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(2013-07-21 - 2013-08-05)
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Alma Hyral So Agrabah.

Alma kind of wished she was a detective right now. With her frumpy white mage robes she /sort/ of fit in with the locals so long as she kept her cowl up. But her pale skin and glasses were sort of a dead giveaway. And every time she asked about rumors or tales on the Cave of Wonders, she got rebuffed, usually with superstitions signs of warding, or even people spitting on the street near her.

Furthermore, as an outsider, she couldn't gain admittance to their libraries.. which was a shame as she really wanted to look up their star charts too. She was suitably stumped, and sort of desperate to prove that she could be an asset to Gerad's expedition.

Riku could probably help her, but she kind of glowered at the thought of having to ask him for help on /everything/.

So just before she got desperate enough to try tavern rumors.. which kind of put her in a compromising position last time because of the classical /Disney/ response to a woman entering a tavern, she decided to retire to the local inn to cool off from the desert heat which had left her dripping from a sheen of sweat. Seated at a nearby table, she had a map spread out on the table, with her laptop just in front of it. In her ears, were a pair of earbuds as she listened to Kyra's latest mogstep video. It wasn't bad. After a while she leaned back in her chairs, looking more than a little grumpy as she stared at the screen, with her chin resting on her folded, outstretched arms.

On the screen in front of her was a map of space with two large cubes over nearly an entire quadrant. One of them was marked /Galianda(?)/ and the other /Destiny Island(?)/

Emi is a detective. She can't of course neccessarily use that as a negotiation tool in a place that doesn't have detectives and instead has a royal guard. With scimitars. That will sentence you to hang for stealing bread? Just kidding! They'd probably just chop your hand off the first time and your head the second.

A young woman is in the inn when Alma returns to it with her FANCY technology. This young lady has brought a FEDORA with her just to seem extra detectivey despite the fact that Mercade doesn't usually wear one these days (or does he the player lost track? Yeah.) The FEDORA is presently placed on her head because she has elected to fall asleep on the local inn's floor rather than in a bed (beds cost money). She has not been thrown out yet, but there are three empty water bottles near her.

MOGSTEP is terrible.

The young woman, who is--of course--Emi--blows her fedora off her head. It flits up throuhg th air, spins once, and lands on Alma's head.
Alma Hyral Prince Emi magic is she...

No that would just be silly. As would..
...One step ahead of the...

No, let's avoid that too.

Alma is too engrossed in her grumpy mood and listening to non-syncopated beats to notice Emi is in the inn at first. Until the Fedora lands right on her head. She seems so surprised that it jolts her upright from her seated position, then backwards as she seeks to figure out who just threw that... The earbuds going with her as they're pulled right out of her ears and snapping out of the jack. /Ow/

She then takes the time to look at the hat, realizing it's a Fedora, before putting it on her head. "Very noir.. but who?"

And then she spots her, "Oh hey Emi. What are you doing in Agrabah?"

Her mood seems slightly more cheerful at the presence of the girl. "And how are all your sisters doing? Cronus still being a bit of a grump?" She grins towards her, waving her over. "Care to join me?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason has been about Agrabah, however given it's culture and how the Levitani are prone to dressing? She's wisely got a full on desert cloak that even has a hood, to hopefully keep her out of trouble with the local guard. Seriously that one big guy seems to be a big of a jerk and she really does not desire a run in with the guy again. He had some street rat to hunt down after all. She'd been out picking up some local food from the market before returning to the Inn. She'd not had hr on player on, it was too distracting in city she was yet used to how it worked entirely.

She took a moment to look about the inn to find where Alma had got to. It took her a moment to spot her and someone else is with her.

"Alma hey! Found some stuff in the market. This isn't a bad city but it feels a bit on the low end tech wise."

She wasn't trying to speak badly the people had done amazing work with what they did have after all. She'd seen the work in the city but no power, though they had a clean water supply and had some very good masons from the looks of things. She thinks her dad would have a field day in a place like this.

