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(2013-07-11 - 2013-07-19)
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Maleficent Maleficient, the Dark Fairy Sorceress, is one of the few entities around who can rip open portals to new worlds but there are limits to every power, and in this case the locale is very important. She no doubt would have elected to choose another location had she the opportunity, but she sensed great power behind this locked portal, and beyond that she has also sensed great evil. With there being no active portal, she can't be entirely sure what's behind it, but there's power for the taking and reprecussions do not terrible concern her for she is the Dark Fairy Maleficent. She's very confident.

Pete is not present. He has been sent away to be problematic for Kuja rather than problematic for her.

Maleficient stands on top of the End of Line--electronic clouds crackle and sparkle above her, as if reacting to her even in this digital arena.

"Ancient spirits that serve the devil!" She intones, raising her staff into the air, elecricity channeling into it and crackling around her. "It is time to take us--to the next level! A great power lurks in this new world we've yet to face, open a pathway to this new place!" Her eyes sign with green eldricht power. "So we may one day hold all the power--link it here, before this tower!!"

Thunder crashes down in front of the End of Line, space starts distorting, glitching out graphically like one would expect from an exceptionally poor memory card. Gesturing forward with her staff, she cries out, "Yes! Yes!!!!" as the portal ripples chaotically, resisting the dark magic--and then....solidifies. The portal is about nine, maybe ten feet tall, and is relatively innocuous otherwise, a blip in space--difficult to see inside, but where may it lead?

Naturally this is all very obvious, especially to those already in the area. To those outside, they may have received word from Merlin that something 'troublesome' was going to be coming down here or from some friends who have connections to the denizens of the Tronverse.
Seith Standing at the side of Malificent stands a man in heavy armor. Being the world of TRON, the lines that flood across his body are a rare virus green that glows between the seems of his black armor. His head is covered in a black helmet - the visor a shiny gray. There's a single slot where this visor has a small open slot and reveals similarly green eyes. There are a set of demonic horns that grow back from his helmet. Further, there's a large regal cloak of black with a green patterning that seems almost elven.

This man is completely quiet, his arms crossed before his chest. And although no expression can be seen on this man's visage thanks to the all-covering helm, there is a certain 'stern' air that eminates from him. The magic that Malificent uses -- no, /sorcery/ -- is evaluated and analyzed. The man who stands at her side wishes for nothing more than to know the secrets behind these portals. Yet he doesn't let this greed shine through.

Instead, he lowers his hands when the gate finally opens and taps at the back of his glove, making a shiny metalic object suddenly 'jut' out from it at an angle; he's preparing for something. Not all 'evil' can be reasoned with after all.
Deelel Deelel had caught word from Merlin something was up back home something enough she'd put out some calls to people she'd knows to come with her to the Grid. Given Merlin had passed the warning she'd considered it fairly serious to be honest. Beck and Tron had also agreed about this so they'd called in help, now something had to be done.

So here here she was calling in a favour with the Shinra and a note that it could effect them negatively if they didn't help had been enough to get the IT department to let Tron, Beck and their companions though. Getting shot with a laser and turned to data might not bother a creature who was born of date. It might be a bit on the creepy side to those not from this place however. Once everyone is through Deelel will look up and look to everyone with a big old grin.

"Greetings Users, welcome to the grid. Just don't advertise your natures too much if we can help it also before we go there's something you need to know that's rather important."

Deelel does something a bit strange she pauses for a moment and generated what looks like a window pane with images on it. It kind of looks like one of those old 1950s educational film strips and a title appears in faintly glowing text.

"Water the ENCOM OS AND YOU!"

A young man who looks suspiciously like vault boy appears on screen. "Water is a wonderful thing in most world. In the worlds most of you are from it's what you drink, it's what you swim in!"

Cut to images of the young man having a drink of water, then suddenly in a beach outfit going for a swim! The slide changes to one looking much like the grid the young man is in a light suit at this point.

"This is also true on some digital worlds as well Where water while not a source of life is still safe to traverse and swim upon should the desire or need arise!"

Image of the young man leaping off a digital looking dock into the water and laughing as he breaks back to the surface. The images change again to the ENCOM OS it's got a lower bit rate and now the young man is in light suit of that era of OS.

"However on grids like the one you are now. Water is no longer your friend, it's deadly like molten hot magma!"

The young man leaps into some strange looking water and explodes into a cloud of Voxeles which then promptly vanish upon contact with the water oddly forming a frowny face as they do.

"Remember the Sea of Simulation or any source of water is not your friend! Do not let yourself or your friend go swimming and have a pleasant cycle!"

The totally not Vault Boy appears again giving a big old grin and a thumbs up. Then the whole window vanishes.

With the PSA done Deelel seems ready to go.

"We can't waste time, given we have an idea of where we are to go we need to make fort the end of line club and lets get moving. We don't want SARK to notice we're here either. He's a real idiot. If Merlin is worried I'm honestly worried myself."

Deelel will make ready once everyone has this bearings to head and and make for the club. She just hopes her companions will be all right. Given her own arrival in their world left her very confused, and she wasn't on a timer like they are now.
Merlock Speaking of incompetent minions who are not present, Dijon is off doing whatever incompetent cowardly minions do as far away from here as possible. Dijon's master, Merlock the Magician, is not risking any screw-ups here. While he may not have any overpowering loyalty to the Shadow Lords he also has no interest in betraying them or seeing their operations come to harm. A new Shadow Lord would pose the risk of yet another rival, but since so very few are aware of what they could be rivals with Merlock FOR, that is mostly a non-issue. No, more powerful allies is definitely the way to go. All the better to keep interlopers out of the way.

Merlock is no slouch as a sorcerer himself, but he has to admit creating portals to new worlds is not within his bailiwick. Sensing evil is also a bit beyond him, as he doesn't necessarily have any world view that encompasses things like 'evil'. There's simply, 'his way' and 'the other way'. So though he is suitably impressed as he stands a relatively safe distance away from Maleficent atop the End of Line tower -- just enough out of range to not interfere with whatever is going to happen, but not far enough away to seem as thoug he is afraid -- the towering wolf in robes and hood does not fully grasp what exists beyond the glitching of reality nearby.

Still, it's very... Interesting.
Ariel Ariel hasn't spent any time at all in the Grid before, and everything is astonishing! Starting even, with the fact that being here makes her hair turn blue, which is... weird and so wow!

Her eyes go wide as she watches Dee's presentation. She... can't go in the water here? But water is...

Well, that's okay, as long as she can walk, but the whole thing about it being deadly makes her visibly nervous. She stops for a second...

But looks hopeful again seeing the club. It's hard to know how to feel. It's so cooooool, but, so probably-definitely-dangerous.
Bad things are going down in TRON's home system known as the Wise OS. That worries Beck when he suddenly hears about this from the work he is doing on the laser in the Arcade. His own mind for a moment wondering over to his own home OS-- to Argon. Wondering how everyone is doing. Wondering if his friends are worried out of their mind for him.

Been a long time too since he has gotten on his home grid and the fact he has pretty much locked himself up in the Arcade to work with the wonderful world of Coffee! Seriously. The stuff is awesome! Yet these tools were cumbersome to work with and he couldn't use his own tool on it because it just didn't work. Oh yeah. It worked GREAT on Grid stuff, but not on this places items.

The fact he also didn't get the differences between users and programs. No matter how many times TRON and Deelel tried to explain it to him. Nope. Not getting it. Probably had to do with the simple fact that on his home OS there was no users. There was just-- Kevin Flynn. Their creator. Their god.

Yet when TRON and Deelel need the help, Beck offers to come along. He needed to stretch his legs and get out. So off he goes to this other OS with TRON and Deelel!

The digitizing laser activates in the room of ShinRa and Beck arrives in not his black outfit he normally wears, but one of this Grids. The silver suit with blue lines and a helm on his head. However something goes very, very wrong as he is digitized in. His disc on his back, which doesn't look like a Frisbee at all, but still a chakram, starts to fire out electricity; or what seems like it and his lines start to pulse rapidly. The young system monitor program of Flynn OS suddenly crashes down on his knee. Teeth grit tightly.

His body flickers in and out a bit almost in coded bit as the data tries to be processed in such a slower speed system. 8 bit world doesn't like 32 bit program it seems; at least one who isn't backward compatible.

"TR-TRON..." He says with gritted teeth. "Wh--wha-- what is-is ha-ha-happening..." Yeah. This wasn't good. But don't worry, there is a system monitor on hand for this kinda thing. Or-- so Beck hopes TRON has the answers; He typically does.

Serah Farron She had received an invite. And then she was in the grid. She doesn't quite understand what happened there. One moment she was standing there in a room with the others that Deelel had invited. The next moment, she was in this... odd world. Lights, no walls. Or at least that's what it seems. Plus... where did she get the plugsuit from? O_O Was she unconcious and someone stripped her and changed her clothes, all within an instant or something?

It looks like everyone's in the same boat though... So she decides to not voice her concerns, as the presentation about 'water not being your friend' is given "... So we're inside a computer?" She wonders, outloud but not too loud, given the warning to not say you're from the 'outside'. Just loud enough for the people around her to hear at least.

She lifts a hand "... So uhm, I'm not clear on what we're doing here exactly. You said you needed help, but what's going on?" Now that she's here, maybe she'll understand it better.
Maira Maira is here in the company of friends, at the request of a friend. Friendship, magic, etc.

Upon entering the grid, Maira gets a glow-y makeover as well. Her outfit remains basically the same besides that the pink of he dress is more luminescent, lines of bright golden light shot through the trim of the fabric. Likewise, her mane of red-gold hair glows softly.

Sadly, Maira is actually pretty use to being a light source so this isn't very shocking. Cool though!

Maira stands beside TRON and Avira, waving to Ariel nearby and flashing her a bright smile before she looks back to Deelel, then the introduction movie. Blink. Blink. "Water bad. Got it," she says, giving the programs a thumbs up.
Nagetta Not stand out? That might be a bit difficult for Nagetta, there seems to be a grid of glowing blue lines on her tail. That looked a bit odd. Of course she doesn't know a lot about technology to begin with. "Water is bad here?" She wonders what people drink then. This was kind of confusing.
TRON It is good to be home.

TRON can feel the difference as soon as his data settles from the digitization laser. The aggrivating background 'noise' of running data in his mind has dulled to near-silence, unable to continue its background process in the lower datarate of the Wise OS, and everything feels so much simpler and /familiar/. For a few long moments, he keeps his eyes closed and relishes in that warm feeling of returning to where one belongs.

