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(2013-07-12 - 2013-07-29)
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Hati "Sir? Sir." Isn't it wonderful when someone interrupts you when you're in the depths of prayer? It's late, night having already fallen over the city of Fluorgis. A young Templar-in-training whispers, trying to keep his voice low as he steps up behind the dutiful form of a certain mouse. "I'm sorry to interrupt you, sir, but..." He hesitates, then takes off his helmet as a last-minute thought, perhaps thinking it impolite to wear it in a place of worship. "The watch has reported someone skulking around up on the roof."

Being Burmecian has some advantages and disadvantages. One such disadvantage is being called upon whenever there is anything suspicious that requires getting up into high places. Though the cathedral has a view to the night sky through the windows, it's impossible to see if anyone is moving around out there - and they would have a perfect vantage point to see inside. Could it be the actions of one of the heretics? Foul evildoers!

No. No. In fact it's just Hati. Then again, that doesn't rule out the 'foul evildoers' part. The moment there's movement, she's quick to abandon her hiding place, but that doesn't mean a keen mouse's nose won't catch her scent. The roof seems quiet, abandoned and empty, but there's that sneaking feeling of being watched. *stalkermode*
Faruja Senra "Keep thy servants free of..." Faruja's muttered prayers come to a slow stop as he's interrupted, turning to spy the form of the young Squire. Standing, he offers the young man a salute. "Of course, of course. Watch the Chalice, hmm? Whom knows what ill-minded Heretics may lay about in this town, so lacking in faith." Cautions the Templar before he starts off to the exit.

Leaping to the roof of such a building takes a touch of effort, even for Faruja. It's /tall/ after all. But he manages to make it up there with a light clack of claws.

Sniff sniff. A smile comes to his muzzle. "Hati, 'tis most difficult to hide from a keen nose. Please, there is no need for such. A lovely view from up here, hmm?" His tail flicks, the Templar as warm and loving in voice as usual. At least that much hasn't changed.
Hati In the dark of night, the wind shifts ever so slightly. Maybe it's just opportune timing, but it's enough to reveal the wolf's hiding place. She's balanced on a small outcropping meant more as decoration than anything else, her body silouetted against the moonlight. To anyone else, she might look almost demonic, crouched there like some beast with faintly glowing eyes. There's reason enough that the watch might have suspected someone suspicious - she /is/ a suspicious individual, afterall.

"I'm not hiding from you." Hati notes, her voice carried on the wind. With a quick motion, she hops down from her perch, rebounding off of a few places with a wicked display of her acrobatic skill before landing in a crouch, lupine even in her human form. Blue hair hangs down into tired eyes, but as she rises to her feet, her head cocks slightly, almost as if she were trying to look into him rather than at him.

"Haven't seen you much." It seems to be one part condemnation, one part entreaty, her tail tucked slightly as she takes a few steps closer towards him. "Seems this is the only way I can see you these days." With a poke of a clawed finger, she points at the windows, which look down upon the squire, who seems to be picking his nose at the moment, trying to pretend like he's dutifully watching the chalice.

The warmth of his voice is hard for her to deny, but her expression still seems wary.
Faruja Senra Faruja feels the condemnation hit him in the chest, glancing down as that claw points. Frowning, he keeps his mumblings about useless Squires to hiself.

His muzzle opens, as if to protest, before closing. "...No. I have been...well, you know." That slightly hazey gaze starts to life, confronted by someone he's close to, someone he loves. A hand rubs his head, eyelid drooped. He doesn't look like he's gotten much sleep.

Teeth grit. "...I have truly been within so long?" A sigh escapes him. "I have no excuses Hati, merely...I do not know, my dear. I do not know. It just seemed /right/." Shaking his head, perhaps a touch exaggeratedly, he lets out a light yawn. Leaning upon the belltower, he looks /tired/. "I'm sorry, Hati. I have not been treating thee as 'tis deserved." Finally admits the rat.
Hati It's difficult to keep any measure of fire behind her voice when his expression changes so quickly to one of exhaustion. Her ears droop slightly, hiding within black tresses. "I know." She states. Just how long had she been up here? Maybe someone hadn't mentioned to the werewolf that stalking is not a way of expressing your love for someone. Then again, she had reasons beyond her own motivations to keep an eye on him.

