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(2013-07-10 - Now)
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Faruja Senra The Cathedral has been bustling as of late, almost overrun by the flocks of the Faithful. Healings with the Chalice, prayer meetings, services, and other such happenings have raised up the Church's reputation in the area, to some degree. The newly converted are certainly happy! Security is tighter ever since the attack, but most are allowed within, weapons taken.

There's still the little matter of Faruja's bar tab. Rumor has it that the Burmecian is in town, and has been spied within today!
Deelel There is always so much to be done, yet so little time to do everything. One has to pick what's most important and make use of the time they can to chase after what one can. So here is Deelel come to check out the church herself she's clad a bit differently however. She's wearing a cloak, normally the cloak to hide whom she is for the moment she's not wanted to draw attention getting there, id asked to identify herself it's likely she well yet her concern given this appears to be some sort of viral effect has her on edge.

Sometimes it is not a matter of will power with such things as they ill change you on a fundamental level. Still she can't forsake Faruja, or anyone else. To see something twisting what people believe in around makes the basic angry. She was persecuted for her faith in the users exist and while it wasn't as she expected? The users do indeed exist. Faruja was one and ... he has done so much for her, she can not leave him under whatever this influence is.
Faruja Senra The Cathedral's interior is filled with those praying, though many seem to be filing out as service ends. Father barnabus isn't to be seen, a lesser priest instead tending to the flock. As ever, the Chalice shines in its case, a Templar on guard even now.

So far, all is normal. Yet, off in one corner, a pair whisper to each other in hushed tones. Both clad in armor, they appear to be squires of the Church, rather than full fledged Church warriors. They hardly pay attention to the crowds, too busy speaking wit one another. Deel isn't bothered after a cursory examination by the knights about.
Deelel Deelel leaves the people to their worship and this place somewhat reminds her of the I/O Towers in TRON's native system. What's even more so to her? Is she misses her own user. It's been so long since she'd heard anything from Sara-42, it was long before she even arrived on Flynn OS. She can only hope her creator is out there somewhere?

She can't worry about her maker now, she knows not even if she's alive? Dead or worse a Heartless. Either way she moves along however she moves along. She notices the two squires, then an idea hits her. A user saying lose lips, sink ships. This might be very apt . She now moves get in earshot for the pair. She'll listen to the squires after all she's a media program and well? She's far better at dealing with sounds she can even filter out things she does not need to hear so she simple listens while seemingly lost in thought.
Faruja Senra And those loose lips speak. DLL, meet Bob and James. One, Bob, is short and brown-haired. The other, James, is rotund and blonde. Bob, grinning as he speaks, elbows his companion.

"...Did ya see the new Sister? Heh heh, hope she hasn't taken any vows."

James frowns. "Yeah, she prob'ly 'as, Bob. Lay offit." Bob snorts. "Bah, you're no fun! Hey. So, uh, last night I was talking with Dame Mary..." A big grin from the man. James offers a glare.

"And how do you know her?"

" Heh heh."

"Nevermind, I don't want to know. What'd you hear?"

Bob grins, dropping his voice to a whisper. "Heard that Father Barnabus' been takin' trips to Mullonde. Hey, don't give me that look, I ain't done. Not to the capital. To the mountains...whatdoyacall'em? Sabil? Leadin' some kinda expedition, or mass, or somethin'. Weird part is, he wouldn't let her inside. Some big cave. She said it glowed blue at night. Heard chanting. Lotsa people chanting. And then Father came out alone."

James looks at Bob, head tilted. "...Can't be right. She...must've been drunk or something."

"S'what she said!"
Deelel Deelel is paying close attention to Bob and James she tilts her head a little bit, okay talking about girls. Men, should not be surprised even Programs did that somewhat but she suspects it's more to do with some of the few hardwired directives users have. She doesn't want to think on that too much for the moments he's got other things to worry about. Then they get to something good, something really good he's been going to Mullonde often?

Wait not the capitol itself but the mountains near it ? A cave? That's some really good information she's got her hands on. She also ponders if Dame Mary might need to have a quite body guard hired given what could be going on. It could result in the death of her. Still this is a hell of a lead there are people she needs to talk to, she also need to carry out her mission and confront Faruja about the bar bill.

She calls out to the pair "Greetings good soldiers. Might you tell me where I could find Sir Faruja? I have business matters to speak to him upon on behalf of a client."

All of it is true,she's not not going to say what and it looks like she was just looking for someone who wasn't busy praying after all. Given it would be rude to disturb them while carrying out worship.
Faruja Senra Bob pipes up, smiling at Deel. "Helllo, pretty Lady! Why do you want to see that rat? Why don't you and I..." BONK! James' fist smacks Bob on the back of his head! Thud.

"Ahh, peace and quiet. Ser Senra's made off to the airship port, last I 'eard. Was in 'ere a few hours ago, prayin', then made the rounds. Ya missed 'im by an hour! Probably gone by now, but, should be headin' to Mullonde. It important? Cargo ship headin' out that way, ya could hitch on as a passenger, or crew."
Deelel Deelel looks at Bob and puts on her best smile before James smacks Bob she seems a bit amused by the whole thing. "I see, Mullonde? It is somewhat important and yes I could very well hitch a ride or make my own way to it if need be."

Wherever that light jet came from, it was already proving it's worth. She thanks the squire before politely excusing herself to head out, there wasn't much time to waste.

What she's over heard the pair talking about however has her deeply concerned. She best make haste for who knows what's happening out there to Faruja let alone anyone else out there. Something however seems rotten about the Priest involved. Was he the source or another victim? Only time would tell.

This scene contained 8 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Deelel