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(2013-07-22 - 2013-07-22)
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Arthur Drover A human man in his early forties stands outside the Heart's Desire Synthesis Shop, nailing up a notice.

"Adventurers, risk-takers, and people of resource - needed THIS VERY NIGHT.

"Meet at the Traverse Town Docks, from whence we will proceed by The Lanes Between to the magic kingdom and back, confronting those creatures which lurk in the dark, and obtaining any objects of interest they might possess. Rewards to be split on a speculative basis, with all "gummi blocks" reserved. A bounty for safe arrival will be paid once we have reached the Magic Kingdom and on our return names and addresses will be taken for distribution of any later dividends. Inquire Within!"

It's an attempt to drum up some last minute attendees. Arthur knows he's rushing things, this kind of event should use more planning, but the faster he can show results on his plan, the better. He spends time driving the nails, and then takes out a small brush and a pot of some liquid. Moving to his front door, the synthesist begins applying a magical waterproofing made from Muhide essence reduced in flan jelly. The hinges on this thing always rust.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos reading the sign slowly, Elysiana touches the letters slowly, finger each one in turn. "Gummi Blocks.. and.. oh wow.. adresses.. hmm.. well that complicates things ,though I think I should do this..."
Arthur Drover Standing nearby, Arthur smiles at the woman investigating his sign. "Do not worry if ye have no place to hang your head. We just put that for the serious businesslike folks. We'll take the sign of any inn, or you can pick things up at the shop. Pleased to make yer acquaintance. Arthur."

The hand is extended, accompanied by an earnest grin. "Pray if you don't mind me saying, you look a bit young for the danger work, though I suppose anyone might have hidden power these days."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos laughs. "I am of the age of majority, for my home. Twenty-five... i just look young." she admits quietly. she is a bit sheepish for a moment. Adjusting a lock of white hair she breaked. "Though I'll admit, I am trained as a Priestess, so much of what I can do is probably put people backtogether.. but what are these.... gummi blocks?" she points to the sign. She straightens a bit. "My name is Elysiana."
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Well, that'd be what we aim to find out, m'dear!" A rueful chuckle. "They're used to make ships that can travel the Dark between worlds. We know that they stand up to the stuff of Gummi Space, that's what people are calling the dark out there. Can't walk it unprotected. So we make ships out of them. And when you defeat the Heartless armadas that try to blockade us in, keep us apart, that is what they are holding on to. You can retrieve them if you want and we aim to study them. That's what this journey is for. We'll be engaging them. I have friends coming but we can always use someone to keep our wounded on this side of things. It pays decent." He inspects the girl momentarily, then, says: "Ye look younger.", but otherwise lets it fall, a handshake. "The plan is to take any of those blocks back here, to m' lab. There are mysteries yet to be cracked, and it's worth a little danger.""
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos chuckles. "My people are long lived..So it stands that to many I look young." she grins. " Might be worth it. I mean its better than doing what have been doing. odd jobs to survive.. and what not."
Zia Though strange dreams and the pull of Castle Oblivion still linger in the white gargoyle's mind, there were so many other things going on that they served as a suitable distraction. With her guide to the mysterious castle otherwise engaged with other wolfish duties, this has left Zia to her usual 'work', which includes taking the courier missions on the Shard Seeker's board that no one else seems interested in. At the very least, it isn't one of those 'guard the NPC' sort of things.

The gargoyle is dressed in a simple cloak, which hides most of her from view. In her hand is an address, which just so happens to point her towards a certain synthesis shop. "Excuse me." She steps up, head tilting once towards Elysiana. The two had met at one point, but right now she was more in 'business mode' than social. "Ah've got a delivery here for the shop. Do ye happen te be the owner?" She asks, the faint Scottish brogue in her voice as she tugs at the bag on her shoulder.
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Well if ye need those, we have 'em in spades. I dealt in synthesis before this place changed. We've been finding their nests and putting safeholds in them. Places from which we can retrieve their scales and claws, used in magical synthesis. Without hurting them, that part's important. The creatures who used to live here are rare now and we cannot let their number dwindle. If you want to work with me, I often have a job posting up out here, once a week or so the local lads and I go on the hunt for a new way to save a lair. We'll relocate if we need to, too!"

