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(2013-07-16 - 2013-07-16)
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Deidra Deidra had a lot to take in after recent events with the TDA, both the revelations about Isaac and the recent developments for Mercade. With the former there's been some revelations about her self. The truth of his world's entire reason for being, seeing alternates of some of her closet friends ends it left their marks on her. It also made her shape up from certain things she'd be moping about ever since her life took a wild turn.

So here she was shitting up on the edge of the clock tower with a tablet near by. It was not in use at the moment for she had take out from the Wild Kat Cafe. While it served a lot of Japanese food? The owner seemed to have picked up a few other things given how diverse his customer base was in culture. Not to mention species so here she is with some sort of toasted sandwich she's munching on while looking down at the city below. The unmistakeable glow of a DPS operative on patrol below is noticed, they really did seem like ravers but? They'd proven to be pretty good security forces all things considered when one got down to it.

"I been so full of it and I had no idea I was..."
Zia With so many of Zia's friends and companions having ties with other groups, sometimes it's impossible not to get dragged into the affairs of others around her. Of course, being a trouble-magnet, herself, it's pretty normal to get involved either way. For now, though, she's actually out dealing with her own issues. Strange dreams had lead her to Traverse Town, where Skoll had promised to lead her into the lands beyond in search of some castle she'd only glimpsed once in a dream.

So, waiting on the wolf means that she has time to herself, and that is what has brought her her winging through the sky tonight. The clocktower is a familiar place, and one where she'd met with Deidra once before. So, she's drawn to the high vantage point once again, her talons clicking on the metal and stone, her wings giving the sound of leather moving as she lands, balancing precariously on the edge, tail twitching.

"Wha's tha lass? Somethin troublin ye?" She offers a small smile, the wind whipping back white hair as she lingers there, hesitant to intrude if the human-turned-gargoyle actually does have something she's doing. Best not to interrupt if she can help it.
Deidra Deidra would generally only expect three other people up here. Percy, Zia or Brooklyn. It turns out it's Zia whose come up for a root perhaps or maybe she was spotted. Either way she looks up from her food and grins a little bit. Her own tail moving about as she shifts to look at her friend.

"Just some recent revelations. the TDA just keeps getting stranger. Also making me realize just how much self pity I been wallowing in when I'm alive. What I care about is alive, I should be thankful. If you want an honest answer. Also hungry?"

She'll offer up the untouched other half of the sandwich which is still sitting in the takeout box she got it in. She then shifts about a bit as she looks her friend oer a little bit and tilts her head.

"Things have been very busy. It's like the TDA just ... is a magnet for strange things. A whole not of things have been strange. As for troubling me? Just thinking about how full of self pity I been for the trouble I got myself into honestly. Maybe pissing off that faye was actually a good thing. I'd just been another bystander otherwise. Wouldn't have met you, Will, Mercade or anyone else either."
Zia It wouldn't be hard to narrow the suspects, as relatively few beings had the capability of the flight it would take to come up to this part of the clocktower - at least not without making their way through the inner workings of it. Caping her wings, Zia hops down off the ledge, tucking in a rogue bit of her scarf that seems to want to take off from her neck.

Without making commentary at first, Zia accepts the other part of the sandwich. Too many months going hungry means that she isn't the sort to pass up food most times it's offered. This time, she chomps into it, chewing thoughtfully as her ears tilt to take in the other girl's story. "Thank-ye." She murmurs between bites, tail swishing has her blue eyes shift from Deidra down along the city below. Unlike Manhattan, Traverse Town rarely changes, perhaps due to the weird lack of day or night.

"The world is a magnet for strange things, these days." Zia quips finally, her expression somewhere between tired and amused. "So far as Ah can tell, it's jus as bad for everyone else these days. But... wha's been goin on wi' the detectives, then?" Curious, Zia leans on the railing next to Deidra. "Only thing we've got goin on lately is the mouse gettin' himself inte a bit of a spot from wha Ah've heard." The Shard Seekers really need to do some more adventuring.