He opens his eyes and looks down at his silver form with intricate thin bluish-white lines--his true appearance, not the white (or black) body-suit that Users associate with Programs back in Userspace. He even brings his hands up to his circuitry-laden helmet to make sure that has returned. He was getting really tired of /hair/.

He lets Deelel give their comrades a crash-course in their world's mechanics--especially the water, but does not chime in nor even pay attention. His gaze instead is pulled to Beck, who promptly glitches out upon finishing the digitization into this world. "By the Users," he hisses softly as he immediately moves to Beck's side.

He pulls his own Disc off his back, seperating the white Chakram Disc from the silver Frisbee one, and takes Beck's Disc off of his back. "Seems your data is incompatable with this world's for some reason, Beck. A problem unique to Programs...?" He shakes his head. "It will take me time to adapt it," he looks over at the others, dark eyes narrowing in thought. "Time we don't have."

He aims his white Disc at Deelel as if pointing at her. "Deelel, lead the others to the error point. Beck and I will catch up as soon as we can." He /knows/ this world. It won't take long to get there.
Palom rGetting scanned by a laser and turned into data may be a little over Palom's head. The world looks weird, but hey, so did Manhattan! "You could have just said water's bad here..." he comments, after the filmstrip ends. He doesn't seem /that/ alarmed by the idea of a deadly hazard being around. Actually, maybe this will make his water spell more powerful! And there are people he recognizes at his side here! "Hi!" he waves to Maira. "Ready to burn some bad guys?" He turns to Deelel, "Take us to 'em!" The pint-size prodigy is rarin' to go!
Avira Called in help indeed!

Avira was all too glad to help, in fact. Especially when a fellow VALKYRI was involved, such as TRON. Given all she's been through lately, she could really use this...well, it's not a distraction, more like a challenge to take her mind off of things for a while. Help solve someone else's problems in a way that did not involve Castle Frickin Oblivion.

She faces down the ShinRa laser with some wariness in her soul but a brave look on her face. The sensation is easily like nothing she's ever felt before and upon 'waking up' in the grid, her eyes squint and try to adjust to the contrasted darkness and light.

And the skin-tight body suit.

"Oh Faram." Avira makes an embarassed noise, "It almost feels like I'm wearing nothing at all." White glowing circuit lines trace their way around the black bodysuit. Her weapon is still on her, though a matte black with silver highlights here, resting neatly on her back.

WATER BAD here apparently.

"" she shuffles her feet awkwardly, "...wait, Beck? What's wrong with..." she looks from Beck to TRON, then frowns. "So we have a definite time limit here. Let's go, then."
Will Sherman Will doesn't stick around.

Scanned in, Will looks dully as the video starts...

Will slips out right as the guy shows up at the beach. Yeah, <GOOSEHONK> that. Nobody needed to tell Will that water was bad anyway, Will practically avoids most large bodies of water like the plague anyway. He's also had a real rough time lately, so he's more wanting to find something evil, large and then immedaitely PUNCH IT IN THE FACE!

The Hobo's outfit is both there and not there, because nobody can give his player a straight answer on this. So right now his outfit is Scrodinger's outfit.

However, reguardless, the hat is there. No matter what, Will Sherman has a large floppy hat with a burger king crown on it. He also has a jacket with TRON lines on it.

Will grinds to a hault outside of the END OF LINE club...

" building!"

Moments later...

Will kicks down the door to the top of the building.

"Noooo! Stop using my building to summon evil!"
Wreck-It Ralph The portal on the ground solidifies, standing tall before the End of Line. The bouncers at the door look wary, as much as Programs wearing opaque visors can. Programs coming and going back off, some fleeing, others watching the scene as if transfixed. The chaotic mass that is the portal whirls and ripples, wobbling like a block of gelatin -- and then becomes clear, a miscolored spot in space.

A miscolored spot in space that starts spewing bricks.

Cracked red bricks start pouring out of the portal. They roll out in a flood, spreading across the ground in front of the End of Line. Programs hop back away from it as it the torrent starts to subside... and then something else comes through. It's a huge mound of what looks like brick and newspaper, rolling along the top of the bricks and slid into the street in front of the club. The mound comes to rest, some kind of brownish weed sticking out of the top of all of it.

The weed, as it turns out, is hair. The mound sits up, the newspaper falling off his face. He's got a pear-shaped head, a big, reddish nose, and gigantic hands. He stumbles to his feet, looking around blearily. "Mmmnuh, what, what's goin' on, what..." He looks up at the club. "...woah." He scratches his head with one of his big hands.

"Did, uh, did we get an anniversary edition or somethin'? I kinda dig the new place. Not a lot of places to stand," he asides to one of the Programs standing nearby, who can only stare on in slack-jawed surprise, "but I'll do my bit, like /always/." He shoots her an irritated look. It's the kind someone gets after they've been doing the same job for years and still haven't gotten any appreciation.

The Program has no idea what to say, so she just runs instead. He turns away, waving a hand in a dismissive gesture with a muttered, "Yeah, yeah, /you/ go up to your penthouse, /I'll/ get ready for the level. Lousy cake-eatin'..." The nine-foot-tall giant starts walking around the left side of the building, ignoring the various Programs and not-quite-Programs. They get out of his way.
LEXUS The End of Line Club is performing business as usual. The energy club's digital beats rock out and entertain the programs within.

They do not want any part of Maleficent's thing. Castor is not getting involved in that crap.

Maleficent, however, is summoning up that portal right above LEXUS' Semi-Secret Penthouse Suite And Evil Lair. This gets attention. However, LEXUS is not making himself immediately apparent. He's cool with Maleficent. They chill. She can do whatever the hell she wants.

It provides such wonderful data.
Seith Seith looks down as bricks come out, and that gaze slowly goes up as the 'moss' decides to stand up. All nine feet of it, as Wreck-It-Ralpha decides to come to his full height. Seith ends up with his head craned up, that single visible eye trembling a little in surprise. Isn't this a bit much for a person? To be that big!?

And what the heck is he talking about? Getting into a penthouse? Ready for a level? Anniversary edition? Seith isn't a man of technology, he doesn't understand this stuff in the least. But neither does he back away. He simply waits for Wreck-It-Ralpha to move to the side and do whatever he is here to do, while glancing for a mere moment at Maleficent. What is /with/ this mess?

And then Will suddenly kicks in the door - or is it 'out' the door? - appearing on the roof of the penthouse. What the!?

Seith slowly turns, moving his hand quickly to the rectangle on his left arm and prepares to pull it out of his armor. "/You/."
Maleficent Maleficent laughs both darkly and coldly. Music swells dramatically and then--

--first Will busts down the door to the roof. Maleficent looks at him and doesn't seem to recognize him. She looks at him, nonplussed for a moment, before raising her staff--summoning...!!

A giant Clippy, like in Microsoft Word. It twists the end of itself up and starts stabbing at Will Sherman.

Presuming this will keep Will busy, she cries out, "See! A giant has come to our aid already and--"

She pauses, briefly, her forehead creasing in costernation.

"That is not the darkness I sensed..." She frowns. "...What is that one doing?" She looks towards Merlock. "Investigate if you would?"


DEATH-CLIPPY says, "Would you like to learn more about your impending death?! Please click here!"
Deelel Deelel had been impressed by how hard Beck was working not to mention learning how to do things as users do thing. She had always smiled a bit about that and yes he certainly loved Coffee to the point? They had to double the amount of it they were buying for the Arcade not counting now that there was a human employee and a bit of a reason to stock some more food items there. However the whole situation with Kevin Flynn was she'd lived on both her native grid and TRON's. She'd come to understand it, Flynn had created most everything on her world. She was one of the rare imports, all things considered. Still what was a bit shocking was how Beck reacted when he arrive she looks at him very worried at this hole state of affairs.

"Beck?! Of all the Glitch! This is not good!"

She's worried but there's her companion to deal with they are in an alien world to them and she's tot to keep her wits about her she nods to Ariel for a moment on the issue of water , she then casts a glance to Serah and answers some of her questions.

"Yes, more or less we are inside a computer. As for what's going on Merlin sensed something and passed a warning on to us. It's at a place called the End of Line Club. So that's where we're going to go. Yes water is different in this grid. It can vary but for the moment consider water. If you see liquid that's being consumed it's not water but energy. I apologize if this is confusing but we are pressed for time."

Maira seems to be adapting well enough and she gets a look over from Deelel. Her attention turns back to Beck and TRON for the moment As she's issued an order from her friend and more or less leader she nods.

"Understood, I'll do my best to keep everything together. Do what you can for Beck, TRON."

Avira gets an appraising look from Deelel as she looks Avira over with a nod Avira pulls off looking like a native well. "You get used to it, user clothing feels bulky a lot of the time in my experience. As for Beck I think hum it's a computability issue. TRON can handle it, and as he said we're on a time limit."

Will having the hat is not surprising at all something just told her that Hat is something that will be there so long as Will is alive. Will didn't need the PSA she knew that much he aside from TRON and maybe Beck were the only ones who didn't need it.

With that Deelel will set off for the Club leading the way and should not be too far behind Will at this point. The basic is unaware of just what has been summoned but there's no time to worry about Will. He's tough he knows his stuff and he's going to be okay but wait just what is going on up there she's not quite sure. Yet clearly something is up, something just doesn't seem right. Either way she calls back to the group.

"We're heading up!"

With that Deelel barrels in hot on Will's heels.
Ariel Ariel is not entirely clear on what a computer is, but being inside of it seems to be pretty rad.

Well, except for the evil things that are apparently going on. She starts running into the club, after Dee. She doesn't have any real weapons, but, her spells to create lightning probably won't really seem too out-of-place in a world like this. She feels pretty good about her chances to get SOMETHING accomplished... but, really hopes this can be done without violence somehow.
Maira Maira frowns, looking back toward Beck and TRON with obvious concern. But TRON knows what he's doing, and there is likely nothing she can really do to help him, whereas she is at least passably good at smashing some evil--or rather, lighting it on fire and blasting it with Holy until it stopped moving or stopped being so evil.

Now, it hasn't escaped her noticed that Avira has been on edge. She'd gotten the story, terrifying and utterly bizarre as it was. She cannot imagine having seen the things that Avira did--or the things that Isaac had seen, apparently multiple times. Poor Isaac! She is going to give him such a hug next time she sees him.

