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Candy Crush Saga
(2013-07-22 - 2013-07-22)
Various people show up to spectate Sugar Rush's daily 'Selection Cup Rally', but when a little girl attempts to buy her way into the race, the entire Game goes all topsy-tuvy in this fun filled, sugar-frosted adventure! Fun for the whole family! Game rated 'E' for Everyone by the ESRB.
King Candy Do you know what time it is?


The arcade is closed for the night, the lights are out, and the door to Flynn's Arcade has been locked. And that means that the arcade cabinets have come to life! In Sugar Rush, a sacred nightly ceremony is gearing up to take place! A new cross-arcade initiative has seen tickets to enjoy the race distributed freely out in the Hub Network. As janitors hastily sweep the racetrack's finish line of confetti from the day's races, the sugar-sweet inhabitants of the game start to gather in stands made out of candy bar wrappers and cartons displaying various types of confections. One particularly conspicuous booth (made out of a tall pop-corn carton) stands conspicuously empty... for the moment.

People are still gathering as local police (literally donuts), start to shuffle people into the stands. But there's a few moments to arrive or socialize before the GRAND FESTIVITIES begin!
Shiki Misaki Man, Shiki Misaki loves this world, despite everything.

It's been a long week since the problematic incident that shook her faith in this video game world being all smiles and strangeness, and she's managed to bounce back since then quite nicely. Hearing that there was some sort of after-hours event in one of the games she hasn't visited, which should, you know, be safe enough to explore, she's tagging along with Deelel and possibly some of the other initial exploration party to sit in the stands, watch the fun, and eat some overpriced caaaaaa.

Sit in the stands and watch the fun! Yes.
Blackbird Blackbird was trying hard not to stare. Really she was. Given everything she's seen after the world shuffle it shouldn't come as much of a surprise yet here we are. "This," She declared after seeing all manner of food themed Things roaming around, "Is probably the strangest place i've seen.." Nevermind She was still processing the whole 'this is the arcade from the OTHER side of the screen' business. One thing at a time people. No need to break brains yet.

Oh hey is that a giant doughnut? CAMERA PHONE! Funny. Anyone that might be sensetive to such things (like the surge protector) might realize Blackbird was able to, if only in small doses, generate her own power. Case in point, her phone hasn't had to be plugged into a wall outlet since she unboxed it.
Paulo Mysidi There are few things that Paulo Mysidi lives for. Among this (long) list includes the color purple, kittens, and candy. Give him a purple kitten made of candy? Man-- its game over.

It is this great love for a future of diabetis that has lead our loud young sage towards a world that revolves around sugary goodness. It helps that he has been spending the past few days in marvel of the arcade-- and wanting to understand the technological worlds better. It also helps that he found Deelel somewhere amongst his wanderings and used her like a beacon of high glucose hope amongst a sea of bright colors. Its difficult for Paulo to remain focused-- already gnawing on a candy cane he found 'laying around'. Gnaw gnaw gnaw for great justice. "This is awesome," he says with a mouthful of sugar shards and eyes big enough to land a moon rover on.
Arthur Drover Two children drag a harried-looking older man into the stands. They look like they are seriously considering eating a cop and are being held back only by the two bags of candy protruding from Arthur's vest pocket. "Hey, hey, calm down. Calm down." With that eerie sense they have, his sister's kids had dragged the Synthesist here to observe as they become invested in watching a colorful and roaring sight. To the man, this is an opportunity to become desensitized to the extraordinary and enjoy it in his own right. He'd drawn short straw to watch the children while the rest of the family had a peaceful dinner, and his wife couldn't leave the potion lab unattended just now. He's still in his work clothes and has his satchel on his back. Perhaps this is why they take a seat as far back as they can get, over the protests of the 10 and 12 year old children.

They are handed enough candy and chocolate to let them roll home, Mr. Drover's munny pouch considerably emptied by the process. For his part, he adopts a look of mild and polite interest to complement (or perhaps mediate) the rapturous bliss-coma gradually overtaking the excitement-watered eyes of the two youngsters.
Ariel Ariel is also in the stands here, blending in with the crowd as much as she can - though she's a bit taller than most of the people here. She does have a dress on that matches the stadium crowd - made of pink cotton candy, and crystal-coated salt water taffy. Somewhere around here there may be a lost crab wearing a gumdrop hat.
Serah Farron Unlike some of the other worlds, there doesn't seem to be a train that leads to Sugar Rush. But it doesn't mean its any less superb when they cross the gate. The sights are amazing, this is literally candy-land after all. Someplace she fits right in with her candy-colored hair. But that's alright, as long as noone tries to eat her.

She smiles as she walks down the rainbow road toward the celebrations. It doesn't seem like this place has a 'clothe change' either at least, so she can just wear her usual shirt and skirt, and looks quite at ease... although she's about 3 times as tall as most of the inhabitants of this world, and she's not that tall either. "What an amazing place." She leans down to look at the cookie boys "So what's the celebration for exactly? And what is this game about?" Its hard to tell, there's so many kinds of games out there after all. Anything with candies... has anything to do with eating maybe?
Avira Avira, or rather, the Blue Valkyrie, got a little separated from the group of non-sprites shortly after they entered this game. She's nowhere near the stands. She's roaming the frosting-covered hills and candycane forests. Well, less roaming and more...prancing and engaging in a spectacular montage of happiness.


Avira skips over a hill of buttercream frosting and green sugar sprinkles, tripping and sliding down on her back. When she comes to a stop, she makes a frosting angel on the ground.

A giant candy-striped tree looms before her. Avira lets out a sigh and hugs it. Then licks it.

Smash cut to seconds later of Avira trying to fish a giant gumdrop out of a gooey, sugary lake with a broken-off candy branch.

Then to Avira leaning up against a jawbreaker 'rock', licking chocolate off her fingers.

Some time later, just before the race starts, Avira comes stumbling out of the woods, a sticky mess in the throes of a sugar crash. "...not one of my better ideas..." she groans, slowly looking up at the crowd. Who is candy. A hand quickly covers her mouth.
Will Sherman HOBO LAD...

Is hungry.

In a Candy Outfit... which is starting to loose bits of itself as Will 'accidently' keeps eating a piece of it, when he's not shoving Candy bars into his mouth. The only thing that keeps him from eating the people is that they have strings...delicious strings...tantilizing delicious strings...

Will is also conviently sitting next to Ariel.

His eyes litterally are *_*.
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki stares at Avira.

"What /happened/ to you? Did- did you get in a fight with an entire candy store?"

words words words man the pose tracker should pick up shorter poses.
King Candy As the stands start to fill, blaring and sugary J-PoSHU-GAH RHASS! so that's... that. It's an ear-worm, though. And catchy besides. The locals seem to love it!

The various racers down on the tracks are hopping out of their cars and forming up in a crowd as pit-crews go to work. Confetti is being thrown about, the crowds are cheering, and everyone is in high spirits. This is a wonderful place and even the most grumpy of guses can't help but crack a small smile. Except for the little green orb-shaped man that mounts the royal popcorn box.

"Citizens. Of Sugar Rush." He states, flatly, boredly. Sourly. "Your fair and just ruler... King Candy."

And with this, the crowd cheers louder and a funny little man with a funny little crown leaps out from the back of the booth. He starts working the crowd instantly. "HELLO, EVERYONE!" He throws handfuls of candy to the crowd, favoring the outsiders. "HAVE SOME CANDY! HAVE SOME CA--YES, YOU TOO, HAVE SOME MORE!" He throws a few handfuls in Avira's direction. "YOU TOO, LITTLE GIRL! CANDY FOR EVERYBODY!" He concludes this speech with a two fisted 'eruption' style throw that sends sugary treats flying in all directions.
Deelel Deelel lives in the Arcade amusingly enough but she's now /in the Arcade/ in every sense of the word now she's like other who;'d gained access to this strange digital world via the Wise OS by way of the Shinra's digitizing laser. They'd been given mostly free access given the possible issue of the Shadow Lords. The Shinra had always been concerned and now something could be a bit of a problem for them due to their actions? They were more than happy to let others deal with the problem for them.

Deelel is still fairly happy having been in a digital environment more in the last two weeks than she's done so in nearly the last year. As strange as this place was to her she felt a lot more at ease in this environment and it showed.

"I'd have half a mind to jump in the race but I don't think they'd take well to a lightcycle here Shiki also what is all this stuff? It almost looks like food?"

She really doesn't know what candy is from the sounds of her but she does notice a lot of her friends are having a field day with this particular game.

"You think so? I love to race my self but this world is just brighter than one of my concerts back home."

She looks at Will for a moment oh dear she also takes note of Ariel is here and enjoying herself too which is good to see. Given some of the things that everyone have had to deal with as of late? A time like this would be a good thing.

"It's a racing game Serah!"

She's taken also note of Blackbird being here, Deelel is still a bit surprised to have run into her again after so long. She's about to say something as she spots Avira. Wait what what happened to her Deelel just isn?t' going to ask she's really not going to ask about that. Why? Shiki already asked!
Taffyta Muttonfudge Taffyta Muttonfudge is a TOP RACER--she's not the top candy shell, but she's one of the best in the game. Now King Candy, he's the top candy shell, but that doesn't mean Taffyta Muttonfudge doesn't have a possie of her own, as number twos often do. Candlehead and Rancis Fluggerbutter are her chief companions and comrades. Racers are patiently--or impatiently--awaiting the moment that their number is called for today's race--the terri(bly) delicious trio along with them. No touching, Will. Just another day in Sugar Rush in which nothing bad ever happens ever.

"Tonight's the night I take first prize..." Taffyta is telling her cronies. Winning first prize is Taffyta's second priority in life. Her first priority in life...
Blackbird Blackbird was in the middle of juggling a coke and her phone. Her magic burns lots of calories, which basically makes this entire place look like something from one of her less coherent dreamscapes. "Deelel?" Her voice was slightly unsteady as her brain was trying to process. "This is food. All of it. The landscape, cars, the people. If it wasn't for the fact they're sentient I'd consider this place entirely edible."

She finished her coke and pocketed the bottle. "Have to thank you for letting me tag along. I mean sure I don't want to /work/ for Shinra, but consulting... eh consulting's something I shouldn't have problems with." Truth be told she had no idea what she could help with given the laser they used to get here was some nine kinds of what in the <gooshonk> went into building it and she was just a soldering iron girl that dabbled in code now and then.