"Mind if I join you two?"

Emi has not been encountered before by Myla so she's an unknown but if Alma does seem to be fine with her that's points in her favour right?
Emi Dennou Emi is pretty magical. She is not a prince, though.

"Hello Alma." Emi says, lying on the ground. "Cronus is always a grump. It is part of his nature. The Network notes he is still presently in Archades." They usually have Shida with him for some reason or another which Cronus basically considers to be akin to torture. She turns her head towards Alma and then says, "okay." She rolls across the ground a few times before sliding to a stop near her. She knocked over her water bottle on the way over but her head also is facing the floor.

Myla speaks up. "....Okay."

She might be unused to the extremely hot temperatures of the desert. Or maybe she just didn't bring enough water. Or she's just being weird. Either way she seems disinclined to get up. "Is something bothering you, Alma, The Network asks the floor (but actually you)." She doesn't know Myla really, but she doesn't stop her from joining in the conversation. It may be a chance to 8) network after all.

"Doobeedoo." She adds.
Alma Hyral "Oh. Well I'll have to see if I can't talk to him soon.." She hoists up her head on one hand as she regards Emi, who is laying on the ground. Then after watching her roll over, she creeps out of her chair, seating herself on the floor near her. "What are you doing on the floor?"

She tilts her head to the side, to the point where she's almost facing her head upside down, or at least she would if it were physically possible. "And yeah.. I'm just having trouble locating a few worlds.. worlds were nothing survived so we don't have complete charts."

She smiles gloomily at Emi, "It figures, one of them is my own. Then..." She lays down, allowing herself to sprawl out on the floor beside her, laying on her side, "....I've got a town cursed by Chaos, I'm trying to figure out what to do with Morrighan, and... Sanel.. he's got so many problems and I don't even know where to begin. It's like he was an alchemical experiment by some mad alchemist. Like Feige, except Alchemy..." She chuckles, "So a lot is kind of bothering me right now Emi."

And more besides, now that she had a boyfriend, but there were so many problems there that she felt like she was twisted up into a literal Gordion's knot of anxiety.

From the floor she looked up at Myla, with a grin, "Yeah, Agrabah is a little quaint. Pretty old-fashioned too about their views.. but hey, I kind of like it in a few ways.. just not the heat. Come join us. Don't need to be on the floor though."
Myla Mason Myla Mason does not know the network at all she will perhaps in time now get a chance to know her, them? It's hard to really know. She'll make her self comfortable and sits down as she's invited to. She pulls her hood back and pulls her braid of hair out letting it dangle down over the cloak.

"It is a mess, a really big mess when you come down to it. I know about the town but whose Morrighan and Sanel?"

She raises one eyebrow a this it seems there's a lot more problems going on. The name Feige gets a very grim look out of Myla, a very grim look indeed.

"We do not need another Feige, we really don't. As for charts I been doing what we can an yes this heat is insane here. There's also nowhere to swim..."

She seems rather unhappy about that. She turns to Emi for a moment grinning and holds out her hand.

"Myla Mason, I'm from the same world and school as Alma. I tend to deal in Magitech from robots to airships. Did I mention I have a hull I?m working on cleaning up and hopefully going to be able to make into something usable for us to get around. Dunno about this gummi ship thing, I wonder if my efforts are kinda of moot at this point."
Emi Dennou Emi glances to Myla for a few moments, still lying there, but turning a bit so she can get a good look at Myla. She frowns thoughtfully before twisting around so she's on her back. She gets a good look at Alma and Myla and then adds, "This one knows of Sanel." She says. "He says there is something he cannot remember lest he stop being 'Sanel'. The Network may suggest that sometimes there is wisdom in not doing anything, if they are choosing to be bold."

She glances over to Myla who seems interested in talking about engineering. She thinks for a moment and then says, "Maybe." She looks back to the hand, and then up to Myla, confused.