The fire mage groans lightly as Will suddenly charges past her before she can even get protection spells on him! Mentally, she shakes a fist! At least until, from out a portal, flops the biggest guy she's ever seen. And Maira knows some really big guys. Ralph is taller, and wider, than all of them. What the <goosehonk>!? She tilts her head curiously as he starts talking about levels, anniversary editions, etc. This all goes right over her head of course as Maira fixated on one word.


"Ooouuu, there's cake?" Say no more! Maira charges forth!
Will Sherman Will points a finger at Maleficent!

And then at Seith! "YOU!"

THEN CLIPPY! "I KNEW IT! I KNEW YOU WERE EVIL! YOU JUST KEEP COMING UP NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES WE TELL YOU NO! WE DELETE YOU AND YOU JUST REINSTALL YOURSELF! HA!" he says. "Oh right, you're pointy." Will is forced to grab Clippy by the sides to avoid the sharp edges, and then...

The force of the blow takes him dangerously back, close to the edge of the stairs.

He misses Ralph's entrance, due to the true evil...

The two are locked in SUDDEN DEATH, fighting for control of the grapple...

"You should be careful around stairs!" Clippy UNHELPFULLY says, "Click this report to learn about Stair related injuries every year.."

Will's eyes narrow... "NO! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS EVIL!" Will shouts, before flipping back, sliding under clippy and kicking him up...

And down the stairs.

"Ha ha! I warned you about Stairs!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron ends up following the others. She really has no idea what she's gotten into either. She hrms, looking at her suit again. It is amazingly form fitting. How strange, its like a second skin the way it feels even, yet you don't feel naked either. She steps along, taking in the sights. It is a beautiful place, maybe she should come back later to check on things on her own. If she can. She doesn't know much about time limits, but assuredly she wouldn't want to get stuck here either.

She steps over with a bounce in her step, toward the building... Did that large man just break out of a hole filled with bricks or something? She isn't sure she understands. But if there's something to investigate.

"Are you hurt?" She inquires to Ralph. She's healer of course. ALthough... does healing even work here? Its magic, in a digital world? How does that work?
Avira Mysteriously, Avira does seem to look a lot like a Program. Unless the Programs take a close look at her back and realize that there is no disc on her back, they probably won't realize that she is in fact a User. For now she'll definitely follow Deelel's advice and not make it obvious that she's a User.

But then they see the building. "...that's the Empire State Building. So THAT'S where that jerk LEXUS put it!" she turns to TRON and points at the building, "Is there any way to un-digitize it with the laser? That building belongs in Manhattan!"

A few pretty STRANGE things happen all at once. First of all, Will nicely points out that the elf Shadow Lord is here. This makes Avira bristle! Then that huge, huge huge guy shows up and grumbles about anniversaries and cake. He certainly doesn't look like a native. In fact...

"...wait." She watches Wreck-it Ralph circle the building, "...I've /seen/ that guy before. Pretty sure. But...where..."

BUT SUDDENLY WILL IS BEING ATTACKED BY A GIANT EVIL PAPERCLIP. "...what." She's so stunned she actually...doesn't go for the building.
Merlock Merlock sees things are not going according to plan. That is not a good sign (or evil sign, depending on how you view it) at this early stage. Still, perhaps it can still be salvaged. Merlock is, if nothing else, //persistent//. So he leans forward slightly, bringing his own considerable height down to the level of the others present if only for a moment, and affects a bow of sorts. "Of course..." Then he straightens as he sweeps his cloak about him, green light flashing about his form. He hopes that interloper who popped up on the roof isn't going to be a problem. Blowing Will OFF the roof would have been his first course of action, personally. But then there is a really hideous giant spider with a moustache skittering over the edge of the roof and descending rapidly to a point where Merlock can observe the fellow 'giant' with multiple glistening eyes set in a not-entirely spidery face.

After a few seconds the 'spider' drops to the ground outside the club and in a flash of eerie green light that crackles all over the oversized arachnid's form, Merlock once more stands there in his natural state. A man--Err. Wolf. Wolfman. He is -- if not as tall as the 'giant' -- as least closer than most of the others around here in height. Standing slightly distant, Merlock calls out in his gravelly voice, "You there! I am Merlock the Magician. Who are you and what are you doing here?" He is unsure if he should ask if Ralph 'heeded the call of Maleficent' or not, as that might reveal more than is desirable to someone who has already been identified as not the one the Shadow Lords seek. Instead he simply stands there, cloak billowing dramatically about him, and waits for an answer.
Palom Beck? Tron? Palom doesn't know these people. But he knows there is evil here to fight, and that's something he can do! He follows the charging heroes. Maleficient and her friends look sinister, Palom doesn't know what to make of the HUGE guy, but Will is fighting a... giant, animated metal wire and calling him evil while flinging it down the stairs towards the oncoming heroes! Now /that's/ something Palom can deal with! But what element do you use against metal? Palom seems to recall mages saying that electricity tended to either heal or /really hurt/ metal monsters...

Oh wait, they just told him what's 'Fury of the sea, wash him away! Water!'

Palom brings his hand forward and the spark of energy vanishes as suddenly a wave of water appears to the side of the steps, trying to wash Clippy right off to fall to the street below!
Seith A... CLIPPY? What is this, he doesn't even know. It hardly looks like something menacing enough to fell an opponent properly. Still, it is not his place to doubt Maleficent's ways. With some confusion and disbelief, Seith watches Will struggle with the metalic menace, and takes a few steps forwards. But when Will finally manages to overwhelm the thing, Seith halts again and finally pulls that large rectangle out from his hand; making a sweeping motion that arcs with a green solid energy - forming what looks like a pole of light, each side ended in a big scythe.

"So you recognize me." Seith answers Will. "No matter." The man makes a quick motion with one hand, and cracks immediately form in the building's roof near him as an eddy of gravity forms and begins to shine with a dark power. Towards Maleficent, Seith mutters; "Let me take care of this meddling fool." He points out and begins to threateningly move upon Will. It's likely that his mastery of gravity would easily bring Will to the /BOTTOM/ of the End of the Line Club.

One, the fall would hurt. But two - nobody 'got time for those stairs!
Wreck-It Ralph "Huh? Oh, yeah, there's probably some, uh, cake-goo left upstairs. Go bug Gene," Ralph asides to Maira in an irritated mutter. He passes the far side of the building, and then...

...starts stretching. He looks like he's warming up for some kind of INTENSE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. He turns this way and that, stretches his legs, reaches his ham-hands towards the sky and to either side. He yawns, clearly just waking up. Ralph turns his (compared to the rest of him, anyway) beady eyes to Serah when she asks if he's hurt. "Hurt? Why would I be hurt? No, I'm not hurt." He looks at her warily. "The level hasn't even started yet. Come on, get going or you're gonna be outta place."

Ralph yawns again. He looks up and across the street from the End of Line, squinting into the distance. Usually he's got a warning when there's a quarter. Not that it matters today; he doesn't actually want to be here in the first place. If he hops the next tram to the Station, maybe he can get a lead on getting one of those medals.

...after this level. Just one level. He needs to wake up, anyway.

Then, a weird spider comes down and turns into an equally-weird wolf guy. Ralph scratches his head. "Uh, I'm Wreck-It Ralph, and I live here? Hey..." He reaches out and pokes Merlock with a giant finger. "Are you the guy who makes the ducks show up? 'cause those're, heh, those're pretty good, especially when Felix runs into..."

Ralph cuts himself off. He spots something in the far distance, shading his eyes with one hand to look at it. He thinks it says something about 'the Games commencing.' "Uh oh. Okay, I gotta do my thing, you keep on... uh, keepin' on, Merman." Ralph steps past him, patting him on the shoulder. It's kind of like getting knocked on the shoulder with a falling anvil, and that was pretty clearly a light touch. Ralph jogs a little further down the street in front of the building, calling back, "And get some more of those ducks!"

A moment later, he comes back. He runs in front of the End of Line, looking across the street. He throws both hands in the air, taking a deep breath as he scowls ferociously at something or other on the far side. His yell is clearly audible up and down the street, and all the way to the top.


Ralph suddenly charges up to the side of the building. He hesitates for just a second, and then draws back one of his colossal fists. Is he seriously going to just up and punch the --


The sound of the front of the End of Line getting demolished by rapid-fire punches is perhaps louder than his previous declaration. The entire building shakes from top to bottom. Glasses inside rattle, Programs look up in alarm, and massive, glowing cracks start to appear across the front. Bits of what passes for wall on the Grid flake off into the street, and Ralph grabs hold of one of the holes with one meaty hand and swings himself easily at least ten fifteen feet up. He punches another hole in the building, landing on a decorative ledge and turning to face the building again. He starts moving horizontally as he swings instead of standing still, shuffling along and demolishing the front of the structure with casual ease.

He might not be the source of /darkness/...
Ariel Oh, no, what is he doing?! Ariel is still running toward the building.

He doesn't look like a Heartless, but he really looks like a gigantic bully. "HEY! Stop that!" she yells, cupping her hands to her face. Because, well, she is a princess, and so she has to try. She has to, even if he seems pretty determined.
Maleficent "From hell's heart I stab at thee!" Death-Clippy says. "Is a quote from which book? Click this link to find out more!" It wraps itself around Will but then--Palom summons water which here is, naturally, lava. Everyone scatters away to avoid being melted like woah.

Unfortunately Clippy is in GRAPPLE CONDITIONS with Will, even before its latest attempt to wrap even more tightly around him. Will might want to figure out how to destroy Death-Clippy without having his second worst experience with water-like substances today! Just becausae something is silly does not mean it is not also dangerous. Maleficent has a lot of people who point fingers at her and yell 'YOU!'. "But of course, this is not the time for interlopers! Who are too late! The portal is open...and it will not close so easily! Ha ha ha ha ha!" Maleficent is recovering--Will and Ralph sort of threw her a touch off her groove, but she's back on it.

She looks towards Ariel, then Deelel, then Ariel again. "Are you enjoying yourself?" She asks 'sweetly'. "A brand new world awaits! You may explore it, if you wish--" She seems content, for the moment, to allow her attack paperclip to handle the interlopers.

She chuckles faintly, but then raises an eyebrow as a certain phrase hits her ears.


