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(2013-07-10 - Now)
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Maira Maira totally hadn't falled off the face of the world for a week. Nope! That totally didn't happen. She was here all along! Doing things that were completely un-interesting like cleaning, knitting, and flitting about Traverse Town looking for something to do. It was actually sort of nice to have some time when things were not insane, and while she'd spent a lot of time with Perci, she'd also had some time alone in order to get use to really being /alone/. Everyone else did it, so should she, though she still missed Uist terribly, the pain was at least less frequent.

Maira is having a bath now, singing loudly (and well!) to herself as she lazes about, waving her hands dramatically through the air as if she was conducting the invisible musicians. Upon her head she has piled bubbles high to look like a Rococo era powdered wig. "Ba Ba ba ba ba ba bum bum buuuuum! BOOM!" she sings the 1812 Overture, throwing in her own sounds of explosions as she does so.
Percival Percival has been around quite frequently, though at times he's given her her space. Part of the grieving process was having her know that he was there for her. Another part was giving her her space when she required it. He had to take much time to himself for his training in magic, which was coming along at a languid pace.

Right now, he's settled into a recliner outside of the bathroom, his feet kicked up on a footstool. His wings were drooped over his shoulders in a languorious manner, as he read from a book, it was titled /Theories of the Lost City of Atlantis./ It was actually pretty humorous reading given the remarkable misconceptions in this book, so in other words.. it was like a comedic novel to him. Licking a taloned finger, he turns the page, before glancing sidelong towards the bathroom, chuckling as Maira sings the 1812 Overture. "Singing more of those bloody Yank songs I see. Me? I celebrated British Independence Day a week ago, on the fourth."
Maira Maira snickers from the bath tub, gesturing toward the door in order to send a burst of air to open it so that he may see her most fabulous hair-do. "How dare you talk to the Queen of France in such a way! Off with his head! Let them eat cake! My kingdom for a horse!" ...that last one was a king, but whatever!
Percival "If you're the Queen of France then I have even less respect for you than the Bloody Yanks." He licks his finger, and turns the page again, "...Kidding of course, I don't think I could respect anyone /less/ than the Yanks." His tone of voice is a teasing one, "Also, something something smells of elderberries something something was a hamster.." Another page turn, as he chuckled, keeping his posture relaxed as he continued to read the drivel in the book.
Maira Maira purses her lips and narrows her eyes in mock annoyance, then climbs out of the tub carrying a mound of bubbles which she quickly deposits on his head before scrambling back to the bath tub with frenzied giggles, leaping in to send water overflowing all over the floor. "YOUR POWDERED WIG, SIR!" she calls, then sinks down so only her eyes are peering over the edge of the tub, the amber hues dancing with amusement.
Minerva Minerva calls out

"You never told me of the worlds either of thee are from. I would be false if I said I didn't want to know. I seen such sights, things that match the tales of the age of Saint Ajora."

She she pauses at Percy's comment.

"NAY! I do not use Elderberries in any of my brews. Do you take me for some uncouth barbarian?!"

Minerva then lets rip an but of a thunderous laugh at the whole situations..
Percival Percival looks up to his head. There are currently bubbles, which were deposited by a naked Maira. "I call the House of Lords into session then..." He rolls his eyes, grinning in a catlike manner. And then gives Minerva a sidelong glance, "Good evening Minerva. And I'm from the same world Manhatten comes from, though I'm from a far more civilized nation known as Great Britain." And he chuckles, "...the most uncouth. But I won't hold it against you."
Maira Maira laughs brightly from the tub, reaching a sudsy hand up to wave to Minerva. One might think Maira had been into those brews of hers! It was more likely just a sugar high. She'd bought ice cream and eaten a great deal of it! "That is not what Zia says about the English," Maira retorts with a laugh, then decides tubby time is over.

She leaps out again and grabs a towel, wrapping herself up before nudging the door shut so she can get dressed with her modesty (hahahahahah) intact.

She returns wearing a pair of comfortable pair of black yoga pants and a tank top, a brush in her hand, which she begins trying to run through her tangled hair. "How are you Minerva? Shall I get some suds for you so that you can have a wig too?" she asks with a grin
Minerva Minerva says "So you say ser, so you say. Your nation somewhat sounds like mine. You would have no accent there that's for sure!"

She knows of Zia but not much more really. Minerva does not seem bothered at all by the state o things. Then again it's hard to tell where the Line is With Minerva given she's only ever been seen in the clothing she wears when she expects a fight. One has to wonder does she actually have any other outfits somewhere? Who knows.

"I think not, my hair already plays the part. I have been where if not doing anything of much importance other than seeing we are well supplied for whatever may come out way. I wish to speak to Avira about making a secondary safe house in the event something goes wrong here in this city. After all with what happened to Manhattan or our own worlds I dare not put all the eggs in one basket again."
Percival Percival arches a browridge, and his accent shifts subtly to a British one, "Well I wouldn't say that. I have a bloody good accent if I truly want to display it. But... I don't. Most people prefer the Yank one."

