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(2013-07-18 - Now)
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Deelel Deelel had been often found about Manhattan or Fluorgis, since the incident on Wise OS? She'd been more often found here within the Game Station grid, exploring, trying to find Ralph, or just generally being more at home in a digital environment. She'd been away from her native environment for nearly a year and well home sickness is a thing that can happen to anyone really.

She's leaning on the wall of the station near one of the game entrances just watching all of the people who live here going about their business it was a curious thing so many programs but still so different from her people. Still she'd started to become very fond of this place, also the root beer. The root beer was so good, the best part was it was actually for her kind first. She'd so find a way to import it to Argon if she could, but that was a pipe dream for the moment, until Beck could fix the lasers but with that dream she had and what Beck told her? Her home might be in flames and she'd have no idea if anyone she cared for back there was still alive or not. She had to keep her hope alive tough, sometimes that's all she ever had.
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral has spent a lot of time in game central station as of late. In part, it seems to be because video games were denied to her as a child.

Despite some... embarassing mishaps in Donkey Kong and Ghouls and Ghosts, she's back on her feet, and exploring the station. Due to the forced wardrobe changes that come from travelling between portals, she was in attire which she absolutely despised, namely a long pink gown, with white satin gloves, and a golden tiara on her head. Her scarlet hair was flowing freely behind her as she traipsed about the station. She hated that the gaming world automatically considered her a /princess/, which she totally wasn't.

Lately, her and Riku have been doing more and more /research/ in the Arcade above, by playing the games to learn the rules, since every game seemed to have a different ruleset which affected the form their magic might take. Tonight she had no intention of actually going into any of the games, she was just here to observe the happenings in the game central station.

Observing a lot of fantasy like characters going into the Gauntlet tunnel, she shook her head... she knew better now after wasting enough gil in that machine. You /can't/ win that game.

The throng moved around her in a dizzying way that momentarily disoriented her, before she looked back towards... huh. That was a familiar face, where did she see her before? Oh that's right, in Fluorgis, while Ivo was taking advantage of an amnesiac. And so from a distance she waved in a short of bashful way with her gloved hand, before moving towards her, "So um, fancy meeting you here Miss Deelel. It's good to see you again. What brings you to Game Central Station?"
Deelel Deelel had only really visited a few games, the ones less prone to violence and never when there was a danger of a player showing up to have a game. She didn't want to ahem cause some issues. Seriously though it has been interesting meeting people while looking for Ralph. Though that darn Surge Protector was a real pain in the rear honestly.

She had been also picking up the game rules as well but not quite as fast she'd not made the connection entirely just yet, after all? She was a native to a world much like this it's sometimes hard to think that outside the box still. She looks at the Gauntlet crew heading off. Those were some brave souls given the nature of their game. Who wants to play a game you can't win? Seriously she doesn't like that concept at all and now she spots someone she's seen before when was it? Ah yes the Ivo incident. She and Shiki have never managed to /find/ him since either. Oh but when they do, blam to the moon Ivo. To the darn moon with you.

"Greetings! It's good to see you again? Well a few things actually, one trying to keep an eye on anything that might try to leave the station and not to a game, two watching for Cybugs, three looking for Ralph and four? It feels a bit like home honestly."
Alma Hyral The girl gives her a look of consternation for a moment before recognition dawns on her, "Oh, you mean the Cybugs from Hero's Duty and Ralph from the Wreck-it-Ralph game? Never met them in person."

She shrugs her shoulders, "And are the cybugs causing you problems? For Riku and me it's been these crazy guys in fedoras and trenchcoats. Watch out for them. They tend to change the rules of the game to suit their needs..."

She pushes up the glasses on her face, "...because well, they act like idiots, but theres more to them than meets the eye."
Deelel Deelel says "Yes, they were in Fix-it Felix. Will, Shiki, Serah and I went to go check it out to see if we could find Ralph. We found cybugs and and entire force of marines from Hero's Duty came after them it was a pretty near thing."

Her voice drops low so only Alma hear her.

"They have gone pure viral, and are trying to consume other games now. The marines from Hero's Duty have been risking their necks trying to contain it for now."

he tone shifts back for a moment Alma's warning is taken very much in stride and he'll make sure to be aware of these strange men in the future. She pauses looking down at herself for a moment then back to Alma.