'As for Morrighan..." Emi frowns. "...This one prefers Kara, The Network admits this a bit embarrassedly with a hint of shame? Nevertheless, it is true."
Alma Hyral As Emi continues to speak, she rolls onto her back, twisting so that her hands are behind her fedora covered head.

She takes a deep breath, before nodding, "I think it was the Church of Glabados that did it to him.. that he was an orphan, and that a sister of the Church took care of him..." She takes a deep breath, "....I don't want him to remember... but there's a living alchemical collar forged of the darkness around his neck. One of his eyes was replaced with some sort of monster's eye... he's... not going to be free of those people while that collar is on him. So nothing doesn't seem to be an option."

She then looks sidelong at Emi as she speaks of Morrighan, frowning faintly, "I never knew her when she was Morrighan...but is it right to keep her in the dark? For her to remain Kara? I don't.. know.. that's not something that's simple black and white..."

A look towards Myla, as she smiles sadly, "Well, it's something to work on at least.. I'm not really that good of an engineer or a mechanic, but I'll offer whatever aid I can in restoring the airship. I'm really here in Agrabah right now on a treasure hunt just to... have an adventure, take my mind off all the doom and gloom as of late."
Myla Mason Myla Mason gets a bit off topic and catches her self she stops as she listens to Emi, there is some interesting information but how she talks as this one or the network that gets an eyebrow raised. That was odd but she gets a bit more on Sanel and Morrighan whose now going by the name Kara? Well that's something anyhow. She eyes a loaf of bread she bought and starts chomping on it while contemplating that Alma seems to be in the thick of things lately.

Then comes information about the Glabados Church that gets her to pause mid bite. That was some pretty serious things and she stares.

"Wait monster eye but his body should have violently rejected that unless some pretty heavy biomaney or even necromancy there."

More things come light about Kara and she tilts her head "Dunno maybe she'll remember on her own, forcing it may cause trauma really right? I can't say much more but memory loss doesn't work like it does on TV. Or some pretty nasty magic is involved. Honestly I don't fault you. I'm here too some do the hull treatments are just going to need to sit and set for a while anyway. There's ... too much of that."
Emi Dennou Emi learns a great deal about Sanel in a short period of time. She hrms faintly. "Faruja--at least I think he was referring to Faruja--told him to stay away, or something to that effect." She isn't sure they should be talking about this in front of a stranger? Well Myla Mason doesn't seem malevolent. "The Network notes that the body can be made to accept many things." She smiles thinly. "That one would expect for it to not."

She sits herself up finally, crossing her legs carelessly as to appearances. "...This one doesn't know. This one simply knows their preference."

She looks away. "Have you met Morrighan--as Morrighan?" She asks.
Alma Hyral The innkeeper glowers at her a little for her laying on the floor. But Alma is a paying customer in general. A well paying one, so he doesn't make much of a fuss. "Every Church has it's dark secrets, and people who don't... who don't adhere to its tenets as well as they should.." She sighs very softly, "...and then many of its tenets are wrong in the first place, or interpreted badly. This creates the worst of zealots. I was guilty of it once too..." Closing her eyes for a moment, she considers that, " even if he stays away, I think they'll keep coming to take him back. We need to free him.. somehow."

At Myla's question, she responds in a soft voice, "Alchemy.. on Galianda it's pretty regimented. But on other worlds from what I've read.. it's believed to allow people to be capable of things outside of science, or that it's just a different form of science. No different from bioengineering. Or it could just be magic, Biomancy like you said, or Necromancy.. who can say? It changes from world to world."

She turns her head again towards Emi, "No. I keep hearing everyone saying that.. this is punishment for her from..." She takes a moment to steady herself before stating it, "....Garland. But punishment for what? What sort of person deserves that? Noone I would hope... and even if she did, noone should truly get what they deserve, else this world would be a graveyard.." Her expression looks grim, " no, I don't know what she was like, but I have a feeling that like it or not, her past will catch up with her."