"I've heard from one of the local bar owners that he's thinking of sending out a search party. You haven't paid your tab, by the way." Apparently, the wolf had done some sniffing around at his local haunts. "I'm guessing you didn't realize how late it was?" She asks, and another step draws her closer to him. Her expression isn't quite like before - not as comfortable in his presence. Her body posture is more wolfish, as if she might have to bolt at a moment's notice.

"Maybe it's time to clock out for the night." She suggests. "I'm sure there's others who might be capable of keeping an eye on things." With a glance, Hati can just see the squire scratching his behind. "Someone other than him." Someone has to wonder about the Templar recruiting practices.

"I'll meet you outside in fifteen minutes. If you're not out, I'm going to drag you out." This, from a girl who barely stands as the Burmecian that she's talking to. Then again, she probably means it. "And I better not catch you thinking about the chalice, either. What's a girl to think when her boyfriend would rather oogle plateware than her?" Hrmph. At least she's got a sense of humor.

"Fifteen minutes." She does the little pointing at her eyes, then back at his ('I am watching you!'). Then, she steps to the edge of the roof like someone who wants to end it all, and hops off. Luckily, Hati is more than capable of not only surviving but landing quite safely from such a jump. It's the benefit of being a thief.
Faruja Senra Another wince. As the Templar seems to wake up, eye losing its glassy quality, he looks more and more remorseful. Ever one to wear his heart on his sleeve when he can get away with it, he certainly does so before the wolfess. "Oh, dear. The good 'tender is going to smack me when when next he sees me, is he not?" Frown. He shakes his head again, tail tucked between his legs lightly before the wolfish woman.

"No, no I did not. Last I looked, 'twas morn's light..." He checks his watch, and gives a startled look. "...three days ago." Yup, someone's been here awhile.

Both hands go up, and he finally smiles. "Alright. Nay, quite right. I...oh Lord, what is he...Bah! Should have brought a damned paddle for these little snots of trainees! One moment!"

A spell, and the rat warps away, appearing right behind the Squire. There's yelling, though not audible, has the Squire actually passing out. After a few kicks, Faruja gives up, calling over an actual Templar. Someone escorts the Squire to a bed within.

And then, the rat's out. "There we are. I...*yawn* truly in need of a rest." To his credit, he didn't even look, though as he watches, he seems utterly twitchy. As though is body is compelled.
Hati "I would have thought the throngs of faithful would have been bad enough, but now you want to add irate bar-keepers to your list of people to avoid." Hati had folded her arms then, "Maybe you really do need a body guard." Not that her presence at the initial battle had saved him from being shot, but sometimes you really can't do much when someone insists on putting themselves in harm's way.

It's not too long later that he emerges from the Church, leaving Hati to fall into step next to him. This, of course, surprises one of the watch, who points at her and goes: "Wait, wasn't that the one..." But apparently having Faruja's favor is enough to keep them from asking too many questions about her lurking in shadowy places - at least for now.

"I believe that if we want to avoid a candle-light vigil in your honor, we'd be best taking the back way around your Headquarters and going in through the skylight." Clearly, she knows the best ways to infiltrate the Shard Seekers. "Think you have a bit of roof-running still left in you, or should I carry you?" Hati smirks, the suggestion seeming preposterous if it weren't for the fact that she could morph into a six-foot tall ball of fur and muscles.
Faruja Senra Squint! The Templar looks indignant, crossings his arms. "Hardly! I learned my lesson! The mythril breastplate is on order, and I am endeavoring to get /both/ myself and my charge out of harm's way next time." Anyone, like Hati, who knows him well might just think otherwise. He's bad at /not/ getting hurt, even when he tries.

