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(2013-07-13 - Now)
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Deelel The portal that Maleficent had created remained on the roof of the end of line club. The owner had gone about getting repairs started on the building. The implications of this new world had leaned pretty heavily on Deelel's mind. To the point her thoughts continued to come back, not to say she'd suffered a memory leak on the issue, yet? She wanted to see where this Ralph had came from. Ralph's existence had raised many questions about what she had come to understand about how reality works. It seems that was not the case.

It was a new world to explore and one she was too curious not to go looking. Given it likely operated more like her home than user space it was quite the rare thing she' contacted a few of the people who'd helped stop Ralph from wrecking everything about her plan to go back and she'd been fortunate enough to actually get hold of Shiki as well.

The trip from the laser had been very uneventful, it seemed that SARK whatever he was up to? The Program had been giving the situation a wide berth which raised more questions, but those could not be answered at the moment.

So there was a brave new world to go check out and here she was at the portal peering in at it for a moment. She takes a deep breath, not that she really needs it it's more of a habit she's picked up from living about Users for nearly the last year or so. She gets a bit of a grin on her face as she looks to her companions.

"Well here we go...I'll go in first."

With that Deelel enters into the portal and vanishes, oddly it may or may not make a very strange warp like noise as she goes through. It's much like other world portals but what awaits everyone on the other side? Is nothing like any of them has likely ever seen.

It almost feels like a train station it's a huge long corridor with people, and other things. Not so much people but everyone's going about their business at the moment. People from Manhattan or who have been to the arcade might see some superciliously familiar things about some of the people going about here. Or even other creatures. In the background one might hear a female voice over what could be a PA system.

"Welcome to Game Central Station. Trains for all game destinations are now boarding."

Deelel just stares for a moment a bit slacked jawed at everything. This is a rare thing both she and the users here may have no idea /what/ the heck is going on.

"By my user, what is this place?!"
Shiki Misaki Who wouldn't want to explore a whole new world? Shiki couldn't say no to visiting Deelel's home, to boot. So she's really visiting /two/ new worlds!

She hasn't stopped gushing at... basically everything since this started. The trip into the Grid, going to the club, peeking inside the club, and now this. /Everything/. She's just been following next to Deelel with her eyes going *_* at everything, and occasionally asking 'Why haven't I ever visited here before?!'.

And here we are in front of a portal to a whole new world.

"One small step for Deelel, one giant leap for programkind?" she asks, before Deelel heads in. Then, with a giggle, Shiki and Mr. Mew skip inside as well. Nothing could spoil her mood right noOH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD.

This has just gone from awesome to SUPER AWESOME. Shiki just... jawdrops. Oh my gosh. Is that-? And is that--? Are those--? And /is that/-?

"Ohhhhhh maaaaaah gaaaaaaaawd."
Ryusei Isshiki Ah, another return home after yet another successful delivery of delicious Pizza from Little Gestahl to the many, many hungry families in the World of Ruin and the many worlds knitted to it. Her job done for today, the young Isshiki girl was on the way back to Archades when, as tends to be usual lately for her, she takes a wrong turn on Phantasia Mountain and takes the wrong portal. Obviously, she pays no attention to this. Right now, all of her attention is focused on the music pouring out of the headphones of her MP3 player (

Next time she knows, there she is, in the middle of what seems to be an increidibly futuristic alley, full of people in strange gear, and not a single familiar face. When she realizes this little detail, a drop of cold sweat is running down the back of Ryusei's head.

"Let me guess... I have once again taken a wrong turn at Phantasia Mountain." She looks around, as if to confirm her suspicions. "This place does not ring a bell at all, so I'm gonna guess that, yes, I have..."

Avira Ralph's existence was raising so many questions. So very many.

When Avira had been younger, she'd actually been into arcade games. Home consoles had just started to become a thing, but her family could never afford one. Why plop down hundreds of dollars to do the same thing she could do for mere quarters in an arcade? But as Avira-or rather, Rosalie-aged, the visits became less frequent and the money was put towards other endeavors.

Once again braving the digitization laser, Avira stands there in the white-lined bodysuit, slightly more comfortable with this new outfit this time around. She still moves carefully to conceal the fact that she doesn't have a disc on her back. Patiently, she watches Deelel inspect the new portal though once the Program's stepped through. "Ooh, ooh, me next, me next!"

Avira, quite swiftly, steps through.

A few steps later she slows, her jaw dropping as she watches the denizens of the walk back and forth, scrambling for trains, hopping up and down, or floating lazily by due to abject lack of legs. A strange look overcomes the scarred woman's face, awash with...nostalgia.