At first this makes Maleficent smiling. Wrecking things, generally, makes Maleficent smiling. Then she sees where Ralph is heading towards and she pauses, mouth creasing into a small frown. And then--


Maleficent actually jumps up like five feet from the force of the strike. Then WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM she lands right at about the last one which sends her bouncing into the air again.

"He is destroying --the building! Diablo!"

The raven caws helpfully.

"Stop him!"

The raven dives down and attempts to peck into Ralph's head. It probably won't hurt him but it may DISTRACT him from breaking the building.
Maira % Cake, upstairs? Cake goo? That doesn't sound ad nice! Maira blinks though, and shrugs. "U-uh...okay, thanks..." she says then watches him walk over to the front of the building. There is a distinct odor that lingers in his passing. Maira sniffs the air a little, a look of intense concentration on her girlish features. "...Huh....Oh! You smell like Will!" she calls, happy to have figured out the familiarity.

Right. Shadow Lords. Seith is here. She does /not/ like that guy. Where is he!? Let her at 'im! Thus, she moved into the building with most of the others. Like a dope.

Suddenly, a booming voice. Big Dude is going to wreck something? Wreck what? The cake? "AAAAAAH!" she yelps, falling over as the floor begins to shake violently.

Maira crawls over to a window to shout down toward Ralph, "H-HEY! What are you doing!? Stop that! ...Please!" she shouts, before the building thumps hard again and Maira goes lurching forward out the window!

Well, at least she's too busy falling out a window to be /terrified/ by the presence of several powerful Shadow Lords, including <GOOSEHONKING> Maleificent!

...Girl does have style though.

Back to screaming. "AAAAAAAAH!!!"
Will Sherman Will stares...

"Oh god water..." Will runs away, "STOP SHOOTING WATER AT ME!" he shouts, apparently clippy was way too good to be dislodged so easily...apparently Maleficent has reality warping powers to get clippy from being thrown down stairs...

It all gives Will a ehadache...

Will spins around, trying to fight off Clippy and instead of running back towards the stares...

Is near the edge of the building that Raph WRECKS...

Will nearly looses his footing, still engangled with Clippy...

"Woah...that was close.." he says to Clippy... "How about we take this down a floor so we don't fall to our dea-" GRAVITY.

"ELVES ARE <GOOSEHONK>S!" he shouts as he flies off the side of the END OF LINE CLUB...

Right towards Ralph. Probably passed...

TRON TRON doesn't even watch Deelel lead the others towards the End of Line Club--or Empire State Building Reloaded, if you prefer. His full focus is on Beck's Disc, held in one hand while the other hand weaves through a rudimentary and blocky screen hovering over it. Shutting down extra processes, streamlining vital functions, locking down what isn't needed--

Then he cuts his hand through the display to dismiss it from view and locks the Disc back onto the spindle on Beck's back. "That should--"

The sound of Wreck-It Ralph's voice echoes from the direction of the End of Line Club, catching TRON's attention mid-sentence as he focuses in that direction, gaze sharp. He /knows/ that voice--it echoes in Flynn's Arcade every so often. But if there is more than just similarity at work here, how is a sprite from a video game /here/?

Sharp, rumbling, repeating 'WHAM' sounds echo even louder than the voice had, rumbling the ground like an earthquake and stirring TRON from his puzzled reverie. "We need to go!" He grabs Beck by the wrist, pulling the Program behind him as he pulls free his plain, glowing blue baton from under his bracer. "Hang on!"

He lunges forwards, gripping the baton in both hands, and the blue Light-Cycle rezzes around both of them as the engine screams to life. The next second, the Light-Cycle is a blur of blue as it races down an alleyway between geometric shapes towards the End of Line Club.
Deelel Deelel honestly has no doubts that Magic will work here, it seems to work on worlds that didn't have it in the world of Ruin. So it should logically work here as Ariel keeps up with her and there Maira's as she changes on. She wishes she could bring her friends to her world when there wasn't a crisis but that has to wait. They need to deal with the Shadow Lords and anything that has come here because of them. The poor girl has no idea she's doing the worst possible thing given who was summoned.

She can hear Will shouting about something she has no idea what but he's not too happy he's not too happy at all here. Just what has Will encountered.

"Looks like will has found something."

She belatedly answers Avira

"Let's worry about people first! Buildings later."

She doesn't even want to think of the logistics of this she seriously doesn't as for Ralph? Well she gets a funny feeling she's seen him before but can't place it.

There's this pause of horror beholding Clippy, she's heard stories about such a thing a terror beyond that of the worst virus and here is is. She manages to take care of. She was going to jump on the Clippy bit then she hears a cry a very loud cry of.


"By my User! He's going to bring the whole place down!"

The building is taking terrible damage a whole lot of damage she can see the damage as she's charging up the stairs, if he keeps at it the entire place is going to come down around everyone's heads then comes well Palom with water. Deelel's eyes almost bug out and she moves it fast as she can heading up. Finally getting up and she looks to see Maleficent to say that doesn't put a dent in Deelel's bravado would be a lie. Holy sweet gates on a pogo stick, it's one of the most horrifying entries she's aware of existing and she's on the grid. The comment about the portal gets her attention sure another world they may have to explore but right now? Ralph? Darn it, whatever this guy is he's got to stop doping this.

So there Deelel goes she's going right off the roof. Deelel is very agile she can make her way about the side of the building as she goes after Ralph a she calls out to the huge man.

"Wait! Stop do you have any idea how many people are in here! You don't have to do this!"

This is going to likely very well end poorly for her but shes going to try the guy's been pulled from his world and is clearly confused here. Still Maria is right the smell my word the smell, it's like Will. How is this even possible what sin has the universe done to have two sources of this smell.
Serah Farron Serah Farron was jsut being concerned! Bricks and all. She looks confused when he says to 'take her place' though "What do you mean by that?" She looks around...

And barely has time to get out of the way before Ralph does what Ralph does. Breaking things. And this time, its the building they were in. She goes all @_@ and quickly moves out of the way, before the pieces of the building come crashing down on her! She doesn't care about cake at all, just for injuries right now!

"Ahhh! Why are you doing that! Stop it, there's people inside!!" She cries out toward the muscle-man... for what she hopes is a safe distance! She hears Will's cry for help too, looking him, but... she doesn't have anything to break his fall! Not even a basin of water handy. Not that she'd want to use water right now, since they got the warning, but it does come to find, even if in a 'looney toons' way.
The young program stays hunched down. People were worried about him, but their voices were muffled. Hard to make out. It felt like everything was in slow motion. The worlds. The movements. It was all slow and a blur. It felt like his core code was trying to be ripped apart or completely seize up.

Then TRON does something after everyone has left. The world stops being blurry and Beck for a moment reaches up to his throat as if he can't breath for that time. Or at least it was a reaction like. He glanced around as the pupil of his brown amber eyes flicker a light blue light a few times as his processing was trying to take in what had been done.

He didn't even have time to really thank TRON or even ask 'what the heck', before he is yanked by the other Program to hold on and gritting his teeth a little as TRON hand takes hold of a 'old' reminder.

Then suddenly he was inside a bike. With TRON. Moving at dazzling speeds. He did this with Deelel, but this was TRON. This was-- going to be a crazy ride.
LEXUS The End of Line club shakes under the impact. Programs begin bailing out of the building. Unfortunately, no one there has a Light Jet handy for rezzing. The Programs begin rushing down the stairs, the elevator clearly suicidal in this circumstance as the building shudders and shakes under the crashing impacts of Wreck-It Ralph.



Above, in the (thankfully still intact) penthouse sanctum of LEXUS, he looks out over the city, listening to the chaos below. He doesn't move as the building shakes, his hands folded. Before him, the Eye rotates, analyzing and considering the situation as it stands. Where it could go. How it will be.





Seith Ahh, nothing as satisfying as throwing annoying hobos down buildings. But then suddenly the thing begins to shake. Master of gravity he may be, even Seith is momentarily unnerved by the sudden movement of 'building' beneath him. "What the?" He comments in surprise and rises up into the air within an orb of purple crackling energy, and then floats over to the edge of the building so he might look down over the edge.

Behind him, Maleficent is demanding he stop him. This building's demise certainly would spell great trouble for the connection to the portal she just made. Seith... is taking his time to consider the tactical advantages.

"Buildings can be replaced. But the brute might do some permanent damage to the 'heroes' downstairs." Seith comments to Maleficent.
Merlock Merlock hesitates to nod in understanding as he doesn't actually understand, but he at least inclines his head a bit and runs a hand through his beard. "I see... Mister Ralph. Well--" but as he is looking around at some of the others present, gauging the reactions of bystanders and those who are not fleeing, he is poked in the chest. He staggers back a couple steps. "What? Ducks--No! I am the one who destroys all who oppose him!" Ahem! "You appear to be confused about--" But then Ralph is leaving, and Merlock gets clapped on the shoulder and again staggers. The physical strength of his 'mere' immortal sorcerous form is not really the same as when transformed into a ferocious beast, but Merlock feels he probably would be hard-pressed to match such strength in almost any animal form he could potentially take on. It's just a hunch, but his shoulder is pretty sore from that light pat.

Scowling, the bearded wolf looks around and sees things are rapidly getting out-of-hand. Serah, Deelel, and others Merlock is not personally familiar with but gathers are not 'with' the Shadow Lords so-to-speak are all doing their parts to clamor at the giant who breaks things that he should not be breaking things in some kind of appeal to a true inner good that they have no reason to think is there. He rolls his eyes. "Typical..." The sorcerer turns his focus on the digitized portal, eyes narrowing as he ponders getting the ally they were originally looking for before some hero-wanna-be gets in there and ruins everything or seals it shut or something.

But word on the magical communication thing is that this is not an issue at the moment. Well, Merlock is relatively new to all this so if one far more experience with other worlds says it isn't that easy to close off access, he shall oblige her. For the time being, he transforms once more amidst supernatural green glow -- this time into a giant bird of prey (once more with a moustache). He takes off into the air with several great flaps of his wings and heads for the building that is current being wrecked. For the time being he does nothing but observe, but if his allies seem as though they would benefit from him swooping in, he certainly shall. Especially if it involves carrying them away from Ralph rather than trying to interfere with the man directly.
Avira Four little words. Like a bolt from the blue, it hits Avira. OF COURSE. Video games are ALSO Programs, aren't they!?