Faruja adds a glare. "To thy post, guardsman!" Temple rat is taking no guff tonight. He'll get enough, deservedly, from Hati no doubt.

He walks beside her, tail flicking, occasionally touching to the wolfess'. It's as though he's unsure whether to curl up to it, or properly remain apart. No doubt she's pissed! Best not to irritate her.

"I do believe I may yet be up to it! 'Tis hardly a dress about my form to play the damzel, yet! Mayhap I should carry thyself, sweet wolf, upon the winds!" Lightly teases the rat.

Otherwise, he'll follow Hati, being the distinct non-infiltraitor he is. He keeps up well, though is far slower than usual.
Hati On a regular day, it might be hard to read Hati's feelings. It isn't that she keeps them particularly hidden, but that sometimes she expresses negative emotions easier than positive ones. When she was a ShadowLord, her default state was: grr, rawr, rage, snarl. She'd calmed since leaving their influence, becoming more herself as her memories return. Of course, sometimes she still looks more angry than she actually is - just the downside of not knowing quite how to express things properly. When in doubt: grr.

"Come then, I'll race you." Ahh the wolf and her ever-present need for competition. Launching herself to the rooftops, Hati is on her way, not bothering to do anything quite so far as to offer a count of three. Instead, she's barreling across the rooftops, likely causing alarm to random people below who would be left wondering what sort of insane squirrel is running on their roof at this time of night. She leaps and lands and continues in fluid motions.

When they start getting closer to Shard Seeker HQ, that's when things start looking a bit stranger. There is a small tent-city outside, much to the dismay of local law enforcement, and while most of them are asleep, there are still a few lurking in these late hours, hoping to see the blessed one return from his duties at the Cathedral.

"They drug the sacrificial wine, don't they?" Hati mutters, her voice likely only audible to them and not to those below. "You think they would have gone home by now." Maybe, she just doesn't understand what they think to accomplish, but the religious are often the strangest sorts. They flock to holy sites, and for now, there still seem to be a handful of faithful who insist on stalking his comings and goings. Of course, Hati sees this as completely different from what she's doing. Totally.

"This way." She leaps over to an adjacent building, and then does a tight-wire act across between two alleyways to work around behind the headquarters. From there, it's easy enough to just hop onto the roof and make her way to the skylight. It's probably a good thing the resident gargoyle had that installed, since it certainly does offer a back way in when needed.
Faruja Senra "The loser shall be at the winner's behest for a fortnight!" Calls the Templar as she darts off, the male putting all of his energy into keeping up! He'll be darned if he's shown up by a wolf, even one so loved and respected as her! Leap! Competition go!

Faruja peers at the tiny tent-city. "...Devotion is one thing. Yet, I am hardly so worthy of this...adulation." He looks somewhat disturbed. "They may as well be stalking me!" Pause. Smile. "'Tis thy own occupation! None else for the stalking. Cannot have thee jealous, hmm?"

Pause. "There /was/ that one time. But no, not recently!"

Faruja, rather than tight-rope walking, simply Warps his way over. When she gets over, he'll over a hand to help her over. Off to the skylight they go! Who shall win the great race?
Hati The wolfish works of Hati's mind mean that she could hardly feel jealous of Faruja's throng of followers. Physically, as small as she is, she could probably best the most physically fit of them, and that means that they are hardly a threat. Of course, love and relationships don't really work that way, but she still hasn't quite figured that part out yet. She's gotten better about things, not just imposing herself physically, and working on trying to let her guard down a bit more, but it's hard when the person you care about may or may not be posessed by a demon.

"There's no competition, there." Hati chuffs, accepting his hand without a second thought, then racing along the last length of the distance. She pulls back, though, only going fast enough to keep up pace so that they meet the final goal at the same time. As if pretending that it wasn't intentional, the wolf comes to a stop and shrugs, pulling the skylight open and dropping down without bothering to use the ladder.

