from it-- staring at it intently. "Ooooh," he says in scientific amazement as the two talk about it. He is leaned forward-- hunched like an artisan might over a craft. He is no smith-- though. Enchanter-- sometimes. Synthesizer-- depends on your definition!

The glowing orb fluxuates as Margaux asks the question. Paulo's warm eyes move from the blade to the dancer, "It means it liked it-- or didn't like it. Or I liked it-- or didn't like it. Or it has been inventoried... actually it is a bit more complicated, huh?" The orb is a bright blue when Paulo is looking at the rapier. "Its a bit of a reference and storage system. Like a book! With a backpack. That knows what is in the backpack." The young sage rubs his chin. "Does... that make sense?"

While in thought, the proprietor asks the young sage a valid question. "Quite a bit," he bows to the two of them, "Paulo Mysidi, of the family Mysidi, town of Mysidia, profession of 'Sage'." He uses his fingers to make quotes for 'Sage'. For those with some knowledge of Mysidia-- he is part of one of the older families of the town.

Then his head whips back-- hearing the noise and noting the man with the huge sword, "Whoa."
Arthur Drover Arthur smiles at the helpful and energetic girl. "The bellows force air across the coals too, girl. But thank you, that's mighty useful. Heat of fire alone is not enough so we'll reduce that heat and add some bellows blowing. And we might well buy your potions, or your ingredients, depending on what you charge!" His hands never stop on the blade but his eyes move to Zack. "Come on in, lad! I'm just holding court back here. But I can listen and work at once into the bargain, so welcome to the Synthesis Shop. Just getting into town? Need to cut the road dust?"

A gesture - with the whetstone - toward the water jug by the door.

"Impressive weapon. I would nae mind a close look at it, later on. I'm just helping this lass to consider her own sword."

Paulo explains his orb. "Truly many mysteries around here.
Margaux Fleury Margaux watches the synergist carefully as he handles the blade she gave him. There does not seem to be any cause for concern and the dancer can only nod her head at the whetstone comment. "My talents mostly lie elsewhere. I am still new to 'ow to properly care for such a thing." She concedes to the smith before ponder his question about phoenixes. "I only know that nobles like to decorate their arms and armor with their likeness." The armored red-head shrugs her shoulders now. "Besides that, I am at a loss." The non magically inclined woman now looks to Maira or perhaps even Paulo for a little assistance on this matter.

A dull thud sounds behind her that is followed by an apology. The voice sounded awfully familiar so Margaux turns to investigate. "Messire Zack. Greetings. It 'as been awhile. Are you looking to 'ave your sword examined too?" Margaux's tone is casual and friendly towards the black-haired man whom was also an ally of Ramza. The dancer idly reaches up and tucks a strand of red hair behind her ear before following the synergist over to where he begins to work.

Maira's words bring Margaux's attention right back around. "You, of course, 'ave every right to do just that. In fact, I encourage it as we find ourselves too often dressed like this..." The dancer motions to herself. "....more often than in pretty, purple dresses." So, Maira was here on offiicial business. She would pry further, but she decides to ask Maira later about that official business. And the red-gold woman's timely knowledge of phoenixes draws an appreciative smile from Margaux. It seems Maira is already making herself doublly helpful by also positioning herself by the bellows. Margaux, on the other hand, merely walks over to one of the benches and sits down with her legs soon crossing over themselves.

Paulo's explanation about his orb causes Margaux to smile demurely at the tall man. The concept is a crazy one, but the world is ful of such things nowadays, so Margaux cannot help but nod her head. "I think I understand. I would ask what the various colors mean, but I would 'ate to make you divulge all of your secrets to a stranger such as I." She goes onto to say with a sly little grin crossing her face. "Unless you -want- to divulge them, of course." The introduction causes Margaux to place a hand over the front of her armor. "I am Marguerite." The fire-mage is gestured towards next. "The woman in the lovely purple dress is Maira." And finally the latest comer gets a nod. "And the one wielding the impressive sword is Messire Zack. She does not know him as well as Maira so it seems the woman has transfixed a title before his name.
Zack Fair "Ah, hey, Miss Fleury!" Zack holds up his hand, a wide grin spreading across his face. "You're lookin' good - as usual."