Her eyes widen with urgency. "WE HAVE TO STOP HIM!!!" Because Avira, unlike her antivirus counterpart, cannot 'Fix it.' "THERE WILL NOT BE A BUILDING WHEN HE'S DONE!!! <Goosehonk> where is Fix-it Felix Jr. when you need him!?"

As she races for the building without the help of a bike, she reflects upon the fact that this was pretty damn surreal. As she nears, she considers scaling the side of the building like some kind of crazy parkour ninja. She's practiced this before! The building was a bit bigger than usual but-hey wait, is that guy fall- "WILL! HOLD UP WILL, I'VE GOT YOU!" Fortunately, Will's pretty tiny. Avira feels okay trying to catch him! ...wait, Maira is falling too. SHE CAN'T CATCH THEM BOTH!

"MAIRA!" Avira calls out, "USE YOUR WIND MAGIC!!! I KNOW YOU'VE GOT IT!!! C'MON, LIKE THIS!!!" she howls, in fact, not physically out to catch Will but instead throwing up a sudden blast of air to cushion and slow the fall of the tiny hobo until he can neatly settle into her waiting arms.
Palom Clippy hangs on to Will, and unfortunately, magic targeting is centered on the /creature/... "Whoops! Sorry!" Palom calls out, as lava-water almost gets Will too.

And then the building shakes. Palom wobbles a bit and then falls to hands and knees on the stairs, but fortunately he's nice and low to the ground by virtue of not even being in first grade yet. "Hey!" he shouts down at RalDrifting breeze, come down with fury! Blizzara!" Palom touches the side of the steps and then a trail of ice freezes across the building right towards Ralph before erupting into crystalline spikes from the wall in front of him!
Maira Air magic! Yes! That'll do...something! "OKAY!" she screams to Avira, then summons a blast of wind magic beneath her, trying to calculate the amount of magic she'd need in order to slow her fall enough not to be hurt.

Of course, she over-compensates.

Suddenly, Maira is flying back upward, flailing.
Wreck-It Ralph Impassioned pleas for Ralph to stop don't seem to have much effect, no matter how many Princesses or Princess-a-likes ask him. Ralph just kind of rolls his eyes, muttering under his breath, too quiet for the player he assumes is around to hear it. He can't just /stop/ in the middle of a level. What are they, new?

Ralph keeps punch-punch-punching. He crosses the floor he's on and jumps up to the next one, starting in the other direction. He breaks windows and shatters walls, apparently mixing things up a bit as he goes. He's a little surprised nobody has started to stick their heads out windows screaming yet --

Maira does just that. "Oh, there we go."

Diablo swoops down and lands on Ralph's head. There's a sound like the bird was knocking on wood as it pecks at his head. Ralph swats at it with one hand, momentarily distracted by the sensation of something small and annoying pecking him. He is not unfamiliar with the sensation. "Hey! Get offa me, you stupid bird!" He swats a hand at it again, trying to brush it off. "Save it for the hero! Rassa frassin'..."

People start falling. Maira and Will pass him. He scratches his head where he was pecked. "Huh. HEY, TRY HOLDIN' ON NEXT TIME," he yells after them. A beat later, he adds, "AND AIM FOR THE MUD, IT'LL CUSHION YOUR FALL!"

There is no mud.

More shouts from below. Ralph grunts and brushes weird flickering blue and black bits off his knuckles. "Huh. I think I liked the old building better." He looks down at the girls on the ground, waving a hand in his attempt at a subtle shooing gesture. He looks back up, and immediately he spots Deelel, the Program climbing towards him. Ralph scowls again, drawing back both fists and slamming them into the side of the building, sending a huge crack upwards towards where she's climbing! He pulls them back again --

SUDDENLY, ICE. Ralph swings right into it, shattering the formation as it, uh, forms, sending bits of icicle everywhere. Frost spreads onto his ledge, and he starts to slip and slide, arms pinwheeling while he tries to keep his balance on the ledge. "Hey, hey, hey! Woah! Who's the doodie-head, you -- booger-breath!" Ralph stomps his feet, cracking the sheet of ice and the building both. Bricks start falling from below him, scattering and dropping onto the people below!

Ralph takes hold of the side of the building with one hand, and sticks out the other. He opens and closes his huge fist, bending his knees, ready to jump. When he opens it one more time and starts to close it, Maira flies into it on her way up. He turns his head and blinks at her quizzically. "Huh? Hey, get back in there!" He sticks his Maira-laden arm into the building through a hole in the wall and unceremoniously deposits her within. Then, back to punching!
Ariel Ariel is suddenly called out by Maleficent, and... she looks at her. She seems like she knows more than she's letting on, just from that comment, and Ariel squints at her. But...

She IS kind of right, right? This world is really interesting.

Maleficent's next action makes it perhaps more clear she did not summon the giant to break the building, and breaking the building is just a thing he's doing. Ariel can't figure out why he's doing it. It honestly seems to be out of some sort of duty, rather than because he sincerely wants to break the building, but he also doesn't seem interested in pleas to stop.

"I-- I can't really explore a world if he's going to destroy it all," Ariel says to Maleficent (despite the fact that she doesn't entirely seem like a person that could be reasoned with about this).

She tries conjuring up a little wind. Maybe if she builds a gust, she can knock that giant off the building and stop him for a little while. She doesn't really want to hurt him but he does look pretty tough.

A little tornado blows toward Ralph when she shouts "Aero!" It might not be as strong as Palom's spell and she still doesn't have a good handle on making them dramatic.
Maleficent THWAP.

Diablo splats against the building. He lets out a pained squack and then tumbles downward, swirlyeyed.

Maleficent's eyes narrow. She cares more about Diablo than literally basically everybody else who isn't named Maleficent. Hades's sassafrass isn't improving her mood in the slightest. She clenches her fist tightly in the language of archvillains used since the dawn of recorded media.

MEANWHILE, Clippy is bashed free from the wind and goes flying around as a paperclip is wont to do before slamming into the ground, a brick landing on him shortly after.

He wheezes, and gasps out and says, "All I wished...was to teach people how to properly maim one another. Who is the monster here? Not I..." He croaks. "Not...I..." And then he passes away, forever.

She is about to blast Wreck it Ralph with lightning but Seith brings a solid point to her attention. "Hmm...a salient point..." It's Lexus's building but she can't bring it up here. Instead, she focuses on what can be understood. Ariel. She smiles at the girl and says, "A salient point. I am quite intrigued to see if you will be able to stop him!"
Deelel Deelel can not do a thing for Will she's gone to try and speak to the huge guy that's wrecking the building. He's certainly carrying out his word isn't he? Somewhere there is a part of her mind still concerned about Beck but there's nothing she can do other than trying to keep things together and get Beck back in action. OR at least get Beck the heck out of the system so he's not hurt by this experience.

She's not the only one trying to get Ralph to stop without shooting him. Or setting him on fire, ice or what have you. Merlock is notice as a threat but she doesn't know quite he is.

Then Avira says something that actually makes Deelel pause.

"Wait Fit-it Felix Jr.?! WAIT WHAT?! But that's a game at the ..."

The arcade it was one of the old games in the arcade. She'd played that game last night with a few others before she went into a sleep cycle. What the heck was going on here! Her kind were a layer under what the users saw, but this? Oh this is going to raise so many questions but for now she's got to stop Ralph some how.

Then in her mind comes a terrible case of user error, Palom attacks Ralph. Not heavily but it could make him get even more angry. Not much she can do about that now, as Maira meanwhile saves Will from a very grim end, which she's very happy about. She's still got the huge stinky likely program before her, oh this was one of those days, this was one of those days indeed.

The world gets stranger while Ralph is trying to destroy the building his actions show he's trying to help Will and Maira. That surprises her but it's a very good surprise so this guy isn't the sort of person to not have a heart. The comment about the mud? Wait there's no mud not. Then Maira fires up like a shot and ends up getting placed safely


Maleficent is a threat but she's not joining the fight and Deelel isn't going to start trouble with her while Ralph is a problem she can deal with it later.

"This isn't your home this is ENCOM OS!"
Maira A "BWEEEEE" is heard as Maira sails upward. A quick radio conversation is had, then Maira loses upward momentum and begins to fall again. And because it just seems appropriate, Maira starts to yell again on the way down while also calculating the amount of Air magic to channel this time.



"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA---Oh, hey," she says, scream cutting off as she's suddenly in one of Ralph's HUGE hands, being unceremoniously manhandled back into the building. "Th-This is not your game!" she calls, flopping backward, dizzy, spiral eyed @.@
Will Sherman Will falls...


WHOOSH...and then he lands in Avira's arms. "My hero~" he says, and plants a kiss on Avira's cheek and pretends to blush.

And then he grabs her by the shoulder. "Aim for his shoulder." He says. Right as Clippy hits the ground. He pauses, listening to his words... "Yes. Yes it is, you monster." Then the shot pans out to view clippy on the pavement, crushed under brick. DEAD is written under him.

Moments later, Will is SHOT up into the air. "THIS IS SO AWESOME!" he says, and then soars right ABOVE Ralph...and then lands right on his shoulder. "Hi. My name is Will Sherman, I am king of the Hobos...and I am here to bring you a message."

"Please do not destroy this building, it is actually here by accident, there apparently a problem, and are here instead of in your world. If you want, I can buy you a burger and we can talk this over and get to known one another."

Will puts his hand out, to offer a shake. "What's your name?"
Seith Suddenly, there's a flying Maira, darting up along the building. Seith watches the girl come up, still holding his scythe on one side, and just casually throws an orb of gravity in her direction while he hops over the edge of the building and begins to descend. However, he fails to 'capture' her as Wreck it Ralph suddenly grabs the girl and then deposits her into the building! Well... that was awkward.

His descent is casual... slow even.

"There is no need for this... violence!" Seith suddenly calls out, and throws a wave of dark magic down towards the heroes, trying to carve a 'trench' between them and Wreck it Ralph, and halts just above the man with the... hamfists. God, this creature /reeks/. What is that? Old festering popcorn?

Seith looks down at Wreck it Ralph and simply shows a hand. "Don't you hate it when your enemies go so far as to 'cheat'?" He asks Ralph - refering to the heroes trying to pry him off of the building. The elf had learned that if there was one thing programs hated, it was 'cheaters'. What's more, he's quickly catching on to a few things.

