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(2013-07-20 - Now)
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Gerad Iron Fogair AGRABAH

is currently Gerad's home - this is why all of these scenes have been taking place here. Don't worry, the focus will (hopefully) move soon! In any case, the last few days have seen the wanderer stuck in a library, bored out of his mind and attempting to spike his water with the miserable liquor they serve out here. It's tasted bad, it's given him a hangover, and now he's working out his stress on a straw man strung up in the Agrabah Inn's backyard.

Spearwork and the desert heat have caused Gerad to work up a decent sweat over the past few hours; he'd have stripped his desert rags off most anywhere else, but in the *desert* going without clothes is *stupid*. Either way, a flock of ladies have shown up to fawn over him from just behind the Inn's fence. Oh, those harem pants!

Anyway, yes. Spearwork and fawning ladies and occasional grunts. Your turn, *everybody else in the scene*.
Alma Hyral So Alma Hyral has been going around looking for rumors on the Cave of Wonders. For the most part she's come up short other than people making superstitious gestures of warding at her. It really wasn't going well.

She came back to the inn after a few hours, covered in a sheen of sweat, and her robes clinging uncomfortably.

It didn't take her long to discover where Gerad was.. /back outside/, which raised a groan from the excessively pale Ramuhan White Mage. So after cooling down and drinking more water than was decent, she went out back to watch Gerad at his spearwork. She didn't seem to mind interrupting him right away, which she did, with just a simple, "Hey, how's it going? You look like you've worked up quite an appetite. Want something to eat?"
Gerad Iron Fogair "Appetite?" Gerad stops what he's doing, to lean on his spear and regard Alma on her way out of the inn. "Eh. Maybe? I'm not hungry right now. Restless might be a better word." Thoughtful, another. He's not a happy camper, what with his *family and kingdom* trapped underground. Sometimes you gotta hit things with a spear to clear your head.

"More importantly, my d-" Gerad looks to the side. "Kiddo. You sure you're... able to come along with us when we go lookin' for this thing? You're kinda... well. Figure you're better with books than anything dangerous." Gerad stands once more, and gestures to the dummy behind him.

"Like, stoppin' time is one thing, but it practically killed you, you know? And the asthma.... all that..." A shrug. "Thinkin' it might be best if we kept you in the way back or somethin'."
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral considers him for a time, folding her arms and nodding, "Well, I understand, the information gathering phase before going dungeoneering is always a little boring, but we'll be on our way to some cursed cave soon enough."

"Oh I'll be fine, don't worry about me." But then he starts to condescend her, and at first she doesn't seem to mind, after all, she's typically a pacifist by nature anyhow.

As a white mage and thus the healer.. she expects some of this..her tone seems, patient, if anything, "Well, I'm sort of the expedition's healer.. so I kind of.. am used to being held towards the back lines? I mean, if I fall, then everyone else is in danger. It's how I was trained back in school, and by my parents."

This scene contained 4 poses. The players who were present were: Alma Hyral, Gerad Iron Fogair