So awestruck by this, Avira doesn't seem to know that her clothing has changed again into something, uh, decidedly even skimpier. In a few seconds, between the plated miniskirt/lioncloth and "breastplate" that is little more than a blue bra with an eagle-wing-like embelishment on it, she will be /longing/ for the skin-tight bodysuit of the Programs.

She's aleady armed with her weapon held in one hand, her small buckler shield strapped to a blue gauntlet on her left arm. The most armored part of her looks to be a set of ridiculous scale-mail shoulderpads.
Serah Farron Serah Farron was here before! Well, kinda. She came here last time with Deelel to save the nightclub from being demolished by that thick-armed brute that wouldn't listen to even her 'teacher's voice'. She also was wearing that weird skintight suit, it was glowy and stuff.

But not this time, oddly. When they step through, she kept her clothes... Normally you change forms into something that suits the world you are stepping into. But not this time it seems. Maybe it has to do with the place they are standing in.

Even her travel clothes don't seem to be very 'out of place' here, given the myriad of different 'people'. That thing with no arms and a huge nose. Those little creatures with a single large eye roaming around saying 'pata pata pata pon' and stopping when the drummer behind them forgets to start the next beat. Then start pelting with tiny spears the nearby sleeping wolf that looks like a cutout paper wolf with brushed curves and watercolors.

There are more 'human' looking people too, some of them look odd, like the man that just tore its shirt by expanding 5 times in volume and turning green. And the guys with some sort of metal backpacks that are chasing what appears to be a translucent green ghost.


"What IS this place exactly?" The pink-haired girl doesn't even look out of place here!
Maira "A whole neeeew woooooorld...." she sings, then pauses, looking thoughtful "Huh, can't help feeling like that's from something..." then Maira shrugs and procedes.

After treatment for a concussion brought on by a certain hobo smashing bricks around, Maira is doing better. Mostly. She too is curious about this new world and eager to explore, trailing in Avira's footsteps, a bounce in her step as she hops through the portal after her fellow VALKYRI--

Only to end up, well, as the red Valkyrie.

Maira blinks, looking down, gawking.

Then she looks to Avira and gawks more. "Eeeeee...?"

Then, finally, she looks around, eyes boggling. "Whooooaa....."
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki looks at Mr. Mew. "Why are you glowing blue?"

Mr. Mew shrugs and hands Shiki her mirror, and she squeaks in surprise as she notices she's wearing a /very/ skimpy blue outfit with elements of a certain core-shooting flying ship on her legs. She covers herself up with a squeak, then picks up Mr. Mew and holds him in front of herself. She's pretty embarrassed, especially since she realises Avira, Serah /and/ Maria followed them through.
Deelel Deelel had seen how much Shiki was enjoying the grid she couldn't help but laugh at her friend had reacted. For some reason it made he happy to know some users actually thought the world of basics were amazing. Deelel herself remains unchanged from her grid ware save it's shifted back to what she normally wears. Ryusei had been a bit lost to put it mildly. Deelel would be pretty shocked someone could get this lost, but she's not even going to ask about it. In the strange world that she lived? Sometimes it was best to not ask questions.

Avira change gets her a bit of a surprise as she looks her friends new outfit over for a moment and she raises one eyebrow as she finally finds some words.

"Mercade would be happy, I'd bet Avira."

Just a friendly poke and while Deelel is stunned she doesn't have the same sort of nostalgia for the things here. She's only recently taken to playing games from the outside after all. Still there's a haunting feeling she's seen some of these beings before.

"I have no idea Serah, I have no idea at all. It's ... amazing though."

She pauses noting Maria is in an outfit much like Avira's and that gets hr wondering about just what's going on here.

At this time an add billboard comes to life and a blue hedge hog on it says

"Remember if you go game hopping don't die. If your not in your own game you'll die for real! So just be careful out there people!"

Deelel pauses games had a somewhat bad connotation for her people sometimes given it was basic tyrants favourite way to deal with troublemakers. This hinted in their proper home the natives didn't die?!Still the hint from the billboard she just kinda stares back to Shiki for a moment and seems a bit a mused for a moment.

"Interesting look Shiki..."
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki looks very embarrassed. She's all for fashion changes but this is way too daring!

"Game Central Station..." she echoes, walking forward while holding Mr. Mew in front of her at all times. "Like video games."

She looks around, taking in all of the scenery... and just... can't help but stare. Here there's a sort of giant duck... wait, no, that's a dragon. Over there, there's some waddling chestnut-type guys. A small tank rolls by, followed by a cyborg, and over there two eskimos in blue and pink are talking to a giant robot bee...

