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(2013-07-16 - 2013-07-18)
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Deelel Deelel had been back in her native element since the weekend and had only now returned to user space to check up on the Arcade and everyone else. She also figured Mr.Litwak might need a hand with things. She also could check out some of the things Felix had talked about. She was going to make a careful head count of the games that were in the arcade. So here she was and how was she helping? She was sweeping up during a slow period while taking a head count of the games, titles and committing them to her memory. She passed by several,l of the newer machines that bought to help expand the Arcade. Several had replaced units that not even the natives of the grid had been able to get to function again. She'd always felt a pang of guilt about that, but this now could almost make it worse knowing what's down there potentially.

Is that what broke Flynn? Why he always seemed to be so detached? She didn't know she'd never really met Flynn given she was one of the few programs he'd imported to the grid after all. She wasn't his child like the majority of the basics there. It left her feeling kinda strange but she was generating some music it's DAFT punk's around the world from the sounds of it as she works. She's a bit of a strange sight in this city as welly given her seemingly glowing tattoos on her exposed arm and the strange nature of her clothing. Also why is there hi-tech looking version of a Indian throwing weapon on her back?
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi is also one of those people that doesn't quite fit into theme here. Could it be the headband that is only in style during ren fairs? Could it be robes of purple and gold that are not comfortable in the middle of July? If nothing else fits, its the little glowing 'orb' that hovers near his shoulder.

"Ask her!" says a frustrated attendant to Paulo. The blonde sage in question has a large leather book out and is writing things in it as he follows the temp arcade worder. "Her who? Her?" He references to a woman playing a sugary racing game. "Her?" he references a woman playing a dance-or-stomping game. "Or... ah... her," he says as he finally references the girl with the glowing tattoos.

Zoom! Paulo is over there in a moment, "Well hello there," he puts on his best rogueish tone of voice and smile. "I love the arm art. Where did you get that?"
Vespa Vespa had never been in an arcade before. She looked around at all the glowing machines thought the room itself was very dark, it remined her of a bar or cave thought this one seem to have some glowing treasures! She wandered around looking at the different machines pondering which one to try. Oh! This one look ineteresting you have to punch the hanging ball and then it rates your score! This looked like fun..
Deelel Deelel is lost in her own little world for the moment even as she sweeps away. then she's catches out of the corner of her eye one of the other customer he's a strange looking one but then again? Can the program really /comment/ about being strange. She really has no place to comment but she snaps out of her work as Paulo talks to her directly. It takes her a moment to click about just what he mans by arm art. She doesn't even think about it, it's just something that's there, when she's in user space.

"Oh the arm art? On my world, it's a thing there honestly. Still thank you I appreciate I am an bit of an artist after all."

That's a way of putting it given everyone is their own light source. Not to mention she was created to make art in the first place. There comes Vespa however and she gets a wave from the program.

"So are you enjoying the Arcade and do you need help with anything?"

Strangely if you pay attention there's a slight digital warble to her voice.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi also waves to Vespa. No, its not that he knows her, its more that he has this friendly disposition to just about everyone he meets. Brothers and Sisters, all of you!

"Oh is it?" Paulo says as he is already looking to poke at Deelel's artwork to see if it moves. He is enchanted. "You are downright fascinating!" he says with a large beaming smile. Then all that charm gets cashed in with a sincere question of, "What is an arcade, anyway? That guy wouldn't tell me."
Vespa Vespa put her coin in. Ding goes the machine! She presses the start button

"Okay...", she says cleching her fist bring it back and winding up..

WHAMO! The machine rocks and shakes a the force of Vepsa hit. "umm where did bag go??", she looks around she knocked it off the machine.. "Opps..", she slowly starts to walk away...
Deelel Deelel had a feeling Paulo wasn't from from her world and his reply to her only confirms it and she seems a bit amused at the compliment she' not quite caught on to what Paulo is up to. It's not she's dumb it's just she's doesn't think such things first given her nature.

"An arcade is basically what you see here. It's a shop that maintains and runs various video game units one can play in exchange for a little bit of money."

She looks back to Vespa and she pauses as Vepsa hits a punching machine and calls out "Hey watch the machines! If you break it you bought i. No offence but you are going to have to pay for that I?m afraid."