"Remind me to avoid the wine, then." She smirks. It isn't as if Hati really comes to many religious ceremonies. In fact, the only reason she'd attended the opening to the Cathedral is that sneaking suspicion that such a public display would have attracted trouble. Hati hadn't been wrong.

It's a strange feeling to be caught between two things. There's no way to come out and tell him about what she suspects about the chalice, or about what she was told by Will or by the heretics. She's caught on the edge, not wanting to lie to him, but also knowing he wouldn't believe her anyways. "And it would be nice if you could drag yourself away from your worship every now and again." Tail-swish. "Are you hungry?" Abrupt topic change, go!
Faruja Senra The rat smiles as jealousy is waved off, and their arrive at the same moment. He glances at the wolfess with good-natured suspicion. "Ahh, it seems we shall have to race another day!" He seems happy for the prospect. "Ladies first."

Hop! The rat ignores the poor ladder again. Burmecians aren't known for using them. "Nay, nor am I one for love-dramas. Hardly am I dear Reize, after all." Somewhere, an adventurer is probably sneezing. Poor guy.

Wince. More guilt. "On my honor, my dear, I shall visit more often. I promise." He gives a low bow, not bothering to hide his own guilt. An ear-perks. His stomach grumbles. "Well, the last time I ate was..." Mumble mumble.
Hati "You still owe me a test of your strength." Hati notes, "Though I suspect you'd fall over from hunger before you managed to give me anything close to a challenge." A finger reaches out, poking at his grumbling stomach as she heads towards the kitchen. Though the werewolf is not a Shard Seeker - or a member of any group, really - she knows her way around well enough after her multiple visits. It's familiar territory.

As she walks, her ears stay perked on him, tail swaying slightly behind her. "Well, Reize is another story entirely. I think the green-haired girls still think I was making out with him." Hrmph. Hati's mismatched eyes roll slightly. Amazingly, she seems to be one of the few not affected by the boy's charisma. "He just snapped me out of wolf form with that crystal of his... I wasn't trying to kiss him, I was going to beat the crap out of him until he brought back the White Wolf."

Her expression doesn't seem to carry any remourse for that. At the time, she hadn't really been herself, and like her brother, the obsession with the White Wolf had become an all-consuming thing. She had little else left in her life, then. Things had changed...

With a flick of her eyes towards him, she seems to appraise his state, then starts to rummage around in the fridge. "I worry about you." She admits, her expression hidden. It's not guilt so much this time, but a softer, truer emotion. Sometimes, it's hard to tell exactly what Hati feels, since she seems to rarely show what lies beneath the surface of her thoughts. With a thunk of her foot on the refrigerator door, the wolf drags a handful of things over to the counter and starts making what looks to be an epic sandwich, complete with epic mealtime bacon weave. Skoll must have had some left over.

"Any leads on the ones that attacked the cathedral?" She asks, knowing that this is one of the few areas where she might be able to get information from both 'sides' of this conflict.
Faruja Senra Faruja Senra slowly smiles. "Once this whole mess with the investigation is over, certainly." Wiggle! He chuckles a bit as he's poked, rubbing his stomach. It grows hungrily.

/Sigh/. He follows along beside her, knowing the place all too well by now. "Oh, dear Ser Seatlan. What /ever/ am I to do with ye? Trouble is attracted to that boy. Surely 'twas unintentional, boy does not have a malicious bone in his body." Smile. "Though a good beating no doubt shall keep him on his toes!"

Faruja's attention is kept on the wolfess, and most of all, that utterly wonderful sandwich she's making. Sitting at a small table, his tail flicks, almost wagging for her as he waits. HIs gaze softens. "...I know, I know. My profession is dangerous, Hati. We encounter things, and people, most fell and vicious. 'Twas the life I was destined to lead. But I have no intention of dieing early. Not after what happened."