"Oh my gosh, I recognise that guy," she whispers. "And that guy. /And/ those guys. And that girl! And-"
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks at the warning "... I'd think that dying is a problem, not just 'not in your game'." She scratches her head "How do we know in what game we are? I remember that the wrecking guy last time didn't seem to even realize he wasn't in his game..." She found it odd at the time, but suddenly it seems to make more sense thinking about teach 'world' as being a 'game'. At least for these people here.

Or is it programs? She doesn't know much about the computer world, Deelel was the first one she met of that kind even.

"Its an interesting place... so many kinds of people and creatures..." She wonders why her clothes didn't change like Avira and Shiki though. Maybe there's a game that has this kind of look, somewhere out there?
Avira Maira makes a faint squealing noise that gets Avira's attention, snapping her out of her nostalgic bliss. She looks over to her best friend and her eyes promptly widen. "What the hell are you wearing, Maira?!"

Deelel makes a comment about Mercade that prompts Avira to look down at herself. She promptly turns as red as Maira's outfit and tries to pull her lioncloth down so it covers more of her bare thighs. "Eep!" Then her head immediately swivels to stare at the billboard with the...familiar blue hedgehog. She's not actually played any of the games but there were these cartoons once. fact didn't one of those cartoons have PSAs...?

A blonde-haired archer dressed in green...well, it's more like strips of cloth and thigh-high leather boots, runs past everyone, only to come screeching to a halt, jogging backwards to face Maira and Avira.

"Hey you two! We need to get moving! We have an incoming character select screen!" she exclaims, grabbing each one by the wrist and dragging them along.

"Uh, wait, hold on, we're-there's been some kind of mistake!" Avira protests as she's pulled along to one of the tunnels lining the Central Game Station.
Ryusei Isshiki Ryusei takes a moment to walk around the streets of this strange place, looking right and left and blinking at the strange people she saw.

A blond haired witch in black clothes riding a broom, followed by a flying brow haired miko.

A man around 30 years old, wielding a whip and carrying what looks like a laptop with him.

An incredibly boxy red and blue giant robot with what seemed to be goggles stuck on its face.

"It's official. This place is weird as heck." Ryusei says to herself, sweatdropping.

She then notices a few other people that look sort of like herself, and also seem to be about to do something. It surely can't hurt to try and adress these people about finding a way back to Phantasia Mountain! And who knows? Maybe they are in need of help and she has gotten her hands in yet another adventure! That would be even better! "Hey, wait! Mind if I tag along with you for a while?" She asks while the others walk away. "I've gotten lost here, and was wondering if you could help me find a way back to Phantasia Mountain!"
Maira "I'm wear the same thing you are, basically! Which is close to nothing!" she says. Her bathing suit covers more skin! At a comment about Mercade being happy, Maira purses her lips, then giggles. That's probably true. Where is her ma belle? No, really. In this outfit, where is it!? After apparently shamelessly feeling herself up for her phone, she finds its tucked into her cleavage. "Aha!" she says, pulling it out to snap a quick picture of Avira before another woman in almost nothing comes running by and starts dragging them away! "Aaah! What! Where are we going!?" she asks, shoving her phone back into her bikini top.

Cue swirly eyes. @.@
Deelel Deelel says "Not like the games I know but like the ones ... where I been living with Allan and Beck. Are rather new to me."

She's just using TRONs alias out of force of habit and safety given well unknown world. She looks at all the people here, it's just as diverse as Transverse town when she thinks about it. She looks at Serah for a moment and shrugs for a moment and looks at her.

"Generally when we get killed we stay dead, like your people to Serah. Let's not worry about this, I have never seen anything like this. For once I think we'll all just as confused about this."

Then Ryusei gets a look over and a hell of a stare from Deelel she's just trying to understand how someone could get so lost.

"Your a heck of a ways from there, trust me on this. It's dangerous to go alone, so it would be best if you do come with us."

She's seeing her friends discomfort at the outfits she can understand why they wouldn't be happy. After all they are not exactly functional fighting gear so far as she understood users.

"Wait a character select? Hold your bitmaps! You got the wrong people!"

She's almost flailing at this point, still Deelel manages to keep it under control. Deelel totally will likely do up images of what everyone ended up as but right now she's trying to chase after Avira and Maira.

She's looking to get in between the Elf that's dragging her friends off after all. She's looking pleading.

"Wait hold up here, I don't think it be wise we just ... arrived here in the station!"

