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Miming Marlboros
(2013-07-18 - 2013-07-18)
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Alma Hyral It was nearing twilight in Cornelia. While the market was still open, activity was becoming more subdued.

Shops were starting the process of closing down, as the proprietors either went home or to the local taverns for the evenings. Farmers were heading home a little earlier to the outlying farms in the rural area around the city walls. It was a pretty quaint city for anyone from the world of Galianda, but Alma rather enjoyed it. She'd come to search for more information on Crescent Lake at the local library, and came up wanting for concrete information.

Deciding to stay the night, she was setting up not far outside of the city walls just to the south side of the path. At her side was something not unlike a suitcase, except it looked of the design to carry one specific object, like a violin perhaps, or some other sort of instrument. She was seated on a small stool herself, with her legs crossed, wearing only her typical frumpy white mage robes, with her scarlet hair up in a bun. On her lap was a book, which she was reading with marked interest. Every so often she would lick her finger, and turn the page.

It was going to be a long night, so she dismissed her guards. They were instead staying at an inn close enough that if she got into trouble she could summon them within minutes anyhow. There was no need for them to be such mother hens all the time. And there was no need for her to keep them up all night on guard duty.

Every so often the buzzing of an insect would attract her attention, just long enough for her to look up from her book with barely disguised ire. But otherwise she seemed mostly oblivious of her surroundings.
Haneisuru By most standards, Haneisuru has had a pretty awful time of things. You don't want to know how long he spent in that fen, stuck in a Malboro's stomach. I mean, you can probably tell how long just by looking at him, since his features are pretty much obscured by the amount of weird slimey goop on him.
Actually, really, he looks more like a shambling slime monster than a human being. The thing that distinguishes him from a monster and probably will save him from being dismembered to save the village is he /is/ talking. Possibly to himself, possibly in one of those fancy radio things. Who can tell at this distance?

At any rate, he seems to be headed for the fountain to try to clean himself off. You should probably stop him before he befouls the thing for years to come.
Alma Hyral The girl seems mostly oblivious to him until he comes a touch closer. She looks up, and does a literal doubletake, pushing up on her glasses.

She does not seem to recognize him due to his current green slime covered state, but it is possible that he might recognize her.

Given his current state she also seems unable to tell exactly how injured he is, "Um. Sir. Do you need assistance? My name is Alma Hyral, I'm a white mage and can offer healing if you require it."

The girl rises off of her stool, and from a leather satchel that she carries pulls out a folded towel, offering it to him. "You look like something in the Fens worked you over."
Haneisuru Haneisuru stretches out a bit, using the bandana on his head to wipe the slime out of his eyes. "Huh?" He cracks his shoulder, as a gloop of green slime drops onto the ground. "Oh! Hey. That'd be great, actually. Hahah." He sounds...surprisingly upbeat for a guy who smells like the inside of a Malboro.

He takes the proferred towel, wiping off the rest of his face and sloughing some off his clothes. "Yeah, something like that. Didn't mean to get stuck in the Malboro quite that long. But, hey, good now, just need to get myself cleaned up! ..." He pauses. "...Not that some healing wouldn't be kinda nice? That, ah. That still stung a fair amount. I mean. If you want."
Alma Hyral She wrinkles her nose a little at the smell, but seems mostly nonplussed, as if she's used to far worse smells. Likely from her time spent around her sister's creations in the kitchen. Pushing up on her glasses, she offers him a smile. "Well, I'll see what I can do..."

A soft white radiance spreads over his body without any sign that she's doing anything at all. It appears to be seeking out his wounds not unlike a libra spell, then applying regeneration magic where it is most needed. It's actually quite soothing and relieves whatever aches and pains he has in short order.

And then as she observes him a little more closely once he wipes off the slime, she gives him a scrutinizing look, "You actually sound rather familiar, Sir. Tell me, were you from Galianda originally? Alexander Academy in particular?"
Haneisuru There's a few popping noises as he shifts his healing joints. Oh, acid burns. Bloody acid burns. But they're gone now, and he's quite content for that. Kurikaeshi rolls his neck once, once he's mostly better.

"Heh, you got it. Haneisuru Kurikaeshi, at your service." He pauses a moment, waving his hands a bit. That same white radiance covers him again, finishing off what the first dose of the spell did not.