She had a look around waving to this and that and wait was that a crab? Eyebrow quirk but move on. So many interesting things. Her phone kept snapping pictures aaaaaaand.

WHACK! Beaned in the head with a stray candybar. "OI! King Shortstuff watchit!"
Arthur Drover As King Candy hurls candy into the crowd, the children have climbed onto Arthur's shoulders, the better to catch any far flung pieces which might otherwise escape. Those caught are stuffed rapidly into the ever-expanding vortexes which are their mouths. As the music begins, and the pit crews commence their work, the sheer excitement means they are threatening to vibrate into some heretofore unexplored dimension composed solely of their desire to interact with, observe, and ultimately eat all of the things. Their squeals drown in the crowd, but are close enough for the man to hear and be deafened by. Unfortunately, the older girl and younger boy are taking up both his arms by the necessity of looping one hand into the back of each of their shirts and preventing falls.

The whole thing is unstable, but given the crowd it is probably the tenth ungainliest thing within a given 200 metre space.

Candy falls off of his face, the aforementioned kludged child safety precaution preventing a block. He manages to catch a still-wrapped bar in his mouth and hold it there for later. He will need the sugar.
Shiki Misaki "As interesting as it might be, Dee- and I'm actually thinkin' it'd be pretty interesting- it probably wouldn't be fair on other people. I mean, you could try? But maybe next time, huh?"

"Now, come on! We'd better get sat down before this gets interesting!"

Also, Shiki's not going to turn down free candy if she can help it! She's gonna have to grab some for both of them. Once she's got at least one, she waves whatever she catches under Deelel's nose. "Edible. In fact I'd guess pretty much everything here is, if what Avira found out's any indication."

She's not actually sure who Blackbird is, but waves anyway.
Serah Farron Serah Farron catches some random piece of candy throw her way. Well, at least THIS candy can be eaten! Most of the inhabitants look like candies and cookies, so she actually peers at the wrapped one in her hands to make sure its not alive first. Better safe than sorry.

She nods to Deelel "A race huh? I guess we're not part of it this time around." It seems like its a usual thing that people get caught 'in' the game everytime, so it seems this time she can relax. She moves toward the stands, sitting down, and unknowingly blocking the view to a few jawbreakers behind her. "This should be fun to watch at least. Do you think we can try racing later?"
Avira "I got in a fight with my self control and triumphed." Avira says dryly as she braces herself against the giant popcorn box spectator stand. "All the chocolate here tastes like the Hershey's stuff, I'm a little disappoi-"

King Candy's greeting to the crowd completely overrides what she was about to say. Blearily, she looks up at the shouty little man just in time to have a few handfuls of even more candy rain down upon her. Avira manages, just barely, to prevent herself from upending her stomach contents.

She gathers up the free candy anyway because, hey, free candy. "I'd say pretty much everything is edible here, yes."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi gets a bit lost in the crowd-- literally. He finds himself a nice place to sit in the stands-- gnawing happily on a candy cane the size of his arm. Lots of stuff going on-- he only pays attention ot the King at the moment. Huzzah for more candy. Cheer!
Ariel Ariel frowns at Will gorging himself. She stands up, though that means she's blocking the view of a much shorter person... so she immediately gets embarassed about this and sits down again. She shuffles her legs nervously. It's just so exciting! Candy CARS! They're called cars.

She looks at Will. "I bet the prize is great if you get in the race. It looks like so much fun!"
King Candy "Thank you, thank you, one and all!" King Candy proclaims, "And thank you, Sour Bill, for that wonderful introduction!"

"Mmmhmm." The little green man replies, boredly throwing up 'the horns' as he climbs down out of the booth.

"My loyal subjects... did everyone get enough candy? Is that a thing tha--did we bring enough for the guests, t--okay, okay. Friends, Reeces, Gummibears... lend me your ears for a moment, so that I may exSugar Rush to the wide world, isn't that nice?"

The locals start chanting 'race, race, race' in unison.

"Hey, hey calm down! This event is pay to play, we all know this. The fee to compete is one gold coin from your previous winnings, assuming you've won, which, huh huh..." King Candy pulls out an enormous, oversized coin from his back pocket; it is as large as his bulbous head. "...I, of course, have. So... let me go first!" The King pulls on a tassle and a catapault drops down from the side of the starting gate. The King throws his coin, the catacpault flips it over to another catapault, and then from there it's launched up into the ostentatious Gold Cup that's presiding over everything for miles around... where it dissolves into data.

"KING CANDY!" The announcer exclaims, as the King's name and face appear on the roster board. Other racers start lining up to compete. They all have coins.
Deelel Deelel looks at King Candy he starts to do an announcement she grins and pauses a there's more candy going everywhere? Just what is that? Either way she's in a really good mood about things.

"I know how that goes, but what can you do so far they played straight with us on this."

May Beck finish up his work on the laser soon. They could really need it. Arthur gets a glance she knows he's not from here from the looks of him and the kids. She wonders who the are however as she has no clue, well yet.

"True given how aggressive even non death game lightcycle races can be."

She grins widely at her friend, hey she enjoys it she enjoys it a lot even it can be rough.

"All right I'll try some."

She eats some candy and oh woes this stuff takes good, it tastes really, really good.

"Good entrainment yes. Is that so Avira? I never had anything, this is a strange world I have to wonder what inspired this game."

Likely some game designers on a mountain of candy in a likelihood or a freaking dare. Who knows there's no real way to know at this point, but Deelel can't help but wonder. It does seem like a really wonderful game world, and most of the people here seem to be pretty happy.
Will Sherman Will pauses...

CANDY?! A candy race...

He rubs his chin...

"But I don't have anything to race on...unless you...summon something?" Will looks at Ariel, with a large grin. "YOu can summon things right?"
Gilgamesh This is a wonderful place. It's made of sugar and dreams and miracles and Japan and all kinds of drugs. Well, not drugs in that sense, there aren't any drugs in Sugar Rush besides the natural high that comes from, well, a sugar rush. At least, there aren't any VISIBLE drugs.

We're watching you, /sugar fields/.

More importantly, however, there's big things to be won in this place. Big big things. Dreams are made in this place, in no small part because it is made of dreams, and the biggest dream of all is /professional racing/. Who's more respected than professional racers? Nobody. Professional racers get to drive fast cars, make tons of money, and attract all the hot girls. Professional racing is the best sport ever.

Naturally that means it's only fair that the best sportsman ever compete in this event. Even if it's BELOW his EXACTING RACING STANDARDS. WHICH ARE EXACTING.

The sound of a loud car VROOM VROOOOOOOOOMing from off-screen suddenly fills the screen. In moments, something.../something/...drives up into the lineup, and a big gold coin falls onto the scales. The coin flips in, disintegrates...and a name pops up on the screen.

"0GILGAMESH & 0ENKIDU!" The announcer exclaims as the car pulls up. And what a car it is.

It's a wide red-and-gold convertible with Gilgamesh's face painted on the hood; long pipes pour out of the engine, ostentatious gold and silver mingling with some gunmetal grey. The car's wheels are a deep grey; the axels are literally swords. Swords are painted along the sides, and the windshield wipers are also swords.

Enkidu is in the driver's seat, a pair of sunglasses and a driving scarf wrapped around his neck.

Gilgamesh is in the passenger's seat with some old-timey driving gloves.
King Candy "Hey, hey, hey!" King Candy replies to Will, leaning so far over the edge of his booth it's a wonder his crown doesn't fall off his head. "None of that 'lead to gold' stuff on /my/ racetrack, young man. You use the real thing or you get VAC-banned, capice?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks at the one that joins the race. Those don't seem like your standard candy land racer...

She sucks on the tootsie she got from the king quietly.
Will Sherman "I can't turn lead into gold!" Will says crossing his arms! "I mean a thing to DRIVE.' he holds up a gold coin. How did he get that?

Somewhere else, Mysterious Race Z is looking through his pockets..
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi also blinks-- near in synch with Serah and Shiki there. "Wut?" he says-- just like that. An eyebrow raises for a moment-- then he gnaws on his candy cane. "One of these things is not like the other," he sings in a sing-song voice of singery.
King Candy "No. That's not how it works." King Candy replies. "You don't have a car, you don't get to drive. That's just sense, don'tchaknow?"
Ariel "Uhhh, I don't know," Ariel says. "I... AM a witch," she guesses. Not really. She frowns a little, thinking about it. "I guess I can try."

Though she's not sure if she knows how to summon a car. Maybe she can summon a useful riding creature, though.

She raises her hands and thinks really hard about doing this. Of course, most of the creatures she knows happen to be things that live under the sea.

She's as surprised as Will likely is when a portal opens up. And then a tentacle comes out of it, kind of slimy and wet.

She wonders if that is bad, when a very large octopus falls out of the portal and onto the racetrack.

"I guess I can do that! ...It doesn't look very fast."
Avira "I'm guessing it was Candyland." Avira asides to Deelel, "It's a board game that's been around forever. So if you happen to come across any molasses swamps while out, steer clear, because you ain't never getting out."

Frowning, she peers over at Gilgamesh and Enkidu when they're announced. "Wait a second, I thought outsiders couldn't appear in the games like tha-"

A certain LARGE OCTOPUS drops out of the sky and onto the racetrack. Avira immediately straightens and points a finger at it.

Vanellope "Excuse me! Pardon me! Coming through! Move your candy coated butts! Ehehe....butts!" a little girl wearing a mint green hoodie, brown skirt, and stripped tights comes barreling through the crowd, her dark haired high ponytail bobbing and bouncing as she zig zags through various people in quite a hurry.

Vanellope is trying to make her way over to where the others racers are gathered, but she has to time it just right or King Candy or Taffyta and her cronies will notice before she can carry out the crazy, daring, /outstandingly brilliant!/ plan that would most certainly change her life forever! FOREVERRRRRR!!!!

Only problem is the raging, stinking giant that's chasing her with all the power of his hobo fury. She's faster though, and good thing! Those hands are almost as big as her entire body!

Only a little further! FLUNK! As she turned to look over her shoulder for a moment, she inevitably crashes into Arthur Drover, rebounding off him and onto her behind. She scrambles to her feet with such speed one would think she was being chased by a rabid honey badger. "Ooph! Gah! Sorry mister! Gotta move gotta move! Watch out for--that!" she says, pointing behind her toward the 9 foot tall Wreck it Ralph, stomping his way toward her. The earthy practically shakes beneath his feet!