With a thoughtful hrm, Zia shrugs her shoulders. "It'd be all too easy te tell ye tha there's no' reason te feel bad aboot yerself, but it takes time, lass. Ye've always seen yerself as human, 'n it isnae easy te chance how ye view yerself all at once." It had taken months for Zia to see herself as someone capable of standing on her own feet, and even now she's still learning a lot about her own strength. "As much as the trouble we all face, Ah'm glad for it. If only for tha reason alone."
Deidra Deidra doesn't mine sharing the food, after Zia had helped kept her from going hungry when she was wandering around Manhattan looking for food. Without a friend in the world. It had meant a lot to her. She goes to finish her own food before she speaks again, while she listens to her friend talk. It is pretty clear that she is listening to what her friend is saying.

"It's hard to, I know. At least I still have my mind, they could have done much worse to me. I should be lucky really and ya. Some times I still dream I'm how I used to be. That gets very confusing when you wake up covered in stone shards."

She seems to take that much in good humour at least.

"Avira found her mother is alive but there's a mess of complications about that that shouldn't be gone into. If only to keep her mother safe from the sort of enemies Avira's wracked up over the last few months."

"Mercade's had some things going on that may make us a target for certain groups once it's found out. We want to keep it under the hat for the moment. Then there's ... Isaac."

Deidra gets this look of honest horror like someone who stared a bit too long into the Abyss and it stared back at her. Whatever she saw it was not pretty at all from her reaction to just thinking about it.

"Feige kidnapped another part of the network. Or more correctly the template for Emi and the rest, well more perhaps held them hostage. I don't know all of the details but she lured us all to Castle Oblivion. It has been a trap she had wanted the castle to effect Isaac and it did. We saw his home world, we saw the people he lost and what happened to ... the TDA of his world."

She looks still pretty horrified at whatever she saw which should say something given her history so far in the worlds at large. She goes quite for a moment longer staring down at the city below.

"They all died in ways I don't wish to repeat, and the worst of it? Was the thing behind it...all."

She just kinda trails off there shaking her head a bit about the whole affair.
Zia Though she's never had the experience of being human, Zia did know what it was like to live a somewhat more human life. The power of her crystal let her avoid stone sleep, which meant that going back to the more 'gargoyle' way of resting felt strange to her, especially when it had been twice taken from her - first by the fall of their world, and second by the crystal itself being cracked.

"Ah suppose ye'll get used te it after a while, but Ah dinnae know if it's somethin ye'll ever forget." She flicks her crystal. After almost losing it, she'd been more hesitant about loaning it out. "After the first time Ah saw the sun, Ah drempt about it all the time. Maybe just our minds tryin te hold on te somethin we cannae have."

With a sigh, she lets her mind wander back to the visit to Atlantis, nodding her head, "Aye, Ah was there when she met her mum." The mixed emotions from that event come back, her hand folding around the reliquary at her neck. "It's for the best, Ah think, for the pathway te be closed te Atlantis. The less the Heartless can find of the place, the less at risk they all are. Nae just the humans, but the gargoyles as well." There were so few gargoyles left, it made Zia more than a little protective of her distant-kin.

When Deidra seems reluctant to share much about Mercade's issues, Zia just nods slightly. There were plenty of secrets, and she couldn't exactly blame the other gargoyle for keeping her own. It's not like Zia has told everyone about her odd dreams or the fact that she's been invited to the now-infamous Castle Oblivion.

Yet, the mention of that place is what perks her attention. Skoll had mentioned it was dangerous, and she's only now starting to understand that. "So... wha was behind it all?" She prompts.
Deidra Deidra had stone formed on the couch once after all much to the dismay of /everyone/ in the TDA. Given she'd hogged the living room all day due to it. Then there were stone bits everywhere when she woke up. Tom had got the bright idea later to try to bench press her while she was asleep. Thankfully he never has or has been stopped by the others.

"Don't think I will, though the worst part of it was before I got off world was rembering what the sun was like. Yet never being able to see it again. Thankfully that's not so much of an issue. It seems to be the nature of things to hang on to what you have or loss."

She pauses blinking for a moment then speaks again.