And then suddenly, WILL! That damned Hobo getting in the way again. Seith casually looks at Will. "Ignore that critter. He's a User trying to 'cheat' to win the game." He explains. "Just like the rest of them." The man then offers a hand towards him. "If you take my hand, we'll tag-team this and move to a different..." What was the word again? He'd heard Maleficent speak it. "~level. A better level."
Serah Farron Serah Farron doesn't know about games! Well, there were games in her world, but nothing like this! Its more like virtual reality, not smashing buildings down! She ducks the incomming bricks and hobos. Well the hobo is fortunatly stopped in his descent, which is good thing. Its kinda hard to heal human pancakes. She keeps screaming at the brute though "Okay no more nice lady here." She takes a deep breath... and here comes Teacher Serah. Even if she's never been a teacher yet, its something that might just get imposed on her future students, if she goes on to teach like she plans on at least "YOU GET BACK DOWN HERE AND STOP DETROYING THE BUILDING NOW!" You don't want to get her to climb up there and take him down herself, really.
Merlock The huge eagle comes flapping up, trying to get close enough to speak to Ralph, but everyone is shooting wind everywhere and yelling things, and the turbulence is making it hard to maintain a relatively static position in the air. Struggling, the eagle finally just gives up and turns into something else. A flash of green light and Ralph is soon accompanied by a large gorilla -- still not as big as Ralph himself, of course. Merlock the Gorilla clings to the side of the building and calls out, "These hostile fools are essentially correct, Wreck-It Ralph! There was an error, and you have been moved to a... 'Game' that is not yours! This is not the place you need to wreck. I and my associates know what is going on now and can show you where you belong and what you need to wreck. Also, we will not shoot wind and ice at you." He then demonstrates his sincerety by swinging out with a powerful gorilla fist right at Will's face.

"'Heroes' like them do not want you to serve your purpose! They just want all the glory, all the recognition! You DO have a purpose, and it is not for them to say you should not do it! I say that you //shall// fulfill your purpose, you SHALL wreck buildings! But not here, not now! Come with me -- you can be with those who understand you and wish you no ill will, unlike these... ...//Individuals// trying to knock you off the building."
Palom Chaos everywhere! People falling, Deelel shouting something about Felix and ENCOM OS. But Palom is focused on Ralph now. Like the big guy, Palom is good at one thing: Wrecking things. Hopefully he wrecks things that people need wrecked, but he's not so much good at talking people down or helping the injured.

Palom stands u'Star fire...' Uh-oh. Close to Ral'...awake and deliver my wrath! FIRAGA!' The young mage swings his staff dramatically, and a little red spark flies out of the end, to hit Ralph or the wall close to him. On contact, it EXPLODES in a great big fireball, although it's more heat and flame than concussive force because MAGIC.

At least he hasn't used Quake or Flare yet. Also, standing on the edge of the steps swinging wildly has left him teetering on the edge, windmilling his arms to try not to fall. "Woaaaagh!"

The hero, ladies and gentlemen.
TRON TRON drives the blue Light-Cycle to make the best time possible towards the End of Line Club, using geometric shapes and buildings as ramps and taking the shortest route there while using the vehicle's speed to their advantage. The Light-Cycle never quite feels like it's out of control, but Beck would get the feeling that TRON is improvising his path as they go.

The situation bursts into view as the Light-Cycle snaps a instantaneously-sharp 90-degree turn around a building corner and beelines directly towards the End of Line Club. "By my User..." He murmurs, peering through his windshield for a moment before the Light-Cycle's front tire strikes a group of abandoned bricks.

The vehicle fishtails as the front 'wheel' fractures visibly, losing its handling and threatening to crash entirely. TRON then releases his grip on the baton, grabbing Beck as the vehicle derezzes around them and they land on the ground at a roll--coming to a halt after a few tumbles while hitting a few pieces of digital debris in the process.

"Ngh. That was less than graceful..." TRON comments under his breath as he pushes himself back up to his feet. He has a few dents and spiderwebbing cracks from the graceless arrival, but nothing that seems serious. "Beck, are you alright?"

He looks upwards at the climbing Ralph, who is leaving devestation and debris in his wake. He almost wonders if there is a TRON sprite, considering that there /is/ a (currently non-functioning) TRON arcade game in Flynn's Arcade.

"Wreck-It Ralph! This isn't your game!" He shouts as loudly as he can, adding his voice to the queue. Would Ralph even recognize his voice, all things considered? If he's right, and this /is/ the same Wreck-It Ralph that is in the Fix-It Felix Jr. game at Flynn's Arcade, he doesn't even know if the game sprites can hear what goes on in the User world beyond the screen. "Climb back down before someone gets hurt!"
Avira "...think nothing of it, ma'am." Avira says in her best manly voice after Will kisses her cheek. Much to her relief, Maira has seemed to adequately handle not becoming a splat on the ground. This makes Avira happy.

Will makes a daring suggestion: use her wind magic to launch him upwards! She's actually never done this before with wind magic, her own being pretty weak most of the time. Only recently has she learned to use it to manipulate her falling and flailing in the air. "Well, I'll see what I can do."

With all her might, she flings him upwards, then claps her hands together, following up with a massive blast of wind that launches him upwards!

Avira seems kind of shocked that it worked. She fistpumps in victory.
Beck has a ride of his life and then the bike decides that is enough fun and games; at least that is how it feels. When the Grid Bike derezes and spills them both. The young mechanic slams down on the ground and rolls a bit, before slowly pushing himself up and shakes his head. He at last gets a chance to assess the damage done here and the very individual causing it.

It is probably the only thing keeping him from making a mild snarky remark at TRON bad driving at the end. "Yeah, I'm ok. You?" However his eyes continue to stare up at Ralph for a moment, before he then looks at TRON. "That guy's name is Ralph-- wait-- as in that quarter muncher?"

Yes. Beck catches onto things /very/ quickly as in user terms and slangs.

The Young Program then starts to run in that direction. "We have to get the people out of there! You try to talk him down, TRON. I got this!" Beck then jumps to the side avoiding a few bricks before muttering gently. "..I hope.."
Wreck-It Ralph Ariel fires a tornado up the building. It catches some of the falling bricks and sends them sailing wide. When it gets to Ralph, it's right about when he's about to jump up to the next floor. He gets spun off his feet, managing to keep the toes of one bare foot on the ledge to spin around like a top instead of getting tossed completely off. His foot catches in one of the openings in the side of the building he's made, and he kicks another chunk of the wall out. When the whirlwind vanishes, he holds one foot and hops on the other for a few seconds, muttering, "Ow, ow, ow!"

Ralph shakes his foot a few times. He peers at Deelel and the swirly-eyed Maira, gingerly putting both feet on the gro--uh, ledge. "Encom-O's? The cereal? I haven't seen an ad for those taped up in almost twenty-five years--" He stops when Serah yells up at him. Ralph turns around, cups his hands around his mouth and shouts back, "YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOM!" He heard it in Tapper's one day, and he's getting sassier by the minute. Anyway, it seemed apropros.

Will lands on his shoulders just as Ralph is starting to ascend to the next level. He glances up at him, frowning, but his hands are otherwise occupied with climbing, so he can't throw him off. "King, huh? Well I didn't vote for you," he mutters disparagingly. He gets up to the next one, watching Will and absent-mindedly punching out windows as he goes. "I think I know my game, thanks, 'Your Majesty,'" he replies. Ralph hops over a gap in the ledge. The wall cracks when he lands on the other. "Look, my home is over in the dump, right over there." He points, and looks down the street.

Down the street. No dump. No stump. "...uh..."

Seith floats down, and Merlock comes up. Ralph looks between them, his irritation growing. "Look, if they put a code in like those Konami guys, I don't got much room to argue. I'm just the bad guy," he says, practically spitting the words, clearly unhappy with the arrangement. He knocks out another wall, gesturing at Merlock. "I'm a /professional/, Murray, okay. I don't really wanna be here today, but here I am. So I'm gonna finish wreckin' this floor," Ralph explains, obviously becoming impatient and still smashing his way to the far end of the structure, "and then Felix is gonna come fix it, and /then/ I'm gonna get thrown off the roof. And after /that/, I'm gonna go get my /own/ recognition. Okay? oka--"

KA-BOOOOOM. Ralph is suddenly engulfed in a fireball! Will might have some problems, there. As it turns out, their shared hobo-stank is superbly flammable. When the light is gone, Ralph is covered in a black layer of soot, and the back of his shirt and overalls is quite clearly on fire. Ralph jumps in alarm, and then turns around, slamming his back against the wall and caving it inward as he tries to smother the fire. "You're sure actin' like it, dirt-for-brains!!" Ralph yells. He kind of wants to throw a brick, but he restrains himself. He's just a dumb kid.

Palom abruptly gets blind-sided by a flock of ducks that fly out of the portal. There is no explaination.

TRON tries to add his voice to the chorus. Ralph squints down at him. He sounds kind of familiar. Maybe they based his voice off some other guy that played his game before. "Look, Felix'll be here any second now." Ralph moves to near the middle of the floor he's on. He stops wrecking stuff, instead clearly readying himself for the next part of the game. He's all set to stomp and drop bricks and stuff. He stands there for a few seconds, looking down and around. Felix should run on-screen from the other side, and then...

Nothing happens.

"...aaaany second now," he repeats, sounding unsure.
Beck makes it inside and then pulls out his disc. He then starts to use the disc to slice through some of the stuff that had fallen down to block the way out. The light of the disc glows brightly as he continues to try and 'saw' through the stuff.

He just needs time to make sure that it isn't so narrow. Then he hears Ralph talk about 'Felix'll be here any moment.' Then Beck kinda rolls his eyes as he mutters under his breath. "Right-- cause he thinks this is the game and the other sprite is going to come over and yell, 'I can fix it!'" He says as he raises up his disc for a moment, before he actually clears out some of the rubble. "Now move it people!"

Beck does wonder if he will need to go up another flight of steps. Maybe he can get his tool to work here? He wasn't sure after what happened to him once he entered here...
Ariel Ariel is really unsure what it is that Ralph is waiting for, but, it doesn't seem to be coming. That's a little understandable. She was disoriented when she ended up in another world, but... she didn't go about breaking things. But if his name is actually, in fact, Wreck-it Ralph that seems to be implied somehow that it's what he's here to do.

