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What If - Bad End
(2013-07-11 - 2013-07-11)
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Avira Avira didn't want to be here. Not after what happened last time. Not with the knowledge that the Blot has been released, largely thanks to them. Just the thought of it made her furious with frustration. How to stop it?

The solution definitely was not to come back to Castle Oblivion yet Avira did. Maybe she was missing something. But Castle Oblivion is a mercurial and dangerous place to be, playing with memory and sense of time.

She isn't sure how long it's been, when she got here, or if this was reality. It felt like she's been here before. In fact, she's pretty sure she's been here before. This was just after they had fought the first Gaia Sister, narrowly saving Skoll from a horrible fate. So it seems. That collar still got on him, but the controller was dead.

Avira paces back and forth in the hallway of the inn in Port Royal they have rented for the night. She's just outside the room that Skoll had been placed in hours ago. While she know he needed rest, she really wanted to go check on him.
Skoll Ulfang Castle Oblivion is a mysterious entity - to think that its purpose is one of Restoration - not of Chaos! Of course, none of its visitors have even the closest to a clue to this fact. All they know is that this place allows them to see 'what ifs' and memories of others. To be stuck within one's memories however, can be a severely dangerous place to be - for the Castle Oblivion wasn't kind on its trespassers. It isn't as if one cannot die within this place.

What what is worse, is when those memories grow dark and turn into those 'what ifs' that one never wished to see...

Or perhaps far worse...

Somewhere deep within one's soul, one wished to see; but hated what they saw. One's own heart can be the darkest place after all. People may not like the dark, but they often fear the darkness within themselves that much more.

Avira's footsteps seem to rouse the beast on the other side of that door. "Is that you, Avira?" The voice calls out behind that door.

Avira had entered Oblivion Castle of her own will - without Skoll. All events are decided by her own insecurities, her own Heart resonating with the Castle of Oblivion.

"Come in." Behind that door, Skoll sits up in a bed, in his human form. The collar dangles along his neck, little sparks littering along it as it's only newly activated, and there's a small wisp of darkness that waves from a corner of it. Skoll however, seems just fine. Big smile, and that well mannered glimmer in his eyes that speaks of just how 'alive' he is. His wounds are well on their way to being fully gone. Faster than one might have expected. But then, isn't that a good thing? To heal that fast means Avira doesn't have to worry so much. Right?
Avira For someone such as Avira....plenty of such insecurities exist. Plenty of regret. Plenty of guilt.

Her pacing slows as she hears, much to her surprise, Skoll speaking behind that door. Already? On one hand it was a relief, but on the other, she...swore that it would take him much longer to recover. Didn't he? Wasn't he out all night? How did she know this already...?

"Yeah it is!" Avira calls back from the other side, leaning in to listen. Seconds later, he invites her in and she doesn't hesitate, pushing the door open. A look of deep surprise registers on her face as she finds him sitting up and smiling at her.

"Wow, you're doing well." Avira exclaims as she steps inside, letting the door swing shut behind her. "Must be that Unlimited healing of yours, huh? Let's see..." she leans in a little closer to look at that collar. "...great, it's like it shrinks with your human form too. That stinks." She doesn't try touching it, though, having already seen what happens when someone does that. Even without the controller around...
Skoll Ulfang The human form werewolf shows his canines happily. "Hey Avira." He greets her and watches her come in, glancing at the door for only a moment when she shuts it behind herself. "Yeah, it would seem so." He answers and touches his chest - a place where he'd been heavily wounded.

"Yeah..." He then repeats, touching against the collar with two fingers and looking down 'towards it'. Not that he can really see it without a mirror. "How does it look?" he then asks. "I mean... does it at least look fashionable?" Leave it to memory-Skoll to express his sense of taste in fashion.
Avira "Hmm, lemme see..." Avira peers over to get a better look at Skoll's chest which, yes, she remembers he'd been wounded pretty severely. On any normal human, it would have been a mortal wound. But Skoll is a mighty werewolf!

Skoll asks about the collar and...Avira laughs. Well, at least he's being lighthearted about it! Were it Avira she'd be downright indignant about being collared. She remembers making that pretty clear when that other Gaia sister attacked her when she was a mutate.

