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(2013-07-15 - 2013-07-19)
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Fix-It Felix Jr Fix it Felix Jr is a year old 30 game.

And after a while, some folks just get tired. Ralph has been 'missing' from his game--luckily they haven't gotten the close down notice yet, but the residents are--nervous, to say the least. Since there's little reason to stop it, it's easy to get in the game--and get out. But unbeknownst to the inhabitants of Niceland, some creatures from another game have gotten in: The cybugs.

And not just any cybugs.

An alert goes out through Game Central about some dangerous gamehopping in the Fix it Felix Jr game. Inside the game, Felix and the Nicelanders are in a panic, running away from cybugs that are, naturally, trying to eat them. There's not that many--and they haven't made a nest yet--but there's something strange about these cybugs.

Something even darker than normal.
Deelel Deelel has been wonder struck by this strange world, she'd been exploring it fairly well lately. Just wandering the station, talking to people as they went about their business, hanging out at tappers. The drinks were pretty great there after all she'd found, and she'd not been alone Will has been hanging out with her while she explored. She'd still wondered where had Ralph come from.

That has been a huge question for her, something really had been eating at the guy and she got the strangest feeling about him given his behaviour several times stopped out right short of killing someone or maiming them. She had questions she wane to ask and finally had noticed one of the signs over the station's ports, Fix It Felix? Now she'd recalled the game from the Arcade one their very recently hired Manager seemed fairly happy to see was there. It was a good of place as any, to start looking for more clues.

She wasn?t alone either Will had been about with her as had Shiki. She walked through he entrance and to the waiting train this one was older much like a carnival ride and she hopped on.

"here's hoping the hunch, Allan and I had was right."

She's got no clue terrible horrible space bugs await what was intended as just a basic social call.
Serah Farron 0CRASH

That's the 'triumphant' entry of the pink haired girl. Which is not that amazing really. She knew that getting into games could be dangerous. She could die for real if unlucky enough. But accidents happen. Two guys carrying a window just decided to pass by. Why? Who knows. But it happened that it was right at the moment some giant ape went on a rampage over bananas or something, and bumped her, and sent her through the glass they were carrying. And into the nearby game portal.

So here she lands, next to the building, head over heels, legs against the wall of the build, with shards of glasses all around her. She whines at it too, stuck like this for a moment it seems, as her sense of balance is slowly returning back to normal after the flips she was induced "That wasn't nice at all!"
Will Sherman Will Sherman is here!

"Whoa. Talk about being eight bit.." he mutters, looking at himself. Even though YOU can't see any changes, doesn't mean there aren't any to the godling. He frowns and shrugs...being here means he has to play by the rules of the game, it seems...

He also frowns...he will have to keep his power surpressed, it might have bad results...or at least draw unwanted attention.

"I hope so too. I wana meet Ralph and kinda see what is up wit..." he pauses...

"It's quiet. Too Quiet...that means either we are being followed...observed...or giant insects are about to jump out at us." Will says, frowning.

"I suggest getting ready to fight, either way."
Sergeant Calhoun 0SOMETIME EARLIER...

"Listen up CHILDREN, and listen good!"

The sharp metallic clank of Thorium-reinforced, vaccuum-hardened boots sounds rhythmically across the concrete floor. With military precision, those boots patrol the waiting line of space marines standing at attention.

"Preschool has been dismissed! This ain't your standard gun and run mission. There is no first person shooter! There is no time limit! And most important of all..."

Seargent Calhoun whirls around to drive herself in the face of the poor unfortunate sap she happens to have walked in front of at that exact moment, "There are /no/ continues."

She leans back, then turns away, hands clasped behind her back. "If one of those things gets you, you are gone like a trailer park in a tornado. BUT SHOULD THAT HAPPEN, you can DIE with the thought that your FELLOW SOLDIERS are fragging the filthy, no-good Cybug that made a meal out of you into bits. AM I UNDERSTOOD?!"


"Good." Calhoun hefts her heavy machinegun over a shoulder with practiced ease. "Let's MOVE OUT!!"


The next train into Niceland is absolutely packed. Observers will find that it's pretty comical when Wreck-it Ralph rides the train since he barely fits in the cart. A whole squad of heavily armed space marines is pretty much the same effect, times ten, because they have packed into every single car on that tiny train. The small vehicle wobbles precariously until it comes to a complete stop.

At that moment, every single space marine jumps off the carts with a symphony of clanking and chambering noises as they simultaneously arm themselves with arsenals exceeding some small countries.