"Specialized in Mimicry. You're not gonna get offended, are you? Cause, ah. Sometimes people get all offended over it."
Alma Hyral Her expression gives the impression that she's straining to remember him, before eventually nodding to him, "Oh right. You're an upperclassman, I think you were one of my sister Kyra's classmates. It's a pleasure to meet you."

There's a short pause, as she considers that, before smiling, "My Church might have back on Galianda, but I'm not offended by it in the least."

And then there's a whimsical look on her face, as her grin begins to look impish, "So.. what were you doing playing with Marlboros in the fens? Did you emerge from the darkness there?" She gestures for him to take a seat on the stool if he'd like.
Haneisuru A little more mussing with the towel, and his hair actually just looks green-tinged purple. "Emerge from the---oh. Yeah, no, no." He waves his hand dismissively, the dripping slowly dying down as he takes a seat on the proferred stool.
Haneisuru chuckles. "Yeah, Kyra's class. That seems about right. I wasn't talking religious stuff, though? I had a few that were all incensed that they spent years learning how to do it, I just wave my hands a bit when they're done...but yada yada yada who /cares/, am I right?" He grins widely.

"Anyway, I was doing a little testwork on 'em. They're fascinating creatures. Did you know they can't actually digest a person whole? At least, not in any reasonable timeframe. I think that's what all the teeth are for."
Alma Hyral She shrugs her shoulders at that, "Oh, it's just because I'm from the Church of Cosma Naturalis. They were kind of uptight and didn't like Mimics because they felt like white magic shouldn't be copied. But, it doesn't incense me at all. It's healing magic. The more people capable of it, the better. That's my view on it. I'm not so arrogant as to think that you shouldn't be capable of it without years of study."

She chuckles softly, "Well it's good that you're back. Do you need the main academy radio comm? Or help getting started? This world is kind of daunting for newcomers to it, and we need to help each other out as the last representatives of Galianda. I could radio everyone and let them know you're around."

And then a moment later she looks back towards the Fens at his explanation, "Huh. Really? I had no idea. I try to keep away from Marlboro mouths most of the time. How long do you think it would take them to actually digest someone?" And then she thinks on it for a moment, "....I am /really/ going to have to introduce you to Thirza, the two of you would get along famously."
Haneisuru Haneisuru huhs. His brows raise slightly, and he tilts his head. "Well! That's a relief. Shaved a good five minutes off the conversation we can use to talk about something more interesti--" He pauses.
"Yeah, sure, I'll take the codes. Heh. Barely got the radio fixed up on the way ou--oh. Uh." He stops.

"Look, that past me again? Not the thing about Thirza, the thing about representatives of Galianda? Cause.." He pauses. "...Okay, yeah, now that I think about it, this isn't where I got /in/ the Malboro. Wh--oh." He pauses.
"Wait. Wait, what? No, because even if this was a different shell, that's still be--where am I?"
Alma Hyral Alma's expression looks crestfallen for a moment, before she smiles patiently at him, "Alright, this is umm. probably going to be a shock to you... you might want to sit down..."

She offers the stool to him again. "So... Galianda was consumed by darkness and the Heartless. The world we're in is sort of a conglomerate of fragments of worlds that survived the darkness. And as far as I know, the only survivors from our world were.. all at one point associated with Alexander Academy."

She rolls up one of her voluminous sleeves. There's something that looks very much like a cell phone attached to her wrist. Tapping the touchscreen, then rolling her fingers across it she shows him a rough map of the world her voice becoming muted, like she's rather depressed about the situation, "This.. is the world we're in right now. Nothing of Galianda actually survived it. Right now you're near a city known as Cornelia. It's from a different world, one that isn't quite as advanced as our own."

She takes out a piece of paper and a pen, jotting down some radio codes, and handing them to him, "This should get you back on track."

She gives him a sympathetic look, "My best guess would be that you survived the trip through the darkness while... in the Marlboro. So it would have been difficult to know that everything had changed."
Haneisuru Haneisuru's expression is..hard to read. Tightly curled lips. "" He stares uncomprehendingly. "Like, the whole world. You can't just--eat a world. Like. I mean, these Heartless must be.../huh/." He's..okay. That expression's a little too fascinated.