This was getting so glitched up, she had to do something they are in an alien world, she's from the grid where sudden dragooning into games is not a good thing!
Shiki Misaki Ooh, it looks like we're in an awkward situation here. Shiki looks at Avira and Maira's small big mistaken identity problem with a bit of a surprised expression. She has /no/ idea what's happening. Mr. Mew, on the other hand, is a little more proactive, and has removed himself from the position of Shiki's glowing breastplate to get underfoot and provide everyone with a distraction, so perhaps we can leg it and hide somewhere.

Shiki squeaks. "I think we have an appointment to keep elsewhere- over there- very important- excuse me!"

She decides to move off in a random direction, talking loudly. Perhaps she will bump into some people, potentially blue or red, on the way and cause as much noise as possible.
Serah Farron Serah Farron tries to intercept Avira and Maira too "They aren't part of that game! We came from different ones, if they lose in that game it would mean deletion right?" She's also trying to plead, bringing up the commonsense.

Meanwhile, she tries to quickly scan the crowd for the ACTUAL players of that game. They should be easy to spot in that crowd, wearing that kind of armor, right?
Ryusei Isshiki Oh, people COULD indeed get so lost. If you didn't believe it, ask that naginata-wielding, kimono wearing girl that is walking around the place. She would definitely tell you that her sense of direction is very good, but she would be lying.

As she walks by the group, Ryusei blinks, looking at the blond archer girl tugging the other two skimpily dressed girls away. Everyone is trying to intercept the archer girl from taking away the other two, it seems. Ryusei shrugs, and just plays along, running as fast as she can (Which is quite a bit) to try and catch the archer. "Excuse me! You have taken the wrong people! Those are coming with us! Stop, I tell you!"
Avira "Maira-wait, no, don't-!" Avira only grows redder when her friend decides to snap a picture of her wearing that outfit. With a phone retrieved from cleavage. Wait- "Wow, that top really brings out your breasts, Maira." she comments quite brazenly.

The GAUNTLET overhead in fancy, dark ages-looking script. That is until, starting with Deelel, people start protesting.

"What?" The Green Archer stops, looking to Deelel now standing between her and the entrance to the game. "Just arrived here? What do you mean? Ahh, come on, I'd recognize Red and Blue Valkyrie anywhere!"

The elf waves off Shiki, "Look, it's going to have to wait, we have a game to get to and if we're not they're when they hit the character select screen, we're going to be pegged-" she pauses to shudder, "/Out of order/."

Serah's interjection gets an eyebrow raise, "What do you-" Ryusei says they have the wrong people, "How is it that-"

"We're from Gauntlet Legends!" Avira blurts out suddenly, jabbing her Spine-carrying free arm up at the game terminal title. "What are you trying to do, get us killed?!"

The Green Archer gasps and promptly lets both of them go. "Oh my gosh!" she gushes, putting her hands up to her mouth, "I am so sorry! I had no idea!" She leans forward a little, inspecting both Avira and Maira, "So THAT'S why your character models looked a little funny!"

"Move it move it!" Just then, a pair of ladies dressed in stunningly similar oufits to Maira and Avira come pushing through, "Come on Green Archer, we're going to be late!" The red one grabs the elf by the wrist and pulls her through the terminal.

"I'm sorrrrrry!" she calls out behind her.

The Blue Valkyrie slows for a moment, pausing to look at both Avira and Maira, "...oh, Gauntlet Legends, right? Wow, they didn't really change much."

Avira looks thunderstruck for a few moments before shrugging, "Eh. Why mess with perfection, you know what I mean?"

The Blue Valkyrie smirks and takes off again.

Avira slumps with a sigh of relief. "...well that was a close one."
Serah Farron Serah Farron phews as the real one show up. She was trying to see them through the crowd, but she's not very tall of a girl. Fortunatly they got here in time. She looks at Avira though "... How do you know about these games?" Of course, she comes from a world that didn't have these games in particular, so she wouldn't know "... Let's just make sure that we're not getting too close to that Gauntlet Legends game... just a suggestion." She shakes her head. That could have been very bad after all.

She takes a look around, noting the various genres. There all sorts of creatures, even ghosts that look more like cardboard cutouts... "What an odd, but interesting place. What do you think would happen if they crossed into our world?"
Maira Once she is no longer being dragged off by a scantily clad elf, Maira takes her ma belle back out and texts the picture to Mecade quickly. She's such a good friend!