"My God." Calhoun grits her teeth, not at the cybugs and their new appearances, though that is quite suspect. No, her attention swings from the massive pile of bricks in the dump to the blocky, boxy trees to the low frame rate Nicelanders hopping around as they flee the cybugs in horror. "These people don't stand a chance. MOVE, MOVE MOVE!!! DON'T LET A SINGLE ONE GET AWAY!"
Shiki Misaki And Shiki Misaki is just... well, Deelel's plus one right now.

Plus two if you count Mr. Mew!

She has basically been a tourist as well for a couple of days, slummin' around and sleeping on benches, just kind of doing whatever. Having not encountered Ralph before at all and having no background to whatever incident had happened, she's just... basically treating this as a social call as well. After their close call with Gauntlet, she's been kind of reluctant to look at other games, but this one seems like a safe bet, right?

What could go wrong in a game about fixing stuff?
Fix-It Felix Jr Felix's fate lines, by the way, are more or less ringing positive with just about anybody. He's just this really genuinely nice guy with a magic hammer who fixes things. If he has a bad bone in his body, he probably whacked it with his hammer until it became a good bone. The Nicelanders are a bit more complex in their fatelines.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" A Nicelander runs paset Will Sherman, pauses, runs back, and then shakes him repeatedly in stop motion. "AHHHHHH!!!! WE'RE DOOMED! AND IT'S ALL RALPH'S FAULT! OUR GAME IS FINISHED! AHHHHH!!!!!!"

Okay maybe not all THAT quiet.

A cybug noms on the side of one of the buildings, prompting Felix to hop up and repair the building with his hammer. Unfortunately, the cybug, now brick colored, starts spitting them out at him. In super platformer style, Felix jumps around them but he doesn't seem equipped to fight back. He's just trying to contain the damage. He looks pretty panicked himself.

One of the cybugs breaks off from the buildings to charge towards Calhoun's squad. It takes several shots in the chest and stalls for a moment to get its bearings. The cybugs aren't too smart, but these do seem a fair bit tougher than the average cybug. And no, much like Heartless (or perhaps they are Heartless), they don't have fatelines themselves.
Deelel Deelel looks about at the strange 8bit world within. It was on the same bit rate as Encom OS. Yet this world was an intentional 8-bit mimic of the Users world she looks about it was simple it was cute she liked it. Will's words get a bit of a frown on her face for a moment. She understand however he's giving a very wise heads up.

"Same that's what I was hoping and ... we're being watched? Got it."

She reaches for the disc on the back detaching it but not yet arming the killing edge as she moves.

Then comes something it's clearly what Will feared, wait no it's Serah crashing in she cringes a little bit at her method of entry and she tilts her head at her.

"Serah? Are you all right hat didn't look too enjoyable. Also Shiki I think we got trouble from the looks of things."

The train has more people coming an she4 turns looking ins surprised as an fully armoured and armoured squad of marines in powered armour coming on in to this likely far older game. The Basic is a bit taken aback but they seem like they are here to help from the sounds of the armoured woman in the lead seems to indenting to help the natives of this game. She now spots the cybugs and she stares.

"Looks like you and your boys might need a hand solider. Will, Shiki, Serah let's back these guys up. See what we can do for the locals. Wait the ... textures wait no! Those bugs are not from this game."

With a hum the edge of the disc comes to life and she springs into action looks at the fleeing nicelander but the bug that charged the squad soon finds it's come under assault by Deelel's disc, how much the weapon will do is anyone's guess but there she goes doing what she can.

"We need to get these sp...people away from the bugs. Try to get them to the station! The station entrance!"
Shiki Misaki OK, so.
Clearly a /lot/ can go wrong.

Shiki's heart falls as she takes a look at the end of her short encounter with normality. Right in the big ugly face, even. People are rushing about and chaos reins and there's a bunch of people with heavy armor and guns and also Serah's over there.

"Hello, Serah. Welcome to rush hour?"

Shiki could just wring her hat in frustration! And she does. But then she puts it back on. Looks like it's time for the inevitable fight?!

"Deelel! Form a pact with me?" Shiki asks. There are mechanical... brick... bug things to deal with.

And she's got a mythril staff.
Will Sherman Will is not there.

Where is Will?

Minutes ago, Will looked around, and walked out the side of the station when Deelel is walking towards the Sergeant.

Will turns a corner, running as hard as he can at something...

These things...they are heartless? Heartless controled by something...something dark and powerful, to have this many parts. Damn..

"HEY!" He shouts at Felix. Then Will punches a bug so hard. SO HARD, that it flies at another bug. Bugception happens. "...Wait Ralph's fault?" Will blinks as a citizen runs by. "I don't think Ralph can summon bugs, he didn't when we saw him last..."