She sighs a little bit at what just happened thankfully she's on top of it right?"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi has a completely different take on the act of mass destruction. From what little he watched of it, he is already spinned around to see what is left of the machine. "That was awesome," he cheers-- fist pump to the sky and everything. But then he is confused as he asides to Deelel, "Wait-- that isn't supposed to happen?" It looked like part of the game to him. The machine fights with Vespa. Vespa beats the tar out of it. It loses. Lesson: Don't mess with Vespa.
Vespa "What? I didn't mean to.", she sighs,Sometimes she doesn't know her own strength

"Allright Allright.", she says fessing up walking over to Deelel. "How much is that going to cost me?"
Deelel Deelel says "No that's not, it wasn't intended to take that force."

She doesn't add that the people of this world generally couldn't hit something that /hard/ only a few of her kind could hit that way and they were made to do so from the get go. She looks to Vespa for a moment and nods.

"I'll get the bill, we'll figure out something I know it wasn?t intentional but we need to keep this place running. We just reopened and purchased a number of new machines. We'll have to see if it's it can be fixed or needs to be replaced."

At least it wasn't one of the video game units. That had creepy implications for Deelel after all now.

"As for the games you put in quarters and get to play. It varies from machine to machine about how many are needed."
Paulo Mysidi "Sounds simple enough," Paulo says with a sagely nod. Insert quarter. Get bacon-- er-- entertainment. He moseys on over to one of the machines-- an old Street Fighter III alpha box-- and watches them for a while. Only his eyes move-- not his head or his body. Fascinating stuff. He shakes it off and looks back to the two, "So this place is new?"
Vespa "Again I'm sorry I didn't know..That sounds reasonable",she says to Deelel about the bill for the machine Vespa really doesn't know her own strength somtimes, and she new to these kind of games. She thinks it best she just stays away from them for now, she will ask Avira or Maira about how to properly play them later. She shurgs at Paulo. "I don't venture into this part of town very often so I don't really know.", she does notice how Paulo eyes just move and not the rest of this body. Very intersting..
Deelel Deelel says "You need to use the control generally they have the commands they issue on the front of the machine just above them. As for it being new? No it's not it's just an old place that has been reopened about half the machines here were already here. When we found it."

She looks back to Vespa and nods. "I will ask if you do watch your self or I may have to bar you from playing the games if you do break something again. They are not cheap nor easy to get these days I'm afraid."

She doesn't like doing this after all but she's not being a jerk about it at the very least.

"Just be gentle about it, when you do play."

She may go to Avira but hopefully this won't cause an issue she does believe Vespa when she says it was an accident. She turns her attention back to Paulo for a moment tilting her head. "Are you going to play or just watch? Or would you like someone to show you how?"
Paulo Mysidi "The person who created this must have been very talented. Look at those moves," Paulo moves to point at the animations. "So carefully crafted on such a tiny screen." His eyes are all stars. Mind = Blown. Then again-- he came from a world where the closest thing to electronics was in the form of an airship.

The blonde haired man shakes his head, "No-- not today. First, I need to go acquire quarters. Then-- food." And a haircut-- some new collogne-- and a bar of chocolate.

Despite his behavior, he offers the two of them a warm smile, "This place does seem amazing. Like a little room of dreams in boxes. You must be very proud to work here." The later is for Deelel. Then that smiling face turns to Vespa, "And you are strong. I wonder if your body was enhanced by alchemy. Oh. Or enchantments. But both of those are short lived. Maybe the machine was just frail." Hmm. Thinking face. He goes over to another punch machine and pushes on it. Nope. Seems solid.
Vespa Vespa listens and nods. "I see be gentle. Got it.", she really hope this doesn't get back to Avira. She can be scary.. She looks to Paulo. "I'm going to say the latter most likely and a some hard work. ", she look around at some of the other arcade games. This fighting game looks like her kind of thing. she goes off to try it and be gentle not to break it.
Flynn Arcade was a home to a few and one after going to the old Wise OS was /very/ glad to be out of there and had no plans of returning there if he could avoid it. He had a massive headache that came from it and his body was in pain all the next day.