"Phew..." Maira says, stopping to--ah--readjust herself. Who could actually run in something like this!? 'The Girls' would not stay in place! "Good thing you know about video games Avira! Yikes!" she says, looking to Shiki and nodding in agreement. "Yes! Lets go somewhere not likely to get us killed, huh? Novel thought, right?" she says with a smile, reaching up to fluff her hair slightly before her stomach growls.

Maira looks down. "Red Valkyrie needs food badly," she says.
Deelel Deelel thinks she see what Shiki is doing, quite the distraction hopefully that will help or is she just trying to flee getting dragged to her doom? Who knows however the Basic seems to have some back up from Serah. The real people who belong in that game should be making their way there, right? They really should be on their way to their game right? Well if the real deals are spotted this may solve itself.

Avira then blurts out something that seems to solve the issue and she looks back at the Elf as she leaves with her friends. It wasn't any intention to be a jerk on that natives part from the looks of it. Avira's comment gets her laughing a bit.

"Let's go find some place we can keep out of trouble. Nice save there Avira, but this place it's so strange."

She keeps moving along now and she nods to Serah for a moment.

"The one named Ralph already did once.

An man who looks very much like a 1980s action movie solider is walking along with two guys in motorcycle suits bearing some military markings on them.

"So come on man, lets go to tappers, this one's on us. We owe ya that much."

"Sounds like a plan. Some drinks would be good about now."

Notes the solider before they start for a port? Or is it a plug? With a sign above it proclaiming Tappers

Deelel glances at the trio as they go by and looks to her friends.

"Sounds like a bar? Might be a good place to go to keep out of trouble. Shiki! It's all right come on this way!"

Deelel starts for the station stop still looking about a bit like a child on Christmas morning! As she heads in there's an old kinda amusement park like train there's also some graffiti on the walls. Like ABORT! RETRY FAIL!, or there is no such thing as a 2.

Deelel moves to get on the train hoping the rest of the group is following but she's not going to force anyone. This tappers may seem like a good place to get information. She notices the trio and gives them a bit of a grin as she waits for everyone else hopefully to come. Or she's may end up arriving in Tappers alone!
Avira "I'm from Manhattan's world, actually Brooklyn in GAUNTLET above the terminal. "That game can't actually be won. It just goes on and on, getting harder and harder, until your character dies and you run out of quarters. If we had gone in there..."

Avira doesn't finish that thought, feeling sick to her stomach. The feeling is dispelled as Serah mentions these characters in the 'real world.' "Well...if Programs can come out in the real world like Deelel does, maybe these guys can too." she says, her voice quiet.

Maira announces that she's hungry. Funny, Avira's pretty hungry now too. "A bar, huh? Sounds like a good plan to me. You know, before someone else here nearly gets dragged into a game."
Shiki Misaki "I feel like I missed a reference there," Shiki says, scratching her chin.

The Brain Golem hovers up to her. "Don't even think about it."

Brain Golem floats off making a sad noise.

Shiki toddles along with the group when it's clear where they're going, although she has somewhat bad experience with bars. Or, well, not /her/. Fortunately, we're all girls here! So there will be no drunken flirting.

The ESRB wouldn't allow it.

She whispers to Deelel, "Who's Ralph?" as she notices the oddly shaped... 'entrance' to Tapper's. How this all works is beginning to come together in her head- various small locations connected to this central location. Is this a world the Heartless haven't touched?
Ryusei Isshiki Ryusei stops running and chasing the green archer when she lets go of the two girls that, apparently, were about to be kidnapped into another game. And thanks goodness, because she hadn't managed to reach the archer to stop her herself, despite her speed. She had crashed against a humongous man clad in a full, scary suit of red plate armor and wielding a Zweihander that looked hot like lava. "Watch your step!" Grunts the armored man, barely wincing a bit at the crash and looking at Ryusei, who was right now on the floor, almost as if she had been totaled. "S-sorry, mister. Ooooooow..." The young Isshiki whines in pain, before slowly getting up and dusting herself off. "That felt like crashing full speed against a wall of volcanic rock. Holy Toledo!"

Alas, once again, the group is walking away from her, and she has to run. "Hey! Wait for meeeeeee!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron follows along toward Tappers... that's not a problem. She doesn't want to end up alone and pulled into some random game either. @_@

She also isn't used to bars, but anywhere but where there'd be a potential danger of mistaken identity either way. She hmms "So this would be a game world... and this is the station that crosses over different games. I wonder why they can go into different games if that means they are in mortal danger." She doesn't quite understand the logic behind that "Shouldn't they just stay within their own games?"
Maira Maira's mouth opens wide as Avira tells her more about Gauntlet. "Can't be won? Eep! Y-yes good thing we didn't get dragged in there!" she replies. That was an unexpected close call with DEATH. Jeez!
% ", this sounds like a good plan! Lead the way!"
Avira "EXCUSE ME." A hollow sounding voice sounds from behind Maira. If she turns to look around, she'll see an extremely foreboding floating cloak there. It has skeletal arms and its hood is black like the abyss.