Will grabs a duck. "DUCKDOKEN!" he says, and launches his minion towards the bugs.
Serah Farron It takes her a moment to peel herself off the ground... just about the time that she spots Felix 'prancing' around. Wait, what's going on here? "Are these not part of the game?" She doesn't know much about this system. Its a bit odd really. She nods to Deelel as she helps her up as well. She nods to Shiki as well "Yeah... is it what they call a crash landing?" She's not very good with jokes either.

She doesn't have a weapon against the 'invaders' either, but she still has her magic at least. She still hasn't found a good weapon for herself, that's still in the project. She ducks away from the incomming bricks, l'Cie enhanced agility allowing her to flip away. Too bad that agility couldn't help with her entrance before. "Why are there here?" She opens a hand toward the cybugs along the wall, and sends a wave of ice, freezing up the bricks... and hopefully ruining any traction the cybugs had to it so they fall down to the ground.
Sergeant Calhoun "INCOMING!!" Calhoun shouts as one of their MORTAL ENEMIES makes a break for the squad. There are several opening shots but once the bug is stalled, it immediately is faced with overwhelming amounts of firepower. And prejudice. But mostly firepower.

Heavy machinegun in one hand, Calhoun seems to have some smaller device that looks like a flattened cattle prod in the other. A closer look at the object will reveal that it has some kind of tiny screen that displays some kind of tracking program on it. Radar maybe? She holds it up to the dying cybug, which eventually splatters into dark green goo and...whisps of black smoke.

"What in Uncle Sam's beard have these things been eating?" she grumbles, looking up, "Break up into groups of three and fan out!"

She hears Deelel talking and a grim look overcomes her face. "They're from our game, civillian." the smaller device attached onto her armor with a magnetic clank, enabling her to take up her big friggin' gun in both hands. "You might want to stay out of our way."
Fix-It Felix Jr The cybug is repeatedly plastered by shots, it goes down rapidly, crashing into the ground before derezzing. A 1,000 number appears where it was moments before before dissipitating into nothingness.

Will Sherman throws a duck at the bugs. One of the bugs eat it. It grows feathers and a beak and flies over Will and--

--drops horrible gunk all over him? Duck powers aren't very impressive but they can be really annoying. Of course this is Disney so most of that happened while the camera was on--

Serah Farron freezes some bricks--this causes Felix to slip and fall off the building, crashing face first into the ground. He blinks rapidly a few times before popping back up as good as new--with one life counter lost. He holds up his hammer helpfulyl before saying, "I'm okay! I'm okay!"

THe bugs also tumble a bit, crashing to the ground. One manages to bite, and it turns a bright blue before spewing ice back at Calhoun's men, first in chunks--then in a blizzard.

Stars spin around Felix's head for a moment before he looks towards Calhoun and men and says, "Woah...."

"Hi def--Yipes!" A bug tries to steal his hat, he pulls it free and whacks it with a hammer, healing the wounds it took from slipping and falling earlier.

"Aw shoot! I didn't mean to do that!" Felix complains, turning around again. "Y--you guys should run, this game doesn't look like it's going to last at this rate." He adds sorrowfully. "We could be unplugged at any moment."

He pauses for a moment before adding, "Gosh...Ralph? I don't think Ralph'd...but then... I didn't think he'd go Turbo either..."
Deelel Deelel response very quickly almost instantly replying to Shiki.

"I agree, Shiki. Let's do this!"

She's agreed to form the pact meanwhile she has to agree with Will on this.

"No he didn't when he dropped into the Grid. He wasn't willingly dragged there either. So lets ask questions after we stop this!"

Then Will uses the duck as a weapon and it seems to work well enough. Serah is already unloading with the magic and she starts casting Deelel meanwhile continues moving and not sitting still. She's never formed a pact with her friend before and has to wonder.

"I figured as much and don't worry. I have more experience fighting than one might expect me to have. Your concern's very much appreciated. I don't like the idea of seeing you guys without any support. I been dropped into forced fighting before!"

Deelel isn't about to leave these people who are sticking their necks out for others without some help from her as she can do what she can.

He disc returns and she catches it as it comes back. However now there is an air duck bug? Oh deal load what has Will done. What has he done.

"... You people really do have system restore. He was forcefully brought to where were came from, as I said earlier. However followed Ralph to the station before we lost him. I'll explain later when we're not up to our eyeballs in cybugs!"