"Well, it looks badass at least. But it also seems to be leaking darkness which has me a little worried. Is it causing you any pain?"
Skoll Ulfang "Well!" Skoll chuckles, "At least it looks badass." The werewolf lets go of the collar and lowers both hands onto his lap and just continues to smile. She's seen that smile before. The smile that tells her that he doesn't want her to worry. "Nah, no pain. It's fine really." He can't see the darkness. "If it's leaking, maybe it's fine. Maybe it's broken and doesn't do what it should be doing." That's where reality and this warped Oblivion memory change. In reality, there'd been no such sign of it being broken, and Skoll had been more worried. But now... he's being downright jovial.

"No pain though - unless I jerk it around or try to force it off. It'll be okay." Skoll tells her and sits up back against the back of the bed, getting comfortable. "Where's Zia? She okay?" Just how insecure is Avira and this warped memory?
Avira A grin crosses Avira's face. Hey, she's just happy to see her werewolf looking better! Especially after he'd gone missing. They're very lucky they found him when they did! Though...the collar. She didn't really remember it breaking, did she? How strange.

Maybe it happened during the fight. She was so focused on fighting the Gaia sister.

"Good, good. Zia? Oh, she's fine." Avira...actually never really knew how close the two were. Sure, she knew that they were at least friends but any indication that Skoll and the gargoyle may have been something more never really...entered her mind. Though it would make sense. Skoll had called her scrawny before. Gargoyles, as a rule, were just a bit stronger. "Well...fine as in alive, but that's the important part, right? We'll both heal."

Much more slowly than Skoll though.
Skoll Ulfang The tie between Zia and Skoll hadn't formed as close as it had until after the 'choice' that had been made between Mercade and Avira. Not that right now, that memory would match the current events. 'That Choice' hasn't happened yet after all. Still, Skoll had been equal friends with both Zia and Avira for a long time, uncertain what he wanted from life. "Good." Skoll answers Avira, smirking. "You were both amazing - fighting like that for me." He tells her.

The werewolf then turns his head to look towards the window, as if there might be something very important out there. "Yes, it's very important to me that the both of you live. But I'd rather have you both in good health too." He points out.

The werewolf then turns his head slowly towards her as the world begins to warp...

And suddenly, Avira stands amidst the Underworld - trapped in her cage. Alone. With Hades having a little rant near her - talking to Pain.


Extra Avira This was indeed before the choice. But it was also certainly after Avira was "restored" from being a mutate-which turns out wasn't really a restoration at all. Hades's doing, in exchange for a contract that would later come back to bite her in the most spectacular way, was the true culprit. Though the LEXUS-distributed "cure" had gotten rid of the darkness that threatened to turn her into a Heartless.

A light frown graces her face and she looks out the window as Skoll does. What was he looking at? "Well, we're both a lot tougher than we look." she smiles. "We-"

The world changes around her and for a brief few moments she's aware of this happening. Wait, did this not happen? She was in Castle Oblivion. Why was she seeing these things? Did Skoll follow her?

She finds herself caged in the Underworld, one of the most unpleasant memories she has suffered, short of the destruction of Manhattan. Trapped as she was, there was still that small glimmer of hope inside of her that someone would brave hell to come retrieve her. If they didn't...

Manhattan was doomed.

Shifting uncomfortably, she crouches down to rest on her knees, pulling her feathered wings around herself. It shouldn't be long now, right?
Skoll Ulfang Things in Castle Oblivion are often confusing. Memories moving from one to another with strange ties, like watching a full 26 episode series in a two-hour movie block. You lose details. You lose parts. But what's more, no; Skoll had not followed her. These are her memories, from her point of view. The only thing that is causing the warps is the castle and she herself.

She stares out at hell with hope, and there are the voices she remembers. Mercade, Skoll, the others, all coming up along those stairs, tired, exhausted. Hades, in his amusement, toys with them, flames rising in Hell. Words of a contract that is being shown by the king of death. Everything seems to fit with her memories. That hope she felt then, the words of a true love. Everything is the same... except for one thing.

Back then, in reality, Skoll had stuck near Mercade for most of it, using his immortal body to protect Mercade from harm as he approaches the cage to give him his words of love. And that is where things go terribly wrong. Having been called out on the kiss of true love, Hades roars in anger and lets pillars of fire come to life everywhere... and just as the cage opens and Mercade reaches out.

Skoll doesn't move to protect Mercade. Instead, the flame suddenly wreathes around the mortal man, trapping him in pain and agony. People are yelling all around; "We need to get out of here." And the curse remains for now... it needs a true love's kiss... or she would remain in a Mutate's body - for Hades is quick to ensure she grows back into this form in the most painful way possible. Laughing. Cackling.
Extra Avira Voices! They're coming! That's right!