And then she chuckles at Maira, rolling his eyes, his accent shifting back to his American sounding one, "And the men in her country wear skirts, and invented a game where you hit a little ball into a tiny hole from hundreds of yards away. Let's not talk about the Scots. They're my ancestors too but even I know when to laugh at them."

He taps his talons idly upon the side of the chair, closing his book, then taking his other hand to smooth out or knock away the suds. "...Not a bad plan, it has merit, but what location woudl you recommend?"
Maira Maira laughs brightly, shaking her head as she saunters on over to Perci and plops herself down comfortably in his lap. "Well, I like either of your whatever comes most naturally to you," she suggests with a smile.

Maira looks to Minerva then, nodding thoughtfully. "Hmm...not a bad idea. We could perhaps have another location! Or a nice...hidey hole sort of place for when things get dicey."
Minerva Minerva says "I say we avoid the world of ruin. The Shadow Lords and their ilk are very active there. I was thinking perhaps Paris or actually the Land of Dragons. The Land of Dragons would be best while it faces invasion from native issues. It is not under massive assault like the world of Ruin seems to be. That is the idea, a bolthole with enough supplies to make due in the worst case that this city should fall. Or we need to vanish from the public eye."

Ponders thinking some more Minerva laughs. "I prefer it that way. They seem to rune their mouths a league a second in Manhattan. Their people are quite ambitious even the poorest may live better than many in my world."

Running water, seriously it's a huge living condition improvement not to mention modern sanitation.
Percival "Most people are used to this one, so I'll just keep using it." He shrugs his wings up, then they unfold, creep out from behind him on the chair, then fold them around Maira. "My my.. first you give me a powdered wig, and now you're on my lap. Whatever am I going to do with you?"

He considers this for a time, before nodding at Minerva, "The Land of Dragons is a possibility, I like the Old Country, the one based on an alternate version of my Great Britain.. but I'm admittedly biased."
Maira Maira has a few ideas on what he could do with her, which may be evident by her sudden blush and look of embarrassment.

"Oh, the Land of Dragons? That sounds awesome. They don't actually have dragons though--boy did that confuse Ulharisk," she says, shaking her head sadly. The poor guy, he seemed to be the only one left of his kind. Maira hoped that was not the case.
Katyna After her discussion with Avira, Katyna had promised to talk to the other VALKYRI members to see how they felt about her returning to the team. It took a lot of guts to return to Traverse Town, but in fact it doesnt feel as bad as it did the first time. Without a key to the hq, she is forced to knock on the door, which she does so pretty impatiently.
Minerva Minerva clearly has some ideas given the look on her face. However she does not say a thing thing. It would be too mean she thinks.

"I speak of the Land of Dragons due to my experience there there are several locations in the mountains which I think may do or the near by regions. The Dragons of my world? Have the wits of a dog at best, or worse. So far as I am aware they are quite formidable creatures but they are not like Ulharisk. mmmm not like him at all." Stupid sexy dragon man. Minerva looks a little flushed thinking about him.

"Come in the door is unlatched!"
Percival If Percival has any ideas, it never shows up on his face, complete gentleman in public. /Complete/ /Gentleman/... in a Gargoyle way.

"And yeah, the Land of Dragons is a beautiful place... but nope, no dragons. Poor Ulharisk. I wish some others of his kind had survived. He gets into these fits of melancholy..."

He looks to the door as someone knocks, giving it an inquisitive look, "Huh.. were we expecting company?"
Maira Maira blinks as she notices Minerva blush as she talks about Ulharisk. Oh MY. Maira looks to Perci to share her thought and wonder if he noticed too.

Is Perci less than a gentleman in private? Oh my!

Then, the door. "Indeed, come on in! If they wanted to make trouble the door wouldn't stop them anyway."
Katyna She pushes it and indeed finds it unlocked! Unfortunately, Kat puts too much pressure on it and ends up bursting in, falling in a clutzy pile on the ground! "Youch! Wish you'd told me sooner! Yerrg!" She makes a face as she jumps quickly to her feet, rubbing the back of her neck as she grins sheepishly.

"Err...Hey guys! I er....Just wanted to talk to y'all about something...Avira says I should...Eh?" She peers at Maira and Percival, looking quite 'cozy' together, scratching her head as she tries to figure that one out. "Eh...Maira, I thought you were with Ang?" Not terribly tactful this one..
Maira Maira blinks, then smiles as Katyna arrives. Really she has to wonder how someone so good with a sword can be as clumsy as she is! Okay, maybe not /as/ clumsy, but still!
Maira shakes her head then at Kat's less than tactful comment. To be expected, she guesses. "No, that was a mistake. Hope we can still be friends," she comments, moving one of her arms around Perci and leaning comfortable against him.