She takes the disc again and launches it off some wreckage from eh fight so far and it bounces perhaps hitting one or more cybugs as it goes.
Serah Farron Serah Farron eeeks as the blizzard is turned back on her, like you'd grab a water hose and twist it around back to the sender. But being a magic user also means you have more than one trick at least. While moving away, she traces a large circle with her hand, as it glows red with the ethereal energies, tracing a circle of fire as the center of it flames up, a sort of makeshift shield of fire to direct the freezing attack away. It might protect some people behind her too.

"But why are they invading? They know that if they die out of their game they are gone forever, why go to this lenght knowingly?!" Whatever provoked this must mean serious business alright. She lifts a finger to the sky, bringing it down, she sends a series of thunderbolts from the sky crash upon the critters. They looked mechanical to her, so maybe that will short circuit them. She's trying not to kill them too! Just stop them.
Shiki Misaki Imagine Shiki and Deelel's profiles crossing one another on a white background here!

And we're ready for action. Which is just as well because there's a lot to do!

Calhoun gets her attention with a succinct summary of the situation- things from one game intruding on another. And so the situation seems to be clear- let these guys do what they know, let them take care of the enemies they're familiar with, and keep these people from this gameworld safe!

Talking about 'being unplugged' and 'going Turbo' goes over Shiki's head, though. Using her pins, and the synchronization with Deelel, she's going to concentrate on doing what she thinks is best- putting up Piercing Pillars of ice to block off the Cybugs and keep them away from the fleeing Nicelanders. And if any of them get close, her and Mr. Mew can slam 'em back!

Also, ducks seem to be involved here somehow.

And as Shiki goes on the defensive, putting herself between the little guys and danger, she slowly absorbs information on The Matter of Ralph. She's never met him yet, but this all seems like tons of trouble...
Will Sherman Will frowns..

"Oh crap.." He says. Will is suddenly afraid, what if these things /eat him/.

...A moment where fear is something not just for other people, he realizes this is very bad...very very bad. He looks around...YOUTH ROLLING under the gunk and trying to roll under the Bug, before punching it repeatedly /in the butt/ It might even /break his butt/.

Will frowns...okay well, if Melee is dangerous...

Will then pulls out the SHOTGUN OF DIPLOMACY, and aims it towards the first Bug's head. "Welcome to earth." BLAM.

Of course there is a Disney cut out, as he looks to Felix, "Yeah! Some mean witch named Maleficent took him from the world, and he got confused thinking it was his world...we thought he went back home but he might have gotten lost!" Will says, "Ralph doesn't seem so bad." He nods...

"He didn't go Turbo! He said he wouldn't ever do that...he was pretty serious about it." he pauses, "What does that even mean?"
Sergeant Calhoun Later when Calhoun is going over the fight data, she'll be impressed at the number of points those bugs are worth here.

"Watch it, rookie!!" Calhoun calls out to Will, whose projectile just got devoured by a cybug that now looks a whole lot sillier (but is perhaps even more shootable now-it DID just eat a duck and those are pretty much meant for shooting in video games). "They become what they eat!"

Thanks to the vacuum-sealed Thorium alloy armor each and every space marine wears until the day he dies, they are more or less impervious to the cold. Ice chunks ping off of their armor and the men quickly return fire, fanning out as they do so. That is until the cybug breathes a blizzard at them all, immediately dropping their visibility and coating the armor over with a crust of ice.

"Running?" Calhoun says incredulously, running sideways, firing off several shots at the blizzard-breathing cybug as she does. She side-runs all the way over to Felix and grabs him by the shirt, lifting his comparatively tiny self off the ground. "There is no running. These bugs need to be ended here and NOW or else their infestation is going to spread like fire ants at a maple syrup convention! SO GET IT TOGETHER!" She lets him go.

From the corner of her eye, she does see Deelel pull out a disc to fight. This only brings a fraction of relief as she focuses fire on the rear of the blizzard-breathing cybug before her squad is frozen solid.
Fix-It Felix Jr Getting eaten by any sort of Heartless would probably be very bad for Will, but it may even be worse if the Cybugs get at him. Then again, they're not very bright. They might not have the WIS stat to actually make use of his abilities, but would it copy loki over too?? WOULD LOKI BECOME A BUG? Let's try not to think about these possibilities and just avoid the situation ever possibly coming up. What is evident, though, is that these bugs are literally what they eat. And that it can--in fact--be cumulative. And they eat anything.

Felix bonks the frozen parts of the building, trying to fix up the damage again, pausing largely to try and figure things out himself.

"Huh?" Felix eventually has to ask of Will. "Um...are you talking about BadAnon? I don't get invites to that. I heard they had punch, though um--anyway, you've seen Ralph? Do you know where he's headed? We've really gotta find him! Right after...we..take care of ...these bugs!" He finishes his work fixing the building and chuckles lightly. "Fit as a fiddle." He sighs. "Too bad we're still doomed."

