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A Show of Control
(2013-07-20 - Now)
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Seith The world of New Ivalice is... a mess. But there are still certain areas where the Heartless threat is 'less' on a daily basis. One such place is the Ambervale, the Summer Home to the royal family of this realm. Mewt has been moved here for whatever reason - probably to keep him out of harms' way while Cid checks on the status of the realm as a whole.

The problem is... things aren't always the way they seem. The quiet around Ambervale seems to simply be the eye of the storm. A storm that has begun to move. Shouts ring across the Ambervale's outer rim, as men who are patrolling the bridge and its walls spot the presence of something that has become... far too recognizable.

Yellow eyes approach en-masse towards the summer home. Shadows, Soldiers... even Gargoyles approach its walls.
Mewt Randell Of course, Mewt had expected things to be peaceful as well. As ever, he had his various staff types around. The maids who helped him with things. The one who taught him, the one who cooked, etc. Mewt was actually in the middle of a bath when one of the warning bells rang, the maid outside the door shrieking and quickly informing him of what he already knew.


While the Princes' first instinct was to simply throw on a pair of pants and run, he realized that there may really be no 'running', especially considering the Chocobos that he could have used weren't actually there at the moment. He could always take one of the Judges, they'd probably give it to him, but he couldn't honestly sentence someone to a likely death if there were more than a few.

Mewt quickly pulled on the pair of pants and shirt he had and ignored the fact that he was soaked before darting out of the room and running along the hallway towards the upper balcony area to see just what the situation was. "That... isn't good." he mumbled softly, trying to think of something to do. Maybe someone else would have a better idea.
Seith It doesn't look or sound like anyone has a better idea. There's nervous sounds and mumbles all throughout the halls of Ambervale. 'Why are they here?' 'Where are the judges?' 'Where is Cid!?' Nobody who even for a moment considers or thinks that Mewt might be able to do a thing about this. No, they just flat-out ignore him in that moment. That is until one particular maid wanders his way and kneels down before him. "Lord Randell, are you alright?" She asks.

Mewt can see out of the Balcony as more Heartless flood over the edges of the waterside. Some Shadows end up dropping in, and there's some hesitation. A sudden volley of arrows slam into a few Soldiers. This place is not entirely unguarded. But the sudden arrival of a small group of Large Bodies stepping onto the bridge and Gargoyles approaching towards the Balcony make things look more than just 'scary'. The Gargoyles start divebombing his soldiers. Some of them pick of people and then drop them down into the writhing mass of heartless. There's screams of anguish and fear all throughout Ambervale! They got inside somewhere!

And then suddenly... there's a moment where the Heartless halt. They just... stop dead in their tracks. And Ambervale grows creepily silent. There's still people around Mewt, but they're all holding their breath. As if their silence would hide them from the Heartless.

But the more interesting question is; why are the creatures no longer moving? They're all just... staring.
Mewt Randell The sight and sound that awaited the Prince as he saw the fighting against the Heartless and the following grabbing and consuming of soldiers was rather painful. He curled up a bit and gave a small whining sound before he heard the voice next to him. Mewt paused there and looked up towards the maid before saying, "Why... why does this have to happen. These stupid creatures, why do they even exist?!" And rather coincidentally, he yells out, "Why can't they just... stop?!"

Then they do. Likely nothing to do with him, in fact. "..."

Seith "Look!" "Over there." Two people with him on the balcony. The Maid gets up, smiling at the young boy for a moment; though it's a played smile. A smile for the sake of trying to calm the young prince. The heartless move aside... and then... disappear into the ground. It's a slow process, and it takes some time. But the source is not in the least confusing. A man in massive black armor slowly walks along the bridge, heartless disappearing around him everywhere. Large curled horns honed on his head. He would not be confused for a Judge however, for there is no helmet. This man is more like a beautiful male demon of sorts. In truth; he's nothing but an elf.