Vanellope keeps running, pulling the oh-so-shiny gold medal from her hoodie pocket. It is just the right size. Just the right amount of SHINYNESS and it is going to get her into THE RACE. To her DESTINY!

King Candy puts his coin in, and before anyone can possibly stop her she breaks through the crowd and tosses the medal upward, whispering; "oh please oh please oh please oh pleeeaaaaase!"

DING DING! The announcer shouts her name and it is the most glorious moment of her life. "Venellope von Schweetz!"

Sure, the sugar is about to hit the fan, but she is /IN!/

"Yes! Yes yes yes! EHEHEHEHEHEHEH! AHAHAHAHA!" she laughs maniacally, adorably, leaping into the air because gravity has nothing on her happiness.

Venellope then turns to Gilgamesh, wide dark eyes blinking. "Who the heck are you?" Oh right. Ralph is still back there. She should probably be running!
Will Sherman "I know, that's why my friend is gona make me a car!" Will says, with a frown!

Then suddenly...

"Hello Boys and girlllllls!" he winks at Ariel. "It's not every day that a nice young pretty girl summmmmons me!" he says, with a <3 over his head.

Will, without even thinking twice jumps on Ultros. Tieing a set of wheels to him.


Will stares at Ultros. "Don't you wana impress all the hot Chicks? Don't you want to be the hero of Sugar Rush!? Look at all the ladies in the audiance and at how they LOVE racer guys."

Ultros just stares at Will for a moment, and then doesn't say a word when Will lands on his head.
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh and Enkidu look over at Vanellope. There's a long, slow silence as the dog and his partner look at the little girl.

"We're..." Gilgamesh pauses, picking up his sunglasses. Enkidu does the same with his paws. They synchronize.

"The Aristocrats."
Shiki Misaki Shiki can, at least, distract herself with watching Deelel's first taste of candy, let's just hope she doesn't try taking bites out of the stand. If she gets a taste for it, who knows what will happen?!

Well, we do, we just need to look at Avira really.

It helps distract her from... that thing over there. She always knew Gilgamesh was a little strange, but this just defies reason!

Then everything gets a little excited. Shiki chokes on her chocolate as a rather large octopus /and/ a rather large guy and a rather small girl show up, and Shiki's just going to sit here /veeeeery/ quietly and grip the armrests of her chair and hope that this doesn't turn into a free-for-all.
Ariel Ariel is then flirted-with by an octopus.

That's not as if it hasn't happened before, she guesses. But it's a little...

She clears her throat, and waves a taffy wrapper. "Good luck, Will!"
Taffyta Muttonfudge Rancis has been busy checking his mirror. He reaches into his pocket nad notices a gold coin missing. He reaches into his other pocket, then looks around for several moments before noticing Will holding it up. He can tell its his because it's shined to a polish that you can see your reflection in. "Hey!" He says. "That's my coin!"

"Oh Rancis," Taffyta says. "You have to keep a better grip on your coin." How do they even get coins in the first place you may ask? Good question! That will not be answered.

Several racers are very perturbed to see a tentacled octopus for some reason and scream. Imported games what can you do?

"Better use another coin, Rancis, or get yours back!" Candlehead says as the two line up. At this rate Rancis is going to be, at best, the last one to get a coin in. Fuming, he approaches the hobolad, hesitating only somewhat as he takes note of Ultros.

Several racers gasp as VAnellope manages to get a coin inside the cup and her name appears second of all on the list.

"How'd the GLITCH get a coin?!" Taffyta is so un-PC.
Tigger Tigger is somehow next to Will as he ties wheels onto Ultros. He is wearing a leather riding helmet and ill-fitting goggles as he scampers up Ultros' back, taking a position right behind Will.

"Tiggers are the best at racing, buddy boy! We'll take the checkered flag for sure!!"

Tigger adjusts his goggles needlessly. "I just hope that our car's burr-ator can hold together long enough!"
Arthur Drover The children gaze at the older man with a "pleeease" expression. "We don't have a car, or a coin or - anything. Or know how to drive!" But sense doesn't derail them, and the "pleeease" continues. "Just watch, kids, maybe some other time. I promise if I had something to drive, I'd drive."

Dejected, the two climb down and sit in their actual seats for once, though standing up frequently to get better looks. "Besides, it might be dangerous. I think it's probably dangerous."

Turning at random to look into the crowd: "Isn't this dangerous?"

Then Gilgamesh and Ultros happen and the questions all seem kind of moot.
Blackbird Blackbird hmms at Vanellope's dilimah. Gears and wheels and loopholes try spinning in her head. "Does it have to be a car? What're the limits between 'this is enterable' and 'this isn't'? Because I've so got a spare dirt bike that looks like it'd be aces for this," She gesturedi narticulately at the course. "Uh... er.... is that fudge?"

"No y'goof fudge is all sticky and hard t'get out of that's a course hazard in turn six."
Will Sherman Will stares at Rancis, "No it's my coin. I earned this fair and square." See stealing it.

Will adjusts himself on Ultros, "Hey stop moving!" Ultros complains, but looks odd as Tigger bounces onto his back! Will looks back at his new partner, and grins, "Oh man! Tigger! We're gona win for sure..." he says, and pauses, "...Well, I guess we better up the Burr-ator!" he says and looks down at Ultros.

"What's a Burr-ator?" Will shrugs at Ultros.
Deelel Deelel could totally race she's got a lightcycle right on her at the moment, she's very much tempted to do so. Then she sees someone who totally should not be here in the race. She stares for moment as Gilgamesh shows up with a car? She kinda stares at Gilgamesh and Enkidu what the heck? Oh by her User this is going to go insane.

She's trying to fight the temptation to join the race for prize or no prize. This track looks like it would be a hell of a ride and that's something the basic really wants to try out. This is the most trippy course she's ever seen in her life. It's awesome.

"Candyland huh? Board games....damn that is old as all get out."

She can get away with this? Her species didn't exist until computers did. She watches as some more strangers show up. This is pretty strange but hey she wants to get in on this.

"I think I'm about to lose control and do something rash. Yet fun."

She notices Venellope arrive and enter and she wonders who is that wait a second? She stares at what has been summoned what the heck did Ariel bring forth upon this world what has she done.

"Things are getting fishy..."

She also pauses unaware of how a coin is at her feet, she has no idea Will is somehow at fault for this awesome occurrence. Still the strange arrival had her interest things were getting crazy. She gets up takes the coin in hand and give her friends a wide grin. You know that grin when someone's going to do something crazy, she's totally failed her will check about the race from the looks of it.
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki just... gives Deelel one of those really wide, really nervous grins back that show far more teeth than anything else.

OK, so much for that hope.

"Good... luck?" is all she can really say at this juncture!
Tigger "It's one of the most important car parts," Tigger says, with absolute confidence. "Why the burr-ator is the part that makes the car's racking piston steering work right. That's almost as important as the fuel objection system! But I'm sure this old gal will hold together for one last race!"

Tigger pats Ultros' side. He has no idea this isn't even a car.
Arthur Drover At this precise moment, perhaps arguably a moment before, the Synthesist is slightly unbalanced, and his satchel gets away from him. Potions ricochet into the crowd, healing, magic-supporting, some slide wildly onto the track. There's an elixir in a gold bottle, there are heating blankets infused with fire down. "Sorry." He apologizes automatically even though the girl hit him in the process, and hurled her coin. No wonder she was in a hurry, this seems quite the coup.

He considers for a moment whether to retrieve the things strewn on the tracks - but they were close to expiring anyway, given their natural origins. Maybe someone would make use of them.
Taffyta Muttonfudge Rancis lashes out to try and get his coin. Will can defeat his attempts by holding the coin above his head. He's still looking at himself in the mirror with his other hand which isn't helping matters. "grrr! Give it back!"
Wreck-It Ralph THUMP.

Yeah, that's definitely the earth shaking beneath his feet.

The nine-foot-giant that is Wreck-It Ralph rushes towards the race track. He appears to be pursuing a small, adorable (some might even say... sweet) little urchin girl, thus cementing his place on the List of Terrible People and Great Villains list. He looks positively peeved.

He's also apparently a giant rampaging monster, at least compared to the tiny denizens of the candy-coated world. He charges between two candy-filled stands, tipping them to either side from the mere presence of his massive bulk. When he thinks he sees Vanellope dive under a candy-box stand, he grabs the bottom with one hand and up-ends it, totally heedless of who or what is sitting inside. "Why you little -- GIVE ME BACK MY MEDAL!"

<Vanellope> *toss*
<Ralph> D8<

He's approaching the cars, now. He might just run down Arthur on the way.
Avira "...oh my God." Avira stops pointing an accusing finger at Ultros for a moment to stare at Rancis.

"His hat is a peanut butter cup." Her sugar crash is forgotten in an instant. "/Delicious/."
Paulo Mysidi "So this is what insanity looks like," observes Paulo with a wide grin on his face. It is afixed that way due to the excess sugar. He looks for something to wash it down with-- but ends up with a vanilla milkshake. There is a shrug as he gulps some down-- fixing his broad grin with just a bit of a twitch now. "Colorful. Full of sugar. Its like tasting time," he says to no one in particular-- taking the exciting route of drawing out his book and sketching some of these cars.
King Candy Outsiders start trying to muscle in on King Candy's territory, but he allows it by royal decree because, ha! They're not going to win! And they're certainly not going to beat HIM at any rate. He's busily snapping his racing goggles onto his face when Venelope comes a bursting from the crowd. "Hey... hey Sour Bill, who's that down there?" He pulls his goggles forwards, eyeing them as if they were glasses, and then suddenl



Arthur Drover He does. The bag doesn't "spill a few things". It explodes. Arrows with detonation cores fly onto the tracks, sitting unattended. A Bomb Core spirals unheeded into some dark corner. Chocobo Feathers, Phoenix Down, in one case what looks like an entire tiny Flan monster, trapped in amber. Softs, Echo Potions, Hi-potions, a scarf glowing with unknowable energies spins into the distance and drapes a racecar.

Gasping and spitting, the Synthesist looks after the departing giant, as his niece and nephew yank him upright.