"I see, I was aware of where it was but didn't wish to bring it up. I wasn't sure who'd gone with Avira. She'd not said and well I had similar reasons for you. She never told me there were gargoyles there either. Still sealing it could cut them off from help. The shadow lords can just rip holes in reality to get around. Still it would slow some things down. As much as it pains me to do so? Given I was studying myths and legends before everything changed? I may have to burn some of my resarch notes, least it tip someone off to find the way there who plunder it. Whatever down there, all I know is Avira's mother is and there are people. Now there are also Gargoyles there? Interesting I must admit. Perhaps someday when it's safer I'll have to ask you about it."

She looks back to Zia for a moment

"A part of Chaos. I think that's what he called himself the Phantom Ink Blot. He didn't stay long, and Feige well? She wasn't even human anymore. Not even sure if you could call that thing a person anymore."

With Mercade she doesn't want to paint a bulls eye on him anymore than he already has. At least until he's ready, so she's going to give him that time.

"Their world as he claimed? Was made by it to die, so its death would break the seal it had been under. Where it's gone I do not know, what I do know is? It's our there, and someday it will /burn/ for what it did. You can't expect to toy with an entire world and get away with it."
Zia There is a flash of guilt in Zia, knowing that she could give the other gargoyle the gift of being able to spend a day outside of stone sleep. Trusting others is not her strong point, but Deidra had trusted her with an even greater secret. Slowly, the white gargoyle slips her crystal off of her neck. "Well, Ah can at least help ye there, if only fer one night." She offers the crystal pendant out on her palm. "It should let ye see the sun again. Though Ah warn ye, Ah've only jus got it back, so try not te take it anywhere dangerous or lose it. Ye can just drop it off wi' Skoll at tha hotel there. He'll get it back te me."

If Castle Oblivion is as dangerous as people suggest, maybe it's best not to take the crystal there, anyways. If anything happened to her, at least Skoll might be able to give it to someone later who might really be his wolf. It takes a moment to push that thought out of her mind. She would face whatever the castle had to offer and come back. She /wouldn't/ leave her friends behind.

It's easy to read the momentary distraction on the gargoyle's features, but she seems to snap back to attention, nodding her head. "It's a risk. Ah dinnae know how long it'll help, but the warriors of Atlantis seem te be able te hold their own. They were holdin off the Heartless in the tunnels even before. So far as Ah know, the Shadow Lords dinnae know of the place yet, 'n Ah plan on keeping it tha way for as long as possible."

Sooner or later, Atlantis would face danger again, and it would need to find heroes just as so many other worlds had. For now, Zia just listens to the story that Deidra paints, shaking her head. The fact that the Network had gotten tied up in all of this is worrisome, as she had a certain fondless for the green-haired girls. "Well, it isnae the first world te fall under some other force. Ye know of Skoll, the werewolf?" She Her eyes follow towards the sky. "His world was taken by somethin like wha ye describe. Somethin worse than the Shadow Lords." If one could imagine such a thing.
Deidra Awake in the day without being disorientated would be quite the thing and Deidra's stunned to the point she loses her trail of thought about what was uncovered in the castle at least for the moment. She accepts it nodding,

"I'll see to return it, I won't hang on to this for long. I also will keep it safe."

She looks at the crystal for a moment and she knows where she may end up going. The topic however turns back to Atlantis once more and she listens intently her mind going over the information. The native were able to handle the lower grade heartless. Thankfully it seems it's just wild heartless and not ones that are being directly controlled by the Shadow Lords from the sounds of it.

"Well we'll do what we can then, if the Shadow Lords are unaware? Let's keep them that way as long as we can. Enough places have been devoured as it is."

"I know Skoll, I run into him a few times. I didn't know that about his world. What gets me though it seems my friends world was made only so it could die. Sounds like it's very similar overall from the sounds of it. Still the shadow lords are still for the most part beings that are not fully of the darkness? This Blot? I try to not think about looking at it if. It seems there may be worse things crawling around in the shadows even with the Shadow Lords. Not to discount them as a danger. It just feels like there might be something else going on. Another thing about the castle I should mention, if you ever consider going there? It preys upon memories and if you are not aware? It's nearly impossible to tell memory from reality there."
Zia Though there is a part of her that is reluctant to let the crystal out of her sight, Zia nods once. After having kept it hidden for so very long, the fact that she has those trusted with it's power is a wonder. "Jus' try nae te let anyone know wha it does. It's no' somethin Ah wan the Shadow Lords learnin' aboot, either." Avoiding stone sleep is one thing, but only she and Percival knew about some measure of it's additional power.