The man finally comes to halt on top of that bridge, and slowly glances up towards the balcony. Arms crossed, he made all of this look like a simple task. It looks like he's waiting on something. "What's he doing?" Whispers originate around Mewt.
Mewt Randell "..."

So it was true. The Heartless /could/ be controlled. But was this man controlling them? Defeating them, perhaps? They didn't seem to be fighting. Perhaps he simply ordered them out of existence. Or... did he bring them here?

"I... shall take care of this." he said softly to the maid next to him, even if he didn't sound quite sure about it. "If anyone objects, I do not care. I am pretty sure I recognize that person and..." Mewt trailed off at that before turning and wandering from the balcony down the path that lead towards the front in the quickest manner. But not before grabbing a comb and a cloak, which he put on and used in no particular order to make himself look slightly more presentable than 'Just got out of a bath and not yet dried'.

It wouldn't take more than a minute and a half for him to make it towards the front gate area where he slipped out through one of the hidden exits that the others didn't have guarded, taking a chance on this anyways. If he had come to kill Mewt, he could have just as easily let the Heartless overrun them. No point in stopping them at this point.
Seith When Mewt finally walks out onto the bridge where Seith stands, the man slowly sinks down one leg and kneels before Mewt Randell. "So I was right. You were here." Seith comments, looking Mewt straight in the eyes with a firm resolve that lets the young Randell know of this man's fierce power. "I was wondering what was drawing the Heartless here. But it must have been you." Suggesting that he in fact, had nothing to do with the Heartless coming here. Wether he did or not however, will be left as an excercise for the reader.

"My Prince, I hope you will forgive my intrusion into your kingdom." He bows his head and casts his gaze to the ground.
Mewt Randell One of the things Mewt still didn't understand is why this fellow from another world even cared enough to be respectful to him, let alone seem to worry. Or perhaps there was no worry at all and it was simply curiosity on his part. "What could the heartless here possibly want with /me/ specifically? Are you suggesting that my presence and it alone has drawn the Heartless here? If such was the case, then why was that giant heartless beseiging Ivalice while I was without?"

Questions and more questions.

"Though..." Mewt looked around at the remnants of the heartless. "If you could rid this place of them entirely? I do not want to see anyone else hurt by these things." Plus that would cement the worry he's had on if Heartless actually CAN be controlled, or if it were some parlor trick/limitation to what could be controlled.
Seith "Not your presence alone. But... it certainly seems to be a key feature. When you're gone, plenty more hearts for the Heartless to feed on though. You do not have strong enough of a heart to lure a true army to you." Seith points out. The man then slowly rises up once more and lifts one hand. There's a little crackle of darkness that surges around his hand. "Very well my Lord, if that is your command, so it will be." And with that, Seith slowly wanders into the Ambervale and begins to force his will on the small groups of remaining Heartless still present. Mewt could easily keep up with him and 'watch' him force them away.

"There's so little you know about these creatures, little prince."
Mewt Randell "Then you should inform me." The remark about his heart not being 'strong enough' was confusing, relieving and a bit disheartening. What is the definition of a strong heart anyways? Was it a physical thing? He never was that atheletic. "Unless you have some reason not to. After all... if these creatures, things can be controlled, then I need to find out how in order to keep this land safe. From them... and idiots who think tearing it apart before the Heartless do is a proper course of action."

Mewt, as he followed along, had his eyes set on the heartless. He was trying to determine if they were being destroyed, or simply sinking away and possibly staying, or what. He still wasn't sure, all in all, what to make of everything.
Seith They were sinking away, but they were not 'staying'. It's like Seith was 'banishing' them from this plane of existance. It's strange. They become part of the shadows, and then the shadows disappear entirely. "They can be controlled. And I can teach you." Seith answers Mewt. When he finally finishes up, he halts at the center of the Ambervale, and then turns towards Mewt again. "But you will need to grow braver. You can not always quiver in fear behind your Paladin." He is refering to Cid. "Without the bravery to stand up to the enemy, you can not control your enemy. If they do not fear you, how can you expect to make them leave?"

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