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(2013-07-13 - Now)
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Saitei Dennou Literally anything is an education for Saitei Dennou, even something so simple as a trip into Fluorgis, but if she's to be of any use to the Agency or anyone she'll need to be a quick study indeed. Today's lesson concerns the Shard Seekers, prime among the organizations of this port city in terms of Potentially Interesting Behaviour.

She's heard a thing too where maybe her sisters have some personal attachment to the group, but if that turns out to be important then it'll expand on itself, won't it? Saitei stands, for now, in the Seekers' main hall, appreciating their dedication to the open door policy, and the confidence it implies in their own security.

The labs weren't like this, you obviously know; everything was six locks in, deep-wrapped in paranoia. Saitei still finds it odd where shops don't have cameras and guards, do you know, so the Seekers are doubly interesting to her. The Agency gets a pass because it contains her, and her sisters, and woe betide anyone who comes in and does a thing they don't like.

Saitei has come in, but she probably isn't doing anything they wouldn't like; they haven't left any food out, so she's left merely to nod her approval over a well-realized mess hall and poke at the accounting records on the desk.
Emi Dennou The Network, long ago, was asked to network. So it networked--certainly--and it did this well enough. However, they would be hard pressed to offer it a certain level of attachment--after all, it's about 90 percent shenanigans, maybe 95 percent shenanigans, and shenanigans--while often worthy of their diversion--don't precisely hit the core of the Network.

Nobody really seems to harass the Shard Seekers all that often, for that matter, which may be why there's not much security.

Imi and Emi stayed, previously, in Fluorgis in order to keep someone company. They have done this well enough, but now they are more or less...hanging out. Most people are out, but The Network is being lazy.

"Saitei can probably sense them before they come into the main hall, but Imi steps in first. She blinks faintly and waves a small hand in her direction. Emi is still some distance behind.

"You have come today," Imi says. "Ahh--did you wish to see the garden?"
Saitei Dennou Shenanigans, on the other hand, are at the very /heart/ of the Network, or so Saitei would say if there was anyone with whom to share information about what was at the core of the Network. "This one wishes to see... /everything/." Her tone is suitably intense, answering Some Other Dennou, and Emi apparently. Emi; how is she everythwere Saitei is before she is? A mystery.

"The garden would be good," she however agrees. She hopes not to be here on business, after all, although Emi and Imi's presence suggests that business is uncomfortably close.

In any case, she hasn't actually /met/ Imi, has she? No. In some ways, once you've met anyone in the Network, you've met everyone, but those are all the ways Saitei doesn't give a crap about. She inspects Imi-- respectfully, mind you-- both body and mind, looking for those bits that make her Imi and not just Dennou. "It could be that this one will stay, too, a Dennou remarks on the paucity of options she faces."
Emi Dennou This one... WISHES TO SEE EVERYTHING. Everything is a tall order, the gardens are pretty close by. The Network supposes that many people see everything here. The NEtwork may politely disagree about shenanigans but of course what do they know? Their self image is not neccessarily reality after all. Even now, their player is racking their brain to find something innordinately silly to happen. Will they find dennou-eating plants in the garden?! One way to find out!

Emi may in fact intentionally be dawling so Saitei can have some alone time with Imi. This means of course that she's largely needing Omi and Ami on the list of meetups, but that's okay--Imi was the one that was kidnapped! Now she seems to not be kidnapped. (She's not kidnapped).

"Do you mean--in this room, you mean staying in Fluorgis with me, this one wonders aloud to herself?"
Saitei Dennou "Fluorgis, in general, this one thought it was fairly obvious when she said it." Harsh, especially to this Dennou that she hasn't met yet. This Dennou who Saitei hasn't met and of whose kidnapping Saitei was only very very vaguely notionally aware; it's not the sort of thing Feige told her weapons, y'know. Whichever.

Like all of them, this worst Dennou can only really differentiate Imi by her outfit, unless perhaps she's feeling really strongly about a thing right now. The Network takes pains to be interchangeable, so maybe it isn't nice to divide them like this. "If it was an offer, this Dennou would accept graciously, of course." Saitei smiles, cheerily.

"Do go on, though; the Network works with the, ah, the Seekers a lot, I think? One hopes they won't mind an extra guest."
Emi Dennou "Oh well gosh!" Imi says, her face a practiced mask. "We'd be happy to have you here, in this city. Why, all you have to do is ask and I'm sure Ivo will give you a bed! He may also try to give you a bed if you do not ask. This one freely admits to not really understanding Ivo Galvan."