Her tail gives a nervous twitch, but Zia shifts her legs so that it tucks under, out of the way. "Ah dinnae know much aboot wha happened te his world, te be honest. It seems as lost te 'im as it does te me. But... Ah get the feelin tha it may no' be possible te bring back a world lost like tha." Fighting against the Heartless is one thing, but how do you fight back against something strong enough to totally obliterate entire worlds? Could it even be possible, or is this just another variation on worlds falling like they've already seen?

So many questions swim in her mind, and as usual, there's more of them than there are answers. "Ah've been sort of seein the wolf lately... makes me wish there was more Ah could do te help 'im 'n his world, but it seems like the only ones tha might know the truth of it are those who kept him prisoner. Ah wouldnae trust them, even if they did hold the truth of it." Her eyes flash once, but then fade again back to their normal hue.

When it comes to Castle Oblivion again, Zia seems to hesitate. "Ah'm... actually headin' there, m'self. Skoll warned me a bit aboot what te expect, but it helps te have some understandin' of the place. Ah've got... someone Ah need te talk te, there. Be'ta the crystal stays wi' you or the wolf than bein taken inte tha place. Jus' in somethin happens."
Deidra Deidra it was enough that Zia was sharing it with her for even a day or so. It meant a lot and that would be enough, she's got the idea that no she won't really tell anyone about it or what it does. The Shadow lords with their hands on something like this? Even just with what she knows it can do would be bad. If she was aware of the rest she'd be even more floored that Zia had trusted her with this.

"It sounds like something else befell it as you said."

"Couldn't get an honest answer of of them? Makes sense given what you told me about it. Lot of people so drunk off power they just don't think about what they are doing. Next thing they know what they wanted will have been ash as well."

Her tail flicked about a bit, and really Dei's not quite fully go the control of it still so sometimes it betrays her emotions a bit more than she'd expect it to.

"So your going there? Be wary, it would have been easy to get lost there. Even for one whose memory it was not, more so? I'll never be able to enjoy whiskey again like I did there."

She ended up in the memory of the pub that Isaac and his friends hung out in and everything had been remembered in perfect detail too. A funny thing to bring up but perhaps? Deidra is trying to lighten the mood little bit.

"Just be careful when you do go there, I'll see it's in Skoll's hands as promised. You also better come back as if you disappear into there? I will come looking for you and likely drag a few others along."

Deidra had found it was best to bring a group with her own experiences. If anything it helped to keep people from falling into the trap so easily she found.
Zia At some point, Zia might just have to ask Skoll more about what he remembers from the last days of his world. She'd kept from asking because it felt... wrong to dredge up memories that might remind him of people he'd lost. While she got the distinct feeling that his father was not the kindest of people, his mother had been the one to instill that nobility. It's a shame that she vanished along with their world.

With a shrug, the white gargoyle pushes the thought from her mind. "Ah dinnae wan te get close enough te ask them. Ah'd be surprised if they werenae already plotting ways te try to reclaim Skoll for their purposes. Then again, they're jus one of many tha seem te have it out for m'self, Avira, 'n the wolf." Blowing a breath out, a few strands fluff from her forehead, then dangle back down into her eyes annoyingly. With a hand, she brushes them back.

"Honestly, if Ah could tell ye why Ah'm goin there, Ah would. Ah dinnae understand it fully, m'self. It's jus... somethin tha Ah need te see through, ye know?" It had been strange enough to talk to Skoll about the odd people who had haunted her dreams. Some parts of it had felt real, and she still had that Wayfinder in her pocket. She needed to know - one way or the other.

The threat of having people come to her rescue draws a laugh, though. "Ye, 'n Skoll, 'n a few others, too, Ah'd wager. Ah wouldnae trouble yerself too much wi' worry, though. Ah'll be alright." Though she'd never experienced this place like others have, she's at least getting a good idea of what to be wary over. Everything screams 'trap', and yet... she's still going anyways.