Adjusting his dignity, one rib, and taking out his flask, the synthesist takes the tiniest sip and begins marching after the colossal Ralph. "SEE HERE YOUNG MAN."
Blackbird Blackbird was sorely lamenting the lack of her bike. Sure it'd get eaten alive by a lightcycle i nspeed, but with a course like the map was showing and the terrain she saw around it'd pretty well murder the twisty sections by just cutting straight across..

Wait... Wait what? Thum thump? Blackbird looked around and saw it. Saw the giant wild haired hobo he'd spent hundreds of dollars in quarters trying to mop up after when she was little. "Ralph?" She flat out stared at the giant. "RALPH!" Through crowd over candy and only barely managing muttered appologies she tried closing the gap between her and a childhood icon.

"Clear way let a girl through puddin."

Cue giant pudding person waddling clear. Then Candy was going ballistic which snapped her out of fangirl mode. "Oi! Shortstack. We get to race why doens't little wrapper girl over there?" Thumb jerking to Vanellope.
Will Sherman Will Sherman hears the sudden yelling!

"QUICKLY! HE'S DISTRACTED!" Will says, and suddenly Ultros goes forward!

...Yes. Ultros litterally is wheeling himself forward by having the tentacles push him along the ground. Will pauses...looks at Tigger...

And makes Race car noises with his mouth.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi looks to Serah-- taking a moment to sketch the expression on her face in his book, "Yeah-- I dont think so either. But people sure seem to be enjoying themselves!"
Ariel Ariel sighs, but since that is definitely the car that was summoned, that's... definitely the, er, 'car,' that has to win.

At which point, an irate bonbon yells "DOWN IN FRONT!" at her, and she sits down again.
Tigger A glowing scarf falls on Tigger. It binds on pickup, resizing to fit around his neck just so. He ties it in a dashing manner, goggles gleaming heroically!


Tigger is too busy listening to heroic 8-bit music to notice the car-nage happening with Wreck-It Ralph. But then the car takes off! Tigger almost falls off, having to grip onto the side. He dangles absurdly, scarf flapping behind him. "The race is on! Will! Be sure you turn left!!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron sweatdrops, watching what's going on at the starting line "I'm... lost. I don't think that some of those were in the regularly scheduled race. Not to mention she knows about the big brute near the end of the line right now. She saw him demolishing a building that wasn't his game after all. "Hey that's Ralph." Its the one that ignored her 'mean voice'. She wasn't too pleased by that either, since he wasn't listening. "Is he pushing that car with his arms or something?"
Shiki Misaki "It's OK, Serah, I'm lost too," Shiki says, her expression a mask. Probably one of those ones with blue lines under her eyes and everything.

But she does a little bit of a double take when she notices--

"Wait. /That's/ Ralph? He's the one that went missing from Fix-It Felix Jr?"

Shiki is torn. She needs to confront that guy! But everything's already so chaotic--

She shakes her head. "Well, what's it gonna hurt?"

She puts some bubblegum in her mouth, chews it, and walks away from her chair.
King Candy King Candy comes scandy chaos on the track, and Ultros pulls into an early five foot lead, mostly because no one else is attempting to race as they flee for their sweetsy lives.

"Hey, no! Schtop! We have RULES here, young lady!" King Candy pulls himself up as regally as he's able to (which is not very) and taps a hand on the side of his head, shaking the spare cocoa powder out of his ears. There was more in there then you'd think possible. "I don't know how you got a coin, but I know that you don't have a car!"
Arthur Drover At this point, the wreckage of his torn pack, his bow, his arrows, strewn about, Arthur takes a moment to breathe deeply. The children are hanging off his legs basically like koalas on their favorite branches, except less bitey. "Wait here, okay kids?" He moves them to the very edge of the stands, plainly in sight, and disengages them carefully.

With a more measured mind, the craftsman begins sighting around for the giant, noticed in his one moment of wise decisions amid parental neglect. The kids are trying hard not to laugh, caught up in the simple excitement of tiny screaming men and hulking giants. Nothing about this scares or discomfits them.

For a moment, just a moment, Arthur considers picking up his merchandise, strewn around. One of the downsides of battle equipment. It would take a few hours of work to replicate the stock. He makes a different, more mercantile decision:

"FREE SAMPLES. Come to the sign of the Heart's Desire in Alexandria for more." Okay that's done. That stuff is lost. Put a loss on the ledger later.

Tigger gets a sheepish smile when Arthur sees him snatch the scarf. Then the older man picks his way among the cars. Except...

He sees Ultros, slowly dragging itself forward. It's almost hypnotic and yet admirable, the determination that little octopus shows. Quietly, the synthesist opens the flask of powdered and reduced Earth energy. Usually it heals the wounded and speeds the muscles. But-

He spends a full thirty seconds judiciously pouring the precious contents of that small flask around the octopus-car. It's not moving fast enough to make this especially difficult.

A minor earthquake begins to happen. Except it's not happening /to/ the Earth. It's happening under Ultros, the force of the liquid coating the slow-moving octopus creating a cushion of air which repulses the ground, hovering the aquatic creature off the earth and allowing it to simply tilt its body to move.

Whether the octopus can establish "gainly" motion in this state is neither here nor there. He saw a problem, and he solved it. Anger at Ralph, or further interfering with the life of King Candy - whose world may in fact be shattering - is forgotten as he seeks to watch the result.
Blackbird Blackbird glowered down at King Candy. Then to Ralph. Then raised a hand much like a child would in class. It wasn't much in way of magic but making loud noises wasn't hard, especially cmoared to 'hurting people' sort of magic. "Alright candies gentlemen, programs, and... anything else!" She tried raising her voice above the quiet. She'd had enough of this derailment. "I want to know just what is going on here." She had no clue about Ralph going missing from Fix-It. She just assumed he was on a night pass or something. "And I want everyone to shut up and do the explaining ONE AT A <pudding pop> TIME!"
Vanellope Vanellope looks Gilgamesh and Enkidu over, then crosses her arms. "Well fine! More competition to beat then! I can totally do this!" she says, then looks over as Ralph flips over the royal popcorn pavillion. O.O Great mother of pixie sticks! Vanellope tries to disappear again, moving into the crowd to get away from Ralph. She's short, maybe she'll just disappear! Besides, she needs to get her car!

The little urchin dashes past Will Sherman, wrinkling her nose some. "Are you and the giant brothers or something? You smell like you've been rolling in rotten bananas! ....Eee! Excuse me!" she says, only stopping briefly to inform Will he smells. Very important.

Vanellope then turns toward King Candy, lifting her chin proudly. "It doesn't matter where I got a coin, I am in the race! And I do too have a car! The best car you've ever seen! The most fantastic piece of machinery with wheels!" she shouts, then ducks under one of the stands to where she has stashed her car.

A few moments pass before the vehicle wheels out from the hiding spot. It is, frankly, a sad little go cart that looks like it was put together with things from the trash. It does not even have an engine. Vanellope is peddling it like a bicycle. Despite how...homely...the cart is, it is clear that Vanellope put a lot of work and love into that car. She honks the bicycle horn proudly, her chubby cheeks puffed out in defiance!

Deelel Deelel is moving to launch her coin like a light disc to get it into the race. It flies out of her hand hits the pot and slots in pretty nicely all things considered Her name appears on the list as the announcer calls out her name.


She's going to have fun with this she vaults out of the stands with her baton in hand, this was going to be fun also wait there's Wrek-it Ralph.

"AH HA!"

She's spotted Ralph and things are just going to get more insane, she's managed to get into the racers line up at this point she stands there for a moment then pulls her baton and soon she's hunching over as a light cycle forms about her. The odd thing is it's not the one she's known o have this one's sleeker partially opened and Deelel is hugging it like she's almost merged into it from the looks of it.

She Guns her engine revved up and she's going to enjoy this. Shiki has things handled right? Or it could end badly for her either way chaos rains. Shiki would find a text from Deelel going. <See what you can do about the big guy I'm going to keep an eye on the race I thing things are getting nuts.>

Also how did Deelel fit that much in? She's a program she's clearly cheating somehow.
Taffyta Muttonfudge Rancis follows after Ultros on foot (Ultros is not very fast on land) lashing out to try and get his coin. "Give it back give it back!!" He says, hopping a few times. Then suddenly--the earth shakes. Then it shakes again. It may be chaotic but ultimately what's happening is pretty simple. A) Rampaging guy chasing after 'glitch' who others don't want to be racing. and B) Ultroscar with Racing Tigger.

It's this former problem that draws Rancis's attention.

His eyes widen and he says, "OKAY NEVERMIND YOU CAN KEEP IT!" He yells as he runs away as quickly as possible.

He's still looking in the mirror every so often though maybe this time it's to make sure he's not being followed.

"AHHHH!!!" Taffyta and Candlehead scream and run off as well. Really, most of the racers are running away. It doesn't seem like a race is going to be happening at all at this rate, but Tigger and Will will CERTAINLY win the non-race at this ... rate.

Of course the Terriblicious Trio slow down upon spotting Vanellope's car.

They look nonplussed.

"/That's/ your car?" Taffyta asks. "Did you summon that monster to ruin the race?"

"Oh no you di'in't." Candlehead says, snapping her fingers in a z-formation.

"My coin..." Rancis sniffles.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi finishes his sketch of Serah's reaction-- being mostly line work. With that done he moves on to looking at the race track-- sketching out the scene quickly. "Why is the old man getting so upset, anyway? Just summon a car and find a magical coin. Go race. Race race race." Then he realizes he wont have anything to sketch after they start moving. "Hmm. Or stay. Stay stay stay."
Will Sherman There is an EARTHQUAKE!?


Will gasps! "Not your true form!?"

There is a bright light, a BRILLIANT light of pure energy and then...

Ultros is now a Hover Car...with tentacles. It is now going a whole ten miles perhour but...

"...Oh my god..." he says, catching Tigger. "I got an idea! USE YOUR TENTACLES TO SPEED US ALONG! LIKE A PROPELLER!"

Suddenly Ultros-car is DASHING.
Tigger Tigger helpfully swings his tail around behind Will.

It is not very effective.
Arthur Drover "Oh god what have I done." Arthur experiences a moment of clarity, his dwarf-like strange mood ended. This isn't BETTER, just different.
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh and Enkdu salute Vanellope as she goes running off. Then, as one, they hold up their hands at Ralph. "Hey, Ralph! How's it goin', buddy? Didn't know you a racer now! You guys branching out?"