Her heart aches as she sees them. Having been walked through the Underworld to this point, she knows about the Styx and Lethe and the trials they have been through. She had to see them all herself, tormented by her own memories and regrets.

She wanted to cry out about the loophole herself-so many times, in fact. But the nature of the contract herself had placed a geas upon her. Just being able to up and say it would be too easy, after all, and we can't have THAT.

Mercade reaches for her and she looks up at him, tears of happiness in her eyes. "NO! MERCADE!" she cries, leaping for him desperately. This was her only chance. If this couldn't be broken, not only would she be a mutate, but she'd be Hades's pawn forever. "WE CAN'T LEAVE HIM!" she cries. "No!!"
Skoll Ulfang "We have to get out of here! Grab Avira and leave!" Someone calls out. Skoll? No, but who said it is unclear. Hades laughs, bringing further flame and finishing off the remains of Mercade. "We can't do anything for him anymore!" Skoll shouts, quickly getting into the cage - his tail sinched from the flames, Zia following soon after him.

Isaac had given them their way to leave. And Skoll stands there. A true love's kiss.

Was he going to kiss her and cure her, while Mercade lay there... burning... screaming in agony? His voice quickly fading.

But instead, Skoll grabs the little tag he'd been given and grabs onto Avira with fierce werewolven strength, pulling Zia along with him, and releases the spell. There, stuck in the curse still, the girl is forced away from the fallen Mercade and dragged out of the Underworld along with everyone, drawn into darkness and being lost. A mortal had come into the underworld... and had lost his life there. And with it... had true love been lost?

For a while, all there is, is darkness, and these three together.
Extra Avira Tears of joy quickly turn to tears of pain. Avira still reaches out, struggling against those holding her back with all of her ill-gotten mutate strength. Even Skoll might have a hard time pulling her along. "NOOOOOO! MERCAAAAAADE!" He was gone. She was lost.

Isaac's spell activates and she's pulled from the Underworld...but at the same time, she remains in that monsterous form. The contract was not broken. Hades could come for her at any time. How could they restore anything like this?

Avira is inconsolable. She doesn't look at Skoll or Zia, she just hides her face and sobs. The price of escaping Hell had been far too high for her.

This couldn't be...right. Could it? This hadn't...happened?
Skoll Ulfang The world returns with a new bit for her to consider. After all that sadness, a moment of victory? They stand under the light within the fallen world of Manhattan, Zia leading the way. People around her speak of a Princess of Heart, but none of them are refering to Avira. They're refering to Zia. An effect caused by the 'suggestion' placed so long ago by Percival, and hardly something that would 'truly' happen. Still, it seemed to suit the white skinned gargoyle.

There Avira stands in her Mutate body, right besides Skoll... but the latter looks different. In his Werewolf form, black lines running along his body, his eyes a fierce red, with two massive Fenrirs at his side. The Unlimited leads a charge on a massive dragon that besieges them; and Skoll turns towards her for a moment. Roaring at her; "Avira! Get yourself together and help!" A commanding tone, but /fiercely passionate/. The group around her is different. People are missing.

The Detective agency's people, some of them are missing. What had happened to them? Somewhere, between things, false memories exist. False memories of some of them 'disappearing' and 'dying' horendous deaths at the hands of the Shadow Lords. Things were far more dire than they are in real life. Things are darker. A shadow looms over all their lives. Yet still, here is hope as they approach the Heart of Manhattan.
Extra Avira It wasn't her...? She wasn't the Princess of Heart? After all that, Hades was wrong...?

Avira had never been the same since them. Gone was the woman always out to go on an adventure or grow stronger or grow with a challenge. She was nobody now. Nobody but an ugly monster.

But one thing had remained. She was going to see the restoration of Manhattan through. Even then, each step was painful, reminding her of all her friends she's lost along the way. It all felt like it was her fault too. The Shadow Lords had been trying to get at /her/...