Emi walks on over, peeking her head around the corner. She holds up a magnifying glass to Imi for no readily apparent reason, and not too close--she's staying by the door, and then she pulls her head back. Imi starts walking towards the garden. Every so often, Imi is feeling a bit insecure--possibly because of the aforementioned kidnapping. She is feeling particularly strongly about not letting people know about how she's feeling about that, ie: insecure. Unfortunately, Saitei can read her loud and clear and Imi is no doubt aware of that which is resulting in a wonderful loop.

But hey, the garden is nice and she is opening hte door and gesturing with only mild dramatic flair.

"They would not mind--the mysterious voice of this one adds," Emi says, sneakily, from her hiding place in which if Saitei tilted her head mildly, would be able to see her clearly. "The Network thinks rather they make a habit of asking people to stay here. It can get inappropriate."
Saitei Dennou Saitei can hear you sneaking over there even if she doesn't tilt her head, Emi Dennou. You may possibly be the loudest one in the entire Network. She expects that's by choice, at least.

Imi is doing her best to drown Emi out, one supposes; Saitei's impulse there is more predatory than protective, but not while the poor girl is escorting her to the gardens at least. Those gardens are, in fact, nice, particularly for a converted workshop in the middle of a residential/industrial district.

"He might offer one, but this one has an arrangement made already, she regrets to state." Or rather, Emi probably regrets that she's stating it, because it may still be Emi's munny that Saitei is burning. Let her, though; Imi is currently under inspection, and Emi will have plenty of time to rail at Saitei about things.

It wasn't a rumor, really, it's a bare, plain fact that Saitei is a clone of the Network. Perhaps it was intimated to her that she's even the same sort of clone as her sisters, twinned from some unspecified original. She trusts that info about as far as it can throw her. About her projects, Feige has never once told the truth, especially not to those projects themselves.

"Perhaps they're lonely, this one muses. Seems likely, with their job description."

"Oh...yes, well, it would be hard to make that commute daily, The Network means you can pay visits here without having to worry about lodging rather than strictly speaking giving up permanent lodging at your previous..." Imi hesitates over this next word. " No that is not quite the word--"

"Hotel?" Emi offers. "No, the Agency."

"Yes," Imi says. "If you wish to travel, you can find other lodgings temporarily without giving up your prior arrangements. This one would be free lodging. Technically." Imi adds before gesturing rapidly at Emi to shoo her.

Imi gestures to the plants. "These are plants!" She says. She does not immediately go into further detail, apparently pleased enough by mentioning that plants are indeed plants.
Saitei Dennou These are plants. Those are walls. Somewhere on a computer in the other office Saitei recalls seeing a book cover, 'Identifying Wood'. It seems like that. We'll just let Imi smile about plants for a bit, while Saitei joins in shooing Emi away. You had yours already. Go on.

It should theoretically be obvious enough whether this is an ornamental garden or a vegetable garden or an herb garden, but truth be told Saitei is just about knowledgable enough to identify 'plants', especially if it's in one of those boring intermediate stages where there aren't any pretty flowers or peppers to give it away.

Surely, though, Imi wanted to show this off, so Saitei should let her show it off. "What do you grow here, this one can't figure out with available information."
Emi Dennou Emi pouts back at SAitei. It is not, notably, a 'strong feeling' pout so much as a comically timed pout for the purposes of silliness and as such the easiest thing in the world to drown out and ignore. Emi goes off to stulk by herself--again, only in a comical sense. In actuality, she supposes she has been a bit monopolizing of comrades lately. MAybe she needed the 'good feels'. Or the 'Saitei feels' as the case may be.

"Well!" Imi says, pointing towards a thick patch of weeds. "Those are weeds. This one isn't sure but for whatever reason the upkeep of the garden is generally pretty poor. Those--" She points to a bunch of vines scouring a fountain. "Are vines. They connect to..hmm..." She points--in one direction, then her finger droops, then she says, "Well, I planted some sunflowers here recently."

She looks around. "This one--aha!"