"So." Subject change. "Wha are yer plans then? If yer finally settlin' in te bein a gargoyle, tha is."
Deidra Deidra says "True, to them a pawn would be a pawn right? Ya, there's sure are a lot of them. Far too many like that for my liking."

She watches Zia fight with a strand of hair that appears intent on annoying her field of vision. She hates it when that happens to her.

"I understand, I won't pry."

She didn't pry about Mercade after all, right? So she will return the respect and not press too deeply about it.

"All right but if you do go missing I may still go looking. What sort of friend would I be if I didn't? As for settling in? Still trying to settle into everything but I'm at least not thinking it isn't my face anymore. So that is progress at the very least! Working with the TDA mostly I been studying the gummi blocks that have recently appeared. They can be used to make ships that can travel between some worlds. You'd have to go down to the space port however. Chip and Dale would be able to help teach you the basics at the shop they are running. They are trying to gather a fleet of ships to go after heartless the size of a moon that's threatening another world that's been yet devoured by the darkness. So all the help they can get the better, for everyone."
Zia "Hrmph." After spending enough time as a 'pawn', herself, Zia has grown to dispise the sort of people who only see others for their usefulness. "The Gaudium Lords already underestimated 'im 'n those of us who care aboot 'im. If they think it'll be an easy task te re-claim 'im, then they'll be sorely disappointed." Though her words might seem brave, the set of her ears speaks otherwise. She knows that the easiest way for them to go after Skoll, would be going after those he cares about.

Pushing herself up, Zia rests back on her feet, arms folded across her chest. Certainly, she appreciates the other gargoyle not prying into things. The little she'd tried to explain to Skoll had come out jumbled and sounding like nonsense, and he at least had good reason to believe her at her word. "Well, yer welcome te join the wolf on the rescue party if it comes te tha."

That said, Zia lets the issue of Castle Oblivion drop for now, her ears training in to recent events. "Is tha the nonsense ye've been squirrelin' away in the watchtower?" She asks, lifting a brow towards the other gargoyle. "So they're tryin te amass a fleet of these ships te go after some kinda space-heartless?" Boggle. "Might havete go talk te them, then. There's strength in numbers." She hesitates then, "Have ye ever flown in one of these ships?" Airships tended to make Zia a bit uneasy, perhaps having spent so much time flying on her own that it feels strange to fly under mechanical power.
Deidra Deidra says "They not been the most noticeable threat either. I hope they continue to be disappointed in their hopes of dragging anyone back in to their services."

She does not know much about the Lords, but she knows enough that a bad day for them? Is generally a good day for everyone else generally. Skoll isn't lacking for help either given Zia and the rest of the Shard Seekers.

"I think I will if it comes to that, he'd be best suited to lead it anyway."

"It has been, I was hiding it there to avoid Will eating it. Before we found out their full nature he discovered they were tasty."

She makes face at this a terrible shocked sour face.

"Then he found out in Gummi space? They would return to full size. Now he doesn't want to touch them anymore. Indeed there is, and no I still been collecting blocks but they seem simple enough to fly from my talk with the Chipmunks."

Yes she said Chipmunks, but then again she's stopped questioning beings if they could talk being people or not. She has no place to even throw stones on that one.

"I'm still collecting more bricks for the rest of the TDA to be honest. We may be putting several ships together, if we're lucky."
Zia Every time that it seems that they know the measure of the enemies in store for them, there seems to be a new one. There Shadow Lords, common villains, Gaudium Lords, and perhaps even people like the Church of Glabados, if the heretics are to be believed. For now, Zia just shakes her head, trying not to think about everything that those who call themselves heroes have to face on a daily basis.

The idea of eating space-ship parts, though, that has a skeptical look from Zia. "Ah think Ah'll avoid puttin strange things in m'mouth if ye dinnae mind. Ah've eaten a lot of scavanged food, but tha's taken it a wee bit far." Then again, it's hard to really figure out what goes through Will's head at any point in time. After everything in Manhattan, she's still uncertain about him.