"If I recall right you wanted to ask me a few questions the last time we ran into each other but we were pressed for time."
Alma Hyral The girl gives Deelel a bewildered look, "Strange, the surge protectors seem quite able to stop them from entering other games! How'd they make it through the gates?"

And then Deelel's voice drops, she leans in to listen, before nodding, "Ah, that would make sense, given that each cabinet in the arcade above seems connected.. but I don't see how they're going through the surge protectors. It's simple electrical wiring. It shouldn't be able to transmit data.. like that. And yet it does. Viruses and programs generally don't carry like that.. and these games don't have wireless capability.." She taps her chin, considering the subject, "...maybe a new sort of virus and program, that's entirely created from just electrical impulses, and nothing else.."

There's a short pause, before she finally nods, her expression abstracted, "Well I sort of wanted to know more about the Grid, now that I've travelled through. What do colors mean there for example?"
Paulo Mysidi When Paulo went through the portal to this world, he did not know what to expect. Little could have prepared him for this. Indeed he spends most of his time wandering down the hallway and attempting to keep his hair from sticking out in directions it doesn't in not-game-land. He is at least a 2P variant of a music game character: spikey blonde hair, dj style headphones, and a club-ready vest-and-shirt. And the pants... they are at least normal looking black slacks until you get to the leopard print shoes.

"I'm in in Mysidia any more," jokes the sage-gone-dj to himself as he notices a pair of turtles walking upright through the area. Sheesh. Paulo almost runs into the departing Gauntlet people, too. Finally there is a familiar face in an otherwise sea of insanity, "Oh hey!" he waves down Deelel. Wave! Wave! His voice is the same, at least, as the young man approaches.
Deelel Deelel looks at Alma for a moment at her talk about Surge protectors for a moment. She thinks about it good and hard they'd not been challengde too often by the protectors. Given they are from beyond the games here? This raises the chance of incompetence or there's just not enough of them, she's not honestly sure about this.

"they likely sneak out or they have consumed a Surge protector. They become what they /eat/ that's the worst part about it. I need to get a secondary weapon if they eat my disc I?m in big trouble."

"I was thinking of speaking to a friend who is an Security and anti viral program actually. We'll have to look into it as for the grid? Well now that you seen it it saves a lot of question's doesn't it? Colours simple but vary from system to system. On my home grid? Yellow was admin, blue white is normal average programs, white was security, green was military, blue green was medical, red not very common but likely much like MCP's forces who sport that colour generally no live or believe for the users like your self. Or don't think you even exist. For the grid you saw? Green is military, yellow is search and illegal programs, blue is normal programs, and red is well MCP forces like I said earlier."

She looks over to Paulo as he appears she looks at the DJ sage for a moment seemingly amused at him, she's surprisingly unchanged in how she looks, here well her outfit is a bit but not by much all things considered.

"Sickly green is viral, and purple may be as well given Lexus."
Alma Hyral Alma considers this for a moment, before nodding, "If an attack happens I can give you a temporary weapon at least.. nothing fancy, but it'll get the job done."

She doesn't explain any further on that subject though, as she listens to Deelel's explanation of colors on the grid. "Alright, Riku and I were in blue and white.. so that seems to make sense. But.. who's MCP? You're going to need to slow down a bit."

She taps her chin, "Ah, Riku did tell me that purple was bad news.. and to stay away from Purple, but he didn't know much else."

And then Paulo arrives and she gives him an affable smile, tugging at one of the satin gloves on her hands, "Oh, hey there Sir! Are you from a game, or another off-world visitor like ourselves?"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi is nodding his head as Deelel starts speaking. Surge protector. Check. Discs. Check. Anti Viral Programs... by now he is even starting to visibly look dizzy.

When Princess Alma addresses him, the SageJ is woobly in a circle. "I did not understand anything you two just said," he admits. The clubber shakes his head and takes a bow to her-- seems appropriate, "I am from another world." He takes his hand and motions to 'the great beyond' "A realm far... far... away. Where they would never be caught dead wearing shoes this... I mean what are these things really?" He kicks up his shoes. Leopard print. LEOPARD PRINT?!

