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(2013-07-18 - 2013-07-18)
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TRON TRON has been buried in all sorts of manager-related work lately. Mr. Litwak has been having some trouble making it to Manhattan from his prior location, there have been some broken machines lately, and the good ol' fashioned bills must be tended to. Fortunately, it has proven to be more busy work than outright frustration.

But first and foremost... the laser. It has been down ever since Beck has shown up, and--to his knowledge--little progress has been made since. The incident in /his homeworld/ (yes, this is a major sticking point to him now) has brought the issue to the forefront, and now he needs to know just what is going on.

So, before the Arcade opens for another day of business, TRON goes searching for the young mechanic. "Beck? Are you around?" His voice echoes in the main atrium of the arcade, easily heard from the loft to the hidden basement.
"Yes! I am down here!" Beck's voice echoes from the basement. He has been working on the laser really. Mostly fighting with it because of the fact human tools is different from Grid tools and it has taken some time to get use to the differences.

Yet he was almost done with the laser. It just needed some fine tuning and hopefully no oranges blowing up.
TRON TRON glances towards the half-closed entrance to the basement, noted by the TRON arcade machine being turned just enough for someone to squeeze past, and casts one final look over the Arcade floor. After the incident with Wreck-It Ralph, he has been rather hypersensitive to any of the Arcade sprites not acting 'correctly'.

To be fair, he's gotten the feeling that they /know/ his suspicion.

He descends the stairs easily, running one hand through his hair with one hand with his other tracing over the handrail. He is wearing his usual 'Alan' outfit complete with glasses, only his black gloves giving any hint as to who he truly is. Most of those who know him aren't fooled by now, however, though he isn't sure if Beck will.

"Any progress, Beck?" He asks once he reaches the bottom of the stairs, taking a moment to look around and peer at the laser itself.
Beck was sitting on a chair, with the laser in his lap. He had a bit of a sandwich left in his mouth. A pair of pliers in his hands and a wrench in the other. He was very focused on whatever he was doing to the point he just looked up, then back down at what he was doing.

He then puts down the wrench and pulls the sandwich out of his mouth when he finishes doing whatever he was doing. "Hey Tron and kind of?" He then gives a nervous smile. "I am going to need to go get some wires to replace some of these. It really fried itself, but I think with a few more adjustments and some tad more repairs.."

He doesn't really go on, instead he finishes eating the sandwich and continues his work. Oh and there may be a massive thermos of coffee next to him.
TRON TRON nods thoughtfully and moves over towards the computer, tapping a few keys and evaluating the monitor as if he'd never seen the desktop on the screen before. In truth, he can't just stand still.

"Good to hear." He raises an eyebrow at the coffee thermos nearby and makes a mental note to check on the coffeepot later. "How much time do you think you need?"
"Um. Maybe a few more days. To maybe a week?" Beck says giving Tron a sheepish look. He knows that probably isn't the answer the program wants, but it was the best answer he could give. "Not for seeing any strange issues coming up during that time frame."

Beck then carefully reaches down for the thermos, opens it up and carefully pours himself another cup of coffee in the cup. Yes he was drinking it black. He was a pro like that.

He then takes a sip of the coffee, before staring over at the computer. "That.. that is the other part of the device for this, right?"
TRON TRON frowns a bit at the timetable, but nothing in his expression or gaze indicates any negativity towards Beck himself. The situation is irksome, but... Beck's not truly at fault here.

Instead, he straightens up and focuses on the conversation specifically on the computer. "Yes. This computer tells the laser what to digitize and where to upload it." He narrows his eyes at the tower in particular. "Exactly how it works is beyond me, however. It does, and that has to be enough for now."
Beck takes another sip of his coffee as he stares at the computer for a bit as Tron talks about it. The thought of the fact that very machine somehow holds the key to get back home is something that is heavy on his mind. "..Hey Tron.."

Beck then stares at the cup for a moment. "..If we get this hooked back up, how freely do you think people can move between places?"
TRON TRON gives Beck a strange look. "What do you mean?" He clears the screen and folds his hands at the small of his back as if shifting to parade rest. From the benign stance, it seems to be more habitual than anything.

"I mean, are you talking about how easy it is to move from a Grid to here or vice-versa? Or do you refer to any possible security measures to protect this access point and the ability of others to get around them?"

TRON has clearly been thinking about multiple possibilities.
"More like, to try and keep people from getting out." Beck states with a calm, but sad, tone. "If CLU and his forces found out about the gateway was accessible by all programs. He would use his power to get out.. and he would bring out his entire fleet with him."

The young program then closes his eyes. "He has been taking apart my homes freedom to place under his rule. To free the Grid from those who would threaten its stability. Great on words, bad on execution. He nearly has slaughtered all the ISOs because they are not part of the Grid, but.. outsiders. If he came here.."
TRON TRON's mind triggered on a few key phrases as Beck talks. 'Threaten its stability', 'ISOs', and others that are lost in the white noise deep in his ears. His expression blanks out, internally wrestling with the data and memories of the Other as a faint hum starts up from somewhere behind him.

He will throttle Kevin Flynn if they ever meet face-to-face.

"So that is what happened..." The distracted murmur is barely audible, but TRON's gaze indicates that his mind is anywhere but here. "What was it he always...? 'The perfect system'..."

He visibly wrenches himself out of that train of thought, grimacing and slapping at the 'bulge' between his shoulderblades as the faint whine cuts out abruptly. "Aggrivating glitching--" He snarls sharply, pacing alongside the edge of the room away from Beck and the entire laser assembly.

It takes a few moments for him to recollect himself, rubbing his forehead as if trying to smooth the wrinkles furrowing his brow. "I /might/ be able to install a firewall on the laser controls, prevent random access by requiring a specific permission to activate it. I've done it for computers in Userspace, it should be doable for this system."
Beck watches TRON and he furrows both of his brows with concern. He doesn't speak, but only observes in peaceful silence. Then he finishes the cup of coffee before he rests it back down on the ground.

The young program then picks up the laser, before he walks over to where it hooks up at. Resting it there with great care. "Yeah. I guess that should work." He says softly, before stepping away from the laser and then looking at TRON.

Beck then goes to open his mouth slightly to say something before he looks away. His knuckles gently tap the thigh of his leg before he shakes his head. This wasn't /his/ Tron. No matter how much he may look like him or act like him, they were not the same. Keep reminding yourself that-- maybe you will eventually believe it.

"I.. think I am going to go for a walk. Been down here almost all day." He rolls his shoulders a bit then starts to head for the steps. "Do you need anything while I am out, Tron?"
TRON TRON shakes his head. "No... no, I can't think of anything." He readjusts the glasses on his face, clearly for want of something else to do, and still seems just... off. Not off in the sense of 'not who you seem to be', but simply over his head in everything and anything.

He pulls his Discs free from under his shirt. "I will start updating the permissions on the laser controls while you are out. Keep unauthorized access either going in or coming out." If nothing else, it'll keep his mind out of the black-hole datastream of the Other.
"Yeah. Lets.. Lets hope that works." Beck says softly. He starts to walk up the steps, pauses mid way and looks over his shoulder. He goes to think of speaking again, but clamps himself quiet once more. His hand slides gently on the railing in thought, before he fingers gently tap it.

Beck then proceeds the rest of the way up.

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