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(2013-07-11 - 2013-07-18)
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Shego "You said 'I left my old cow, Bessie, back at the farm when the Heartless came', and you ~specifically~ mentioned a great reward," says an angry voice. It was feminine, of course, because it belonged to Shego. The colorful villainess was here, on the main road leading into town. She was talking to a slightly (okay, more than slightly) nervous looking farmperson, whom Shego reaches over and grabs the front of his clothing with, her eyes wide as she drags him closer to her, staring wildly into his eyes. "And a /great reward/ is /not/ a wheelbarrow full of turnips."

Shego starts to shake him a little bit, a low growl underscoring her tone of voice. "/Do you know what I had to go through to get that DUMB COW for you!?"
Evja Of course, the Vieran Judge had been wandering through the various towns and ports and pathways on the various continents slowly over the last couple of weeks to make 'her' way towards the northern continent and, ultimately, Macalania. Having split off with Luso and decided to meet him there, that gave the Viera, and Luso, chances to take care of their own things before the conversation with Lezaford.

Which is why Evja was conveniently wandering by on her tall light-blue Chocobo, actually eating a carrot. Likely blasphemy to a turnip farmer. The shouting and angry sounds caused the Judges ears to perk a bit and she turned to look towards Shego and the farmer in the distance. She didn't move to do anything just yet, no shouts, no attempt to play the law woman. Evja simply watched. For all she knew it could be innocuous despite how it sounded. She'd been tricked by strange types before and things she thought was obvious.
Deelel Deelel is likewise travelling a bit disguised herself not wanting to get too much attention she's managed find several functions she's only recently regained access to once. She's got a cloak on and pulled up over her head. If one were to get a good look under the hood all that would be seen is a black smooth faceplate with not a single feature upon it. She'd just got off the road to be fair however, however.

Evja is noticed a bit head but she thinks nothing of the judge one way or another perhaps that's best her passions have cooled enough, still for the moment it's hard to tell whom the woman is that's coming up Shego is seen ahead. She hears the argument as they go on about the cow.

"You may wish to consider just reselling them and food for work isn't that a fair trade? Failing that I'm pretty sure you could find someone who'd buy that off you."

she pulls back the hood revelling a helmet over her head that has no seems at all, no seeming way it could have got on the woman's head. She seems not hostile at the very least, though Deelel's really forgot she's got the helmet actually rezzed up at the moment, it may take her a moment to twig to this as she's focused on what's going on before her.
Shego Giving the farmer and extra shake, Shego pauses a moment, and casts a glance over her shoulder. Not /specifically/ at Evja, but more people who were staring in general, of which there were probably a handful of gawking passersby. "What are you guys staring at, huh?" she says, her eyes flickering to the Viera on horseback, giving 'her' a special stinkeye. "It's just..." Shake farmer. "A business transaction," Shake shake. "Nothing more."

Drawing a deep breath, she turns her eyes back to the farmer. "AND ONE MORE THING..." Pause. A beat, and the terrified farmer looks pleadingly towards Deelel, even while Shego gives the helmeted young woman an unimpressed look. "Seriously? Are you going to do the hero thing right now?" she says, sounding exasperated. "What a /fair trade/ would be, for a woman!" Shake farmer for emphasis. "Of /my/ talents, would be /gold/. Or /munny/. I wasn't expecting barrels of it from Farmer Brown here, but! Turnips! That's just insulting!"
Evja Indeed, perhaps playing the hero wasn't the best thing for anyone to do if it was just an argument. However, Evja could still attempt to rectify the situation in an easily enough manner. One side has vegetables, the other wants coin. And Evja was always generally hungry. Even if turnips weren't quite her thing. Giving the Chocobo she was on a light tap with a heel, it turns to trot towards the group that was talking.