Anger surges through her mind and she charges forward, taking to the air, the Spine held harshly in one clawed hand. With reckless abandon, she plunges the weapon into the dragon's face, fury carrying her through. Multiple stabs follow and she devolves into an animalistic frenzy.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll joins Avira in her frenzy and anger, wailing on the dragon alongside her. Heartless that dare to come close are rent to pieces by the blue flaming Fenrir-wolves. Together, the two strike at the heartless dragon, working in perfect unison. Expressing their anger and darkness, the two truly overwhelm the thing. Avira's blade tears through its skin and her claws rend easily into it. The beast soon falls to the ground, and the two are cheered for by those present.

Their journey soon brings them into the sewers - no fun rollercoaster ride in this dream - and they come up to the heart. There, the two stand side-by-side as they watch Zia offer her protection to the Heart, and Sora locks the heart together with the presence of their friends. But there's one thing that Avira this time gets to experience, much like Skoll had during that time in reality. When that wash of Light comes from the heart... there is pain. Severe pain as it hurts the darkness in their hearts... and things continue to be white until finally...

They arrive in a forest. Above them, a night sky. Skoll and Hati are sitting at a campfire. This is not like her memories, but this /is/ a place she remembers. The place where her wolves live. And said wolves are laying in a circle around them. And she, the Mutate, stands at the edge of the circle, about to join them. Skoll and Hati are talking to one-another. Hati apparently is still part of the Shadow Lords -- or is it 'once again'? Skoll is talking about how the heroes of 'Light' are fighting the Heartless left and right, but that they are losing.

"The only way is to control them, but they won't listen." Skoll explains, before he looks up at Avira. "Ah, my dear. Join us." His... 'dear'? He holds a hand out towards her in order to draw her to his side.
Extra Avira She had to wonder, randomly, did Zia have to give up her light too in order to make the Heart live again like she did. Wait. That didn't happen...did it? She wasn't left with an empty heart with a tiny light...right?

It hurts though. Avira remembers that it was painful, but she didn't remember it as painful like this. Like a part of her was mortally repulsed by the light contained in the World Heart. Something didn't feel right at all.

They are in a forest. Something Was this the Bramble Woods? She knows this place but she hadn't remembered this happening.

What she did know was that she was lost. Hades's contract was never lifted. There was no True Love for her, was there? In the end, she couldn't resist the power of the Lord of the Underworld. She was a hero of Light once.

"...they'll fight it to the end..." she murmurs quietly, "It's what they do." Skoll calls to her and she manages a tiny smile on her muzzle. "...okay." she edges out of the darkness and takes his hand, inwardly confused about the term of endearment. "Hello Hati."

She was alive still. That was something.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll takes her hand and then suddenly pulls her towards him and pulls her against him into a sudden hug, rubbing his head along hers affectionately. After that battle... what would have happened between that battle for Manhattan, and this.

"They'll destroy themselves. The darkness is eternal, it's always been there. They are fighting something that will never leave." He lays a hand to his chest. It'd never leave him. The collar had done its damage, and it was likely that the damage was irreversible. The werewolf then suddenly lays a kiss to the side of Avira's muzzle. Very direct, and very... certain of what he wants in that moment. "Part of the family now. Part of the pack." He whispers to Avira in an almost conspiratory tone.

The werewolf then turns back to Hati, who just nods at Avira. She's being a bit quiet. Maybe because Avira doesn't know Hati well enough for her memories to fill things in.
Extra Avira A startled yelp escapes Avira as she's pulled into Skoll's embrace. She seems confused for a second until she feels him rubbing his head along hers. After a second, she returns the gesture, remembering it from even longer before any of this. "...and they'll die as they were..." Avira says quietly. Sadly. "...without darkness inside them."

She seems unsure how to feel about that. She herself had changed. She'd never be free of the darkness..right? No, wasn't she free...?

Skoll kisses her, but nothing changes. She's still a mutate. This doesn't seem to bother her as much as it should-not anymore, at least, when everyone from her old life was gone. "...part of the pack..." she murmurs, snuggling up against Skoll. "I can deal with that."
Skoll Ulfang A kiss on the lips would be the kiss from her true love. A pact between two people that would forever remain unbreakable. Yet Skoll did not give that to her - though it was not something she would notice. This Skoll went out of his way to keep her within this curse. To keep her as a Mutate. He nuzzles firmly against her and places another kiss against her neck.

The werewolf then looks up at her with those golden eyes. Part of the pack. "You will be my Golden Wolf for as long as you remain like this." He tells her. 'like this'.