"Okay, well...uh..." He puts the radio codes away. "...Huh. Yeah. Well, that officially makes this a pretty weird week, then. ...It's been a week, right?" He stops, turning around a second and mumbling something, before turning back to face the white mage.

"...Wait. ...So that does that mean I'm in a whole new world? With, like, new creatures, new people..."
Alma Hyral She actually puts a hand to the back of her neck, rubbing it, "Well, no it's more like an endless swarm of them. They're relentless until they consume the heart of a world, then the entire world falls to darkness... and everyone goes to sleep, becomes Heartless or... if they're strong enough survive the trip through the darkness. Some sleep for a while then wake up.. that was, probably what happened in your case."

She winces after his statement on it having been a week, her expression becoming pinched, "Five months, actually..."

And after a moment, she nods to him, "Right, whole new world.. except it's a lot of worlds, all put together, different cultures.. technology, everything."
Haneisuru Haneisuru swishes his mouth a little. Puts an index finger on his forehead, thumb bracing his chin as he stays seated. Closes his eyes a moment. "...Five months. Wow. That's..that's a lot of wasted time." He stands up, adjusting his hair a little. "Alright. Well. Guess that's, uh. you just gotta call it and move on, right?" Deep breath. Deep breath. "Lots of new stuff. New things to learn, you just gotta let the old stuff go. Okay. I can do this."
Alma Hyral Her visage looks.. sorrowful for a moment, "Yeah.. Yeah it is. I only came out of the darkness a couple months ago." There's a short pause, "...Well, not necessarily, I'm making progress on my research on restoring worlds.. Galianda is just being more troublesome than most. And there are other people out there doing the same, restoring worlds. So don't lose hope. You move on but you don't move on, you know?"

There's a short pause as she considers him with a searching expression, "Right, and that's why the Academy students try to stick together. Quite a few of us survived, so I imagine you have more than a few friends out there already that can help you adjust. And I'm always willing to lend a hand. So it's not.. all bad."
Haneisuru The mimic adjusts his bandana a little. "Well. If we can get it back, no big deal right? It's a..a setback." He nod sfirmly. "And in the meantime, that's whole new worlds full of new creatures, new magic, and I'm all about that." He's looking a bit more confident now. "Anyway. Yeah. I've been talking to a few already. Who..apparently either assumed I knew or just didn't think 'hey, Hanei, the world ended' was worth bringing up. No biggie, though. No biggie." He waves his hands and shrugs. "Anyway, yeah. What was your name again? I am /awful/ with names."
Alma Hyral "It's... yeah, a setback. Going to admit, it's a pretty big setback. But it's not something that's impossible to overcome. If you want to help out, I'll let you know when I've located more potential shards, they're how we restore worlds back to their proper place."

She considers him for a time, "Yeah... I guess. Huh, so one of the old radio frequencies was still working? That's a surprise." She looks off into the distance at the setting sun, "Anyhow, I was actually going to set up here for stargazing but you look like you could use a good meal in you. What say we head back to the local inn? Your first meal in the new world is on me."

She begins to pack up her things, carrying the stool under her arm. "...and Oh, right. The name is Alma Hyral. And again, it's very nice to meet you. Do you prefer being called Haneisuru, or do you have a shortened nickname like Artyom?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru considers. "Ah..tell you what, you, uh.. gimme some time to find my things, maybe...I'll see what I can do. There's a lot of world to explore, here, you know?" He chuckles, stretching his arms out.

"Ah..well, I wasn't using the old frequency, it turned out?" He taps his radio a few times. "Musta gotten bumped somewhere in the Malboro's throat. Just lucky, I guess! Hahah." He puts on a wide grin.
"Anyway. You know, I got no big thing about names, you know? Hanei works, Han, whatever you wanna do. Don't worry 'bout it." He paces about a bit, thinking to himself. "Man. The ability to eat a world. Don't know what I'd do with it, but I mean..." With that, a headshake. "Anyway, nice to meet you Alm--oh, you're...uh. Kyra's sister, aren't you? I think I remember that being a thing." He taps his head a couple times.
Alma Hyral She nods her head in an abstracted manner as she starts walking back towards town, at a slow pace so that he could easily follow, "Sure. I can probably help you get started. You can at least buy some basic gear in Cornelia, nothing fancy. And if you're looking for work, Souji is always hiring." She shrugs her shoulders, "...if his kind of work is what you're looking for. He pays very well though."