He jerks, though, when Calhoun lectures him, freezing up like any rookie soldier she's talked down. He stammers incoherently for a few moments before saying, "Y-yes ma'am!"--he does seem a bit calmer.

He sighs faintly watching after her as she shoots at a cybug's rear end.

He smacks himself in the face together. "Get it together!" He says, repeating--

Shiki intersperes her body between the nicelanders, taking a couple claw swipes--nothing too fatal for...well, okay, nothing too double fatal for someone already kind of dead? Felix jogs on over (complete with 8 bit sound effects) and whacks SHiki's injury with the hammer, fixing it as a fiddle before bouncing over another bug that dives for him. He can jump really high!

"I don't know!" He tells Serah. "They just showed up...they're from that new game...but I never heard of them doing anything like this before!"

The cybugs--do they even have cognition of what they're doing? Probably not. Thunderbolts crash into several and they hit the ground, while DEelel helps relieve the crew--they're starting to dwindle down--but one false move can mean a lot of damage and--

--one of Calhoun's men gets surprised from the flank, he fires a few times but the cybug rips his laser rifle out of his hands and wolfs it down.

That could be bad.
Will Sherman "No, not...whatever that is! A witch! A evil witch from where we are from...the world OUTSIDE video games. She summoned him into our world for some reason..mostly because she's a <GOOSEHONK>. Like, I mean, pure unadulterated <GOOSEHONK>. The stuff you see in movies. That." He ducks a claw and frowns. These things are horrible.

Then he gets yelled at, he frowns, and looks at Sergent Calhoun. "You mean like your boy's gun?" He pauses, "OH crap they can shoot guns now!" Will looks ashen for a moment...

Wait a minute...

Will jumps bouncing off of Deelel's head.


Bouncing off Shinki's head.


Bounching off Serah's head.


Bouncing off Fix-It Felix Jr.'s head.


Bouncing off of Calhoun's head. Followed by each of her men.


Then repeatedly bouncing off of Laser Cybug's head.

1 UP! 1 UP! 1 UP!

Deelel Deelel takes her a moment longer to process being unplugged. "Wait you mean the game being shut down!? By being unplugged."

She does not like where that is going, oh she so does not like where that is going. She got to worry about the she wonders about the Pact but she'll think about that later as she gets to work, doing what she can to get the natives out of here or at least cover them. Shiki has fallen back to let the little guys get to somewhere safer at the very least.

Will however goes to fix the issue of the new crazy Duckbug however as he does so she's looking somewhere else.

"She's majorly bad news and all I can think of for Turbo is the button on the side of a desk top computer!"

"They become what they eat?! By my user that sounds just like LEXUS!"

Okay these things are mini LEXUS clones in how they operate? Now she thinks of it they kinda of remind her of his personal heartless. When she thinks about it however she's got to worry about the bugs. They are what they eat? Crap she's going to need to get another weapon pronto then, she's just going to have to be careful. She catches the disc and throws it at the same creature Calhoun's trying to bring down now. As for Deelel? She's also moving about weaving, twisting and generally flipping about as she goes, she's just not intending to stay still at this point.

"So basically viral, got it."

"No, We lost track of him at the Station, I'm afraid. No we're not doomed. Never give up, if we had our worlds would be gone already."

Well the sarge seems to have Felix handled for the moment

"They look to be viral from what out armoured friend has said, Felix."

Then one of the other bugs eat one of this weapons, she yells out a warning.

"LOOK OUT! It ate a rifle! Deelel catches her disc as it returns form her latest attacks and then is about to launch it when. Will bounces off her head, boing! Wait what the heck is he doing here? He bouncing off everyone?s head. Well it's game logic she kinda gets it but it's a bit dizzying. She recovers quickly enough an launches a disc at the bug now before.

"Shiki, great! KEEP IT UP!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron acks as she gets bounced over! "What's the big idea!?!" She doesn't sound too happy about it either! She's been discharging more thunder spells because they seemed to have some effect on the Cybugs at least... at least until they decide to copy it too, then it will start getting problematic. "How are we supposed to get rid of them if they will copy our attacks!?" She thinks about it, dodging the mandibules of the crawling bugs. And then she notices what Felix is doing. That ape man from last time was talking about Felix coming along to fix things... Maybe that can be used here? "... Hey, is there anyone that can dig a hole real quick like, so we can dump them in?" If what she sees is true... then Felix could just fix the hole back to bury them underneath, right?
Sergeant Calhoun Calhoun seems eminently satisfied with Felix's quaking reaction of compliance.