He takes a deep breath and exhales-- looking to Deelel for guidance, "Im still getting used to this whole-- world jumping thing-- but is there a way to keep my appearance? I mean I just saw another guy that looked like a mage walking around. Broad rim hat-- mumbling something about 'always needing food and the warrior takes it'."
Deelel Deelel does catch on she's been going a bit too fast for Alma and seems to be a bit apologetic for a moment from the looks of her she does take a moment to pause and consider how to reply in a better way to not confuse Alma and now Paulo more. She knows technical stuff can make some people's heads explode or eyes glaze over. Her experience with Reize early on have shaped that attitude quite a bit.

"You look like your from the dancing game from the looks of it. Generally it doesn't change this much why I didn't? No idea, maybe it's due I'm a native of this sort of environment."

Or it could be Space Paranoids is plugged in around here somewhere too. That could be it as well. She seems amused about the outfit though thankfully she doesn't focus upon it for very long.

"MCP the master control program. He is the thing in control of the Grid you passed through. Riku was very wise to catch on to that. I didn't when I was younger and it's been a mess I?m still trying to clean up to this day. Master Control Program isn't very fond of ... users as we'd put it. Not very fond of your kind at all but that's another story for another day."

She knows where he is, she knows charging in after him again was utter madness and would be flat out suicide at this point she'd have to play the long waiting game with him. LEXUS was also a bit more of a pressing concern given he was viral after all. If he got here and say discovered the Cybugs? It would be terrible.
Alma Hyral "Well.. there are ways to at least alter your appearance to your liking, within the confines of the world. I just haven't managed it yet. This world must have a sense of humor as it put me in a Princess dress, I /hate/ being called Princess."

She lets out a sigh of chagrin, "And yeah, you probably came from that dancing game. What world did you come from originally? Anyhow, I'm Alma Hyral, it's very nice to meet you, Sir."

She states this politely before moving on to Deelel, "So basically, he'd have probably killed us if we crossed his path. That explains a lot.. though he was worried more about Purple than Red. Said he'd abort the trip instantly if he saw someone in purple."

She contemplates this for a while, ", why does MCP hate us? Does he have a reason or is it a typical villain of the week nonsense?"
Paulo Mysidi "Huh," Paulo considers about the whole dance game thing, "I was listening to some music before I came in. And it was catchy. Sounded like bwof-thumpa-thumpa-thumpa-bwof." The Sage-J gives his best impersonation of House music. He rubs his finely manscaped beard and notes, "Maybe that had something to do with it. Next time I'll think of something more neutral and see what the results are."

Aha! Manners, "Paulo Mysidi, from the Mysidi family, from the town of Mysidia." There is a warm smile on his face for the moment, "A pleasure to meet you, Alma Hyral. I will not call you a princess, promise. Though your attire..." He stops himself by coughing. "Anyway. It sounds like you two are discussing some heavy stuff. More acts of villainy about? Are they that common?" Such a world-- or worlds.
Deelel Deelel says "I didn't know what a princess was till a few months ago. Still while visually nice such clothing is impossible to really get around in."

She listens as Alma talks about Riku and the colours of programs lines.

"It's simple LEXUS lines are purple. Red are not viral they are still doing a function even in my view they are glitched up in the head a bit. Riku was right to consider such truest me on this. LEXUS nearly consumed me once. As for the MCP I will put it as simply as I can. We are made by you in my world whenever you create a program, more or less you are ... on some systems seen as Gods, our creators our users. On others like mine? It was only just one and his name is Flynn. Almost every basic there was created by him I was one of the handful who was not. The MCP sees you are short sighted in efficient and generally I'll bet he thinks he could run things better. At lest he doesn't desire genocide so far as I'm aware."

Paulo gets a bit of a grin out of her and she tilts her head for a moment and nods "Given most worlds are broken bits of larger ones because the Heartless ate the majority of it? That would be why often the ones who did it are in the employ of the Shadow Lords now. It just seems evertyi9ng is out of control with the darkness but... sometimes other things can be out of balance as well. Some people I met forget the light will scour everything too."

She thinks back to that dream only a few fragment remain but what does is crystal clear in her mind and the warning of how out of balance the universe was? Stuck only second to two other things she could recall there.
Alma Hyral "Sounds a little like my sister's Mogstep, the beats you were listening to." She chuckles, but then he mentions that he won't call her a princess. She breathes out a sigh of relief at his promise, "...Good, because I'm not one. Some of these games just seem remarkably old fashioned. They seem to like to put princesses into the position of being a literal damsel in distress. It's pretty embarassing really. And yeah, it really, really is hard to move around in."