So to get out was something the young program decided to do and just venture around the city. He enjoyed this world a great deal. It was like home, but-- with no other programs and individuals that were kinda like ISOs really, but missing the mark.

Deelel and TRON called them users, but that was still a oddly foreign word to Beck. Users.. was not a word he understood because nearly all programs were built by Flynn and very, very few came from outside programmers. So User was never a word spoken, only Flynn-- who was pretty much their god.

Yet when Beck walked into the Arcade he wasn't all light suited, but rather had a black trench coat jacket over him that was zipped up in the front a pair of loose leather pants and a some boots on. He also had on a fedora and a pair of visor shades. There was also a plastic bag in his hands. "TRON, Deelel! I am--" ..and there was guests. "..Oh. Hi." Then the smile.
Deelel Deelel says "Also would have have to have a good suit of programs to do it as well."

Deelel is grinning as she watches Paulo honestly be impressed by the entire display of technology. She watches it for a moment, they had come a long way hasn't they? They had games from the dawn of gaming in here to the latest offerings from just before the world fell.

"We have some food items here, if you have some form of money it should be valid here. When you world hop your money tends to change to what that world uses. I can't explain if only that it happens. Sometimes physical form or clothing changes as well."

Deelel smiles at the comments about dreams and replies cryptically to Paulo.

"Sometimes a dream can be just as real as where we are or even reach back."

Vespa is looked at again, "It seems ti varies from world to world to be honest."

Then comes someone else to Flynn's arcade. Deelel was one of those rare few Flynn imported she'd been happy there but her time before the import and on Wise OS had left her with somewhat different view on things. Flynn was the User of the grid sure. Also its god but she had a different out look on life then Beck might have.

She looks up as Beck enters and gives him a wave she seems to be fitting int. Deelel's never really hid her self then again she'd not figured out she should till it was too late and she liked whatever the magic of world hopping had done to her lightsuit anyway at least here.

"Good to see you Beck, there's been some developments that you and Alan should be aware of later also we had a .. kinda tiny problem with a customer."

the punching machine was over in a bit of a sad state from Vespa's punch.
Beck goes to walk by and looks over at the Punching Machine and whistles softly. "I see. I am guessing the guy Alan hired isn't in today?" The young program asked her as he gave a wave to the other person in the Arcade, before walking over to a table in the back and resting the bag down. He then took of his hat, before reaching up and fixing his hair a bit. Then taking off his visor shades.

"Also, she a friend of your's, Deelel? Hopefully not the one who showed that machine who was boss." He gave a soft smile, before then unzipping the jacket and then going to remove it. After all, if Deelel was showing off her lines. There was nothing wrong with him doing the same.

Honestly the only reason he did it while walking around was so he wouldn't get asked /so/ many questions. He then places the jacket then on the table before giving a stretch. He then picks up the stuff once more, but now in one arm, with the hat in his finger tips.

Beck then walks back over to Paulo and then placing out his free hand. "The name is Beck. Pleasure to meet you!"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi pushes on the punching machine a bit further. Curiously he taps the thing with an electricity spell to see if it helps. Nope-- just sparks.

"Quarters are the smaller denomination here, right," asks Paulo as he punches the machine. Yow! He hops around-- holding his hand. That didn't work as planned.

Offering one of his non battered hands, Paulo smiles and gives a firm shake to Beck, "Hello, Beck. Quite the pleasure! I am Paulo. Paulo Mysidi. Of the Mysidi family-- which... probably doesnt mean anything here," he says-- but laughs warmly at his own joke. The young man goes through his coin purse to validate Deelel's statement. Gil? No! Dolla Dolla bills ya'll. The man in robes flashes out a few hundreds. "Is it-- tenths? No. Those are dimes. A fourth of a dollar. What a silly way to do it," he says as he goes to the change machine. For a moment he reads it over-- finally pressing the $100 to the box as if expecting magic quarters to come out. He keeps trying, though. "Oh, so you are Deelel? Thats a pretty name. I knew a girl named Deitlet back home. You two don't look similar, though."
Deelel Deelel says "She is, she's from VALKYRI, she's ... very strong. More so than most people from this world. I'll talk to Avira about this over covering the repairs or the replacement of the machine. I don't want bad blood and she is a friend, still it's kinda crazy to see someone who can do like that."
% She shrugs a little bit, she seems to be in a decent enough move she looks over at Beck for a moment and says "Beck there's something we need to talk about later. There may be a pending problem I uncovered on my travels."

