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(2013-07-22 - Now)
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Cirra Constantine A new world was discovered. A new version of a familiar place. 'New Ivalice' much like Ivalice that is known, but strager in some ways.

Cirra came here as a part of the group that fought the gigantic heartless that was above the world. And so she wanders the plains, having followed them towards the desert, weilding a sword instead of a scyth as she occasionaly cuts down monsters.

Oh and no Judge armor, aparently she thought that would be a bad idea here. Intead she wears the imperial pilot suit (since she flew a ship) it's sort of... a leather cat suit.
Maximilien That's almost unfair of Cirra to wear something like that.

A new world means new treasures, which means the Worlds' Greatest Phantom Thief is of course there to appropriate them from their rightful (but less-than-righteous) owners. And that meant finding a means to get there - which of course Max did, by virtue of hitching a ride and then opening a Corridor of Darkness back so he could find his way here whenever he wanted.

But that meant that Max was exploring this world more or less independently of any of the large-scale groups and concerted efforts. So when he runs into Cirra (dressed in her /smashing/ pilot suit), it's completely accidental and coincidental, which means that - once again - Maximilien Amadeus Renaud Sylvianne is thrown completely off-guard.

"...Cirra," Max /very nearly/ stammers.
Cirra Constantine Cirra had been practicing with her sword outside of her camp when Max stumbles on her. So when he speaks she turns, sword slashed down to point at the phantom theif.

Cirra sighs and slowly puts the sword away, "Max, please don't just barge in." she puts her hands on her hips. "I see you've found your way here as well. Strange isn't it? So much like Ivalice, but not the same."
Maximilien Well, that could've been thoroughly unpleasant for Max. The blade slices just close enough to make him wonder if she knew it was him; when she puts it away, he exhales, a very quiet exhalation accompanying a broad smile. He dusts himself off, putting on his usual balance; just because Cirra's outfit caught him off balance doesn't mean he has to act like that /the whole time/. He was, after all, a civilized gentleman, not a panting hound.

"It is fascinating, oui. I found my way here by stowing aboard one of the other rides, as always." Max laughs. "If I had known you were coming here, I would have just ridden with you."

% Max's hands fold behind his back as he looks around at her camp, taking in the details - in no small part because he's trying not to look directly at her. Sort of like looking into the sun. He's quiet for a moment as he observes everything, but then, once he's sure they're alone, Max sits down and sighs.

"In truth, I am glad I found you out here, m'amour. I had...I wanted to speak with you event that occured recently."
Cirra Constantine Cirra walks over to move a log closer to where her fire is, it involves bending over. She then turns to watch MAx as he looks everywhere but her. "I had pretty much asumed you would do that, yes."

She then takes a seat on the log, leaning back on her hands. "An event?" she tilts her head.
Maximilien She has to know that she's messing with him. That's really the only logical answer, Max decides.

Still, he's actually being serious now. As she sits down next to him, Max's hands move for his head. "You remember the woman I mentioned - the one who hurt my adorable little sister, the one who threatened you and Jihl? The one who made me furious?"

"She was not a person at all. Or...she had become something inhuman. I do not know quite how to describe it, beyond that she had changed herself into...into a machine.

Max shakes his head. "So I broke my oaths. I threw her into a volcano."
Cirra Constantine "It was probably the right choice." Cirra pulls out a long stick, and pokes at the fire to produce some sparks and expose the hot coals inside. She then takes another piece of wood and places it on the fire.

"Regardless of wether she was a machine or not. I know you, would never do that lightly."

Cirra stares at the fire as the fresh piece of wood starts to catch fire. "There are monsters that take on human guise, but are less human then the creatures that roam these lands."
Maximilien "You think so?" Max asks quietly. "I do not know. Even if she was not really a person - even if she was no more than a machine - I still took someone else's life. She will, admittedly, probably be back in short order, but I am not sure that that makes it right. Makes it acceptable."

"It was..." Max mumbles for a moment.

"It was cold. When I threw her into the volcano, I was not burning for vengeance. I was not trying to hurt her for hurting the people I loved. I just...I took her and threw her down with no more concern than I had for throwing a doll."

"I do not know if I can explain how much that terrifies me."
Cirra Constantine "Sometimes things just are." Cirra pokes the fire again to move the wood over a little again. "Sometimes, emotion isn't what drives us. We are not, always driven by uncontrollable passions."

"Sometimes the cold rational decision presents itself, and it has to be followed though." she leans back a little from the fire.

"This woman, or creature, or whatever. She was a threat. You can't let a threat merely walk away, it has to be contained. You said yourself she'll probably come back through some method. You didn't kill anyone, you contained a problem."
Maximilien "That is what scares me most, Cirra. That I am capable of turning another life into a problem to be solved. That matter what a monster she was, who she had been, what she had become, or who she threatened, she was intelligent. She had memories; presumably, she had emotions. I reduced her to nothing but a piece in an equation."

"Where does that end? Who am I, to decide such a thing? Even if you say this...the cold, rational decision feels so wrong. I know it feels wrong, because I hid it from the people I care about. I...I did not lie, but I concealed it. You are the first person I have spoken to about it at all."

"I...wonder if that does not say far too much about me."
Cirra Constantine Cirra sighs, "Max, don't do this to yourself." she stands up and moves around the fire to open a bag rumaging around. "You always agaonize over every decision." she pulls out a pair of packages and looks them over with a frown. Rations.

"You don't need to over analyze everything you do. This woman, was. a. threat." she looks at Max levelly. "She threatened you, Me, Jihl. Your sister. Just because you didn't feel the flames of passion when you made the choice, doens't make you evil, or dead. It means you made a choice." she shrugs, "A Judgement call." she walks back around and sits down to open the package. "You can't just expect everything you do to be perfect. If you expect that, you'll hate yourself for eternity."
Maximilien "I do not.../always/..." Max starts, looking up at her. His breath just sort of catches in his throat for a moment. She's making it very difficult to feel guilty, and given that Max is an expert at feeling guilty, that says a whole lot.

Max shakes his head and smiles. "Non, you are right. I feel much better, now." He leans over, resting his head against her shoulder. "Merci beaucoup, m'amour. I will confess to my friends, soon. I think that I feel worse about hiding it than the act itself."

Max glances over at the box. "Would you like me to cook you something? That looks, frankly, terrible. I would hate to have you eating so poorly when I am here, after all." He offers her a smile - a normal smile, not a big, flashy smile. "It would simply not be fair of me to wallow in self-loathing when someone I love is eating such a poor meal right beside me, non?"
Cirra Constantine Cirra looks at Max, as if to say 'yes, you do.' Then rests her head against Max's. "Just don't beat yourself up over it."

A sigh, Cirra closes the box again. "Please. I won't be able to get a descent meal until I reach Cadoan."
Maximilien Max laughs. "Then instead of punishing myself, I will cook for you until you reach Cadoan. I have nowhere important to be. The perks of being a Mysterious Phantom Thief include being able to set my own schedule."

"...thank you," he adds quietly.

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