"COMING THROUGH." Death announces, steGAUNTLET terminal.
Maira Maira's eyes widen to the size of tea saucers as Death brushes past her, politely excusing himself, before entering the Gauntlet tunnel.

The young mage gapes.

"....So polite..." she whispers.
Evja Among those who were here may be a relatively familiar figure. Familiar at least in that Viera are relatively common enough in various areas in the World of Ruin. Who knows if the various people here would recognize them. Some may. (S)he was wearing a magenta jacket of sorts that cut off just above the waist of their jeans, which were tight blue jeans that hugged the hips and had rather obnoxiously large rivet-style buttons along the side.

Almost disco-like, truth told.

Evja was sitting on the side of the furthest back counter near the restrooms on one side while mostly minding their own business. Their normal veil wasn't actually on, however, at the moment. In fact, Evja, if one recognized Evja without the veil on as just that(they could be seen as male, likely, if one looked closely enough at the face), seemed rather uneasy. Just kind of sitting there, drinking at a pint of (root)beer and mumbling something to himself.

( This outfit, roughly)
Ryusei Isshiki Ryusei finally reaches the other girls as they walk along, panting for air. She had to run quite a bit to reach the other people after her brush with that huge armored hunk, but hopefully she will be able to lower her pace now. "Ah, ah... Sorry... Got a little... Brush with a huge tin tyrant back there... He looked scary!"

"So, what is this place anyways? It is full of strange people, like that huge armored guy!" Ryusei asks, genuinely curious.
Percival Well he was certainly lagging behind when it came to the exploration of the new world. After a quick trip through the Grid, of which he understood /NOTHING/. As he came through the portal, he bumped right smack into a crimson demonic looking creature with bat wings.

For a moment, the two were staring down each other, before the Demon holds out a hand to him in an affable manner, his voice rumbling in a sinister voice, which didn't sound all that sinister.


The Gargoyle took his hand, giving him a bewildered look for a moment, before stating, "I don't believe so?"

It rumbled back,

THAT'S A SHAME, YOU LOOK LIKE YOU COULD REALLY SCARE THE PANTS OFF SIR ARTHUR! It pats him on the back, the Gargoyle giving him the same look of consternation before stating, "See any newcomers come by here lately?"

It considered that,


His eyes light up a moment later, "Ah, those would be the individuals I'm looking for."

The Red Guard patted him amicably on the shoulder before pointing in the direction of the Tapper's tunnel, and walking off,

Maira Maira head on into Tappers, scampering over to the bar to order a rootbeer. She looks to Ryusei then, smiling. "Its Game Central Station. Other than that? I have nooo idea. We are in the world of video games, I guess? Which are..a thing...they have in some worlds...uh--I'm probably not the best to explain it to you! We haven't met though have we? I'm Maira!" she says, extending a hand to the other girl. "This is my best friend Avira," she introduced.

She looks around then, noticing a brightly dressed person at the bar. Is...that Evja!? "Evja...?" she asks, tilting her head slightly in question.

Then, behind her, she hears a familiar 'click-clack' of talons on the floor and turns, her face lighting up. "Eee! Perci!" she says, leaping down from the bar stool and bounding over toward him for a flying tackle-hug.

Gravity. It does things. Bouncy things.
Deelel Deelel looks at Shiki as she whispers to her quietly. "He appeared on the grid two nights ago started wrecking the End of Line building. The shadow lords were attempting to summon something but got him. He's from here and he breaks things pretty darn well. Though... we managed to get him to stop somehow talking him down."

Palom did not help matters much but they pulled off some sort of miracle however and Ralph went home. She's almost tempted to stick her head in there. She may do that later as she rides the train in to Tappers with some of the other locals and her friends. At Ryusei's call for help Deelel speaks up.

"Hey can we hold the train till my friend gets here? She's lagging behind us a bit."

They are lucky the train waits and she looks to Serah for a moment she nods for a little bit. "Maybe it's only dangerous when someone is playing? Also would you want to be alone?"

Once the last of everyone is on board the train heads away down a pipe which kinda looks strange there?s cabling and such but it doesn't take too long once they arrive in a almost normal looking bar for the users.