The man's big (glowing...?) green eyes blink at Margaux's comment. "Have my sword examined? No, I, uh, the shop just kinda caught my eye. Why? What kinda examinings do they do here?" Zack looks between Margaux and the synthesist curiously. "Like, magic, or like, 'hey you might have a crack in this thing'?"

Briefly, Zack considers unslinging the Materia Blade, but, well...the shop's roof isn't nearly that high. Plus, he's not sure the shopkeeper could actually...well...hold it. He laughs and scratches the back of his neck. "I didn't know there was anything like this in Alexandria! I'm just, y'know, kinda looking around the city, sightseeing, that sorta thing."

"Uh, hey!" He snaps his hand up as Margaux introduces him. "Just Zack's fine. Don't need any titles; I'm not a knight or anything, just a mercenary. Nothing so fancy."

"What does, uh, what does a synthesist shop do?"
Maira Maira's gaze snaps toward Paulo. "Mysidi!? You are a sage of Mysidia? Oooh! I have heard some many things! That it is /the/ place for mages! Oh my goodness! I'm Maira--fire mage and healer and--well, things," she informs him, dropping a curtsy. Seemed appropriate, considering.

Maira looks back to Arthur, reducing the heat with a thought, nodding to him. "Ohhh, okay. Hmm. I can see if I can try to work the bellows but I don't know..." she offers, pursing her lips slight as she approaches the contraption, trying to figure out how it works.

Further introductions are made, and Maira waves over toward Zack as it seems Margaux knows him. "Nice to meet you, Zack! A mercenary huh? I guess that's kind of what we do too...huh. Though we prefer "adventurer'" she comments. Zack sure seems a lot nicer than the other giant weapon wielding mercenary she knows. SIGH.
Paulo Mysidi The young sage scratches the back of his head when he gets the response from Arthur. "Eheh-- yeah its fairly unique as far as I know. It is a bit of a family heirloom. Well, this is more the heirloom," he pats the large leather tome at his side, "and the orb is a part of it. Sorry-- rambling! Blade." Paulo smiles-- the excitable magic user falling for the dancer's charm without effort. "Nice to meet you, Marguerite." Spin to Maria, "And you, Maria." Spin-Zack, "And you, Zack." He is a little dizzy, but turns back to the red-headed dancer.

"I wouldn't mind, really," beams the blonde sage, "but it would take significantly more time and I don't want to distract from the attention of your weapon. If you'd like, I can give a hand." Yep! All sorts of helpful. And for the store owner, "Free of charge, of course!" Well isnt that nice of him? He wouldn't last a day in the business world.

Big smile. Big nod. Big snap-gaze from Maria. Ahhhhhh! Paulo nods a few times to Maria, "Yes! Yes it is. I'm not sure how it shapes up in this new world of... worlds... but in my world it was a great place of magic and learning. Nice to see a fellow scholar, Maria. We should swap notes sometime." He bows formally to her now.
Arthur Drover The shopkeep spends some time banging the sword, now deprived of its minor edge serrations, against a block of wood. "That's right, the Phoenix is reborn from the ashes. A lot of what we use as phoenix down is potions that are somewhat similar, the right herbs, some life magic. The true down is rare because the only phoenix I knew about is lost to us, lost when the world fell. Still, you find it sometimes. There's all sorts of lore. I would collect the down from the bottom of the mountain, not dare to go to the top."

Arthur swishes the blade through the air. "So, what would you like done with this? Speak plain. Did it once have power, or would you like to make it something different, greater than it is? I can see no trace of magic save the bare magic which enters any well-loved weapon being wielded." He examines the small phoenix on the pommel, and his eyes seem to fix on.

Arthur almost doesn't hear Zack's question, placing the sword at the edge of the coals, letting the radiant heat lick up the blade a bit as he watches. He appears to be counting under his breath.
"It's good for your arms, young miss. I'm Arthur, by the way, everyone. The niceties sometimes slip my mind." From the potion lab, an audible "HAH!" echoes. The wife has been listening, but not intervening. Arthur looks around with a sheepish smile, but his eyes are tilted eternally to the left from the stool he sits on. The blade lying by the hearth is slowly yellowing.

"Ding, dong, didero - black coal yellows~" he singsongs, then carries on: "Well we have many a blade for hire in our midst. I'll be entering a Tonberry lair next week with intent to sheperd the creatures somewhere safer. Anyone with an eye for danger can get in and earn some coin and my gratitude."