A lick of the lips. Meat on top of meat on top of veggies. Oh yes. Come to papa-rat. "'Twas a mercenary group. The 'Black Falcons', or so they call themselves. Their leader...the one who shot apparently named Razor. We know little else at the moment, Dame Cressidia has been leading the interrogation. Something, I must admit. Finding a motive, or whom may have hired them, has been difficult."
Hati Once, it had been his never-ending string of injuries that kept her from being able to test his strength, but now it seems like other things were destined to get in the way. There is a part of the wolf in her that requires that much - trying to read the strength of a potential mate. It doesn't exactly fit under normal realms of romance, but Hati wasn't a normal girl by most measures. "Perhaps." She mutters, balancing one last piece of cheese on top of the sandwich and then topping it off with bread. The thing easily rivals one of those 'bet you can't fit your mouth around it' sandwiches that some restaurants make. At least it has the four food groups, though.

Balancing it carefully, Hati drags the plate over and sets it in front of the ravenous rat, "Here." Oh, and there's a clunk as she sets down a beer, specifically the sort bottled from one of the pubs he frequents. Where did she get that from? Stealth-wolf apparently has the ability to sneak alcoholic beverages from places. She may not have paid for that, though.

"The world is dangerous. It's no different for me than for you, except that you tend to put yourself in the line of fire when danger comes calling." The wolf settles herself down, tail curling next to her. "Not that I don't respect your bravery, but I think we both know that I'm not the sort to go playing the hero." Or is she? Isn't what she's doing to try to help him heroic in it's own way? At the very least, she's risking everything for someone - it's a far too human thing to do.

"Hrm. Black Falcons." Her eyes seem fierce, but guarded as she nods slightly. "If nothing else, I can always take a peek into things, myself." She had every intention of doing so, and had just been waiting on a call from the mysterious 'heretics' that, perhaps for good reason, were keeping her at arm's length. Then again, no one likes to be kept in the dark and used for their connections. Hrmph. "But you're right. Something smells about all of this. And not just three-day unwashed mice." Her tone at this point, at least, is teasing.

"I might have to drag you for a bath after you're done eating..." The wicked glint in her eyes suggests all the innuendo that goes along with such a statement.
Faruja Senra The rat is faced with his greatest challenge yet: a sandwich that dwarfs all other sandwiches. He stares at it, peering, nodding to Hati. The rat may be seeming to only half listen as hunger takes over. Manners are thrown to the wind as he starts to chomp on the sandwich, devouring it at a rate that probably isn't healthy. The beer's opened with one claw, the male looking upon Hati with a look that screams 'I'm going to hug you to death once I'm done eating'. For the moment, she probably doesn't want to get her hands near the feasting mouse.

Nom. Swallow. "Mmmph. 'Tis the due of our calling, to shed our blood for the sake of others. Yet, doing so recklessly seems to be my folly. 'Twould do to learn a few things from certain wolven women." He stares at Hati for a moment. "Though, heroism can be measured in many ways."

His tail flicks as he eats. "Please, do. We know precious little, and our contacts here are far too few at the moment." A pause, and he squints at the teasing, leaning in towards her. His tongue flicks out to lick at her nose!

"'Tis merely the smell of devotion my sweet, dear..." Her words have those two ears folding back, going pink. A napkin comes up, wiping away a nose bleed.

Grin! "My, my, my, ahhh, this exhausted Templar can hardly move! I am afraid you shall have to throw me over yonder shoulder, and treat this knight oh-so-gently!" He's still blushing, but at least he's teasing back!
Hati Never get between a wolf and it's food. Perhaps the quote works for mice as well, at least ones that haven't eaten in who knows how long. If Hati were fool enough to get too close, she might lose a finger. For now, she just sits and watches the sandwich be consumed in a time that would make speed-eaters jealous.

When he actually slows down enough to talk, her head cants, one pale tipped ear perked in his direction. "I don't know about that. I tend to be the one sheding the blood of others." Self-sacrifice is a fairly new concept for Hati. She had no problem killing her enemies, but actually going out of her way to help someone else at risk to herself? She'd never really done that. Sure, in her time with the Shadow Lords, she'd followed orders and fought for their goals, but now, it's hard to even remember /why/ she'd done it.