The werewolf then looks over towards Hati. "Me and Hati have been talking. We are going to save the people. LEXUS' virus... it might be able to save all of them. It may be able to save all of those worlds from the fall." He explains, and throws a branch into the fire. "We're gathering people to help us. We'll need to storm their headquarters."
Extra Avira Here Avira just thought it would be too awkward. How would anyone kiss her on the muzzle? Looking like...this? Though Skoll did seem to like this appearance, further cemented by his words. Be his Golden Wolf. That didn't sound like an offer.

" I really?" she had to wonder. Wasn't there criteria for that? Something beyond just Skoll's decision, according to his legend. And 'as long as you remain like this?' So he only wanted the mutate, not the human?

Not that she'd ever be a human again.

"The virus? You mean...the serum that turned me into this? Or something else?" Avira actually looks a little worried. Imagining other people going through the pain of what she did was still not a pleasant thought. Even as a pawn of Hades, being forced up against those of the Light was still something she loathed doing. Right...? Her friends...she couldn't...

Avira lifts a clawed hand to rub her head.
Skoll Ulfang "You are." Skoll answers her, laying a hand to her chest over her heart. No... she wasn't. She wasn't, because Skoll was not true to his self; drawn deep into darkness. Who knows if he even 'truly' loves her, or if these are just emulations of it. After all, the darkness presses down on his heart, just like it had when the Gaudium Lords had been around. He 'desires' her, wants to 'own' her, but to truly 'love'? Is he still capable of that?

But lying... acting... this is something the wolf is great at. The passionate look in his eyes, the smile on his face. It makes it all so believable.

"Yes." He then tells her. "Don't worry, we will make sure they will be given a painkiller as well. But imagine it... a world full of Mutates. A world filled with beings like you... and /me/ - Avira." Her... and Skoll.

Like... Skoll... and Hati.
Extra Avira "I had no idea. I guess the Golden Wolf didn't necessarily know..." she murmurs, placing a hand atop his. There was desperation in her eyes. She was desperate to be accepted now. Desperate for someone, anyone's love. There was no way she could live alone, looking like this. Skoll wanted her at leeast. And she did like Skoll. Unlike before, now he was actually paying attention to her! Goes to show how unattracted he was to the human Avira.

But if everyone looked like she did...

"I see...well if it' everyone, I would help." Her jaw tightens, "They can learn to deal with it. Like I have."

No. This was wrong. /What was she doing/. What was he doing? This was all wrong!

With her free hand, she rubs her head again.
Skoll Ulfang "But I know." He answers her. "I feel it." The werewolf whispers to her, smiling at her darkly. And that's apparently all that matters now. The wolf pulls her tightly against himself, grabbing for her both hands and drawing them to his chest. To stop her from rubbing her head. To stop her from questioning this. Isn't it better not to question things? To just go with the flow of this strong dark werewolf?

"/We/ will save everyone." He tells her, staring deep into her eyes. "Together, we will lead them and bring them to be able to walk hand in hand with darkness. Strengthen their hearts." He explains to her. "Join me, Avira. Together, you, me... the pack." It sounds like the pack may be more than just these three. The wolf then looks back at a cave - 'the' cave.
Extra Avira Slowly, she nods. She trusts him. Skoll was the one who told her the legend of the Sky Wolves. So he would know when he's met his Golden Wolf, right? Her tail whips back and forth, a sort of snake-like equivalent of wagging. Her hands are taken from her and pinned against his chest.

Yes, she thinks. She could go with this. She could go with her werewolf.

"O..okay..." she whispers, staring back into his eyes. Why not? Why not save everyone? They could live with darkness in their hearts, right?

No, this...still felt wrong. Why did this all feel wrong? She didn't want this..!

Avira looks back at the same cave. The cave were her wolves would stay in, no doubt. She tries to pull away from him at this point to go to this cave.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll lets go of Avira, and stands up as she pulls away from him and begins to move towards the Cave. A few of the wolves look up and howl at her in greeting. They don't seem to fear this form, or the darkness within her. They don't growl at her. And for some reason, that cave feels like 'home' rather than anything else.

Skoll gently places a single werewolf hand on her back and smiles at Avira. "Want to go inside? We have some time. Hati will get the preperations going. It's been a long time since you and me have spent some time together... in private." His voice is alluring.

What had not all gone on in that cave? Their first meeting with the wolves. The return from Manhattan's fall into that cave...