Another short pause, before she responds to Myla, "...I don't think we should force the issue. No. I don't know if a soul.. /heals/ as normal. I was always taught they were infinite, luminous things. But.. her's is definitely diminished, carved to pieces.. or broken. As it heals she might remember things on her own. Or it might need to be repaired, else it will never heal...."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Makes sense."

Myla paid her respects to the gods who every remains made their world even exist and those who followed to continue to care for it. Nil's continue ability proved they were out there somewhere. There was still hope but she knew it could be a very long road. A very one she listens for a moment thinking upon what Alma is saying.

"Could be a problem they got a lot of pull and this sounds like the work of only a few. We'd likely get caught between some honestly faithful and well meaning Templar on a good day with something like this. Then again we're dirty heathens to them ain't we?"

"Makes things really hard to pin down, I agree but whatever they did, Emi? It worked and your right as well. The human body can take a lot of things. Even being dumped into the darkness."

Myla still didn't get how someone mind could be blasted like that it would take magic that was dark, lost and ... then the name Garland comes up. Okay that explains it she seems a bit chilled for a moment

"Whole lot of worlds are bone yards now it seems. Maybe we can ask about to those who'd have experience with her if you really want to know more.

"Look messing about with the soul is beyond anything I know of magically and isn't even something any one in their right mind would touch. I'm not even talking good or evil here. You could birth something that might destroy you even simple survival should be enough to fend off most people from that...Then again this is I don't even know. You know helping her's going to paint a huge target on anyone who does. Then again...anyone that's Diablos spawn like that?"

"Faruja he's that Templar right and I might ask Emi why do you call yourself the Network?"
Emi Dennou "The Network is The Network. Who are you? What is your life story?" Emi asks of Myla. "Please explain in excruciating detail." Emi points towards her eyes--once--with her index and middle finger.

She does not comment on the Church and its level of evilness and whatnot. She is not especially thrilled with 'The Church'. She also really doesn't care too much about 'The Church'. There's a lot of Churches. The fact that this one seems intent on being so prevalent is a suggestion of suspiciousness. She suspects it may be neccessary to destroy it. Certainly, the corruption may not be utterly prevalent through every single entity--but there's clearly enough that she isn't certain one could treat it like a bonsai tree.

"The Network doesn't know either." She says, regarding Morrighan. "But, to treat it as another way, Kara is effectively a new person. This one is doubtful that there is no 'soul' present. She shows kindness and fear. She is also learning. If Morrighan were to 'awaken' that could be also seen as destroying this new person instead."

She considers whether she should go about what sort of person Morrighan was. And what she had done. She supposes, no, she shouldn't go into too much detail and, really, could she even say she was all she appeared to be? Instead she says, "This one notes that everybody /does/ end up in the graveyard eventually. As such, it could be said that everyone gets what they deserve."

She chuckles faintly, apparently finding her little logical jujitsu hi-lar-ious.

"This one would say that she could not say whether or not Morrighan deserved what happened to her however. Nevertheless, this one firmly believes that Kara shouldn't be harmed for her sake either."

She frowns. "...They are, this one believes, different enough to be different people."

She considers the idea that it might heal on its own. She thinks about it for several moments before adding, "We shouldn't play around with that anyway. Souls have a tendency to know what to do."
Alma Hyral She hrmms, eventually nodding noncomitally at Emi. Keeping her hands behind her head, with the Fedora still present, tipped slightly to cover her eyes. She mumbles mostly to herself as her eyes look up at the Fedora, "Don't really like Bogart's roles, even if Mercade does a good job impersonating him. He had such a transient view on love and the heart..." She rubs her cheek for a moment with one hand, before putting it back behind her head. "...but that's Noir I guess. And I'm a hopeless romantic."

She closes her eyes beneath the hat, "No, she has a soul. And she's... a new person in almost every way. A child who just doesn't have the maturity of experiences to frame what she's doing. A child in a mature adult's body. Who has a mastery of language without knowing the meaning of the words, or the meaning behind the meaning..." She sighs to herself, "...I would see it as destroying innocence. True innocence... and... that's a terrible thing... so there's nothing to be done other to help her.. and to guard her from those who would take advantage of her, like Ivo."