She tilts her head a little bit and the look on her face its to it being something important, but it's something he doesn't seem to want to talk about to outsiders from the looks of it.

"Correct.... and wait err that one's out of order now. Also my names is Deelel. Strange to hear of someone with a similar name. Interesting those and Paulo is it? Wait you need to put in the proper bill into the change machine or it wouldn?t give out any. If you have some money I can manually handle it. if you like!"
Beck gives a smile at the firm shake. "Pleasure to meet you, Paulo Mysidi." He tilts his head. "Why do you people of this.. place.. always have two names instead of one?" He chuckles and then rubs the back of his neck. "Though I guess it doesn't matter! ..though still a curious thing about you people.."

The program then walks away before he goes up the steps to the upper level. "I don't think it takes the domination by the way," He says toward Paulo. "You will need a smaller bill." He then reaches into his pocket before pulling out a bag. Then tosses it to paulo. "Here. Use those! On me!"

Beck then glances over to Deelel. "Sure. I am going to head down to the basement though. I /think/ I figured out what I've been doing wrong. Want to talk down there as I work? Paulo is invited as well."
Paulo Mysidi "Yep Paulo," Paulo responds to Deelel first. He hands over the crisp $100 and says, "Well it is similar. It doesn't roll off the tongue the same way. Deit-let. Dee-el-el. Maybe not so similar." There is a pause as he glances at the bill, "Thats going to be a lot of quarters, isnt it?" Laughter.

When the chuckle subsides, Paulo turns to Beck, "I could gladly answer that! It speaks to lineage-- belonging to something like a family line-- your roots. It honors them even after they are gone." By now he is accepting a bag. Oooh. "Ah thanks! You're a lifesaver, Beck." He has already forgotten about th $100 he gave Dee.
Deelel Deelel says "It is strange then again we can be pretty strange to them Beck."

She makes a face and grins a little bit as Beck mentions work she nods. She sweeps up a bit and create a digital pane for a moment inputting information about the damaged game. Then it vanishes in a flash of pixels, she moves to follow Beck nodding if he's going to let him down there, still Deelel might be a bit on edge but it's not like there are not security measures now here. She pauses at a moment about the 100 dollar bill she pass it back to Paulo as she moves down stairs.

"All right, it's just strange working on a project like that. The technology feels kinda kludge really."
Once Beck drops off stuff upstairs. Beck then makes his way downstairs and has a few books tucked under one arm. A tool kit in the other and well, a wrench being held in his mouth. "No problem!" Or so he tries to say, but hard to do with a wrench being held by your teeth. Hopefully Deelel made it down before he did, because he trips a bit and tumbles down the steps with a loud clacking of tools.

Then a soft 'ow' is emitted from the bottom of the steps. Then he gets back up and recollects the tools before dragging the tool box and himself over to the laser, which he takes off its pedestal. Then rests it in his lap, before taking the book. Flipping a few pages, flipping a few more pages, seeming to quick glance over something, then closing the book.

Beck then starts to try and work on the laser in his lap, carefully what he unscrews, alters, or realigns. Including seeming to be taking off a few parts and then reinstalling new parts into it. He was very focused on what he was doing.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi has quarters now. These things are downright magical in the right hands. Alas-- they will await for another day to feed the great video game gods their food.

The purple and gold robed sage follow the two downstairs. His eyes are constantly filled with this 'Everything around me is awesome' and generally appears to enjoy it. Paulo notes, "It will take me a lifetime to explore this world alone. There is so much interesting stuff." A hand motions to the laser-- aiming to tap it a couple times, "Like this thing." Come to think of it... he looks at the two of them, "So what exactly do you guys do?"
Deelel Deelel heads down into the dark room below, it's still a bit hard to take some days. That her entire world fit into a single computer down here. With the Arcade she just started thinking Reality is like one of those Russian dolls. Worlds within worlds going on forever, she cut that thought out. As she looks at Paulo for a moment "This is just one city from a larger world to be honest. Actually part of a larger city from what I have discovered. As for what do I do I help run this place when I can. I'm an artist and musician I guess would be your words for it. I fallen into adventuring a lot though since I arrived in this world. It has proven a ... very interesting experience."