"I do happen to be he, miss! Ye'd have some good magic steel for me. We don't often order, but it is one of the few things we can't get easily." This is said by way of explanation to Elysiana too, he might have missed the perfunctory nod of recognition between the gargoyle and the mage). "Someday soon I need to go out into the Dark and find where the mines got to, though I doubt we'd be able to open them easy. Nice to meet you." He says, smiling and waiting for anything he has to sign. "If you're a courier, and you don't look like you're from the city, you might be interested." He raps his knuckles gently on the signboard, a smile painting his worn features as it usually does."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos steps aside the moment the courir gargoyle steps through. She recognizes her- how does one forget a white gargoyle... you don't. She nodded to Arthur. "It makes sense. Magical .. crafting in Cael was common enough. but we often had to enchat it ourselves.. not use.. compotentns.. to do it.. though I suppose different worlds work differently."
Zia With a nod, Zia slings the bag off of her shoulder, letting it down onto the ground as she fishes out a piece of paper. "Ah jus' need ye te sign this." Finally, she manages to find it, tugging it out along with a good old-fashioned ball-point pen. Her ears twitch beneath the cowl of the cloak, following the conversation with some interest.

The question aimed at her draws blue eyes back to Arthur as she shrugs her shoulders. "Ah'm from Sco'land originally, then later came te live in Manhattan. Tha's what most outlanders call it these days." Since all that remained of her world was that single island and a few boroughs of New York. "Spend most of m'time in Fluorgis, these days, though. Get some good work through the Shard Seekers." She flips a tail towards the bag of goods, a small smirk on pale lips. "Ye might find aid if ye employ some of the clans or adventuring groups. They're usually up for a challenge."

Then, her eyes come to Elysiana once more, offering her a small incline of her head. "It's good te see ye again, lass. Ah hope things are a wee bit more settled for ye now."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos says, "More settled yes." she muses. "Though still trying to find where I put my feet sometimes." she muses quietly. "But yes." she turns to Arthur. "I'll help. I need to do something more... exciting and different. " she blinks a few times trying to keep tears from her eyes. " How have you been Z----" she takes a moment. The face, and look were familar but the name it was a total blank. "I normally remember names... I am sorry.""
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Forge a sword from whole cloth, out of naught but magic? Your world works differently indeed. I would not ever trust a weapon just of magic, you need a firm basis, something you can grasp." He shakes his bag, making the arrows clatter, but takes the pen graciously and scribbles down his signature. "The Clans were an idea, but they tend to grasp and some of them are rough folks. I have not been to yer new home yet, but I need to travel more, sadly. It is a wider world than I'd known. It's good there's employment out there for the canny at least. I've seen first hand what a lack of work can do."

A vague hand is waved toward the back alley up the street and across the square. "I'm Alexandria born and raised. Arms and equipment for three generations now. It's gotten a bit beyond me. Arthur Drover, pleased to make your acquaintance." The hand is extended again. "If you need to put your feet up, we're a clearing house for the weary too, long as you're comfortable in a forge. The wife has stew on."

He smiles faintly at what she'll say about unannounced guests, but she's pretty tolerant of his work, as her own potionmaking has just as demanding a materials gap. "If you're truly in to help, you may put your feet up here."

The crafter indicates a small patio in front of his shop, the sprays of plants and benches nearby alongside a small stone garden fountain. "The city is worth seeing, and you can travel from here to the Traverse Town docks alongside me.""
Zia "Well, Ah dinnae know if tha ever gets too much be'ter. Seems like every day there's somethin new around here. Some new place, new creatures, new dangers." The life of an adventurer is rarely boring, although she hasn't had much to do with the rest of the clan's travels as of late. "Ah'm sure ye'll get the hang of it soon enough, either tha or ye'll be swept up inte the chaos like the rest of us." Her smile is genuine enough, even if there is some worry behind her eyes.