They'd been there multiple times now. Always into that cave. Always welcomed by the wolves. Always together.
Extra Avira Avira smiles a toothy grin, comforted by the presence of her wolves. They don't fear her this time now, do they? Drawing closer to them, she reaches down to pet them. This cave felt...comforting to her in ways it hadn't before. Animal instinct maybe?

Skoll sidles up behind her, touching the woman's furred back. At that tone of voice she'd normally blush, but blushing wasn't a thing easily reflected beneath the black fur of her face now. "It...has been a long time." That temptation was certainly there.

They'd both been here before. "Let's go."

But it wasn't like...this...was it? The headache returns as a part of Avira starts to scream to break free.
Skoll Ulfang The two disappear into the cave, into the dark, and the scene begins to shift. There's a moment of deep warmth that overcomes Avira... before she awakens within the cave, laying against the strong body of Skoll. A blanket covers the two of them, their fur a bit muddled and all over the place. The werewolf is looking out at the oncoming daylight. The beast is breathing in slowly, calmly. "Are you awake?" He whispers to Avira.

"Today is the day we give the world a new form." He tells her. "They'll all join us. There will be no more death like before. No more hearts stolen by the heartless..."
Extra Avira Time passes. A lot of time. She doesn't really remember falling asleep during all that but she does remember waking up, cuddled against the werewolf form of Skoll. It was nice that he was still larger than she was in mutate form.

"I'm awake." she says softly. "Today's the day huh...already. It's all happening so fast."

So wrong. This...this didn't happen, right? She snuggles against him a little more. "...let's wait a few minutes longer."
Skoll Ulfang "No Avira!" A different voice. A man who looks like a hobo is holding up his hand. Strings are visible. They stand amidst a dark french city, Mutates all around. An army of them. All in different shapes of sizes. Against them stand a small sum of heroes of light. Very few of them left. Many of them showing battlescars. They're carrying something - it looks like an antidote. And at their side also stands... Mercade!

The strand towards Mercade that Will allows them to see is that of True Love between Avira and him. Where-as the one between Skoll and her... no... Skoll and /everyone/ looks jagged and broken. Dark. Filthy. But most of all, the one between Skoll and Mercade is one of animosity and hatred. Jealousy. It's disgusting. "You mustn't do this!"

But it is too late. The massive Mutate forces rush forwards towards the heroes, and Skoll slowly waltzes towards Mercade while Midgardsormr appears in the distance, rearing to BITE down Mercade and do away with him once more. Who knows how the heroes had managed to ressurect him...

But it'd been too late.
Extra Avira Will. That had to be Will. He could see the strings of Fate...

But it had gone right, hadn't it? They were becoming mutates except for a few still holding out. She didn't want to hurt them. But at the same time, she wanted them to change too. But then again...

Will calls out her name and lets her see the strands. She sees the red light between her and Mercade. Mercade...alive again. She couldn't believe it. She looks to Skoll and...

Those strings. She's had Will explain them to her before. She knows what the colors mean.

She gapes in disbelief.

"No..! Skoll! SKOLL DON'T! NOOO!" she leaps at him from behind, claws out, and grabs onto his back. "HOW COULD YOU!"

It all clicks into place. None of this should be happening.
Skoll Ulfang The moment she jumps Skoll, the world suddenly turns and flashes around her, and she suddenly falls out of a room into the white hallway of the Castle of Oblivion. The door behind her immediately closes. Such small changes in the beginning. Not taking off that collar. Not striving towards removing the darkness. Now she had seen one of the many possibilities of what would have happened... had she not done what she did.

Had Skoll not turned to the light, it is possible that this would have been a future. A future where people would have been free - where people truly would have been free. Where they would have been able to coexist with the darkness. But it had come at a cost. At a terrible... terrible cost. The death of her True Love. That mockery of a relationship with Skoll - thanks to the darkness that kept his heart a prisoner. The death of her friends who resisted the darkness...

But what's more, perhaps she might realize... that part of her... might have hoped for some of these things at some point or another. And now she knew what those things /might/ lead to.
Extra Avira Avira clatters to the ground onto her backside in the stark white halls of Castle Oblivion, breathing hard. Her face remains wet with tears she hadn't realized she'd been shedding since she started wandering the halls.

A future of freedom? No, that future was terrible. Coexisting with the darkness? No, forget that. Not for that price.

She stands and quickly flees the Castle Oblivion, privately vowing to never come back here again, never entertaining any of these thoughts any further. The present was just fine.

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