"Avira said you should what?"
Katyna "Oh...Really?" Katyna peers long and hard at Maira as she says that. It seems a bit too soon, like maybe she's doing a rebound thing with mr. wings, buuut. This guy seems a lot nicer than Ang was at least, although she doesn't really know Percival that well..Yet. She'll have to keep an eye on him though!

"Oh, heh, you must be Percival. Nice t'meet ya. I guess the only time we met we were enemies.." Eh, he probably wont even remember that brief meeting, when she captured Maira to take her to hell and all that bad stuff. Actually, let's hope he doesn't remember that because it'd suck!

"Anyway, nice t'meet ya, I'm Katyna! I hear you also joined VALKYRI! That's cool.." She nods to Minerva as well, uncertain of how she'd take her being in this place. "Hiya, Minerva. How you been?"

Finally, Kat glances back at Maira and nods. "Hmm, well..I was hoping..Maybe I could rejoin VALKYRI, and I had a little talk with Avira, but she said I had to talk to all the members first and see how they felt about it..So...Here I am.."

As she speaks, Kat looks down at her shifting feet, feeling a little awkward, being here and all..
Percival That's for him to know!

Nah, he was focused on Seith at the time, didn't even notice Ember. But he makes the connection quickly enough, his expression seems quite neutral as he looks upon her, "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Katyna." He didn't seem to know what to think of that...

A moment later he's giving Maira a sidelong glance, as if looking to her for guidance on this, it was.. slightly awkward, seeing that he didn't know her, "Yeah.. I'm a member of VALKYRI too now.."

He's scratching the back of his neck a moment later, "Well... that's certainly up to Avira, and if she trusts you and forgives you after all of that then.. I think it shouldn't be a problem."
Maira It doesn't look like a rebound. Maira looks quite content. Happy. Sure, people would think that for a little while, it was a whirlwind. "Heh, yep! This is Percival. Perci, Katyna..if you haven't been formally introduced and what not. Katyna use to be in VALKYRI except that she was kind of working for the Shadow Lords but then she had a change of heart and she's been a good friend to me," she says, casually, unabashed. That's what happened. No sense in trying to cover it up.

Now who is tactful!?

"Well of COURSE I want you to rejoin VALKYRI! Wasn't it my idea? I thought it was--everyone else will totally say yes," she informs Katyna, smiling widely, apparently sure that would be the case! See? Perci is for it!

Maira turns puppydog eyes to Minerva.
Minerva Minerva says "For the longest time I thought I was the only thing from my world to have come out of the darkness."

She seem a bit melancholy at those memories at the mention about company she shakes her head.

"Not that I know of Ser."

Meanwhile the mysterious guest arrive in and Minerva narrows her eyes and gets whee bit frosty, she's not hostile but clearly she's not the most pleased with thing. She'll leave Kat to get the status of Maira's love life from her.

"What did she say? I see you wish to /rejoin/ after what you did? Your fortunate I not sought vengeance. My trust is not so easily regained after such."
Maira "Minervaaaa....she's defended me so many times. Probably saved my life!" she reminds the other woman stubbornly.
Katyna Kat smirks at Percival as she seems to be sizing him up. Well..He seems to really like Maira, but she just doesnt know him well enough to make judgements. Let's just hope he doesn't hurt her like Ang most likely did. Being Ang, whom she's never been fond of.

"Heh, I've heard a lot about you, Percival. Mostly good things, of course! So, you're the gargoyle that hangs out with Zia in that tower huh? Cool. That must be so much fun to fly like that!" She is relieved to hear he is willing to give her a chance, even though he doesn't know her that well. "Thanks, Percival.."

Kat then glances over at Maira and smiles. "Thanks, Maira. I knew I could count on you." However, as expected, it seems Minerva has issues, although honestly she's had the least amount of interactions with her.

"Eh, Minerva." She bites her lip, shaking her head as her shoulders sag a bit. "It's true, I did terrible things, but, I really AM terribly sorry. After I learned my mistake, I turned my back on the shadow lords for good, and I...I've been trying real hard to make amends..Heey, I even helped defend VALKYRI when Ang and Garland were after it."

Not to mention the countless times she's defended Maira.
Minerva Maira's efforts seem to have some effect upon Minerva as she looks to he then to Kat for a long moment. "Very well however I will be keeping en eye on Katyna, you understand correct?"

Well Minerva budged a bit that's a bit of a good start right? At the very least she's not going to put too much of a damper on what she's done however there's still a lot of damage to their relationship clearly from her reaction.
Katyna Katyna nods and smiles to Minerva. "Thanks, Minerva. And I promise not to let you down!" Well that's a relief. Perhaps she stands a chance afterall..

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