Another spell would be a bad idea though, so she carefully - avoiding any falling debris - tries to walk over. "I don't think whoever it is is coming! You probably mean to go home."
Serah Farron Serah Farron puts her hands on her hips "I DON'T NEED TO BE YOUR MOM TO PUT YOU ON THE RIGHT PATH YOUNG MAN. GO SIT IN THE CORNER." If her 'meanie teacher Farron' voice doesn't cut it, nothing will get through to him. At least he stopped destroying for a moment... waiting for the repair guy that wll never show, most assuredly. She thinks NOW he will need a healing though, thanks to the pyrotechnics.

She shakes her head "Felix is not coming, you're not in your game, this isn't your home, you've already noticed it right!?" Does she even LOOK menacing in this getup? She doesn't know. Can you take seriously someone wearing a suit with flashing lights? :/
Seith "No Konami code." Seith doesn't even know what that is. But he's just going to assume that is not the case. What follows however is... an interesting little speech. A /professional villain/. "Very well, finish wrecking this /floor/." Seith declares. "But I am not sure you're going to be able to keep this up." Seith floats up a little, not in the least getting in the way of Wreck it Ralph - potentially to the annoyance of LEXUS, whose precious building is getting 'wrecked'.

"He's not going to come, Ralph." Seith keeps his arms crossed, staring at the space Ralpha is staring at. "This isn't /your game/." The man then floats around to get at least a little in front of Ralpha - though he stays out of the way of any incoming projectiles.

He's not really sure what to do to convince this... brute. "But... this could be." He then opens a portal - a fake portal mind you - an illussion. But it's hard to tell apart from reality. And there, in mid air, the image of a castle appears. The Magic Kingdom Castle. With high towers and much brick. Much... much white brick. Thank you Pete, for once sharing that description.

"Or this..." The image falters, and then displays something different. This time, it's Mysidia and its many buildings. "So many new ventures to choose from to /professionally/ wreck. You might even be..."

"... rewarded."
Avira "UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT HOLD A PRESS START!" Avira yells. Maybe it would stop this madness?! Yes?

"...well it was worth a shot." Avira mutters, her arms folded across her chest, waiting for Ralph to 'get it' that this wasn't his game. Then Seith starts messing things up. Or trying. "Dang it, Elfy! Stop that!! You hear that, you are Elfy now!"
Maleficent Maleficent has gone from wrathful to amused in instants. She chuckles faintly--most notably--when Palom sets Will on fire. That kid may be the most devious villain of them all! Of course Will Sherman does not seem easy to kill either but Maleficent doesn't need to kill her enemies. She is perfectly content to see them writhe on a hook and suffer. In fact, she may even be willing to provide what they desire in certain, technically correct manners. Technically correct is the best kind of correct.

She is listening though. She is getting a pretty good idea of what sort of 'bad guy' Ralph is. "Pete..." She murmurs faintly. "You reason with--"

She remembers that she sent him away. "Bah! This is precisely the sort of situation I kept him around for!" Pete just causes her trouble no matter what she does with him. It's gonna take some EXPERT groveling to get out of this one.

But don't worry, Pete's got that covered.

Of course, she doesn't want to get anywhere NEAR Ralph, muscleheads aren't really her type. "It seems," She tells Ralph. "That he is not coming. What will you do now, I wonder, perhaps this is the beginning of something...interesting...for you. Of something bigger. What, of course, I cannot say. But none have deceived you. There is no 'level' here."

Diablo wakes up and ruffles its feathers, glowering at Ralph before fluttering on back to Maleficent.
Maleficent Maleficent also takes a moment to look towards Palom and dip her head graciously. "Thank you," She says. "For ... helping."
Deelel Deelel hears someone going Bwee? Wait that's Maira she didn't even know users could could make a noise like that and Will? Well he's back in the game he's all right and offering the amazing User thing that is known as a burger as a bribe. Please come on Ralph be somehow aware of it, it's the best bribe ever. Free food rather than fighting.

The Seith just starts up which nearly gets a faceplam, well she doesn't due to the fact she's scrambling about the building at this point. She forgot he was one of the sorts who talked rather than try to set people on fire. Serah meanwhile is in like angry teacher mode for lack of a better term. Merlock surprises her a little bit however then she sees where he's doing. She looks at Merlock and nearly calls back at him. Then Palom ups the heat given most are trying to save the building and talk down Ralph. He is not helping at all and she calls out to him. "PALOM DAIL DOWN THE ATTACKS WERE TRYING TO STOP HIM! NOT KILL HIM!"

So help her she'll bonk the kid on the head with an disc toss, with the edge inactive, if she has to. %R Tron meanwhile has arrive with Beck who seems to have recovered. Deelel's voice might also be recognized by Ralph. After all, if he's from the same Fit-it Felix Jr. At the arcade? He's likely heard her over the last 8 months or so, also given she plays the games once and a while. Still Deelel herself is unaware he can see through the screen and see the people playing. Still she keeps on going still not attacking Ralph.

If she was aware of Beck's idea was a good one they were buying time and in her way she was trying to help give people a chance to get out but well? Ya the implications of Ralph being here? Means her understanding of reality just got exploded again as there's yet another layer, like one of those Russian dolls.

The guy has an interesting sense of humour, a very user like one but he's kinda of funny.

She then hears some odd words and she wonders for a moment. She sees Ralph is becoming uncertain for the moment she does however pull back tyring to get to a perch and she looks to him. She says nothing for the moment, she waits to see if Ralph can click on his own, also the mighty ducks come forth and hopefully deal with Palom there's nothing more to be said there. Ariel also adds some pretty good advice as well.

But then comes Maleficent this could be bad, very bad.
Will Sherman Will narrows his eyes at Seith...

And then FIRE! Will is ignited, as Ralph and he are tossed about and shaken...Ralph puts himself out, and the debries that falls lands on him, helping him out. Will coughs, patting himself out...

Then ducks.

"Yes...go my minions.." he says to himself...

One hundred years ago, Will sits down near the pond in central park. He stares over the water, his eyes hollow. In his hand is a piece of bread, throwing some into the water as ducks grather around him...

Years later, he and a young woman are smiling, the light back in his eyes, as they too toss bread in the water...

More time, the woman is old, but Will is unchanged...

This time, with a man and a hat with three bulletholes in it, the man looks serious, but humors his friend...

This time witha Younger Mercade...

Will smiles. The ducks know who provides their food.

Will sets back down on Ralph's shoulder, "Don't listen to these guys...The Jerk<GOOSEHONK> elf and the lady with the horns. They are ultra bad news man...and yeah, but you're not in your world...sorry. These things happen alot around here...probably ONE OF THESE jerks caused it to fall! Look...I can try and help you find your home okay? We can also still get a burger and find you a temporary Dump to live in until we can find your home...and your friend. Or...maybe just your own thing. You don't seem like you enjoy being a bad guy." he says, patting the large man on the shoulder.

"Also, you don't vote for kings." he looks back at Seith... "This guy and her...they both are responsible for destroying my world...Or trying to."
Merlock Merlock the Gorilla hears Ralph's rebuttal, Seith's words, Maleficent's own, and then turns placidly to look in the direction the wrecker is pointing. He waits. He waits. Then he looks back to Ralph and says, "It seems Felix is not as professional as you are." The sorcerer has been around for thousands and thousands of years. He might not be much of a socializer but he has his moments as a 'people person'. He picks up the bitterness, the frustration... And he attempts to twist it. "Your dedication is commendable. It must take a great deal of experience and commitment to continue under such //trying// circumstances. But why wait to get your recognition? Aren't you overdue enough as it is? None of these people appreciate what you're doing. None of them appreciate that you're doing your job as a 'bad guy'... And none of them want to give you the chance to achieve anything else. It does not matter to them if you keep breaking things or not. They do not recognize you. So finish this floor, if you can."

"But Fix-It Felix Junior, Fix-It Felix Senior, and Fix-It Felix's dog are not coming. And if they do, then what? Will all these people stop harassing you, suddenly decide to acknowledge your hard work?" The gorilla shakes his head. "Felix isn't doing his job. This is your chance to show them you can be more. That no matter how professional you may be, you need not be 'pigeon-holed' into one specific role. Your purpose lies elsewhere. Let us help you find it." Seith's words and illusion, and Maleficient's clever verbal maneuvering, combined with Merlock's own are moving in counter-point to what everyone else is saying. 'Stop, stop' 'this isn't your game' 'you'll hurt innocent people'. These Shadow Lords are saying, 'This may not be your game, but we do not condemn you for doing what you do.' 'You wreck buildings, but need that be all? Must you never be recognized for it?'

Merlock is not a very compassionate person. Touchy-feely is beyond his comfort zone, as evidenced by his scowl will Will tries to land on Ralph's shoulder again. "What is wrong with destroying things, hm? Some of us do that for a living!" he snaps. But despite his lack of compassion, he still fights to put a gorilla-fang'd smile on his mouth and hold out a gorilla hand to Ralph in a gesture of friendship. "We have cake?"
Will Sherman Will narrows his eyes... "I offer pie, with..." he pauses...dramatically, "A LA MODE!"
Maira So things are happening elsewhere. Maira does not seem to have noticed. A spare brick has fallen and hit Maira on the head.

Now, Maira still wants cake. What was it Ralph said? The penthouse? That's up, right?

Still possessing of the swirly eyes, Maira gets up and begins to stumble her way over to the elevator. She more throws her fingers at the up button than she presses it, shuffling in when the doors open, oblivious to the dangers, dead set on her goal. She thumps random numbers until the elevator takes her up to the penthouse, at which point she arrives at LEXUS's door--and knocks.

"I HEARD THERE IS CAKE! MAY I PLEASE HAVE SOME CAKE!?" she asks. Apparently, Maira's volume control button has been damaged as well.
Palom DUCKS! Palom's knocked back onto the stairs, he doesn't fall, but he flails at the ducks as they Suffering spirits--" QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK "--WAUGH!"
TRON TRON shakes his helmed head, deciding against voicing the same thing that /everyone else/ has already been stating. He can't really find anything to say that would counter or confirm anything that anyone else is saying, so he stays silent for now.

He checks the holes on the front of the building, seeming to examine the edges. He was hoping that he could climb up after Ralph, but anything that could possibly be a foothold or a handhold fragments into voxels the instant he puts any kind of weight or force on them. No luck there. At least Ralph's pause actually got the debris and voxels to stop falling for a moment.

He backs up again, just in case, and looks around. He sees the huge pile of bricks not of /this/ world, but... wait, is that a portal behind those bricks? Is /that/ the origin of this entire situation?
LEXUS The door to the penthouse opens, allowing Maira to enter.