The space marine immediately jerks backwards as his massively huge handcannon is ripped out of his hands. The gun is crunched down into the circular mouth of the cybug. A few seconds pass and its first set of claws start to mutate into a pair of heavy machineguns not unlike those every single marine in Calhoun's squad is equipped with.

Will bounces off of Calhoun's head. "HEY!!"

Calhoun herself runs for the recently disarmed marine and slams into him, tackling him sideways just as the newly-mutated cybug opens fire, chewing up the ground where he once stood. Big, blocky bits of pixelated earth fly everywhere with each flash of the cybug's muzzles.

"More viral than an adorable kitten video." Calhoun says very, very grimly as she continues shoving that one marine out of the line of fire.
Shiki Misaki There's just so much to... process. And I'm not even making a computer joke.

Shiki, in stark contrast to everyone else who is able to carry on entire conversations while this takes place, is... quiet. Via the vauge, soul-resonating magic of the Pact, Deelel may pick up on a little of Shiki's vibe as she fights...

She's determined. She's in The Zone, a place for fighters and warriors, where the dance of your weapon is all that matters.

She can't defend against lasers, so she has to dance away from them, planting her rod in the ground and swinging. She's not perfect, not fast enough to bring it up to block, and a metal claw slashes at her arm-

But a quick knock from Felix, strange as it all is, puts her back to rights again. She doesn't even need to slow down, going back to ramming Cybugs right in the compound eye or covering their back legs in ice to give others an easier time of it.

Mr. Mew keeps his distance, knowing he's a small and easily edible target, psychokinetic cat claws actually doing a much better job of shattering the brick-clad armor of the evolving bugs.

"Is it even safe to get these guys to Game Central Station?" she shouts to anyone who will listen, shoving ice down a Cy-Bug's garbage disposal maw and hoping it'll choke. "If they crossed from one game to this one, wouldn't they have to go through there?"
Shiki Misaki Also, she gets kicked in the head or something. Will, better be careful! Something like that could break your concentration when you're fending off angry robobugs...
Fix-It Felix Jr "Gosh..." Felix says. "What do you think she wants with Ralph? He's not a bad guy... I mean, he's a bad guy, but he's not a /bad/ guy. Not that kind of bad guy." The Nicelanders have largely evacuated at this point. Felix is about to say more when Will jumps on Felix's head.

Killing him. Again.

Felix rolls up, flickers once, dies, and then pops back up saying, "I'm okay! I'm okay! Really!"

The Laser Cybug gets bounced on repeatedly, this doesn't seem to cause it particular damage, though it IS pretty annoying. It skrees and thrashes, trying to get Will off. It shoots off several lasers, smashing open the buildings with the blasts. Nearby, Deelel takes out another bug by ripping through its hide.

Serah offers a really creative idea. It's probably not a good one, but it's creative. Felix, who hasn't dealt with cybugs before, pauses to consider it.

He shakes his head quickly. "That's /really/ viral." He admits quietly.

Shiki feeds a bug ice. It immediately starts shooting ice at her. Why did she think this was a great idea? Nobody knows.

Deelel Deelel says "Creative tactics like that might be the best Serah."

they have to fight she can't risk this game being over run as one this does put everyone at the Arcade at risk. Also with the portal out, beyond into the world beyond? That's even worse. Still Serah's thoughts to use unconventional tactics is a really good one, she starts thinking even as she keeps righting. Calhoun is not cowered as she sees her knock the unarmed marine out of harms way and confirms her fears. She's going to have to go to TRON and Beck about this.

"This is bad, very bad!"

Another virus why did it have to be another virus? Well they'd have have to deal with it.

"It?s safer than being in a fire right now!"

Then again the local security had managed to let the cybugs get through. Also there was something strange about it, man if they eat Will it would be bad. She tries to not think about how she's having to use her disc for the moment. She's going to have to get a secondary weapon for dealing with these things. The question is? What and from where.

"Likely as an ally or weapon of some sort. she's the sort who'd do that. I saw that when I fought him."

She sees she got another one.

"Don't use ice directly as a projectile try to like freeze it's body solid directly?! Unless you think that's a bad idea sarge."

There's still a <QUACK> of a lot cybugs to deal with, so away she goes again catching the fast moving weapon and launching it once more.

She's seen cute kitten videos and knows how fast they spread across the network in Manhattan.

She does see that the Nicelanders have got out and thankfully can now focus a bit better on the fight.