Gilgamesh was about to say more, but then the race starts, and Enkidu isn't about to be left in the dust. Enkidu is an expert in a lot of things, but one of his favorite things in the world is chasing cars.

So Enkidu puts the pedal to the metal, and the Gilgamobile goes screaming after the Ultroscycle, a red-and-gold streak on the racetrack. Gilgamesh fumbles with his racing gear.

King Candy "No, this is... this is unacceptable, simply unacceptable." King Candy says, towering over itty bitty Vanellope (by a thin margin), his hands on his hips. "Look, look at what you've done to my racetrack!" He waves a hand, indicating octopi royalty, rampaging villains, general panic, and worst of all, a run on the concession stand. "How? How does this make me want to let you race? I couldn't let you race now even IF I wanted! Look at this mess!" King Candy puts a hand on his forehead and paces back and forth. "We're going to have to delay the WHOLE race until we can get this mess cleaned up! Ohhh, my poor track! And in front of all these honored guests! Vanellope! Why do you do this?"

The King starts to stalk off, fluttering his hands about wildly. "OKAY EVERYONE, SHUT IT DOWN! SHUT IT DOWN, PACK IT UP! DELAY OF RACE DUE TO COSMIC OCTOPI!"
Arthur Drover The race has definitely not started, and if it has, those cars are probably disqualified BUT - Vanellope's car rolls past, and the trio mock it insidiously. The shopkeeper's eye turns to it, he's about to remain silent and butt out, but as one "craftsman" to someone else who built something, feels obligated to confide before running back to the children:

"Good work, miss. I know a winner when I see it."

The King's rampage is unfortunately stopping the race. The children, never ones to truly stay out of it, are standing behind the King and mocking his every protracted movement and yelling face with an eerie precision and a horrifying mime-like silence.
Blackbird Blackbird frowns at this delay. "Uh Yea Delayed on account of the stands getting eaten." Her earlier attempt at trying to gain order was given up as she brushed past this and that while trying to get closer to Ralph. What was he doing here?

Then she asked, or at least tried to but given the noise she'd probably be dround out, "When's the reschedule? I wanna bring my bike over here."
Avira In the confusion, Avira has left her spot by the stands. Most of the people she was talking to at the moment have run off to do other things-like race! "...well that seems almost unfair..." she says as she looks at the lightcycle Deelel packs in comparison to the very edible-looking candy cars of the native Programs.

Then the race is called off. Avira starts to sneak off after Rancis, eyes solely pinned on his hat.

"Blue Valkyrie needs food badly." she mutters ominously.
Ariel Well, now the octopus can float. That solves one other potential problem.... maybe the Ultrosmobile has a chance now. Ariel claps at this new event. Though she can admit, she's not sure whether he can win, or if that's even in the rules....

Apparently not. Ariel sinks a little in her seat, hoping no one will blame her for the octopus problem. Clearly not her fault! "Aww..."
Reno Despite the cheerful day and the roaring crowds of diminutive anthropomorphic confections, there was a dark figure approaching. In the chaos of Ralph's entrance, he strode up to the platform for the most part unnoticed.

Wearing a dark grey suit completely untucked and without tie, he was nevertheless adorned by a completely ornamental pair of goggles resting upon his forehead, amid the strands of his bright red hair which tapered back into a long tail-like red ponytail behind him. The man seemed to be on a cell phone call?

" Yeah, sure thing boss. Almost there. Naw, it's like, starting right NOW, yo.... Just beam it down when I text ya, K? Bye." *flip*

Having gained entry to the platform and looked about him. The small man with the crown seemed to be yelling at a small girl with... some kind of dilapidated peddle-car? Also there seemed like there was an octopus on the track crawling in an early but tragically irrelevant lead. Almost all the other vehicles looked edible. Was this really the competition? Hell, he might run over one of these kids and never know it.

Regardless, Reno took out a small silver coin with a square hole in the center, and threw his 5 gil piece onto the lever, which promptly flipped it into the cup.

"RENO OF THE TURKS!" Called out an announcement on the loudspearker. Reno turned to great the roaring crowds an...wait... where did all the other cars go!?

"Sonnova...!?" Reno flipped out his phone and furiously typed something. SEND! Send damn you! He ran towards the starting line and waited impatiently, pacing back and fourth for a few moments.

Suddenly, with a brilliant blast of green vector-mapping light, an attack-helicopter materialized and nearly squashed the poor turk flat. Having dove out of the way in a split-second reaction, Reno quickly got to his feet and leapt into the pilot's seat, bypassing a lot of the normal pre-flight checklist and getting that baby airborn.

As Reno pulled up into a low hover, he pulled up the mic to the loudspeaker system.

"SHINRA REPRESENT, YO!" he yelled as the chopper zipped foreword over the track.
Will Sherman Ultros is going the fastest he's ever gone in his life!

"I am so haaaaaaapy! I am a happy octopus! I can finally be the guy!"

"YEAH! YOU CAN DO IT ULTROS!" Will thumbs at Tigger as he helps! Then a ramp...


Ultros hits the ramp...

Gets half way through the jump...and starts falling too early.

"Nooooooo...I was gona score the hooooot stuuuuud!" Will grabs onto the edge of the pit fall, as Ultros falls into everlasting darkness. Also maybe with Tigger on his back/head. "That was close!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron watches the race avidly. She cheers on the racers, watching it over the large screen. Its pretty exciting "I wonder how it would be to race with them. Although it looks a bit dangerous, since we can't respawn here... Well, its what I suppose anyway."
Wreck-It Ralph Ralph is pretty sure he hears some lady calling his name, and someone coming at him, and someone /else/ being genuinely outraged. He's not entirely sure what's up with that, so he just waves a hand dismissively at the lot of them. "Not now, I'm busy!" Busy running across the race track, that's what.

"C'mere you little rugrat!" Ralph runs forward, arms outstretched. He steps on the hood of one racer's car as they try to drive away, flinging her out of it and towards the horizon not unlike being launched from a catapult. He stops to let the octopus crawl on by, looking around it to try and catch the girl with the /giggling/ and the /sass/.

That is to say, Vanellope. Not the, you know, dozen or so other ones who fit the vague description around here.

Ralph loses her around Ultros. He stops, hopping to the side and trying to figure out where she went. He turns around, hearing his name again. "I /said/, not n--" He blinks. Gilgamesh and Enkidu. "What're you guys doin' here? Look, I can't talk, I've got a -- thing," he says vaguely, gesturing to the other side of the track. "I'll catch you in a minute!" He starts across the rest of the track.

Vanellope emerges with her homemade kart. "THERE you are!" He stalks towards her, the very picture of nine-foot frustration. And also giant monkey hands.
Arthur Drover Arthur may in fact shed a single tear for that brave doomed hero. The kids are dragged reluctantly backwards in case King Candy does in fact explode. This is a hectic place, and it looks like a lot of people might be in trouble with the "Cops" by the end of the night. Time to meander somewhere less conspicuous. Especially with the kids coming down off their sugar h-

"Where did you get that candy?"

Pausing, the realization that this is the stupidest question ever asked dawns like a gold brick. "Stop just shy of puking, at least, kids."
Tigger Tigger clings onto Will, frantically wiggling his botton to try to get more speed. The trio Dukes of Hazzard up onto the ramp, flying through the air! And then things just don't work out.

Tigger latches onto Will's head, yowling as Will manages to keep from falling into the pit. He scrabbles off of Will to try to help him out of the pit. Somehow Tigger is able to do this despite being a fraction of Will's mass. Don't ask. "Boy, that was an exciting race! I think we threw a spanner though. Ought to get that looked at back at the pits."

Tigger looks down the hole. He cups his paws to his mouth to shout. "Hello! Hello down there! Please check our spanner and our fuel objection system! I think we started to pull a little to the right on that last turn!"
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki hopes Avira and Serah will forgive her for ditching them, but this is important! She's stringing together a coherent train of thought here, and she's sure that whatever's going on here this guy Ralph is important to it. Least of all, she knows that he's 'gone Turbo', whatever that means, but it's surely not good.


She's determined to catch up to that big guy! "Hey! No! This is really important!"
Vanellope Wherever there is the possibility of happiness, Taffyta Muttonfudge shows up to try to ruin it! Vanellope looks toward her, determined not to let her and her minions get her down. "Yes it is! I know, I'd be intimidated if I were you too Taffyta," she replies before looking over toward Arthur as he compliments her car. She stares blankly for a moment.

Scanning for sarcasm. Scanning. Scanning. Scanning....

Then her face lights up with a bright smile even sweeter than the world she lives in. "Thanks mister!" she calls.

Judging by the earth shaking, Ralph has found her. Her eyes widen at his approach. "It's already in the game! But I'll get it back for you when I win! I promise! I /needed/ it!" she explains to him, getting ready to peddle away if need be. Doesn't seem like the race is happening now anyway!

Vanellope also takes a moment to gawk at the helicopter. "Whhhooooaaaaa.....where can I get one of THOSE!?"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi is completely lost in the chaos. He makes the most of it by sketching things out here and there. Sensory overload. After some fervent sketching he exhales. "Phew. Well I think that's enough for me," he says as he dusts himself off-- having already ended with a sprinkling of powdered sugar on his robes somehow. He closes his book and hops off of the stands that he was watching from.
King Candy "No, what, no, not another person ruining my track!" The King exclaims as Reno starts tearing up the road, literally, on his hog. "Why? Why would you do this to me? You're terrible, you're just terrible people!" He gestures expressively; the children ape this well. It's like half a minute before he even notices that they're there.

"What? What is thi-- this is... shoo, shoo!" He makes shooing motions at the tikes, trying to get them to go away. "This is just undignified, is what it all is! Un/dig/nified."
Will Sherman Will is, thankfully saved by Tigger, who he gives a hug too! Because wow!

Ultros groans from down in the pit. Will looks towards Vanellope! And then Ralph wanting to corner her...and then he frowns. "Girl, I say, Girl...I am." He pauses, "WILL SHERMAN! KING OF THE HOBOS!" He pauses and then laughs at King Candy, "I GET IT!" he shouts. Then back to the matter at hand.

"Ralph would totally be a brother to me if I were a Video Game I think." Sage nod.

"...So what's wrong Ralph?"
Shiki Misaki "I'm as exasperated as you are," Shiki half-shouts half-mutters...