She turns sidelong to Emi, smiling in a sort of dopey way, "...I'd prefer to think of that as just being a fact of life, rather than what one deserves. There are so many wonderful people who deserve life and receive death. And so many who deserve death, and receive life.. who am I to decide either?"

She nods, "I don't intend to play around with anything, as long as there are people willing to keep her safe..."

She takes some time to frame her answer to Myla, " a lot of ways, yes. Faruja is a Templar of their church who once fined me for blasphemy for blessing him and made me serve as a scullery maid in Mullonde for days when I could not pay his fine. And yeah, he's the one that visited us in Archades." She breathes out a sigh, "But... I am trying to let bygones be bygones."
Myla Mason Emi gets her point across very well and Myla looks pretty apologetic from the expression on her face. "I am sorry I didn't realize what I was asking. I'm sorry."

She leaves the issue dropped she was curious but this is a major things she seems to have put her foot in her mouth pretty hard. The Church is a matter that Myla knows she's not got enough information on to really make a call on. Still the Sanel situation seems to indeed prove there's some really bad things going on there. It's going to become a problem sooner or later. Emi's point about Kara and Morrighan is a good one if she is a new person more or less? It would be best to let things go naturally from the sounds of it.

"A interesting way to put it. I can't argue with it really. I agree if she is a full out new person like your saying and can't remember anything it be pointless to go after her."

Letting her soul mend itself likely is the safest plan who knows what would happen if they start to meddle with things, right?

Myla has no clue about Bogart but she does know of Mercade at the very least. She pauses for a moment at the mention of Ivo who the heck was that? She had no clue but if Alma seems concerned she'll file he's one to watch out for.

"He did what?"

she face palms as she hears the tale of what happened between her and Faruja.

"Seems like you had some trouble there but if that's the case I'll have to keep him from see me paying my own respects to the gods."
Emi Dennou "How one elects to think of it is a dodge, not an argument related to the witticism claiming that if 'all' received what they deserved then the world would be a graveyard. The Network is very suspicious of this so-called wise saying. The Network further posits that there are many they would say hardly deserve death, to suggest otherwise would suggest that everyone is, at minimum, a killer in terms of most justice systems. Additionally, justice systems are explicitely in place to offer opportunities for the criminal to receive what they deserve. Nevertheless, while the phrasing of 'the world is a graveyard' could be labeled as a pessimistic viewpoint, the fact of the matter is that most individuals perish, ultimately, and as such does not serve as an argument against doing unto someone 'what they deserve'."

She glances towards Myla, now even more confused. She frowns faintly at this maid stuff again. What's with people and maids?

"The Church seems like a fine place to avoid." She adds. "This one has yet to meet a trustworthy deity."
Alma Hyral She looks over sidelong at Emi, sticking out her tongue briefly, before grinning, "I think you're reading into it overmuch. I could give you examples of how that's not true at all for /most/ legal systems, or /most/ religions. But then I'd be reading into it too much. Sure, it's pessimistic in some ways, but it's also optimistic..." Her grin fades into a sort of gentle smile, "It means that people like Morrighan have a chance to start over anew as people like Kara.. though generally not in as dramatic or heinous a manner as it was forced upon her. And usually it's by.. choice, or by the compassion of other people who let them know that hey. You can have that second chance."

She looks over towards Myla, and just offers her a cheerful smile, "He did just that. And you know what? I've just come to terms with it. I'm maybe the only adherent left of my goddess outside of the darkness, so I can't expect people to be sensitive to that in a world of so many different faiths in beliefs. Maybe my sister is too. I don't know. It's not a subject we're comfortable discussing with each other anymore..."

She gives Emi a sidelong look, "...I think she'd actually be a goddess you'd like, Emi.. but maybe I'm mistaken there too. Maybe no god or goddess is right for you. I don't know your mind, and I'm really not inclined to proselytize anymore."
Emi Dennou Emi stands herself up. "That is venturing into opinion. At the end of the day, justice is about meting out appropriate punishment. If you see it instead as ensuring no harm comes to the innocent, that would be a rather modern take that most medieval systems do not undertake. Archades justice at the end of the day is not justice, but a reinforcement of the prescient authority."

