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(2013-07-13 - 2013-07-13)
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Tigger Tigger is riding a bus. He has been riding the same bus for almost an entire day, having climbed on in a big crowd of people earlier this morning. Tigger has gone from seat to seat, looking out the windows and talking to people. Most people he encounters treat him like a vivid hallucination. The ones that talk to him back tend to be very interesting people.

Tigger is sitting near the front of the bus at present, riding through the southern half of the island. He is wearing a baseball cap two sizes too big for him, pretending to steer the bus.
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou is coming back to Manhattan after a period of time in Fluorgis, it hasn't exactly been fun and games over there either. In short, Emi is pretty exhausted.

The bus stops--opens it doors, and Emi walks right on in--which is about when she notices Tigger.

She blinks at him several times and notices he's...steering.

But he's not actually the driver! It's very silly. For some reason Emi, who usually isn't very silly (by her own perception) isn't fond of silliness but when it's Tigger it's all good.

"Hello again Tigger," She says smiling.
Tigger Tigger stops steering the bus. "Emi!" he says, and springs across the aisle to wrap itself onto Emi's shoulder. "Oh, there you are! I didn't know where you went so I got on this bus. It's a GREAT bus."

Tigger dangles off Emi, looking up at her. "You seem tired. You must have been busy today!"
Emi Dennou Emi says, "It's just..." She frowns a bit. "A lot has happened." She thinks it over and decides if she can talk to anybody about this, it would be Tigger. " there someone you really like a lot--well no, I don't mean that, obviously you like plenty of people." She smiles faintly. "But is to put this... Have you ever hurt someone you really liked, without meaning to, and maybe it wasn't even really your fault, but you felt really bad--and none of them blamed you, but you weren't sure...what to do?"

She reddens faintly, embarrassed. "...This one hurt her friends, and wishes to make ammends, what would you suggest?"
Tigger Tigger listens. He looks at her with the innocence of a child, not having the toolkit to truly understand everything Emi is saying. His world is drawn in Crayon, albeit beautifully. He thinks about Emi's statement. His velvety ears flick in thought. He rubs his snout, still dangling off of her shoulder.

"Well, if you think you made a mistake, you should do your best to fix it," Tigger decides. "Yes!" He points up at Emi. "That's what you should do, you should try to fix it, even if people forgive you. Helping is part of forgiving! So you should do your best to help, and then you'll make it okay again."
Emi Dennou Emi isn't sure she can fix it. She's not about to tell Tigger about what happened. Something tells her that would be a terribly horrible thing to do. Tigger should never hear about what happened, but that doesn't mean he can't give advice. And his advice seems good--for the world of crayon, which means it's a matter of adapting it properly to a slightly less crayon world, this world of hers has a lot of dark colors and probably uses cg with some penciled sequences for when <winniethepooh> gets real.

"This one thinks--that's good advice, Tigger, this one isn't sure how to ... fix it, but this one will think very hard and--"

She swallows faintly, a sudden wave of guilt mixed with a health dose of sorrow rips through her and she suddenly reaches forward and gives Tigger a big hug, her body shaking. She can let her guard down around Tigger and so sometimes it ends up dropping all on its own.

She sniffles a bit.
Tigger Tigger doesn't read all of these other cues. He feels that Emi is sad. That is enough for the Tigger to know what to do.

Tigger hugs Emi. "Oh no, oh buddy boy... it's okay, it's okay. Oh, you must feel so bad!"

Tigger hangs onto Emi as the bus continues to roll down the street. "But there's nothing in this world that you can't fix if you just try hard enough! If you have good friends, and you believe in yourself, you can do anything. So many people care about you, Emi! We can figure out a way to fix things -- together!"

Tigger hangs around Emi's throat like a scarf, tail dangling over her hips. "You just tell old Tigger how he can help and he'll get to it, right away! Tiggers are the best at makin' things right!"
Emi Dennou Emi hugs. It's a hug she holds for a while, too.

And as hugging Tigger, Tigger offers to help--he really is the most wonderful thing. She can't help but laugh in spite of it all. She thinks it over, then she thinks it over again, and then she thinks she knows precisely how Tigger can help. Of course, it might be a difficult job, but she's sure Tigger has what it takes. He has Tigger instincts, after all.

"My friend, Isaac Hanlon--" actually, maybe she should suggest all her friends who were hurt by it. Will and Mercade too? They weren't as badly affected, but Will's recently had to dump paint thinner on herself-- "Actually maybe Will and Mercade too..."

"Can you talk to them? It can be about anything, but you're really good at cheering up--and I will try my best from my side too--okay?"
Tigger Tigger has the natural heroism of the unencumbered heart. He is fearless because he is innocent. He is pure in a way very few people can be.

"Tiggers are the best at Red Torical talking," he says, with absolute confidence. "Just tell me who I need to talk to and what I need to say and I'll help you say sorry in a good way. And then we can have ice creams and popcorns."
Emi Dennou "Let them know I ordered them..." Emi says quietly. "...A Tiggergram. I think they'll understand, then. Right? And that I'd do anything for them. This one thinks that's about it. .. Does hat make sense?"

She's so engrossed with talking to Tigger that she misses her stop right about...

This scene contained 10 poses. The players who were present were: Emi Dennou, Tigger