"Hey come on you bit for brain viri! Ain't you going to gloat?! Your kind always does!"
Shiki Misaki Shiki gets a dreadful feeling. It's painful to consider running from your home- desperately searching for anywhere safer than where you are right now. These Cybugs are just as bad as the Heartless.

And they don't play by any natural rules, either! She thought trying to choke it to death would work, or at least give it brain freeze, but these viral villains just take what you've got and assimilate it.

Well, Shiki thinks. I'll just have to play unfairly too.

She holds her rod like a spear and shoves the Cybug away, giving all of her strength to try and thrust it onto its back.

"Deelel, keep them distracted!" she shouts, tracing the path of the dancing disk.

And she taps on her white pin, The Eyes Have It, making sure that as Deelel distracts the Cybugs, she's freezing them, applying ice to their blind spots. She clutches the pin and taps as fast as her fingers can, channeling all her imagination into a vision of the dangerous things trapped like flies in amber.

When Shiki wants to she can be one cold woman.
Sergeant Calhoun Between one liners and ensuring the safety of her men, it would seem like Calhoun has no idea what's being said. Not true at all! She is vaguely aware that the Ralph guy is being blamed for the cybug outbreak. Which, well, could be true. "Usually they stay contained to Hero's Duty!" Calhoun shouts.

Over one shoulder she manages to get the one soldier up on his feet, leaning against her. The other shoulder-or arm that shoulder is attached to, specifically, carries Calhoun's BFG. While the rest of the marines focus fire on the gun-equipped cybug, Calhoun's able to get out of the way.

"How these things got past the surge protector is anyone's guess!" She swings her gun around, firing behind her as a completely seperate cybug starts to pursue. "Freeze it, shoot it, doesn't matter, just don't let 'em eat it!" Shoving the marine behind her, she reaches for a dial on her gun with her now-free hand. The weapon lets out a low whine and the next time it fires, it unleashes a solid beam of laser that ruthlessly chews through the cybug.
Will Sherman Will love-y bouncy!


He bounces off once the claws come for him, rolling to the side and engages YOUTH ROLL X2 combo. The claws scrape, but not enough to do lasting harm. Finally, he lands...

Then he does the FATE-Y thing! He connects to his friends, temporary allies, and people who also like a guy they just barely met, CRITICAL HIT UP!

Finally, he turns... pointing the gun right infront of the laser beam spewing bug. "Open up!" he says...

And then punches the thing right in the butt.

Will Sherman Will also shouts to Felix, "Sorry!" and then, "Yeah! Ralph seems like a bro! But the mean witch is kinda dumb? I dunno, I guess she thought that all bad guys are bad guys and not just guys who play bad guys on TV...or Video games? She is also a total <GOOSEHONK>. Like, when <GOOSEHONK> was written you see her face in it."
Serah Farron Serah Farron sweatdrops at Will. That's... one way to distract at least. She... doesn't get this guy at all. Its not getting any better, everytime she sees it. She shakes her head. But every cybug has been taken care of at least. Except for that big gun... with a gun attachement? Okay, that looks like bad news, but at least it doesn't seem like its trying to imiate attacks!

She tries something. She can be creative, but she doesn't always have the power or the means to back it up. But sometimes, she can. She ducks away from one of the blasts, and aims her blizzard magic straight at the canon's nuzzle. Most guns should work by some kind of impact for convetional bullets, or at least some mechanism if its lasers of magical. By shooting the magic straight inside of the cannon... she hopes to break it down "Let's try this!"
Fix-It Felix Jr Shiki's ice may be cold, but this crime has been put on hold.

Shiki freezes down the majority of the cybugs, they go down in sudden heaps. The iced up ones seem to be, unusually, resistant to ice. OH wait that's just normal video game logic. Luckily, this means they're especially vulnerable to being smashed apart by Deelel, some flat out shattering into pieces., others just cracking up enough that they crash into the ground and get smashed up there.

Will shoots laser cybug in the butt. This annoys it and it thrashes around to try and catch Calhoun, leaving it as easy prey for Calhoun who explodes a hole right through its center!

"Whew...I think...that's the last of them?" Felix asks, uncertainly.
Will Sherman Will lands right next to Fix-It Felix Jr.

He is holding a hand up expecting a Hi-five.

Are you gona leave him hangin' hero?
Fix-It Felix Jr Felix hifives Will with his hammer.

He feels better! And fixified!?
Will Sherman Will Sherman thinks Fix-It Felix Jr. is SUPER AWESOME.

Achievement get: The Unwashed Masses!

Achievement Get: Bathing a Hobo!

Will somehow feels cleaner. He looks at himself. "...Did I just get a bath?"
Fix-It Felix Jr Felix sounds horrified as he asks, "How unclean must you be for it to be considered fixing...?"