"So, what do you think Ramza and his heretics were doing there, then? Seems to me, they don't seem connected to these Black Falcons. I would expect that to be an easy tie to find if there was one." More fishing for information. She doesn't know much about Ramza and his people, other than the fact that Katyna seems to trust them. Could she trust them? Hrm.

Then, he's equating his mouse-oder to devotion. "If that's what devotion smells like, I think I'll be an evil spirit-worshiping pagan for life, then. That must be why they always burn incense... to cover up the stench of unwashed priests." The wolf reaches up to wave a hand in front of her nose, just in time for it to end up being licked.

Freezing for a moment, the wolf goes cross-eyed, then makes a little huff of sound before pawing at her nose. "Now you're asking for trouble." She shakes her head wolfishly, then smirks when he decides to tease her further. "Alright." She pushes up, cracks her knuckles, and probably will wisk the Templar away to the baths by chucking him over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. That is, if he doesn't stop her first.
Faruja Senra Finally, the rat slows down, a majority of the sandwich gone. Skoll would be proud, in the bacon-devouring prowess of the rat. It's the first thing that went down his gullet. Faruja crosses his legs, now leaning on the table. "In the Order, there are those known as 'Swords of the Faith'. Their sworn duty is to defend the Faithful by taking fight to the enemies of the Church directly, to be a weapon in the hands of their fellow servants of Faram. They are no less honorable than Shields of the Faithful." Imparts the rat. Clearly, the wolfess is the one wielding the sword in the relationship.

The Heretics have Faruja frowning. "Their own nefarious purposes, no doubt. Nay, they were not connected, 'tis obvious in that. Bad timing, really. These mercenaries seemed a different form of heathen."

The little quip earns her tummy a poke! "We happen to like our Cathedrals to smell wonderful. Besides, we often get the...unfortunate within." Read, filthy bums. "Equalizes things, you know?"

Knuckles crack.He squeaks aloud as he's hefted over the shoulder, and carried off to the baths! He makes an obligatory struggle! "Am I today prey, or the damsel in distress being carried off by her valiant knight?" A tail pokes her in the nose.
Hati There is a brief moment of hesitation as Hati listens to him explain various orders within the church, her ears showing the emotive tick backwards that comes with darker thoughts. "Seems like, sword or sheild, that a lot of people end up being wielded by someone else's intents." She doesn't outright condemn such a thing, but it's a thought that makes her wary. Good or bad, he would have to decide that for himself, much as she had. "If my power is to be sword or shield, I prefer to be the one wielding it."

She doesn't give much time to dwell on that thought, though, since there are more important things. That being a stinky-mouse who needs to be dragged off to the baths. For the fact that she and Faruja are nearly the same in height, she has quite a bit of strength in that smaller frame. She doesn't seem to struggle too much with him, even when he flails and goes about poking at her nose. The wolf blows out some air, snapping her teeth playfully at it.

"Don't make me drop you in the baths, clothes and all." She taunts, walking through the building to the Garden. No one seems to be around, so though there is a schedule of bating times, the wolf isn't really paying attention to it. It isn't until they arrive that she actually sets him down. "Do you think the poor exausted mouse can make it from here, or do do I have to bathe you /too/?" She eyes him a smirk showing a single fang as she watches him.

"Somehow, I think you'll end up getting me in trouble with your clan-mates. They seem a bit neurotic about that sort of thing." She thumbs at the sign. Maybe she did read it, afterall.
Faruja Senra Faruja raises his snout, in that manner when his organization is being insulted, and violence isn't likely to be involved. One ear tilts, the rat frowning disapprovingly. "One must trust in thy superiors, for 'tis through those blessed in the Lord's service that one may be led to salvation, and righteous works." Quotes the rat, as though it's the most natural thing in the world.