He considers Zack, one eye still on the blade. "Ding, dong, didero, blue steel mellows~" the song seems almost unrelated as he answers: "We do a bit of everything. We make, we forge, we repair. The wife makes potions and medicines, and handles the more private matters of life. And I help people wake power they already had, by making weapons that draw out their skills. And now and then a special job comes in, but I'll confess we don't advertise that part."

The eye turns back to the steel, now reddening, tip in the hearth and air flowing over it from the hole in the stone, even if not reinforced by the bellows. "Ding dong didero, the forge mouth bellows."

A hand on the hilt, which is not near the flame, and the other grabbing the wine jug. He sets this by his lap and then intones in a deeper voice: "Ding dong didero~ Strike, good fellows." The blade is pulled out, Arthur grabs powder from a large bag by the fire, and shoves some in his mouth. Then he takes a swig of the wine and sloshes the result around.

The sword is held over the water butt, carefully, and he blows out the mixture. Flame takes hold on the weapon.

He plunges it into the barrel of water, which hisses and steams, then burbles faintly. The steam goes up the same vent the smoke would, but the room becomes more humid.

The fire on the sword didn't go out when he plunged it in.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Zack. Welcome to Heart's Desire."
Margaux Fleury Margaux returns Zack's grin and politely dips her head in deference to the given compliment. Not everyone can look good in armor and trousers, but the dancer knows a few good seamstresses and tailors who can help her make it work. She know motions back towards the synergist who was working on her own blade. "This place seems unique in that they perform both sort of examinations. The appraisal seems to be free and I would be a fool to not take advantage of such a generous offer." The Blade-Dancer says with a gesture being given the the synergist in question. She -hopes- the appraisal would be free at least. His dismissal of being called Messire causes the red-haired dancer to smile. The titles titles that people such as the nobility clung too were quite infuriating to use, so she was more than happy to not have to say it anymore.

"Zack was kind enough to offer his services to a mutual friend of both mine and his," explains Margaux to Maira as she gently guides her blue coak behind the bench which she now sits at. "And Maira 'ere makes my efforts to assist her group that much more fun and pleasureable. And Zack, does she not look radiant in that dress of hers?" teases the dancer to Zack now to conclude back to back explanations between mercenary and adventurer.

Blue eyes turn now to the blonde sage present. First her eyes go up towards his orb before back down to Paulo. The spinning causes Margaux to quirk an eyebrow upwards. "Keep spinning like that and I will think that we 'ave a potential new dancer in our midst." She remarks before tilting her head to the side. So he says that it will take some time and that he doesn't want to distract the synergist from her blade by discussing his orb here and now? Could this sage be a tad bolder than Margaux had anticipated in that he was about to ask her on a date so he can explain the orb more thoroughly? But then he follows that up by saying he is willing to help the synergist with his work. Margaux looks faintly disappointed by this turn of events, but soon hides this look behind a staged smile.

Margaux keenly watches the synergist as he tempers her rapier. "If I 'ad the power, I would see that my blade be more fitting to destroy the 'eartless that plague our world now. As of right now, the blade suffices, but it is my dancing that saves the day...not my bladework." She admits begrudgingly to the synergist when he asks that of her. His continued work and singing draws a round of applause from Margaux. The work of a true showman was always appreciated as was causing her rapier to glow as if it was still on fire. She brings her gloved hands together once more. "Quite the performance! And the result...." Her rapier is motioned to. "...seems fantastic. The blade should cut through 'eartless like a knife through butter now, no?"
Arthur Drover "For about an hour. That was a blade blessing." The smith looks a little saddened. "Real work takes time. I can show you what it would look like and -" He pulls the thing from its water, streaming droplets which hiss on the flagstones. "Thanks, Maira. You can stop the magic, we won't need the forge."

"I tested its give and I sharpened it a bit. Honestly I just liked the pommel design here." He points to the phoenix. "And a flaming sword seemed right. To put it out, you just do-"

He soaks his hand and runs it along the blade, starting at the hilt then pressing hard. A puff of smoke comes up.

"So to make the real thing, a flaming sword that burns with phoenix fire, we'd need the real thing. Down, claw, relic, blood. Something. Then we'd need a special scabbard, to mute the flame when you sheath it. You'd melt a normal sheath, wouldn't you?"