Towards King Candy, who is a long-suffering and put-upon ruler, to be sure, and deserving of your pity.
Arthur Drover The children reluctantly depart. But in their hearts they never stopped. They never will stop. Years from now they will fondly remember making this little man complain about their teasing. And they will hug themselves, and smile. And maybe he will feel it.
Blackbird Blackbird facepalmed at King Candy's hamtasticness and started to wander along the track.

But not before she tossed a spanish dubloon into the pile. It was a clean flip right into the slot. Same as she'd always envisioned doing to a quarter into the arcade slot.


She didn't even have a car! How was she supposed to? Wait.. This isn't a foot race lady! Get back here!
Tigger Tigger loves hugs. He must have gotten his STRENGTH UP from that mysterious glowing scarf, though he never turns down a helping hand! Deelel finds that Tigger's awfully strong when he puts his mind to it. Huh.

Tigger tosses the scarf over his shoulder while he follows along behind Will. He is only now realizing where he is, looking around and gawping at it all. He may wander off at any moment.
Ariel Ariel was trying to figure out the rules of the race, but she recognizes the giant man from the club the other night. ... Right, his name is Ralph.

She starts to walk down over the stands. She almost trips over a gummy bear on the way down.

"Your -- majesty, I can apologize for... the unauthorized octopus..."
Deelel Deelel hears the race is on hold, she sighs for a moment banishes her bike and grabs her baton, before it can hit the ground. She then walks off off the race way sighing as she goes. Still she's going to go talk to Ralph, right? Shiki's already ahead of her on that but she does feel she owes ti to Ralph to talk to him and tell him what's been going on back home. So she was going to vault on over to the wrecker of the End of Line.

She was almost distracted by what befalls Will and Tigger? But it seems Tiggers' got things in hand so she keeps moving as she tries to catch up with Ralph Man Ralph really seems obsessed with something today. Could it be the medal he was talking about last time? That could very well be it.

"I can't argue with that Will. Hey Ralph are you okay big guys?>
Taffyta Muttonfudge Taffyta isn't going to stop Ralph from nabbing Vanellope or doing much of anything to her. What she does do is check the car out. She reaches forward and gives the horn a few experimental squeezes. "Listen, Vanellope. I'm ... I'm very intimidated." She winks briefly at her comrades in BULLYING. "So very intimidated... but it's not cause of what you think. See, it's for your own good that you don't race. know... you're a glitch." She pulls her hand back before she gets accused of touching the merchandise or whatever ridiculous thing she's anticipating from her.

"And who knows what might happen when you're on the track? In your car...without a care..."

Rancis starts sniggering before an ominous presence approaches from behind. He turns around quickly and backs awaaaaaaaaaay from Avira.
Serah Farron Serah Farron ooks over to Paulo leaving "Why not just relax and enjoy the race?" She keeps cheering on with the crowd, watching how each racer is doing their best on the candyland race track "I wonder if they stop to eat some of the scenery sometimes. I'd think that only but candy would eventually be sickening.
Avira Normally at this point, Avira would be going after Ralph for harassing that little girl. He looked pretty mad! And big and intimidating! And that guy totally made a mess out of the Empire State Building! By all means she should have a bone or two to pick with Ralph. But for now...

...there are more pressing matters to deal with as she looms over Rancis from behind. Any disruption all of this makes to the bullying/intimidation in progress is entirely incidental.

"Hey. That's a nice hat you got there." Avira grins, "Can I see it?"
Will Sherman Will suddenly turns towards Taffyta.

He puts his hat UP into a RANKOROUS position and walks right towards him.

"I am going to give you a wedgie now."

King Candy "Oooooh, my poor track." King Candy exclaims, holding his head in his hands. "Why me, Sour Bill? Why me? I'll bet King Bowser never had to put up with this. That Mario, I hear he's really a swell guy, feet on the ground so to speak. Not what you'd expect from a big celeb like taht. Now, /he/ wouldn't go tearing up Bowswer's castle for no reason. But ME?!"

"I have WRECK-IT RALPH tearing up my track!"

King Candy pauses. "Wait a second, Ralph?" He peers forwards, "Ralphie-boy, what are you doing here, you should be in your own game! Why are you wrecking /mine/?" The diminutive King takes Aerial by the hand in a polite gesture. "Thank you, my dear. That means... so much, after how awful this day has been. When we re-hold the race, you get to be an honored guess in the royal box, that's how much I appreciate that. It's the simple gestures, really."
Ariel Ariel takes the King's hand, and curtsies politely at him. She's glad that all is... apparently forgiven, with the octopus. "...Thank you, your majesty." Come to think of it, though she seems to be just a magic-user there is something of royalty about her sometimes. "I would be... very honored."

She walks over then to look at Ultros, and wrinkles her mouth up. She puts hands on her hips and blows a little hair out of her eyes. "Okay. Well, now I guess I can unsummon you. ... Sorry."
Blackbird Blackbird was busy exploring the track. Then got bored because the track needed a car and even if it was kart distainces it was still too far to jog so she made her way back to where the bullying was and facepalmed. Hard. "Seriously? Are we doing this kind of gradeschool kipple?"
Tigger Tigger scampers after Will. He is scandalized by the wedgie! You can tell because he slaps his paws against the sides of his snout.
Taffyta Muttonfudge Will Sherman's luck decides that wedgying a little girl would just be too easy. It decides to enhance Will's luck for his attempt to wedgy Taffytana. His attempt to perform a wedgy goes off SO WELL that he ends up actually performing quite a feet--he grabs his OWN underwear and pulls it right over his head.

Taffyta blinks a few times and says, "Listen, you're an outsider. You don't know how things work here, okay? Maybe it seems unfair to you, but maybe it's unfair for a /reason/."
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover stares in mute disbelief at Will Sherman. He will tell the grandkids of this day. The regular kids can see it. They MAY be taking pictures?!?
Tigger Tigger stares in disbelief. How could he get his underwear over his own head?!
Shiki Misaki "He's right!" Shiki says, still doing her best to try and get Ralph's attention. "I went to your game. I think people there are really worried about you! And being outside of it is dangerous, right? There's something... something about this that seems unsafe..."

Shiki thinks of the Cybugs and the mysterious circumstances that brought them here...
Will Sherman "No." Will says, with a :| face as he has somehow wegied himself.

"You will appologize!" he says, somehow wedging himself.
Avira "One sec." Avira holds up a finger to Rancis. One hand reaches down into her shirt/breastplate/battle bikini and pulls out her ma belle. She's not nearly busty enough to actually store it between the 'girls.'

"Reveeeeenge." she drawls, snapping a picture of wedgied Will.
Will Sherman Will looks at Avira. "YOUR PICTURE HAS BEEN LEAKED TO THE INTERNET!" he declares...and adjusts the luck so she accidently transmits the picture instead of taking his!
Vanellope Vanellope glances back to Taffyta, "HEY! Honk your own horn!" she retorts to Taffyta, jealously guarding her car. She knows these guys, and she knows they are not nice people. Vanellope crosses her arms indignantly. "I am NOT a glitch! I just have pixlexia okay!?" she says.

Then, of course, as if brought on my her heightened emotional state, Vanellope's form blurs and shifts, breaking her down briefly into a disorganized colorful pixels that shake then reform into herself.

She intends to pretend nothing happened. Especially having been provided with a really nice distraction.

Will Sherman tries to be her hero. She appreciates it, really she does. She especially approved of giving Taffyta a wedgie. Brilliant! But Taffyta's bully powers on her home turf are too strong, and Will somehow ends up giving himself a wedgie. Vanellope winces in sympathy. "Leave him alone Vanellope! Why do you have to pick on people? It's okay other Hobo-guy, she's just afraid that I'll win!" she informs.

Vanellope blinks toward Avira. "Wow, that's quite an you have bon bons stuffed in there or something?" she asks, gesturing toward Avira's bikini top.
King Candy "You see?" King Candy exclaims, nodding to the people around him. "This here is a, a delicate flower, that's what you'd call this gal right here. You, madam, are always welcome here. I'll even give you a tour of the castle. We're installing a soden soon. That's a portmaneau of soda, and garden, right? It's got sodas, it's got gardens..." The King waggles his hands, shaking his head back and forth. "The name's a work in progress, they can't all be winners like 'Fungeon' was, right? Excuse me, I have to go and be all kingly now." And by that he means 'yell at people'.
Reno Renoroared above the cavity-inducing terrain. His ShinRa chopper was built for a good blend of speed, maneuverability, versatility, and armaments-- and that put him well above the competition. Also what put him above the competition? The power of flight. Flying an attack helicopter in a go-cart race was simply in not conceivably in any kind of way 'fair'. But then again the only kind of 'fair' ShinRa was interested in ran off carrying a giant sword and a wounded test subject, so there's that. Reno's purpose in this race was to get awareness for the company. ShinRa could reach here. ShinRa could kick everyone's butt. And ShinRa was available for sales or lease with very affordable rates!

Back in the actual "race" Reno easily follows the (tootsie-roll company owned) crow's path cutting across the zig-zagging racecourse between mounds of ice cream. He buzzed above some strange (and strangely familiar) looking weird guy driving a convertable, and then pulled into the lead.

"Huh...weren' there more racers than this, yo?" Reno murmered to himself in perplexation.
Will Sherman Will looks at Vanellope for a while.

And then he just gives her a hug after her freak out happens. Just a hug.
Arthur Drover The Synthesist packs up the kids, by now half asleep because the candy faucet was carefully stopped, and begins heading out of the area. There is still a fair bit of prep to be done for tomorrow night, and that is sadly dragging him away from what promises to at least be an interesting night. A quiet prayer to the Spirit of Lost Causes and the Gods of Desperate Men on behalf of Vanellope accompanies his departure. Will has the hugging handled, and it would be creepier coming from the older man. There's a somewhat sad wave. But that's enough excitement for one day. He doubts this is the end.
Ariel Ariel thinks the soda garden sounds lovely! (What is a soda?? Oh well, sounds lovely!) She clasps her hands.