She looks over to Beck but is going to let him state his function himself after all it's his place she looks at him working then pauses wait she might better given he's working pretty darn intently but she'll give him a chance to first.
Beck glances up as Paulo taps the laser in his lap. He then raises an eye brow before he gently waves his hand away to stop touching it. Seriously. He was having enough trouble getting it to work right. "Back home, I am a mechanic." We are not going to cover over the secret identity. "..and my responsibility here has been to fix this laser so that I /can/ get back home."

Beck then picks up a pair of pliers and works on connecting a few wires. "However where I come from we just use one tool.. versus here.. where well.." He pauses and sighs. "..I have to use twenty different things to do the job of one thing, because it doesn't seem to work here." He then hrms. "..unless it is on tech from my home. Then it works /great/."

He then closes that area, rotates the laser very carefully on his lap before then opening another panel up with the Screwdriver. "Once I get back home.. haha... I am going to get a good talking too by Mara. She is probably livid right now. With CLU moving into Argon and after Abel's death..."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi scratches the back of his head. A lot of that technology doesnt fully register-- but he asks, "Why not just imbue it with some holy magic and use a crystal as a focal point." The young sage walks around-- looking at some of the equipment that is down here, "Or just feed a stream of electricity through it. Ooh." The young man picks up a simple cable with red shrink wrap around it. "I bet this channels lightning magic well. So fascinating."

The 'its so amazing I could DIE' flailing of a cable is directed to Deelel. "I've heard that-- somewhere-- that there are more worlds out there. If they are even a fragment as interesting as this world-- I'll complete my goals much, much faster. Or slower. I really don't know yet. Matters of the mind. Matters of the heart." Thought. Thought bubble. Tap tap. Then he speaks again to Beck, "I had a friend who was a mechanic. He was more of a traveler though. Not really a friend. He was friendly! You seem friendly. We should all be friends." Smile. "Oh. I took harp lessons. I kinda wish it was a little smaller so I could take it out to the woods to play. It seems more natural there. What instruments do you play?" The later is to Deelel.
Deelel Deelel says "Hey, I'm from there too you know. I been gone a lot longer than you. Some people are likely going to think I'm /dead/ by this point. It's going to be a mess however. They really do here, you should see music and art tools. It gets pretty insane there's some forms of musics over a hundred people work together where it be one person like me with some equipment back home. I really need to get my first gen light cycle looked at. It's not had any real maintenance since I escaped the Games with it. life has been a bit hard on it I'm afraid."

She looks at Paulo for a moment then speaks.

"So far as we are aware? Beck's ad my people? Have no ability to use magic. I could barely understand it when I first arrived. So we don't have and it's got nothing to do with magic but yes tit does carry electrical current but not as uncontrolled as a lighting bolt. There's a hub city I'm aware of that might be o use to you. Harps it's a type of instrument right? As for play hum hard to classify that given I will make it directly with a few bits of equipment. I can show you some of my work later."

She stops cold for a moment at two things one a memory part of a dream, it was a dream right? She shakes her head then something else hits her like a punch to the gut. Able was well known in Argon, even if one hadn't met him most of the city had heard of him given his age and the fact he ran the main mechanical repair ship for the city's public. Or even the security programs stationed in the city. There's a look of horror and grief on Deelel's face at this.

"He's dead?! WHAT?!"

She just kinda sits down and then another thought hits her pretty hard. She seems to need a moment she'd been told something bad had happened to Able but it hadn't clicked he was dead.

"... I'm sorry it's just a bit of a shock."
"Uuh. You really should put that cable down. It isn't live right now, but if it was. You probably wouldn't be standing." Beck says giving Paulo a sheepish look. "..and Holy Magic? I never heard of it before.." Beck then raises an eye brow. "..then again, never heard of magic either."