There's pictures on the wall of famous patrons most likely. The place also has quite a few people and other things lurking about the bar.

the bar keep pauses at the groups arrival and smiles a little bit.

"Did a new game get plugged in? Welcome to tappers, just let me know if you want a drink."

Deelel nods as she moves to park herself down at the bar and the bar keep looks at her. For a moment but says nothing else as he suddenly almost pops away to deliver some brews to other customers.

"Sorry about that so want some?"

"Please one for each of my companions."

Then comes Percy and she can't help but laugh a little bit at him.

"Seems you found your way here too, huh?"

Deelel also pauses at the mention of Evja? Wait Evja is here? She doesn't see her? Wait there she is, they don't look too happy. Also she's distracted by airborne Maira flying tackling Percy.
Percival After the short rollercoaster like transport ride to Tapper's, the Gargoyle is assaulted...

VWORP VWORP Battle Transition Music!

Oh wait, it's Maira. The Gargoyle is rocked back on the balls of his feet slightly as he draws her into a hug. "Good to see you too Maira." And then with an arched bony protrusion that serves as an eyebrow, "...Huh. So, he mistook VALKYRI for Valkyries. I get it now." He chuckles as he takes in what they're wearing.

After a moment he releases her from the hug before looking over towards Deelel, "I did. Took me a little longer as that scanning laser didn't seem to know what to do with me."
Serah Farron Serah Farron looks to the bartender, nodding a bit "You could say that..." An answer to the 'new game being plugged'. She's still only starting to understand how those portals are working. She's thinking that maybe Cocoon has a portal too? Well, maybe she can find it soon. Meanwhile, exploration. Who knows where it will lead her to.

She moves to sit at an empty table, noting the people around. You could probably spend all week just watching every individual ones around, and how they act, and how they interact with each other.

Through the window, a green beastman doesn't seem content about the parking place of a car, and start punching and kicking it down into pieces. Gotta admit, that's pretty impressive to total a car with your barehands. But what's with the guy standing next to him with the microphone shouting 'BONUS ROUND' and 'PERFECT'?
Evja Someone said his name.

Evja's body stiffened, ears upright a moment like a rabbit on the prairie that heard something.



FWIP! Evja quickly turned and faced /right the other way/ and pretended to not hear their name being spoken. At least past the initial reaction. Anyone who was watching could see the Viera desperately scrambling both hands around their upper body as if trying to find something and letting out a tiny little whine when they couldn't(His veil, for what it's worth). This stupid world had made it vanish and replaced his moderate, concealing attire with this crap. Hume crap. It was cute, yes, but had no decency! And did almost nothing to hide his gender. Even if he did have good curves and looked good in it.
Maira Maira blushes as he looks her over, then leans in to whisper conspiritoraly to Perci, "I send Mercade a pic of Avira," with a wink.
% Maira returns to the bar with Perci by the hand. "We almost got dragged into a game that would have killed us--then I had a brush with death! ...Also I had the weirdest dream lately about eating cake with LEXYS..."
Deelel Deelel has got a big old mug of drink and she looks over at Maira and Percy.

"Given it was built with humans in mind. I'm not surprised entirely but good to see you made it." She also seems amused about the whole Valkyrie thing and this proves the universe has a sense of humour from the looks of it. She takes her mug and starts to down part of the drink this stuff was pretty good. Evja is glanced at for a moment, but Evja is then saved from further inspection by Maira and what she says.

"I was actually going to do a image of everyone later."

She grins at Maira sending the image to Mercade that's going to get quite the reaction from everyone?s favourite gumshoe. Then the mention of Lexus and cake, which makes Deelel spit out her drink in shock.

"Wait what?! LEXUS?!"
Percival Percival chuckles, and states in a mild tone of voice, "I'm quite certain that he'll be... grateful, for that."

He gets pulled towards the bar gently, and his voice becomes a little darker as he states, "Well, you were saying some... very strange things on the radio about cake. I suppose it's possible. Though I'd prefer to hope that it wasn't actually Lexus."

He takes a seat alongside Maira, his tail coiling about the bar stool as he considers the matter.
Maira Maira winces, reaching up to touch the spot on her head where she'd had a huge lump. "Well, I did kind of wake up with a big lump on my head...maybe I really DID have cake with LEXUS!" she says, eyed widening.

"...No, it couldn't have been, he would have just...offered me cake then let me leave..." she says. Of course, she'd also had tea with the Dark Knight...