She just nods when he talks about the old radio frequency, "That is pretty lucky. Most of the stuff from Galianda didn't work on this new network. Sure you never met someone named Mister Sherman? Some of his luck may have rubbed off on you."

She laughs-lightheartedly, "Well, if you had that ability I'd hope you didn't gorge yourself on worlds. I'm trying to put them back into place after all."

And then another nod, "That's right, Kyra's my older sister. Do you remember her? She can be a handful with how she approaches /SCIENCE/ but I adore her really." She enunciates the word science almost like it was some sort of Meme. Her expression cheerful.
Haneisuru For having been swallowed for a week, he looks to be walking in pretty good shape. "Hey, well, you know. Like you said, we gotta stick together, right?" Yeah...he's not gonna mention that he works for Souji. Not worth the argument. Don't suffer in a way that doesn't teach you anything.

"Yeah, I think I remember Kyra a bit. Little stodgy 'bout my technical expertise, but I mean. I make more work for you guys, I guess I understand," He says, with a bit of a sigh. "...I dunno. I can't imagine I'd eat much of a world anyway. I mean...I'm still wrapping my head around that being a thing you can do."
Alma Hyral She nods at him, "Sure. And yeah. We do, all of us." As they pass through the gates, she begins to laugh in an almost light-hearted manner, "Really? /KYRA/? You consider /KYRA/ stodgy in technical details?" Her laughter becomes uproarious, "My sister? My sister who experiments with ways to /weaponize/ cakes, chili, curry, and pot roast for /SCIENCE/? STODGY?"

She actually stops, leaning against a local lamppost, her side aching as she continued to laugh. But eventually she calms down, wiping away her eyes, her expression sobering, "It's unfortunate, but they can. And be careful around them too.. as if they consume your heart, you become one of them."
Haneisuru Haneisuru rubs the back of his neck. "Yeah, she's all...alarmed by my 'reputation' or whatever. I mean, I assume she still is. Maybe the world ending changed that?" Ha /hah/, right, he sure didn't totally have that conversation just today.
On the other hand this is a guy crazy enough he apparently alarms Kyra. Alma might wanna think about that.
"Well, that's not that scary, I mean. If a monster consumes me, I don't even get to keep going as /nothing/, y'know what I'm saying? I mean. Except in that *precise* case with the monster just now but that's not really the point."
Alma Hyral Alma just sort of rolls her eyes at that, "Really? Your reputation? What sort of reputation do you have that alarms even Kyra? That's kind of... huh."

She taps a finger to her chin, "Well, that's kind of interesting if you think your reputation would put her off, really... what sort of reputation do you have?"

There's a brief pause as they make it to a junction on the cobbled streets, "Would you prefer to hit the market first, to get you set up, or a meal at the inn? In the latter case we can head to the market in the morning, as it's closing soon."

And then she gives him a sidelong glance with a scrutinizing look, "'s pretty frightening if you think about it, as you become pretty much a mindless zombie which might, just /might/ have some cognizance of what you once were in the back of your head, and a ravenous hunger for hearts and the light. A life of endless pain and suffering which can't be overcome."
Haneisuru Haneisuru chuckles awkwardly, putting his hands behind his head. "I, ah. I minored in Blue Magic," He explains to Alma. "...My, uh, my studies are very...'hands on', you know?" He clucks his tongue once. "Anyway. I'm gonna need some rest. Been great meeting you and all, but, ah, didn't get much sleep in the Malboro, or the apparent infinite darkness the Malboro was in. Y'know?" He tilts his head towards the inn. "I might have a few coins in my pocket still, Gil's still good, right?"
Alma Hyral Alma just smiles at him, nodding in return, "Makes sense. You and Thirza really would get along famously then, except I don't think she's into the whole pain and suffering thing. Maybe Helena is more your cup of tea. She kind of enjoys that type of thing."

She shrugs her shoulders, "Yeah, great meeting you, and I understand. The Inn has some comfortable beds. And they accept Gil. Gil and Munny are both kind of interchangeable in this world. You take care of yourself, alright?"

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