He gingerly extends the hilt toward Margaux. "An enchanted blade is an ever-present help. You need to know what will help you best. Phoenixes aren't just flame, they're air and ferocity and life given shape. We'd need the right ingredients, and some time. You are a dancer, you need to move. Air. That's key. If you're sincerely interested, we can discuss a quote. Sorry to disappoint you. Nothing is ever so easy."

He smiles and extends the wine jug toward the circle, asking of Paulo: "Mysidia, I have never heard of it, what's your home like? Where are the rest of you from? I don't move much. That's part of what our quest to The Lanes Between would be about, learning to navigate. So few are versed in gummiship piloting just now, and practice among friends is safer. Show me your potions, Maira, if you have the time. And that blade on your back sir, what is its story?"

Arthur polishes his hands on a cloth. Loot is an ever-present draw to any adventurer, and they do so often tend to be loaded, this is a good kind of company to have.
Zack Fair "Yeah, she's pretty cute!" Zack agrees cheerfully. "You both look pretty radiant, that's for sure. It's amazing how many cute adventurer-girls I get to meet on the road!"

"Plus...adventurer, mercenary; the only difference is in who you get paid to fight, right? I mean, in the end, it's all the same. So it's kinda like all us have similar interests, huh? Nice way to start off with somebody!" Zack's...sunny. Sunny and cheerful, that's for sure. It's probably kind of jarring. "So who do you work for? And do the other girls you work with look like you an' Miss Fleury over there?" His grin widens a little bit.

Heart's Desire. The words run across Zack's ears for a moment, as though he's hearing something completely different; at that exact moment, his eyes close, and he grunts, grabbing at his right wrist. His phone goes off; Zack ignores it.

But soon the pain passes, and the phone silences itself. Zack straightens and scratches the back of his neck. "S-sorry about that. Just been out in the sun too long, I guess. So, uh...a little bit of everything, huh? Kinda like a family complex, huh? Sounds like a pretty good way to make a living if you get to spend so much time with the people you care about."

Zack frowns at some thought that goes racing through his head, but he waves it away mentally, his smile returning in moments. His grin is indefatigable, it seems, or his spirit is, or one of the two.

"It's a pretty nice place! You've got some neat stock on the shelves, though, uh, I have to admit, what drew me in here was the girls first, stock second." Zack laughs. "But, I mean...can you blame me?"
Maira Maira flushes at Paulo, shaking her head. "Oh, I'm not a scholar, really! I wouldn't say that. A mage, yes, though...I don't know, it must be somehow different? Heheh, maybe we could compare notes though! I've always wondered about my magic--and why it is the way it is," she comments as she nods to Arthur, grinning as she begins to work the bellows. Woo! She was going to have muscles! Sore ones.

Maira watches Arthur work, her amber eyes round and intrigued. The song brings another smile. "Tonberries huh? Well, I think I could be interested! Bet some of the others would be too. I'll report back and get back to you on that!" yay for coin. Always need more coin. Especially with VALKYRI HQ's repair bills!

A blush is summoned as Margaux draws attention to her again, this time trying to get the man with the big sword to take notice of her. What is she trying to do! Mischievous Marguarite! "Marguarite...." she whines quietly, clearly embarrassed.

At the signal from Arthur, Maira draws some of the heat from the coals back into herself, cooling them to the degree they were prior to her intervention. "You're welcome!" she replies to Arthur, obviously pleased with being useful. At the rest, she considers for a while, her expression becoming comically thoughtful in that she is looking at the ceiling, the tip of her tongue sticking out from between her lips slightly. "Well, I hope you wouldn't have to hurt the creature... that seems like too much to go through for a flaming sword. I could help with the sheath though! I know the materials needed to make something fireproof, heh..." she responds, sheepishly.

Maira steps away from the bellows and pulls out a few potions then. "I have the standard hi-potions, ethers, a couple remedies...but this one is new and totally special. This one, I brewed to make a person impervious to fire temporarily," she informs him, blushing for some reason as she does so.

