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(2013-07-16 - Now)
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Emi Dennou Hawaii! Emi is happy to be there in spite of arguably some Feigenannigans going on in this state in the past. But she has come, wearing a bright red lei and a pa u skirt. She must have purchased these in advance. She always wanted to wear a coconut bra too which--lets be honest here--is still an improvement over what she could be doing which was to go full traditional and not wear a top at all. She barely got out of the portal before another flower was added to her hair and--even--got plenty of compliments about her appearance which is a bit unusual for Emi. Maybe it's because there's a bit more humanity in her eyes as of late--she tries her best to hide it, strangely enough, but it's there. She is smiling a bit more. And though she still feels a bit guilty from time to time--she is intent on growing past what she used to be. Considering once upon a time she smiled maybe once a scene, one could consider this progress. From an objective standpoint, she's happy.

The world may crash and burn tommorow but she's found people she'd be happy to crash and burn with.

She's heading towards the beach because of her understanding of Hawaii which is that it's a lot of beach parties and hula dancing, the latter of which she is determined to try out. Maybe Saitei gave her some stories.

This scene contained 1 poses. The players who were present were: Emi Dennou.