He shakes a little.
Deelel Deelel hears Shiki's plan and can do distraction as she gets up to something she's not sure what Shiki is doing but she'll do what she can to keep them distracted with their weapons. Hopefully the plan will work, but at this point she' working to distract them? Calhoun drops some more information it's save for later. So just don't let them eat it. Simple but also hard at one time, then Will is speaking in Q-Bert. He totally is, right?

Then he continues his plan as well, more distractions this should keep the bug for brains to use to see the big damn attacks coming from the others.

With all said and done in short order she catches the disc and puts it back on the mount on her back she's smiling a little bit now.

"Your pretty good, solider. Oh the name is Deelel. This is Shiki, Will and Serah. I suppose we got some questions to answers our selves but we came here looking for Ralph after what happened."

Then Felix fixes up Will right up Also wait is Will cleaner? My word he is less dirty.

"He's the king of the hobos in his world."

Deelel gives a bit of a shrug at that.
Sergeant Calhoun Calhoun starts yelling as she fires the laser blast, leading to what would no doubt be a slow-motion trailer-worthy moment.

Perfectly framed through the resultant hole, Calhoun can see Felix for a few seconds. The view is obscured once the final cybug explodes in a shower of voxels and points. Tiredly, Calhoun's space marine's cheer before the hardass blonde clears her throat. "Roll call!"

Each marine, for the next minute or so, sounds off. It isn't until the last one has called out that Calhoun, just slightly, relaxes. But only slightly. Out comes that small scanner device again, which she suddenly buries her nose in.

A few more tense moments pass. "...looks like this place is clean." she says before looking up, fixing each hero here in turn a scowl of...respect? It's hard to tell if she's approving or not. "Not bad, rookies."

Deelel speaks and her gaze hardens. "That's /Sergent/ Calhoun to you." If Deelel looks closely enough she'll see markings on her armor which probably translate to 'Sergent' in super future videogame space marine ranks.
Serah Farron Serah Farron phews as it gets defeated fortunately. She smiles as she bows to the Sergeant, after being presented "Nice to meet you. I'm glad everyone is alright." She turns to check on potential wounds, and applies cures on everyone, just as a preventive measure. She's kind like that. And she has the power, might as well use it.
Will Sherman "Technically, we only call you by your rank if we're in the military." Will points out. Will shrugs, and nods to Felix, "Yes, King of the Hobos." he says with a grin, "Of /ALL/ hobos."
Fix-It Felix Jr Sergent is the ultimate rank don't let all the higher ups fool you. At Sarge you get to yell at people and everything. It's great.

Felix leans over to WIll and whispers. "She's not that kind of sergeant. She's a video game sergeant." That means you call her Sergeant Calhoun at all times, newbie!
Will Sherman Will assides to Felix, "And I'm a king." Will says, crossing his arms and nods once. He points at his hat. The hat has a burger king crown on it.

What now?
Deelel Deelel says "I meant no insult Sargent Calhoun!"

She just about snaps to attention at this point, she already clicks that might actually be he full name given she's a program made for a game. Also she really minds her of a few Sentries that used to come to the cub she worked at in Argon before everything in her life went insane. Still that felt like several life time ago.

"For all we know there's a Hobo King Game."

One likely inspired by Will's antics over the last 300 years or so.

"We had hoped to come to ask some questions about Ralph. he seemed really put off about something else and was looking for a medal."
Fix-It Felix Jr Felix thinks about this for a long while, squinting a bit. He weighs 'King' in one hand and 'Sergeant' in the other. Tough call.

"Well,," He says. "Gosh, thank you all for the help. I hate to ask for more but..." He frowns. "If we don't get Ralph back, it'll be for nothing. Our game'll get shut down anyway. Maybe he really did go to Hero's Duty... I gotta bring him back! Whether he's got anything to do with the bugs or not." He pauses. "Well thanks for all the help anyway!"

He bonks a few more people with the hammer to fix them up.
Deelel Deelel looks at Felix and shrugs. "It's what we often end up doing. We'll see what we can do then. Also we can't let these cybugs get lose either. We'll help where we can then. Felix, if you need to find me leave a message for me at Tappers. I'll check in there every day or so and pass on anything."

Another memory hits her a game she and TRON tried to get toe work but no matter what the old machine did? They couldn't get it to even boot. So they had it removed to make way for newer machines. She has to wonder now, and it's some rather scary thoughts for her. They have a Ralph to find and bugs to stop, worrying about existence issues can come later.

"So we'll need to find Ralph first right? We should get to work on that."

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