That situation only grows worse and Zack compliments her. Maira's blush deepens as she glances back toward him, wide-eyed. How does one say they have a boyfriend without being impolite!? "U-uh not /just/ like us but the other girls are very pretty! And tough. And really nice. VALKYRI is a great group! Avira's our leader--she's taken though. Um. I am too," she adds hastily before looking away. LOOK. SOMETHING INTERESTING!
Arthur Drover Arthur cannot blame Zack. But with some animal sense known only to wolves and husbands, he manages to keep his face impassive and make absolutely no comment in response to Zack's inquiry re: the girls. No sirree. "Well we'll take the last potion, for obvious reasons. And I doubt we'd have to kill anything. Every bit of pleasure, sanctity, or safety in life must be purchased with an equal measure of pain. But it's worth it for the right reasons."

The smith then runs Zack's commentary through his cognition and adds: "I wouldn't trade running a family shop for any treasure you could name. Best work in the world. But the people around here weren't so lucky as me. Some of the places out in the dark were their livelihoods." An expressive shrug as he waits for Margaux to consider his explanation.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo fails to deliver! Bam! Mysidia was never heard of! Bam bam! Poor Paulo's ego. Redemption round! He responds to Arthur "Its-- very-- magical?" Bam bam bam! Insert 4 credits and try again next time, young man.

Taking a deep breath he motions his hand-- the orb on his shoulder going all prismatic as Paul explains, "It is a town founded on the principals of magic, as first founded by the great sage Minwu, to preserve and protect the world through the responsible use of and development of magic. The mages there were well known as masters of white and black magic-- with an occasional sage that happens to develop both." Not so much on summoners though-- thats more Mist's realm of expertise. He exhales finally-- having to get that out of his system. "Other than that-- it was nice. I spent a lot of my time in study-- our family had very specific expectations in the community. If you visited, you'd like it there. I'm sure you could find a lot of things for your shop, especially since you seem very well versed in use of materials, magical and mundane, for the creation of tools!" Weapons being tools, of course.

"Tell me about it," Paulo asides to Zack's commentary on the quality of women that are found adventuring. Its enough to motivate to travel around-- if not for the sheer joy of seeing and doing new things. The sage scratches the back of his head and answers rather bluntly, "No, can't really blame ya. They are eye catching." He thinks about that for a moment. The rapier was eye-catching too. Split feelings about all that-- though both could probably rend his life if used improperly.

His wonderland is broken as Maira talks to the sage about magic stuff. Yes! Distraction! "Sure. What are you doing tonight?" Fire magic is fun-- like this one time, at magic camp... well it ended mostly with a burnt tent but we don't talk about tat anymore. Avira. That name sounds familiar.
Maira Maira gives Paulo her full attention then, excitement rising. So too, does the temperature of the air in her immediate area. "Oh! Oh! I can do black and white magic too! I would love to come to Mysidia someday--in fact! Do you know a little boy named Palom? I believe he's from there; he's a friend of mine!"

Maira blinks then, considering. "Tonight? I don't think I'm doing anything..." nothing besides the usual, anyway. Avoiding or setting Heartless on fire.
Margaux Fleury Margaux feigns a pout as Arthur explains the true nature of the enchantment he administered to her sword. A second later, her usual smile returns deftly and she offers a nod to the synergist. "I thought it might 'ave been good to be true. But as for what is needed for an actual enchantment, I shall work on it." A gesture is now afforded towards Maira and the others. "With 'opefully a little help from my friends, of course." To dance with a blade that deadly in her hand? That would be quite the fatal performance indeed.

Zack sure is sunny and cheerful. Just. Like. Someone. Else. Present. His banter draws a fox-like grin from Margaux as she looks between him and Maira. "There are other girls 'like' me over there, Zack. But there is only one of me." She points out simply with her grin remaining. Her grin fades a little bit as Zack ponder something probably unpleasant and tries to cover it up. "The sun can be quite the treacherous foe," assists the dancer. She also humbly decides to not comment on Zack's last little comment. A simple little smile is used to acknowledge the comment instead.

The red-headed dancer retrieves her rapier and sheathes it easily. Margaux then approaches the blushing Maira with a coy smile on her face. "What ever is wrong, Maira?" She asks with feigned innocence being displayed on her face. "It is not like you are -married- or anything," points out the dancer teasingly with a truely mischeivous smirk crossing past her lips. She does her best to not look anywhere near Arthur at this point. Margaux does offer a little wink towards her fellow VALKYRI. Her teasing may be a little cruel, but the light-heartedness of it all could do the fire-mage well....and if something terrible should happen and they breakup....Again, Margaux seems to have a knowing smile on her face.