She takes a moment to process that, before nodding, "Ah, makes sense. On Galianda my Church actually was sort of against artificial intelligence in computers and programs for similar reasons of thinking that they'd rise up against us. I personally don't hold the same beliefs."

She shrugs her shoulders, "Life is life, even if it's programmed life. It's not for me to dictate how it should believe. I just wish that the MCP wouldn't act in such a cold, analytical manner."

And then she nods once again, "...It will. The light.. can burn as harshly as the dark can scour. Both should not be studied lightly. One should be careful before delving into each, and use the gifts each bring.. responsibly." She actually looks a little haunted, and abstracted as she states all of this.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi looks to Deelel. He frowns to hear about the gloom. Then he looks to Alma and frowns. Suddenly he smiles, "Does this world have ice cream? Can we go check for it?" A hand waves considering the journey for ice cream, "Or pastries, really. I could use a muffin or a cupcake. They are sweet and have such great variety."

He beams to both of them-- aiming to get them to shake it up.
Deelel Deelel shrugs, "I learned generally our Gods didn't even understand we exist."

She seems sad about this. "I'd .. hoped to find my user. All I have to go by is the name Sarah-42. Some of the games are pretty old here check the production dates. One of the newer one the military forces commander is a woman."

She grins at the memory of the Sargent. She was quite the character and she did catch on she did care about the troops under her command quite a bit from how she didn't relax till the roll call was done.

"So my existence is a sin huh. That wouldn't go over well with a lot of Programs who do believe in their makers. I'm glad you don't and I'll be honest. Could you have figured out I'm not human or at least not something like you? We live a lot like you in our world. As for the MCP? Every race has their jerks to put it mildly and he's not as cold as you'd expect he's more very controlled."

The dream comes back the face of a woman and her companions making a desperate stand in that place. The images were so strong Deelel could not and would not let herself forget it she got the impression they all might not be here now if not for them.

"I haven't found any yet but there is a bar called Tappers and it severs root beer. As for yes power does bring responsibility a whole lot of it. You want to see someone's true nature see what they do with power."

then comes more about candy and such she just kinda looks at Paulo for a moment and makes a bit of a face at him.

"Your always needing to fuel up, seriously you go through more energy on one day than a military program does. How do you keep from draining your worlds dry?"

she seems to be teasing for the most part from the tone of her voice.
Deelel Deelel shrugs, "I learned generally our Gods didn't even understand we exist."

She seems sad about this. "I'd .. hoped to find my user. All I have to go by is the name Sarah-42. Some of the games are pretty old here check the production dates. One of the newer one the military forces commander is a woman."

She grins at the memory of the Sargent. She was quite the character and she did catch on she did care about the troops under her command quite a bit from how she didn't relax till the roll call was done.

"So my existence is a sin huh. That wouldn't go over well with a lot of Programs who do believe in their makers. I'm glad you don't and I'll be honest. Could you have figured out I'm not human or at least not something like you? We live a lot like you in our world. As for the MCP? Every race has their jerks to put it mildly and he's not as cold as you'd expect he's more very controlled."

The dream comes back the face of a woman and her companions making a desperate stand in that place. The images were so strong Deelel could not and would not let herself forget it she got the impression they all might not be here now if not for them.

"I haven't found any yet but there is a bar called Tappers and it severs root beer. As for yes power does bring responsibility a whole lot of it. You want to see someone's true nature see what they do with power."

then comes more about candy and such she just kinda looks at Paulo for a moment and makes a bit of a face at him.

"Your always needing to fuel up, seriously you go through more energy on one day than a military program does. How do you keep from draining your worlds dry?"

She seems to be teasing for the most part from the tone of her voice.
Alma Hyral "Makes sense in the newer games. In one of the older games I was instantly kidnapped as some damsel in distress.." She grits her teeth, looking away from Deelel, "It was /so/ embarassing."

There is a short pause as she considers her words, "Sarah 42. Sounds like a screenname. Did you ever try to run a trace?"

She rubs a hand against her temples, "Only.. to some. My Church is for the most part gone now. I'm the only one left really, other than my sister who isn't really.. well I'm not going into that. Anyhow.. /I/ don't believe your existence is a sin, so that's what's important really. And nah, other than what you wear I really had no idea you were any different from a human really."