"I apologize for overhearing - unavoidable." A finger is raised to point at the tall ears, "I could, ah... possibly buy them from you? Though I would much rather some carrots instead, or Gyshal." It was an offer in the least. Carrots for herself, Gyshal for the bird. Evja's voice was on the soft side, forcibly controlled to sound rather feminine. Of course, this was the same 'work' voice as it was that everyone else got to hear. Deelel went unnoticed really mostly because Evja didn't recognize her, but wouldn't really bring attention to her even if she had. People who were, in her mind, irrationally angry at her weren't the ones she wanted to converse with anyways.
Deelel Deelel shrugs a little bit at the other for a moment she recalls her and that she did have quite the temper when they ran into each other last. She seems to not make any aggressive moves.

"I'm not saying your talents are not worth that but have you considered that in some places food might be worth more. I'm pretty sure it would sell for a bit in Manhattan given how people pay for premium natural food. I think the term is."

Then comes in Evja with the offer to buy which might settle things. Deelel stakes a bit of a step back for the moment and looks back to Shego she adds

"It seems a solution may have just appeared for your problem."
Shego A long beat, and Shego kinda just turns her eyes from Deelel to Evja when the viera approaches. "Really? Two of you now?" she says, releasing the farmer with a little shove. He fell on his butt, and while it wasn't pleasant, he was probably okay, considering he was skittering away.

Turning around to face both of them fully, Shego holds up two fingers. "Look. Bunny, I..." she pauses a moment, her eyes narrowing. A long beat. "For the whole lot...!" she says, naming a price then that was a fair bit more than a wheelbarrow full of turnips. "And then you can "trade"," yes, she was fingerquoting, giving Deelel an overly cheery look then (it was mocking, a bit), "These turnips for carrots, gyshal, or whatever floats your little fuzzy boat. That sound good?" she says, moving to cross her arms before herself, seeming like she was more or less ignoring what Deelel was saying. Until she pauses, and kinda leans over towards the programme. " look familiar. Have we met?"
Evja "..."

Evja stared evenly towards Shego before sighing and mumbling something about 'Good deeds deserving a reward'. "Very well then." Yes, the Viera just let herself get ripped off, pulling out a pouch full of munny to count through it a moment, pull some out to pocket, then offer the rest towards Shego.

"Viera do not appreciate being called bunny, or rabbit, much as Bangaa do not enjoy being called Lizards." peer, "Or whatever humes do not enjoy being called."
Deelel Deelel crosses her arms at Shego's words and her head tilts a little bit as she looks at her. She had hoped Evja's offer would actually work sating the lady's desire for cash with some actual money. Well that may be going out the window or it may not. Deelel thinks about hiding herself but there's no real reason to for Shego, its' Evja there is a history between them.

Deelel has moved on realizing there's other things she needs to deal with and holding a grudge too tightly in that case would end up being bad. Yet she's not really seen Evja since Manhattan was restored. There has been no communication since and well? She has a feeling taking off her helmet may make things worse

"I do get around. So long as you get your cash? What problem do you have?"

An idea does form in her head to tell Evja if they can settle this issue with Shego first, that might recover some of their money from keeping the peace.
Shego "Hey, so long as I'm getting cash, I have no problems," says Shego, responding to Dee at first. For a long moment, she kinda squints at the other woman, pursing her lips tightly together. "You know... why don't you take off that helmet of yours, alright?" she says, kinda twitching her index finger higher as a suggesting gesture.

But it was the Viera that drew her attention mostly, next, Shego sighing heavily at the other as she reaches a hand out to take the munny. "Looks like you just bought yourself a wheelbarrow of turnips," she says, giving the man-in-disguise a dazzling grin. Although she does roll her eyes at what he says, "Yeah, bite me, hopalong. You don't look a /thing/ like a bunny rabbit then, satisfied?" she says, murmuring to herself as she takes a minute to thumb through the munny, keeping one eye on the others as she does so.
Deelel Deelel thinks this may be a good time to go with Evja likely going to arrange to deal with the produce issue later. Deelel herself she thinks it's time go, she looks to Shego for a moment "I would but I need to get back on the road, I have a lot of ground to cover before I get to where I need to be."

Deelel once again concerned about Evja more and revealing herself making it worse. She chose to depart with a bit of a wave as she pulls the cloak back about her and quickly is gone like she was never there.

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