Paulo and his talk of Mysidia are considered both my Margaux. "I 'ave never been to such a place. If only I had the talent for that sort of magic." She bemoans sadly before flourishing another smile. The woman adjusts her cloak so that it encases her form once more and she even places the hood up. "Maira, they think we are eye-catching. I'll be sure to not tell your boyfriend about that. It is not like he needs to know the little details about things." And with that parting blow, the now cloaked dancer twirls into a stage bow. "Master Synergist, Maira, Zack, and Messire Paulo. A pleasure to meet and speak with you, but now I must sadly depart." The dancer makes now for the door, but not before leaning in to whisper something to Maira as she departs.
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Mysidia... maybe I shall visit. Tell me, lad, do you know any Sorcerers? I need someone who can shape the true essence of magic. It is for a pet project. But the power is a rumour or a myth depending on who you ask. I haven't the talent for magic. Aye, I need to head to traverse town soon. You are all welcome to lurk, one of the kids will take over the shop while I am out. I need to prepare for my journey to the Dark. But if any of you have any last things you need, I can help before I go." The synthesist's hands are once more wiped on a rag as he moves to the counter and raps sharply on the wall behind him. "DOWN IN A MINUTE" comes the countering cry."
Zack Fair "Nice seein' you as always, Miss Fleury. See you again sometime. Maybe over drinks?" Zack winks at her on the way out.

"Ah, you've got a boyfriend. Ah well! That's life, huh?" Zack laughs - he doesn't appear put off at all by either the burning on his hand or the revelation about Maira's status. "You take it as it comes! Anyway, if you guys are gonna talk magic stuff, I'm outta my depth, and I'd rather not leave my sword here without the owner...I guess I'd better hit the streets and see what else I can find out here. See you later! Nice meeting you folks!"

With that, Zack turns to leave, ducking enough to make sure his sword doesn't do any more damage to the shop. He flips open his phone, finally, and looks down at it with a frown, then snaps it shut and unrolls the map as he gets outside.

Okay, so which way now...?
Paulo Mysidi "You should visit," Paulo smiles brightly to Margaux. He raises a hand and waves heartily as she departs. "I'll give you a tour some time." Things may be dark-- what with forces of darkness ever threatening to consume it all-- but he keeps a rather positive disposition about the town's tourism industry. "You too," he nods to Arthur.

For Maira, Paulo smiles like a fixed state on his face, "Lucky guy! I've heard of Palom before-- and his sister, Porom? They were prodigies-- but from what I recall really young so I never really interacted with them. If he is around I'd love to see how he is doing. And yeah-- you may have the foundation of sagedom in you too if you grasp both sides of the spectrum." Not really. Its a rare thing that goes beyond magic. Even Paulo doesn't consider himself a sage-- comparing his abilities to a Tellah or Minwu is being disgraceful to the name. Still even then... "A Sorcerer?" He looks to Arthur for that one.

"In my world, it was just a term for a Black Mage-- but I understand it is different here. Much different. No, I've only 'heard' of one in passing and never met the man. Merlin, I think it is?" he says thoughtfully-- rubbing his chin as his other hand waves to a parting Zack.
Arthur Drover "Ah, I'll ask others then. I'm sure someone will have the answers eventually. For now I must depart to the dock."

A gangly red-haired youth bumbles down the stairs and leaps behind the counter as Arthur moves to the door. The two exchange an ungainly salute. "Anyone who's coming along is welcome to accompany me. I need a steady hand and a good eye for what'll come next."
Maira Maira gawks at Margaux after she whispers in her ear. "I-I will not! B-bye Margaurite!" she calls. Oh boy. So awkward! See though? Zack is interesting in Margaux! Maira considers this pairing and decides that it would be adorable. Zack then makes his exit, and Maira waves. "Nice to meet you as well! Take care!" she calls before turning back to Paulo.

"Oh, he is quite young, but boy is he powerful! Hmm, I have to say I really don't know the difference between a mage and a sorcerer, and I thought Merlin was a wizard--I'm not sure what the difference there is either! I know Merlin's magic is certainly different than mine--or maybe just better? I don't know. I've never met someone else who had magic like mine when it comes to fire, anyway. Kind of weird. Maybe Isaac is a sorcerer? Hmm..." perhaps she trails off as she exits the shop, perhaps with Paulo not far behind?

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