The penthouse suite is well-appointed, decorated in silver, marble, and ebony. It's very modernistic, with geometrical sculptures of steel and neon. There is a massive window that looks out upon the neon city below, the eternal cloud-storm above. The window shimmers with windows of holographic information, appearing everywhere.

There is also a small table. There is a cake, immaculately decorated, sitting on it. Behind the cake, sits LEXUS, his hands folded and a wide smile on his face.

"Happy birthday." He says. "To a new opportunity. And a new world."

And then the building shakes again, creaking. The smile starts looking a little forced as he twitches.
Wreck-It Ralph Felix isn't coming.

"...huh." Then how does the game continue? If Felix doesn't fix it, what is he supposed to do? He supposes he /could/ just knock the building down. It'd be a nice change of pace. That isn't really how things go, though. It's the kind of thing Turbo would do, and Ralph is no Turbo.


Seith and Merlock are rather... insistent. Ralph looks between them, and at the images, increasingly suspicious. They're offering him exactly what he wants, and basically trying to cater to his every whim. He's pretty sure he talked to a few guys at Tapper's who do that professionally, too. Satan -- er, 'Sah-teen' -- is kind of infamous for it. This seems right up his alley. Though, he does like cake. And burgers. And pie, especially a la mode.


There's a recordscratch in Ralph's head. "Wait just a second here. If this isn't my game, whose game is it? Where did all of you come from? Is this --" Ralph's eyes suddenly get wide, and then narrow dangerously. He picks up Will by the collar and squints at him as if he'd just figured out some kind of terrible crime.

"This is an /emulator/, isn't it?" Ralph demands. "That's what this is! That's why you're all here! Oh, man...!" He puts Will on the ledge next to him, brushing off his shoulder. He bends his knees and jumps, hopping down off the partially-wrecked building and landing on the sidewalk. A crater forms where he hits.

Ralph steps out of the crater. "Emulators are /not/ okay, guys. You'd all better get outta here before I call the Virtua Cops; I hear they've got an itchy trigger finger over this kind of stuff." He starts to turn away from the building. "I'm getting outta here. I'm gonna get my medal and go home. Shouldn't take long." Ralph suddenly looks back, pointing a meaty finger up at Seith. "And I'm /not/ going Turbo!" He swings it over to Merlock. "No matter how much cake you've got." They might have a lot of cake.


Ralph shakes his head. Not worth it. He starts walking down the street, back the way he came. He's not actually sure he got here, or how to get out, so he's just gonna get away from the End of Line. It's clearly bad news.
Palom "I'm not a dum-dum!" Palom shouts from amidst the horde of ducks. "/You're/ a--" QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK "gah!"
Maira Maira opens the door and wanders in, swirly eyes moving around the room briefly.

TARGET ACQUIRED! Maira zero's in on the cake. Swirly eyes go away to be replaced with her pupils enlarging, smile widening. CAAAAAKE!

Maira looks to LEXUS then. Huh, he looks kind of familiar. Oh. Oh, is it her birthday? Of course it is, Maira. If mysterious man with the beautiful cake says its her birthday, it must be her birthday! "...My...birthdaaaay...." she says, then sits down in front of the cake, takes the cake server, cuts a piece, and eats.

Yes, really.
Beck watches suddenly as Ralph exits /away/ from the building. This causes him to pause and he blinks his eyes a few times. "Oookaaay." he looks over at TRON and Deelel. Then shrugs his shoulders like he has no clue either, then goes back to clearing some paths for people.

This place was kinda a health hazard now really...

He does yell across to TRON though, "Someone probably should go get him encase, you know, he causes panic or something?"
Deelel Deelel needs to ask Will about how he got the ducks to do that. Little does she know the tale is one of a bond of Will and the avians. Perhaps she will never know the tale. She does however hear Will do quite to talk to Ralph. She's going to give her best go at it once she's made sure he's not going to get blind sided. Merlock meanwhile is working on his own attempt to sway Ralph. Then Will plays the pie card, she's had pie, both the math and the user pie. Both are something she really come to like.

Maira seems to be all right but she's not quite sure where she?s got to. If she knew she's be panicking a bit fearing hey friend would be devoured and there's nothing she can do for Palom at this point. She doesn't bonk him however, the ducks are more than enough to stop him exploding things.

Then Ralph brings up the comment of an emulator, she knows what those are, it's to keep old software functional on newer operating systems.

"Wait what we didn't boot anything like that u, Ralph."

Turbo? Like the Turbo button on a PC? She's got no real idea about what he's talking about, yet? He's talking about medals? Like the types user soldiers sometimes get for their actions in combat? Ralph stops and is heading off as Ralph leaves Deelel does call out.

"Thank you for stopping Ralph...I owe you one."

She now turns her attention to the other villains, she's going to have go after Ralph at this rate he's on a system he doesn't know and he may run into SARK's goons, that could end badly for someone. Likely the Black Guard but given Ralph's attitude she's not sure if he's actually out to kill anyone.

Now there's the small problem of several major threats who all been here working together, this is such a crazy day. She really could use a taxi to get her out of here. With things settling down Deelel is going to quickly make her way down the outside of the building sliding down like a certain second gen blue bomber and she tries to go after Ralph.
TRON TRON folds his arms over his chest, almost blocking the large but thin chest emblem that seems to be his trademark. Or something. "This isn't a game of any type, Ralph," he replies calmly, not seeming to mind the fact that Ralph is probably about three feet taller than him and many times larger all around. "It's /my/ world. And there are no 'medals' here." Not that he's aware of, anyways.

If this /is/ the Wreck-It Ralph from Flynn's Arcade, he'll need to check on things personally once he gets back to Userspace. He also makes a mental note to get the Arcade's laser repaired ASAP.

"By the way," he points back over to the pile of bricks that Ralph should find familiar, with the portal beyond it. "I think you entered from over there?"
Seith "Pity." Is all Seith has to say, when Seith decides to drop down. He doesn't know what an emulator is, or what all of this stuff is that is being said about Going Turbo or 'Virtua Cops'. What he does know, is that this man /can/ be swayed. For he'd said that he had a 'goal' before going home. And a goal that precedes home... is one that is important.

A medal.

Such is a thing a man of illussions such as him can easily give. "I am leaving." Seith suddenly announces, before glaring towards Avira for a moment. "And you should know to respect your elders better... I'll be back for /you/ later." And then suddenly, a portal of darkness appears, through which the Shadow Lord leaves.

Aaaand now Avira suddenly has the knowledge that Seith wants something from her. That can't be good.
Maleficent Maleficent watches after Ralph for a few moments but seems content to let him depart without incident. Instead, she raises her staff and vanishes in a flash of evil. Really, par for the course. She'll give Lexus an apology fruitbasket later for the inconvenience.

(the apples, however, will be poisoned).
Will Sherman Will grumbles...

Will is set down, and brushed off...Ralph isn't so bad...

Emulator? Wait what? What is even going on...

The Bad guys seem to be all leaving...and Seith of course has to have the last word. Will leans over to grab a Rock as he steps into the portal, and Will CHUCKS the rock as hard as he can at the retreating figure. HA!

The hobo king, opts to jump off the building again, once more caught by Prince Avira.
Merlock Merlock strokes his moustache with one gorilla paw as Ralph turns out to be a bit smarter than expected. Dodging temptation like that and all. Well, Merlock isn't exactly a master tempter. He's more the 'use force and threats of force' type. But still, it's good to know that Wreck-It Ralph has more to him than expected.

...Only for the Emulator talk to come up. Alright, maybe Ralph doesn't have a full grasp of his new situation. As Maleficent has suggested, it's time to withdraw for now. This is not the time or the place. And... The portal remains. So the gorilla glares around at the others present, and then leaps off the building and transforms into a bird of prey again in mid-air. He flaps away, turning into pure darkness some distance away and seemingly disintegrating.
Avira Avira is waiting, in fact, with a air spell ready. Will gave her a heads up that she should be prepared to catch him. Any second now! Yep! Any...second now.

She's also vaguely aware that Maira is eating delicious unbirthday cake and suddenly seems incapable of words. "I hope she didn't get roofied." she mutters, "Or whatever passes as a roofie on the grid."

'Elfy' makes vague threats at her and the scarred huntress glares back. "Oh you're welcome to try, /Elfy/, I'll be ready for you." She's come a long way since then!

Will leaps down and she repeats the trick she learned before. Her wind magic has definitely leveled up in the past few minutes. That or her hobo-juggling skill.
Wreck-It Ralph Ralph is a little surprised people are thanking him for anything. He's not sure how to respond to it. He slows down for a step, and glances back over his shoulder. "Uh... don't mention it." Seems to be the best response he could give. He handled that pretty well, actually. Pat on the back, Ralph, pat on the back.

Ralph goes back over to the pile of bricks spilling into the street. "Aw, man. I'm gonna have to reorganize all of these all over again." He puts his hands against the ground and pushes them back into the portal. Then, eyeing the hole in the Grid for a second, he follows after.


The ducks remain.
LEXUS LEXUS will be sure to use the apples properly.

Luckily for Maira, the cake is not poisoned. That's far too.... simple for someone like like him. "Enjoy." LEXUS says, leaning back and waiting for Ralph to just... go away. He'll handle the issue... later.

Besides, why worry about just Ralph when there's a portal to a /whole world/ right there for him to access?
Maira Maira finishes her cake, then stands up. "Thank you--for cake," she says, then stands up, turns around, and ...leaves?
LEXUS LEXUS totally lets Maira leave. The door closes itself behind her. "What a curious woman." LEXUS says to himself, before shrugging and turning in his chair to return to his ominous brooding.

Appearances must be observed, after all.
Deelel Deelel smiles faintly at Ralph, he actually stopped it's so rare when someone causing trouble actually stops without having to use force. Palom not withstanding she's happy with that result and the others are leaving without a fight. The portal while a creation of evil? Some part of her is drawn to the other side. She will have to check this out, she just has to. There's a feeling there's something she has to see there.

She looks for TRON and Beck for a moment. Ya they all got exploration to do. Also she wonders about Ralph he seemed to want a medal really badly just what's up with that?

This scene contained 86 poses. The players who were present were: Will Sherman, Nagetta, Avira, Deelel, Maira, LEXUS, Maleficent, Seith, Palom, TRON, Ariel, Serah Farron, Beck, Merlock, Wreck-It Ralph