She actually manages a cheerful smile at Paulo's suggestion, tracing a thumb up and down her opposite arm, right above the glove. "Wellll, when we get back to our world, I could make you an amazing muffin, or cupcake. Really any sort of pastry. I'm a /really/ good cook. But for now.."

She glances over to Deelel, "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I could go for a root beer. And /hey! Are you calling us gluttons?"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo grins broadly at the mention that he needs so much energy. Indeed-- he could power a small electric grid on willpower alone. And magic. Mostly magic. "All this energy goes to good use, at least. Stopping nemesis." He flexes in one direction. "Cheering up friends." He flexes in another direction. "Reading books." No flex for that one. The Dj-Sageo rubs his chin, "I wonder if the military has good cupcakes. Maybe they have military bakeries."

He snaps out of it when Alma mentions that she is a good cook. "Really?!" stars in his eyes and everything. Shimmer. Float. Cloud. No really, he is literally floating on a cloud-- going up... up... and then he realizes he is a good distance off of the ground. Then he points defiantly back to Deelel to protect his honor and Alma's "Yeah! We're not gluttons. We just have good taste!" He spins on his cloud a bit to look for the place that serves this mythical root beer, "Hey, I think I see that place. Tappers." He points 'yaddaway'. "Looks like the places back home... ish."
Deelel Deelel says "No not enough data, given I'm not sure where I?m from I might even get the right one given how it can get with your people's name."

Deelel grins for a moment at Alma's comment she does seem to be brightening up for a moment thought the mention of her clothing.

"True, I noticed you tend to like very baggy clothing. Also it seems kinda piece meal really from the looks of it. Mine is entirely one item."

Like she was painted into it or poured into it really more or less form the sounds of it. The talk of food does get he interested a bit and she grins at Alma for a moment she's having a bit of fun with this, okay a lit of fun with this.

"Maybe...I am maybe I'm not. Still Tappers only has drinks but it's really good. Still this eating thins is a bit strange for me. Yes this world feels about half way between mine and yours."
Alma Hyral She starts laughing in a cheerful manner when Paulo talks about where his energy goes, "You're certainly upbeat. All my friends say that I am a /very/ difficult woman to keep happy. So maybe all my energy goes towards being down on myself in big pointed shoes and self-depreciating comments. The rest of it goes towards stopping evil mad scientists. I imagine that one particular scientist is going to come back from being dead or majorly inconvenienced any day now, piloting a mecha dinosaur or something."

She did grin in a catfaced manner though when he saw his response to her cooking, "Yeah, really.." She pushes back her glasses up the to the bridge of her nose. ", I don't mind saying I'm a pretty spectacular chef. It's one thing I don't need to be down on myself for."

Turning back to Deelel, as the trio start to head towards Tappers, she nods, "Well, if I hear anything out there on the web I'll let you know, maybe Kyra can tell you more, she's a better web wizard than I could ever be."

A short pause as she walked, blushing just slightly, "Well tight clothing tends to show off.. features I'd rather not show off so.. /obviously/."
Paulo Mysidi As for Paulo? He floats along. It is not for him to question the cloud that which he floats on-- only that it makes the ride comfortable as he rides the nimbus above the girls below. "Challenge accepted, Alma. Challenge. Accepted," grins one Paulo 'Siren' Mysidi. He provides the boundless positivity. She can provide the-- receptors?

"Tight clothing is good," the blonde haired young man says as he floats along, "but I prefer robes. It keeps you cool when it is hot out-- warm when it is cold out-- and can hide a ton of snacks." He motions a hand in a circular fashion, "Once-- while studying a gripping tome on White magic-- I forgot to eat lunch and breakfast. Emergancy snack robes, ahoy! Though I ruined dinner." He nods twice-- it is a true story. "So what is your favorite dish, Alma? Maybe we can serve it up to Deelel and level up her appetite for-- edible things." He thinks on this for a moment and notes to Deelel, "I need to understand what you are better one of these days, too. After that battle with the Dark Sorcerer-- I wasn't sure what I saw."
Deelel Deelel says "Maybe it does I do not proclaim to understand how your bodies work. It gets confusing..."