It doesn't last long, however, before he's picked up and slung about! Wiggle. Soon enough, there's a pair of robes flicked off, and tossed over the wolf-woman's head. "Quite able, my love! Thank you. And no peeking." Pause. "Too much." Removing his bandages, he sinks into the warm water, wincing as it hits his bare flesh where fur doesn't cover him.

The rat laughs, grabbing the soap! Scrub scrub. Soon, the rat is sudsy. "Blame Ivo, and their youth, my dear. Were there not such a thing, either we would have peeping toms, or Reize would barge in on the girls every night by accident."
Hati There are sometimes those moments where her own experiences clash with his beliefs. She had trusted Serrak to guide her hand as a weapon, and in the end, he had changed her into someone else, something else. He had brought the darkness that keeps her still on the edge - within a breath of falling completely. If what she's been told by the heretics is true, then the ones in charge of the Church may not be as trustworthy as he believes them to be.

The thought plagues her mind as she sits at the edge of the bathing pool, listening to the sounds of him moving about in the water. With her foot, she pulls the discarded robes closer, giving them a more well-aimed toss towards a laundry basket. The stench would be someone else's problem. Her ear does twitch to the word 'love' as it tends to. She still hadn't really said it back, not when he could hear her, anyways. Not that she didn't feel that way, just... it felt wrong to say it now more than ever. What if the Faruja she knows is already gone and this is just a shadow?

Sigh. Emotions were troublesome. "Some of us are adults." This being said by the girl who could pass for sixteen if she tried, but Hati just huffs, looking out at the night sky instead. It's hard not to let a yawn slip. After being on 'Faru-watch' for the past few days, she's gotten precious little sleep.

"So What are your plans then for the next few days?" She couldn't secretly be trying to keep tabs on him? No, not at all. "Maybe that way I can line up some time to actually spend with you when you aren't staring at relics or chasing heretics or sleeping..." And she can make sure to be able to sniff around and take care of any mysterious lookings into of mercenary groups without him around.
Faruja Senra Faruja smirks, chuckling lightly. "And some hath yet to grow up, though they be adult in body!" He's /definitely/ not talking about any knight-errants. Not at all.

The Burmecian taps his chin. "Mmm...let us see, there is to be a service in the coming days upon which I must attend...guard duty...guard duty...guard duty...another trip to Serendipity, to deal with a financial matter..." Then, he grins.

"Then, once that trip is taken care of, barring any interruptions through circumstance, I shall be at my own leisure."
Hati The werewolf laughs then, although it has a strange hollow sound ot it. "Well, where's the fun in growing up, anyways?" Her blue eye shifts in his direction, the wayward glance half-hidden by a lock of hair that seems to have faded almost to white from it's usual electric blue. "Better to stay young while you can. You've got years to be old. At least those of who have some sense of self-preservation."

Leaning her head back, the wolf stretches herself out, giving one of those wolf-whines as she leans back. As usual, it's hard to wrap her mind around the life of a Templar. "I've got an interview for a job in Manhattan, and I need to meet up with some people in Traverse after that. I'll probably be back before you're done playing guard-mouse."

Pushing herself up to her feet, Hati grabs a towel from beside the spring. It's an excuse to get up and move around so she doesn't fall asleep, herself. "If you're staring longingly at the chalice when I get back, though. I might have to get kicked out of the cathedral by seeing which gets your attention more, the cup or my chest." She's probably teasing. Maybe.
Faruja Senra Faruja chuckles, rubbing his burnt face. "Hardly fun at all." For a moment, the rat sighs, frowning. When was the last time he truly let himself go, to let himself relax? Ever since that day in the Cathedral, thoughts of duty had filled his head. Even for him, it was unnatural. "Mayhaps 'tis foolish, to let myself grow so...old before my time." A pause, and then the rat smiles, staring into Hati's eyes.

"Promise me something, Hati? Should this fool of a Templar be wrapped upon his duty overmuch, drag him away? Even knights need to live. Mayhaps I hath done far too little of that these past few weeks."

"A job? My, my, my, /gainful/ employment! 'Tis music to my ears!" The rat smiles, definitely teasing the poor wolfess. His tail-tip rises from the water, waggling at her.