"It wouldnae be the first time tha we've run inte strange talkin animals. There's the duck wi' his icecream parlor. Nae te mention the book tha the young man wi' the emotive hair uses te talk te rodents." Since Launchpad had gone AWOL, Reize still had hold of the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook, which had come in handy a time or two. "Though Ah admit..." She stiffles a laugh, "It's hard te imagine chipmunks in space. It's like somethin out of a cartoon."

She seems curious enough about this quest to collect gummi-blocks, though. "Maybe if ye manage te get enough together, Ah'll join ye in yer fight. If nothin' else, Ah need te get te meet more of yer fellows one of these days, either way."
Deidra Deidra bursts out laughing.

"I told Will not to, but he didn't listen. The look on his face when he found out, was priceless. We can actually store them at the TDA again without them going missing."

She seems in better spirits now that she's got her mind off what she saw in the Castle. It's She's got he mind off the horror of it all. For the moment anyhow and that's enough at the very least.

"Humm I didn't know about that and they are pretty good engineers with these things. Even if they apparently tried to send everyone on a fetch quest out of some crazy video game. Well that's how Will told the story anyway. It does sound like a plan and the more people on this the better to be honest. From all reports this thing is ... just on a scale I only thought planets would be on, to be honest."
Zia Luckily, the sandwich that Deidra had offered her earlier is well and finished off, otherwise the idea of somehow accidentally eating part of a space ship would probably have turned her stomach. In any case, the white gargoyle sticks her tongue out in a look of visible disgust. "Bleh." With a shiver, Zia seems to relax a bit, herself. "Well, one less thing te take up room in the watchtower. Ah've already got enough crap lyin around." The bane of being a bit of a pack-rat.

"Sounds like the little rodents are interestin fellows, though. Ah'll certainly have te go stick m'nose in there after..." After she goes and takes care of other business. "Mm." Reluctant to go back on that subject, she shakes her head, "B'sides tha, the only real mess goin on in m'neck of the woods was some of the squire's drama wi' tha Valkyrie red-head. Ah thought tha Ah was hopeless wi' love, but Ah hope Percival has finally just worked things out wi' the lass."

Since Percival had been part of the Twilight Detectives, this is probably something that's already known, but Zia had to deal with it first hand. There had been cupcakes, too. "Only other thing is... well, yer from the same world as the rest of us. Ye wouldnae have any idea of where te find temples to Fenrir, or Carbuncle, or some great bloody huge serpent?" It's going out on a limb, but Deidra did have sources of knowledge.
Deidra Deidra says "I'll move them soon as I soon as I back that way. Which I will do later tonight."

The town's being an endless night didn't bother her one bit, a lot less than she thought it would really though she understand why Zia wants them out of the tower. There were indeed space issues there. If there was no need to store it any longer she should get it out.

"They are, they really are. Oh so Percy found someone hummm? Interesting good news to be sure honestly."

Deidra had not heard about Maira, until now so she is actually surprised a fair bit about the whole situation really.

"I'm afraid my understanding of the myths and legends of the world of ruin are rather limited. As for the last you don't mean the trench. Hum nothing to do with the Feathered Serpent in Central America is it?"
Zia It would be easy enough for Deidra to come and go in the tower, especially with Zia and her tendency for protective magics being elsewhere. The place wasn't really guarded against their friends, although she knew enough to make it a bit more difficult for enemies to show up unannounced. "Take yer time. It isnae like we've got an entire clan livin' there or anythin. So we have the spare room." Though there isn't a ton of extra space, it had once housed guards on 24-hour shifts, so there was enough room for those who called the place home and a few others.

"Ah think so." Zia shrugs though, looking uncertain as she rubs at the back of her neck. "The two of them had some issues, 'n last Ah saw of them, Ah was makin an exit so they could talk Ah'm hopin they worked things out." As much as Percival might try to live vicariously through the love-lives of others, he did deserve to find someone to make him happy.