Sometimes sad she notices users break down slowly over time. She doesn't think it's fair to them she's seen what they do but they are on a fuse. If her people avoid violent death they can live for a very, very long time. The thought vanishes from her mind quickly as it came. For the mental image of a mecha dinosaur is now running around her mind now.

"Well that's good if you become so skilled at that."

She moves to head for Tappers with the rest, "True but I never know. We're still a bit uncertain on a few things."

She can't go into details on it yet it's not she doesn't trust Alma or Paulo she just doesn't know them well enough yet.

"... I guess I don't think about it much given we don't have our physical form change much other than a few things that can be changed for vanity's sake. I was born like this and will be like this."

She looks back to the blonde man for a moment she looks at him for a moment as he floats along with them. "True most of the items I need can be derezzed to a very small items. I don't mind food I can process it I just try to not think about it came from ... your world's version of grid bugs. Then again it has a purpose unlike them. To be food, right?"

There are the pair of batons on her legs. which Paulo might recall her strange craft in the woods the other day vanished and all she was holding was one of those rods.

"I got hurt pretty bad, I'm still not sure why magic even works to repair my injuries. Is shouldn't complain I always rely on the one medic who could treat my kind that I know of. Well off grid anyway."
Alma Hyral "Is that a fact? I'll have to get my b.. err .. friend, here too. As I'm told by a few people that he does /no cheerful ever/." She has a sheepish sort of look on her expression for the near slip of the tongue. Before she looks at his use of the float spell in public, clucking her tongue, chuckling at it, "...flaunting your magic just a little bit, aren't you? And I usually wear White Mage Robes myself.. it's traditional for my faith. I've come to prefer them under most circumstances..." She does arch an eyebrow though, chuckling, "Really? When you say /emergency snack robes/ do you mean you're eating the robe, or the robe has snacks in it?"

There's a short pause before she replies in a smooth tone, "It depends on which course of the meal you're asking about. If you mean the main meat dish then I'm rather fond of quail lightly oven-roasted with a light ladling of brandy sauce."

She chuckles at that, "Well depends, if she doesn't want to eat our food, that's her prerogative, I'm not going to insult her by trying to force it upon her."

She looks sidelong at him asking in a casual tone of voice, "Oh? Which Dark Sorceror?"

And then at Deelel, she gives her a look of bewilderment, "Well I'm.. quite well versed on human anatomy, so I could answer questions, but I'd prefer we leave.. more embarassing ones to a private setting." Her cheeks flush a little bit at the thought. They eventually make their way down the short rollercoaster tunnel ride ot Tappers, as she walks to the end of the counter. The man at the end of it slides a root beer down to her, which she catches awkwardly, nearly spilling a little bit of it. "...that's sort of my view too, it's why I don't wear jewelry or cosmetics really." And then after a short pause, "What does derezzed mean? And yeah, most... animals have a purpose, of being food. I just try not to use any animals that /talk/ anymore. Back on Galianda we didn't really have cute and cuddly talking animals. A few talking /monsters/, but even those were pretty rare."

She holds up a finger, "I can tell you why..."

She ventures closer to Deelel, setting her root beer down on the counter, holding out her wrist to show veins, versus her circuit lines. "'s because you're alive, even if it's artificial life. And at it's core, White Magic is the magic of light and life. So if I cast a diagnostic spell on you, it still tells me where you're /broken/, where the flow of life is disrupted in some way. Then I can apply magic to fix it. If there's no life in the body then I can't fix it. But life is something that can actually be quantified.. and if there's life in an object, then White Magic works by just a little proper application of the light of creation."
Paulo Mysidi He never thought of that! Genius! Paulo says, "Robes... you can eat. Awesome." He imagines the implications of this-- or at least in a strictly 'I could eat my sleeves and have them taste like frosting' sense. POP! There goes his cloud. The blonde haired man lands onto the ground and remains the for a few seconds as he imagines a world where such a robe might exist. Then he clambers to his feet and walks alongside them. "And I'd love to meet your Bear-friend, Alma. Sounds like a worthy challenge!"

He hums-- walking along towards Tappers with the crew. "Quail is delicious. Especially with a glaze." Mmm. Glaze. The DJ Sagealicious returns the inquiry about the Sorcerer, "I didn't know there was more than one. He is a foul creature-- and deflected all my magic like I was a first yearling! Bwoosh." He flails his arms dramatically. "Bwoosh! Heck, maybe Deelel can explain what he does better-- what with all the undead she was mowing down." That gives a stray thought to Deel's commentary, "I'm glad it did. Maybe if I learned more about your kind I could refine the spell a bit!" Big smile.