Then she turns around, and waves them at Ultros a few times, trying to... unconjure him. "Unsummon!"
Tigger Tigger looks on at the situation around Vanellope with some concern. He decides to handle the situation by hopping onto her shoulders, draping around her like a stole. "Is that your car? Does it have fuel objection? It looks like the fuel objected all the way out so you're probably going to need new rotor-cappillaries. Fortunately Tiggers are the best at mechanicalization."
Taffyta Muttonfudge Taffyta looks towards Will. She would like nothing more than to turn that car inside out. Because ...for some reason! She's a bully. It doesn't always make sense. Maybe back at her gingerbread home, she is taught poor behavior from her parents. Or she is afraid of Vanellope glitching as someone is playing her or glithcing out and destroying the game and killing everybody around her as the game is unplugged.

But not here, not now. There's way too many crazy people and giants around. all she knows for sure is that she can't let them race.

"Um..." Rancis says, looking at Avira. He steps back towards Taffyta and tugs on her shoulder. "Can know...get away? I don't like the look she's giving me. And I know all about the looks I get."

"There's a tiger there." Candlehead says. "I like him." She spins around and looks towards ARiel. Her eyes widen. "Gosh... she looks like a /princess/."

"Don't be stupid, she's not a princess." Taffyta rolls her eyes. "Come on girls! We're outta here!" She (ginger)snaps a few times and starts heading off.
Will Sherman "More of a princess than YOU will ever be." Will says, towards the retreating Taffyta.
Taffyta Muttonfudge "I'm not a princess, I'm a /racer/." Taffyta says. "And there's no princesses here! Never was, never will be!"
Avira Avira stares down Rancis. Or rather, Avira stares down Rancis's hat...until...

The glitching of Vanellope is enough to remind Avira of the strange rules of this reality. A glitched character? In a full arcade game? She hasn't seen that happen in a very long time. More curious is how it's treated in this system-like some kind of awful disease.

A look of sadness falls upon her face at the bullied girl.

"Actually I do." Avira answers Vanellope without shame. She pauses, reviewing the last few moments to the part where she scooped up the extra candy that was flung at her. "...I probably should not have stored them there." Avira can't bear to actually look. She doesn't need to look. She can feel the melted chocolate and the sensation brings a wince to her face. Rancis's delicious hat is forgotten. Avira just lost her appetite. "I think I'm going to have to excuse myself." she reaches out and ruffles Vanellope's candy-filled hair.

"Good luck with your race when it's rescheduled, kiddo."
Ariel Ariel fortunately doesn't notice this until she manages to create a hole in the ground. Ultros falls through it... there's the sound, somewhere, of a splash.

That probably worked! She dusts off her hands, and then puts one hand on her hip.

Then she finally overhears the conversation. "Will? Just... it's fine, I'm not, she's not, let's just let them clean up the race?"
Deelel Deelel is getting lot int eh chaos here, there's a heck of a lot of things going on. The Race has been an entire wash out likely their fault being out of game. Taffyta is getting a look from Deelel that is rather unhappy.

"So what's this reason then?"

She looks back to see Shiki talking to Ralph and well she's delivered the important information, she was honestly trying to forget about the Cybugs also did she see Reno about here? She totally swore she saw the red headed Turk. She shouldn't be to surprised to see someone from the Shinra down here in all honestly it is fair that some of them might poke about the Arcade and see just what's going on here. The thought of the Cybugs is something she's going to have to get some more data on and hand out the information to Valkyri, the Shard Seeks, TDA and even the Shinra. Given those things are viral it could be a nightmare waiting to happen.

Vanellope claims she's not a glitch hits a cord with Deelel given the implications on her system of what that meant. yet Vanellope was not insane, was not rampaging so she wasn't dangerous right? She kinda frowns for a moment The poor kids, she's must have had it hard given that state of existence. To be without a function but to be of a race who are born with it? That's a special kinda of hell. Yet there she is still being pretty plucky and making a moment about Avira that gets Deelel snickering. Will does what she had an urge to do but too many cooks and all that for what it's worse? She smiles a little bit at the game native.

"Hey don't let get you down."

She wonders could TRON, fix this girl's code so she was properly functional this might be something to look into. She doesn't voice this to not wanting to get the girl's hopes up for nothing, right? She does however speak up about something else.

"The name is Deelel and it's good to meet you Program."

then comes Tigger ace mechanic? Then again the cars here are made out of candy so Tigger may darn well be able to do something with it. She wouldn't be shocked if his world ran on physics like this game somehow.
King Candy "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT just a second everyone."

King Candy holds up his hands in both directions, like a crossing guard, calmly waiting for everyone to calm down. There are times when a king must be a man apart... and this is one of those times. "Now, everyone, if you'd all just settle down for a few seconds, I think I can explain everything."

"Now. Are we all going to be calm, civilized people whom don't destroy racetracks?" He looks towards Will, towards Taffyta, towards Aviera, each in turn.
Will Sherman Will tilts his hat back drown from his RANKOROUS position.

"Alright." he says, "Because I am a king, and thus I have to remain Kingly in a KINGS court...which is also a race track."
King Candy "And it's the best court you ever did see." King Candy replies. In the background, a support gives way and another stand collapses in on itself.
Avira Avira lifts her hands up in a disarming fashion, "Hey hey, I'm not out to wreck anything right now, don't look at me like that." She makes motions with her hands, "In fact I was just about to get leaving, your majesty."
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki is more than a little surprised at Vanellope, but not as surprised by the outpouring of defence she gets. That's just the way some people are.

She continues to give Ralph a wary look though, wincing at the sorry state of the racetrack and the general malaise.

But she's going to pay attention to the King for now, and try and nudge Ralph carefully back to his game after.
Serah Farron Serah Farron is already calm! She's waiting to see who's going to win the race! But it looks like there's alot of demolition and weird stuff going on too. She looks toward Avira and Paulo nearby "Do you think this is all part of the normal races too?" A bit clueless there.
Vanellope Vanellope is being hugged. She looks as though she absolutely does not know what to do about this. It is almost as if no one has every hugged her before. The girl stiffens and looks perplexed. Until she recovers her moxy, obviously her DEFENSE MECHANISM! "H-hey! Th-thanks but what's with the touchy feely!?" she asks before she suddenly has Tigger winding around her and babbling something about cars. "Uh, yes it is. Built it myself! I don't think it has fuel objections, its uh, peddle-powered at the moment so..."

Vanellope turns then to give Taffyta the stink eye. So many people are suddenly defending her! She's so confused! She has no idea what to say as Taffyta and cronies slink away, so she settles with a simple but enthusiastic "YEAH!" at them as they go.

The candy-haired urchin looks to Deelel then, who is perhaps even weirder looking than Avira! "Program? I'm Vanellope von Schweetz, racer extraordinaire! Nice to meetcha--but how did you all get in here? What games are you from? Did the arcade get a bunch of new games?"

Pleasantries interrupted as King Candy steps up. Vanellope stubbornly crosses her arms. "He's just going to tell you I'm a glitch so I can't be allowed to play--but I can totally control it! I can race!"
Taffyta Muttonfudge The King speaks and Taffyta obeys. Taffyta doesn't seem to consider Will a king. She may in fact be the worst. "I solemnly swear to not wreck the racetrack. I swear on the Cookie Scout Girl Code." This video game has its priorities straight. She still LOOKS like she wants to lurk off but King Candy has a better TRACK record than she does, so he's the boss.

Sometimes she thinks this gamerig's rigged.
King Candy "Now then, we have this problem here where little Vanellope, darling angel that she is, is inflicted with a terrible problem... she's glitched. It's very sad state of affairs, is what it is, and there's no two buts about it!" He reaches to place his hands protectively on little Vanellope's shoulders. But she gets all rambunctious and so the King withdraws. "But unfortunately..." He shrugs, stepping away and spreading his hands in a plaintive gesture. "That's she's a slight danger to herself and everyone around her. Think about what would happen if she glitched out in the middle of a race? What would the Players say?" He gestures outwards, spreading his hands plaintively. "They would think that the game is glitched... they'd unplug us! And then all my people would be homeless, trapped in the Hub... did you see space in the Hub for all those cutesy little sweet tarts? I sure didn't."

"I feel for the kid." The King says, his voice going quiet. "I really do. But as a King, I have to think about what's best for all of my people, not just the individual." Candy makes a gesture towards Will. "You said that you're a King, right? Then you know about the duties, the responcibilities. How much the little crown really weighs. But the sad truth, at the end of the day, is that Vanellope can't be allowed to race, because she can't control her Glitching, despite what she s--"

The King abruptly snaps around at Vanellope, raising his arms above his head and shouting in a loud voice to spook her. Because he knows it will. Because he knows what will happen afterwards.
Wreck-It Ralph Ralph is beset on all sides by people who want nothing more than to /talk at him/. He doesn't want to listen or do any such thing like it. They all think they know him, and that he's gone Turbo or something, but he hasn't. All he wants is for Vanellope to give him back his medal, so he can go home and be a hero. Except that... she... spent it?

He makes a face. It is not a terribly happy one.

"So we'll go talk to the guy in charge of the race," Ralph says with infinite patience, and by infinite we mean the exact opposite, which probably means 'very little' in Ralph's mind but actually means 'none,' "and get it back /right/. /Now/." He jabs a huge finger at Vanellope to punctuate those remarks.

Then, the donut cops get to him. They start to say something official-sounding, and Ralph raises a hand to silence them. He doesn't even look up from Vanellope, except to turn to King Candy to appeal to him. He seems to be in charge, maybe he can work this out. This turns out to be a bad plan, because suddenly, his hand is poked by something or other. He looks down, and sees two gummy darts with licorice ropes attached poking his palm. He looks confused.

Then he looks comically electrified. /Then/ he looks like a jackhammer, bouncing up and down and across the track, adding to the damage until he spins off the side of the thing. He sends another row of stands flying in the process, and promptly falls directly off the beaten path and into a TERRIFYING TAFFY SWAMP.

Which we'll revisit next time, because Vanellope is about to eat the entire animation budget for this scene.
Ariel Of course a king has his duty. But, Ariel can't resist seeing a little urchin like Vanellope get picked on, either. She just seems so eager! "I'm - I'm sure she doesn't mean to-" she tries to tell the King, but she's a bit out of her depth, not being sure about all the vocabulary words he's employing.
Taffyta Muttonfudge "I guess it's true what they say..." One of the donut cops says. "You can take the Wrecker out of the City..." He slides on some sunglasses, "but you can't take the <untranslated japanese>"
Will Sherman Will frowns...