She trots off to a patch and points. "There we go... This one thought sunflowers in a desert would be a good idea." Actually it was Emi's suggestion because she thought it was hilarious. SUN FLOWERS IN A DESERT.
Saitei Dennou Basically it's Emi's fault. All of it. Saitei wasn't really going to worry about her stalking off, anyways. She'll keep.

Imi still needs evaluating, meanwhile; this... doesn't feel like it's a joke, does it? Saitei doesn't think she'd be able to manage a garden herself without a lot of prompting, and even if those are weeds and those are vines this is still a pretty nice greenspace.

"There's a lot of sun in a desert, this one agrees," this one agrees, smiling at Imi. " you stay with the Seekers normally? A different Dennou raises a totally unrelated question."
Emi Dennou Imi says, "Yes, it is important to keep an eye on them, The Network also agrees. This one also likes the city. There are flowers everywhere!!" She squees faintly. "...This one has an appreciation of flowers." Imi says, in a more neutral tone that may, in fact, fool nobody. "This one does of course come back sometimes, for adventures and such. The Network also adds, lowering her voice so the conspiracy is understood, that they pay well here."

She winks, notably, warming up it seems now.
Saitei Dennou They're an interesting group, attacking an interesting problem, but Saitei isn't certain that she cares for that sort of adventure. She isn't even sure that she cares for the Agency's sort of adventure, except that it currently contains most of the Network, and she feels kind of bound to be where they are. Where at least some of them are.

"Flowers are wonderful, this one sincerely agrees." She does, too. Hawaii is an excellent place to develop an appreciation. She steps closer-- possibly quite close-- to Imi, apparently to get a better look at her sunflowers. They don't tower, yet, but it takes them a while. "What else will you plant here?"
Emi Dennou Imi isn't entirely sure the Shard Seeker flavor of adventure is for her either. She's not really sure 'adventure' is for her in its entirety, quite frankly. She prefers to look at flowers and lie in grgass and look at clouds and be lazy. The Network had its time to be compelled to do this or that, why bother continuing with that farce?

Especially lately.

"mm... I mostly want to plant flowers... but this one isn't so sure--that um--well, this one is concerned that the flowers might not be compatable? This one has heard some plants do not get along."
Saitei Dennou That might have been in a book somewhere, maybe, but the breadth of Saitei Dennou's education is not so great as one might assume. "You have a lot of room here, don't you? To divide them up? Maybe? This one admits she's not a gardener."

As long as it's not all sunflower-sized and stuff it should be okay, right? Saitei is running out of things to say about flowers, and as hard as Imi is trying to be happy about plants-- well, that's just it. She's /trying/ to be happy about plants, and not unhappy about another thing.

Can't just spring a question on her, though, especially because I'm not totally sure what information Saitei has. Her look of concern could be mistattributed to flower incompatibility, but Imi probably knows that Saitei knows something is on her mind.
Emi Dennou Probably yes, Emi would have no reason to have not brought it up, regarding Imi's kernapping, but they haven't brought it up much. Mysteriously, they don't seem to care to talk about it much, though in their heads it comes up a lot more often, particularly in Imi's. She has a shovel for Feige should she have mysterioulsy not been so dead after all.

"But a lot of it is taken up by vines and weeds." Imi murmurs. "This one doesn't think she could maintain it by herself." There are others of course hwo do come here but apparently not enough.

Imi looks back to Saitei, notices the look of concern, and blushes. She says, "In any case...This one is glad you came by. Thank you."
Saitei Dennou Shovels are wonderful tools, you know. Very useful for many purposes. Saitei reaches over to pat Imi on the head, gently. "Fluorgis looks like a good place to check out, so you'll get tired of this one soon enough, she hopefully jokes."

It's not mysterious, really; Saitei isn't exactly quick to talk about her life in the labs, much less the circumstances of her own rescue. That's some heavy stuff, it can be. "How about some lunch, maybe? And then this one will see whether she shouldn't have bothered with the hotel reservation."
Emi Dennou "Yes! Lunch sounds wonderful."


Emi's stomach grumbles traitorously. She whispers it to sush.


"I know many wonderful places. You can have your pick!" Imi promises.
Saitei Dennou Saitei's pick will (probably) be something with suitable carry-out options (unless like there's a really fantastic pho place or similar, in which case Emi is SOL.) (Don't worry Emi, she'll get you next.)

"We shall have to have... /many/ lunches. Only, some time when Emi isn't paying." And so, to lunch!

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