Tappers! Paulo oooohs. "Nice place." He immediately jets from the girls to find counter space-- waving his arms for the tender 'Root. Beer. Root. Beer.' Chant chant. Like a spell of its own. Summon: Root Beer.
Deelel Deelel tilts her head for a moment as she looks at Alma and makes a very oh I see face at her. Sh doesn't press however it would be too mean to do so however. She looks back to Paulo for a moment and sighs for a moment "You really don't want to flaunt power on the gird. Here is a pretty relaxed and free system. On the Grid you might get IDed as a Virus or at least get those in power attention. Just a friendly warning."

the talk of food goes a bit over her head. Her method of eating was drinking energy. Now it could be prepared mixed up with things to make it more interesting, that sort of thing really. So she gets prep time for energy or food tends to make it more enjoyable right?

"Oh I wasn't going to pry but I understand, I think I do."

she gets her own drink, she's been finding she's been coming here a lot later.

"In terms of living things like basics or grid bugs? Dead. In terms of equipment it refers to them being in an inactive state. The rods on my suit legs? Turn into various vehicles many times their size. The closet thing to animal life as you know it are grid bugs. They are small swarming creatures maybe the size of a small bird or dog, they come from system glitches and such and serve no purpose. They do a lot of damage and can be even fatal as they feed off any energy they can find. Be it in it's natural state, a light craft of some sort or a program like me."

Then comes a magic lesson a very good magic lesson.

"I think I understand it sounds a built like what I know how how Medical Programs do their work. I'm just thankful to my user that it does work. It's strange she likely doesn't even know I exist. Still crating that is something I enjoy and I don't think it's just because it is why I was made in the first place. You ever see the big murals in Traverse Town or Fluorgis that's my work. I also have some music out if you'd like to get a copy some time."

She's not sure how she knows but she's certain her creator was female like herself. If she only knew of the bond between the created and the creator on her world. She didn't quite click even knowing about Flynn and CLU. Given he made everyone on grid different she had assumed he gave him, his own face as a reminder to his children. She looks to Paulo a bit more as he talks about food and she tilts her head at the mention of the undead.

"I do not, when anything on the grid dies? It leaves generally voxels behind and if it had a disc their disc. Nothing left when something dies here? It's like their will is so strong some of it remains defying the universe to have to come deal with the remains. So undead I have no /idea/ they just scare me quite a bit."
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral may have literally facepalmed, at the /bear-friend/ comment. But that might have tipped them off, as it stood, her lip was twitching just a little bit from laughter. She considers his statement for a while, before finally nodding, "Well... what did he look like? I heard rumors of an Undead attack near traverse town, but nothing more concrete."

Deelel describes what derezzed means, and she just nods her head simply, "Makes sense, so it means like.. deresolution? Computer death. So even your people have slang."

She takes a sip of her rootbeer as she listens to Deelel again, before stating, "Well.. it sounds like you're not quite as solidified material wise, but that doesn't mean there isn't life. It just means that when life flees your body, it discorporates. And yeah.." Her voice lowers slightly, becoming somber and muted, "I'm afraid of vampires and zombies.... the Undead in general frighten me, but those more than most."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi's fears are more immaterial than zombies or ghosts. Except for, "Spiders here. I don't really know why. Maybe it is all the wiggly legs and the little tiny pincers at their mouths." He puts his two index fingers together and makes a spider face. It is at this time when his root beer comes. He spiderfaces the bartender-- who just... stares... and walks away. Come back in a decade or so kid, and see if you can spook that legendary barkeep.

And now the blonde sage calms down a bit-- with a frothy mug of brew before him. Paulo takes a sip, going all 'old western' for a moment. "Well ya see-- its not so much someone was seen. It was more someone was felt. His presence was pervasive-- malicious. He was a creature pulling the dark strings of this little dirge-- making those zombies dance to his tune." Rootbeer gulp. "Yeah. I even heard him talkin' to me-- in my mind. A battle of magics we had, me and my nemesis. We will meet again." A smile cracks to Deelel as he goes back to 'normal', "Though hopefully not here-- I don't want to be tagged as a virus if we mage battle it out. Not sure what a virus is here, but if it has any relation to the black magic version, I don't want to be it." The sage visualizes being a Bio for a moment, "Ew."
Deelel Deelel says "We very much have slang, I try to keep it under control but your only the second person to catch on to that term."