"A King's duty also says that he needs to HELP his matter what they have! You may deny this girl the race...but what are you doing to /stop/ or /fix/ the issue besides shunning her and dismissing her!" he says, and winks to her. Then Ralph gets tased and then falls into a taffy swamp. "...Poor guy." he says, with a heartfelt sympathy...

"Uh right anyway..." he then pauses, wait what is he doing! He moves to stand infront of her and stare down the King!
Vanellope Vanellope's expression as King Candy gives his speech quite clearly indicated how full of sugar she thinks he is, though as he gets to the part about the denizens of the game being homeless if they get unplugged, she looks guilty and tragically sad. At least for a moment, as King Candy then scares the skittles out of her. "AH!" she yells, and does indeed, glitch out. Lines blur, pixels run askew, she's in one place then the other, appearing again outside of her car and five feet away from King Candy, looking miffed. "That's not fair! You did that on purpose! You provoked it! If I was racing..." she trails off, squaring her shoulders stubbornly. "I'm made to race! I feel it in my code!" she says, putting a hand to her chest. "If you'd just let me /try/!" she protests, heartfelt.

Suddenly, Ralph. Vanellope winces a little. "Sorry stinkbrain, but if you'd just convince them to let me race I could get it back for you!" of course, he's then being hauled off by the police. She facepalms as he hits the taffy swamp. Alright, she actually feels bad for the guy! But what was he going to do with that medal anyway?

The man claiming to be the king of hobos steps in front of her and Vanellope looks up at him with those big brown eyes. Really, no one has ever stood up for her before! Suddenly, there were a bunch of people! It's ....weird!
Tigger Tigger falls onto the track when Vanellope glitches out. He looks disoriented, rolling on his back for a few seconds before regaining his feet.
Will Sherman Will is startled for a moment...honest to god startled.

She glitches when King Candy does his thing...
At first it was just annoyance...he's seen this so many times before in his home...years and years of racism against other humans in his world...they were just...

And then Loki's memories...

Will's eyes sharpen. There is a moment that everything around him can feel his displeasure. He takes a step forward, he's a small guy, probably not as tall as King Candy, but for a moment...his presence fills the room, The red glow from his hands starts to appear, but through pure will he keeps it surpressed...he doesn't want to hurt him, just scare him.

"StoSTOP IT!" he booms, staring right into the king's eyes. "I will not tolerate you hurting her like this! You are no are a bully!" he says, and just stares at him with a thousand year stare. He can see it, this boy who claims to be a thing older than he looks.

But he turns away, turning to Vanellope. The feeling is gone as he motions for Tigger, "Hey. Why don't we get some ice cream, yeah? My treat.." which means Mercade's treat, "We don't wana race here anyway, we can find a better race...I think I know a place you can race too.."
King Candy "If you were racing then you'd have minty missiles and jaw-breaking jaw breakers and licorice lassos and I can't even remember what else flying at you. No, seriously, I can't. Do you have any idea how much stray code went into this game? It boggles the mind. Games these days, so complicated. Soon you're going to need a college degree to--"

King Candy recoils as he's yelled at, his crown comically flipping end over end in the air before landing, pop, square back on his round noggin'. The tiny man's fists clench in anger. "Who." The King begins, straightening his diminutive back and looking up at the much taller Will proudly. "Who do /you/ think /you/ are, to come into /my/ kingdom, knowing nothing about /my/ people, or /their/ problems, and moralizing at /my/ solutions for them." The little man picks up his little candy cane, shaking the curved end in Will's direction. "How dare you insult me and my people so! How dare you claim that I haven't done all that I can for her! Look at you, you're trying to take her away, and you don't even know that she can't leave the Game itself!"

"I, sirrah, am not a bully. I am a man that has been presented with difficult choices and I've made the best decisions that I could for my people." The King turns, "WYNNCHEL! DUNCAN!" The two donut cops, startled, come a'running.

King Candy turns his gaze back up at Will, shaking his cane admonishingly. "But you. You come in here, you give me orders about how I should and shouldn't be doing things, and you try to intimidate me with your shouting and staring and whatever that hoodoo was with the other thing. YOU, sir! YOU are the bully! I will thank you to remove yourself from my kingdom, sirrah, for you are not welcome in it." As the two donut cops step up, one on either side of Will (and looking apologetic about the whole thing), King Candy flips the palm of his hand upwards, and exclaims, "GOOD DAY, SIR!" And then he waddles off.

There is one more thing that he has to do; King Candy hardens his heart.

"Now then, as for this particular matter..." He rounds upon Vanellope's hobbled togather, pedal powered hunk of race 'car'. He points his little candy cane forwards and sugar starts to swirl upwards from the ground. It's a horrible thing, to see in seconds that little car destroyed, reduced to little more then digital data that fluffs away upon the breeze, to swirl among the cotton candy clouds forevermore. And all the while, King Candy, stoney faced, performs this duty because he /must/. The King then announces, gently but sternly to Vanellope, but loud enough for all to hear, "Now then. Let us speak no more of this, child. The matter is concluded."
Reno moments later, a completely oblivious Reno zips over and past the finish line with the roaring drone of his chopper engine, the rushing whirl of wind, and the blaringly loud voice coming over the aircraft's loudspeakers:


The celebratory cheer fades off as the aircraft sails off into the cotton-candy clouded sunset.
Tigger Tigger covers his head when the shouting starts. He looks pained when Will and King Candy get into an argument. There's enough ego flying around here to bowl a simple Tigger over. It's not in a Tigger's nature to fight in this way. And then the /police/ get called! Tigger is scandalized. He puts his hands to his mouth with concern for Will. Is he going to go to Candy Jail?!

And then with terrible finality, the candy car is destroyed. Tigger yowls sadly as it crumbles away into nothing, futilely trying to chase after its little fluffy bits. It is of no use. He slumps afterward, momentarily defeated. The car is destroyed. Will is going to be arrested by donuts. They didn't even win the race! It's terrible.

This lasts for a few seconds before Tigger straightens up, tugs on his glowing scarf, and squares his shoulders in renewed determination. He's developing a plan. It is ridiculous and will never work. But it's a plan.
Vanellope While Vanellope really appreciates Will sticking up for her (and offering ice cream and racing!) she looks down, shaking her head. "Sorry Hobo-guy, but I can't leave the game..." she begins quietly, trailing off as--well, she doesn't even know what happens but Hobo-guy is suddenly pretty scary, which makes King Candy react accordingly by being all...kingly and...well, basically a big butthead.

Vanellope is ready to try to sneak away at this point while Will and King Candy are fighting, beginning to /stealthily/ wheel her car away. The stealth is ruined by her squeaky wheels, sadly.

As she hears King Candy's voice harden, she turns toward him with wide eyes, realizing what he means to do. "NO! NO, PLEASE!" she yells as King Candy works his magic, reducing her car to nothing but code and unformed sugar. Vanellope cries, with both sadness and anger, all her hard work gone with the flick of King Candy's wrist. And her most vocal supporter is getting dragged off to jail.

Vanellope pinches her lips shut as she tries to stop tears from spilling down her cheeks before she glitches out again, turning and running away, unable to face this anymore.

But she is NOT giving up!
Deelel Deelel knows about code issues she's had them herself she was dubbed down pretty low for a long time lost most of her memory it was a living nightmare. She knows that code can be fixed and either Vanellope could be fixed or at least transferred somewhere else. There could be something for her beyond the Arcade, where she'd not risk the others who live here, right? If she's as s glitch she'll not be missed. She doesn't know if there's any issues on a glitch issue. She sees what King Candy is about to do and she's not about to say anything else.

Vanellope is getting sympathetic look again the glitch is like body horror for her kind after here. She manages to not freak out but she's clearly started by it. She sighs she's going to have to talk to TRON about this, she's almost certain she can help.

Then comes the stare down with Will and Candy. Deelel is taken a back and the basic gets quiet, very quiet. This is just something she does not know how what to do with entire situation. She's really uncertain to be honest given this is bit all right King Candy' system. He is basically the Admin program even if it's an bit of a jerk. He's not like dragging the natives into forced death games, right?

Then the Cops come in and now Tigger seems to have a plan she's just not sure he's up to however Tigger does seem to do something she remains silent and is getting ready for trouble of her own. She sees the car just wrecked she's horrified but he doesn't move to help Vanellope just yet. Doing so now would cause more problems and get her in jail. She is going to have to come back later, she needs to do something she can't let this stand. This is too cruel and something hits her Vanellope's suffering is because some user screwed up in their programming of this world. It's User Error...
Taffyta Muttonfudge Taffyta seems shocked by the act of King Candy--but takes it predictably not too poorly. Hey--if there's one big rule about gaming, you don't risk the program.

The three bullies head off on their own, quickly turning their attention to other matters.
Will Sherman Minutes later...

Will gets thrown out of Sugar Rush, landing on his head and into a garbage can.

"...He wasn't able to help the girl." He looks sad.
Tigger Tigger walks out of Sugar Rush, trying to fish Will out of the trash can.

"Maybe we just need to make her a car out of something more special than sugar."
Deelel Deelel follows Tigger and Will out of the game and looks to to Tigger a smile forming on her face.

"We will find a way to help her. I have plans, I know someone that might be able to fix her. Though I don't know how the king would take to it."
Ariel Ariel follows behind, too. Though maybe being in King Candy's graces means she can convince him later. Now seems like a bad time, though.
King Candy King Candy leans on his little bitty candy cane, watching Vanellope run off into the distance. Will Sherman is hauled off, to be thrown out of the Game itself like DJ Jazzy Jeff from the mansion. Even Mister Doubleguher bounces off, and that's a shame, because he seemed like good people and a guy that would appreciate candy. Overall, this has not been a very good day. But it is another day in which Candy is King, and that makes it not so very horrible. "Sour Bill." King Candy speaks to his attendant. "They're gonna plan something. I know sneaky and that was sneaky brewing. You watch them, Sour Bill. You watch them."

"The Glitch... must /not/... be allowed to race."
Will Sherman Will is fished out of the Trashcan.

He looks at Tigger...

He grins. "I have an idea!" He says... "But we need Ralph."

This scene contained 148 poses. The players who were present were: Will Sherman, Shiki Misaki, Gilgamesh, Avira, Deelel, Taffyta Muttonfudge, Reno, Blackbird, Tigger, Ariel, Serah Farron, Wreck-It Ralph, King Candy, Vanellope, Paulo Mysidi, Arthur Drover