"Nothin' like tha." Shaking her head, the white gargoyle looks out over the city, oblivious that she is actually standing right on such a place. Sure, Ixion isn't one of the summons that Skoll actively uses, but maybe if she knew the truth about this place, it might nudge her in the right direction. "Could ye perhaps see if ye can dig up any information on temples te summoned creatures? Ah cannae really repay ye in munny, but Ah'd be glad te work off the debt for wha'ever ye can find."
Deidra Deidra says "True, still I don't want to end up cluttering it up. Even if there is space. Everyone has issues honestly it's a price of living these days it seems. Id o hope they can work things out though. Everyone deserves to be happy honestly, right?"

She seems to have no plans to meddle and she's not sure if she'll bring it up with the TDA it might not be her place. She's honestly not sure if it's her rightful place to do so.

Now comes a request that comes up and she grins a little strangely.

"I don't think I could charge you on that. I'll still look into it all right. The only one I'm aware of is the one here in this clock tower. I'll starch each other about for it however. If there is anything you have on them at all? It would help with my research, so Fenrir, Carbuncle and the last is some sort of serpent, correct?"
Zia "Well, wha would make the Shadow Lords happy isnae wha would make the rest of us happy. So... Ah dinnae feel too bad aboot pickin 'n choosin who deserves it or no'." Zia smirks faintly, a hint of amusement in her features. It's the way the world works, not everyone can be happy, but at least they can work to make sure that more good people end up with their happy endings. "Ah just hope tha Ah fall inte tha category." She laughs then, and offers a shrug.

The fact that the tower behind them seems to be a temple to the spirits surprises Zia, and she looks back at it curiously. "This place?" Well, at least she could give Skoll that much of a lead. Though her eyes take in the building, the white gargoyle seems uncertain on what sort of information she could offer on the summons Skoll once used. "There's a big wolf tha Skoll calls Fenrir, 'n the little rabbit Carbuncle. Ah think he called the serpent Midgard-somethin or other. There was this half-naked blue lady, too." That one, she'd forgotten the name of entirely.

"Ah wish Ah had more te tell ye, but maybe if ye talk te Skoll he could be of more help. He's tryin te find a way make amends wi' the spirits."
Deidra Deidra says "... I should watch out for blanket statements."

Her face goes right into her hand for a moment as she realizes the danger of absolute statements. At least unlike a certain fictional sci-fi group she knows of? Who never quite clicked and it got them all killed, in the end more or less.

"I see I'll keep that in mind as for the last one? Wait that might be something I know of if it's referring to Norse myth. I'll look into it however, and I understand I'll do what I can."

At the mention of blue lady she finds it a bit funny given the colour of her skin.

"I'm only like that on the beach."

She laughs a bit more but does know it was something else being referred to. "

"If he is seeking to make amends I'll do what I can between my work with the TDA. We do have some things coming down the pipe now."
Zia With a chuckle, Zia nods her head. "Alas, we're in a world where there are few absolutes." She'd even met people who were allies, then enemies, then allies again. The whole thing falls into a gray area that's hard to follow after a while.

Still, she'd managed to pass on the question, and maybe the TDA would be able to help Skoll where she can't. If nothing else, it might give him something to look into while he's stuck in Traverse Town waiting to see if she emerges from the infamous Castle beyond.

"Well, ye have m'thanks for the help, either way, lass." The comment about seeing her on the beach draws another laugh, though. "A sunbathin gargoyle, tha'd be somethin te see." As much as she preferred to be a day-walker, she certainly hadn't had a chance to be in one of those stereotypically anime 'beach episodes'.

"Ah should get back, m'self. Got te pick up a few supplies tomorrow evenin' then get on m'way." Losing a day to stone sleep shouldn't delay things too much, but she might have to send the werewolf out to do a some errands. "Ye take care of yerself, alright? Ah'll check in wi' ye when Ah'm back, promise."
Deidra Deidra says "Don't worry about It I have no idea about it. It will be quite the image I bet, I'm just glad here is so conductive to creatures of the night. If one thing I have to admit its still a bit strange to be creature that goes bump in the night."

Humans were day time creatures and relied on sight and hearing. Given the night robbed them of their primary sense no wonder they feared it somewhat.

"I shall indeed take care of myself. You take care Zia, I do plan to enjoy this... gift you have given me."

She watches her friend take off and she does the same going for a flight she had some things, to do after all.

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