She goes back to her own rootbeer for the moment and she shrugs a little bit. "I'm solid enough go ahead poke me if you like, trust me I?m pretty sure I'm here. Vampires and zombies are much like ... a virus. Same for heartless they just infest, subvert and otherwise destroy. I understand why, it's like staring LEXUS down."

She looks back top Paulo for a moment and frowns a bit "Ya that's about right for him. He was also calm, calm as LEXUS that worries me. Generally the calm ones are the ones you need to worry about more than the ones who shout and rant like loonies."

she goes back to her drink for the moment as Paulo dips into some magic for a moment she looks at Paulo.

"Hold on I can get an better image."

She pulls the disc off her back it hums to life but not it's killing edge and a images appears which look like first person view. Are those memories? Deelel is going through something clearly and then she fins it she freeze the image it's not the most clear one it's a tall humanoid form in a cloak and there's horns coming off the hood. Or are they part of the head poking through it? It's impossible to tell that and worse it's hard ot make out much more than that.

"This is what we saw."

Wait did she just pull up a memory directly?
Alma Hyral "Mmm. Spiders aren't too bad. A little hairy and disgusting but.." She shivers visibly, "...yeah let's not talk about the Undead anymore please."

She takes another pull from her rootbeer, looking abstracted, and genuinely haunted by the thought of the Undead.

"...but yeah, whoever it is had better stay out of my head, if he knows what's good for him." She seems distant for a while longer, before she smiles at Deelel, "Oh yeah? Interesting. I think I'd like to learn more about your culture. Really it's seeming less and less like a programming culture and more and more like just a unique human culture."

And then Deelel pulls up a memory on the disc and she looks at the image with a neutral expression, committing it to memory. A moment later she looks at Deelel, "Hey that was pretty cool, can you really pull up memories like that and show them to people?"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi leeeeaaannns over to take a look at what Deelel pulled up. "Neat. Oh hey I remember that." Right, he remembers that. Grumbling, he sinks back to his stool and takes a drink of his root beer. "Actually-- that reminds me. I have something I need to go do." No time for playing around, he really needs to find out more about the dark psychopath. What are his hopes? His dreams? Why zombies-- why not man-eatting plants? The young dj sage kicks back the rest of his root beer and fishes out some converted money to pay for it.
Deelel Deelel didn't mind spider though they looked a heck of a lot like grid bugs the more she thought of it. She smiles a little bit for a moment she looks at Alma and nods a little bit as she mills over her drink for a moment.

"The more things change the more stay the same but if you like I could tell you about it when we get a chance and it's funny. I didn't expect my ... gods to be so much like us."

She fiddles with the disc for a moment "Yes I can actually they a are partially stored on it. It makes the legal system very simple."

Generally Security will /check/ the disc's contents. There is no real need for lawyers in grid space, no really need at all.

"Another but of advice, do not attempt to steal a disc just don't."

She is hinting to something bad as she watches Paulo leave and she gives him a wave as he does so.

"Seriously don't, you know what happened to that dark elf? That's about what happens if we lose contact with our disc for too long."
Alma Hyral "Well see you later, Sir" She waves at Paulo with an affable smile on her face, before turning back to Deelel, then she gives Deelel a scrutinizing look, "What, really? You think of us as.. gods?" That seems to take her aback, "We're.. really not gods at all. I mean.. I guess we created programs, but there are powers in the universe so much higher than us. And frankly we're not any more powerful than any of you."

She takes some time to process what a disc means to a program, before eventually nodding, "So it's like.. a backup of your memories on the harddrive? That makes sense. And don't worry, I wouldn't do anything of the sort. I won't tell anyone either."
Deelel Deelel says "You created us, you made out world even if you didn't know it. Look I'm explaining it. It's not every system, On the system I?m native to? There was only on Flynn was basically god he'd made almost everyone there personally. Just don't trample on it, I found out you do exist...and are you ever lost without us some times.""

She shakes her head a little bit at Alma then grins as she's perhaps realized certain cultures utter dependance on computer technology

"Thank you, just keep that in mind for your travels with your bear friend.

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