Hati manages to hit him right in the weak point. His gaze lowers a touch, the rat going silent, blushing from one ear to the other. Someone has a nosebleed. After a few moments, he sinks lower beneath the water. Notably, though he seems done with the bath, he doesn't yet gotten out.

"...Point made, my love!" Cough. For once he's wishing the hot springs were cold.
Hati "Well, at least you won't have to worry about all your hair going white." Hati murmurs, darting her eyes away the moment he manages to catch her spying. Her tail sways slightly, flicking a few strands of her own oddly colored hair. Like most wolves, she'd probably get that 'gray muzzle' look when she gets older.

Her ear perks in his direction when he asks her to promise something. It draws her attention back, even if such a gaze might be improper. Head tilting, Hati nods once, although something in her expression seems guarded, worried perhaps. "Of course."

The waggling of his tail and teasing tone brings a huff from the wolf, who tosses the towel in his direction. "Get out of there, already, you're going to get pruney." Hrmph. With that, she steps back down, intent on at least trying to be polite, though her tail is tucked, a clear sign of other things on her mind.

"It's part time, at this club in Manhattan." If he'd looked up at all from the chalice, the mouse might have seen the advertisement. Of course, the logical leap of the mind goes to the 'dancer' position, especially as his mind is already in the gutter. "Besides, it's something to do other than training Garm. There's a lull in treasure-hunting leads, and last I checked, a certain someone doesn't like when I get sticky fingers and end up on the wrong side of the law." Having a Templar for a boyfriend has curbed that somewhat, although some people just /deserve/ it now and again. Like the baker, and those delicious pastries...
Faruja Senra Faruja Senra says, "Well, at least you won't have to worry about all your hair going white." Hati murmurs, darting her eyes away the moment he manages to catch her spying. Her tail sways slightly, flicking a few strands of her own oddly colored hair. Like most wolves, she'd probably get that 'gray muzzle' look when she gets older."
Faruja Senra "I shall have thee know that white is a most stately color!" Counters the rat, shaking his head.

In contrast, Faruja's smile blossoms, and his tail sways. "...Hardly do I mean to worry thee, Hati, merely..." He fumbles for words, then shakes his head. "Oh, dear, 'tis true. It seems that being so long away hath addled my mind. Thank you." It seems even the rat can't articulate why he asked. That may be a touch even more worrisome.

Whumph! Towel, meet nezumi-face. Pfffft! Soon enough, the Burmecian's out, gathering up his clothes too. "Bah hardly shall I prune!" Pause. "...We just get soggy."

Cue another blush. "" Ears fold back. "Mayhaps I shall visit!" His grin is almost boyish. Passing by, he leans in, planting a kiss to her cheek. "I shan't like to bail thee out from a jail! Be good, alright?" Then, the rat's off to his room to get some proper clothes!
Hati-Proxy Hrmph. "Maybe on one such as yourself. I think I'll refrain from turning gray for a while longer, though." It's not as if she could really comment. All her life, she'd been searching for a White Wolf, so it's a shade of hair/fur that she is particularly fond of. Perhaps that is part of the alure of the white-furred mouse, although she would never admit such a thing.

Her eyes find him again as he struggles to explain himself, but she doesn't press him on it. Instead, she waits, eyes lingering when he gets out of the bath. Yet, her gaze isn't the usual teasing glances, but something more sober. It's like she's looking at him and trying to memorize him, as if he might vanish into the mist.

She doesn't respond to the comment about the club, only nodding slightly. It isn't until he leans in to kiss her cheek that the wolf-girl blinks, her attention finding him again as he heads away. There's a hint of a smile there, the sort of reward that rarely comes, but perhaps makes it all that much more rewarding when it does.

With a sigh, Hati turns to follow, intent on trying to enjoy what time she has with him, even if the mouse is likely to face-plant in his bed soon enough. If these are the last days she has with someone she loves... then at least she'll remember them.

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