Maira blinks. "My life is weird."
Evja Finding nothing in the end, Evja finally turns slightly where they were and looked over their shoulder to try and find out who it was and who all was here. Perhaps they didn't realize that he was actually here and just coincidentally was talking about him. Maira, Shiki, Serah whom he recognized yet didn't really know and... avira. Great, a lot of people. And that one girl who seemed to automatically hate him from the hades cup.


What to do, what to do. Caught out in the open effectively and hardly able to hide the truth. Thinking of a bright idea, Evja starts to stand, then stops, sits back down and decides it's not such a bright idea.
Deelel Deelel says "You have a point they are almost made for each other. Wait Maira was saying what?"

She listens she shaker she her head she can't even really get why LEXUS would let Maira go unless he was up to something? Or did it somehow amuse the dark digital horror so much that he did it for the kicks she looks a little embarrassed as she cleans up her root beer mess. She sighs and looks to the Barkeep.

He tops her mug and then goes back to serving others."

"I think that's my line Maira. Thinks like the sun, meat that thinks, non humans. Still this is a whole other level of strange."

She looks back to Evja for a moment. Whatever issues she seems to have had or had has cooled a good deal or perhaps now she's thinking more clearly with her mind in working order? She's just let it go since there's been no sign of Evja has done anything for Hades since.

"Hey you want a round on me?"

She offers to Evja perhaps an attempt to bury the hatchet?"
Evja "Hm?"

Looking slightly towards Deelel, Evja is put in a tough spot. Admit who he was and possibly deal with the questions of gender that will come up, or pretend to be the Viera that he went under guise as in Serendipity. Chita. Chocobo racer and (openly) male Viera.

Perhaps Deelel was simply being friendly and didn't realize who he was. Maira knew, but he had a good feeling she wouldn't out him. Welp, might as well lie it up and apologize if he got caught.

"I, ah..." his voice was a bit deeper, not as soft when he wasn't putting on the false female tone, "I suppose I could allow you, but do you have me mistaken for someone else, or are you simply being friendly? My name is Chita and I do not believe I know you."

He turns to look directly at Deelel and this would, indeed, be the first time she'd actually seen Evja without the veil covering his face from the bridge of the nose down.
Serah Farron Serah Farron looks into her drink... thinking. "Is this water? Isn't water bad in the virtual world, or that doesn't apply to the Game Station?" The more she tries to understand this place, the least sense it seems to make. Everything she learns one time, she seems to unlearn the next. Her head falls forward, thumping the table.
Deelel Deelel says "I guess I do. Eh holding a grudge does no real good." She slips some mummy to the Tapper to cover Evja's drink and she shrugs a bit looking them over for a moment. If she suspects something she doesn't show any signs of it.

"Name's Deelel."

She looks about Tappers a bit more taking in some of the pictures of patrols and the actual Patrons who where enjoying their drinks. This was quite the world and she has a feeling they'd not even really scratched the surface of the nature of this place.

"Well enjoy, this is a nice little bar. It is sad there's no food."

No food but the drink was pretty good, it was really good she drops a bit more on the bar as a tip which the tapper happily picks up.

"There's a place if you do want to get a bite to eat, but the food.

"Its just a thing in the last place we were on Serah."

She shrugs a bit and goes back to her drink.

"The rules of reality change from system to system."

She downs more and orders yet another one, these things are awesome!
Serah Farron Serah Farron nods at Deeele "Its just confusing, I thought the two places were related. Maybe not." She scratches her head a bit, while her chin is resting flat on the tabletop. She looks into her cup after a moment, and tries a sip out of it. Well, its not bad.
Evja Taking the free drink, 'Chita' nodded before watching her as she walked off to talk to Serah. Mm, what to do, how to act. She seemed to accept it well enough at face value, despite saying something about a grudge. Well, he could take the chance and stay, or leave, even though he wasn't sure how to get back.

Well, he wasn't entirely sure how to leave, so might as well talk them over until he finds out how then go about doing just that. Standing, Chita wanders towards where Serah and Deelel were to sit down across from them and ask casually, "How did the two of you end up here? You do not quite seem... to fit, much as myself."
Deelel Deelel says "You could say I'm from somewhere next door to this more or less. It's a pretty long story really."

She's a bit concerned to bring up just how they got here a bit too loudly. "Just lets put it we're travelling like I suspect you are too."

Deelel's perhaps a bit closer to fit in here but well yes she's a bit out of place.

"It can be like that Serah, but we'll figure out what's up."

She downs some more of her drink before looking back.

"Might as well just enjoy ourselves for now and find out a bit more about this place. It's pretty fascinating really."

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