"Zia." She completes the name, nodding once. Names weren't her strong suit, either, although she'd gotten more used to them after months of dealing with introductions. The slip of paper is tucked away underneath her cloak, ticking one more thing off of her to-do-list, and a bit more munny into her pocket.

"Well, Ah can personally vouch for the Shard Seekers. Mostly a group of young adventurers. Nice folk, for the most part. Then there's VALKYRI. Mostly lasses, but they do fine work. Ye'll never meet a braver bunch. There's also the Detectives in Traverse Town, if yer ever in need of someone findin information." Though she works primarily with the Shard Seekers, the gargoyle knows these others well enough through friends and companions. "Ah'd imagine the beasts of the desert near Fluorgis might be useful for material huntin'." She suggests.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos says, " Well not exactly. Most people would distinctly forge a sword from metal, a gem in the pommel or the hilt to hold a spell, or enchanged upon the blade or markins which encapsolate they wants for the weilder. So marks for "Victory' or 'Warding of wounds.." she explains . "But cloth would be... a good thing to make warded." she miles. "I admit. I miss home, and this city- along with many others.. does remind me of the town I grew up in. Though some of the ways are different its argually very similar. And the worlds have increased and decreased.. sadly." she raises her hands. "I'd work for it, Sir. if I can be of assistance, I'd rather work for my keep." She noddes to Zia. "Thanks. I should look into the Shard Seekers and Valkyri.. honestly... living in Fulgoris would be much like living in the capitol at home.""
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Aye. That's the same as what we do though. But we put the magic in the steel, we put it through the armor, we make circlets with Dark Powder or Bomb Cores that are made to be what they are." A laugh at Elysiana's statement, "Well yes ye will work for it. But I've got two local apprentice boys to work my bellows, and a girl who tends the counter so all you'd need to do is get prepared tonight. I'm paying the rental on our Gummi Ships, too. So you can fly yours back to traverse town at the end and go from there to Fluorgis if you so wish. It'd be worth the adventure." Zia's statement does pique his interest. "If we can find their nests I can usually build a hutch under it, a latticed floor to catch eggshells, essences. And if they're tameable we can raise 'em. Anything that breeds prodigiously and grows up fast. I know how to distill the essence of a thing. Give me an acquatic creature and I can waterproof anythin'. Something that burns with its own essence can keep you warm through any blizzard, if you nurture it, stoke it, bathe it in oil and sing the right little charms over it. It is about husbandry. Too many people see a monster and think of it as something to be overcome, not something to help us. And for some this is true, but anything with a bit of magic can teach us something about creation, the essence of civilization."

His momentary rhapsody passed, Arthur pulls a notebook from some unknowable pocket and writes down "Fluorgis, Desert, Sandworms" following it with a question mark. That's something to be confirmed later on. "I'll buy materials, if either of ye finds anything on your travels, and if you need something made. Though I see neither of you to have a blade or armor immediately about you. It's nice someone can walk unarmed these days. Warded cloth is possible, the trick is powerful magical beasts. I'd need something like magical silk to begin with, then you sing the right charms, bathe it in the blood of something magic, or the powdered core of a crystalline beast. And it needs to be fresh, usually." A sigh at explaining his business. "I've become someone who sees every day through his work. While you're young, take all the jobs and get all the experience you can, it'll benefit you when you're settling down. Now more than ever, we need a home.""
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos thinks I've always been able to too.. well guess. pull the magic that exists naturally at home. Our world was made of magic, so I could always see and sense it and draw on it."
Zia Unlike either Elysiana or Arthur, Zia doesn't seem to have any knowledge in creating anything of great magical properties. "Well, m'own world only jus started te understand a wee bit aboot the magic of the world. Ah think it'll be a fair bit'o time before they embrace it like the others have. We're mostly technology based." She could explain how to put together a toaster from spare parts, but talking about specialty materials dropped by monsters and synthesizing them into weapons or armor, that leaves her with an expression of wonder.