She notes to herself that Myla never gave her life story. Of course she doesn't note 'myla' at all since she might--in fact--not even know her name? The fluidity Myla interjected into the conversation was incredible. Emi is a bit jealous at the confidence. The nosiness. She will have to step up her own game to just filter into a conversation as if she was an old friend rather than a complete stranger? Well she knew Alma.

Alma brings up her own goddess. Emi is starting to feel more and more closer to atheism than to agnosticism. She supposes it's fair to consider, though, what sort of god she'd worship were there to be gods at all.

She cups her chin, thinking over the matter, and she thinks, and she thinks, and she suspects that ultimately maybe it's not a g reat idea to consider what sort of god is one you would be willing to worship because, terrifyingly, you might actually find one. But she does eventually lowre her hand from her chin.

"This one doubts she would ever worship a god, but if this one were to construct a god they'd be willing to consider as a moral authority, The Network would only accept a God that refuses to be labeled as a God, is active and supportive of their people, acts in understandable and coherent ways--rather than mysterious ways--and is kind to animals. A lack of judgementalism would be neccessary as well but this one would not bow before an inactive god either."
Alma Hyral She taps her chin for a time, before nodding, "Ah. This." She smiles sadly, "....I suppose I do have little room to talk, seeing as that I work for the Archadian government. But I never have tried to defend their justice system. Nor anyone else's for that matter. I'm a pacifist. I don't believe in the concept of justice due to what it entails. I believe in equity for all. I believe in is that violence ought not to beget violence, that people should forgive slights. And that only the truest of evils should face destruction. It's a naive view really, and in complete contradiction to the people I work for.. so why do I?"

She brings herself into a seated position, taking the Fedora off her head, and offering it back to Emi if she wants it, "....because I thought my sister would be happy there. And maybe I was wrong. Because I thought that they might help protect me from people who would do me harm. Because they decided not to restrict me in my work to restore all worlds.. when others would have..."

She gives Emi a smile, "...that's why I started working for them. Why I continue to work for them is because... people I care about work for them as well. And I would continue to watch over them. And if that's a selfish reason.. if it makes me a flawed hypocrite, then so be it."

She finally stands up, brushing off her robe, "...In a way I worship a memory of a goddess, more than a living goddess. A concept, more than an entity. Because I think that Creation and Destruction are two sides of the same coin, which ought to be kept in balance. Because I think both the light and the dark can be terrible when there is too much of it, or it's abused. My goddess, is an entity of creation who decided to sacrifice herself to Chaos so that all of us could live...even if our lives would remain imperfect... flawed... human or demihuman or animal.."

She raises her cowl over her head, "...and I think in her death she lost the ability to communicate with us in ways we could understand. So if her ways are mysterious.. it's because she can't talk to us anymore.. not in words we can hear or understand.. but.. I know that all of creation is a beautiful song. And while I'm not sure if that voice that is singing it is her, or not.. I know it's at the very least the legacy of someone that cares for us.. even if we'll never know it. Someone who doesn't demand or even ask for worship... and someone who has been gravely misinterpreted by all of her creations. As if she didn't love of all of her children, I don't see why she would sacrifice herself for us..."

She smiles towards Emi, " maybe she's inactive, or dead. And maybe you won't bend a knee to her, but neither do I any longer...I just love her memory."

There's a brief pause, "...and that would make me a heretic to my Church, an outcast to my family....and a loner in every sense of the word in my beliefs... and that is why I don't proselytize Emi. Because I have no right to...and because in the end, near-certainty is still not certainty, and I don't believe in blind faith."

She folds up her laptop, then rolls up the map, putting away her ear buds. "....Good night Emi. I'll visit Cronus and Shida soon if they'll have me."

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