The young program then goes back to work as he talks to Paulo. "And you knew another mechanic huh? Haha. Neat. Where I work there is several of us.. though because of CLU we lost.." He voice trails as he suddenly glances up to see Deelel's sudden reaction and then her sitting down.

"..we lost some.." He then goes to finish softly. His light brow eyes softening a bit, before he taps the wrench's tip gently against the metal plate, biting his lower lip softly in thought. "...and yeah.. he was killed.. trying to save Mara and Zed.. two of his other workers.. they blame the Renegade for his death.."

His brown eyes look at her directly. "..Because they believe the Renegade rigged it all."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi somberly puts the cable down. He does not want to be a deep fried sage today. Tomorrow is a different subject. "Sorry about your friend," he says with a quiet sort of respect for the fallen. Then he has that bright smile, "Must have been a great guy to have impacted you two this way."

The blonde-haired youth in his over-the-top robes paces around downstairs. He doesn't leave-- but gives the news some time to settle. Paulo kicks his feet out in an exaggerated fashion-- walking all silly-like. "I don't think they were the same type of mechanic, though. He worked on airships. This technology looks far more advanced. In a way-- its a lot like magic to me. All the same it makes me more curious. I've studied all kinds. Kinda-- a weird knack for it all. Magic that is." Paulo finally finds a nice place to stand. Small smile. "I'd love to hear that music sometime. Music is pretty magical, too, in its own way."
Deelel Deelel says "So he really has, glitched then? A system admin program just...It's like MCP and SARK all over again."

She listens some more to Beck she's just sitting there and she heard how Able died. She pauses for a moment

"He always treated ... his employees like a term I learned here. It's called Family, I saw that much on my trips there didn't understand it till I saw things like it here.

"He was, he was one of the oldest people on the grid he ran the major garage in the city where we lived. He was ... a good man."
"Yeah. He was. I worked for him.. he was.. something else." Beck said softly, before finishing what he was doing. He places away the tools and then goes to stand up, carefully lifting up the laser and placing it back up.

"It isn't ready yet, encase you talk to TRON before I do, Deelel. It needs some minor adjustments, but-- I think this time. I am pretty sure, this time. Its almost ready." He still remembers when he fried the orange with this thing. Kinda glad they used the fruit for testing and not someone.

He then looks over to Paulo. "I have never heard of an airship, but it sounds really neat! Maybe one day you can show me what one of these airships look like." He says with a warm smile. "..I would also welcome you to my home." He points over at the computer and the massive servers next to it. "..but until we can get the laser fixed," His thumb jabs back toward it and he then picks up the toolbox. "That is kinda impossible. Though.. with what is going on.."

Beck starts to wonder if such an invitation may be a /bad/ idea. "Anyhow, keep the coins and come by to visit any time you like." He then laughs softly. "Maybe we can hang out!" He then starts to make his way for the steps. "As for me. I am going to get some rest, so.." He then steps up a few steps, before he looks back. "Take care of yourselves." Then he walks up the rest of the way.
Paulo Mysidi "You too, Beck," Paulo says with a smile on his face. Even though he just met them today, his tone sounds like he has known them for years in the non-creepy way. The young man stretches as he looks to Deelel, "I should grab some sleep too. Its been such an exciting day that I forgot all track of time. More rest means more quality exploring tomorrow." Wink plus powerpose of a thumbs-up stance is executed. It fades away to a yawn-- in short, he got hit by a wave of tired. "But we should talk more later. Family... is important. I want to hear more about it means to you, though." A tired hand waves-- the young man making his way out-bound.
Deelel Deelel says "I'm just sad I didn't get to know him better and I'm sorry Beck."

She is lost in thought for a moment as she listens she nods once she'll let TRON know and she's got faith in Beck being able to fix it this time. The guy was good really good after all right?

"Airships are interesting Beck you really should see one. If anything the people of these worlds are creative."

she looks at the server for a moment and frowns a little bit.

"Home, it's been so long I wonder if anyone I know is still alive. Yeas thank you please come again. I need to go to deal with the broken game, see you later Paulo."

With that she heads up the stairs as well with one last look at the server.

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