"Ah cannae imagine doin wha ye do, but Ah'm sure it's an amazin sight te see. Ah'll certainly have te remember te stop by if Ah find anythin of interest. Usually, Ah leave tha te the others, since they know more aboot tha kinda thing." Knowing Zia's trouble with things like cooking, she'd probably manage to make a mess of things if it came down to that.

The idea of the gummi-ship adventure does intrigue her, though. "Ah've heard of these vessels from one of m'friends who works wi' the detectives. Ah would have imagine it'd be hard te fly somethin between worlds, aye?" She glances at Arthur, head tilted, ears lifting her hood a little.
Arthur Drover Arthur Drover says, "Oh no, I mean ye need a knack for it, but anyone can learn! See there are paths, ways the space flows. The issue is that the monsters don't want to let you through without a fight. But solo ships can make it, so I imagine all of us together will just have to work hard. There's something about the ships that keeps you safe. If you come along, you can get on my ship since you haven't flown one before, but honestly they handle themselves so if you're bold they'll give you a lesson at the dockside." He smiles at the thought. "We need to learn to bridge the gaps ourselves, so that when someone needs us we can be there. I've got an interest, since I like knowing how things are made." He answered Zia first, but then the synthesist considers Elysiana's remark. "We need some kind of focus, here. That's what I make. I can make a staff that lets people learn to channel thunder, fire, ice - and once they learn it, they know how, and the staff stops being necessary. They prime the pump, then they can work it out from there. Either way, I'm going to go inside soon, if I see either of you at the dock tonight I'll be pleased, and you're welcome to stop in if need be at the shop. Especially if you ever have any materials you need worked over or want to sell, or just need a cup of tea with something to cut the dust.""
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos says, "I think its worth a shot. If I could find my home land.. even just a fragement..." she smiles. "I'd be happy." She nods to the Synthesist. "I suppose at home, magic is... simply is.. we're connected to it.. naturally. I man as you said ' the staff or what ever is a conduit for the magic...""
Zia "Hrm." The white creature beneath the cloak nods her head, "Ah've been told tha ye can speak te the chipmunks tha live at the docks 'n they'll teach ye a bit. Maybe Ah should go 'n speak te them, see if Ah cannae find out a bit more aboot these 'Gummi Ships'." Right now, all she really knew is that you shouldn't eat them. Who would /eat/ a random unidentified object?

"If nothin' else, Ah have a wee bit of time before Ah set out from Traverse, m'self, so maybe it's worth checkin out." Might as well find other ways of entertaining herself and discovering more about the worlds while waiting for her guide to the castle.

The idea of being able to just pick up a staff and learn a spell seems like a wonderous thing though, "Ah havete admit, yer world's magic is a wonder. Ah wish it were so easy fer me te just pick up a new spell." Though she had dreams of wielding fire, it's just not something that comes to her naturally, not yet anyways. "Maybe Ah'll have te check them out, later, see if they're compatibile wi' offworlders. If nothin else, Ah've taken up enough of yer time."
Arthur Drover Minette. Minette would eat a random unidentified object. But this is neither here nor there. "Yes, they'll teach ye. We're going there tonight to see them, I and a few other folks, take some ships for a test run and get the feel before we leave the area directly around the world and start flying. And not all of us can learn spells. I can't cast even a simple spell, but I can hand others the tools. The keymaker isn't necessarily the one who walks through the door, and the locksmith rarely is. But if you have the potential, maybe these things would answer you. Maybe a great enough staff could wake something. And it was an absolute pleasure, don't hesitate to stop in." A smile as the synthesist falls into a bench by his door, evidently to take in the air, not inclined to leave, and still welcoming to company, but falling silent for the moment. "If you come back sometime and tell me a bit about you, we might be able to make something just right for ye, and I have helpmeets, like Miss Elysiana here, who I'm sure can throw some magic into the mix."

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